It’s Go Time! … Penguins at Rangers


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Game 35.penguins
Penguins at Rangers.


Ya boys come in on a one-game winning streak, albeit a win in one of those gimmicky things they sometimes hold after the hockey portion of the evening is over. They are 1-3-1 on the nine-game homestand so far.

Dylan McIlrath comes out of the lineup tonight as Alain Vigneault goes back to the more standard 12 forwards, six defensemen lineup. Arron Asham, the ex-Penguin (and ex-pretty-much everything) replaced McIlrath in the lineup. Taylor Pyatt is prucha’d with McIlrath.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal again, his 538th game, tying Eddie Giacomin for third on the franchise list. Marc Staal (concussion) and Ryan Callahan (knee) remain out indefinitely.

A nice side story is Rangers assistant Ulf Samuelsson, a former Ranger and former Penguin, coaching against his son Philip, who made his NHL debut for Pittsburgh last night.

The Penguins come in on a four-game winning streak, and with nine wins in their last 10 games. But they are missing some key players. Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, Brooks Orpik, Paul Martin, Rob Scuderi, Tomas Vokoun, Beau Bennett and Tanner Glass (all injured) plus James Neal and Deryk Engelland (both suspended),  are missing tonight.

Have no fear, though, because Sidney Crosby is playing, which means the usual NBC Sports love-fest, plus all the rivalry-night b.s. going back to Adam Graves and Mario Lemieux, etc., and John Tortorella calling the Penguins an arrogant organization.  Again.


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  1. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Edzo speaking out of both sides of his mouth …first “stop blaming Bettman and Shanahan,,,” then one minute later “maybe shanny needs longer suspensions” re: on ice problems/concussions…

  2. SeeeDubbb
    If McD can do his thing and shut down Cindy, we have a shot. Injuries and suspensions have the Pens pretty picked over.

    December 18th, 2013 at 7:37 PM

    …. Of course that means there is probably four first time in MSG players on their team tonight so we’re going to need a few gifts from Fleury.

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    LETS GO!!!

    LETS GO!!!!


  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LETS gog gog gog og gog goog!!!



    Big GAME!!!! HUGEEEEE!!!!

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  7. Pumped up by the sight of (one of) his old teams, Arron Asham comes out of the gate with his tail on fire, playing like a man possessed, and records a Gordie Howe trick en route to a 4-0 shellacking of the Pens. Book it.

  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go

    Take me down to junior’s farm…..everybody tag along…

  9. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Crosby sucking on a puck…..I always wondered how he got those lips…..nice 70’s porn stache too….

  10. fore-arm shiver me timbers that hulking mass of a man brian boyle just squibbed his stick into marty’s paraphernalia and kept pitchforking it into his five hole with THE SHOTTTTT

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    IN DA HOUWWWSEEE baby!!!!

    YEAHHHH Penguin clubbing TONIGHT!!!!!!


  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on





  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBY!!!! We got this!!!!!


  14. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    E3. I get what you say, but Eddie-O is right that these hits have to stop. And I give him credit for having the balls to say it on national tv. No question the hit on Getzlaf was unnecessary. Same for the Engelland hit. And right after the Orphik and Thornton mess? It’s pointless.

    These guys should play hard and sure, check each other, but lower it. No reason for all the high hits. Disrespectful.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    PUMPED UP CARP , HELL YEAH!!!!! Ive been away from the internet but I never misss a game!!!!!

    LETS gog og og og gog gggogoo!!!!

  16. i hear ya greg. im pumped as u are just a little bit worried that we dont take their depleted lineup for granted and stop putting so much pressure on themselves that they actually play worse because of it.

  17. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Hard to believe Mario allowed he Engellend suspension. He’s gotta be calling Buttman hourly complaining.

    “Oh, Gary, it’s too much already. Being soooooo unfair to my team. Stop it.”

  18. Carp you should do a pregame poll of who we think will have a good game…it’d be funny to compare to post game stars…

  19. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    The Penguins lineup may be depleted by injury and suspensions.

    Ours has been depleted by Sather.

  20. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Would rather have the injuries and suspensions. At least there is hope.

  21. add your kreider

    subtract the crappy start which leads us to take the first penalty within minutes of the game which leads to more pen pressure and hank under seige and a flukey goal cuz 2 d went behind the net and brassard or step didnt cover the slot

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo mentioned earlier that the GMs and owners don’t want longer suspensions…if so, this is entirely their fault….

  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  24. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    It is, E3. And it’s a joke even to have Shanahahahan pretend to be so ‘official’ with his tapes and such. His hands are so tied it’s silly.

  25. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    I guess the question here tonight is are the Penguins prospects better than the Rangers NHL team?

