Rangers-Maple Leaves in review


Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve!


1) The non-existent quick whistle. How is that play not blown dead? I mean, there are so many layers to this onion. How does the referee tell Brad Richards, according to Alain Vigneault, that if the puck didn’t go in on the wraparound, then it wouldn’t count? … I’m guessing he meant he was waiting to see if the Kelly Clarkson stuff attempt went in, and then he would have blown the whistle if it hadn’t. OK, so then how does that goal stand, since it was obviously Nazem Kadri’s jam-shot that went in and not Clarkson’s? And if that is really what the referee believed, how does he not convince the video folks in Toronto (Toronto … hmmm) that his intent was to blow the whistle once Cam Talbot covered the Clarkson shot?Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Rangers

2) Can’t wait to hear what HBO’s 24/7 microphones picked up during and after that non-goal. I will say this. If Anton Stralman stays on his feet instead of doing the sliding snow angel out of the play, none of that happens and the Rangers probably win 1-0.

3) Calm Talbot deserved to win that game 1-0, even with the remarkable shot that hugged the goal line as it went post-to-post. And the Rangers thoroughly outplayed the Leaves from, oh, mid-first until the Kadri gift goal, sort of the same script as Minnesota the night before, only minus all the goals. Talbot’s two straight starts gives Henrik Lundqvist a few extra days to clear his head, because seriously, there seems to be a lot going on in there. And let’s face if, as good as the kid as been — and he’s been pretty spectacular — ya boys aren’t going anywhere if Lundqvist doesn’t figure it out.

4) Ryan McDonagh=McMonster … my God. That play he made to chase down Phil Kessel, one of the NHL’s quickest players, and then to strip him of the puck from behind, and make a play with it. That’s an all-timer. You will not see that very often at all. And I thought both he and his partner had two solid games after the clunker against the Fishsticks.

5) That trading chances thing was kinda fun to watch. Toronto sure likes to play that way, and the Rangers don’t mind. They would have gotten killed in that game a week ago, with the way they’d been defending and the way their faster players were playing at that time. Now, bring it on. They still have to be careful around the blue lines, and I thought early on they weren’t. But if they defend and take care of the puck when they have it, they can play the fast game.

Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Rangers6) Speaking of whom, J.T. Miller had some glorious chances earlier in the game, then buried the only Rangers goal in the hockey portion of the program. Fired off five shots in just 9:29 of ice. He had a nice back-to-back weekend, too. Vigneault said he looks more comfortable in his natural position, center. Just more wheels and another potential scorer, to whatever degree.

7) Hate to sound like I’m grading Rick Nash game to game to game, but he’s that important to the Rangers and so maybe I watch him a little more closely. I thought got a little better late in the Minnesota game, and I thought was better still in this one. The guy never ever gets a call, right? I mean, for a big man and a player of his status, he gets nothing. The goalie interference call was ridiculous. And the play on which he was taken off the puck on the breakaway? Earlier in the game, John Moore’s pass forced Stralman to take a penalty. OK. But if that was a penalty, how was the play on Nash minutes later not a penalty?

8) Derek Stepan was much better, start to finish, in this game, too. Very good defensively. And he happened to score a huge goal in the skills competition.

9) Speaking of plays you don’t see every day, and penalties … how about the Derick Brassard high sticking penalty with his stick in the earhole strap of McClement’s helmet? Pretty funny. Brassard is another one, with Carl Hagelin, who’s been getting better lately, the Islanders game withstanding for most of them.

10) And Mats Zuccarello is simply their best forward now. He is.Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Rangers

11) Chris Kreider set up the only goal of the game, took a late penalty trying to do the right thing by chipping the puck off the glass and out of the zone while protecting the lead, and then got left out of the rotation in overtime. I don’t know if he is untrusted in those situations, or if it’s just one of those things … sometimes a coach tries to keep pairs together in OT, which means a winger usually gets shafted. Stepan and Nash were a pair for a few shifts in OT. Kreider didn’t get a sniff.

12) I think I’ve told you guys, my new seat on the bridge is right in front of the broadcast booths. So I can hear Sam and Joe, and Kenny and Dave, quite a bit. But I can also hear the visiting TV booth, and I love the Canadian broadcasters. First of all, they are really into the game, very excitable both ways, not homerish. But also they stick to the play by play, don’t try to force in conversation or over-analysis. Very simple. Very good.

13) You know, I always kinda liked Colton Orr, who is as tough as they come, and if there really is a code, he’s as close as there is to a follower of that code. Not a cheap-shot artist, only fights the tough guys, doesn’t do much crap against anybody else, and when he fights, it’s strictly business.

14) Good news, again, that Marc Staal worked out Monday, pushed himself, according to AV, and got through it fine.

15) The Garden outdid itself with some scoreboard videos of Rangers players’ faces cutouts superimposed over the Chipmunks and singing Christmas songs in Chipmunk voices. Hope they put the videos up on their web site and/or on YouTube. Too good to not share with those who weren’t in the building … like the Dan/Joe Girardi video about the new alternate jerseys.

16) You guys who have been around know that I’m not a big conspiracy theorist in terms of the Rangers, the NHL and the officiating. But I’ve got to say, I am starting to understand why you might feel there’s a conspiracy after all the goal/no-goal and penalty-shot calls you’ve endured this season.

*************************************Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Rangers
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Cam Talbot.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Chris Kreider.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. J.T. Miller.

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  1. First? Merry Christmas carp! Thanks for your great reviews and keeping this crazy, confrontational, and flat out hilarious blog rolling. ..

  2. Merry Christmas, Carp….you’ve been delivering gifts all year…hope Santa remembers how good you’ve been! If I didn’t know better….I’d believe MZA is one of his elves…I’m just saying……

  3. Play should have been blown dead…but Boyle should have jumped Kadri for taking a swipe at Tabot….rather than attacking the goal post with his stick….ohhhh..that goal post won’t be messing with him anytime soon. Or maybe Kadri shouldn’t have been able to skate near the net…until u hear that whistle..you keep playing….am I wrong here?

  4. The whistle should have gone, you could see everyone freeze expecting the whistle after Cambot had the puck covered but Kadri should have been blocked off from getting close anyway.
    Nice to see the video review puppets (in Toronto, ahem!) make the right call and negate the goal though…..oh, wait a minute. Did anyone see if Bettman was watching the game and on his mobile phone at that point?

  5. My kids squrt hockey team was playing at the palisades mall on Saturday. Munson attempted to do the same thing Kadri did on the goal and one of their nine year olds dumped him on his aasen. I said that’s what NHL players do to adults. Apparently not.

    Much better last two games however, happy Christmas to all celebrants and happy holidays to everyone.

