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  1. Well, Eric made it. No help from me. I spent most of the game watching Carp type stuff and hold his head in his hands. Way better than the product on the ice.

    How Pouliot can go from press box to top line is beyond me. How this coach can never use a timeout. Ugh. How Rick Nash can take the shortest shifts ever and skate off with no regard for defensive responsibility is beyond me. How Vigneault can come back from a tv timeout time and again with Pyatt on the ice and no Nash.

    Guys. This team has no hope. None.

    Stralman was terrible. Vigneault ended up playing basically two defenseman until he gave up attempting to tie it with 6 minutes
    To go.

  2. I watched the final 10 minutes or so of the 1st then paused it. By the time I was able to sit down and watch the game on center ice, the game was over and I knew the score. I am curious, other than making a bad decision on the first goal how was the undertaker? Viable 3rd pairing d-man? Better? Worse? u;oihq

  3. I thought he was fine. I didn’t even hate his move on the first goal. As I have said, he likes to play high in the zone and isn’t afraid to be physical away from the goal.

    He’s a young kid trying to make an impression. He was fine. And did not deserve to be glued to the bench in the 3rd.

  4. Don't Throw Evrocks At Glass Houses on

    The Rangers have beaten exactly one team this season that has scored 3 or more goals against them. At least they were courteous enough to let us know how this game was gonna go earlier than usual. That’s as positive as I can get.

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