  26. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Anyone hear Duguay late this afternoon on NHL Radio talking to Scotty and Espo?? Man, he was VERY clear on what he REALLY things of this Ranger team.

    On satellite radio.

  27. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Cally, agreed. Would be nice to see, along with the speed, a check??? Just one?????

  28. Mcilrath would definitely help in that department, but I get why they’d scratch him against the Big Bad Pens

  29. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    E3, on satellite, he rambled for about 5 minutes about how on TV, working for MSG, he HAS to say positive things. He said he is a fan (i.e., he’s going to the game tonight and not working), but this team is AWFUL!!

    Couldn’t believe he was so ‘real’.

    He said there is a total lack of passion that he feels is obvious. As well, he felt there were ‘three’ players that can score on this team. He feels it’s obvious why, the way their conceived, they struggle to score.

    Scotty questioned if the GM provided the ‘right type’ of players for AV to play the style he wants to.

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Well, soon a player is going to get hurt really bad….and someone’s hand will be forced…

  31. “Welcome to Rangerstown” on the big board is so unnecessary…”

    Completely agree. It’s small-town league. Sub-amateur hour. Squirels-breakfast.

  32. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    interview with Duguay was about 15 min. Nothing positive about the team said.

  33. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Miami, who do you think the best Ranger player out there is tonight??????

  34. Don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the Rangers are not a good team. I saw that in preseason but that don’t count, it’s preseason. I saw that the first 9 games. There learning a new system. I see it now, out of excuses. This team stinks. There is no other way to flip it.

  35. No, this team doesn’t completely suck. We have some players that can play on a good team. Problem is they are the minority…

  36. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Duguay said, look up and down the roster. Who can score? Only 3 guys.

    We may need some snipers.

  37. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Brassard glides for 10 feet, lining up a Pen. Then gives the guy a love tap along the boards.

  38. Dougay will not be long for the Ranger famiglia, but it’s really good to hear a pro speak honestly about the organization.

    Fischler used to do it but sold out to the MSG PR machine.

    Hope Junior hears about it and compounds the felony by firing Dougs!

  39. Shockingly…I highly, highly doubt Rick Nash makes Team Canada. There are just too many players who have emerged over the last couple of years that are better. Nash is a 35 goal scorer that doesn’t play defense and takes short shifts.

  40. Rangers have so many holes to fill that it’s amazing sather has a job. I think Sather has some damaging pictures of Dolan jr. and is why sather still has a job. either that or Dolan jr. is back on the crack pipe.

  41. Ugh, those crashing the net chances are when we really *need* to score. Talent is few and far between on this team, if we don’t score those ugly goals with some consistency, this won’t be getting any better soon

  42. When a team “stinks,” that is exactly the time to put the next generation pieces into place, starting with Kristo, Miller and Big Mac. But this organization would rather accomodate the journeyman “role player” type, on their last stand in the NHL. How sensitive and sweet of them.

    Memo from Sather to all the promising kids in the system: “YOU STINK!” Why doesn’t Sather just package the best kids we have and bring in a couple has-been 34 year olds, as he has been dying to? Can Prospal still skate?

  43. Robby, problem is Dolan jr. is happy to get a few playoff home games so Sather obliges by building a mediocre team that gets into the playoff by a hair every year. Maybe with the new format that won’t happen anymore but as long as darth sather is in charge, nothing good will happen with the rangers organization. it was starting to look good when they hired torts and tort’s convinced sather to draft and develop but that all went out the window and where now back to the sather way.

  44. robby- honestly, i dont like slats, but if anything the one thing hes done right is not trade our youth. so wtf are u talkin about?

  45. Honestly, if Sather didn’t trade Gaborik AND fire Torts, I’d still be hailing him as a great GM and want to extend him…I have completely changed my feelings on Darth Sather…He must go…

    They say he has a job for life…

    well then, I think we all know what needs to happen…

  46. Rangers going to be one of those mediocre teams that play to the level of the opposition? Or are they going to start playing like this from now on? Good jump all over the place. Even saw Richards accelerate to the puck at one point.

  47. Not really a fan of the Boyle, asham and hags line. Hags will be “invisible” for the next two periods also.

  48. maybe its on the coach ok. its not like torts had much better to work with. give this team a chance. and stop bashing sather for being old and senile. its dolans fault.

  49. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Dolan is just stupid. Sather is supposed to be the brains of this outfit. He is old and senile. This team is Sather’s fault, not Dolans.

    Sather still being here is Dolans fault.

  50. Grabby, reread my comments, I said MSG does not like negative PR from it’s employees and his job might be jeopardized.

