It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Penguins


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Game 42.penguins
Rangers at Penguins.


First game of the new calendar year, first game of the second half of the season for the Rangers, who are 4-1 in their last five overall, and have won 10 of their last 13 on the road.

They close a five-game trip (2-1 so far) tomorrow in Toronto.

Captain Ryan Callahan returns (early, after only nine games) from his knee injury, which means J.T. Miller will be prucha’d and Derick Brassard will go back to center after playing the wing in recent games.

Conor Allen will also remain in the lineup, so Michael Del Zotto and Justin Falk remain prucha’d.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal for the Rangers, who are 1-0-1 vs. Pittsburgh with a 5-1 win and a shootout loss, both at MSG. Marc-Andre Fleury starts for the Pens.

The Penguins are still somewhat banged up, and will be missing, among others, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang. Taylor Pyatt, claimed off waivers from the Rangers on Thursday, is expected to play.

And Sidney Crosby might be mentioned on TV. Once or twice.


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  1. LGR!

    I’m sick of reading about Del Zotto getting traded and nothing happening. Probably means there are no takers…

  2. Just seems so odd…I wonder what side started this…

    Pretty sure Del Z didn’t like the Torts firing, FWIW…

  3. bull dog line on

    the way the Rangers have handled MDZ is poor. they have diminished an asset. if you want to trade him, you pump up his worth. scratching him is not the way to go. on MDZ’s side, he has to play better next time he gets a chance. no more sulking. no more playing scared. and before you accuse me of saying MDZ is scared. what I mean is, he can’t be afraid to make a mistake. they need the MDZ of 2 yrs ago.

  4. Hope MSG didn’t have an episode of MSG Beginnings: Taylor Pyatt scheduled to air anytime soon.

    So he’s virtually guaranteed to score against us tonight, right? Or he might be completely invisible. I mean, it is Pyatt.

    Good guy though, wish him all the best with his new situation (clean slate?)…after this game.

  5. You’re spot on, Bull.

    Continuously scratching the guy wont help him in any way. Such stupid coaching.

    If Sather had a brain in that head of his, he’d step in. Especially if he’s the guy who’s trying to trade him.


  6. Haley had sports hernia surgery. Would be great to get him up here sometime. Especially if Dorsett has wrist issues.

  7. Orr, I agree. You can also tell that they had a very good relationship. I mean, he brought the kid up as an 19 year old and Del Z had a career year under him in 2012.

  8. Del Z is capable of more. He’s shown that in the past, and he’s still young. He’s not going to be Leetch or like any current offensive d-man in the league, but he’s good when his game is on.

    AV is making things *worse*, in my opinion. At this point he’s just fugging with his head.

  9. Nothing wrong with D Moops on 4th line, but Haley along with Dors would preclude Boyer getting jumped. Maybe those two should play with Nasher. :)

  10. I agree with ORR. At this point it’s probably not even worth it to trade Del Zotto. His upside is better than anything you can get in return I assume.

  11. I love that Pyatt isn’t good enough to play on the Rangers but he’s needed on the Penguins.

    Also, scratching Miller is just annoying.

  12. I mean, Pyatt is a good depth player…someone good to carry on an extended roster in case someone is hurt…

    The problem is…the Rangers have no depth so he is top 9…

  13. Remember that time I got screamed at for talking about Engelland being used as a Forward sometimes?

  14. That slow motion really let’s you see how badly Stralman was schooled on that point blank chance.

  15. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You could say the same thing about Boyle.

  16. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Yes, you can. Dominic Moore has the same faceoff skill that Boyle has. He is a faster skater than Boyle. He plays the PK like Boyle. Moore has a better CF, FF, CF% relative and FF% relative.

  17. @rangersreport

    Girardi playing the man, not the puck, on that PK. He’s been doing that more and better lately

  18. Hank had no chance. Can’t play a Diamond PK if you don’t have the strong D Man who can handle the double assignment down low.

  19. ThisYearsModel on

    Wonder what exactly Stralman thought he was going to accomplish there. Guess he shouldn’t bother playing the man in front of his own net.

