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  1. Carp:

    If you were being first introduced to NYR hockey now rather than when you were a kid would you come back, be interested?

  2. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Oh, and he’d be tied for 2nd on the team in points._

    Logical fallacy.

  3. Carp,

    I know all you beat writers are afraid Jimmy Boy Dolan might take away your pass’s but it is time for all of you to starting taking on Sather. 13 years of brutal drafting and fighting for 8th place every year is crap. Firing coaches only
    is an excuse for so long before you know Sather is the problem. This years team is gutless and heartless.
    Please call out Sather like you should do!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Carp – why would we not bring up McIlrath at this point? He can’t be any worse that Del Z or Falk or Moore. AT the least, he can get experience at this level especially since we have only 2 D-Men under contract next year.

  5. is it time to question sather on what his plans are, and if jimmy dolan is going to demand accoutability from him? or will the players and the coaches only be on the hot seat?

  6. len sannicandro on

    carp,also harrison resident life long ranger fan. first game in person 1960 with my older me this team has too many of the same players and there just not that good.from hank to calli to garardi its seems there game has fell off, seems there heads are some place other then ranger hockey. maybe richards statement is true, to comfortable life is good as aranger in n.y.. maybe to many guys looking to sochhi andtoo many looking to a nice 3 week vacation

  7. Gift of GAB-orik says KREID-or-Die! on

    GOOD AFTERNOON SALLY! AND CARP! and the rest of you ledge walkers today!

  8. pretty sure the bleacher report just makes up everything they post but that Dylan McIllrath, a 9th overall pick is equivalent to a 66th overall, 15-point, 3rd-pairing defenseman, that I believe.

  9. ‘I’ll take Manhattan,
    The Bronx
    An Staten Island, too.
    It’s lovely walking through
    The Zoo.’

  10. ‘Grab your coat and get your hat
    Leave your worries on the doorstep
    Just direct your feet
    To the sunny side of the street.’

  11. Carp, was about to ask in the Charp, but interested to hear why you feel Lindros was one of Sather’s biggest blunders?

    Obviously, he couldn’t stay healthy, but considering what they gave up, it wasn’t a terrible gamble. Of course, everyone else was pretty terrible.

  12. It was a time to rebuild, Gravy. He had the green light to rebuild. And he went with the big-name route instead … and kept on doing that.

  13. I know every night I get proven more and more wrong, but I think this team does have the talent to play an up tempo game. I think the true problem is with there D. its not tough enough, or offensive enough to play that system.

  14. ilb, true, but less of a concern in the non-cap era. Sort of like the Yankees (I’m a Mets fan). People will complain they outspend everyone, but they’re entitled to. It’s only an issue if it prevents them from signing another player outside their internal budget.

    bull dog, I think it’s a team problem, not just the D. They don’t really excel at the offensive or gritty defensive games. Lots of middling.

  15. another big problem that really has not been mentioned is Stepan. his STATS say he is having a decent season, but if you watch him he has been lousy. he has never been a strong skater, but this season his skating is really bad. he is behind the play, or getting caught from behind before he can shoot or pass. I root like heck for him, but he has just not been good this year.

  16. I don’t know, bull dog. The one thing that seems pretty obvious the more I watch this team is just how little offensive talent the Rangers put on the ice.

  17. richie dragged weighted sleds and wheel-less jeeps around a desolated parking lot. Seems like he brought them back with him.

  18. Carp, I detect a developing trend which dovetails into my repeated requests that you and the other writers covering metro hockey should demand an audience not with Sather but with Dolan.

    Do not use the Vaccaro “interview” as a template!

    On you chat this day a poster mentioned a truculent piece you wrote in the early part of the last decade doing justice to the 5th. estate credo.

    For those of us not exposed to your earlier writings I for one would appreciate seeing the article.

    In the event your attitude or relationships have changed, please email me directly.

    I thank you, how long should I hold my breath?

    That’s your straight line for today and frankly I think I should be hosting the next chat.

    Especially if you’re serious about not ripping MSG et al because it’s been done and proven useless!

    Imagine if the leaders of the Revolution had that POV!!!