  6. Again, Kreider’s ability to possess the puck and win board battles has helped the Rangers sustain offense. Like Hagelin can with his incredible speed and ability to turn instantly, Kreider holds the pucks and fends off defenders with his size and skill. Kreider may well be a better set-up man than pure goal scorer himself. Also, his ability to track loose pucks down and compete for them has helped the Rangers sustain pressure when a shot goes wide (which is always) or if there is an errant pass. Nobody on the Rangers has been better at it.

    Nash’s compete level has been crap. He’ll try some ridiculous dangle, get stripped, fall down, and lay there. If he does get a shot, he’ll skate right past the net in some huge circle because it takes more effort to stop and look for his own rebound.

  7. Rob in Beantown on

    Somebody in the game thread took the conspiracy theory even further and suggested Toronto allowed the goal to create controversy and drama for 24/7. Usually I think those kind of conspiracy theories are silly, but that one sounds sadly plausible. A few years ago when the Rangers were on the show didn’t they have a camera crew at the war room in Toronto? Maybe we will be so blessed this year.

    I’m still not sure why the play was even reviewed in Toronto anyway. The puck clearly went in. The only question on the play was whether or not the referee intended to blow the play dead or not. Once it went to review it was a foregone conclusion because Toronto can’t read the referee’s mind, they can only review the video, which clearly showed the puck going in. Just a really bad call and a bad break for the Rangers.

  8. Torts would have destroyed the podium with his bare hands in the post game presser, and then ripped the yellow pages in half!

    Carp – merry x-mas! I hope you were finally able to pin you mother yesterday.

  9. Another embarassing moment for the NHL and a horrible call that could have playoff implications. Whats the sense of having video review from Toronto if they can’t get it right. Seems that they are more interested in protecting thier referees, several who are clearly incompetent, than getting the call right.

  10. Agree totally with #12–those Toronto announcers are good. We have the Center Ice package here in Rhode Island and are forced to suffer through many away feeds, but these guys are among the best we’ve had this season.

  11. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _And let’s face if, as good as the kid as been—and he’s been pretty spectacular—ya boys aren’t going anywhere if Lundqvist doesn’t figure it out._

    That is untrue. As has been established, any goalie can win a Stanley Cup.

  12. Carp
    Got your stars right & #12 is also spot on. I had the leafs feed, so much better than NY……sad.

  13. Stranger Nation on

    So a SO win vs. Pens away from a ‘winning’ home stand
    Love the Kreider to Miller connection – could be hearing that for some time
    McD gets a lot of deserved kudos but in a 1-1 game, what other D played well?

    Cam can, can’t he??

    Happy Holidays to all!!

  14. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Cameron Talbot, the new King. He has dethroned Hanka Hanka.

  15. Great review, Carp. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
    Agree with almost all of your points but am concerned about Staal coming back. IMO, he has not been the same all season and will certainly shy away from contact after this latest episode. I think that our defense has been much improved the last few games (exception: Islanders!!) and Moore and Del Zotto are effectively joining the rush and getting nice scoring chances. My boy #4 also has a mean edge to his game that Staal has lacked this year.
    Love MS but for his own sake they should carefully evaluate bringing him back. I do not see him being effective against those big, physical teams like Boston.

    Also agree with your assessment of HL. He MUST get it together for this team to go far. It is good that Talbot is pushing him.

    McD play on Kessel – World Class!!

  16. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Also agree with your assessment of HL. He MUST get it together for this team to go far._


    _It is good that Talbot is pushing him._

    It might not be good. It might be the kind of adversity that Hanka Hanka is unable to respond to.

  17. We are heading into uncharted waters re: Hank. Guess we have been spoiled for years with his steady play. Do you play him Friday or keep riding the Talbot train.

    If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

  18. Anybody see last nights Sharks/Avs game?

    Avs pull their goalie, and tie the game, then score the go-ahead goal. Then the Sharks pull their goalie and tie the game with 20 seconds left.

    The this amazing finish to a great game is ruined by the shootout, which was won by the Sharks.

    Shame it had to end like that.

  19. Going to the game with a big group on Fri. Cap fans don’t want Hank playing for one reason and Ranger fans don’t want him playing for another. Lol true

  20. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    If the Rangers didn’t have Cameron Talbot, they would, in all likelihood, be nowhere near a playoff spot 3 games prior to reaching their halfway point. Without Cameron Talbot, the Rangers would be going nowhere.

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Excellent review. Perhaps your finest this season. Hank needs to see a park avenue shrink and right soon. Furthermore, Tam should play until he loses 2 in a row. The kid is winning games and it’s the right thing to do. It’s not personal, Don Barzini, it’s business. But if Tam should get hit by a bolt of lightning, I’ll blame some of you on this blog….

  22. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    EEE, Tam should play until he performs Hanka Hanka-like in 2 consecutive games. Had he _lost_ the previous two games 1-0, he should still get the start on Friday.

  23. Rob in Beantown on

    I would play Hank after the long break but that’s just me. He owns the Caps and we need him to play his way out of this funk.

  24. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Always ride the hot goalie. Cameron presently gives the Rangers the better chance to win games.

  25. This is exactly what happened in Vancouver under AV. Luongo struggled for a few games, Schneider played well, we went with Schneider a decent amount more.

    I say keep riding Cam until he cools off. Just because Henke gets paid more doesn’t mean he deserves to play more right now.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Your better players should always see the ice. Tam has been, by a horses tooth, the far better player. Tam needs to play, Tam should play, Tam must play.

    During OT, Captain Dave Maloney, who is absolutely the best in the business, was exasperated that Kreider was glued to the bench while Gnasher was committing three turnovers.

    Given the head cases that Hank and Gnash have become, can you imagine any offspring they’d produce together? Talk about Rosemary’s baby….

  27. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on

    Manny! Carp!

    Merry Christmas eve to all the Boneheads who celebrate. My Festivus was wonderful, I aired my grievances…. and pinned my father. Ranges won 2 in a row, and we get some holiday cheer.

    Oh the referees last night were frightful,
    but getting the win was so delightful,
    so though it was a nonsense goal,
    I’ll let it go, let it go, let it go……

  28. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp! Two games in a row they deserved to win, and did. Talbot has been a godsend this year. And I’m sure Hank will figure this one out eventually. We may have one of the better 1-2 goalies in the league before and during the playoffs. Let’s see how that develops.
    Speaking of other development. JT Miller has shown that he is a much improved player this year. And that he is better suited to play his natural position at center. Which may make Sather’s decision at center much easier next year, if not much more interesting.

  29. I know it’s been mentioned here, but you truly don’t get the full effect of how lame that U2 song is at the start of the game until you’re there live. You’re all pumped up, and then that song starts, and you quickly become confused. Then mad.

  30. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Kreider was doing all the dirty work yesterday. He should not have been cemented to the bench in OT.