  20. look to me Kunitz got away with cross checking stralman to the ice which left kunitz wide open in front of the net for the easy goal.

  21. eddie eddie eddie on

    Maloney on radio “that was a lazy bad penalty in the neutral zone by Gnash”

  22. While it’s true Kunitz cross-checked the defender to the ice, if you check the rulebook you’ll find it’s only considered a penalty if it’s done TO the Penguins, not by. Good no call there.

  23. Rob in Beantown on

    Officials hate the Rangers. Blood is blood, no? It’s not a subjective rule, I thought

  24. oh yes, I saw that rule, if opposing player cross checks penguin player in front of net to lead to a goal it’s no goal and a penalty for cross checking.

  25. eddie eddie eddie on

    should be a penalty on allen conor for getting his face in the way of the pens’ stick

  26. Jesus a high sticking double minor is a black and white rule. If a person bleeds then it’s 4min, what the hell are these horrible refs doing?

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    should have been 2 minutes interference on the rangers….they were lucky….allen conor must learn to keep his face out of the way…

  28. Waiting for the tweet from the league explaining the seldom-used clause that makes that a 2 minute call.

  29. it doesn’t seem like we’re playing that well…turnovers and lots of missed passes among other things but mostly i think this is just showing how much more skilled pitt is compared to nyr….despite missing one of the game’s best scorers and others

  30. Yea. Staal was in perfect
    Position there watching the man on the wall.

    I thought we got away from that man-to-man garbage?

  31. doesn’t matter anyway, ,this team is soft, can’t score and isn’t very good and won’t make the playoffs. I’m already looking forward to the off season to see if the rangers organization is going to buy out Richards and make some trades/free agent signings to change this teams make up because the way this team is constructed they stink.

  32. Another stellar first per. Why not brassard bury his chance instead pouliot looks lost after staal chases behind net down 2-0.

    Too bad these games in Pittsburgh can’t be blacked out. We suck.

  33. olga, I agree, nothing is going to change in rangerland until sather is gone, plain and simple.

  34. Stranger Nation on

    Pullout with great view on second goal

    Nash with lazy penalty

    Norris Sweater Tug with no resistance on first goal

  35. Carp, please give us a “not happening” on Sather retiring this year. Please. With sugar on top.

  36. who undresses the rangers more often…pitt’s 4th line or Boston’s? I think they should just play keep away any time those 4th lines are on…but i guess they need to have the puck first

    jokinen with a 14 game dry spell and shocker that he is just having a breakout day…never happens….pyatt scoring will confirm that i am all knowing

  37. it wouldn’t surprise me if the rangers at the end of the 2013/2014 season ends up in last place in the metropolitan division.

  38. Joe Micheletti said that Brooks Orpik thinks Nash is one of the most difficult to defend when he’s skating and being physical. Just wondering, when was the last time he did either?

  39. Orpik just being a *true American* and trying to bait team canada into a bad selection.

  40. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    How does a skater play hockey without skating?

  41. hah carp…i said the same thing out load…must have been when he was on columbus because i don’t remember seeing nash do any of those things this season….maybe here and there last season but in my opinion, i think nash’s moves have become pretty predictable and he isn’t really proving to be much a challenge for anyone…especially when taking shots from just inside the blue line

  42. The puck was going to go into the net but Lundqvist got in the way. Is he supposed to do that?

  43. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Lots of goal scoring and goal prevention due to the 67% faceoff win % in the 1st period. Winning those faceoffs is imperative. (;

  44. Okay okay….. Stop me if you’ve heard this one- What’s softer than baby poop and about as organized as a 3rd World Country? The New York Rangers!

  45. does anyone know if there is a tracking of missed/blocked shots per team in the nhl during the season? i’m curious to see where nyr ranks among other teams as far as missed shots or shots that have been blocked

  46. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _What’s softer than baby poop_

    *Hands raised*

    Brian Boyle

  47. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Did anyone blame Boyle?

    It is the fault of Hanka Hanka. Hanka Hanka Hanka. Hanka Hanka.

