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  1. Carp, this is a talking thread?

    If so perhaps you eventually respond to the many innocently posed queries I’ve addressed to you.

    Would you like my phone number?

  2. Carp,”Miller has a chance to be a decent NHL player”.

    But we have a plethora of “decent” NHL players, perhaps a little indecency is what’s called for because we have very little of that!

    BTW, this fellow Kristo who some are anxious to see up here, what is your opinion of what he might add and why then if it’s a positive is he not here?

  3. re. “Sathergate” — not at all. A mere curiosity about how things actually work/worked in the GM’s office. If Carp wants to clarify, fine. Not a big deal. As I said, we’re stuck with Sather and his results, and it’s up to AV to get it turned around. There’s no farm to speak of and nothing to trade on the big club other than Kreider, maybe Miller. Anyone else is at the bottom of his trade value, like Gaborik was last… oh, crap.

  4. Comn, but there’s no way to make Miller a better player than he is, and there’s no way at this point to make any of the other prospects better than he is.

  5. Man, after listening to AV in these pressers I find myself uninspired. Not exactly Braveheart in his confidence or motivation.

  6. EdwardIII, the Giant’s need the same process as the Rangers, a clean sweep of all coaches and Reese being put on notice since most of his recent drafts have sucked.

    Why would Coughlin continue to play Manning in a lost season and a game vs a very aggressive defense, risking injury and given the awful offensive line play embarrass him even more with his statistically nightmarish stats.

    We are in a terrible state with all NY area franchises, but none more amazing the MSG dregs!

  7. Norm, I don’t know what’s so difficult to understand. There are people in the organization, who are quite obvious, who were pretty much in charge last season, who told me what was going on and what the plans were going forward, which included keeping Tortorella and doing the right thing with the Richards buyout because of the cap-recapture risk. They all felt Richards would bounce back, but it was too enormous a gamble to keep him.

    They (and the coach) convinced Sather to trade Gaborik (and they were quite worried that he would ef it up).

    Then the old Slats came back, made it very clear who was in charge, fired Torts and took the Richards gamble, which could still doom the franchise if he so much as sprains an ankle in Game 80.

    So, yeah, I believed legitimate people and I passed on what they were telling me. When I speculate, I tell you I’m guessing. When I’m passing along an opinion, I tell you it’s my opinion. And when I am being told something by people who matter, then I present that as news.

    We report. You decide :)

  8. Carp, indubitably which is why I asked the question which relates to projection not performance to date.

    Are you really of the opinion that a number 1 pick should be thought of as a third line player, even given the vagaries of drafting in any sport.

    I do agree I’d play him in lieu of someone you absolutely know is not in your future.

    And that in a nutshell as you have said numerous times the MSG crowd will not do, since making the playoffs seems to be the only goal every year rather than assembling a roster that will compete annually.

  9. So, Carp, if I have this straight, it was the assistants and Tortorella who pushed for Gaborik out when his trade value was as low as it could get? They were convinced, in other words, that he was done?

    Thanks so much for taking all that trouble, by the way. It will help me with my post-game Sather [mock] article when the time comes. ;)

  10. Yes. They knew Gaborik was going into his walk year and they wouldn’t be keeping him, and the coach didn’t want him and badly needed the (questionable) depth that they got for him … from what I’m told, Columbus was the only team even willing to give up that much. Plus he had a no-trade, which limited to a degree where he could move, though it’s hard to believe he approved Columbus.

  11. Slats didn’t like Columbus’s offer, BTW, but the others pushed him to get it done. Slats would have held out past the deadline. That’s what I have been told.

  12. Carp, yes again on Coughlin when you use the same analysis as we’ve been doing with Sather et al.

    Missed playoffs 4 out of the last 5 years and his field management this year and that of his two coordinators have been a joke.

    Check your buddy Vacchiano for the lack of creativity and reaction to what isn’t working and never changed in game.

    Applause for your response to Norm, exactly how to state it in response to questioning your integrity.

    Think about how you answered me when I had the audacity to do so!!! (;)

  13. Carp, I thought Nash sold him on Columbus.

    And Mr. Sense, I don’t know where you get me questioning Carp’s integrity. That’s just silly. Please don’t do that.

  14. SO if the Rangers never traded for Nash but did make the Gaborik trade and kept the Prust, would they be a better team? They still wouldn’t score but they’d be tougher to play against.