    Are you texting while driving? ;)

  51. The Rangers aren’t built to win in the playoffs. They have no team toughness. No mental toughness. And, the coach thinks they need different personnel.

  52. You know what I’ve noticed because I never notice it because it so rarely happens? Excepting Nash drives, DB is the only Ranger willing to carry the puck east-west in the zone in traffic.

  53. Painful belaboring of the offside call by Pierre. I guess he never watched football where the official on the goal line has the touchdown call and not the guy on the 5 yard line.

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    POWERPLAYYYYYY LETS GO BOYS!!! Lets make some NOISE!!!!!


  55. _wtf is pullout doing on the pp???_

    Oh you stop right now. Did he take a penalty or go offsides? No, he didn’t. That’s pretty much a goal for a normal player.

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Garbage goal , pureee garbage . No worry , these penguin pukes aint got a hope in hell .

    RAAAAAAAAAAANGERS LETS gog og og go gog ogo!!!


  57. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Eric, did you predict we go 1-8 on the home stand or the season opening road trip?

    Or both??????

  58. Oh man I can’t believe Del Zotto cleared a _PENGUIN_ out who snowed Lundqvist, can you Pierre?

  59. In terms of hatred to identifiable reason ratio, Kunitz is near the top. I can’t stand him and I really don’t know why.

  60. i know this is obvious but please for the love of god shut pierre up…it is unwatchable….talking about special teams quotient and high school programs…..ease just shut the f up you are ruining tv and your creepy love bias for the pens is disgusting and should not be part of a national broadcast….i know..just mute it but i cant believe this clown still is on tv….

  61. Can you guess which team on the ice is desperate to win a crucial divisional game against a hated rival…which team is among the worst on home ice and should be desperate to do something about it?

    The New York Rangers – Welcome to Rangerstown. Where we will do everything possible to not compete, everything possible to not score, everything possible to show little fight as we go down to defeat yet again.

    How’s Rick Nash doing tonight? How’s Brad Richards? How’s Derek Stepan?

    Sather might be a colossal failure and fraud as GM but AV has shown nothing to get this team ready to compete on a daily basis.

    It’s beyond painful at this point. It’s just sad and pathetic.

  62. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Nice to see MDZ with some snarl, even if he did just use his stick instead of his hands.

    This team needs to get pissed. Get passionate. Bunch of women.

  63. Stranger Nation on

    _how much does nash make? almost 8 mill right? why cant he work like that for a goal like kunitz did? god were soft_

    Other team’s D doesn’t fall down in front of goalie like Girardi allowing the opponent four whacks at the puck

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    YES !!!!


  65. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Rangers-Blackhawks is rivalry?

    Certainly! All through the Original Six they were fighting each other furiously to keep from being last. Occasionally challenged by the Bruins.

  66. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    For those that are mathematicians:

    P – 9 = R

    (Pittsburgh -9 players is the same as the Satherized Rangers)

  67. Stranger Nation on

    When the first PP unit goes off midway through and Richards stays that by design?

  68. Stranger Nation on

    Grabby – doesn’t make your statement incorrect. Can’t remember Nashed Potatoes scoring a goal like that wearing blue

  69. this reminds me of the game between east prarie polytechnic and westwego boys academy in last years ollalaberry classic. those teams had a combined useless obscure stat rating of 146.7. you know which 18 yr old was manning the backline? That would be Tyler Imadeebag who is currently playing for the Obe Wan Kenobes in the southeast Endor league. Same league that Sydney Crosby played in when he was 9. Cindy crosby cindy crosby cindy crosby….grrrrrrr hate pierre

  70. _Who finishes checks? Dorsett, 5’9 180._

    According to, Dorsett has 7 hits in less than 8:30.

  71. Oh damn, if I didn’t take offense to the whole “rivalry” thing, I totally have a great picture of me and my kid in our jerseys (sweaters).

  72. Not to rag on Girardi, but he’s adding a new word to the defensive lexicon: He adds to the snow angel by scuttling like a crab, kicking out his arms and legs while angeling. The Snow Crab!

  73. I wish Crosby would take a run at one of the Rangers, leave his feet, and nail him elbow to head with no injury on the play. I just want to see how the NHL would handle it.

  74. Oh, no way Carp, I saw this one play where Del Zotto passed it to Brassard but he totally could have passed it to Richards he’s like the worst ever!

  75. Great spin move by Nash but then he decides to not look where he’s throwing the puck. Hate that stuff.

  76. mza’s furry hobbit feet quotient is a whopping 83.71%. Havent seen one as high since cindy crosby was making the kessel run in under 12 par secs

  77. Stranger Nation on

    Nashed Potatoes coming down 2v2 with Kreider on his right takes a 60 ft wrist shot into Flurry’s logo


  78. Stranger Nation on

    Why does AV have our top line against their top line if we get the last change?