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Werd jonny – right on. Just because H$nk makes more shouldn’t even be part of the equation.

  32. Dead on on 7), Carp. Nash is coming along a little each game, getting to the net more. Not going anywhere without him.

    It’s just possible AV is getting his message across — that was some real sustained pressure hockey from the Rangers last night, sustained across multiple lines. Pouliot, Miller, even Stepan beginning to join in the program. The other three ex-Bluejackets making steady progress as well. Back-to-back strong games. Now the trick will be to play that responsibly in front of Lundqvist, whom one suspects may get another game at some point.

  33. *GAB* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Booby: That’s because *U2* sucks and the only good stuff they ever produced was re-written, directed and produced by *Brian Eno*

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – good point re: multiple lines…and 4 lines are seeing the ice. Now we need a blockbuster trade along the lines of Hank, Pyatt, and Nash for Sharp, Seabrook, Shaw, and Bickel

  36. I’m *really* starting to *come* around to the *never* sign a goalie to a *huge* contract idea (at least until you reward them for winning you a cup). Because it doesn’t work, *historically* and there really are a lot of *above* average goaltenders out there (meaning the bar has been raised and average is better than average used to be).

  37. I’m really not sure what they were reviewing since the ref didn’t intend to blow the whistle.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas Eve!

  38. Merry Christmas Eve, ‘heads! Celebrating with my wife’s family tonight, as my family doesn’t celebrate. My 17 month old gets to celebrate everything!

    I don’t bother you as much as I used to, even though I should. But let’s not forget during these holidays that there are some families out there in the world who aren’t as lucky as we are, and can’t afford to put simple food on the table, let alone celebrate Christmas. A child dues from hunger every 5 sec. Please give if you can. There are plenty of worthwhile charities out there that you can get involved with, either it’s everyday, or once in a while. Everything helps.

  39. @Manny

    Dude you just totally offended their super sensitive fanbase. Around the holidays no less. *Emotions*

  40. Good call, Ilb! Bother everyone as much as you want!

    It’s true, Booby. They are going to have a lot of anger in their stocking. They might even break out that dangly earring. But sensitive people are kind of *pathetic* and U2 fans are THE WORST as are the guys in U2 (who own the most elite and expensive hotel in Dublin, the gown owned by Guinness).

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – look no further than the goalie that played for the rangers last night. On another note, is there any doubt that the worst refereed sport in any team sport is the NHL. Maybe it’s the speed. The game is so fast. But what is the excuse when the play is slow or stopped? How was JT miller’s “kick” earlier this season not counted when every “kick” against the rangers does count. The zebras are a collective bunch of horrible…

  42. Everyone gets excited about a couple in a row. Those 2 teams last night are no where near competing for the Cup. Sorry for being a (realist) downer. Need a big trade, holes are gaping. Grit, at least one scorer, a banger on the blue line and so much more.

  43. I think Toronto was reviewing whether Talbot’s skates were sharpen properly in order to determine if Acacio Marques qualifies as an equipment manager for team Canada in Sochi.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m just going to leave this here:

    85.3 Puck Out of Sight – Should a scramble take place or a player accidentally fall on the puck and the puck be out of sight of the Referee, he shall immediately blow his whistle and stop the play. The puck shall then be faced-off at the nearest face-off spot in the zone where the play was stopped unless otherwise provided for in the rules.

  45. Radical thought of the day re. Lundqvist. It’s just possible he may recover his form, that he has not actually forgotten how to play goalie. That he’s not the first world-class athlete to encounter a slump.

    OK, just kidding. Brain fart. He does, in fact, suck at goalie and, more importantly, at life. He has joined the ranks of reprehensible human beings who have accepted large amounts of money from management. He used to just plain suck. Now that he’s filthy rich, he really, really sucks. I know this fan would prefer to see the owner and his guys hold on to more of the player-generated income and see less of it going to guys like Richards, Nash and Lundqvist. Management is what we pay to see when we hit the subways or turn on the TVs. What clever managing have they pulled off today, and how will we see that braininess made manifest on the ice? This business of paying the entertainers what “they’re worth” has to end!

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Werd up Ilb – As a bleeding liberal, I believe the poor and the hungry aren’t that way because they’re lazy. Mitt Romney – “these people feel they are entitled to eat…….”

    No politics

  47. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    *Werd up Ilb – As a bleeding liberal, I believe the poor and the hungry aren’t that way because they’re lazy. Mitt Romney – “these people feel they are entitled to eat…….”*

    No politics

  48. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    It’s possible that Hanka Hanka was *never* a world class goalie, instead only a very good goalie benefiting from defense-first systems and large goalie pads.

  49. That’s the point, Doodie. How does the referee NOT intend to blow the whistle there? More importantly, from what I saw he’s BRINGING THE WHISTLE TO HIS MOUTH and then points at the puck. So he apparently had the intent to stop the intent to blow ?

  50. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on

    So the ref has x-ray vision, and saw the puck was loose while being covered under Talbot’s pad?


  51. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    He appeared to be world class, but in reality is not.

  52. *Elf* is seriously creeping up there as one of the best Christmas movies of all time.

    Also great:

    Home Alone
    Nightmare Before Christmas

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – this ole cowboy has a lot of horse sense and I reckon that the rangers should ride the hot goalie the way ron turcott rode secretariat, no not brad Richards, the real secretariat. H$ank’s spurs don’t belong in the stirrups. Yee haw – giddy up….

  54. Good review, good game for Talbot. Glad to see the Rags pulling out a win against the odds, including the snowstorm from the Toronto booth and the zebras. There is no conspiracy, just remember because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you. Happy Holidays!

  55. Gold medal, Vezina, 30-win season streak… oops, just realized you were being sarcastic. Sorry.

  56. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny/doodie – maybe it wasn’t the whistle he was bringing to his mouth….know what I’m sayin?

  57. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Gold medal = team accomplishment
    30 win season streak = Shootout wins
    Vezina = Rinne deserved Vezina. Hanka Hanka benefited from team defense and blocked shots.

  58. Rob in Beantown on

    Nightmare Before Christmas suffers because I’m not really sure if it should be a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie and it winds up being both or neither. Also, Zooey Deschanel is really cute in Elf, which is an awesome movie too

  59. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Rinne deserved Vezina. Hanka Hanka benefited from team defense and blocked shots._

    Those were two separate remarks.

  60. You weren’t kidding? You’re actually trying to make a case that Lundqvist has not been world class?

    Well, this just in: you lose.

  61. Why can’t it be *both* Rob? Both holidays began as *Pagan* holidays before being co-opted by monotheistic religions to assist in converting the *heathens*

  62. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You are not following. He has had world class *regular season* statistics. The opinion is that he was made to look world class, but instead is just a very good goalie.

