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  1. lol, ‘professional’ interlocutors saying over and over “this one’s for Ryan…”

  2. can somebody tell me … I had to go out for a while during the game, came back and expected it to be well over, and there were like 13 minutes left in the third. was there a delay? or just a long game because of all the shoveling?

  3. Really glad to have the opportunity to root for the Ryans and Step. Thanks for sharing the audio Carp!

  4. eddie eddie eddie on

    leaves’ G said the ice more slippery than he expected…..but they shoveled a lot of snow

  5. ‘Ryan, will you play more offensively or defensively in Russia.’

    “I’ll see what the coaches ask of me.’

    As though he would be expected to say: “I’ll do damn well whatever I like when I get there.”

  6. I’m just a curmudgeon, I admit it. And that was one of my new year’s resolutions. Off to a bad start. :)

  7. And now over to Taylor Pyatt and Michael Del Zotto –

    “This one’s for you, Taylor…”

  8. Michael: “Pyatt is 32 and has no upside. As for myself, I’m just a baby with a world of promise and I just might come back to startle some of yiz.”

  9. ThisYearsModel on

    Wow! These guys were not told they made it ahead of the TV production, and only found out when their names were announced? Amazing. Thanks for the audio CARP>

  10. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Wow! These guys were not told they made it ahead of the TV production_

    I doubt that.

  11. ThisYearsModel on

    Wow! These guys were not told they made it ahead of the TV production

    So you think Cally lied when he was asked? Why lie about it?

  12. Rob in Beantown on

    I was wondering about the guys playing in the game (Van Riemsdyk, Kessel, Howard) and if they knew. I assume they did, right? Hell, we all knew Howard was on the team a few days ago.

  13. Callahan and Stepan. Lets be honest.

    Did the selection committee scout the Rangers over the course of the 1st half?

    Now, if Nash makes Canada, I eat my hat.

  14. Drury. Another example of why i call it a farce.

    No Bobby Ryan? Who did he piss off?

    When the team struggles to score against the big boys, they’ll regret no BR.

  15. @rangersreport

    There is not a single player on the U.S. Olympic team who was yet born when USA won the gold medal in 1980.

  16. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Did anyone else hear Pierre say that he’d been asked by one of the linesmen to warm *the balls of his whistle* ?

  17. I did hear that, eddie. I did hear that.

    Papa, check out the article I posted. There’s lots of information on the Bobby Ryan exclusion.

  18. Eddie, fromrevious thread relating to whistle warming scandal.

    Papa Bear
    Where is Pierre gonna put that whistle to warm it up?

    January 1st, 2014 at 1:37 PM

    Followed by

    Papa Bear
    Breaking News: Winter Classic Referees officiate game short one whistle.

    RELATED breaking News: reports from Winter Classic, players on both benches report that high pitched shrieking sounds appear to be emanating from Pierre McGuire’s arse

    January 1st, 2014 at 1:46 PM

  19. Here’s one for ya – at one of the rinks my sons play at in CT, there is a banner for a team that won the Midget Major National Championship in 2005-2006, and the names of all the players are on it. On that list of names are Marc Arcobello (Yale and now Edmonton), Kevin Shattenkirk and Max Pacioretty. Now that’s a team.

  20. Bishop over Howard…a disgrace In no Bobby Ryan. Step doesn’t deserve, Cally does on how he brings it night to night. Paul Martin ugh! And Brooks Orpick is 2 yrs past, might get exposed on the Big ice. This team goes as far as Quick takes them if healthy

  21. “RELATED breaking News: reports from Winter Classic, players on both benches report that high pitched shrieking sounds appear to be emanating from Pierre McGuire’s arse”

    How’d they distinguish them from the high pitched shrieking sounds coming from his mouth?

  22. BickelsPickle on

    A little disappointed John Scott wasn’t looked at. Think the bigger ice would help his game

  23. Paul in sunrise on

    I know these guys are all honored to play and it cool to see them represent their countries but would rather no ranger play in Olympics so they can stay healthy and fresh for what is likely to be a down to the wire playoff race. I also recall jagr and that wet newspaper helmet they let him wear get schmised during the Olympics and was likely concussed.

  24. Latona, good article.

    I’m not a Brian Burke fan.

    And less of a Scott Burnside fan.

    Ryan should be on the roster.

  25. John Scott is the heir to the Scott tissue fortune and he good give a good (1,000) sheets that he was not considered.

  26. If these Olympic teams had no professionals (hey, the Russian amateur professional days are over) Olympic hockey would be much more fun for the fans and for the NHL players…IMHO

  27. Putin should get some interesting information when he bugs Steps and McD’s dank hotel hooch. Good thing for all that MDZ and MZA were Prucha’d.

  28. Glad to see Stepan make it. Surprised to see him and yet no Ryan no Dubinsky and no Okposo.

    Not really sure what’s up w the D. Keith Yandle gets snubbed as does Johnson but a shell of what used to be Van Riemsdyk and Brooks orpik get the nod. Though I like having the later for toughness.

  29. Would like to see War Admiral on the big ice gliding to the bench. Bring your stopwatch, clockers.

  30. Second game- in, delayed opening as Richie is still gliding to the bench from the first game.

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If brad ever won gold, the ceremony would last the next 3 Olympics, as brad skated for his medal…

  32. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Year : 2026. And, playing Center, number 19, Gold medal winner, 2014 Olympics, Brad Richards…

  33. Ron Turcotte, on the near turn, asking for a bit more from #19, but inexplicably not getting the anticipated response.

  34. AV: ‘He’s just a wonderful, wonderful contributor. I couldn’t ask any more from him. Mainly because Slats told me not to.”

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – “Richards wears an A, and skates slower than frozen mud, why is there no respect – Do you want the rangers to lose?”

  36. Good God, I love the faux, totally usuless forecheck that prevents him from having to skate back up ice with some alacrity.

  37. That takes care of Richie for the moment; now on to Nasher, Santa’s favorite reindeer. Ricky, don’t lose that lumber.

  38. ‘We hear you’re leaving, that’s ok,
    I thought our little wild time had just begun,
    I guess you kind of scared yourself, you turn and run
    But if you have a change of heart…’

  39. Tells you the chumps we’ve been playing when little Dors goes ten games without an opportunity. Someone earlier suggested getting rid of him when Cally comes back, yuk yuk. Come playoff time, when you need a cop, call a hippie.

