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1) Where to begin?  Well, that’s actually pretty simple. The Rangers have a ton of holes, they have a dearth of skill and they are soft. OK, fine. But none of that matters if the guy in the net doesn’t stop the puck. They can fix some of their weaknesses — and some of that is just a matter of some critical players playing the way they’re paid to play — and they can add some offense, theoretically (though not likely), and they’ve already added muscle, though I’m not sure that Arron Asham and Dylan McIlrath are here to stay. But none of it matters of Henrik Lundqvist doesn’t play like their best player. He has to be, whether they play Torts’ wall ball or Alain Vigneault’s up-tempo, pinch-and-pray. Say whatever the hell you want. He has to stop the puck.Columbus Blue Jackets v New York Rangers

2) And he hasn’t been incredibly lousy. But once a game there’s one that gets by him that you and he think he should stop, and that was the first one last night. The other was an odd-man rush and I didn’t think he had a prayer, the third was a wrister that deflected off Michael Del Zotto’s backside — which is probably calloused from all his benchings. Lundqvist knows it. His confidence is shaken. He’s in a career-worst funk. I’m sure the new pressure from the contract isn’t helping. Nor is the pressure of playing behind a team that’s confused defensively and can’t buy a goal against a third-string goalie.

3) I asked this last night, and I was only being sarcastic, but what if that contract becomes an albatross before it even begins?

4) By my count, that’s seven games lost to backup goalies this season (including three games in a row), and last night’s was the first in which they scored two goals … and they scored the second against the third-stringer. Before that the Rangers had already – already, through 32 games! – been shutout three times by backups (Peter Budaj, Cory Schneider, Ben Scrivens) and lost three games in which they scored one goal each against backups (Carter Hutton, Frederik Andersen and Philipp Grubauer). In other words, five goals in seven losses to backup goalies.

Columbus Blue Jackets v New York Rangers5) Dylan McIlrath’s debut. Yeesh. The kid struggled, which isn’t odd, especially for a kid not known for his skating, who may or may not be ready to play at this level, and who has to go into a situation like this, where his team needs him to defend almost perfectly AND be an enforcer. I’d like to see him get more opportunity, especially against some of the more rugged teams. Again, I doubt he can skate well enough at this point, with the injuries he’s had, to be very effective. But he can’t be a lot worse than what they’ve had back there, either.

6) Dominic Moore finally scores. So if you’re scoring at home, three of the Rangers’ last four goals, covering three games (again, against backups) have come from Moore, Benoit Pouliot and Dan Girardi. In other words, Rick Nash, Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin, Chris Kreider, Mats Zuccarello, Brad Richards (who has the other goal in that span), and some of the other third- and fourth-liners can feel free to jump right in one of these games. I thought Richards was, again, decent offensively in this game. He committed the turnover on the first goal, 38 seconds in, and AV pinned it right on him. Listen to the audio or video.

7) Somebody told me that Dave Maloney said something on the radio, to the effect of “Fedor Tyutin for Zherdev…you think they want that one back?” Boy, if he did indeed say that, is he right (as usual)?

8) I was wondering this a week or so ago. Since the two trades between the Rangers and Blue Jackets really haven’t helped either team get anywhere … I wonder what would have happened if Glen Sather had offered Marian Gaborik and that first-round pick for Rick Nash the summer before last. Then the Rangers could still have Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov and Nash and they’d be, IMO, a much better team than they are now. Columbus, even with Scott Howson, probably wouldn’t have done it, though.Columbus Blue Jackets v New York Rangers

9) At one point I started counting the Rangers in little puck battles. Not very physical stuff, just, you know, where there’s a 50/50 puck. And I started going, “lost battle, lost battle, lost battle, lost battle, lost battle.” Then you realize how bad it really is. So, even after all that soul-searching, and that closed-door meeting about being too comfortable, and about looking in the mirror and each player holding himself accountable to his teammates … um, they didn’t look like that message got through whatsoever.

10) Some stats: The Rangers are 1-15 when the opponent scores the first goal (which is why that first one, so early, was so harmful). In their four-game homestand losing streak they have allowed 16 goals and scored seven. This was from somebody in the pressroom: Since Nov. 10, the Rangers are 0-8 at the transformed MSG when John Tortorella is not on one of the benches. That’s right, they’re 1-8 in the last nine at home, beating only Vancouver. Or as Gary Bettman prefers to say, 1-7-1.

11) This game is another reason why I think the Rangers will finish in the top three in the Lesstropolitan. They were hideous in this game, and Columbus was almost as bad. The Rangers could have forced OT, they really could have. That Columbus team, like so many in the division, is terrible. And the Rangers really won’t be this bad for much longer.Columbus Blue Jackets v New York Rangers

12) But it was a good night for me. I got to chat with The Captain and the big man, JD. It doesn’t get much better than that.

13) Speaking of The Captain, if you haven’t caught Mark Messier’s interview on Michael Kay’s CenterStage on YES, do yourself a favor and DVR it next time it’s on. Messier opened up more way more than he normally does. He was funny, entertaining, honest. I told him I hadn’t seen him that way, and he laughed, “maybe that’s what happens when you retire.”

14) Hey, AV used a timeout in the third. That’s why you save those, apparently.

*************************************Columbus Blue Jackets v New York Rangers
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Dominic Moore.
2. Dan Girardi.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. tie, Mats Zuccarello, Henrik Lundqvist, Dylan McIlrath.
Eddie Eddie Eddie’s Three Rangers Anti-Stars:
1. Rick Nash: Dubi mentioned several times that he wanted to do well and show the Rangers they made a mistake by trading him. Well, the Nasher had the same thoughts it seems….he too wanted to show the rangers they made a mistake by making that trade…
2. The King: Sweden has as much chance to win the Hockey gold this upcoming Olympics as Bolivia. Certainly, the last two goals weren’t entirely Hank’s fault, but letting the opposing team score inside the first minute of play, when your own team has trouble scoring inside the first 60 minutes of play, cannot be a good thing.
3. Derek Stepan: What on earth has happened to this kid? I’d trade Stepan for Gabby and no Stepan if CBJ were interested….

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  1. Great as usual carp. I heard Maloney during the first period and it went like this:

    “So….Fedor Tyutin…..for Nikolai Zherdev. Think you’d like a do-over on that one, maybe? ….Yes! I’ll just go ahead and answer that one, yes, you would!” Pretty much laughing by the end of it. It was classic.

  2. RangerSwedigian on

    I actually tuned in after 10 minutes and started laughing when I saw it was 0-3. Did see the D.Moore goal before i went to sleep. Good for Anisimov to score a goal

  3. Long time fan, haven’t posted since the Weinman days (been busy!). Any thoughts on when I can hear my first fire sather chants? I figure what better way to complete the transformation of the garden than to get rid of that sack of old mothballs

  4. Bryan Trottier coached 54 games with the New York Rangers and the team had a record of 21–26–6–1 and a winning percentage of 45.4%


    The time is now. Not coincidentally, Peter Laviolette was in the building last night.

  5. It started bad, got marginally better, then got worse again. Story of the season as a whole.
    I liked that McIlrath was in there pushing guys around in front of the net, he got beat a few times due to his skating but I didn’t think he looked worse than Falk and if we give him time to adapt to the speed and give him 10-12 minutes a night he’ll become a useful 3rd pair D and a much needed deterrent.

  6. Stranger Nation on

    It could be worse….one could have bought season tickets to this overpriced piece of dog doo. Really hope NYC makes them move the garden so Jimmy D’s House of Blues will go down as the biggest waste of money ever.

    Fire Sather chants? cute, but fans not going to games will speak much louder.

  7. Stranger Nation on

    Sather said the main reason they got rid of Torts was the style of play was unwatchable, not “pretty” enough. well if that was winning ugly, now we know what losing ugly looks like.

  8. Stranger Nation on

    While I still believe Richards has the hands and will to score, he cannot play center any more. Putting Nash on his wing as asinine.

    Last season Nash was a PPG player on a line with Step and Hags. Why not put that line back together?

  9. AV seems to come back to the Step/Kreider/Zucc line regularly. I think Hags and Nash looked good last year but if he plays Richards at wing then it will be Nash/Richards/Brassard I guess.
    I still think there will be a trade coming soon, too many bad comments from AV about the make-up of the team and lack of skill. Not sure who we can get with the pieces we have but I wouldn’t be surprised if we gave up someone we’ve previously thought untouchable to get someone good.

  10. Hagelin, DelZ, Brassard, Miller, Pouliot, Pyatt, Girardi, J.Moore could all be expendable in AV’s eyes.
    Right now the only ones I don’t think AV would move would be Kreider, Nash, McD, Stepan, Zucc, Dorse, Boyle and Hank.

  11. its kinda strange how theyre performing like this game after game and at home with a new coach. is AV a little too soft or what? i’d like to see him bench the next idiot that gives the puck away in the neutral zone and i really dont wanna see hank in net for a few games. he needs to get his head straight.

  12. Who is Calgarys back up? How great will he look Sunday night.

    Can’t really play a puck possession game if you don’t ever have the puck.

    I hate that I love this team.

    Great review Carp

  13. I’d like to see him walk behind the bench De Niro in Untouchables style. Crack some heads or literally nail someone to the bench!

  14. I did not the big Mack was as bad as Carp did. I really like what he has to offer. is he ready? he is more ready than he was in the pre season.
    Hank is awful!

  15. Longbeard since 1994 on

    Great review, Carp. LOL, Del Zotto’s backside is calloused from all his “benchings”.

    Speaking of benchings, this seems to be missing these days. May be a few players need to be benched, instead of keep trying to work a system that is not working.. I think Zuc still has a fire under his backside from his benching earlier in the year.

  16. Puck daddy today about sums it up:

    “Dishonorable mention: The New York Rangers are a mess. Henrik Lundqvist was pulled after 3 goals in 11 minutes in the loss to the Jackets…”

  17. Yes, AV keeps going back to the Step/Kreider/Zucc line regularly because when they’re on the ice they tend to get the puck and keep it in the offensive zone. That line has sustained possession even though they have had scoring trouble. Those three have the highest corsi ratings on team, so it’s no coincidence. The other lines are getting hemmed in their own zone

  18. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    To my line of thinking, there’s only 2 things to do:

    1. clean the slate

    2. a tee-shirt toss

  19. I’ve been saying for at least two seasons that they have a nasty habit of getting schooled by back up goalies. I’ve made jokes about it and spoken seriously about it. It’s probably cost them at least 30-40 points in the last three years.

    As for the Tyutin trade- yeeeeesh! Reminds me of giving up on Mattias Nordstrom. Here’s another very good young dman who has done nothing to cause himself to get traded and plays a style they currently need and they trade him for garbage so he can go have a nice career elsewhere. You can probably write a book about guys that fit that description…

    I say tear it down!! But that’s just my opinion I could be wrong.

  20. Too many guys are becoming part of the problem at this point. You need to “money ball it” so to speak. The “skilled” guys aren’t skilled enough the “gritty guys” aren’t gritty enough and the role players are rarely playing their roles.

  21. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Good for AV calling out Richards on his misplay on the first goal, :38 into the game.

    Richards looked like he couldn’t care less. An “I’m here to score, #$%hole” type look.

  22. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Onecup….are you serious??? He’s going to Banff to ice fish for the next two weeks.

  23. Lanny McDonald signed a one-game contract so he could pad his stats against MSG’s “flag hockey, non contact” team

  24. Stranger Nation on

    Can we just post Hank’s record and Talbot’s record and not laugh?

    AV Line shuffler is working overtime.

    Richards on ice for every goal against, good thing that stat means nothing

  25. Shoot the puck Barry on

    I agree with your assessment of the “king” lately. Actually his whole career is built on giving up a “soft” goal. Torts defensive system masked some of his weakness. Very good goalie and he save Slats from being let go five years ago….not a top ten goalie though

  26. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    At the press conference where he officially fired Tortorella:

    Sather: “I’m firing him because he didn’t win the Cup. That’s our goal, to win the Stanley Cup.”

    Reporter: “It is?????”

  27. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Dave Maloney knows more about this team in his finger nail than current management knows, period.

  28. So here’s what I don’t get. For a couple of weeks there, they played the kind of hockey that AV wants. Smart passing out of the zone, not trying to force a play, aggressive along the boards and they were winning. What happened? Why all of a sudden did they get so soft? It shows they COULD play that way. For some reason, they’ve chosen not to. That’s what bothers me. It’s IN them to do it.

    So here’s what I see:
    First pass out of the zone stinks. For some reason they are ALWAYS looking for a breakout pass, rather than sometimes just skating the puck up and dumping when nothing is opened. Teams have figured this out and are clogging the middle.