  63. Stranger Nation on

    Best way to determine who should play is to read their wikipedia page to see how good they have been.

    what they do on the ice means nothing

  64. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on

    Hmm…. So Kenneth, by your logic,

    Stanley Cup= team accomplishment. Thereby, A goalie should never win the Conn Smythe trophy as the MVP of the playoffs?

    As far as the Vezina goes, blocked shots and team defense aside, goalies still need to make saves, keep goals out and put up wins.

    2011-12 Hank- 39-18-5 .930 save% and 1.97 GAA 8 shutouts
    2011-12 Rinne- 43-18-8 .922 save% and 2.39 GAA 5 shutouts

    So i cannot accept your ‘Rinne deserved to win’ opinion, when the numbers don’t support it.

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Pagans were horrible marketers

    Revere nature, worship the female form, respect for all men – where is the pain and suffering in that??

  66. I’m following just fine. You’re trying to make an unsupportable case, and struggling to find evidence. No matter — he is absolutely having a bad year this year, and there’s no question that you ride Talbot until it doesn’t work. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Lundqvist, though.

  67. So bad, Stranger. The problem, I think, lies in the fact that *Pagans* just outright murdered or sacrificed possible converts. At least the *Christians* opt for the less harsh “Convert or Die” methodology. That helps spread religion.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    God, first politics, then religion. What’s next? Everyone’s wives and girlfriends? Maybe you can insult my dog.

  69. I can’t use that strategy, Stranger, because if I read *U2’s* Wikipedia page, I am told the are AMAZING.

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – agreed. Ride the Tam. I am not saying that Hank is ready for the glue factory quite yet. But *this season* H$nk is the 2nd best goaltender on his team, much less the world…..

  71. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on

    Hey, what’s the worst case scenario…. Talbot stays on fire, and we have an $8.5 mil a year backup?

    I keed, I keed.

  72. That scene in Home Alone where little Kevin drops the tarantula on Marv’s face…

    Marv lets out the greatest scream that has ever been recorded. It’s legendary.

  73. Hank trivia: name which goalie (who has played more than 500 games) that has a higher save percentage than Mr. Lundqvist.

  74. @KatieStrangESPN #NYR One last clarification on Kadri goal from last night: NHL’s Situation Room felt puck was loose under Talbot’s pad, hence ruling

  75. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Stanley Cup= team accomplishment. Thereby, A goalie should never win the Conn Smythe trophy as the MVP of the playoffs?_

    Stanley Cup is a team accomplishment. A goalie should win a Conn Smythe when he’s the best player in the playoffs throughout 4 playoff rounds, rising far above the rest of the competition.

    _As far as the Vezina goes, blocked shots and team defense aside, goalies still need to make saves, keep goals out and put up wins._

    Rinne played in the deeper and better Western Conference. Hanka Hanka played in the Leastern Conference without Sidney Crosby. Hanka had a .932 even strength save %, Rinne a .927.

  76. That was fun! Merry Christmas everyone. Will be celebrating with the local Chinese take-out place, as most Jews do on this day.

  77. Tukka *Rask* should have won the Conn *Smythe* despite losing to the *Blackhawks* Cory “Bag-of-Holes” Crawford getting the *Conn Smythe* really tarnishes the trophy.

  78. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    H$nk’s save % is heading sub 90 this season…..the Tam man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world go ’round

    No Sammy Davis JR.

  79. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The people here claiming Hanka Hanka is world class are the same ones that claim 3 time Stanley Cup Champion Martin Brodeur’s career was the product of the Devils trap system. I will make the same claim about Hanka Hanka. Only time will tell if I am correct. So far, so good.

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Katie strang >>>>>> “the situation room felt the puck was loose…”

    I’ll tell ya what’s loose, and it ain’t the puck…

  81. Hank trivia II: name which 2 goalies (who have played more than 500 games) that have a lower goals-against average than Mr. Lundqvist.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    “That scene in Home Alone where little Kevin drops the tarantula on Marv’s face…

    Marv lets out the greatest scream that has ever been recorded. It’s legendary.”

    Interesting footnote on that scene. The scream is dubbed in. He couldn’t scream while the tarantula was on his face because it would have scared the tarantula. So he has to act out the scream, in total silence, while a tarantula crawls on his face. Then, he has to go into a soundbooth and scream in terror, although, I’m sure recalling having a tarantula on your face would aid in that endeavor.

  83. Henke will bounce back, he just needs more help and trust from his teammates.

    As for people saying the Rangers have the best 1-2 in the league? Not even close. A lot of teams have 2 and sometimes even 3 solid goalies. LA has Quick, Scrivens (current league leader in SV%), and Martin Jones who just set the record for most consecutive wins to start a career. Anaheim has Hiller and Andersen, Boston has Rask and Dos Nueve, Avs have Giguere and Varlamov, Habs have Price and Budaj, Devils have Marty and Schneider, Sens have Lehber and Anderson…

    I should just keep going to and it with Luongo and Lack, but I’ll stop. Point is many teams have two solid goaltenders. Most of the previous cup finals winners had that as well. That’s why I was against paying Henke all that money. That being said, he’ll bounce back. You don’t play tha many consistent seasons and just drop off at 31. He’s probably been the best and most consistent goalie since he entered the league.

  84. “10) And Mats Zuccarello is simply their best forward now. He is.”

    What a year the guy is having! Wizardry.

  85. Carp, re #11 and Kreider. i dont understand why this coach isn’t asked by the writers and media covering the team to explain or comment on his non-use of Kreider, arguably the teams biggest weapon during the 4on 4 OT. WTF? Does the Coach want to win or is he more interested in punishing a kid and possibly the team for a silly accidental non-discretionary penalty call?

    Whether it’s becuase he ‘isnt trusted in those situations, or if it’s just one of those things’ it would be nice if the question was put to this coach like I believe it would have been put to Torts last year.

  86. Norm – GAA is a terrible stat to judge a goalie by. It’s completely based on the team in front of him. Save percentage is a much better stat if we’re going to discuss who has posted better stats.

  87. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on

    Rinne is Dutch for ‘second’.

    Hank had better numbers. Period. More shutouts, let in fewer goals (123 goals allowed by Hank, 166 goals allowed by Rinne),
    and carried the team to the #1 spot in the East.

    Rinne had a great season, no doubt.

  88. Rob in Beantown on

    Mitt Romney, had he been born in Darfur, would have lifted himself up by his *bootstraps* and been a successful private equity manager all the same.

    *Book it*

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – more Romney – “these people expect a job, they want handouts, they think they’re entitled to *breathe the air* ……”

  90. Cool *movie fact*, Doodie.

    Man. Mitt Romney should just *go* to Lesotho. For like 10 minutes.

    All praise the Hobbit Wizard for he is Lord of the Rink.

