It’s Go Time! … Maple Leaves at Rangers


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Game 38.leafs
Maple Leaves at Rangers.


Happy Festivus!

The Rangers close out their franchise-record nine-game homestand tonight, and they do it coming off their best game of the homestand, and in a while, last night against Minnesota.

The Rangers are 2-4-2 on the homestand, and 3-4-2 would feel a lot better going into the Christmas break than 2-5-2. After the break the Rangers hit the road for five straight.

So Henrik Lundqvist gets a nice break to clear his head and work on a few things, as Cam Talbot gets a second start in two nights after a very solid performance Sunday.

Marc Staal (concussion) skated again this moring, and coach Alain Vigneault said Staal really pushed himself and came through it well, at least initially. Ryan Callahan (knee) remains out.

The Rangers are expected to use the same lineup, which means Taylor Pyatt will be prucha’d.

Toronto comes in with losses in six of its last eight, and ex-Ranger Colton Orr could return from an elbow injury and be in the lineup, as well as defenseman Paul Ranger (no relation).

By the time the Rangers get back from their upcoming trip the first half of the season will be over. Does time fly, or what?


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  1. Rangers get bumped from MSG for the Knicks, so we get stuck with a non-HD feed of the game? Optimum stinks.

  2. Elaine Benes? I bet you meet a lot of men. You know who’s a man? Me. I’m a man. You know who else is a man? Charley here. He’s a man.

    I’m a man.

  3. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Mister D,
    I am delighted to learn that you are feeling well this holiday season.

  4. …I change channels, come back to MSG 2, and the feed is switched to HD all of a sudden. Either someone’s messing with me, or I’m going crazy. I’m taking it as a good omen for tonight!

  5. Jeff in South Dakota on

    H&H wouldn’t let us use their bath room while we were picketing. It put a cramp on our solidarity.

  6. imbecilic Clarkson “loves” Rangers from his Debbies time. Expect a lot of “”shanahans from him tonight. Hate him already.

  7. backup goalie, 2nd game of back-to-backs, struggling at home……

    Toronto is licking their chops…………

    Little do they know…

  8. I hope the K did vote for himself. That’s the kind of confidence that can put you over the top!

  9. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Toronto leads the league in hits. *Toughness* not doing a whole lot to facilitate success for the Leafs.

  10. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    That is the most defense Staal will be playing for a long while.

  11. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Talbot with the breakaway save. Have your popcorn nearby, Talbot is putting on a show.

  12. Although it really is pretty much 50-50 on breakaways. I’m not going to kill Hank for giving those goals up the other game

  13. Thinking clear is overrated these days, ain’t it?

    Man, what a back and forth game. Not sure that’s such a good thing though

  14. _2 offensively flawed teams (with overrated coaches) playing little to no defense. Fun!_

    yeah… i wish the real coach (Torts) was here.

    [sad face]

  15. Maloney: “The game has caught up with Brad Richards!” Wow! Tell it like it is, Davey. Do SalmonJoe agree?

  16. eddie eddie eddie on

    kooz – Maloney also said that there isnt enough rope in the western hemisphere for richards to use as floss….

  17. Dave really stepped out with that one, and he didn’t stop there. Did you hear any of that, e?

  18. eddie eddie eddie on

    toronto radio guys saying that the leaves dont want to get into a shot-fest with the rangers WTF?

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    toronto radio – “its going to take some time to get the old atmosphere at the garden back”

  20. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The Rangers are *inspired* by Talbot’s *excellent* goaltending.

  21. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Tam, Tam, Tam, if you keep winning, Hanka is going to give you a body slam.

  22. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Every coach would rather have Boyle over Zuccarello. (;

  23. Colton Orr is still in the NHL…amazing.

    His *toughness* really propelled the Leaves to another level! All the *cups* they won and stuff…

  24. eddie eddie eddie on

    Maloney “Kenny, anger management is working for me….medication is working for me”

  25. Phaneuff tells Kreider “stay away from me or you’ll end up like Sauer, and
    D your teammates won’t do anything about it.”