    Too slow through the neutral zone. This is a speed team that is not using their speed. They look lazy with the puck.

    No passion along the boards. As Carp mentioned, they lose all the little battles. They almost NEVER come away with the puck and there’s no support. They did this well when they were winning last month.

    Lazy defense. It’s not that they can’t play defense, but to me it looks like they don’t want to make the effort. These guys are in love with their sticks. I counted at least 5 times last night where they could have taken the man out just by leaning on him, not even a hard hit, but instead, they stuck their sticks out and tried to poke the puck away. Usually that fails, or, the puck just goes to the trailer. It’s really frustrating.

    Looking for the perfect pass instead of shooting the puck and crowding the net. Zuc was doing it a lot earlier in the season, but now it seems everyone. Even Nash did it a couple of times last night. Against a backup goalie, just get the puck on the net.

    And I agree about Hank. His game is bad. I don’t know if he is thinking too much about handling the puck, or, Boston exposed his glove hand, but he’s just getting beat way too often. And his rebound control has been subpar. But I think he’ll get it together.

    Sather….but only because I have NO confidence he’ll actually make the right moves to fix this team.

  29. Right on steveknj. What happened to the team that was playing well?

    AV should put Nash with Brassard and Hagelin.

  30. There are really only 2 best in a world things about watching Rangers game now – that is cup of espresso before and cigarette after.

  31. The only good thing after a Rangers game at the moment is waking up after it finished having slept through it all.

  32. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    On the second goal, Hank went down quicker than Paris Hilton (:

  33. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp. Those are the moments when I envy you for not being emotionally invested in this team like most of us are.

    Number #1 just about sums it up. If this team has any hope to have a remotely successful season, Hank has to regain his confidence and he has to get his game back on track. Anything else will slowly come together. This is what AV has to recognize, and he has to play him. Hank has shown that he strives when under pressure- the more shots on goal, the better he gets. That’s the only way for him to get out of this slump- play games. It would be a mistake, imho, to start playing Talbot in order to gain a few more points in December. Because if Hank doesn’t get out of this- nothing would matter come April.

  34. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Sorry Carp, but I don’t share your “confidence”. I do think they will be this bad for much longer, and they don’t have the bait/smarts/stones to make changes to improve the team.

    They’re swirling in the bowl.

  35. By the way, I didn’t think McIlrath was that overmatched last night considering it was his first NHL game. His skating notwithstanding, I thought he got better later on. And he was in their face all day long. Columbus players ( one specifically, forgot who it was) wanted nothing to do with him. And he made a right choice when Dubinsky high-sticked him in the face. Give him more games to play, even yesterday he looked better than Stralman, who had a horrendous game.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    _Did the decline in play coincide with Nash coming back from injury?_

    No it coincided with Richards moving back to center. Last game he played wing for the entire game was Vancouver..

    In the Vancouver game the 1st line was Kreider – Step – Nash and the second line was Richards – Brass – Zucc.

  37. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _It would be a mistake, imho, to start playing Talbot_

    The only plausible reasons to continue starting Hanka are his new contract and declining confidence. Starting Talbot a handful of consecutive games may give the team the best chance to qualify for the postseason.

  38. Stranger Nation on

    2nd line in Vancouver game was Richards – Brass – Cally actually with 3rd line zucc – moore – hags

  39. Stranger Nation on

    Did the shrinking equipment include Goalie Gloves or just leg pads? Henk looks like he is using a little leaguers glove out there. That and being so are in the net creates the high side opp for onrushing forwards.

  40. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _He played with more emotions and grit than any other Ranger last night._

    That *emotion* and *grit* kept pucks out of our net and facilitated our scoring of goals.

  41. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    And McIlrath can’t skate very well at this point? He was a top ten draft pick in 2010! Can we expect improvement in the next few years, or did we just draft a big kid who likes to scrap?

    Is that what first round picks are for?

  42. Moving Kreider might be a good move, actually, provided you can find a similarly young and talented player elsewhere who also doesn’t get it that you have to bring it (or most of it) every night to succeed in this league. Someone who also believes his press clippings and needs a jolt to the ego, as Tyler Seguin did, for example, though he was more experienced.

    That’s true for Stepan as well, but there’s the money issue there. In his case, you need to bench him one way or the other and whip his arse into shape. He’s Richards from last year, unprepared.

  43. There’s just no reason to be optimistic with this team anymore.

    Our young, stud defense looks like anything but. We’ve got almost NO offensive skill whatsoever.

    Our BIG GUY Rick Nash continues to play like Dorothy’s Best Friends (No Brains, No Heart, No Courage)

    Our goalie got his lifetime contract and has shown that maybe his reputation was built off his teammates blocking shots and collapsing around him.

    Our coach hasn’t got a clue what to do with his “personnel”

    Our GM is a clueless blowhard who hides like a little girl from the media and only ever gives interviews to his old Edmonton buddies who know full well if Sather didn’t have a couple of guys called Gretzky and Messier he’d be nothing (bad enough he’s now made a living in the NHL despite accomplishing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN A QUARTER OF A CENTURY)

    Our owner is, quite possibly, the dumbest human being on the face of the planet.

    Our arena has become so overpriced that the only “fans” who go there are too busy playing with their smart phones to pay attention to what’s going on with the game. Hence the dead quiet on most nights.

    It’s not a fun time to be a Rangers fan. And it might not be a fun time to be a Rangers fan again for a very, very, very long time.

  44. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Can we expect improvement in the next few years, or did we just draft a big kid who likes to scrap?_

    Expectations are low. Plath said “If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”

  45. jimG the desertrat on

    Must have screamed w.t.f twenty times last night. Thank God the wife wasn’t home or I’d be banned from watching this train wreck.

  46. Sather Must Go! on

    So desperate for a crease clearing dman- slats overreached for a hockey player who can’t skate…the game takes place on ice. Grit comes later in the draft not the #10 pick..

    This is a terribly constructed team – Torts insisted on input in personnel immediately – I have a feeling AV is starting to seeing the talent level..prob too late for this year

    Not a lot in the “A” either.. I’d imagine krsto get a call up soon, even though he can use a full season there

  47. I it was laughable that Stephan was mentioned in the Post as ‘potentially playing his way off Team USA’. No way I would take him if I were the GM, he’s done nothing this season to even warrant consideration. Except for being American.

  48. #1 – I agree with most of that except the whole fixing it by having players pay how their paid to play. That’s the problem in itself. We’re paying guys to do things that their not able to do.

    Nash – $7.8 mil, in order to live up to that he’s have to net at least 40, something he’s done twice and hasn’t done in 5 (going on 6) seasons.

    Richards – $6.67 mil, if this was 2-3 years ago, he’s more than worth it. Now? He’s scoring, but his setup game is severely lacking and I’m not sure he can get it back since his skating is still down a notch.

    Callahan and Staal – both are solid players but they can’t stay healthy. Great to have Callahan in the lineup but I’m not sure he’s going to get close to 30 again with all the injuries.

    Nash will improve, Richards is gonna keep playing how he’s been, but neither will be good enough to match what their being paid to do.

  49. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    A King is not Born: He is made by universal hallucination.

  50. I think we looked ready to turn the corner and start a winning streak! Look out Calgary, the blueshirts are comin’ for ya!

  51. AV’s in game coaching and team management is *putrid* How can anyone come back time after time following a TV timeout with Pyatt-Moore-Dorsett on the ice. In the Offensive zone! How can he not play the top line there? How can he not put the top line out following an icing where we get an offensive zone draw? If this is some stupid *stats* argument I am going to explode.

    Further, why in the world does Nash not play more? He takes the shortest shifts, comes off the ice whenever he pleases, even if he is coasting behind the play. For example, on the first goal, Nash just skated off for a change leaving an odd man rush. What is that garbage?

    When we got Nash I said he would be our Kovalchuk. I thought he would play 26 minutes a night. Be a beast. Well he doesn’t at all. He never plays on the PK and he’s on the 2nd PP unit and takes shifts shorter than 41 year old Jagr! The only thing they have in common now is neither actually play for their NHL team. Because Nash is a ghost.

  52. _How can anyone come back time after time following a TV timeout with Pyatt-Moore-Dorsett on the ice._

    AV: “Nasher, you ready?”

    Nash: [shrug]


  53. I thought McIlrath was fine. I don’t think he was bad in any way and that goal was NOT his fault.

  54. Welcome to the Chase Ledge everybody!

    For what it’s worth, Cory Schneider is hardly a backup, though technically speaking, I guess he is. Oh, and last night we lost to TWO backups haha oh boy, this is getting ugly.

    Carp, did you get a chance to talk hockey with either The Captain or JD? How are they doing these days?

  55. Sather Must Go! on

    Thinking about it, giving the bad run of the team, playing columbus at home, his contract, and lack of overall scoring – last nite was Nash worst game since he got here…he is the Carmelo Anthony of this team – and that ain’t a compliment

  56. I’m not surprised about Nash at all. He is exactly who I thought he was when trade rumors started flying rangers were interested in getting him. Very overrated. I hope the ranger fans who wanted him enjoy him.

  57. First comment, be sure to watch the Gadzic/Lucic fight last night, serious haymakers landed by both makes it a draw!

    Game comments, it starts with a poorly assembled roster = Sather.

    It thus far is a poor utilization of that roster = coaching staff.

    It will conclude with a continued “effort to find their niche”= mediocrity!

    Re: Lundqvist, I have predicted that his contract will be an another albatross on this franchise. Too long too much money.

    Not because he’s not a top goalie but because he’s not the answer to what ails this organization nor has he been.

    And while his return to form may keep them competitive, competitive for the Rangers means average!

    Finally I’ve concluded that watching this team is like being a passenger on a plane and not knowing it’s destination!

  58. “Yes Hi, I’m looking to schedule a 6:30am tee time some time in April. My name? Oh, it’s Richards. Brad Richards. One more question, are we allowed to play from the ladies tees? “

  59. Maybe you had to be at the game to see how really poorly the Undertaker skates. We are talking no balance, foot work, foot speed. Can’t teach that.

  60. I actually didn’t think any of those goals were Hank’s fault (perfect shots above the shoulder and a bad deflection), but we need Hank to be great, not okay.

    McIlrath may not be able to skate, but he was way more noticeable than most of the players who can (i.e. Nash, Hagelin, Stepan, etc.). Hell, he even drew a penalty and was smart enough to skate away. Not a lot of people of the restraint to do that.

  61. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Great write up as always Carp. Boy, these guys look lost.
    1. Nash looks slow and scared to battle for the puck, panic passing to avoid getting hit.
    2. Bucky really bad decisions with the puck, laterals at the blue line, drop passes, not getting the puck deep, weak back hand shots.
    3. Steps looks confused. This is a guy that has a good hockey IQ – we’ve all seen it. I don’t know what the current deal is; can’t find a girlfriend?
    4. Hank’s too deep in his net, going down too quick and his glove hand, always weak, is being exposed more often because of the defensive lapses in front of him.
    5. McMonster, best guy on the team right now IMO.

  62. yea, I noticed that about the undertaker in preseason, if you can’t skate you won’t do much in the nhl. The undertaker can’t skate and I don’t think it has anything to do with his injury. I remember when he was drafted the analyst saying he needed to improve his skating. When you here that it raises a big question mark.

  63. Manny – two things. That goal was all on McIlrath. Why would you ever throw a hit in that situation when the three Columbus forwards are already heading out of the zone and your center got caught after a bad bounce? He essentially took Richards out of the play too since he bumped into him. He also can’t skate still (never could). He’ll get better and he’s the least of the problems, but did you see anything in him last night that says “wow, I’m so glad we picked him 10th overall”?

    As for Nash, that’s exactly who he is. He’ll go out there for a quick shift, try to do something fancy, then go sit down. He’s always been like that and I guess people just didn’t watch him enough on Columbus to see it. He has all the physical tools in the world to be an elite power forward, but his IQ is the same as Pouliots. That’s why he excels in all-star games and early round Olympic Games since the ice is wide open and he can do his spins and tricks. When it comes to just playing hockey and making smart plays on either side of the puck, he shows it in spurts but never does it consistently. Add another concussion to that list and I sure he’s even more hesitant to do those things consistently.

  64. I’m choosing to ignore my feelings about last night’s game, and instead, focus on this delicious croissant in front of me.

    And I am totally NOT having a croissant in Vigneault’s honor. No way he deserves that.

  65. _Bucky really bad decisions with the puck, laterals at the blue line, drop passes, not getting the puck deep, weak back hand shots._

    My favorite was the one where he was in deep on a Ranger change and still tossed a blind backhand pass ™ to get Columbus going the other way.