    French Poodle…

  79. What the HELL was Girardi thinking on that clear? That was seriously one of the worst plays I’ve ever seen. And then he snow angels in front of the net.

  80. “It almost looks like its McDonagh’s fault that McDonagh’s stick broke between his hands, doesn’t it?”

  81. eric, they just dont have it anymore man. girardi gave that puck up and kreider couldnt help out either as he is awful defensively. we have no players who can play both ends of the ice

  82. “I know this will bite me in the butt before the game’s over, but Del Zotto’s been good tonight.”


  83. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    We need Brian Burke to clean our house….you know….a fresh, clean slate.

  84. i am getting tired of watching this team i just cant get excited for this team anymore. its almost a chore sitting through a period let alone a game

  85. kessel run or not – john scott scores next time he plays nyr. bank it.

    cindy crosby cindy crosby im foaming at the mouth talking about brandon sutters goal oh boy i gotta say something obscure so everyone knows i know the most about hockey in all the world

  86. And just like that down by two…

    Sutter (forth liner?) with his 7th. It takes Boyle two seasons to score 7 goals. Just sayin‘…

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    Hate this team. Not just that they’re bad; don’t get me wrong, that plays into it, a lot. I just don’t like the personality of it.

  88. Nash is worth every penny of that $7.8M cap hit…right? Wrong. We are stuck with that contract and he’s untradable unless he wants out…

    And, Richards isn’t getting bought out with the cap going up as much as it is…Sather is most definitely willing to take the gamble of the possibility of recapture…

    So, even if we want to blow the team up, we can’t…

  89. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    So, they have heard AV huff and puff, they have cleaned the slate, they have had a ‘behind closed doors’ meeting.

    AV: What’s next???????????

  90. the king only lets 3 or more in nowadays anyway. whens the last time the frikkin “king” had a game where he didnt let in 2 or less?

  91. Trying really hard to think of the last time I felt so..apathetic.
    I really don’t care anymore. The Rangers are an atrocious hockey team. We are abysmal offensively, suspect defensively, and have an average goalie being paid like he’s Patrick Roy.

    We have a coach who seemingly hasn’t got a clue.

    We have a GM who spends an hour every day laughing at his good fortune to still be making a living on the backs of Gretzky and Mess, with his boss Jimmy Dolan being the dumbest human being on the planet.

    Really, it’s just not worth getting upset anymore. The Rangers had a window to be a contender. It’s LONG gone now.

    Are we the worst team in the NHL on home ice?

    Whatever. Happy holidays, everybody. If you hate your relatives, give them Rangers tickets.

    Anybody in blue look like they care out there? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  92. i really wish pierre would talk about the penguins…its like he thinks nyr is the only team playing tonight…he is such a penguins hater

  93. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Who the hell scouted Nash for the 3 years Sather was dying to trade for him?

  94. Stranger Nation on

    Charlie Chaplin with the High Stick – I guess Pierre is not talking about their young D now

  95. He shoots and scoooores! Brandon Sutter, and the Penguins take a 3-1 lead. He beat him like a rented mule!

  96. boxcareddiehospodar on

    what a pitiful, pitiful team.

    no fight, no desire to play.

    can;t win a puck in the corners and get out hustled by a bunch of no names.

    i guess mcilrath and miller could not help tonight!

    when was the last time strahlaman had a shot on goal?

  97. Doc – “9 at home because they started the season with 9 away. It usually does even up.”

    They play 41 home and away every season, jackaasen.

  98. pens missing a quarter of there team and the rangers still get there butts kick. I haven’t disliked a ranger team like this one in a long time. I don’t like anything about this ranger team. The dark days are back. It’s time to find something else to do with my time.

  99. To be fair, Torts wanted him in the worst way, too.

    And they completely passed on Parise to get him. Not to mention Kovalchuk before that. And I still think Gaborik was a better player than he is.

  100. I was asked by my wife if I wanted tickets to the outdoor games for Xmas…

    I told her flat out I would hate it if she wasted that much money and we spent a night freezing to watch this pathetic team. I’d rather do anything else

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    Brassard and Pouliot do not work well together. Been saying this since game 1. They try to get too cute.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, in fairness, they had no chance on Parise. But you know me; I beat that Kovalchuk drum so hard that it went back to the KHL.

  103. Several pretty obvious hooks by PIT on that last sequence, but nice of Brassard to hesitate on his slap shot allowing the PIT defender to get in the way.