  26. [Claimer: to anyone new to this blog who might be confused by the constant references to horses and things horse, they are jokes. Brad Richards, Rangers alternate captain and points leader, recently was given a contract that was too large but he signed it anyway; add to that he has somewhat of a pronounced overbite. Resident comedians such as ‘cooscoos’ and ‘Eddie Eddie Eddie’ have linked salary envy to big teeth, and they are mining a rich vein of comparative humor which shows no sign of abating. The funniest repetition by far is the bon mot: “Wilbur”, a reference to a 60s show featuring a similarly overpaid star with large teeth, a certain Mr. Eddie who, while fictional, like Richards could speak English. Wilbur was the owner of said horse, who often brandished his big teeth, and while Richards’ are not as big, it’s funny to say they are because it’s an ironic sort of exaggeration and a reference to an obscure comedy at the same time. Expect it to continue, and it’s good manners to respond in kind.]

  27. Um, no law enforcement people in attendance? Does TroutWig have to register with the authorities if he moves?

  28. It’s so funny. Those of you whom I haven’t met, I sometimes think you look like your avatars. Hence I really enjoy Norm. And Fat Guy. And coos and NYR.

  29. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Talbot is splendid. This performance is highway robbery. Where is Talbot’s getaway car?

  30. Odd game. So much Rangers domination, but Leaves look more dangerous on their more occasional attacks.

  31. This is a bunch if good games in a row for Pouliot. Miller seems to have woken up Kreider

    Still hate this style of play. Hate it

  32. first off, happy festivus and merry christmas carp!! merry christmas and happy haunaka, quanzica and ramadon to everyone else who is non christian!! have a good time no matter what. anyway, i was just thinking about our coach, and the goalie controversy he had in vancouver. it looks like he brought it with him to ny. anyone else kinda find that a tad interesting? im lovin talbot no question, but after all these years of hank being our saviour and backbone, soon as torts leaves, hes not good anymore? anyone else think its the coach? maybe? just putting this out there for discussion

  33. That’s silly move.Had time and space. Can cross out everything good done before…by Kreider and the team.

  34. either way, lets go rangers!! eff everyone else, yea olga eff chicago bro. sorry but i dont care what chicago is doing. u know i love ya man, but dont wake the “GREG” ok? i dont need that guy going ape-snot crazy up in here. u feel me dawg? ;)

  35. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Talbot stopped the puck. The referees never blew the whistle.

  36. If it’s up to the ref and his discretion as to whether he was intending to blow the whistle, what’s the point in getting this reviewed in Toronto?

  37. Ref was reaching for his whistle as it was pushed in, behind the net on that one replay. But it’s going to be good

  38. Hell of a way for Toronto to tie a game they’re on the short side of. Whacking the pad after the whistle (after what should have been the whistle).

  39. Olga Folkyerself on

    Eddie even if you could trade the whole team and get the Black Hawks and Rangers to just change jerseys, Sather would screw it up somehow.

  40. torts would be livid…canadiam annoumcer said lots of flack from ranger bench…not really

  41. You can see the ref CLEARLY bring his hand up to blow the whistle…and then doesn’t. Then points and indicated it’s a good goal. I don’t get it. If that’s not intent, I don’t know what is.

  42. now that clown clarkson talking smack to ranger bench….say what yiu will but we used to ha e guys that would answer

  43. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Cameron Talbot with the shutout. Third shutout of his brief career. Rangers win!

  44. I mean. I don’t normally complain. I know that every review goes against us. But how long does Talbot have to hang onto the puck before there is intent to blow the whistle!?

  45. That’s garbage. But really, how many games can you win scoring one goal? This is a non-issue if this team can put a measly 2 goals in the back of net in 60 minutes of hockey. Should have been an easy task given that TOR looks like they’ve been skating through molasses.

    This would be a great time for Nash to do something other than cough it up in the neutral zone.

  46. Rob in Beantown on

    Callyman, I don’t understand why Toronto even reviewed it either, if the only thing that matters is referee intent

  47. Rangers ABSOLUTELY deserve a WIN and Talbot deserves a shutout. Kadry deserves a penalty. Referees deserve disqualification. Fans ….

  48. Puck kicked into net counts. Phantom hook turns into penalty shot. Covered puck turns into goal. The officiating has been as bas as the Rangers this homestand.

  49. Exactly, Rob. It wasn’t a question of whether the puck went in or not, it was intent to blow the whistle. Does TOronto know what the ref was thinking?

  50. Toronto can’t call intent. Only the ref can. Once it goes to Toronto it’s just a matter of whether the whistle blew. That’s how I understand it.