  66. Sather Must Go! on

    That was an awful play, Mr D… How much value does a pass like that add in the neutral zone? (I Will respect your patent and not use that phrase”)

  67. Sure, it was “awful”, but what did you want him to do, take a hit along the boards and try to buy the guys a few extra seconds on the change? C’mon.

  68. Can anyone think of a power forward that is signed for a reasonable, long term contract. Maybe a guy from USA, or better yet, Connecticut? Maybe a guy currently playing in Canada.

    That’s the type of guy I want to dump Nash for.

  69. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    If a team is going to trade Nash, it’s not going to trade him for one lesser player with only moderate cap savings, enough to purchase only one win.

  70. And in no way is Nash anywhere near the same level as Kovalchuk. Kovi’s heart and toughness was never questioned. Even on crappy Atlanta teams he netted 50 goals. The question with him was if he could play enough defense to help his team (which he did, but he’s Russian so that always gets questions by pie-hats like Cherry and Milbury). Nash was a 30-35 goal scorer that got to 40 twice and played on a team that was about as bad at Atlanta’s during that span.

    Two completely different levels of player. And if you want to sum up Rick Nash in two YouTube videos, just watch what TJ Oshie did to him…

  71. Also, McIlrath stepped up and made some hits in OPEN ice. Man, how long have we been dying for a D-Man that can play like that. Too bad the rest of his team is horrible and can’t cover for him.

  72. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I’m throwing in the towel. I hope they lose the next ten in a row. Twenty. However many it takes to get rid of Sather. Short term pain, long term gain. Dolan already gave him the vote of confidence. That is usually like the kiss of death for a GM. I would like to see the entire season tanked, if the result was that Sather is no longer connected to the Rangers.

    Happy Friday.

  73. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Kovi’s heart and toughness was never questioned._

    That is untrue. Plenty of fans said Kovi was lazy and soft.

  74. *Kenneth* I would trade Nash for Pacioretty in a New York Second. It might be one of the best moves this team could *ever* make. Nash is horrible and his effort and heart are completely lacking and this team no longer has an *awesome* coach like Tortarella to go crazy and wake these idiots up.

  75. Izzy, I’m down with that, but I’d need a guarantee. The Rangers could lose every game from now til next December, and Sather would still be sitting in his perch, sucking on a cigar.

  76. Wow. Those are some *great* statistics. I heard that Pacioretty also stands up for his teammates and often wears one of those trashy tactical turtlenecks under his Jersey.

  77. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _his effort and heart are completely lacking_

    Nash suffered a concussion two months ago. Say what about his effort and heart?

  78. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hey Manny, did you know Talbot has 6 wins in 8 starts? That’s a 61.5 win pace over 82 starts. Wow!

  79. Nash takes shifts like an old man trying to squeeze in one more NHL season. The first goal was entirely his fault for coasting around and changing while the puck was in the offensive zone.

  80. Kenneth – only idiots like Cherry and Milbury questioned his heart because he was Russian. Anyone who actually watched him play saw how much passion he played with. And they didn’t say anything bad about that when he was on the Devils.

    Manny – thanks. Had some family stuff to attend to so I miss the last few weeks, but I’m back for more bonehead talk.

  81. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hey Manny, did you know Talbot has a 1.74 GAA in 10 appearances? That’s a 1.74 GAA pace over 82 appearances. Wow!

  82. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Many of the posters here questioned his heart and toughness.

  83. Stranger Nation on

    At least we can all agree that the Zucc – Richards – Nash line is not our checking line?

  84. Kovalchuk was/is *awesome* He even retired and went to Russia doing the Devils a favor. That’s heart and taking one *for the team*

  85. Attention Nash bashers.

    No one player is a savior.

    Their is no #1 center nor a surrounding cast to allow him to do what he does,score!

    What single player that Sather has signed as the latest savior has actually accomplished it?

    What do you conclude from this, easy no one player saves a team which is mired in mediocrity.

    Is Nash as good/valuable as Jeff Carter?

    Would he be contributing the way Carter is were he on that team?

    Yes and yes! It’s a damn team sport and our poorly constructed team will not be saved by one player unless anyone believes Perry, Getzlaf, Kane,Ryan etc. could do it on their own with this group of “props”!

  86. And Nash’s concussion is affecting his performance, but the guy was a softie before then. If he was a 30 goal 60-65 point guy before, what do people expect of him after the concussions?

    As for Lundqvist, when the defense in front of him starts collapsing instead of chasing, he’ll be fine. He’s fighting it because he has little to no support. This chasing the points in the d-zone for no reason is getting stupid.

    Manny – not for anything, but I don’t want my d-men throwing huge open ice hits, especially when they can’t skate. Like you said, if the forwards support him, then fine, but the Rangers actually had a ton of success before because their d-men didn’t take themselves out of position. Then throw in the fact that he’s stepping up as the opposing blue line after a quick turn over, not the time for a hit like that. I’d take a light bump to push a guy off the puck where you get back in position real quick over a big hit I that situation any day of the week.

  87. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hey Manny, did you know Talbot has a .933 even strength save % in 10 appearances? That’s a .933 even strength save % pace over 82 appearances. Wow!

  88. McIlrath was no better or worse than most of the Rangers defensemen. Since this was his first game, he could get better. As for the other defensemen, they won’t get any better than they are now.

    Zucc seems to be the only one who puts out an effort on every shift. Too bad he’s not contagous.

  89. As a new poster here, I feel that I need to add a little spice to my words. Can somebody please provide with a cheat sheet on how to, but not limited to…

    That line through thingy

    Thanks hepcats

  90. Comnsense – the same Jeff Carter that makes 5.2 mil a year? Because Nash makes 2.6 more than that. The Kings have Carter and Justin Williams, both of which put up Nash like numbers. Combined they have a cap hit of $8.9 mil and they put up about 120 points combined (prob a little more than that). Nash makes $7.8 mil and puts up about 60-65 on average.

    See the difference?

  91. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Balcony Bob,
    Zuccarello is all over the ice, displaying *grit*, *toughness*, passing ability, forechecking, board play, responsible defense.

  92. Give credit to McIlrath, he tried taking off a uys head with a big time check, when was the last time a Ranger did that?

    On a side note the team needs to be gutted starting with Sather ASAP.

  93. The Kings are a model franchise all their key players signed already for next year.

    They are able to play a 3rd string goalie who has given up 1 goal in 3 games.

    The Rangers are the polar opposite of the Kings.

    Team depth managing the cap is what the NHL is about not the “hot goalie”

  94. As for McIlrath’s lack of skating ability is concerned, MDZ skates well – what has that gotten him?

  95. Question, how many posters here actually have season tickets or purchase them for single games?

    When you go to these games what do you judge the fan profile to be, the actual season ticket buyers?

    Do you judge these folks to represent the “live and die” groups you see posting on blogs?

    Many event oriented people are ambivalent about winning and losing it seems, it’s the “happening” that counts.

    Otherwise why not more booing of an inferior product, chanting(Potvin doesn’t count) or simply not buying tickets either seasonally or individually?

    Nothing will change an attitude faster than a financial loss but maybe some outpouring of booing might help.

  96. Kings also do a pretty great job of mitigating the amount of suck on the ice most nights. That’s a *plus*.

  97. jonnyD, so what?

    The comparison is not about money,players don’t refuse what’s offered.

    The comparison is about the cast that accompanies a high priced star.

    You may then conclude if you choose that Nash is less valuable because he was given more money, but it has no relevance to my point.

    Would Nash be having a better year and career playing with better players regardless of the cost?

  98. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Season tix since ’98. I reside in Albany, so my grandson attends all the games.

  99. The day the Rangers get rid of Sather, completely severing all links from the organization, I will party like it’s 1994!!

  100. ‘There are really only 2 best in a world things about watching Rangers game now – that is cup of espresso before and cigarette after.’ (4everanger)

    We talking hockey or sex, 4ever? :)

  101. Sather Must Go! on

    Good call out by Leonard at the Daily News, after reading it, maybe torts will allow him to coach a game…

  102. Bob – the Rangera two years ago were a goal and a period away from meeting those same LA Kings in the SCF. Then they blew up the team because they needed more scoring (even though they were 11th in GF) and now they are where they are. And I know others had said it’s because we didn’t replace depth guys, but players like Dubi and Arty aren’t easy to replace via FAs. Skill wise, replacing Prust and Feds and Mitch is easy, extremely easy, but it’s hard to find guys with that much heart. Point is te Rangers were close to the Kings until they blew it all up to acquire a new toy.

    Comnsense – How many years are we going to keep hearing that Nash needs a better cast? They said it in Columbus, now they are saying it here in NY.

    I’ll use a famous Torts phrase, let’s call a spade a spade. He’s been in the league for 11 years and has essentially been the same player outside of 1 season. Not to mention in the years Gaby was here without Nash, he actually had less support offensively than Nash did from the top 5 scoring forwards below him outside of the last year here. For all the crap Gaby got, he made less money and scored more goals and points (about 10 more goals and 20 more points) when being centered by a rotation of a bum knee Prospal, Erik Christensen, and a rookie Derek Stepan.

    When you get paid that much money, it doesn’t matter who your teammates are around you, you should be a PPG player anyway. Even a rookie Crosby outscored him when Nash had more offensive help statistically and Sid was playing with the likes of a semi-retired LeClair, a Lemieux that lasted 22 games, half a season of Mark Recchi, and usually centered our beloved Christensen and another scrub called Colby Armstrong.

    If Nash made Jeff Carter money, I’d be fine with his come and go performances. But he’s paid like a difference maker that supposed to make his teammates better and he’s not. Only reason Columbus paid him that much money was because they needed to keep him for a rebuild, but he wasn’t worth that much to 29 other teams anyway.

  103. Kenneth, my point was I don’t really believe many of the type of Ranger fans I’ve seen over the years are really the fanatic cursed folks we view on blogs.

    I say this because why would a “fanatic” who lives and dies with his team in any sport continue to pay absurd sums of money to live in hope and die in despair annually?

    Imo, failure is almost always a sign a poor management, why do some people insist on rewarding it?

    I gave up season tickets to the Giants during their period of dormancy from the mid 60’s to the mid 80’s for just that reason.

    Interestingly it was fro the same reason the Ranger’s suck.

    Cronyism, Mara hired people who were basically incompetent for many years until a revolt by his nephew led to the hiring of George Young, the turn around shortly was very successful to say the least.

    Sound like this lash up?

  104. Sather Must Go! on

    Not b/c he scored last night, but I never really appreciated AA (Artem A) when he was here… plays good defense, okay on draws, and Puts in 15-20 goals and 50 point while doing it. .. Not a fighter, but tough and big enough, perfect “depth player”

    Tell me again how the heck JD is not heading up this organization?

  105. jonnyD, let me simply address your second paragraph.

    You said in a previous post that “Nash was a 30-35 goal guy who scored 40 twice”.

    Would he score that with a better cast or maybe more, after all Columbus and NY are not exactly elite teams, yes?

    If he could score those goals here would you be happy with his performance………regardless of the money?

    There are numerous athletes in every pro sport being over paid.

    There are many CEO’s as well!

    The point again is Nash is a quality player who has played on two mediocre franchise and put up star numbers.

    Any criticism of him on a Ranger blog is simply witch hunting for a victim to blame their ills on. The roster sucks, Nash is only one player.

  106. jonny D, nothing personal but spare me the nonsense when any team has an aberrational year as you noted.

    Tom Renney also had a few which do not make a franchise whole or competitive annually.

    The problems to repeat are systemic, and the only way systemic problems are treated effectively are at the roots!

  107. The signing of Sather himself was just like Sather’s signings.

    Past his prime, downtrending, pay him for what he did in the past, overpaid, unaccountable.

  108. JD, could not have been considered for the top spot since Junior’s ardor for Glennie has not cooled!

    As Mickey and Sylvia sang many years ago, “love is strange”! (;)

  109. Hi, I was wondering if anyone here *well versed* in *advanced stats* would be able to show the *math* that proves Nash is a more *valuable* player than Pacioretty.


    Mister D

  110. MrD, what is the point unless you have suddenly become a front runner?

    Should we apply the cost angle which benefits Maxie, the youth, the health issues?

    Do we know the Max will be a consistent 30-35 goal scorer with two 40 goal seasons?

    You are normally not one to make odious comparisons, be balanced about Nash he’s on a bad team.

  111. Comnsense – you have to care about the money in a salary cap world. It’s all about efficiency. Nash will end up with 30 goals this year, but I still won’t be happy with it because he’s paid like a guy who should be putting up 50 a year or at least be an 80-90 point player. He’s not.

    When he signed his deal he was the 4th higher cap hit, now he’s 8th. The players around him?

    Crosby, Malkin, Perry, Getzlaf, Staal, Parise, Heatley (signed his a long time ago), Gaborik (ends this year), Stamkos, Vanek, Spezza, Thornton, Semin, Kopitar.