  40. Papa, templating! Did you ever hear Fagen’s solo disc, ‘The Nightfly?’ Pretty awesome.

  41. ‘The surf was easy on the day I came to stay
    On this quiet island in the bay.
    I remember a line of women all in white
    The laughter and the steel bands at night

    Now the Americans are gone except for two
    The embassy’s been hard to reach
    There’s been talk and lately a bit of action after dark
    Behind the big casino on the beach

    The rules are changed
    It’s not the same
    It’s all new players in a whole new ball game

    Last night I dreamed of an old lover dressed in gray
    I’ve had this fever now since yesterday
    Wake up darling they’re knocking the Colonel’s standing in the sun
    With his stupid face the glasses and the gun

    I know what happens
    I read the book
    I believe I just got the goodbye look.
    I believe I just got the goodbye look.

    Won’t you pour me a Cuban breeze Gretchen?’

  42. Hard to believe Sather hasn’t added an ounce of muscle to this team when half the group plays tentative, head ducking hockey.

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When Cally comes up, Richards or Boyle should sit……And Boyle hasn’t been horrible.

  44. Richie should probably play just power play and get the hell off the ice with alacrity when possession changes, if at all possible.

  45. I kind of like our fourth line except they have to occasionally put the biscuit in the clown’s mouth.

  46. Van Dyke was Phlegmish, meaning he had a lot of spittle and Phlegm, I guess. Also a (An)Twerp. He was not hung, but his pictures were.

  47. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Hard to believe Sather hasn’t added an ounce of muscle to this team when half the group plays tentative, head ducking hockey._

    The Rangers and Panthers lacked *toughness* Tuesday night. *Toughness*. *Muscle*. If readers here put together a hockey roster, their team would be as unsuccessful as the Maple Leafs.

  48. Your frequency is too frequent, Kenneth. Join the Navy and see the world. Your aircraft carriers would have no escorts and no planes. Bon voyage.

  49. John Lennon documentary now on. eddie, do you remember that eerie Dakota on CPW? It’s been all whitewashed and is not nearly so scary looking. They filmed ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ there.

  50. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    I can’t wait! Our boys will still be in blue!

    We’re gonna win the Olympic gold medal! I wanna hear Pozys cheers for our team usa!! No Negys!!

    Remember to always Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!
    Never Boo Boo Boo!!!

  51. #7 was pretty bad late game for USA. Had two great looks from the point blocked, then turned it over for the ENG by Buchnevich or however you spell it. Didn’t notice Skjei much in the third period, but USA was trailing. CARP, your boy Santini took the penalty which led to Russia’s GWG.

  52. I agree with whomever said that The Kreider not being included is a farce …

    It’s a two-bit, dogs-breakfast of a farce.

    I’m rooting for Team Iceland to beat the Mighty Ducks and win gold.

  53. What Fowler makes the Olympics and not McIlrath?

    It’s a Farce that’s for sure. I’m still scratching my head on this one.

  54. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s really disappointing to play so well against the second tier teams and then drop two straight to Canada and Russia

  55. When the Sioux Head Coach coached the team they won GOLD! But when the Gopher coached the team they won – NOTHING!

    Just saying.

  56. I’m actually in a Twitter battle with some moron who loves God and Guns. OOPS. Back me up.

  57. Stranger Nation on

    Fowler won’t see the ice save for PP time unless the US wants to give up a goal on his shifts (OPG?) against good teams.

    Big takeaway from good (but long) ESPN article Latona posted is Burke is a major horses’ arse and how much they ‘love’ Orpik and Martin. Thinking McD will be revelation in Sochi for the unknowing.

    Step made the team only because he plays center and probably won’t get a lot of ice time with 25 on roster – personally would have taken Bobby Ryan.

    Some excerpts from article sounded familiar to scene in ‘Moneyball’ with scouts discussing ‘intangibles’ like players’ girlfriends.

  58. I find this interesting that 20 out of the 25 players on the USA squad played in college before they went Pro. (TWO – Sioux make the squad :)

    Ryan Miller/Buffalo Sabres – Michigan State
    Jonathan Quick/Los Angeles Kings – UMass Amherst
    Jimmy Howard/Detroit Red Wings – Maine

    Defensemen (8)

    Brooks Orpik/Pittsburgh Penguins – Boston College
    Ryan Suter/Minnesota Wild – Wisconsin
    John Carlson/Washington Capitals – London Knights
    Justin Faulk/Carolina Hurricanes – Minnesota Duluth
    Cam Fowler/Anaheim Ducks – Windsor Spitfires
    Paul Martin/Pittsburgh Penguins – Minnesota
    Ryan McDonagh/New York Rangers – Wisconsin
    Kevin Shattenkirk/St. Louis Blues – Boston University

    Forwards (14)

    David Backes/St. Louis Blues – Minnesota State
    Dustin Brown/Los Angeles Kings — Guelph Storm
    Ryan Callahan/New York Rangers — Guelph Storm
    Patrick Kane/Chicago Blackhawks — London Knights
    Ryan Kesler/Vancouver Canucks – Ohio State
    Phil Kessel/Toronto Maple Leafs – Minnesota
    Zach Parise/Minnesota Wild – North Dakota
    Joe Pavelski/San Jose Sharks – Wisconsin
    Paul Stastny/Colorado Avalanche – Denver
    T.J. Oshie/St. Louis Blues – North Dakota
    Max Pacioretty/Montreal Canadiens – Michigan
    Derek Stepan/New York Rangers – Wisconsin
    James van Riemsdyk/Toronto Maple Leafs – New Hampshire
    Blake Wheeler/Winnipeg Jets – Minnesota

  59. I would have put Yandle over Orpic.
    Bobby Ryan over Stepan.
    Bishop over Howard.

    But that’s just me. Anyone else?

  60. Rob in Beantown on

    Interesting ratio, Sioux, but what is the overall percentage of American-born NHL players who play college hockey? It’s very high, isn’t it? It seems like Americans who go the juniors route are a distinct minority these days.