  91. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on

    Wins are a terrible stat to judge a goalie by. They only get a win when the team in front of them scores more goals than the goalie lets in.

    Therefor, goalie wins is a team stat.

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gift o gab – but that “team win stat” is higher when the Tam man plays…..

    Tam > H$nk : certainly so far the season

    Book it

  93. “GAA is a terrible stat to judge a goalie by.” Not a great stat, to be sure, but in conjunction with save %, not a terrible one. The idea, after all, is to stop goals from going in, and the goalie — uh — plays a part in that.

    And over time, we see the leaders: Hasek, Brodeur, Lundqvist.

  94. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Of course Hanka Hanka has a great career save %, given the *low quality of shots* he faced through his first 8 seasons in defense-first systems.

    *Quality of shots*

  95. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Goalie wins are a team stat. The team had to score enough goals for Hanka Hanka to be credited with all those victories in his 7 consecutive 30-win seasons.

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm, as I’ve said repeatedly, it’s a what have you done lately……And until Tam cracks a horseshoe, he should be in goal. The past is the past egg egg egg egg – well blow me down….

  97. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Can I please see your quality-of-shots stat, sir?_

    Ask the rest of these schmoes that claim Hanka Hanka has been penetrable this season because of the quality of shots against.

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t think Lundqvist is facing particularly tough shots this year. I think he’s just been bad. Lots of soft goals.

  99. No, you can’t wriggle off the hook with sophistry. You are the one claiming a low quality of shots over the course of Lundqvist’s career. Now back it up. I think it’s a ludicrous claim, and that you have painted yourself into a corner trying to make a great player look ordinary.

  100. What Doodie said is, in hindsight, correct. Hank has been outright bad this season. It can be highlighted by his horrendous play on the one-on-one whether during or after the actual hockey game. He’s been very, very beatable. Farther out in his crease than usual, moving early, etc.

  101. Awaiting moderation my foot!

    Norm, you’re not winning this one. Why? What if I told you that one of Kenneth’s multiple screen names in the past had something to do with king having no ring? Would that help?

  102. No question Lundqvist has been poor this season. I don’t think that means he has always been merely “very good” in the past. I think he has more or less carried this team on his back for a long time, until this year.

  103. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    That post was intended to poke fun at the *quality of shots* people.

  104. I dunno man, am I the only one who was under the impression Nashville also played a defense first system?

  105. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hanka Hanka trivia:

    How many goalies have a better save % and even strength save % than Hanka Hanka in the playoffs? (minimum 5 playoff series)

    How many starting goalies have won more Stanley Cups than Hanka Hanka?

  106. Rob in Beantown on

    One of his old screen names also claimed, during the Washington series, to have a *2 year old* special needs child who was a *Caps fan*, and so he was *rooting* for both teams

  107. “@KatieStrangESPN #NYR One last clarification on Kadri goal from last night: NHL’s Situation Room felt puck was loose under Talbot’s pad, hence ruling”

    What the HELL does that even mean? Guess what, Situation Room. The puck is loose in any goalie’s glove too because it isn’t byfuglein GLUED to the glove. What a bunch of clowns.

    Fun game to be at, though. Got to bug lots of TOR fans.

  108. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    As I stated, time will tell if Hanka Hanka was the product of the team defense and defense-first systems he played in the past 8 seasons. So far, so good.

  109. You make a strong point, ilb. I hereby cease and desist from any and all quixotic and pompous attempts to influence opinion. Plus it’s time to walk the dog.

  110. A 3 year old, Rob. Suffering from leukemia. And another family member stricken by deadly disease. This time- a victim of child sexual abuse. How low can a human being go? Makes me nauseous.

  111. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Who knew that *very good* is considered an insult to a player that’s never raised his game in the playoffs or won a Stanley Cup? (:

  112. Guys, come on here … does anyone want me to have a merry Christmas?

    it’s always THE KREIDER!


  113. Rob in Beantown on

    You’re right, ILB. I got some of the details wrong. Even more scummy that way, though. Whether the child exists or not, using it to justify your trolling a blog is pretty low

  114. Sather Must Go! on

    Cant help but think that point is going to matter for playoff contention… too bad Rangers saved all of the overtime games for their own conference instead of a few with West Coast teams – where that point makes no difference

  115. Oh yea! That’s the same guy that took “offense” to the term *Pidtophile* even though, by definition, it merely means one that is into Bill Pidto in a sexual touching type way.

  116. Two problemos I have with AV’s coaching last night:

    Kreider glued to bench in OT, presumably because he missed the glass on his clear.

    9 Minutes for Miller? Who is he, Arron Asham?

  117. Rob in Beantown on

    I wish it weren’t *11:30 AM*, because I’m on an Amtrak train and they have a surprising selection of Dogfish Head for their “microbrews” list

  118. I think the ref, with his whistle in his mouth, was disconcerted and more consciously concerned with his own safety; wanted to blow the whistle but was gulping air instead of blowing it.

  119. Carp you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize strings are being pulled and decisions are being made that aren’t honest, but drama might be the effect trying to be achieved, and in this case. well it worked.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist kinda guy, but I have to admit that when that play was allowed to continue, I was thinking about how this would all look on 24/7 had anything to do with it.

  121. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The conspiracies are nonsense. The ref did not blow the whistle although the whistle should have been blown. There is not anything more to it than that.

  122. Refs are very often TOO QUICK to blow the whistle on plays like that. Quite possible they are told to not be so quick. This guy went overboard. The NHL tries to sell action, not stoppages.

  123. Rob in Beantown on

    Re: the Katie Strange tweet about Toronto thinking the puck was loose.

    Not sure why that would even matter if the referee didn’t intend to blow the whistle. I wasn’t aware Toronto could “blow the whistle” for the referee if they thought it was dead. The tweet just makes me more confused

  124. Toronto will invariably come up with any excuse to validate their errors. It’s the human condition.

  125. I’m sure HBO is doing a good job with it, or not, but I’m just not compelled enough to watch it this year. Detroit and the Maple Leafs seem too vanilla to me.

  126. eddie eddie eddie on

    I’m redder in the face than Tom Coughlin was during that packer-giants OT playoff game 6 years ago….

  127. Kenneth nobody is conspiring the refs actions. That is quite obvious. It is the video review and decision afterwards which have people questioning. The ref looked like he was bringing the whistle up to his mouth around the time the puck went in. That would be intent in my book. Only they decided this time to not take that into consideration.

  128. Speaking of craft beers…

    Prior to Sunday’s game, I stopped at a place called Rattle n Hum on 33rd close to 5th. First time there. Fantastic selection of brews. About 40 on tap and another 70-80 in bottles. A ton of them rated at 98 or better. Very good food as well. Highly recommend for pre or post games.