    Is Rick Nash anywhere near as those guys? They are all constantly top 25 in scoring every year. As I said, Gaby had no help and still had 80+ points for this team. Parise barely had any help until Kovalchuk joined the Devil and he is a much smaller player than Nash, still had roughly 80-90 points.

    So money does matter when you have a limited amount of money to spend due to a cap. You need to maximize value and efficiency. Paying guys like Drury, Gomez, and Nash a ton of money when their stats don’t suggest they deserve it is just not good business, especially when you trade for a guy that was overpaid which to me is way worse

  112. Sather Must Go! on

    Sather’s “tie” to the rangers was two and a halfyears as a Bad player in the early 70….JD an “iconic” part of he franchise as a player and announcer…a perfect fit ESP after transforming the blues to a top team… Dolan are dumb. Rich, but, dumb.

  113. Com, just looking at this year plus the next 4, would you (1) take Nash (age 29-33 seasons) over Pacioretty (25-29) and (2) still take Nash knowing the $7.8MM versus $4.5MM cap hits? Its not killing Nash so much as saying “here’s a similar, younger player making less than 60% what Nash makes … why wouldn’t you prefer him”. Of course its not realistic, Montreal would never jump, but its become a weird value debate.

  114. Sather Must Go! on

    Poulet was the rangers seventh best player last nite , trade him while he is hot!

    Btw, one PP unit out on ice last night was: Zucc, Richards, Poulet, J Moore and Del Z… Who is the goal scorer in that equation?

  115. Agreed, Sather. There were atleast two times I said “wow, who is that guy actually moving into the middle of the ice” and it turned out to be Pouliot. The other time, it was Richards coasting to the bench behind the play.

  116. JD shouldn’t be hired because he’s a former Rangers legend with strong ties to the fans. He should be hired because he’s put in the time and effort to get where he is and has proven himself to build a strong team in St. Louis.

    I don’t want to become ther Oilers where we just start hiring guys with little to no experience (Lowe/MacTavish) just because they have strong ties with the organization. The only reason why I’d wanna see Mess hired is because his press conferences will be hilarious. He needs to put in some time if he expects to get hired as a coach or GM though.

  117. Stranger Nation on

    JonnyD – I am as fed up as anyone about Nash lack of compete last night and his hanging out on the periphery. I attribute it to playing with Richards and the concussions, which is no excuse, but a reality none-the-less.

    In a shortened season last year he was 10th in the NHL in scoring with 21 goals for 42 points in 44 games played. He played on a line with Step and Hags – two perennial all-stars and potential HOFers, right?

    In 60 regular season games with NYR he has 27-26-53 +13. He has suffered 2 concussion that have been reported and has no protection in this line-up.

    Should he perform better, yes; should he battle more, yes. Is he the biggest problem on this team?

    left hand side please

  118. I was swallowing my complaints about Nash and him not playing enough until I watched him skate off after a turnover and a shirt shift and give up a goal while he was trying to sit down. Ugh.

  119. Stranger – I don’t disagree that the concussions haven’t hurt him. However last year to me was a wash. Fat Jagr scored 120+ points after the last lockout because everyone was out of shape (especially him).

    Last year Nash had something like 72% of his points against non playoff teams too. That being said, he is better than he’s shown. He’s still not worth his contract though.

    The scary thing is I don’t know which player we should use the buyout on. I’d say Richards just because he can’t skate anymore, but if Nash might not be the same either after having his eggs scrambled one too many times. Can’t use it on Henke because his contract kicks in after July 1st (and he’ll be better when the team in front of him improves).

  120. Still a no-brainer on Richards, Jonny. Nash has 4 years left after this year (through age 33) and no associated recapture because his contract was backloaded. Richards has 6 (!!!) left and an annual recapture of $1MM less than his actual deal if he calls it a career before his three $1MM seasons.

  121. Sather Must Go! on

    agreed, JD’s track record is the reason he gets to be top man for any team in the NHL – his history with the Rangers make him a perfect fit here, esp when Sather’s time has LONG since passed (i.e. since 2001) when he went to Columbus

  122. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MrD-the wife is a mathematical economist well versed in statistics….if I could interest her in gathering the necessary data / perhaps she’ll do something….

    LW, who’s on sabbatical, is certainly capable and CTB is as well….

    Gravy – I’m on the can

  123. Jonny first.

    The money is irrelevant ,he did not force anyone to pay him and two franchises did so!

    You made the case for Nash being an elite player with the stats you posted, now you’re using money as an argument that he’s not worth the money.

    He also does not control the expenditures of this or any franchise so why are you holding him accountable?

    My original point is he is and has been a very good player as you noted in his scoring proficiency.

    And he has no control over the way this franchise wastes their money, period!

    What someone has paid him overpaid or not like Richards is irrelevant to whether he or Richards measure up to ranger fans who buy into the “savior” prattle.

    This is becoming a circular argument and rather pointless since I seem to be making the same point and you digress into the financial aspects which are important but not relative to my original contention.

    Thank you for the discussion.

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MrD – what do you want the hypothesis to show? Who has better stats? Produces more wins? More essential to team? Better future expectations? Or something else?

  125. Comnsense – I was actually arguing against him being an elite player. I also don’t blame him for taking the money, every player does and they should.

    All I’m saying is that if I’m the Rangers or any team for that matter, I don’t trade for a guy that is a star (not superstar) but makes elite money.

    And always enjoy good discussions, even if we don’t agree. As long as people know it’s all in good fun and not personal, this place is fun for that stuff.

  126. MrD, you’re surprising me since I’ve observed you rarely make arguments or take positions which are purely theoretical, meaning forgive me but there is no point to asking if any perceived value of those two players can be made given the known facts as I previously noted.

    How does one begin to compare age, health and cost based on now?

    It’s a clearly biased argument in favor of the younger, perhaps healthier and less costly player!

    However it does tend to neglect what Nash has been and might still be with another team.

    Shall we revisit when Max has put up Nash’s numbers with similar casts? (;)

  127. IMO, Nash doesn’t suck in general. He’s a premier talent without a doubt.

    Where he lags (re sucks) is in his ability to be the go-to guy. Simply put, he isn’t. He gets dragged down by the doldrums of a team.

    He would excel, I think, on a team with an established top line player with strong leadership abilities. Imagine him on the Penguins, for example. Or the Bruins. Or LA. etc.

    This isn’t to absolve him of blame – he’s making way too much money for that. It is what it is, however and like it or not, he’s not about to wake up one morning and start leading this team.

    In other words, his acquisition is yet another high risk/high reward gaffe courtesy of Glen Sather. The good news is that getting Nash wasn’t as misguided as some of Sather’s previous similar moves (re acquiring Lindros). It is, however, another example of the GM misinterpreting his team. Contrary to what he believed, the team wasn’t (and still isn’t obviously) ready for Nash.

    IMO, Sather should shop him. He still has significant value, I’m sure, on the trade market.

  128. You’re right,coos,
    paraphrasing, I tried to emphasize parallel between watching Rangers’ games and embarrassing, unsatisfying sex. Or worse, in a world of possible pleasures.

  129. Com: Most “would you make this trade” discussions are purely theoretical, no? And the obvious slant is my point; its a no-brainer to swap the two players due numbers, age, salary, etc. Its not knocking Nash for signing the contract, he’d be a dummy not to, its a knock on us for inheriting the contract we had good reason to believe was or would be above his production level while sending assets the other way. Trust me, I’ll never begrudge a player for taking as much money as he can get, just the GM who makes the bad valuation.

  130. …and I don’t want to go so far as to do a comparison of watching it or reading some posts here, to a visit to dentist for operation without anesthesia.

  131. _Shall we revisit when Max has put up Nash’s numbers with similar casts?_

    Worth noting that Pacioretty has spent the last two seasons playing with Desharnais, Gallagher and now Briere. His cast isn’t getting plaques anywhere either.

  132. JonnyD, here’s my answer to your second paragraph.

    In a sentence, of course you do when your Glen Sather and you have proclaimed that Ranger money will buy success!

    Check on these contracts be dispensed in baseball if you want to talk about real “come betting”.

    This is the way all pro sports are created.

    You pay a few superstars, hope you have developed a core group to compliment them from your system more modest money and hope you are more successful than not.

    If you are you’re the Yankees, if you’re not you’re the Rangers, Knicks, Cubs ad infinitum.

    As long as the fans buy mediocrity as their due nothing will ever change.

    Unfortunately the owners are right as witness no pro sport’s franchise has ever to my knowledge sold for less than that owner paid for it, and the fans will pay for mediocrity like sheep led to the slaughter! (;)

    That’s why the net is great, we can complain without paying!

  133. Trading Nash now? Let’s hope Jaromir Jagr is still able to bend down in order lace up his skates next season because he may be the closest to a 1st line player this team can find next year.

    MisterD- Richards’ recapture penalty is already $13M if he calls it a career after this year, he has to be the only candidate for buy out.

  134. I’m not saying I would trade Nash, but what do you guys think would be a reasonable return? Same question for some other guys


    I know the bottom 6 bottom feeders have very little return value

    I feel like this “team” is made up of all complimentary players with no one to compliment.

  135. _For sure. And them some._

    Not disagreeing, but from where? Its going to be really hard for most of the competitive teams to fit his cap hit for this season without just dumping money back on us.

  136. MrD, not his line, his team.

    If the entire team plays better it oft times removes the focus from one player.

    That the two most recent “saviors” Sather has procured have not led us to the promised land is not evidence they are or were unworthy of either the money or their reps.

    They are mistakes made by a front office that has not surrounded them with a competent cast.

    Was Richards a valued player for Dallas and Tampa?

    Were other teams in on the Nash bidding?

    Everyone makes mistakes……….the problem here is we’ve made too many which to normal people would suggest the changes must be made at the top.

    As above so below!

  137. Hagelin – Either part of a package for a better wing or two higher variance young players / prospects?

    Stepan – Very, very high. Just because this board is down on him doesn’t mean GMs will turn dumb.

    Girardi – This is the guy. If we make him available, odds are he’ll be the best D on the market at the deadline and plays the tougher to fill side. 1st round pick or A- / B+ prospect plus?

  138. Bran Bole and Girardi to TOR for Biggs and Gardiner! Or, Biggs and a 1st/2nd or something good like that! But definitely Biggs.

  139. Agree with most of what you wrote Com, with this key addition. Our biggest mistakes almost always revolve around paying a guy over market for his past years ignoring we’re buying into his late prime and post prime. Peak Nash wasn’t a top 5 NHL player and we assumed his top 5 contract for post peak. Those kinds of mistakes can’t keep happening.

  140. Sather Must Go! on

    That was my point was Mr D’ – from where? – that contract is tough and now a concussion history…draft picks are so valuable with the salary cap (assuming Slats dosent make them)…

    They have to decide whether or not to build around Nash, if not, try and move him for picks.

    btw, Nash (and Poulet) are tatted up, just an aside, I found weird.

  141. *Pat Leonard ?@PLeonardNYDN 10m*
    _It’s optional. Many healthy players not skating @klubrano87 “Who isn’t there who is healthy?”_

    C’mon, man.

  142. You ever click through on an Eklund link and immediately wish you didn’t because of how badly you want it to be true?

  143. Manny, agree with you on Nash 150% !!!

    Is said at the beginning of the year I would give him 40 games to convince me the “Mister Softie” tag I hung on him last year was not merited. I’ve been good in keeping my pledge up to now.

    Last night was painful.

    When you factor in our expectations, the teams performance the year before he arrived, his salary, the fact that he doesn’t seem to make players arounds him better, we gave up a heart and soul Ranger and other assets besides money to acquire him……..

    Biggest disappointment for me during the Sather era.

    Nash is the pits.

  144. Rick Nash is, without a doubt, one of the worst acquisitions in terms of what we were supposed to be getting, what we got, and what he gives us on the ice.

    Nash is possibly one of the softest players I’ve seen in years. Considering his size, that’s a testament to his lack of heart. And certainly a lack of fortitude in certain areas down low.

    Nash is a lazy, perimeter hockey player who honestly doesn’t look like he gives a crap on the ice. He shies away from contact, drifts along like he’s taking a stroll in the park, and can’t do anything to create offense. Look at his goals – He’s gotta be sprung into a semi-breakaway to do his “Go left, use big arms and stick to go right” move.

    And from what I see, that’s his ONLY move.

    Sather has long ago lost any possible competence as a judge of NHL talent. The fact that he’s our GM for life makes the Rangers the laughingstock of the NHL.

    The only “good” moves Sather has ever done are the ones he did to make up for HIS OWN BAD MOVES!