  61. 2 Female Fighting Sioux made the 2014 USA womens team.

    I’m thinking we will have more medals on display at the Ralph this year.

  62. Whoops 3 women made the USA team from the Sioux. I forgot Gigi Marvin made the final cut. Jocelyne & Monique Lamoureau will steal the show this year. Their numbers in college are ridiculous.

  63. Rob in Beantown on

    My fiance’s cousin is a hockey player. He’s playing juniors in the USA right now and is signed to play Junior A in Canada next year. He wants to play major junior in Canada but I think he’s making a big mistake by not playing college hockey. He was talking to a Carolina Hurricanes scout and they think he could be a 5th-6th round draft pick in 2015, which is his draft year. I think he’s going to be a late bloomer, though, and college hockey is *perfect* for late bloomers. Major junior would be a mistake IMO

  64. I always thought it was 50/50 Rob. The Sioux seem to lose 1 or 2 players every year to juniors.

    Miller bolted at the LAST minute. Stefan Matteau pulled out after committing to the Sioux. And we lost the top Canadian prospect this year.

    So it happens. Signing letters of intent really aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Until they show up.

    Miller made a decision to get a bigger check sooner, and with all the games he’s played in the NHL. It worked for him, he has made it to the NHL quicker than say KRISTO or KREIDER. And his gap contract looks to be at least a year ahead had he played in college. So there’s a million reasons to choose the path he did.

  65. Rob in Beantown on

    I think college hockey’s nice because if the hockey thing doesn’t work out you have a degree to fall back on, but maybe I’m biased

  66. Stranger Nation on

    given the small percentage of Junior hockey players who make NHL rosters, he should go play college, have fun , get a degree IMHO

  67. Sioux I like having Orpik there (if healthy) for a little toughness. I certainly would have had Yandle on the team before Paul Martin or Van Riemsdyk who looked like his career was over last season.

  68. Rob, so many top colleges to choose from. And if you don’t make it to the NHL, like MOST don’t, you develop a world of alumni contacts. Plus, your checkbook may be lighter, but you’ll at least be able to balance it.

  69. And as far as Bishop is concerned, to me, he’s the kind of goalie that could go on a tear the way Miller did in ’10. How you don’t have him on the team is beyond me.

  70. Stranger Nation on

    Too ironic that the marquee NHL winter classic match up ended in shoot out. Butt-man must have been sooo happy.

    Traffic jam from snow had many missing opening faceoff as it took 2.5 or more hours to travel from Detroit area; usually about an hour.

  71. Rob in Beantown on

    Trust me, we had a long discussion about it over the holidays. He’s not the scholarly type at all, so I think that’s a big strike against college for him, but these schools help the athletes out. Just pick an easy major and you’ll be set.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    Not surprised about the low showing for team USA Jr. It wasn’t the best squad we’ve sent.

    Speaking of Team USA, the decisions to leave out Ryan and Yandle are horrible, horrible mistakes.

    I’ve read the Burnside article about the selection process. I get the worry on Ryan being too one dimensional. But what if it’s one of the top 4 wings that goes down? Nobody on the team is going to replace a Patrick Kane or Phil Kessel’s scoring ability. The only guy who could come close is Bobby Ryan. Just a mistake not to include a guy when all he does is score goals.

    As for Yandle, I just don’t understand how you leave out such an elite puck moving defenseman, even as your 8th guy.

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    I get why Stepan is there, in terms of center depth, but I feel like they could’ve left Stepan and Oshie home and brought Dubinsky instead.

  74. Can’t wait till Kristo gets his chance next year.

    I still think he is a better goal scorer than Miller. Miller hasn’t given us a lot of points for the games he’s played.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    Overall I can’t complaint too much about the US roster. There really aren’t that many open spots. And while I think Orpik is a huge mistake, when two of the USA coaches are Bylsma and Granato, I figured from day one Orpik and Martin would be locks on this team.

    I’m just glad they had the good sense to leave out the Johnsons.

  76. Cananda is still the team to beat. Parise almost won the game for the USA last time, here’s hoping the USA has the hottest goalie in net at the time.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    Maybe even Nikitin, but he’s gonna be borderline. I imagine thta even though he is better than some KHL defensemen, Russia will still want to have a couple of their own on the team.

  78. Rob in Beantown on

    _here’s hoping the USA has the hottest goalie in net at the time_

    Anybody else a little nervous about USA’s supposed goaltending strength? If we get playoff Quick we should be okay, but regular season Quick? As of right now you have to think maybe Miller is the number one guy, right? He’s looked pretty good behind a terrible Buffalo team

  79. I’m thinking Bishop has been the best USA goaltender this year, but he isn’t even on the team.

  80. Stranger Nation on

    Not only were Orpik and Martin locks, but they were projected to be in the top 4.

    Immobile d-men must be the focus…

  81. that article on ESPN was very interesting. I found it interesting that someone had said something along the lines of “if he played in NY would we even be discussing not bringing him”

    that being said.

    I agree that Stepan doesn’t particularly deserve being there based on his play this season. But I suppose he is one of the USA’s top 4 centers and that is worth something.

    I think from a balanced player standpoint Dubinsky is a better player RIGHT NOW (current play) but i don’t think his game will hold up well on the bigger surface.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Because Bishop has all of three months of a track record, and the one big game tournament he was in, he was terrible (2013 World Championships)

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Orpik is considered the 7th defenseman as of right now. I think the pairings that they have in mind are Suter-Martin, McDonagh-Shattenkirk, Fowler-Faulk.

  84. RE: winter classic going to a shootout. They sure as hell tried to get it to one in 2012. first day of 2014 and Gary B’s year was already made. ps- just got an email that the NHL is fining me $25,000 for posting this…go figure.

  85. Doodie didn’t Martin break his leg this season? And we all know Orpik took a nice shot. I guess Yandle is that big a defensive liability..

  86. Henrik has auctioned- off game used masks for charity and they have drawn a huge number. However, if I got used to a mask, I doubt I’d be changing it game to game.

  87. According to that Zach Parise commercial about the importance of playing college level hockey a lot of NHL Players (over 30%) play in college. Subtract the foreign born players and the kids that go pro at 18 and I bet it’s a *very* high percentage of North American born players playing in college.