  48. serious question: what is it that rangers lack when it comes to passing and shooting – why does it seems like so many of their passes and shots are blocked and tip by the other team but other teams i watch don’t seem to have nearly as many as nyr…..can’t just be skill cuz some of these other teams are as skilled as nyr

  49. Besides the infuriating butterfly circles and lazy hooks by Nash, does anyone think his wind leading to short shifts is awful as well?

  50. No one blamed Hank either. Because it’s clearly not his fault.

    It’s the management. And this stupid East West Up Tempo hockey. Which is horrible.

  51. I guess you’ll need blood to get a penalty call on the Pens tonight. Even then it’s only 2 minutes.

  52. The good news for me is there will be a bunch of tv shows with new seasons starting next few weeks that will take up my leisure time so I won’t have to waste my time watching this boring, stinky team.

  53. Can’t shoot, can’t pass, can’t hit outside of Cally…

    No push back, no push forward…

    “Raising Arizona” is on! G’night!

  54. i counted 6 pitt passes before the 7th was broken up and really it was more that it was mishandled by pitt then kicked away…i don’t think nyr has completed 7 passes this game

  55. When’s the last time Nash or Richards or Stepan finished a check… So soft it’s sickening. These guys are a joke…

  56. Poor Liam…. Pretty soon this crap team will be unwatchable for him too- Especially since torts is gone and DelZ isn’t far behind…

  57. Glad you understood my point, Kenneth. Exactly as I intended it. Now knock it off and be a big boy if you can.

  58. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Imagine what this game would be like with Malkin, Letang, and Dupuis.

    We’d have to use the Little League Mercy Rule.

  59. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Trade Nash for Crosby, along with McDonagh, Talbot, 10 future first round draft picks and the entire Hartford Wolfpack. That still would not be enough.

  60. Stepan didn’t make the US team. It was a forgone conclusion. He’s not on the team based on what he’s done this season.

  61. im not saying their the worst or they won’t make the playoffs or that they won’t somehow get it together and could make a run BUT this team definitely reminds me of the prelockout teams and post cup teams…..very soft, seemingly uncommitted to stars, mostly short shifts in the o-zone with seemingly broken plays being the only goal scoring (i know they’ve had some pretty nifty goals on the PP), and mostly getting hammered in our own end….so many broken up passes and missed shots….i actually don’t care if they keep losing but no hitting, terrible passing, and so many missed shots is simply maddening

  62. nancy, they no longer have even one legitimate first-line NHL forward. Not one. At the start of last season they believed they had three, and Stepan played at a level to be in the argument as a fourth.

  63. find a freaking shooting lane…jeevus…it’s not that hard…you’ve been watching the other team doing it all night long….arrrrghghghghgh

  64. hah….they all deserved that..even hank since he is useless on high glove…i don’t care how bad d man messed up or how good cindy’s shot is…i could score on hank all day high glove but our d has just sucked it tonight

  65. Keep in mind that the Rangers are owned by a man who couldn’t care less what happens with the hockey team, so long as the idiots keep coming to the game and buying overpriced food and merchandise.

    The GM is a fraud who has an overblown ego and virtually no clue about evaluating hockey talent or building a hockey team.

    The coach is a gum-chewing empty suit whose “system” doesn’t work with the personnel and who just might be the reason why the Canucks didn’t win a Cup.

    We’ve got some of the softest, weakest, laziest players in the league on our team who know they won’t get called out on it (unless you’re Chris Kreider or Benoit Pouliot)

    Nothing is gonna change…this is what the Rangers will be for a long, long, long time – A mediocre hockey team without an identity who will never, ever contend for a championship.

    Once you accept that fact, it makes life easier to take. Used to be I watched every single game…now I check to see if there’s anything better on tv. Just not worth getting aggravated anymore.

  66. Talbot in the third — will be interesting to see if they play responsibly in front of him as has been the pattern.

  67. @KennyAlbert

    Sidney Crosby had not scored against @NYRangers since 2/12/10. 12 games without a goal vs. NYR until moments ago.

  68. If I’m Vigneault I keep Lundqvist in, bench Nash, Richards and maybe Stepan, then resign and never coach again. That’s just me though.