  19. I really believe that if they had a true puck moving offensive Dman on the team, you would see they had good skill up front. there is no transition game to speak of. the D has such a hard time winning battles, and retrieving pucks.

  20. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers ?@NYRangers
    AV says that Derick Brassard was given today off due to a *sore backside* after falling hard on ice last night…he will play tomorrow #NYR

  21. Yes, Carp! Make you voice heard! While you’re working on that, please also make sure there is an end to genocide in Darfur, hunger in Western Africa, war in Middle East…Forgetting something?

  22. Carp,
    I know my argument is not holding up right now. when healthy, I see 9 guys who can do some things on O. I will say this, the position I thought was a strength going into the season (center),has let them down.

  23. bull dog- I agree, they showed they could. They, however, do not seem to know how to close the gap between two blue lines. They take longer than AV anticipated. On top of that, the defense hasn’t been stellar, and their best player hasn’t bailed them out enough the way he has in the past. Hence, they are indecisive and not certain as to what they should next: pass, go to an open area, cover their own blue line etc.

  24. here’s what the Rangers are working with based on the makeup on the players in the lineup:

    Nash (1st line, not a superstar)
    Callahan (borderline 1st line, 2nd line ideally)
    Stepan (2nd line)
    Kreider (2nd line right now)
    Richards (albatross line)
    Brassard (3rd line)
    Hagelin (3rd line)
    Zuccarello (3rd line)
    Boyle, Moore, Pyatt, Pouliot, Asham, Dorsett (4th line and at least 3 of them should be healthy scratches right now)

    McDonagh (1st pairing)
    Staal (1st but most likely 2nd pairing)
    Girardi (2nd pairing)
    Del Zotto (3rd pairing)
    Moore (3rd pairing)
    Stralman (4th pairing or healthy scratch)
    Falk (4th pairing or healthy scratch)

    I mean, yeah…there’s just not much to work with

  25. based on the makeup of the players, not “on”

    ugh, the Rangers are suddenly a bunch of goth kids

  26. 2001& Gravy, do you truly understand the role of the 5th. estate which modern day bloggers are in the forefront of?

    Every band needs a charismatic leader and even though Carp does not resemble Patrick Henry, he and his band of brothers have the instrument( no pun intended), to be those leaders.

    Loyal Ranger fans demand his service in the cause of our liberty from mediocrity!

    Carp will you lead?

    And will you post that 2000? journalistic masterpiece?

  27. 2001, you forgot the exponential and unsustainable cost of delivering healthcare to every American.

    And that bedrock principle of the free market &capitalism bulk buying!

    Environmental degradation.

    Please reorder your priorities (;)

  28. Lloyd,
    I pretty much agree with your assessment of the forwards, with the possible exception of Zucc. I think he has surprised even the biggest of Zucc fans with his play. on D, it has been a long time since Staal could be considered a top pair Dman. Girardi’s play has gotten pretty bad. at this point they would not miss him if were scratched.

  29. Looks right to me Lloyd, probably with the exception of thinking we’re fine on D. All the issues really stem from us playing guys up and screwing up every line in the process. The bottom 6 of Hags-Brassard-Zucc, Pyatt-Boyle-Dorsett is fine with me.

  30. I’m with Carp. I do not see the skill on this team. Skill normally doesn’t involve being completely unable to get through the neutral zone.

  31. Gazdic and Bordeleau are big boys. I give them passes on the visor thing. They need visors to protect their faces and they can’t take their helmets off because the NHL is stupid.

  32. If you look at Boston, they might not have a single “true” first line player. If you have 6 top 6s, you can still live well.

  33. I know that America has said that water boarding is OK but has the country, and it’s Attorneys in tune with International Human Rights Law, come to any decision on WaffleBoarding?

  34. Stranger Nation on

    Bergeron and Lucic are top line players – just don’t look at the point but the whole package.

  35. Stranger, strong two-way play and no weaknesses but without elite scoring is a standard 2nd, no? Otherwise, Callahan should qualify.

  36. Agree, Stranger. Those guys are awesome. Bergeron is possibly the best, maybe second best, two-way Center in the game.