  88. Rob in Beantown on

    That’s what I’m basing my assumption on, Manny. That, and anecdotally that whenever I look up an American hockey player he almost always played college hockey.

  89. I’m happy that Paul Martin is on the squad. Orpik is another fine addition. Dude can hit people in open ice. That’s fun, right?

  90. currently 17 degrees and with the wind coming in off the lake feels more like -5. Gonna try my hand at insulating windows in a bit.

  91. The Manitoba Museum is reporting Winnipeg’s temperatures on Tuesday were actually colder than the surface of Mars. -53 C.

  92. @boring_as_heck ok it’s time to put together the US Olympic team. get the guy who used to run the Atlanta Thrashers. that was a good team, right.



  93. I finished the ez cheese for breakfast, Manny. All I have left in the house is half a bottle of Korbel and some nutella

  94. This is my favorite Resolution so far. Whoever runs the Mars Curiosity Rover Twitter feed is funny:


    @MarsCuriosity Goals for 2014: Finish driving to Mars’ Mount Sharp & do all the science I can. #resolutions pic.twitter.com/M48IbqpJSQ

  95. That could work, James. The Champagne, if still carbonated, should help the Nutella expand. I would recommend whisking them together at a *brisk* pace and then brushing it into the screen.

  96. Strange when Canadian hockey players who never got out of high school express themselves better than 75% of our college graduated athletes. Sup wit dat?

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    James, players that are injured before the start of the tournament can be replaced. But they are the only players than can be replaced. So, for instance, if Martin’s leg is still broken, the US will be able to add another defender.

    Likewise for Canada when Stamkos is named to the team. If he is unable to play before the Olympics, they will be allowed to replacement.

  98. *Pyatt* goes from being scratched for a horrendous team to being on the *best* team in the *East* and getting to meet *Crosby*

  99. Althought I couldn’t waste nutella. I should probably food shop before the 49 feet of alleged snow hit. love me a personal day.

  100. Rangers should claim Zenon Konopka. Theres a 4th liner that can win a faceoff and hit you in the mouth.

  101. Pyatt was waived? color me late to the party. There’s one off of my “good bye slacker” list for 2014..who’s next?

  102. It is *CRUCIAL* that the Rangers put in a claim on *Zenon Konopka* who is EXACTLY the type of player this team desperately needs.

    Konopka > Dom Moore

  103. Funny. The know it all fans here that expect Pyatt to score 50 goals on the 4th line think he’s worthless, but an elite team like the Pens waste no time picking him up.

    Solid 4th liner. Unfortunately half our team are 4th liners.

  104. The Penguins can play *any* style of hockey better than almost any team in the East. The problem is, the Rangers, under Vigneault, want to play only *one* dumb style of hockey that Pyatt isn’t suited for.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    We have too many fourth liners. No thanks on Konopka. I don’t think you’ve guys watched him lately. This is not the same guy he was a couple of years ago. He’s worn down, a lot.

  106. Rob in Beantown on

    “Zenon Konopka is also an entrepreneur and owner of a company Prime Wine Products and partners with local charities to help children’s programs. He was once part-owner in an Ottawa bar-restaurant called “Stout Bros.” and has run the “Zenon Konopka Hockey Academy” in Ottawa since 2007.

    He also has a *pet rabbit, Hoppy*, and maintains a Twitter account for his pet, who has relocated with him since 2006. Konopka told Fox Sports North that he never wanted a rabbit as a child, but a friend suggested one as Konopka is allergic to cats and dogs. “I can’t help that I fell in love with the little guy … the guy’s pretty cool. He just chills around, has his litter box, does his business there and he’s pretty soothing to come home to.”

  107. Rupp is healthy now for MN, so they don’t have room for Konopka.

    He would make our 4th line one of the toughest to play against. A solid 4th liner, that can win a face off. If we need grit he’s your guy.

    I doubt he gets to the Rangers before he’s claimed.

  108. Konopka may not be the player he was 3 seasons ago, but he’s still a better grit option than much of the current NYR roster.

  109. Brassard
    Del Zotto

    my slacker list now consists of a former Ranger, 3 guys that are playing much better since being put on my list, Stralman and Del Zotto..

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not sure that he is, to be honest with you. Guy is really washed up. And he is actually even less likely to score than anybody else on our roster, as impossible as that may seem.

  111. Pyatt’s gone 22 games = 1 assist for the Rangers.

    Can’t say I’m going to miss him. But he will add some depth to Pitts 4th line I’m sure.

  112. If that’s the case, then they should steer clear. We already went through this with Rupp and Asham.

  113. Konopka really diminished when he went to Minn. He was money on the Senators/Islanders/Lightning. No doubt he’s a journeyman but if the style of play fits his game then I think he can jump back to form.

  114. Well, our style is “not scoring a lot of goals” and that seems to be Konopka’s too, so maybe that jumps his form back?

  115. I also wonder how many games he plays before the next Wrist, Ankle, hand, knee or shoulder injury occurs..

  116. Kreider-Stepan-Callahan



    Boyle-Miller/Moore- Dorsett

  117. Manny, instead of -spending- wasting it on 4th liners I’d rather they saved some money up to -spend- waste on a disappointment of a guy with top 6 potential (when not playing in NY)

  118. Rob in Beantown on

    Nash Stepan Richards
    Kreider Brassard Zuccarello
    Hagelin Miller Callahan
    Bickel Boyle Dorsett

  119. Konopka changes very little for the team, save the cap space in case you need it to take on salary in a *trade*.

  120. Just spoke with somebody in NYR org. … FWIW, they think Konopka stinks and that’s before his skills eroded. that’s why they didn’t sign him when he was a UFA.

  121. It’s not like Konopka’s going to play every game. but he sure would come in handy against the Bruins.

    His grit, could go along way on a team that doesn’t have much.

    If we need scoring, that’s easy just call up Kristo.

  122. He is older than Brassard, and that’s like 70% of the way to ice time here, so I guess so, huh?

  123. Wow. Thanks, Carp. Guess that’s pretty honest. I really think he would be a nice addition to the bottom grit guys. But whatever.