  69. i think it is fair to say that hank has been terrible this year and he really needs to work on some of his obvious (and well documented) weaknesses…that said, he isn’t the problem.

    since he would have singed for more money in FA, do you think NYR should try and trade him for a king’s ransom and rebuild around that? it doesn’t seem even remotely possible that nash can ever be traded so hank is really our only asset with value….sure we give up on the cup for the next few years but teams can win without strong goaltending and we need to completely redesign our forwards and some d

    just wondering if that would even be considered?

  70. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _will be interesting to see if they play responsibly in front of him as has been the pattern_

    Delicious irony.

  71. Great point, Jeff. There is no accountability if the only players who are held accountable are the Kreiders, Millers, Pouliots and Del Zottos.

  72. True Carp, but you call out Richards and Nash so near to the Olympics and the Canadian media goes nuts and labels you a traitor.

  73. Remember that time they fired Tortarella and like 90% of the fan base was totally elated!?

  74. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Remember that time they fired Tortarella and like 90% of the fan base was totally elated!?_

    Torts was guilty of the same. He did not hold all players accountable.

  75. Finally a chance to see what makes John Moore tick. I’m really interested in his long, storied NHL career.

  76. Now that #15 is out, they might as well beat us up, too, in the third, while scoring another 2.

  77. Gonna record the John Moore show and watch it later this year on the day he is released or included in a horrible trade.

  78. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Finally a chance to see what makes John Moore tick. I’m really interested in his long, storied NHL career._

    The Beginnings series is pitiful.

  79. More than a few Rangers eligible for Unemployment Compensation because they haven’t worked in weeks.

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    Hank, Richards, Gnash, and Sather for Sharp, Seabrook, Keith, Shaw, and Bickel

  81. I want Kreider on that untouchables list. He’s a legit talent, still at a great rate and plays strong (if not always smart). Would be dumb to move him.

  82. The state of this organization can be traced back to their first really terrible, awful trade that saw a bunch of beads go to a local Native American tribe for the island of Manhattan. It’s been downhill since.

  83. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Nobody is untouchable. In the right deal, anyone can be moved.

  84. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    What would the Rangers do without their faceoff specialists?

  85. Of course Callahan is the only one to have any push back. Getting dominated on the scoreboard and physically.

  86. Penguins announcers basically questioning Rangers’ players’ manhood right now. All but saying they are wimps

  87. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I would rather have players like Boyle that can spell *intense* than Zuccarello.

  88. I don’t care if we have to pay Milan Lucic 10 million a year…. Please get him in a blueshirt this summer.

  89. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Repeat. I would rather have players like Boyle that can spell *intense* than Zuccarello.

  90. Nancie Pants @ 8:16: I was curious so I checked the numbers and its going to show the opposite of what I think was your hypothesis.

    5 on 5, Rangers rank 8th in the league in terms shots on goal per game, 18th in missed shots, 26th in blocked and 11th overall in shots. 55% of their shot attempts go on net, the 6th best rate in the league. They’re 28th in 5 on 5 scoring. I’m guessing the assumption was that they either aren’t shooting enough or are missing / getting blocked too much but it seems to be the opposite. Not sure what that means, if its puck luck, if the “middle of jersey” guys are right, if there’s some correlation to missing w/ hitting the corners, if getting blocked can lead to quick numbers, something else, etc, etc … but that’s what it is.

  91. hah and our $1 million dollar superstar gets it done! hows that feel rick?

    given all the things we can complain about this year – and admit, these are among the least important first world problems – you gotta be happy about mats….he worked hard to be a more complete player, he responded to his benching with humility and determination, and he has really become a top player….not elite…but definitely top….too bad the others don’t take a page

  92. If I were even more bored, I’d MS paint Zucc “high” sticking Crosby in his stupid dangling lips.

  93. Oooo, hat trick. I must be a 4th liner facing the Rangers hahahahahahaha nailed that joke!!!!!!!

  94. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    That high sticking penalty exemplifies what’s wrong with this league.