  51. Hate that we didn’t finish this off in regulation or OT, but very curious to see Talbot in the shootout.

  52. Richards strategy: float back on D and then you’re position if there’s a turnover in the neutral zone.

  53. AV is an idiot. Doesn’t want to win. 3 shifts Nash and Richards in OT. ZERO KREIDER.

    Lets play to lose.

  54. Why was the ref on other side of net before he got anywhere near the talbot and puck.

    Nash and del zaster for future considerations. Free up money. 2 losers

  55. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _We really have to lose DZ…Not just useless, but hurt team chances_

    Worst kind of player. DZ is a detriment to team. Boyle does very little, but is not detrimental to team.

  56. Del Zotto is not helping his trade value by being unable to handle 3/4 offensive zone passes in OT.

  57. That’s ridiculous if he did. 4 on 4 OT. Play him bench him first shift of his next game. Get an effing win. Nash coughed the puck up 5 times in OT.

  58. Agreed Papa. Sending messages at this point is kinda useless. Go with what will help the team win. Good thing Torts never did that kind of thing (s)

  59. If AV blames Kreider for the goal against, he’s a bigger idiot than O give him credit for. Stralman Snow Angel caused that goal.

  60. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    CAMERON TALBOT! Winner! Talbot gets the next start! Stellar. Exquisite. Are there enough adjectives to describe the Great Cameron Talbot?

  61. whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    oh man nash! wtf? thank u talbot!! the new number 1…for now

  62. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    1 goal total in two games for Cameron Talbot. Magisterial.

  63. attaboy cam – deserved the win

    ive officially given in – nash appears to have become a bust..hope he breaks out..was ok last year before playoffs but im thi king he is just useless now

    carp, have you heard whether nyr suita have looked into trading him? or is his contract like all contracts for superstars just makes h untradeable?

  64. Watch us miss playoffs buy a pt because of extra shootout win or tie wild card vs leafs.

    That said I hope Nash Christmas is awful

  65. The play and pass Kreider made on the Miller goal was world class.

    Lets bench him in OT so we can get Nash and Richards on for 3 shifts.

    AV is brutal.

    Fire the Bum.

  66. You see on the replay Clarkson take a few whacks at the puck then he sees it under Talbot’s pad and he lets up, anticipating the whistle. Give Kadri credit for playing to the whistle. I wonder how many times the replay room in Toronto asked “Are you sure you didn’t intend to the whistle? Because you’re going to look real bad on this one.”

  67. Best coordination / synchronicity between the forwards and DMen of the year.

    Played as a unit of 5 in all three zones.

  68. How can we complain about officiating when our hometown writers give 1 star to the enemy and 1 star to Stepan?

  69. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    3 shutouts in the brief career of Cameron Talbot. Magisterial.

  70. Resume: Rangers played a very good strong game with heart and gusto. Deserved a win. Period.
    Switching to Chicago. My hatred to Debbies matches my love for Rangers. Enjoying their fall.
    Besides, objectively Hawks is a really fascinating team.
    5:2 !!!

  71. AV glued Kreider to the bench in OT because he was piqued at the penalty he created. Not good coaching, as we could have certainly used The K in OT.

  72. Wonder what would be the ramifications if Cam ended up with three broken fingers on all those “legal” whacks.

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If AV can forgive Nash’s give aways, and Richards passionless play, he surely should forgive Kreider..,.who made the play to get miller his goal…

  74. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Maloney: _Favorite part of the game is the Rangers using their speed_

  75. For two years I’m watching them trot the totally one-dimensional Richards out there for large minutes.

  76. would the brilliant Ulfie please explain to this entire D how to clear the crease or at least take the man?

  77. When you take Donuts for granted, you end up with a large hole in the center of your theories and your breakfast.

  78. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Tam deserves to keep playing. $8,000,000 goalie my assen_

    *Tam deserves to keep playing. $8,000,000 goalie my assen*

  79. The most hilarious and ongoing travesty is #19 “forechecking” to absolutely no avail, then leisurely trailing the play all the way down ice to outside of the defensive blue line where he hopes for a quick transition so he doesn’t have to enter.

  80. Hey #19
    No we got nothing in common
    No we can’t dance together
    Please take me along
    When you slide on down

  81. AV: “Hey, 19, when in hell are you going to start playing hockey?”

    Richie: “The big boss told me don’t get hurt.”

  82. Big boss man, can’t you hear me when I call?
    Big boss man, can’t you hear me when I call?
    You ain’t so big, you just tall, that’s just about all.

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