  124. Stranger Nation on

    Pyatt sucked when he was here. could care less about his scoring, but he was a very very slow forechecker who did not drop the mitts ONCE when he was here even though many nights he was our biggest guy on the ice save for Olive Boyle, another big pacifist

  125. That’s a weird take from the FO on Konopka. The guy fought and did one other thing, which is better than the revolving door we had of guys who fought and didn’t do one other thing.

  126. Also, I don’t mean to sound like I’m headed for one of the Chase Sky Bridges at the Newly Renovated Madison Square Garden, but with Biron and now Pyatt gone, our sexy eye quotient is plummeting. Reaching disaster levels of UFA Girardi isn’t here on opening night next year.

  127. @NYRangersZone Rangers have not met with Anton Stralman’s agent yet to discuss a contract extension #NYR



  128. I think the “only goals matter” mindset is a condition that afflicts 98% of NHL fans. 99% of Rangers fans.

  129. Of course he didn’t, Carp. There are bloggers, not reporters or Journalists like you and Katie and Brooks and Leonard, etc.

  130. I very much dislike Anton Stralman for many reasons. He’s a terrible decision maker which often makes him caught in between resulting in him getting beat. I think a lot of that is covered up by him playing heavy minutes with Staal. Further, he’s SOFT. I don’t mean “he won’t fight” or something. He only hip checks, which, when he misses leaves him completely exposed and beaten. He never protects the crease or makes any attempt to protect Hank, especially after the whistle. Finally, as Conor Allen is proving (and hopefully will continue to prove) you can get what he brings to the table for MUCH less.

    Obviously I exaggerate my hatred for him because it’s funny. But that’s my honest opinion. We could do much worse, but he should be playing on the 3rd pairing.

  131. Oh. And he should *NEVER* be on the PK. Especially being the last man low of a Diamond PK where the Solo Defenseman has multiple coverage responsibilities and needs to be physical first.

  132. Carp – with Pyatt off the books now. How much do the Rangers have to work with to sign another player?

    They must have someone in mind don’t you think?

  133. Stranger Nation on

    If only our Olympic forwards stayed healthy and/or produced like Olympic forwards…

  134. Don’t know if they can actually find someone worth signing at this point, Sioux. I’m sure they’re investigating trades (esp. for Del Zotto). They probably have about $2.6M under the current cap.

  135. Sioux: It’s probable. I don’t think Nash is going to score 35+ anymore so I think he’s a similar player to Bobby Ryan and will put up around 30. Ryan’s cap hit is $5.1M and he doesn’t have any injury concerns.


  136. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s the drawback to claiming Konopka: You burn a contract. We just cleared one with Pyatt. Why waste it already?

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    We were at 48, I think, with Pyatt. I like having some flexibility late in the season to make an NCAA pickup or two.

  138. What about Dustin Penner.

    He has 24 points so far this year, and the ducks are benching him.

    You would think they would listen to a trade offer?

  139. He would be tied with Kreider with 10 goals.

    We need size and scoring?

    Do you trade Del Zotto for him?

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    The problem with trading Del Zotto is the return. We desperately need three things:

    1) Top 6 forward
    2) Right handed defensemen
    3) Depth players that actually can occasionally score goals

    Even at his peak, MDZ probably was never going to get us #1. #2 is tough because the quality of defender MDZ will return for us is just as bad as MDZ, so how does that trade help? And #3 is a possibility, but to be honest, I’d rather sit on MDZ and pray for a rebound than trade him for a depth player in a non-cup contention year.

  141. Dustin Penner is awesome. Problem is, he’s notoriously good during the playoffs and notoriously mediocre during the regular season. Maybe picking him up would give him a burst of energy or something. I think he loves NYC. He’s a spotlight kind of guy. Very funny.

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    Penner has 10 goals because he played a good bit this year with Perry and Getzlaf.

  143. Stranger Nation on

    trade El Zotto for Penner in a heartbeat; this guy makes only $2M, put him on a 3rd line with Miller and Dorsett; guys who can bang and skate.

  144. Stranger Nation on

    Our bottom 6 cannot score, as in, cannot score. we get some production out of 3rd line with a move like Penner, Cally comes back to add some scoring punch to top 6 and Step and Nash move closer to production levels of last 2 yrs and we are looking much, much better.

  145. I really think a Del Zotto for Penner trade is pretty much the borderline for me. I would be inclined to say yes because I don’t know what in the world we can get for Del Zotto right now and Penner is probably the best we can get. So pull the trigger. But on the other hand, Penner is kind of more redundancy and inconsistency on the roster.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    HAHA, Penner is a guy who can skate. That’s hilarious. Thanks, I needed that laugh.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, I think the real issue is whether the team acknowledges that Nash is not scoring enough to be on the first two lines. Because when Callahan comes back, he should be on a top 2 RW spot, and MZA has been our best forward this season. So I just don’t see where Nash fits in except on the third line.

  148. So a guy with a rep for coasting on a team that doesn’t have the talent to coast into the playoffs? I’m … not sold.

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    I would not trade Nash. His potential is worth much more than we could get in return.

  150. Stranger Nation on

    In retrospect, you should read the post again; put him on a line with guys who can skate and bang re Miller and Double D

  151. Doodie Machetto on

    Wait for The Kreider to keep developing and hope Nash returns to form.

    This year’s team has no shot.

  152. That’s fair. I really don’t think they are going to “make some noise” this season. So why not just ride it out?

  153. Doodie Machetto on

    OK, I’ll revisit: Dorsett as a third liner means that our team is in deep, deep trouble. Also, who is going to feed Penner the puck?

  154. It would be really nice if JT Miller could center the 3rd line allowing Stepan to Center the first and Brassard to Center the second line wtih Richards moving to LW.

  155. ThisYearsModel on

    Question for all you experts out there: If Sather lets Cally and Girardi go all the way to free agency, what are the chances they remain Rangers? He has proven adept at mismanaging these things in the past. As it is, his waiting this long to do anything with him will already cost the Rangers big bucks.

  156. Stranger Nation on

    Richards has been LW for last bunch of games, no?

    Miller should be playing 3rd line center; good for a penalty a game but that is OK as he is getting seasoning in a season where we are going nowhere unless they upgrade the back line

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m OK with Miller centering third, and like Richards at LW. The problem then is that Nash has to play on 3rd line. Which I’m fine with, but I doubt ever happens.