  129. % first shots stopped is a pretty good marker. Don’t know where to find that stat but I recall reading somewhere HL has been great at that.

  130. The Kreider doesn’t play in OT.

    AV = clown

    Had The Kreider played in OT, the game would never had gone into the stupid shootout because THE Kreider would have scored.

    The end.

  131. hey in case i don’t make it back here… merry christmas carp! and happy holidays to all here that make this place the best!

    that contract to hank is gonna look real bad as each cam talbot win goes up on the board… love to see him play in pittsburgh next week… let’s see what our boy is made of

  132. I’m fine with AV = Clown. After that stupid goal call he should have done anything possible to get a *Fine* . Tort would have had to pull his kids out of *college* after that one.

    Did Vigneault make Christmas *optional* ?

  133. Starting to think Hank is giving up. he has the look as if he did his work and is slowing down. I hope not but that’s just what I see. Talbot although less reactionary has superior positioning and rebound control.

  134. The K, streaking down the left side, has a nasty slapper. Wish, though, that he’d cut inside to the net every third time or so, when the cut is available.

  135. Goaltenders are so accustomed to anticipating the deke or double deke on breakaways that they are stunned by MZA’s quick wrister. Bravo.

  136. Most disturbing thing about non-call to me is that they correctly decided to think about it, to review it, to try to get the call right. They knew it was questionable. But they appear to have fallen back on the bane of all replay calls — Was There Enough Evidence To Overturn The Call Made On The Ice? As though the ref’s call on the ice wasn’t made in the moment, hoping the trained instincts were working. Use the damn replay to get it right, not to satisfy some lawyerly itch to be consistent in procedure. Once you go to replay, who the hell cares what the original call was? Use it or don’t use it.

  137. So Hank gets 7 more years and 55 million and it’s OK if Cam Talbot establishes himself as the number 1 goalie?? Ya gotta figure out how to get him back to his old ways. Start him in Washington.

  138. MZA and MDZ have a cute little tap, jab fest as the last players off the ice after a win. Touching. Reaching out. Touching me. Touching you.

  139. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Toronto can’t overturn a call on the ice based on ref’s intent to blow the whistle. Try learning the rules. (:

  140. Speaking of which. This is my typical Christmas Eve deal. Early dinner at my wife’s business partner’s house. His Sicilian mom cooks that Seven Fish dinner every year. *Mean!* I’m usually ready to go to ER after that. Then, my house, with wife’s Spanish family and the Latin American, mostly Colombian, food. My Jewish family has no clue what they’re missing :-).

  141. funny stuff, ilb. We have to keep the world interesting. I don’t want to go to Ireland to hear American music or to Rome and have McDonald’s.

  142. Kristo called up yet? on

    First of All …. I would like to wish *EACH* and *EVERYONE* of you a very *MERRY CHRISTMAS*! From the frozen land of the Fighting Sioux!

  143. Kristo called up yet? on

    Great review Carp!

    It sure would be nice if you could interview the refs in the post game.

    That has to go down as worst *non whistle* I’ve seen in a long time, if not ever.

    The Rangers should be able to build a wall AROUND Talbot and CROSS check *ANYONE* that comes in late.

    I guess we should be happy for the 2pts, anything less would have left a salty taste over the Xmas break.

  144. Kristo called up yet? on

    Nice GOAL by MILLER!

    Truly one of the best games I’ve seen him play since his first game as a pro.

  145. Doodie Machetto on

    Merry Christmas to all the boneheads!

    ilb, I just wanted to especially wish you, Mrs. ilb, and ilbette a very Merry Christmas (even if your side doesn’t celebrate

  146. eddie eddie eddie on

    The album that has “streets with no name is really good”….I saw them that tour……excellent show…..Bono, i will point out tho, is no where as pretty as Duguay…

  147. I’m still in awe of McDonut’s two sweet defensive plays in successive games with speed from behind, even though he was erroneously given a penalty on the first one.

  148. Have a Siouxper Holiday Season on

    Coos – McDonuts *HAS* to be on team USA, after you watch him make plays that that.

  149. Have a Siouxper Holiday Season on

    3E – I’m not kidding that CD is on of the 6 loaded in my car right now :)

  150. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Maybe I’m reading into it, but Hank didn’t exactly sprint out to Talbot to pat him on the ass. Actually, he was last.

    Merry Christmas to Carp, and to all a good night.

  151. That’s why coos, you have to stay in NY, where Russian food is better than in Moscow, china and made in China goods outnumbers that in China, Latino women hotter than in any place south of Mexican border, Roman Catholics more saint than Pope himself and hockey tickets’ price higher than in Canada.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!
    Prosperity to all of you, to be able to share and help underprivileged. Take care of yourself to be able to take care of others.

  152. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Retire Brad Park’s #2,
    It is safe to say that Hanka Hanka is not thrilled with the success of Cameron Talbot. Hanka Hanka was responsible for the firing of Tortorella, so he is not exactly a team player.

  153. yeah, the backup is almost always last to the pile, Retire. Goes through the door with all the equipment, instead of leaping over the wall.

  154. I think the credibility of the refs is what the league is too sensitive about. They become lawyers about he rules and redefine/bend the obvious truth of the situation. As always there are some tough calls to make, but there should be zero confusion after video review by anyone.

  155. Carp again with the voice of reason and logic, fouling up untenable rants. (I rant, too. Not exempting myself) :)

  156. Is there any evidence Hank is the one who got Tortorella canned? Or is it speculation? If so, does the lack of urgency/effort evident in front of him every night indicate that he’s not popular among his teammates?

  157. I have the feeling that WAR ADMIRAL had a voice in Torts’ demise. Why, I can’t imagine, because Torts went above and beyond in his defense.

  158. Hagerstown MD. Rangers fan on

    Merry Christmas everyone. Carp I was just wondering since the MSG guys talk an awful lot about concussed players and the seriousness of concussions, is there any news at all about Sauer? They never mention him it’s like he slipped into the twilight zone. I hope he is not finished but I get the feeling he is.

  159. Jeff I’ve had the same thought. The defensive game is much better when Talbot plays. although it might be a bad habit of leaning on Hank to much, but it could be something else.

  160. @GeorgeSipple Wings GM Ken Holland just told me Jonathan Ericsson is out 3-5 weeks with fractured ribs.

  161. Batten down the hatches, I’m about to crack open a fresh bottle of Tulllamore Dew. Xmas on Hump Day = lots of time to recover!

  162. That’s really a shame about Sauer. He was a good tough defensemen that never backed down from a fight.

  163. wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  164. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  165. Wooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  166. Just out of curiosity when’s the last time Lundqvist started less than 30 games by Xmas? Definitely an off year but putting a guy used to playing on the bench can’t help much

  167. eddie eddie eddie on

    It’s best for the rangers that H$nk stays on the bench…what’s best for him, isn’t what’s best for the team…

  168. Merry Xmas Carp and fam. I want some opinions. Scenario- you have the chance to remove 5 players from this team for next season. Who’s on your list?