    The Kreider/Stepan/Zucc
    Dorsett/Moore/The Prust


  15. this may be a stretch Carp, but it sounds like you may be giving us the real reason Torts was fired. sounds like Torts may have been pulling some strings behind the scenes, and Sather may not have appreciated it much.

  16. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Even if what you say is correct, that Girardi would be a top 4 D on every other NHL team, the Rangers are short 4 quality D.

  17. No, I think that’s a fair leap of faith, bull dog … though I believe a bunch of crybaby players got Slats’ ear at the exit meetings. Those crybabies who can’t find it in themselves to work as hard for the new, nicer coach.

  18. Norm no harm no foul, but please rereads Carp’s entire lengthy response to your post.

    I believe an inference or implication was drawn which his response showed.

    I guess I read it the same way prompting my own comment.

    Mea culpa. (;)

  19. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Coughlin’s track record is shoddy but for 2 four game playoff runs. There was a lot of luck, and a beastly defensive front four, that contributed greatly to both of those playoff runs.

  20. True. Just wondering if first line players don’t seem to mean very much for the team, would balance and toughness workout better for them? Probably not but it’s a thought. I am awaiting this game with Calgary with a mixture of excitement and dread. Curious to see how the Rangers come out of the gate.

  21. No worries, CS. Interesting stuff all around, glad to learn more about it, and kind of Carp to re-thrash what I imagine has been talked to death already.

  22. Carp, and you know this how re:Coughlin and Reese, and I said the coaching staff and putting Reese on notice.

    Both Cowher who is loved by the Maras and Gruden who is a terrific offensive coach are available.

    You don’t really believe they can contend as is do you, they have almost as many holes as the Rangers?

  23. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You love those two Super Bowl championships, but you strive for excellency and consistency. The more times a team reaches the playoffs (with a bye), the more times a team has the chance to win the Lombardi trophy.

  24. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Too often, people confuse the results with the process.

  25. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    At the least, Coughlin must be prepared to make drastic changes to the coaching staff in the offseason.

  26. They’re already playing that entrance song that works so well to fire up the boys: “Oh you look so beautiful tonight.”

  27. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    It should have been, “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me.”

    Beck (not Barry) would be so proud.

  28. Carp, if you’re serious you really have to “bone” up on your football analysis.

    Two hail Marie passes, two incredible catches both time to more talented teams is yesterday’s news, a fantasy which will not be repeated without change!

    The game has changed the Giant personnel has not nor has the coaching.

    I’ll wager they’ll turn over half the roster by next season.

    E.G. when a QB has no mobility he needs time, the Giant offensive line is a joke starting with the foolish contract Reese gave Beatty whose name henceforth will be Beaten Badly Beatty! lol

    And when one continually attempts long passes under those conditions your QB gets sacked and injured!

    And intercepted!

  29. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carp – I root for the Rangers, Jets, and Mets.

    Your comments are foreign to me…..

  30. Carp, don’t get testy about the Gints.

    Remember you’re the hockey expert and with your many duties have too little time to absorb the intricacies of other sports!

    But we love you! (;)

  31. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carp – as Red Barber once said, “When the Dodgers lost an afternoon game, there were a lot of cold suppers that didn’t get eaten in Brooklyn.”

    You bet. I root hard, hope for the best, and try not to let the sting of a loss last too long.

  32. Carp: couldn’t hear if Vigneault said it, because I don’t speak or understand French, so I need to know: is to Tonight’s game optional?

  33. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The Rangers won in 94, but the decision to trade Gartner and others for the immediate future may have provided the Rangers with a lesser chance to build a dynasty of sustained success.

  34. Carp: couldn’t hear if Vigneault said it, because I don’t speak or understand French, so I need to know: is Tonight’s game optional?

  35. Unreal. Another loss for the Red Wings.

    @Missy_Zielinski: Red Wings forward Johan Franzen will not return to tonight’s game for Detroit. #TBLightning

  36. 2 super bowls in 7 yrs is pretty darn good, but they have let the talent dissolve off the roster. the O line is just awful. they have let Eli just take a beating this year, on the field and off. personal changes need to be made. changes have to be made to there thought process on how to build the team. and most importantly, Fewell has to go.

  37. Bull Dog, thank you for the sensible analysis of current Giant affairs.

    There are additional holes you did not mention not wishing to ad salt to Carp’s specious reasoning!

    You’re just a nice guy, I just hope he appreciates it!!! (;)

  38. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Do you think the Rangers aren’t trying to win games?

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