  158. I’m personally fine with those lines. AV loves to roll 4 or whatever he thinks he does, so Nash will get plenty of ice time (he’s down to about 16 min. per game). The Kreider has to be able to handle 1st line LW or else this team is in trouble. Stepan can cover for him defensively and Zucc can distribute. So roll ’em.

  159. Doodie Machetto on

    The problem with those lines is that I don’t like Brassard as a 2nd line center, I don’t like Richards as a second line wing, and I don’t like those two guys together.

    Also, I forgot Pouliot, who has been really good lately.

  160. I doubt Pyatt will let the door hit him. He will jet out of the land of being Prucha’d to playing for the best team in the Conf. with the best player in the world. I’m sure he’s elated.

  161. Stranger Nation on

    Penner is not there to ‘score’ but to bang, but he can score, heck would put him with Step and Nash to have someone play the walls when they are on the ice and move Kreider to play with Brass and Cally.

    Net-Net; this team is a muddled mass of mediocrity


  162. The thing about Pouliot is that he will eventually play himself back to the press box. So I don’t worry about where he’s slotted.

  163. Doodie – You are taking the Power Play Performance of Pouliot out of the lineup?

    Power Play’s on fire with his hands and size in front of the goalie.

  164. Pyatt woke up this morning and learned he won the lottery :)

    From worst to first in a phone call.

  165. Yup. Poo has been great recently, but color me skeptical that halfway through year 7 and team 5 (or whatever it is) is when everything clicks. Expendable as always.

    (And I trade Nash if I get someone I like as a long term roster piece. Get away from that contract.)

  166. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d take Yakupov. Especially if the cost was just Del Z. That guy is a special talent. Eakins just has no clue how to use him.

    He also strikes me as being different than your Zherdevs and Frolovs, too.

  167. If I could get Yakapov for Del Zotto I might do it based purely on the potential upside and the belief that Vigneault’s stupid system would showcase his European skill better. But I doubt that’s even remotely a possibility.

  168. Considering MotZ has become a 6th/7th D-man on this team, there shouldn’t be much hesitation to trade him for anyone that can sniff the top 9.

  169. April, 2012

    Konopka was fined for his verbal abuse of New York forward Brian Boyle — while Boyle was conducting a live television interview during warmups with the MSG Network.

  170. Guess AV has decided to give up the neutral zone completely except for fourth line. Torts scratching his head.

  171. He is an Aries according to the chart. Which is weird because Hitler loved Aryan’s (even though he himself wasn’t one).

  172. Just tuning in. Pyatt will score a few big goals come playoff time. No doubt about it.

    No Penner please

    Yes to konopka.

    Trade del zaster for 5th rounder.

    Yakupov in a sec for del zaster.

  173. If AV is worried about Kreider’s possible D lapses in OT, how does he play Richie? If one of those 2 had to go, I sure know whom I would choose.

  174. ThisYearsModel on

    With more time to reflect on Team USA’s Olympic selections………..I am mostly fine with the players selected. I am not fine with the way these ego maniacal tools conducted the process. The players who were not selected deserved a phone call with an explanation before the announcement. Instead, they get to read why they were not selected in the USA Today or ESPN.com. These “executives” were the best we have to offer? They are an embarrassment.

  175. Personally, I don’t drink anything stronger than Pop. But Pop drank just about anything he could get his hands on.

  176. Pyatt being sent down is catamytholos error on Sister’s part. He could have been an instrumentuous part of a trade for E. Kane. Now he will come back to hurt them as a part of a dynamical Penguin team.

  177. I’m a little bit surprised by NO Bobby Ryan. He is 18-18 this year.

    When you look at Cally at 7-6 for 13 pts in 24 games.

    Nothing against our captain, but he’s been injured enough, to almost wonder if he was going to make the list.

    Ryan scores A lot of goals. Thoughts?

  178. My guess is that Cally, a penalty killing force and a tireless worker was also judged on his experience, comparative leadership, and sobriety.

  179. ThisYearsModel on

    Sioux–If they think that they have enough goal scoring, or that Blake Wheeler will replace Ryan’s goals, I think they are wrong. These guys will be out early because they cannot put the puck in the net, unless the defensemen goal wild scoring goals.

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    “We have Konopka in Hartford. They call him Asham.”

    No, Konopka at least is really good at faceoffs.

    And I think undoubtedly that Miller is the one who sits upon Callahan’s return. Hagelin’s speed is too important to our lineup to sit him, and everybody else (save Richards at even strength and Nash everywhere) has been playing pretty well lately.

  181. On the big ice, McD could be a real offensive package if he doesn’t die of a heart attack first. :)

  182. Tuff list to make some cuts.

    Just think of the chatter when Canada air’s their team.

    With or without Stamkos?

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s also Yzerman’s franchise player. He can’t risk alienating him like that.

  184. While Stamkos should definitely be on the team if healthy, if Yzerman is worried about alienating players on his NHL squad, Hockey Canada should have picked a different GM.

  185. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The Rangers already have the poor man’s Zenon Kenopka. Brian Boyle. Shall we continue stacking 4th line ceiling players?

  186. Moe Mantha sounds like a Japanese horror movie. Zenon Konopka sounds like a kid Superman grew up with on Krypton.

  187. Stranger Nation on

    NYR Leading Scorers @ Even strength in Dec:
    Zucc: 5,2 (-6)
    Nash; 3,3 (-3)
    Mr Ed: 1,5 (-6)
    Girardi: 2,3 (-2)
    Step: 1,4 (-3)
    Pullout: 1,3 (-1)
    Hags: 4,0 (-4)
    McD: 0,4 (-4)
    Kreider: 2,1 (+2)
    Brass: 0,2 (-6)

  188. The guy who replaces Richie when he glides off during the opponents’ rush gets stuck with his minus.

  189. Wheeler, Oshie, Callahan are all RW.

    Wheeler is the closest one to have Ryans stats, the others not so much.

    Just saying it would have been nice to be a fly on the wall, to listen to this discussion on cutting Bobby Ryan.