  169. “Try learning the rules.” Arch little zinger there, Kenneth, but try reading what I actually wrote so you can choose a better one. Sounds like you have the lawyerly itch I’m talking about. Rules Are Rules is one concept. Get It Right is another.

  170. Am I turning those guys for a profit? If yes then the following players would bring worthwhile returns (and I hate Stralman):


    If not for a profit and just because I hate them:


    But seriously…

    Dom. Moore
    Brad Richards

  171. eddie eddie eddie on

    norm – grammatically speaking – something not right about “rules are rules are one concept”???…but my gig isnt the written language

  172. Manny wrote,

    “If not for a profit and just because I hate them:



  173. have a merry Christmas to everyone here who celebrates it. And to everyone else have a great day anyway :)

  174. Tentative White Christmas snow angel competition 33rd St. $79 standing room only tickets behind traffic horses.

  175. I played a Softball game in this *Temple* softball league and one huge *fat guy* had a designated runner and I was the only person to complain. Then he said he would run for himself. It was awesome. He somehow got to *3rd base* with 1 out. Then I threw him out from Center Field. The whole time I was screaming “RUN ON ME YOU FAT [byfuglien]”

    I was not invited back to the game the following year.

  176. “Tomorrow, Christians all over the globe will celebrate Christmas, or as Jews call it, Wednesday.” – Altered Kevin Nealon Joke

  177. eddie eddie eddie on

    salmon (minus JoeM) burgers with tomatos and brown mustard is our lunch this glorious day….

  178. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Cease being a Sauerpuss. Hanka Hanka Burnin’ Love.

  179. @ *IJasonAlexander* My friends, a very merry Festivus to you all. May your pole stand straight, your feat be strong and your grievances few.

  180. I also slid into 2nd base during that *Temple* softball game and tore up my knee because the field had some *horrible* gravel like surface.

  181. Like Newman, but way fatter. This guy has actually sat on a chair and had it break underneath him. Multiple times.

  182. Dave Maloney has commented on how cold it is in his box. If heat rises, why is the lower level ice so unfrozen, splintery and melty? I don’t want to hear that it’s impossible to have good ice at 5 level. We landed on the moon 45 years ago. Let the Knicks play a game on bad wood and Dolan would have it ripped up and replaced overnight.

  183. Well, I have to go to the gym to try a new weight lifting strategy. Probably won’t help at all since I will have to use the 8lb weights or something ridiculous like that.

  184. If you’re on Twitter you should follow this HYSTERICAL ECHL team:

    @Condors All we want for Christmas isssssss … 6,000 followers! Please? #OilCountry #Condorstown

  185. “He had trouble settling the puck, Joe.” How many hundreds of times have we heard Sam say that?

  186. Mama wants to take an exotic holiday in 2014. I suggested a trip to the Orient, told her I’ve been brushing up on the language with my good friends from my hockey brog. She’s not the reast bit impressed.

  187. AV to Maria: “Uh, my two daughters are coming in for Xmas. Pretend that you’re the maid.”

  188. Mista Edrie. Mama bear very rovery rady. She out of my reague. I rucky ferra. she cook too! Chopchop!

  189. e3 to struggling student: “You are going to have to start taking things more seriously.”

    Student: “What about YOU?”

    eddie: “I’m different.”

  190. eddie eddie eddie on

    in one class, i had a rap off with two other students…..

    finished with a boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  191. Wife so not good wit creening. Sorution? ….I find sweet rovery rady cream for me. She from Ritsurania. Speak rike man. Rook rike rady gaga. Sweet.

  192. eddie eddie eddie on

    o hoe ree night, the stars are bright ree shining. this is the year of dear savior birth. wrong may he in sent a meant terr pining

  193. eddie eddie eddie on

    we have creening pee purr too….they make house rook rike weary creen….i re-rax and take easy

  194. MZA can get away with murder because any thug who punched him would be humiliated out of the league.

  195. eddie eddie eddie on

    jimmy’s johnson never liked cold weather games…his teams tended to shrink when it mattered most

  196. Marty’s Lament

    Many, many years ago when I was twenty-three
    I was married to a widow who was pretty as could be
    This widow had a grown-up daughter who had hair of fiery red
    My father fell in love with her and soon they too were wed

    This made my dad my son-in-law and really changed my life
    For now my daughter was my mother, ’cause she was my father’s wife
    And to complicate the matter, even though it brought me joy
    I soon became the father of a bouncing baby boy

    My little baby then became a brother-in-law to dad
    And so became my uncle, though it made me very sad
    For if he were my uncle, then that also made him brother
    Of the widow’s grownup daughter, who was of course my step-mother

    Father’s wife then had a son who kept them on the run
    And he became my grandchild, for he was my daughter’s son
    My wife is now my mother’s mother and it makes me blue
    Because although she is my wife, she’s my grandmother too

    Now if my wife is my grandmother, then I’m her grandchild
    And every time I think of it, it nearly drives me wild
    ‘Cause now I have become the strangest ‘case you ever saw
    As husband of my grandmother, I’m my own grandpa

  197. eddie eddie eddie on

    Marty – “hi, come on in…this is my wife, her sister, and these are my kids and nieces and nephews”

    guest – “which are your kids?”

    marty – “yes”

  198. twas the night before Xmas and all through the rock. Marty’s belly was stirring while his sister in law ice his…gingerbread house..

  199. eddie eddie eddie on

    Marty – “i love your sister”

    marty’s wife – “of course you so….so do I”

    marty – “no, i mean, I really love her”

  200. eddie eddie eddie on

    marty’s wife – “my sister is coming for dinner”

    marty – “you have no idea”

  201. “Oh, what a lovely French Poodle. Who does it belong to?”

    Marty: “It’s a long story.”

  202. Got a bit put off by the Church some years ago when a wealthy and semi-famous associate at the time with two kids and on his third wedding, bought himself dispensations and was married in St. Pat’s cathedral.

  203. eddie eddie eddie on

    money…..that’s what i want…..it cant but everything, that’s true….but what it can’t buy, i cant use…..just give me money…

  204. ‘It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven.’

    Prove it. I think they bring Traveler’s checks.

  205. eddie eddie eddie on

    kooz – there are far more egregious things the church is guilty of….know what I’m sayin?