    That’s like a firefighter who’s also an arsonist to keep himself busy.

    The New York Rangers HAD respect. They USED to be feared for a short time.

    Not anymore.

    The league is laughing at us. They know we’re soft, they know we’re not gonna go anywhere, and they know they can come into MSG and do anything they want…the Rangers don’t push back. They don’t have it in them.

    What a soft, soft, soft pathetic bunch this team is. Most miserable time being a fan since…well, since Sather was STILL running the team!!

    Glen…do us a favor…choke on a watermelon pit…slip on the new waxed floors of the garden…do ANYTHING to take yourself out of this equation.

    GM since 2000…and he’s done absolutely NOTHING.

  145. Eric: Same Eklund “rumor” I was referring to. Unless we did something horrific like McDonagh or Kredier + or something, I would soil myself. Promise.

  146. Dammit, now I’m getting all weird and excited. There’s like a dozen players who, if we acquired them, I’d get excited before I got nervous about the return.

  147. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Wouldn’t it be typical ranger luck if hank is swooning with the huge cap hit..
    time will tell

  148. CIP, does Perry fight or mix it up lie a tough guy, does Getzlaf, does Kessler, does Kessel, does Toews, P.Kane, Sharp,Joe Thornton,Seguin Selanne, Bure ad infinitum?

    Did LaFleur, Belliveau, Henri Richard,Ratelle, Gilbert, Bossy do so?

    What’s with the Nash victimization campaign?

    The ultimate point being is he a first class scorer, a good offensive player and would he be so on any team?

    No player does it alone on a championship caliber team.

    And for the record professional hockey players are not soft in any sense of the word except to those who live vicariously and judge them.

    One player can not redeem the mistakes made by an organization, if anyone should realize that it’s a Ranger fan.

  149. Hits are not the end all, be all or anything close to that. But still … Nash has 2 goddamn hits on the entire season.

  150. Here’s some bad, bad comps in that select group of “10+ games played and credited with fewer than 5 hits”: Jagr, Selanne, Gaborik, Weiss, Eriksson …

  151. Latona – I read it an agreed. Although I still say it’s hard to find free agent replacements for Dubi and Artie. It’s also heard to find guys who can replace the heart and soul aspect that Feds/Prust/Mitch had even though you can replace that talent level for the same price or cheaper.

  152. Com, my eval on Nash? it’s in the record here through the course of the last year many times.

    Great skills , absolutey dont want to argue there.

    But, a very one dimensional, strictly off the rush threat.

    Doesn’t cycle, doesn’t play well without the puc, shys away from contact and dirty areas, is often invisible (like last night) for long stretches of play. Non existent on the forecheck. Not a threat on the PP, doesn’t get to the net for rebounds, generally plays a passive, non-aggressive style except when he has a step on the DMAN.

    iMO, Overrated. Overpaid. Underfperforms his skill level. Not even close to a superstar.

  153. _Why would Winnipeg trade Kane? Because NY needs him?_

    Who knows if or why they would, but just hearing a tiny whisper of it caused some movement.

  154. Stranger Nation on

    Mr D – are you counting Starts’ elbow to his head and his fight in LA as the hits this season?
    Nash is a talented offensive hockey player who has had 2 concussions in the last 10 months. While no two are the same, name the other Ranger players who have come back strong from their concussions?? Staal? Sauer???

    Is he overpaid – yes for now, wait till we see what contracts are given up with the new cap. In fact, we saw it already with Henk. Given this year’s performance; Henk @ $8.5 for 7 yrs or Nash @ $7.8 for 4 yrs? I know…neither

    Does he play on the perimeter – yes, but that Boston goal when he beat Chara and Bergeron wasn’t on the perimeter.
    While he is NOT a player to put a team on his back, he is also a scoring forward with no center.

  155. Corey Perry fights when he has to, he did a lot before. He’s too valuable to his team to fight though.

    All those guys you listed outside of Bure and P. Kane play hard nosed. Kessler is credited with being one of the toughest two way players out there.

    And it’s hard to get guys around a player when he takes up more than 10% of your cap and produces like a guy who makes 2/3rds his salary?

    Is that Nash’s fault? No, it’s Sathers fault and that’s what were all saying. It’s his fault for trading for him since he clearly didn’t know what he was getting.

  156. Agreed, Papa. If you have to be one-dimensional, you want that dimension to be scoring, but I’ll take a lesser scorer who plays both ways over the Nash-type any day.

  157. “Did LaFleur, Belliveau, Henri Richard, Ratelle, Gilbert, Bossy do so?”

    Com, by comparison or reference, are you inferring that Nash as a player is comparable with those in your Hall of Fame group?

  158. Strange, Nash has been overpaid since he signed his contract, when at the time he was in the top 3 salary wise in the league.

  159. Would any of you pay Phil Kessel 7.8 mil a year?

    I ask because Kessel hasn’t had a center since Savard and he seems to have no problem putting up Nash like numbers.

  160. Corey Perry is awesome. But he’s a distant memory to us. We will never acquire him. Unless Sather signs him when he’s 43.

  161. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wic Nass not good . He hawdry do what he paid fore – he no scaugh goarrs rike he sposed . I no want him on iranders

  162. Kessel needs to be surrounded by a bunch of muscle, which we don’t have, making him useless on our roster.

  163. Sioux-per-man Fire Up the Diesel on

    Manny did you see *Nash* had zero stats last night.

    22:51 time on ice with 2:49. *NOT ONE SHOT ON GOAL*

    Forget about hits and blocks – that been a big fat *NOTHING* all year long.

    Worst game I’ve ever seen him play.

    Seriously Boys…… KRISTO can do better than this!

  164. What muscle? He’s played with Kadri and JVR (who is big, but soft) for most of this year. In previous years he played with Grabovski, Bozak, MacArthur, Connolly, and Versteeg. Which one of those guys would you consider muscle?

  165. The next time Richards makes one of his patented blind passes that actually connects with somebody in a Rangers jersey will be the first time.

  166. Nash is a splash, has a rash, keeps a stash, lots of cash, skates around, like a clown, brings a frown, wears a skirt, lie in dirt, change his shirt, plays so bad, makes me sad, gets me mad, I’ll be glad when he’s gone, sing a song, jump for joy, smoke some soy,……………….boyeeeeeeeeee!

  167. Nash has shown in the past that he can be a very physical player and knows how to throw his weight around. He’s done it in Columbus, last year, and while playing for Canada during last Olympics. It isn’t his game. You’re not being fair to him, he is recovering from too concussions within 6 months, and is avoiding any type of physical contact. He still needs to score though. So long as his reluctance to engage physically doesn’t linger for too long, it’s not a problem.

  168. ILB, take off the Nash colored glasses. He is what he is, a major disappointment.

    Teams don’t trade superstars for 3rd line players, marginal prospects and a draft pick. Even Columbus.

    If he were so good, Columbus would have done better in the trade mart or kept him. (and I know , he had a limited no trade)

  169. Nash’s recent concussion history could quite reasonably mean his days of “throw(ing) his weight around” are over

  170. and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that given the relatively minor hit that put Staal back on the shelf, he’s going to have to be a significantly less physical player going forward

  171. I’m 100% *out* on Nick Rash. I don’t think he’s good enough to be the guy we rebuild our offense around so get rid of him and get some role players and get an identity.

  172. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    I’m really starting to feel like this years team is underachieving. The new MSG is bad luck. They were fine until they had that first home game. I think someone buried a Devs jersey under one goal crease and an Isles under another.

    We need to chop up the cement and find it! The Yankees did it when someone put a Red Sox jersey there. We need to find the Devs and Isles jerseys. They are there! They are killing us! Devs are 3-0 vs us. I’m guessing there is definitely one there!

  173. This team is in *SEVERE* trouble and has shown *ZERO* signs of anything that should lead us to believe they *can* or even *want* to turn it around. *NO* energy, *NO* effort. Nothing following horrid periods and closed door meetings.


  174. Ilb – he didn’t really do it in Columbus. Oshie destroyed him twice and he went to run into a little cave to hide from him for the rest of those games.

    And I won’t disagree that the concussions aren’t impacting him. But now he’s a 40-50 point player instead of a 60-65 point player.

    If were going to ice Nash benefit of the doubt, why not Boyle? He hasn’t been the same since his concussion? Why not Staal?

  175. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    What are the odds we can call up the KHL and trade Nash, Lundqvist and Richards for Kovalchuk? They’ll never know that they stink. They don’t have TVs

  176. Eddie, I’ve almost cracked the Wang code!!!! But it’s ritle hard to rearn. Rots of of retters seem rost in space.

  177. Sioux-per-man Fire Up the Diesel on

    Manny Sather did that when he fired *Torts*.

    AV – did help by playing PullOUT & Boyle on the Power Play when we are down by a goal.

    Hank – the one guy a truly feel sorry for. Talk about hitting rock bottom last night.

  178. Nash is the least of our “problems” IMO. Usually agree with Papa’s vision and wit, but I think ilb has this one in perspective.

  179. Concussions effecting him aren’t an excuse. If he can’t produce then he can’t produce. I don’t care about *why* he can’t produce. He just can’t.

  180. Crosby seems lie he has recovered from what appeared to be a more sever concussion issue.

    ILB, from a medical standpoint, if Nash is compromised due to a head injury, why would he be permitted to play?

  181. Sioux-per-man Fire Up the Diesel on

    So Many things wrong with this team right now. Not sure they can beat anyone in the league.

  182. Please stop talking about money and how it’s spent.

    Players don’t decide how a team’s dollars are spent are would be fools to refuse the perceived overpaid money.

    Papa, not comparing Nash talent wise to those mentioned, simply saying scorers are not required to be of the rough and tumble variety.

    Some may show more grit than others but that is not their principal responsibility.

    Nash is being ragged on here because of a perception he’s soft. I say nonsense because if he were scoring as his past record shows and this team were say 10 games over .500.

    You would not hear a peep out of those looking to dump these issues on his shoulders.

    The only, I repeat only reason posters are dumping on Nash is the failure of the team to be what it was purported to be by management and certain media types who are annually mesmerized by the Ranger distraction machine.

    This is not a well balanced team, has a very weak bottom six, has it’s multi millionaire goalie playing sub par hockey, has no real toughness, has no NHL ready prospects of note and has made FA mistakes year after year.

    But we need a victim, so it’s Nash who is soft, who is a finesse player, who is lazy, who is not worth the money and whom we overpaid for!

    Meanwhile I ask again, do you believe the Rangers were the only team looking to pry him away from Columbus?

    Nash’s perceived shortcomings are magnified because of the team’s failure to deliver what the fans expected.

    And no matter what anyone concludes about any of the above would still be a desirable commodity if we could turn back the clock to before the trade.

    You will find many examples of organizations who now regret giving the huge contracts to players thinking that player was the cure all.

    Baseball, Hoops, football and yes hockey, being a GM in any is as much an art as a science.

    Sather was recognized as a genius drafting and putting together an all star team in Edmonton with earl entry into the HOF.

    Now it’s decades later and he is neither an artist nor and scientist.

    Systemic blame him and the owner not one player whom you’ve discovered has a few warts!

  183. Sioux-per-man Fire Up the Diesel on

    Nash was suppose to be the elite *go-to* guy, get us a goal, put the team on your back and score. *LEAD*

    Nothing – in the playoffs.

    Nothing – last night!

    Really when is the last time we’ve seen him lead at all?

  184. Coos, how can we not have a #1 center and how can anyone at the moment have any concept when lines are changing constantly and the team is in panic mode?

  185. They ARE in panic mode. Very limited puck possession, and all but a tiny few sling the puck any and everywhere, either to avoid a hit, or thinking they’ll get lucky.

  186. I won’t pretend to know just how physical a player was since I only saw him play a handful of times before he became a Ranger but hit totals and penalty minutes are both down for him in the last couple of years. Also, Nash doesn’t have to be dealing with post-concussion syndrome to have his level impacted by the concussions. If it’s in his head that another borderline hit will put him on the shelf, he wouldn’t be a human being if that didn’t cause him to pull his punches a bit. If you saw Staal’s reaction the other night walking off after the hit and angrily spiking his helmet, that was everything to do with the frustration anyone who’s dealt with concussions experiences the moment you feel like you’re entering a period of dealing with that crap again. That can only happen so many times before you radically change your lifestyle to avoid potential concussion sources.

  187. iLB may be right Coos,., but if you recall, my complaints on Nash’s SOFT play go back to last year during the season and playoffs. especially the playoffs when he played GOOD.

    Even as a doctor, without examination of the patient and the records, IlB is speculating on cause, I’m more commenting on results. To me he didn’t look injury comprised when he was scoring in 4 of 5 games, but I’m not a medical professional.