  190. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, I don’t think Canada’s forward corps is that tough to decide. I think 10 of the 12 forward spots are really easy, and it’s just picking 4 guys out of 6 for the end.

    Definites (in the order that they come to my head): Crosby, Stamkos, St. Louis, Toews, Duchene, Bergeron, Getzlaf, Perry, Tavares, and Giroux. Maybe someone quibbles with Duchene, but I think he’s amazing.

    Then you pick 4 out of Thornton, Couture, Benn, and Hall.

    I probably go Couture and Hall because they are natural wingers, Thornton is super redundant on this team and a step slow, and Benn is two steps slow.

  191. Doodie Machetto on

    exactly Sioux. I think Stepan is the worst player on the team (other than Oshie, seriously I don’t get why he’s on the team at all), but if you leave off Stepan you’re only bringing four centers. That’s a disaster if one goes down.

  192. There are no quibbles with Duchene. Except that he probably needs to add an “S” to his name somewhere.

  193. Oshie’s their as a power forward. He does everything.

    I would take Ryan > Oshie > Callahan. This year.

  194. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, you’re crazy. Oshie has never scored 20 goals, and he’s not on pace to do so this year, either. Callahan has played in 15 less games on a worse team and still has one more goal than Oshie does this year.

  195. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _The guy who replaces Richie when he glides off during the opponents’ rush gets stuck with his minus._


  196. I think Step is pencilled in as a definite PP Killer, occasional shifts, and a replacement in case of injury/illness.

  197. Doodie Machetto on

    Stepan is the 5th center. His poor faceoff percentage will keep him out of the regular lineup.

  198. The best cheaters win faceoffs. The NHL will not just continuously throw people one after another out of the faceoff circle because it will irritate fans and slow the game down to a crawl, so the most chicanerous have an edge.

  199. Doodie Machetto on

    Enter the Boston Bruins and Patrice Bergeron, who will frequently line up Bergeron at wing and have the original centerman get intentionally tossed, allowing Bergeron to cheat. They also do this move a lot on icings, as it buys their team a few extra seconds of rest while giving them a better chance to win the faceoff.

  200. ThisYearsModel on

    I have a bad feeling about tomorrow’s game. I bet the Rangers get their arses handed to them in Pittsburgh. Anyone see Pavel Buchnevich taunting the USA bench after his empty netter this morning? Now……go away or I will taunt you a second time-uh.

  201. Doodie. I will never take off the *Fighting* Sioux glasses.

    Parise, Toews, & Oshie – Will forever be on my team, I don’t care if they are playing hockey with one leg.

    Seriously some of the best hockey I’ve watched was when they played in College.

  202. The Devils are still the ultimate cheaters. I can usually spot one interference per shift, and a hold every other.

  203. Doodie Machetto on

    Even this year, Oshie still not scoring as many goals as Cally, on a better team, in more than 1.5X the games.

  204. Rob in Beantown on

    Strombone @strombone1
    Chin up @TomSestito23 …… Bobby Ryan didn’t make the US Olympic team either

  205. He has 27 assist, have you watched any of them?

    Steen has 24 goals. Oshie makes his line better, he’s a big reason they are having success.

    If only the Rangers would make a deal for him.

  206. But with Bobby Ryan having 18 goals & 18 Assist this year. How is he *NOT* on this USA team?

  207. I went and looked, Doodie. Wow. That’s one of the funniest tweets ever:

    @strombone1 30 Dec Came down with a mild case of the #emeryflu for tonight’s game….. #prevention #precaution #preservation

  208. When a big, nasty moose effectively disrupts traffic in Banff, do you think it might make Sather think about finding a Lucic or a Chara? Great minds see the connection between seemingly disparate ideas and events.

  209. Doodie Machetto on

    Oshie has goals in his last two games. Without those, he had 4 on the season. FOUR in 37 games.

    Honestly, I’d go down another 4 or 5 American players before getting to Oshie. Ryan, Saad, Dubinsky, and Galchenyuk for sure, then you could possibly talk me into Okposo, although I think he’d get lost on Olympic ice.

  210. Again, Sioux and Co., the Olympic rosters are not set based on performance *this* season. These guy have been putting this team together for years. They are going to look at everything.

    I’m *shocked* that Bobby Ryan isn’t on the team but there has to be a valid reason. There is, however, *no* valid reason why Cam Fowler is on the team.

  211. LOL Manny.

    Fowler – wins Gold Medals, and looks really good on the power play.

    McBust – looks really good with a black eye :)

  212. I don’t think Oshie had a hope to make the team. He’s just not as good as the other guys. Including Dubinsky, Galchenyuk and, of course, Bobby Ryan. I wonder about Saad. His last name makes for awesome headlines but Oshie might be a more dynamic player on the open ice.

  213. Bobby Ryan scores a ton of goals, always has.

    So it makes you wonder why they cut him.

  214. Well…..here’s one more contract:

    ?@NYRangers 35s

    #NYR have agreed to terms with forward Anthony Duclair to an entry level contract.

  215. Oshie and Cally are the same type player. But neither one of them score as much as Ryan.

  216. *Anthony Duclair: Talent Analysis*

    A speedy sniper, Duclair relies on his great skating ability to create chances and has dynamic offensive talent to make the most of the opportunity. With the ability to make plays at top speed and sizzling acceleration, Duclair often only needs the slimmest of openings before he’s on the attack. More of a shoot-first player, Duclair’s shot is extremely accurate, but he needs to be more consistent. Furthermore, he would be well served to round out his game and add significant strength.

  217. Doodie Machetto on

    Yandle is the other guy I would have put on the team, but since Orpik was going to be there no matter what and given the need for a right handed defenseman in Faulk, the only guy to come out would be Fowler. And I think I’d rather have Yandle over Fowler.

  218. This is relatively good news for the WolfPack and possible good news for the 2015-2016 NY Rangers.

  219. Didn’t the article say something to the effect that Poile and Co. didn’t see Ryan in the top 6, and he didn’t fit as a bottom 6 type?

  220. Yea. You want a lot of grit and fighting ability in your bottom 6 for Olympic style hockey….

  221. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, I think Fowler being on the team is fine. It’s just given that two of the spots had to go to Orpik and Martin, I just though Yandle should be on the team ahead of Fowler.