  104. no shots on the pp? sooo weird cuz the nyr are so well know for clutch pp goals late in games when they are trailing. this team sucks more than this team has sucked in a long time

  105. “Brassard and Pouliot do not work well together. Been saying this since game 1. They try to get too cute.”

    Drop the second and third sentences. Eliminate the words Brassard, and, not, well, together; replace do with does.

  106. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Rick, would you say Nash has lost a step since we have had him, two concussions and all? He’s a non-entity out there. Borderline liability, as he doesn’t play d either.

  107. @Dejan_Kovacevic

    Rick Nash couldn’t be more of a dog if he barked and played fetches #Pens were right about him. What a waste of talent. #NYRangers

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    we need new lines. I suggest the following:

    THE Kreider-THE Kreider-THE Kreider
    THE Kreider-THE Kreider-THE Kreider
    THE Kreider-THE Kreider-THE Kreider

    THE Kreider-THE Kreider
    THE Kreider-THE Kreider
    THE Kreider-McDonagh

  109. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Chris Kunitz is better than Rick Nash. Pascal Dupuis……..well………

  110. BeeeRutal. Maloney is killing Nash on radio. Our guys get outworked and outmuscled every game. This is the softest Rangers team I can remember for a very long time.

  111. Gotta love the Richards line, straight zeroes … except for an assist on a goal Hags took coast to coast.

  112. Glen Sather’s “scouting” is non-existent. I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe that when it comes to being GM of an NHL team he likely puts in the least amount of effort in his job.

    This team, in particular this home stand, is HISTORICALLY ABYSMAL.

    A GM who has created this pathetic roster and already fired several coaches should be out of a job.

    But apparently Sather goes bowling once a month with Lil’ Jimmy Dolan and pretends to be his friend, so he has no worries in the world.


    Ugh, ok…all done…time to watch Doctor Who

  113. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Anyone just see Girardi out of position on that play, covering for Nash????

  114. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Of course, AV could bench Nash, but it probably wouldn’t affect the guy.

    Reporter: “Rick, any thoughts on being benched?”

    Nash: “Good”.

  115. leetchhalloffame on

    Another losing, lack-of-effort game proving that Sather should be fired for accumulating one of the least talented and gutless teams in the NHL. They are just going through the motions. What a disgrace to put this team on the ice for the most loyal fans in the NHL.

  116. I watched the rivalry thing on NBCSN before the game, and it reminded me how they have OWNED the Rangers for 30 years. Then I get to watch this garbage.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    grabby, I posted this a few weeks ago about Girardi: My brother and I were at a game and he asked me “What happened to Girardi?” After talking about it for a little bit we realized that it’s weird for us to see one of our home grown players breaking down. It’s been so long since we’ve had a player from his youth until he started to decline. Honestly, the last one I could think of was Leetch.

    But That’s Girardi now. He’s past his prime and on the decline.

  118. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    I wanted him. Thought he would be well scouted. Thought his size would be an asset. Thought he was more than one-dimensional. Thought since he played with nobody, if he had something around him he might raise his level.

    Bitter disappointment. If he doesn’t score his highlight reel goal, he’s got very little.

  119. These broadcasts are like having a business lunch with your supervisor’s supervisor and two guys who were big time but have since retired. Stupid conversations, stupid laughter, I just want to go home.

  120. I said it before about Nash, I’ll say it again: He needs to find The Wizard.

    Because he’s got no brain

    He’s got no heart

    And he’s certainly got no courage

    If only MSG were filled with REAL fans, they’d be calling him out for the big waste of talent that he is.

    Instead you see Nash jerseys worn by people whose hockey memories don’t go back any further than two years

  121. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Men, it’s time to bail out your shell of a goaltender.

  122. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Gee, must be really loud at MSG. Tons of fan-started “Let’s Go Ranger chants??”

  123. Stranger Nation on

    Crosby and McD are the two best players on ice and only ones worthy of Olympic play. Henk better hope Sweden doesn’t have another option in net.

  124. CTBlueshirt was the main anti-Nash guy that I remember.

    I thought it was a great, no-brainer … maybe it is the head injuries?

  125. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    In terms of buyouts, Sather may have a choice this year. Two of his wonderful high priced gems.

  126. Doodie Machetto on

    I think in a vacuum it was a great trade. But the effect on the team was undoubtedly negative.

  127. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I thought it was a great, no-brainer_

    It was a great, no-brainer. Nash was never going to be Malkin.

  128. Nash isn’t useless because of head injuries…

    He’s useless because he’s got the battle level of a five year old girl

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    Matty, it can’t be Nash. They gave up too much for him to be bought out. Richards just cost money.

  130. Stranger Nation on

    Last year Nash was fine save for POs. This season seems slow and out of shape. could be the noggin as the Blogfather notes

  131. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards is the worst. Guy just stands still like a statue. Can’t take a pass, can’t make a pass. No hustle.