    He’s inconsistent, disappears against certain types teams or during certain types of games. In fact to be argumentative but one could take the position that he is one of the biggest issues with this team…..Superstars need to set the pace lead by example, carry the team.

  188. I think part of Staal’s frustration in throwing his helmet in the runway was the fact that no one on the ice (other than Dorsett physically, or Boyler mouthically, will do anything whatsoever to deter or police head shots, especially to those who have been previously concussed.

  189. Papa- I’m being realistic on Nash. He’s been disappointing, to say the least. I attribute it to his two consecutive concussions. But he has a much better chance getting back to a goal scorer than Richards.

    I don’t think it’s medical at this point. I think it’s mental, Papa.

  190. Sioux, really Nash should lead, put the team on his back?

    Ask if Felix Hernandez did it, ask if Josh Hamilton did it,ask if Eli Manning did it?

    How about asking if Bobby Orr did it alone?

    Could Bobby Hull do it alone?

    Could Phil Esposito with the rangers do it alone?

    Let’s see if Cano can do it alone?

    Dear God, it’s a team game!

    It’s a terrible thing to be alone, give Nash a break! (;)

  191. It’s worse than *nothing* Sioux. Nash seemingly doesn’t care. His shifts are insanely short. He’s on the *2nd* PP unit. Not the first. He should be playing the entire 2 minutes of the PP. But for some reason, he’s not. Of course. He isn’t on *any* PK unit. Where there’s more space for him to go spin and do whatever he wants to do.

    Why is he playing under 23 minutes a night!?

  192. Sather Must Go! on

    Nash is a big problem if he dosent produce.. Whether or not he is has a “C” or “A” he is the highest paid, highest profile skater on the team… the rest of the guys will follow his lead.. if he dosent give hoot and/or not produce on the ice that will linger and permeate thru the locker room..

    From a strictly financial point, he takes up a lot rm under the cap, with limits the team…although with our GM that hardly matters…

  193. Opponents seem unconcerned with Richie, but defensively key on and collapse on Nash. However, if Nash is concentrated upon, someone should be open. But, who on this team, even open, has anything resembling a potent shot?

  194. Call up Kristo on

    Coos – I think its more I’m healthy for two games, now I’m injured for 10. Between his vision, and his headaches you have to feel for the guy.

    When you take Cally out, then Staal, you put in Pullout and McIlrath, you get what the Rangers had on display last night. A whole lot of NOTHING!

  195. As an analogy, in baseball, you take a .320 power hitter and put a schlump after him in the order, he becomes a .290 hitter and his homers plummet because he gets nothing to hit, and leads the league in walks.

  196. And .290 is probably pushing it because he’s swinging at bad pitches just to be a part of the game.

  197. Call up Kristo on

    Say what you want about Jagr. But back in the Renney days he put this whole team on his back, and scored.

    Now he is an older version of that self, but he can still score for his team.

    I want Nash to Step UP and be that leader for this team, forget about the letter. He’s here to score, and help this team win.

    Some of this has to be on AV’s shoulders for not having him out there.

    So far I’m *NOT IMPRESSED* with the “rookie” coach.

    Pull up Asham – that helped.
    Pull up McIlrath – that hurt, even though it had excitement surrounding what he could be…..but wasn’t.
    Put out Boyle & PullOUT on the Power Play after a break in the offensive zone……. REALLY???

  198. That’s fair ILB. He’s having trouble getting back up on the horse, so to speak.

    And if anyone could diagnose him from a distance, my money is on you!

  199. that was actually a great analogy Coos,

    I am concerned about the amount of time he’s been playing though. Maybe there is something going on we don’t know about?

  200. Stralman, just to mention one, costs us 2 or three extremely scary situations per game on D. If McIlrath is so sad as to do the same, at least he brings a few other things.

  201. One last comment for all you “going it alone types”.

    All you married guys when you get home this eve.

    Throw open the door, thump your chests and say.

    “If it weren’t for me you’d all be living in a box car”!

    Then duck! (;)

  202. I don’t think enough people appreciate just how bad Anton Stralman is. He’ll have one game out of every 10 or 12 and people think he’s actually competent. The rest of the time he’s a virtual maelstrom of gaffs and blunders. The guy constantly has opposing players blow by him, he has zero defensive sense (something that’s usually a pretty big problem for a defenseman) and he’s almost always getting torched in the absolute worst possible spot.

  203. @Sioux, I think putting pyatt and pullout on the pp was the AV version of Torts benching Gabby for poor play.

    also, you’re trying to compare one of the greatest players of all time to a solid nhl scorer. Nash may have a lot of talent but he is not, even on his best day, in the same league as Jagr was (maybe even is).

    It might be a complete misread of the situation but the biggest issue i’ve seen is the team takes on the demeanor of the coach. With Torts, even when we were playing badly we were playing badly but with some bite.

    With AV when we play badly we just look disinterested and terrible

  204. Call up Kristo on

    For some reason they don’t want to give my boy a shot.

    Part of me wants to see this team continue in its tail spin, until they do.

    But it hurts to watch this team, dump games to the back-up to the back-up goaltender. While watching another “rookie” get his 1’st goal.

  205. Correct Coos, same with a line with no #1 center and inadequate line mates, no?

    Maybe the Rangers need to hire a protection agency like Pinkerton? lol

  206. Call up Kristo on

    That’s exactly it Draxen!

    At least Torts would call a time out. Bark a little or a lot. But he got his team to play HARDER. Defend. Respond to cheap hits.

    This one…..chews on his gum.

    Torts has to be laughing all the way to the bank.

  207. ok but lets not pretend that the Rangers getting shut down by backup goaltenders is anything remotely new. that’s been going on at least as long as I’ve been watching this team (27+ years).

  208. Coos, there are players, for whatever reasons, as fans, we just don’t appreciate. We all have them and perhaps there under-appreciate because of our own blind spots.

    Nash is that player for me. He could be a dominate force with his skill level.

    Since we’re doing analogies, :) My musical analogy, He’s an accomplished soloist in the orchestra, but he sometimes plays the riff in the wrong key or tempo.

  209. Nash has had some bad games, but if you were OK bringing him in last year, then you should still be OK with him being here. He is just about on pace for his career averages projected over an 82 game season, and he was a point per game player last year.

  210. @Sioux – to be fair though. for that 10 game or so stretch where they were playing well, it was a much more well balanced and entertaining product.

    I’m not sure what happened to the smooth breakouts and zone entries from that time because it looks like every team in the league is able to stand us up in the Neutral zone and then transition and blow right by Strallman i mean our defense

  211. Call up Kristo on

    They will be better, because they can’t get any worse.

    Here’s hoping Hank can find his old self, and start with a win.

    Winning fixes everything.

  212. winning fixes everything, except when you’re the 2013-14 Rangers. you win one game, look great, and then, like Groundhog Day, everything goes back to the way it was before.

  213. Yeah,Papa. This is NY and Nash seems, personality wise, like a stoic. It’s hard to see him as any kind of a leader except by performance. Your Kevin McReynolds comparison was extraordinarily apt.

  214. Call up Kristo on

    I agree. Rangers can’t get it across the blue line anymore. So they dump it in, or pinch and get caught, and the other team feeds off our mistakes.

    Strallman & McIlrath is even slower.

    Not sure how the AV the rink master is going to fix this. It’s not a quick fix.

  215. The best part of these threads is that regardless of what everyone thinks is wrong and who are the culprits.

    We all agree on one thing.

    There are pictures of illicit acts somewhere in the MSG vault! (;)

  216. I could picture the Beatles going to meet a robed Nash in India, like the Maharishi Yogi, and Nash saying things like “know thyself.”

  217. OK, cam we level set here for a minute. We all know they have been terrible the last 2-3 weeks. But, they are 2 points out of a playoff spot. The Devils have beat them 3 times and are still a point behind them. And it’s not even mid-December.

    There’s a long way. So, let’s work on righting the ship and get in the playoffs playing well.

    Or we can blow the whole thing up. Either would be fun.

  218. if you discount the concussion factor, Rick Nash looks like one thing and one thing only: a small market player.

  219. Speaking of Alain, he is starting to show the strain.

    he actually seems to have lost weight and his color looks a little pasty on TV.

    Of course it could be my 20 yr. old Sharp which weighs more than Byflugien(S).

    Doesn’t that sound like a musical instrument?

  220. ‘The season may end in fire, or in ice
    From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hang with those who favor fire.
    But if we have to perish twice,
    Ice is nice, and would suffice.’

    (Playing with a little Bobby Frost)

  221. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Brian Boyle needs to take a seat for a while. Pouliot needs to take a seat permanently._

    It is refreshing to read your analysis of certain players. You seek quality for the Rangers, whereas others settle for a player with a world-beating 55.1% faceoff rate.

  222. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _We all agree on one thing._

    There is one person responsible for producing mediocre Rangers teams.

    *Glen Sather*

  223. Boyle’s face-off percentage is up to a whopping 56.2% now. Of course, there are people here who want to pretend that cancels out Boyle’s virtual nonexistent presence on the ice, his 16 straight games without a point and being scorless in 28 out of 33 games this season. But yeah nothing matters but Brian Boyle taking face-offs. That stat is just that important. You guys remember how vital Jeff Halpern was to the Rangers, right

  224. Cut Anton and see how many teams would snap him up!

    Good tech skills once again minimized by playing with similar style D men.

    If we only had Chara!

  225. Kristo called up yet? on

    Flames on the 15th, perhaps that will be our 1’st win in this home stretch.

    Just beware of their back up goal tender, and rookie that hasn’t scored yet.

    I would laugh if they called up Knight (Kristo’s linemate last year) and he scored on us.

  226. Stranger Nation on

    _Would any of you pay Phil Kessel 7.8 mil a year?_
    _I ask because Kessel hasn’t had a center since Savard and he seems to have no problem putting up Nash like numbers_

    On October 1, 2013, Kessel officially signed an eight-year contract that will pay him an average of $8 million annually through the 2021-22 NHL season.

    So Nash is underpaid??

  227. Kristo called up yet? on

    The Blue seats need to work on a new chant after the whistle switch the “Potvin Sucks” chant, to Sather Sucks.

  228. How in hell can this team have an “optional” skate in the midst of this circus? I don’t think they get much coaching at all except game time.

  229. Stranger Nation on

    If Richards was your center, you would cut your shifts short also knowing:
    A) you will most likely be hemmed in your own zone the entire shift
    B) You will not receive a pass as you are cutting to net or into zone
    C) You won’t score, but at least your +/- won’t take a beating…

  230. Kristo called up yet? on

    Manny – we need to find about 4-5 guys, get the seats close to Sam & Joe, and we could get the SATH-ER SUCKS chant to jump off the Chase Ledge :)

    It could happen.

  231. I personally think that this team is in *Dire* straits and is going nowhere fast but straight down the sewer. The pattern will continue and we will trade young kids for aging veterans to squeak into the playoffs.

  232. When a substance undergoes a change of quantity or quality, the same substance remains throughout. But does anything persist when one kind of thing turns into another? Aristotle’s answer is yes: MATTER.

  233. If the Winnipeg Jets want *2* top 6 Forwards, a Prospect and a Draft Pick for Evander Kane I don’t know why: Hagelin, Brassard, Del Zotto and a Pick have not been carted off to Winnipeg yet. *GET IT DONE*

  234. Stralman has definitely been playing down to his teammates lately. That boy needs a trade out of here to protect his UFA status.. Maybe Torts would take him.

  235. Also, can we *trim the fat* on this blog and get rid of these multiple account idiot troll people? A lot of awesome people don’t come around much anymore and I will lay the blame on the annoyances that refuse to leave.

  236. Fine! Hagelin, Stepan, Del Zotto and a Pick. DONE.

    I don’t care. This team needs a rebuild of players that can play the coaches style. It has to be done. These guys cannot handle it.

  237. I recognize that Kessel is really good at scoring goals, but I don’t think I could stare at his face for a full season, let alone almost a decade.

  238. Stranger Nation on

    It feels like Nash is getting the Holik treatment; blamed for making money on a contract everyone and their brother would sign for performing the way he did (actually higher) prior to coming here..

    Production 3 seasons prior to coming to NYR:
    95 Gs & 192 pts in 233 Games; .40 GPG & .82 PPG
    With NYR
    27 Gs & 53 pts in 60 Games; .45 GPG / .88 PPG

    Tangibles: Dubi & Artie since trade
    Dubi – 8 goals
    Artie – 19 goals
    Total: 27 goals

  239. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _don’t know why: Hagelin, Brassard, Del Zotto_

    Hagelin isn’t a legitimate top 6 forward.
    Brassard is a borderline top 6 forward; RFA following the season; set to have his cap hit raised from $3.2MM.