    Just protect the brand. Have 15 “Winter Classics”. Screw everyone else.

  95. Craig, I was totally about to say you suck as a person for that mistake but you beat me to it and owned up. Nice work.

  96. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The Rangers are coming back. Zuccarello again.

    Repeat: All teams would rather have Boyle than Zuccarello.

  97. Everything on that shift was set up by Zucc.

    1st star: Zucc. 2nd star: McD (and not just because he happened to score that goal) 3rd star: ….? Talbot?

  98. lets go rangers!!!! we should be winnning…we’re the greatest….extend sather…..extend nash

    just keeding

    but hey, at least they are battling back finally…i hope the hobbit pots 2 more then beats up neal

  99. Kenneth, its so like you to be sort of right but still screw it up enough to be wrong. Sad face for inaccuracy.

  100. Olga Folkyerself on

    Clowe is playing for NJ. Didn’t Sather trade players and picks for that to happen?

  101. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hanka Hanka says _no comeback for you_ to his Rangers teammates. Hanka Hanka

  102. Kunitz is such a GD garbageman. I’d pot 25 on Crosby’s line and I’ve never GD skated.

  103. I hope Canada brings Kunitz because he’d play with Crosby and that would prevent Canada from playing someone better with Crosby.

  104. Kenneth, get what I said right and I promise you and Lloyd and Vino I’ll own my mistake. Because there’s a mistake, you’re just not quite bright enough to identify it.

  105. boxcareddiehospodar on

    we have no room for miller and mcilrath?

    moore/stephan/haeglin/boyle = 0!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why the hell is the boyle against crosby?

    stephan is god awful 4th line center at best.

  106. Rob in Beantown on

    Good thing the Hawks won. I feel a little better now. Wait no, I don’t feel anything or care because I don’t give a $!?& about the Hawks at all

  107. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Mister D, I remember your exact words. Every team would rather have Boyle as a 4L than Zuccarello as 3L. You are still wrong.

  108. Crosby smart enough to not let McDonagh up there because it could have made this entire game worth it.

  109. _Mister D, I remember your exact words. Every team would rather have Boyle as a 4L than Zuccarello as 3L. You are still wrong._

    Closer (and I’m flattered) but still not quite right.

  110. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Every team would rather have Boyle than Zuccarello_

  111. Rangers sitting on the bench battered and licking their wounds. How does a GM put such a soft product on the ice? It’s the NHL for goodness sake

  112. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Crosby displaying the *toughness* that the Rangers do not possess.

  113. McDonagh should kind of be embarrassed. Unless he was trying to not get into a fight with Crosby. But still, that’s an opportunity to pound of Sidney.

  114. Carp, are these Rangers softer than the smurfs of the 80’s and early 70’s team? I gotta say yes.

  115. How do you let this team go from 2011-2012…. to this diarrhea? How’s that even possible?!?! You have to TRY to put such a soft bowel movement of a team on the ice…. Choke on an overpriced hot dog, Dolan…

  116. Oh man, I even found the quote, Kenneth. If you could use the google this would be so easy for you.

  117. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Own it, MrD.

    Hanka Hanka, Hanka Hanka Hanka, Hanka Hanka.

  118. not dancin larry on

    An organization with no accountability at any level, management-coaching-players

  119. “Well, Craig, what you do is look at what made a sum-of-its-parts team successful then you do exactly the opposite of maintaining while supplementing. Pretty simple, if you ask me.” – Glen S.

  120. Kenneth, I’m going to send Manny the quote and we’re going to laugh so hard at you for not being able to seal the deal. So, so hard.

  121. boxcareddiehospodar on

    when u continue to give ice time to players who should not be playing you are not going to win.

    Kunitz gets away with a crosscheck on the 1st goal.
    We do nothing to punish anyone.

    Was a bruins fan in the 70’s. going back there again.
    at least they stand up for themselves

  122. Olga Folkyerself on

    Check that haircut on Anson Carter. Last time I saw one like that, they executed the guy.

  123. boxcareddiehospodar on

    the last person to talk about playing tough and aggressive is Duguay.
    he is another one that should just shut up.
    He couldn’t hit the floor if he fell out of bed!!!