    But if I had it my way, Orpik wouldn’t have sniffed this team and Yandle would be in his spot. I’d keep Martin for his ability to play the right side (even though he’s a lefty), but he’d be my 6th guy. They seem to have him set for a first pairing role.

    I’d do defense like this:


    Fowler and Martin as the extras.

  222. Doodie Machetto on

    So now we’re back to 48 contracts. If they claim Konopka we are at 49. Pass on Konopka.

  223. I tried to *handle* the *Yandle* but the *Candle* up on the *Mantle* burned out on my *mishandled sandal* oh what a *scandal.*

  224. Doodie Machetto on

    Of course, that depends on the effective date of Duclair’s contract. If it’s for next year, then we are still at 48, but I still pass.

    I really like the ability to sign late blooming NCAA players. Too bad we missed out DeKayser. On the bright side, nobody but Detroit had a real chance.

  225. ThisYearsModel on

    Fowler is excellent, and was a good choice. Some Boneheads need to stay up and watch the Western conference a bit. he has grown into a real stud……..someplace that, sad to say, Dylan McIlrath is unlikely to reach.

  226. DeKayser had a rough game at the Winter Classic. And against the Rangers. But overall, I would have loved that kid. Could have jumped right in over *Stralman*

  227. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying Fowler is bad, not by any stretch. I just think he and Yandle play similar roles, and Yandle is better than Fowler at that role.

    But I think this puts to bed any Fowler vs. McIlrath comparisons. McIlrath was and remains the wrong choice at that draft.

  228. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, someday we will know if this was a good signing. Rangers just inked Anthony Duclair to an entry level contract.

  229. ThisYearsModel on

    Doodie–I remember that draft. I was away and listening on the internet….hoping that Fowler would drop to the Rangers. He did, and then I hear this Dylan McIlrath name……a name I had not heard before. I hope the kid turns out, but I think the Rangers outsmarted themselves on that one. Not to Jessiman levels…….I hope!

  230. Doodie Machetto on

    I can’t think of another time in recent memory when the Rangers drafted a player who was the wrong choice, when the right choice was so obvious. Like a black and white “this guy or that guy” choice that they got so wrong.

    Even with Jessiman, where the answer was “any other guy,” there was no player on the board where it was like “holy crap, how is this guy still here?” Getzlaf was probably closest in terms of css and iss rankings, but seeing as how he fell all the way to 19, I don’t think he really counts.

  231. Love these player analyses. ‘Speedy, tough, great shot, energetic, accurate, good backchecker, takes his man, an offensive force with good defensive sensibilities. Needs more size, inconsistent, must put puck on net more, learn to play in the D zone, and too often lethargic. All in all, a valuable asset.’ ???????

  232. Just in case youse need to know, commercial traffic not allowed on I-87 or I-84 after 5PM, and 12AM-5AM for all vehicles. I-87 closure is from Albany to NYC.

  233. Doodie Machetto on

    ThisYears, I know. I felt the same way. And then I realized why I hadn’t hear of McIlrath. In doing my review for the draft, I didn’t get far enough down to McIlrath because I only went like 13 deep in my research.

  234. Has anyone seen what the Rangers are planning to do with Duclair? Is he staying in Quebec Juniors?

  235. Ryan says Burke has tried to reach out to him, and that he won’t return his call, but will answer if Burke calls him again to tell him how he feels.

  236. I would think he would finish his year there, and jump to the Whale after his season is done. Don’t you?

  237. Doodie Machetto on

    In fairness, I also had Brandon Gormley ahead of McIlrath, and that does not appear to have been correct.

  238. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, I don’t think he’s even allowed to leave Junior at this point of the year until his season ends, except on emergency call up basis.

  239. Doodie – you are losing me. Parise was a Gold medal winner at the time. How do you not pick him over Jessies Girl?

    Fowler the same. He was in the top 5 Defensive men on the list. Where did McBust show up? He wasn’t even in the top 50 in North American Pre-Draft list

  240. The UNDERTAKER! Ash to the Graveyard Man: “Heard you got your azz kicked up there, eh?”

  241. Doodie Machetto on

    Bobby Ryan says Burke tried to call him. After reading the Burnside article, if I were Ryan I’d tell Burke to go Buff himself.

  242. So, Anthony Duclair, who is *not* a Pisces, will continue to stay in the QMJHL and score a million goals, win awards and then join the ECHL or AHL affiliate next season?

  243. Yup. If I was Bobby Ryan I would demand a trade to the most American town in America where he can wear Red, White and Blue and play for the New York Rangers!

  244. Doodie Machetto on

    McIlrath was 17 on CSS.

    In 2003, Parise was 9th, Getzlaf was 5th. But ISS had Getzlaf at 10, and Parise wasn’t even top 10.

  245. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, one pretournament injury. And from what I’ve read, it seems like Saad is next in line over Ryan because Saad is more versatile. It would take an injury to one of Parise, Kane, JVR, or Kessel for Ryan to make the team.

  246. Doodie – Fowler was the choice for Defense, than Forbort -yes he was a Sioux player, but he was on the gold medal team for the USA that year. I watch the whole tournament, and him especially because he was coming up the next year. But Fowler was a best D player on the ice.

    Taransenko stood out at the U18 World Junior tournament, he was Russia’s top forward. He was their leading goal scorer, and he had a flare about him. Not as cocky as Ovechkin was, but he sure looked to score as often.

    Now I’m not a scout, buy to pick McIlrath over these 2 guys, is crazy.

  247. Doodie Machetto on

    And like I said, Sioux. Fowler was the easy choice in that spot. Everybody had him as 5-7. Everybody.

  248. New Jersey was smarter than the Rangers that year, and grabbed him. The rest is history.

  249. In so many words,what was said about Ryan by Burke was that he’s not going to be a top 6 on this team they way they want it to be, and there were multiple concerns about him defensive capabilities or back of the line up presence. They see him as one dimensional.

    That being said, someone asked earlier if anyone would pull the trigger on a Nash for Ryan deal and I’d say absolutely. If not for the fact that Ryan moves his feet more and engages more consistently then at least foe the extra 2.7 million dollars we’d save.

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