  240. Manny, are you serious, you sound like an elitist piggy!

    And it is not politically correct to speak of people’s weight issues especially emphasizing in bold print!

    There is actually a network circle jerk describing both the show and the Rangers.

    The Biggest Loser

  241. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I don’t think I could stare at his face for a full season, let alone almost a decade_

    Then, you would want no part of Marchand, wouldn’t you agree?

  242. Manny, I though McIlrath was fine last night too.

    Next game if Rammer remembers to tell him to take his skate guards off before his first shift, he might not go into seizure like he did behind the net on his first shift last night.

    He did a half Girardi Snow Angel combined it with a Boyle like Bambi move while pulling a complete DeLZaster brain fart, chasing an opponent who was 5 feet in front of him aimlessly behind the net. I was worried for his health, thought he may have blown out his knee again.

  243. Nice work using Nash’s points but then comparing only goals head to head, Stranger.

    If you knew heading into that trade that on 12-13-13, Nash would have 53 points and Dubinsky + Anisimov would have combined for 71, would you really be pleased?

  244. Manny, you did it didn’t you?

    You actually told the Missus that without you her world would come to an end?

    And now you have an ice bag for various parts of your bod? (;)

  245. That was really funny, *Papa* I like how they skated over to calm him down after that panic move. I had a good chuckle.

  246. Marchand is more traditionally ugly. Kessel just looks so smug and hittable. If I had to look like either, it would be an easy call to go with Marchand.

  247. Pops, I must be here for the holidays, with 3 children and 8 grandchildren my presence (wallet) is mandatory. I also spend the summer in NJ.

    I head home after the first.

    But will continue to observe the machinations of the Carp aquarium! (;)

  248. My mega millions quick pick ticket gave me the numbers of: Drury, Kreider, McDonagh, Asham, Pouliot and for the Mult. Ball thing: Ed Giacomin.

  249. Coos, or another down without his helmet!

    But a really decent man who aside from his Nixon fluff tried to do the right thing.

    Whatever that was or is anymore.

  250. Stranger Nation on

    Mr D – yes – very impressive that *two* centers have more points than one forward

    Should I add our friend Brassard’s totals to the mix as well to make my point?

  251. It would be hysterical. Could you imagine? The first thing I would do is pay him twice his salary to leave the team immediately.

  252. No need, Stranger, I think we won the Gaborik trade.

    Those *two* centers make less than Nash, so if you pair whichever 12th forward you want, we’re paying more for lesser production. 2 should outproduce 1, but if you want to honestly level it out, those Columbus 2 are outproducing Nash + whoever.

  253. Stranger Nation on

    Coos – read somewhere that the take home net-net in NY is ~28% of published jackpot.

    Still not a bad haul

  254. And hire John Scott to hand you down things from the high cabinets and to clean ceilings, not to mention that you could become very nasty to the neighbors if he doubled as bodyguard.

  255. But would you really want John Scott living in your house? Dropping Cheetos all over the floor? Chugging all your Yoo Hoo?

  256. Srange, -28%? You gots your almost 40% or more feds, 9% State, add city taxes, and you take it bulk, you probably start with 220, then start with the taxes. No?

  257. Stranger, you’ve just used the perfect analogy for the Nash discussion.

    Manny buys one ticket and actually expects to win!

    That’s what Sather does!

    Actually one ticket does win but sometimes my analogies require deeper thought for hidden meanings! lol

  258. @Herman_NYRBlog The Florida Panthers, whose highest earning fwds are Tomas Fleischmann, Scottie Upshall, and Thomas Kopecky, have more goals than #NYR.

  259. Coos, I asked you about that quote and who said it?

    Who am I going to talk to here about literate matters or quiz joust?

    I need move to counter! (;)

  260. From ‘Book of Quotations that Were Never Uttered’

    Vince Lombardi – “We took another beating out there again, fellows, and none of you have even a clue as to what you are doing, so we’re planning some optional coaching, come if you want to”

  261. Manny, you’re so down today, its not like you. im worried.

    I think you should skip gym, hit bar… Hit bar hard.

  262. I did some arms. Until I felt like I was sick. It went well. Because of the pacemaker I can’t lift more than 25lbs in each arm or it could _could_ break. So I work out as hard as one can with those limitations.

    Sweet burn though. Totally Swoll.

  263. I am really *down* today, Papa. I was at the game last night (with eric) which could explain it. The team’s lack of effort, Nash taking 30 second shifts like he’s 41 and AV continuing to boggle my mind after every TV timeout just really killed me. I think this team needs a rebuild.

    Hagelin, Brassard & Kristo plus a Third for E. Kane NOW

  264. The worst of seasons are the ones that slowly go into the abyss, and you know there is nothing they can do to stop it. This team has one of the most flawed rosters they’ve had in years.

    Uhg. Just plain Uhg.

  265. Rob in Beantown on

    What is eric like in person during a game like last night? Is he the same in person as he is *online*?

  266. Manny, we all have one life to live, try not to waste limited energy on a sport, especially being a Ranger fan.

    And do learn to be more flexible and use good form and common sense when lifting.

    Use 20lb. dumb bells!

    Now I know a few 200lb. ones but it will keep for another day.

    Finally, it is peace of mind which will keep you young with a substantial daily dose of humor and a pop or two!

    Be flexible in all things, it works.

    Peace and the blessings of all monotheistic gods on you.

  267. Mr.D, if we must talk hockey only per Manny’s edict.

    Is just one player even the prototypical power forward really the answer.

    We need a coherent plan to build a balanced roster and a competitive franchise not for just a year, but always.

    I think I just used a line from an old song! (;)

  268. Oh, yeah, one player is absolutely not the answer. But I wouldn’t mind getting that hypothetical one player on our roster, expanding my little core by one, then setting forth with a plan. Unless we make a completely idiotic trade in terms of assets, I can’t see how Kane is anything but a great start to rebuilding with young, high level talent.

  269. MrD, but inevitably who will articulate that “plan” when the owner’s brat continues to supplicate himself before Sather’s throne?

    Gretzky and Messier as President and GM, would provide a graceful exit for the Big Cigar!

  270. Manny, this is not the way to manage stress.

    Have a vodka tonic or a hot toddy.

    Cores are important but the entire apple is needed here.

  271. I would make the sacrifice if it was for such a *good* cause.

    Although Carp’s traffic would take a hit.

  272. This biggest applause last night was for Michael K Williams AKA Chalky White from Boardwalk Empire and Omar Little from the Wire. Maybe he can skate and help us out. It was literally the only thing worth cheering for.

  273. Ottawa Sun: Senators get feisty at practice as Chris Neil punches Cory Conacher.

    New York papers: Rangers have optional.

  274. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    E3 reporting for duty

    (The blog erupts with a 20 minute ovation)

    Thank you boys, thank you

  275. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – thank you…..thank you…….I liked the rangers not happy with the trade crack re: nasher

  276. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think you mentioned it last night but I really think it’s Nash’s coconut that’s not right….

  277. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    He’s a rebel and he’ll never ever be any good….just because he won’t do what everybody else does, that’s no reason why I can’t give him all my love….

  278. ‘Run, run Rudolph, Santa’s got to make it to town!
    Santa, make him hurry, tell him he can take the freeway down.
    Run, run Rudolph, reelin’ like a merry-go-round!

  279. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lee Trevino playing as a thunderstorm approaches quickly…….he grabs a 1-iron and his partner asks “aren’t you afraid?” Lee responds – “even god can’t hit a 1iron”

  280. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Another great Trevino line “pressure isn’t making a putt for $100,000, it’s betting someone 50 bucks with no money in your pocket”

  281. Since the TV was 15 seconds ahead of the radio last night, I put the TV volume on during a huge scrum in front of the net where players were banging wildly at the puck. Joe was narrating some nonsense old story, and Sam interrupted, giving us the action. Then he said, ‘Sorry, Joe.” So pathetic, I had to laugh at the absurdity.

  282. JT Miller scores! 1-0 Wolfpack. I missed the first period but the pack out shot the phantoms 12-9 and killed off four penalties.

  283. Both true Trevino quips, e. Lee had an old buddy who owned a bar in Westchester, and when he played in the Westchester Classic, he would stop by after each round for a couple hours and BS with the clientele just to help his buddy’s business. Quite a character. Very real.

  284. ‘You’ll never know how great a kiss can feel
    When you stop at the top of a Ferris wheel
    When I fell in love down at Palisades Park.’

  285. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Fwiw, my take on Nash… if he plays physical or in a physical game (ie him vs ovi the other night) he seems to avoid contact a bit the few games after. So he either gets pcs feelings after the physical game or he is worried about getting another concussion and tones it down to avoid another one. Either way he needs a physical bigger guy on his line to help him.

    I don’t think it’s lack of courage on his part, I think it’s career preservation on his part.

  286. coos, where I sit I can here the MSG broadcast, and the radio broadcast, and the visiting broadcast. And last night I can hear Kenny doing straight play-by-play, and the Columbus guy doing straight play-by-play, and the MSG guys chit-chatting.

    do you know the name of the bar Trevino frequented? if you don’t want to say it on the blog, drop me an email. just curious, with a reason.

  287. nice save by the Pack goalie,….keeps it 1-0. new hartford goalie to me…

    Bob Crawford ?@HawkCrawford 10h
    New at http://hartfordwolfpack.com : @WolfPackAHL Acquire Goaltender Dov Grumet-Morris from @sarampage.

    Kris Newbury hacks him and gets a penalty for interference.

  288. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Trevino was a character. Palmer, Trevino, Jack, and Gary Player….pretty good 4-some.

  289. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I don’t think it’s lack of courage on his part, I think it’s career preservation on his part._

    Life preservation.

  290. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Speaking of Arnie….heard he was one of the greatest chick magnets in all of sports history…

  291. So long ago, Charp, but Halstead Avenue sounds familiar to my memory. I’d never remember the name of the place. I never saw Lee there, but my uncle who was briefly on the early tour and told great insider golf, related that story to me.

  292. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – I agree….he needs protection…..miller and hags for E. Kane….let Kane ride with him….problem solved…..I still from time to time go back and watch Kane KO Matt Cooke….one if the greatest shots I’ve ever seen….BOOOOOOM

  293. Carp, It wasn’t DePalo’s Dugout, in WP, which might sound logical because of all the sports connections, and one of the DeP’s was way back when the long drive champion. Pretty sure it was Halstead Ave.

  294. eddie, Palmer had that rep, but not Jack. Carp recommended a book by O’Connor, an old friend and colleague, about Jack and Arnie, and it was uber informative and painfully researched.

  295. Kenny does a pro job and Maloney is so honest and informative that I’m waiting for Dolan to one night hear him on radio and chastise him for not toeing the Party line.

  296. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I never said a word about jack, who I think is the greatest golfer ever. Real family man, upstanding and outstanding person…

  297. Lefty loves the action. He likes to bet that he can pull off individual shots, rather than Nassaus, etc. Which is probably why he is often so reckless on the tour at inopportune times.

  298. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wigger Toods had a chance to be the best ever…..but he couldn’t stay out of the hole…and it ruined him – along with the injuries….

  299. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And Michael Jordon – that trio had parties at Pebble Beach that’d make a hooker blush

  300. Jordan’s (was?) another one of Tiger’s entourage. Also loves to bet on golf, which is hardly his forte.

  301. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So who didn’t show up at the optional skate? It’s a good thing I’m not coach because unless they were injured, the no shows would be no play!!

  302. The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow….oh, just checked the forecast. fuggettabout it. Where’s my roof rake?

  303. You’ve got to give a rittrl, , take a rittrl
    And ret your poor heart break a rittrl.
    That’s the story of, that’s the grory of rove

  304. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If trade zuc or Hagar and step or brassard and miller or hrivik and a 2nd/3rd rd pick for Kane

  305. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – it’s been real cold for these parts – lows in the high 20’s and low 30’s at night….but, during the day – 60’s

  306. Mista Wang, rooking rike a bery bad storm is roomring. I be a ritle frightened. Don’t rike row tempatures. Make-y my sacki too cold. Chop-chop.

  307. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Is not hot fore anyone. Weather weary crazy. Soon it rightning and thundah. Then brizzard

  308. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wick – I’d trade step for Kane. Would the jets want more? I be happy to part with Step, Hags, Boyle, Pyatt, Richards, and Hank. Who could we fetch in return?

  309. Love it when the newspapers are buried in my driveway under inches of snow, just waiting to clog my snowblower.

  310. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Shame Staal is concussed cause I’d have traded him too. But I think retirement awaits #18

  311. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mistah Kooz – why you use snow brower? You shover that snow and get big muscrr in ahms

  312. :) eddie and Papa don’t have snowblowers, wrenches, screwdrivers, or lawn mowers. They have Rolodexes.