  124. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Own it, MrD. Refusing to accept that your premise was incorrect is unbecoming, even for you. (:

  125. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _team go from 2011-2012_

    That regular season was an anomaly aided by good coaching and superior defense + goaltending.

  126. How many times will we hear no effort or lack of before something changes. This is like the 20th time we see a listless team. I can’t imagine more than one game like this ALL season long with our old coach.

  127. _Own it, MrD. Refusing to accept that your premise was incorrect is unbecoming, even for you._

    I sent it to Manny. I’m going to catch up on Top Chef now, but if you need me to laugh at your floundering some more later, I’ll try to check back in. Have a good one!

  128. May as well put McD in net; he’s expected to do everything else on this broke wee wee team.

  129. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wow, this team is pathetically soft!!

    I liked the 03-04 pre trade deadline rangers sooo much better than this team.

    Make some deals, add some grit…sheesh

  130. @NYRangers: #NYR Injury Update: Derek Dorsett suffered a broken fibula and will be out 4-6 weeks

    Good thing Haley is healtyh

  131. Haley better be on his way up tonight. Or better yet, Bickel.

    Or it just makes room for Miller

  132. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    *Mister D*
    _Building an ideal team, there is far more logic behind adding a big 4th line center with faceoff and PK skills than there is a mini 3rd line passing wing._

    Let us all have a laugh at MrD. (:

  133. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Every team would take Boyle for their 4th. Not every team would take MZA for their 3rd_

    Let’s continue with the laughter. I did not know that MZA is required to play a top 9 role. MZA would make a better 4L than Boyle.

  134. AV: I thought we played pretty good. They got a fortunate bounce on that first power play.” Send him to DisneyWorld with a boatload of gum.

  135. Maloney is a lot more truthful on the radio. Guess he heard that Dolan and Slats don’t listen to the radio.

  136. Out played and pushed all over the ice. Embarrassing. And now we lose one of the few players on the team that has a pulse.

  137. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Hank’s post game complaints were aboot the lack of scoring, getting screened_

    Hanka Hanka is just not a leada leada. Hanka Hanka

  138. This is one of the softest teams I have ever seen–and I have been watching this “basically” soft organization for a long time. MZA–all heart baby…and can score..imagine if Boyle of Pouliot gave half his effort. I am not saying they are working–but the last time I saw a soft guy that size–I watching Ghostbusters. Where these guys manhandled all night..or what? Even Crosby felt at ease taking a few shots at them. Cally has been a shell of himself all year–I guess he is saving himself for his new contract…surprised Mr. Dolan doesnt have 8-10MM on the table yet.

    Sather has already delivered the cup to NY–and that was in ’94–is this job for life his payback?

    So, here is my question of the night…if Brandon Prust is not worth $4MM–then what is the actual value of a Richards or a Nash…if I had a say–I would either trade them both for used equipment…or in the case f Richards–retire him from active play until I could buy him out-and I would sit him at once–we wont miss him.

  139. This is one of the softest teams I have ever seen-and I have been watching this “basically” soft organization for a long time. MZA all heart baby…and can score..imagine if Boyle of Pouliot gave half his effort. I am not saying they are working but the last time I saw a soft guy that size I watching Ghostbusters. Where these guys manhandled all night..or what? Even Crosby felt at ease taking a few shots at them. Cally has been a shell of himself all year-I guess he is saving himself for his new contract…surprised Mr. Dolan doesn’t have 8-10MM on the table yet.

    Sather has already delivered the cup to NY-and that was in ‘94-is this job for life his payback?

    So, here is my question of the night…if Brandon Prust is not worth $4MM-then what is the actual value of a Richards or a Nash…if I had a say I would either trade them both for used equipment…or in the case f Richards retire him from active play until I could buy him out-and I would sit him at once-we wont miss him.

  140. On return to MSG, they should scratch “You Are So Beautiful” and play Tiny Tim’s ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips.’

  141. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers are a tough nut to figure…one game they look good, the next bad., the next in the middle….consistently inconsistent…

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