  132. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Well, I know I was early in wanting to bench Richards last year. It proved to be the move.

    Screw his ego. I cut Nash’s time or sit him out.

  133. obvious – good teams make something out of nothing. numerous examples tonight of nyr nothing out of something

  134. With Nash, it helps to remember that he actually thought he had a good playoffs.

    He really did. Pathetic.

  135. Even if he was just a 30-plus goal scorer who didn’t hit anybody, I thought it was worth doing that trade. That was what they needed.

  136. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  137. i eat crow..that was actually making something out of nothing.

    but still most of the time

    of course pierre discrediting the goal with his new guard bs….carp cant you get this guy off the air? please

  138. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    That is two straight goals Zuccarello had a role in creating. Why would any team want him over Boyle? (;

  139. _Seriously, it’s never over with MAF down there._

    “This has the feeling of a playoff game!”

    [MAF poops]

    [goal against]

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    Good job by Puliot there to take a shot. Sure, he missed terribly, but happy accidents and all.

  141. Always good to hear the “impartial” announcers explain over and over again how that tying goal wouldn’t have been scored last year..

    Not in the old garden…not with the old nets…

    They sound so very, very depressed that the Rangers tied it up


  143. I’ll give Brassard credit for great shot placement. But, that’s the first time I noticed him tonight.

  144. Stranger Nation on

    _They sound so very, very depressed that the Rangers tied it up_

    So flippin true..painful listen the entire game with these clowns

  145. _They sound so very, very depressed that the Rangers tied it up_

    The only way I respect them for pouting is if they’re alcoholics and are reacting to that goal extending their work by a half hour.

  146. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Down goes Hanka, down goes Hanka. Where is the cromulence?

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    Someone has to fight him. I don’t care. You take the instigator. You beat the living hell out of him.

  148. Wow! Did anyone else see Nash stand there? I mean that was something strong and tough and so glad we’ve got him around!

  149. i know its ot but slightly embarrassing how long it took anyone to crush kunitz after that…and barely touched him…and now the announcers defending kunitz like hes their player….i hate nbc

  150. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, keep making excuses Eddie and Doc. He got out of the way about as much as Neal tried to avoid Eriksson’s head.

  151. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Kunitz plays with more drive than anyone on our team. Straight to the net with some skill

  152. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Man, Step SO needs to can one. He’s been afraid to shoot. Too bad that didn’t go through the wickets.

  153. “I don’t think he meant it!”

    “I really don’t think he meant it!”

    “I feel so bad for him because I too don’t think he meant it!”

  154. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Pierre McGuire had it right. There was nowhere for Kunitz to go. Hanka was out of his crease. 2 minute penalty is fine, but there was no intent.

  155. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hanka Hanka with the magnificent save! Ooooooooooooo!

    Hanka! Hanka!

  156. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    POWER PLAY was fun !!!!!

    Nice movement…I loveeeeed it!!!

  157. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Hate to say it but if Pullout plays like this he is ok. Don’t love him, but no stupid penalties and some contributions offensively, that’s ok.

  158. “Alright, Rick. Shrug hard if you want to be in the top 3, shrug slightly if you’d rather not.”

  159. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Bettman debating whether or not to quickly call Dolan and offer him a Tiddly Winks board to decide the score…..OR…the shootout…..

  160. Poulliot’s performance of late is like that 17th or 18th hole birdie after a half dozen double bogies in a row that teases you into thinking you’re playing better.

  161. @rangersreport

    If they just did tiddlywinks or marbles or jacks or a spitting contest they wouldn’t have to drag out the Zambonis.

  162. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hanka was out of the crease. That should not have been a penalty. A good thing the game was not decided on that penalty.

  163. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Sutter has requested that IF he is called upon, the Rangers put DelZotto on the ice with Hank.

  164. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hanka Hanka Buuuurnin’ Love.

    Hanka played solid tonight.

  165. Kristo called up yet? on

    Had 5 shots at it. Didn’t grab it.

    1 more point than I thought we were going to get after being down 3-1.

  166. Lucky to get a pt. this team is garbage. They could have shot all night wouldn’t have scored.

    Nash sucks

  167. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Nice try in the no-skills competition .

    No skills in this competition except Hank .

    Great comeback , Rangers had chances to bury these goofs. Playoffs this would be us spankin these clowns.

  168. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Never, ever expected the point. Period.

    Then, when we were down 3-1, was wondering how much we lose by.

    Guess, in that respect, this is a victory!!

    The Cup is ours!!!!