  206. eddie eddie eddie on

    The New Yorker has unearthed a short story by Zelda Fitzgerald…..it’s crazy good i hear…

  207. I half heartedly mentioned earlier this season I thought Kreider may be a fit at center. I don’t feel halfhearted anymore. I think he would thrive as a center. he sees the ice really well. his hockey sense, and instincts are a lot better that I thought, and he is a real good passer. add his size, speed, and shot, and I think you have the makings of a big time center,

  208. Hagerstown MD. Rangers fan on

    thanks for the info Carp. Very sad, the kid had some talent and some snarl to his game. I hope he is grounded enough to not let this damage his life.

  209. Bull, regarding Krieder, I think you may be on to something and that’d work out well because the way I see it there are like 3 centers that this team is better off without after this season.

  210. I thought Sauer wasnt part of the Rangers organization anymore since his contract was up last summer.

  211. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Talbot save percentage .938 3rd in the league
    Hank save percentage .905 36th in the league

    Do the math

  212. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Tam man can, and should, cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good…

  213. Since Bartolo Colon signed…what’s it like not being the fattest athlete in metro NYC sports? #askbrodeur

  214. Since Bartolo Colon signed, what’s it like being the fattest Aryan in the Tri-State area? #AskBrodeur

  215. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s not that Marty is fat….it’s just that he is extremely far from being thin…

  216. Merry Christmas, everybody.

    What I appreciate most about this site is the “warped” and clever sense of humor demonstrated by so many, as we all try to come to grips with the overall ineptitude of this organization and certain, high-profile players, and persevere through it.

    Keep the faith for 2014, somehow it will all work out for the best.

  217. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Those poor poor krakatoans!!

    U2 is good!!

    We are NOT still talking about politics and how the worst president in history is still currently in office are we??


  218. eddie eddie eddie on

    wicky – given that it’s opposite day politically, your 6:03 makes perfect sense………..but your 6:04 is especially spot on…..

  219. I will be in church through midnight in my role as a baritone. Long program, long practice beforehand. I will be thinking about the Rangers while not singing — nothing better than dreaming up line combos during the boring bits, of which there are so very many.

  220. Bull dog I like the Kreider as much as the next guy buuuuut, talking about his hockey sense is a bit of a stretch.

  221. Sure looked like his hockey sense was working on the play he made behind the net on the Rangers only goal last night.

  222. Normie’s got a lot going on, for sure. He may have perfect pitch, but I doubt he’s ever pitched a perfect note.

  223. Normie dreams up line combos during lulls in Handel’s Messiah. Hope he doesn’t dream of Pachelbel’s Canon.

  224. When a kid, I caddied at a local CC. A regular was the Chief of Police. The club he did the most damage with was attached to his ankle.

    “You didn’t see that, right kid?”

    “See what, Chief?”

    “Don’t forget to give me a call if you’re ever in trouble, Kid”

    With the lousy tip he was known by, i almost said. “Thanks Chief, Is a collect call okay?”

  225. 30 minutes into midnight Mass Normie breaks into an solo acapella rendition of Mustang Sally. Oops.

  226. Tomorrow, Normie posts: “Upon perusing last evening’s thread, I couldn’t help but notice the plethora of puerile….”

  227. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    I am, needless to say, joyful of the last two outcomes. I hope many of you learned the power of positive energy and cheering. Cheer cheer cheer!!! Never boo boo boo!! Ever!! Cheer!

    We are rangers fans!
    We couldn’t be prouder!
    And if you can’t hear us!
    We’ll shout a little louder!

    That was Za’rat’s (which would be me) Christmas/Holiday gift to my fellow posters.

    And keep those POZY hats on!! Positive! Yay team!

  228. Richie: ‘Can I be on the factotum pole?

    WoodCarver: “I can’t do teeth that good. Grow your nose.”

  229. Normie’s the brightest contributor on the blog…..Heck. He knows it and his horse knows it.


  230. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    If you are talking about the biblical “Moses” than that’s great positive thoughts! You DID put in your pozy hat! Good for you!


  231. Norm: ‘Hey Nineteen,
    No we can’t prance together
    No we can’t canter at all.
    Please take me along
    When you slide on down.’

  232. Coductor: ‘This is the part of Handel that makes me cry.’

    Norm: ‘wait, let me turn on my Aqua Duct.’

  233. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – either Abraham or brutha Moses lived some serious years….my biblical brutha

  234. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – it’s online

    Did you see that New Yorker article ….they found a novel by Zelda written in 1918…

  235. Torts’ father to mother: “Little bastid in the car seat just told me to shut up and drive.”

  236. No. Saw you mention that before. Zelda, in her developing dementia thought she was a better writer than Scott. Never heard of her writing anything before she met him. You know she ended up in a mental asylum and was killed there in a fire?

  237. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “turn that ******* radio off. I hate all this ******* Christmas ******* music”

    Driver – “shut the **** up you ******* little ******* elf”

  238. Eddie Eddie Eddie on


    She wrote this as a high school senior….interesting, it’s about a southern belle that is afraid of being a lonely heart….marries a wealthy older man…quite prophetic…

  239. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We’ve discussed this before, but “Tender is the Night” somewhat autobiographical… One of the worst books I ever started…..never finished it – terrible….

  240. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    Woo Woo Woo Woo!!!!

    This is the positive police siren! I hear negative talk! Come on guys! Let’s all put on our pozy hats! Everyone! The rangers will keep winning if we do this!

  241. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We’re watching a replay of the ranger-leaves game on nhl channel…rangers winning 1-0 late in the 3rd….

  242. Right, e, almost everything Fitzgerald wrote was autobiographically inspired. He didn’t have a great imagination, but had a truly great editor, Max Perkins. Zelda, knowing Scott wrote mostly of their relationship, thought she, too, should be a famous writer. And I had the same experience with ‘Tender is the Night.’

  243. eddie, check out that ref’s moves on the Leaf goal. I thought he might be worried about being hit, fouling up his timing.

  244. I don’t think Scott had any dough. Zelda’s father, though, was a respected MD with a large house. Seemed like a move “up” for Scott at that time.

  245. She was surrounded by young officers who found her charming. No one noticed, I guess, that she had a screw loose somewhere.

  246. First guy takes two whacks, then the next guy whacks. Stralman, angeling, as I remember, and the ref in la la land. Would have been interesting what the league would say if Cam came out of that with two broken fingers.

  247. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    Hey coostzy (see what it did there)

    That’s not positive!

    How about you could say “Falk tried really hard, but didn’t have the luck he deserved last night. He will score a goal next game!”

    Make it positive!

    Remember guys! POZY hats!

  248. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I will follow you, if you allow me to lead. Cromulent. Lead us to *freedom*.

  249. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    Thank you Kenneth! You will be first in line when I turn over leadership! It’s not an easy task. However, if I can find a consistent leader, I will move on to other Ranger blogs and get the positive power going!

    We will win! We will win! We will win!

    Kenneth! Do you have your POZY hat on, on game days? Make sure you keep the flame lit in my absence!

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