  313. ‘Cigarette horder which wigs me over my showder, she digs me
    Out cattin’ my satin dorr!
    Baby, shar we go out steppin’, carefur, amigo, you’re frippin’
    Speaks Ratin, my satin dorr.’

  314. Mistah Edrie, Me rike one rong time ago. Miss Rucy was her name. She was very cute. Nice rong regs, just the way I rike them .

  315. Rangas pwayas are pwaying with fiyra. Coach Arwain not rike what he see. Rikery gonna Make pwayers do rots of raps at next pwactice.

  316. Me and wife prannin trip to Yerrowstone this spwing, very rovery views. Pray with many anrimaws. Mountain rion my favorite. Rearry rove the corors of the randscrape too.

  317. Grizzry Bears not rike peopwa. My friend Rouie rost a reg and hand in a grissry bear attack. Now he rimps around on one reg, and has hawd time crapping at shows with one hand.

  318. Rike to keep it short Mista Ed, no need to use the, not rearry needed. But mIsta Cuuz, he very good writa. If he say we need use the, than I risten to what he tera me.

  319. Exactry Mista CCCP. U should be rike me. I rike rots of rovely radies. Sing to them “Ahr, rove to rove you Babi” Arr night rong.

  320. I very rucky man day I met my rady. She just what I rike, rovery sweet gurr. She out of my reague, rong regs, nice roins, soft rips. Wow, I say when I ray eyes on her, Chop-Chop!

  321. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Roan ree day, roan ree night. Where I be without my rover?

    Bee gee good band – they have a rot tarent

  322. I’m the smartest most crever most physicarry fit
    But nobody else seems to rearize it
    When I change the world maybe they’ll notice me
    But until then I’rr just be ronery
    Rittle ronery, poor rittle me

    I’m so ronery

  323. Good evening all!
    I am belated, but a happy Festivus for the rest of us…I got a lot of problems with you people. ….:) and now, the feats of strength…

    Sigh, I am so depressed….

  324. I started following Torts’ daughter
    On twitter. She’s awesome. Chip off the old block.

    @taj1944: If Kassian actually said it to Gagner, how does your enforcer not fight Kassian? Should be put on waivers.

  325. hagerstown MD Rangers fan on

    There are a lot of wishful posts here for the NYR to make this trade or that but unfortunately they are not grounded in reality. The ugly unfortunate truth is the NYR have nothing of value to send in a trade. What team really wants Nash? Brassard? Girardi? Hagelin? NOBODY. These guys are not bringing back any thing of value certainly not Evander Kane unless Sather has compromising photos of the Winnipeg GM. The best thing would be for Sather to retire to do whatever it is he is already doing instead of looking after the organizations best interests. Having said all this negative stuff I wish they could make some miracle trades that suddenly make them difficult and dangerous to play against again but it just aint happening.

  326. hagerstown MD Rangers fan on

    Sounds good Miami. Now do you have compromising photos of the Winnipeg GM to give uncle Glenny

  327. When you’re dealing from a position of weakness, and every GM in the league knows it, you can’t even get Pouliot straight up for Pouliot.

    Good morning, boneheads!

  328. I keep saying it and will continue to say it. The dark ages are here and the future not looking bright for the New York Rangers. It’s all downhill from here and yet Sather will still be the GM. It’s like having the Grinch as your GM for the NY Rangers. Sather looks like the Grinch, maybe he is the Grinch.

  329. WTF, no game tonight? What will I to complain about? This is BS, I’ll have to work to find something.

  330. Here is the question to raise our anxiety level on this Brutal Saturday:

    *Are the Rangers closer in years to their last Cup or their next Cup?*

  331. Hagerstown MD Rangers fan on

    It’s looking increasingly like this one will have to last a life time. Please Mr. Sather go home. Everyone on this blog will gladly send you a box of Cubans if you will only retire.

  332. Couple of extraneous thoughts on a snowy day.

    Tommy G., Why when I post similar comments to your last do you repeatedly say something to the effect it’s “old news and what can we do about it” since you apparently endorse the sentiments?

    Sioux, there is a great photo and story about the resurgence of the Bison herd in the Great Plains in the National Wildlife Federation’s recent communication.

    Look at those poor fellows almost extinct in the past when you think of “bison burgers”!

    Consider a grilled cheese sandwich! (;)

  333. Blowing a team up for a complete rebuild, maybe best case scenario, 4-6 years before you can be competitive? And that’s if you have good drafts that produce some great and some good players and acquire additional talent through trades and waivers.

    Signing a UFA superstar away from another team in this mans NHL under this CBA will be close to impossible. We are in the era of teams resigning their superstars, especially with the cap going up like it appears.

  334. *NOTE TO NEW GM*

    Poulett, Pyatt, Moore, Boyle, Nash, Stepan, Richards, Hagelin, Brassard, Ashram send them all away. Get maximum value and move forward.

    Callahan Dorsett, Zuccarello can stay for now, but if a team demands their inclusion in a deal to package some of the dead wood up there ^ ( and they might because they each do certain thing well) send them too.

    Miller looks like another one of these ‘not quite good enough to score consistently’ in the NHL ( if he scores at all). Pack him too while his has some ‘still a good prospect’ mojo.

    Why not Give Kristo a shot with the big team? Keep him away from beer, snow and the two legged dears that prey on NY athletes.

    Staal, DelZaster, Stralman, Girardi, Falk can pack their bags as well.

    McIlrath not going to be a NHL Defensman of any worth, but keep him around to fight along with Bickel or Haley (because that’s the best we have)

    John Moore, not sure.

    McDonuogh and the Kreider are part of the future, but they may have to go at some point as well, because they will provide a maximum value in return ( that is until they burn out from aging with such a weak team)

    Lundquist? Looks like your stuck with him. Send him to a shrink, keep him away from the guitar, hope either he decides to go back to Sweden or they bring back the old equipment.


    The prospect cup board is either bare, filled with beer or stocked with stale Cubans.

    No solutions there either, move on quickly.

    Before leaving, please turn out the lights, lock the door ( keep Kristo away from the beer cupboard) and if we were a baseball team, I’d say pray for a rainy decade.

  336. Can’t really see giving ANYONE an 8 year contract unless he is 25 or younger, scores like TGO and bites mailmen.

  337. Coos, you believe it, my Snow Blower crapped out. Now the wife will have to do some manual labor and my dinner will probably be served late today.

    Can I get a loan from my wealthy Brother?

  338. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Blowing a team up for a complete rebuild, maybe best case scenario, 4-6 years before you can be competitive_

    That is not necessarily the case. 2 years is the best case scenario. Requires optimal talent evaluation, developmental staff, a general manager with vision and direction. Rebuilding on the fly would be facilitated by already having Hank, McDonagh and Kreider. They first would have to see if Hank can be an average goalie without the defense-first systems of Torts and Renney protecting him.

  339. :) Wife: “Where do we keep the shovels?”
    Papa: “How in hell would I know where we keep the shovels?”

  340. CCCP…. u know they won’t fold the 2nd most lucrative franchise in the NHL, even if they suck.

    The Ranger business model should be a case study at the Harvard Business School. Being successful while constantly failing.

  341. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    If Sather re-signs Girardi to anything more than a stopgap 1-2 year deal and Callahan to anything more than a 3-4 year deal, he’s *out of his mind*.

  342. @AGrossRecord: Dylan McIlrath just cleared out Chris Kreider from the crease with a quick arm shove like it was no big deal. Which is not the case.

  343. I love that people want to trade away 23-year-old Stepan – who’s having his first real rough patch — to “rebuild.”

  344. Kenneth……

    So, the jury is still out on Sather’s mind being lost? I thought we concluded it has been MIA since his Oiler early days.

  345. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Papa Bear,
    You are correct. The jury came back unanimous a long time ago.

  346. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _The untouchables that you don’t trade are: Hank, Callahan, Stepan, McDonagh, Kreider and McIlrath_

    Exclude Callahan and McIlrath from the list.

  347. I would also like to keep Dorsett for the 4th line. Sig. John Mitchell to play Center next year and either bring up Bickel or sign Westgarth.

    Get E. Kane now. Give them almost anything.

  348. Manny, History has taught is, there are no untouchables.

    Wayne Gretzky was traded and the Oilers won a Cup without him.

  349. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Manny, History has taught is, there are no untouchables._
    *Manny, History has taught is, there are no untouchables.*

  350. I find it quite interesting how it appears lately based on several not so veiled comments about the make-up of the roster, AV seems to be inferring or pointing towards the bus that he is considering throwing Sather and management under when the time is right.

    AV exit strategy percolating?

  351. I guess I meant more *core* than untouchable. I think this team needs a reboot and you need a core and identity to build around.

  352. Just came back in from shoveling part of the long driveway. Was surprised to find the storm very similar to NYR: Snow white, light, yielding, no weight, no grit. A pleasure to deal with, all in all. I kicked it’s ass and got the hell out.

  353. *NOTE TO WIFE*

    Snow’s starting to accumulate. Better get dressed. I’ll have Hot Cocoa on when you get back in. Would you like marshmallows?

  354. *Note to Wife Part 2*

    You get out there and show that Snow who’s boss. Just like my buddy Mista CoosCoos did!

  355. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    *Revised* core list of *Manny*: Hank, Kreider, Stepan, McDonagh, Callahan re-signed to a reasonable contract.

  356. Coos:) , but on the bright side, you won’t be stuck in the house hearing her complain the whole weekend about how she had to “shovel that Snow”.

  357. She asked me ‘what’s wrong with the Snowblower?’

    I said ‘wont start, bad carburetor’

    She said, ‘well?’

    I said, ‘well?, you either gonna change the carburetor or find the shovel’

  358. Pop, Had a big old house in Bronxville that I had to sign over when I moved out. ’57 fully restored TBird in the garage, about which she said at the property transfer: “If you don’t have that “heap” out of my garage in 10 days, I’m donating it to Kars for Kids.”

  359. My Pops had his first heart attack shoveling snow. Keep that one in my back pocket, carry it with me all the time.

  360. A lone leaf falls on Manny’s terrace in the Fall, and he calls the Super to bring up a leaf blower.

  361. It’s been said that once you hit forty, don’t even pick up a show shovel. Combination of too many negative things coalescing. ilb might confirm that.

  362. Papa, when you get to Key West, you have to send us a pix of you in your flower shirt and straw hat, holding a cocktail. Cheer us snowbounders up!

  363. poor eddie in Monterey, of all places, wearing a parka, stoking his wood stove, drinking Irish coffee.

  364. I enjoy the snow as it’s falling, beautiful, pristine and powerful.

    It’s the 10 days after while it morphs into ugly that I find myself longing for warmer Caribbean or Gulf climate.

  365. Clarkson goes out of his way to put his shoulder square into the jaw of another guy, and only gets two games. Good work NHL.

  366. I agree about Callahan and girardi but after witnessing Sather (Grinch)signing Lundqvist to a 7yr, 8.5 mil per year deal. I’m afraid to see the contracts he signs with Callahan and Girardi.

  367. The snow has been falling since 9 am. The good thing out here on eastern LI is I get to see the snow fall, get into the Christmas spirit all day and when tomorrow comes it will be all gone like it never happened as the heavy rains tonight will wash it all a way. I have no complaints. I won’t have to worry shoveling it, scrapping it off the vehicle or driving in it.. My kind of snow.

  368. Gentle men,

    I’ve spent about 24 hours now pouring over stats and going over historical trades and analyzing everything about everyone on this team … from their shooting percentages to their defensive positioning to their reported drinking habits.

    And I’ve come to one conclusion:

    They’re bush.

  369. Tommy,,,,, *Sather Fear* is an epedemic spreading through Bonehead Nation like a wild fire right now. It’s an anxiety disorder with one treatment option that is not yet available, remove Sather.

  370. We are doubly cursed. A GM who is in the beginning stages of dementia and not capable of sound judgement and an owner who is so out of touch with reality that he fancies himself as a legitimate performing artist and solely focused on pursuing musical fame that he doesn’t have the time required to understand the seriousness of the Ranger situation or just doesn’t care as long as the dollars continue to pour in.

    And the fan-base beats on.

  371. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You guys realize, *IF* we ever rebuild it will be like 03-04 and will be right before the next lockout!

  372. Ex ranger:

    @mirtle: Blackhawks acquire Jason LaBarbera from the Oilers, in exchange for future considerations.

  373. To have grown up in Connecticut and to have never shoveled snow should go into the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. :)

  374. Stranger Nation on

    Miller and Kristo have nice Chemistry….in the AHL

    Hell, I say bring them all up, Haley, Bickel, Kristo, Miller – need a heart transplant on this team

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