  169. eric, we scored 3 in the real game. cmon man ur getting a little whiny dude. relax bro. were not winning the cup anyway. lets hope we get a good draft pick

  170. If this were boxing the rangers would be a palooka

    If this was the old WWF, the rangers would be SD Jones

    I so F’in pissed that the Rangers suck again

    Can anyone on this team make or catch a tape to tape pass? Every time we try to corral the puck it acts like two magnets trying to touch positive ends

  171. This team is so hard to root for. I hate most of these players, starting with Nash and Richards. I like Kreider, but he was benched in OT and not picked for the SO.

  172. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    “Rangers not able to get there as a 5 man group”….Millbury.

    Hey, Mike, this was one of our better efforts. Watch us against, oh…let’s say, Chicago, Anaheim, Boston, you know… a team with size. Want to see only perimeter shots, if that??

  173. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yo Matty , Don’t worry Sather is stepan down after this season …It Dolan ya have to worry about hahahahahaa!!!


    LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO…hey wait the game is oh-ver.

  174. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Only one soft goal allowed by Hanka. A solid performance tonight.

  175. Sather sucks.

    Del Zotto played a good game. Don’t care about the Sutter goal. Hank has to stop that (oddly enough, same guy that beat him in the stupid lottery contest after the hockey game).

    Falk was really good also. Enjoyed his game.

    Stepan was finally Noticeable. Stepan was moving.

    Aside from those horrible goals it wasn’t _that_ bad a game. Except they were essentially playing an AHL team with Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz on the roster. So, yea. Awful.

    This team is headed nowhere fast. Not built for playoffs. At all. Hope Hank getting hit in the head woke him up.

    Also, Stralman is HORRIBLE. I don’t know what the NBC morons see. He’s terrible. And so soft after the whistle it’s absurd. Ship him back to Europe please.

  176. we obviously are not good but the surprising thing is how these teams can ice their ahl squads and 3rd string goalies against us and still whip our butts. the most troubling thing though is hank. our d was good cuz hank was good. whatever, nothing we can do but keep cheering them on.

  177. I love eric. Hate the negativity. But Love Eric. Have to agree though. This team is absolute garbage.

    What kind of idea is it: Ok we have a great team. Dismantle to replace the “replaceables.” Make some trades. Make it to the Second Round.

    All this team needs is a New Coach and a playing style that is a total 180 from the way they play!

    A coach is never, ever the final step to winning a Cup. Ever. Especially not if he’s a polar opposite.

  178. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Positive take home:

    1. they got a point.

    2. some players played better. Hags, Pullet…um….

    3. they came back from being down 2 (not so sure they have done that this year).

    4. they showed a tiny bit of grit when Hank got hit. I guess Hank would say ‘baby steps’.

  179. Del Zotto got beat on one goal, and a goal that Hank should stop, but otherwise he had a fine night and played like a kid that *doesn’t want to get traded*

  180. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Well, Manny, Sather fired Torts for one and only one reason, so he said at the press conference:

    “He didn’t win the Cup”.

  181. yeah good comeback but a really bad loss

    the shootout sucks

    friends of mine were whining to me all night long about how the NBC broadcast sounded like it was a Pittsburgh affiliate. doesn’t surprise me.

  182. LOL, The Doctor. So he went out and hired a coach that HASN’T ONE A CUP with a more talented roster.

    When will people learn that up-tempo doesn’t win cups.

    Also, the first period was UP TEMPO and this team got slowed down and handled by a bunch of AHL defenseman including their OWN COACHES SON.

  183. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Well, at this point in the season, Torts team is in playoff position. AV’s is not. Let’s see what happens.

    I’m sure good old Slather will come up with some terrific deadline deal to help out (S).

  184. So glad McIlrath got to sit this one out. I’m sure he learned a lot up there from watching fellow AHL defenseman completely pwn3d his team.

  185. Went from a tough team to play against with Torts to the mid 70’s fat cat rangers over night. Nash, Richie, MDZ, Stepan even Hank looks like too much city life. Nobody sticks together n soft as hell play in a mosque, with weekend at Bernie’s as Prez for life. I do hate this team

  186. McIlrath would have been triple frozen by SuperStar Chris Connor, unlike Falk who was only frozen or maybe double frozen.

  187. LW is fine! Living Large in England. He just signed a sick Rap Deal and is now producing awesome Rap albums in London.

    But seriously, he’s fine. And still awesome.

  188. Well said, Hedberg. No identity. No camaraderie. This team has nothing. They need a team building exercise. Bowling or curling or something stupid.

    Also, TRADE STRALMAN who is the worst “after the whistle” player in the NHL

  189. oh yeah so I’m going to say that I don’t really know what went on with Kunitz running over Lundqvist but this team’s response to seeing its franchise laid out by an opponent – and most of all Stepan who basically stood there like a deer in the headlights – was despicable. heartless group.

  190. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Manny, I agree with your comment about MDZ. He tried tonight. Most of the night he was ok.

  191. again it needs to be pointed out that guys like Del Zotto and Stralman who show up to play once every ten or so games suck. there’s not a professional hockey player in existence who is incapable of tossing in a solid effort once every ten games. it means nothing at this level.

  192. Granted it was an Ahl squad but I didn’t see them coming back from 3-1. From that point of view, I’ll take the point.

    I have also been hating Richards a little less these days because I only have so much hate in me. I’m still using my full quota but #61 is taking a larger piece of my hate pie these days.

  193. thanks manny. is he going to chat us up anytime soon? k, im out. ok game. better than giving up after the 3-1 goal. i’ll take anything right now. have a good night carp,heads, commonsense, lw3h wherever u are

  194. I’d like to see what would happen to a Ranger who ran over the opposing goalie. This group is pathetic.

  195. And AV is pathetic for not swarming that baby defense with forecheckers. What’d he give Ash, 4 minutes?

  196. Anyone with an open shot who bangs the damned puck off the boards or the glass should be made to stay after school.

  197. Stranger Nation on

    Guess the J Moore for McIlrath decision worked out well.

    Still trying to see what MEZ did well tonight. Didn’t completely suck = played reasonably well for him these days.

  198. Richards is right … you do not judge how a team played based on the result of a shootout. Not that this team played great or horribly. Actually it was much better than recently. Everything’s relative.

  199. _Guess the J Moore for McIlrath decision worked out well._

    If it was Moore or McIlrath and Falk was the safe #5, I’m even sadder about the roster decisions than I was previously. And I was previously pretty sad.

  200. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Everything’s relative._

    Marc Staal has relatives in the NHL?

  201. I mean really… What more is there to say? This team is seriously flawed and going nowhere in a hurry. WAY too soft on the puck along the boards…. and explain to me how/why we didn’t punish their AHL D in their own zone? Oh yes… Because we’re softer than the stay puff marshmallow man. This team sickens me. 2011-2012 is now a distant memory- You almost have to try that hard to break up a perfectly good team and run it into the ground. I mean thats fairly impressive on Sather’s part to turn it around so quick…
    Where was I? Oh yes thats right- we don’t have the pieces to trade for a “reload” as brooksie likes to call it, nor do we have help in Hartford (other than Kri…. eh, not even him).
    And here’s a scary thought… Next year we’ll likely be even worse. I’d say that’s almost a good thing so we can score some high draft picks, but we SUCK at drafting so yeah, there’s that….

  202. Stranger Nation on

    Falk played OK – interesting D Corps TOI – Highest to Lowest
    McD – would have had 30 if he wasn’t in the box
    Girardi – rough game – can’t pass out of zone
    Moore – was flying in 2nd and 3rd
    Stralman – oy
    MDZ – would have only had less than 15 mins but had to go on PK with McD in bin
    Falk – one penalty, had a nice board scrape in corner allowing Moore to start break out with speed from behind goal.

  203. Jesus, I’m going to go brush my teeth and try to sleep on this seriously unbelievable stat: Brad Richards has been hit 14 times this season. 14! 3 less than JT Miller. That’s an unbelievable number.

  204. That brings his season total to three hits. I think Dorsett had six or so by the middle of the second.

  205. Anyone singling out DZ and ignoring Falk getting completely frozen and beaten for a penalty has already made their mind up.

  206. Stranger Nation on

    Mr D – it was behind goal in 1st..more of a scrape than a hit. He better be playing hurt because when he plays, he is hurting.

    Had a 2 on 2 with Kreider rand he floated a wrister from outside the blueline into Flurry’s logo????

  207. Stranger Nation on

    Mister D – look at Falk penalty – he had to race back to cover – much different than player coming right at you – compare the two plays may see it different as well…

  208. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Carp, I’ll agree that some guys played ok. But, this was an AHL roster plus Sidney and Kunitz. They had nothing to offer, but one offensive line, and 1 quasi-defenseman.

    I think our coaches strategy was wrong, as if there ever was a team to beat up down low it was this team.

    I have a hard time not judging the team we played against and feeling more like what Millbury and Keith said after the game. That this one was ripe for the taking and we couldn’t muster it, doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Lack of passion and heart is the biggest issue. If they were willing to sacrifice and stood up to the other team (that picture of Step smiling while pinned against the boards, ‘coming to Hank’s rescue’ after Kunitz plowed into him was ridiculous), I could be ok with it all. No heart takes the fun out of it.

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