  37. Stranger Nation on

    Bergeron is an Elite playoff performer and they have Krejci as their other center.

    If you look at the entire package of Lucic and Bergeron, they are top players.

    Scoring is not what signifies elite player, IMHO

  38. Agreed, Stranger. But hockey fans will never get over the Ovechkin types, who can be shut down by a good team in the playoffs, leaving the team completely limp. People love goals and the NHL thinks people that love goals are the target audience.

  39. I said, ONE OF, Carp. Maybe the second best. Datsyuk, Toews and Bergeron have to be the top 3, right?

  40. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _and people can admit that Boyle deserves to sit at least one game, right_

    Boyle is not at fault for anything, as Prust and Dubinsky were responsible for team success two seasons ago.

  41. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d take either one of those two manny!!

    Bull dog I agree with you re skill level fwiw.

  42. Also, he’s leads the team with 55.1% on faceoffs. Moore is second at 51.1%. Richards 50.3%. Brassard 46.7% Stepan 44.6%

    Staal is 100%.

  43. If Bergeron and Lucic qualify, I don’t see how Callahan doesn’t. Strong two way, more or less a lock for 25 goal pace.

  44. Players who sit in the press box always respond by scoring lots of goals and goals win hockey games.

  45. ok so you think a 4% point difference on faceoffs for 1 game is going to bring down the franchise or is that Boyle has 3 points since late October and no points since November 10 that you can’t bear to part with?

  46. Seriously, not having the Boyle argument again.

    Carp, the value is not as far off as it seems, but I make that trade. But, I also think that Stepan and Callahan are 2nd line players.

  47. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Bergeron is not first line material, neither is Lucic. 1st line is about production.

  48. giving him a night off and hoping it gets some aspect of his game going other than winning faceoffs

  49. Boyle does some things well, but when you guys defend him it sounds silly. over his last 70 games ( good sample size right), Boyle has 3 goals, and 8 assists. during that time he has gone minus 18. not exactly lighting the world on fire.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    If you are focused on offensive production, they are not first line players.

    If you are focused on winning games, they are first line players.

  51. But, if they made that trade, that would be two less players they drafted, and Sather would suck more.

  52. Carp,

    Obviously I’m not a Boyle fan but I do believe he’s still a better 4th line option than the Pyatts, Pouliots and Moores of the world. But let’s face facts, the guy is virtually nonexistent. I think he’s got more to work with than those other humps but maybe you give him a seat and it lights something under him. I dunno.

  53. You’re getting 2 Stanley Cup winners if you get Chris Kelly and that dude they got at midseason whose name escapes me right now.

  54. Boston has Chara, Boychuk and other on the back line. the D makes the O better. give me Chara, Boychuk and Krug, and all of a sudden our forwards are much better.

  55. Tough to be a hockey player in NY. If you’re an offensive player, you better be a solid two-way, otherwise you stink. If you’re paid to be a checking forward, 20 goals or bust.

  56. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Boyle does some things well, but when you guys defend him it sounds silly._

    Worse than silly, it’s delusional.

    _I do believe he’s still a better 4th line option than the Pyatts, Pouliots and Moores of the world. But let’s face facts, the guy is virtually nonexistent._


  57. and if you really want to be bottom line about it, you can make the argument that a Brian Boyle isn’t the kind of guy you waste your time trying to get going, you just replace him

    and you’re right, ilb. there’s certainly no middle ground between 20 goals and 3 points in nearly 2 months.

  58. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle is an offensive void, but he prevented two scoring chances last night in the first period right in front.

    He is playing with Moore-or-less, Pylon, Pullout and some other random tomato cans.

    Is he really the problem here?

  59. Not defending Boyle but he’s by far the best of the bottom six & playing to what should be expectations, unlike many others.

  60. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Have the rest of you joined me in not re-signing Girardi to anything more than a ST contract?

  61. The little self-sabotaging part of myself can’t wait until next year when Boyle is gone and people start lamenting how top lines are killing us when they never did in the past, it was always the bottom 6s. But then they’ll just blame Henrik or someone else and not recognize the actual issue, I’m sure.

  62. They’d actually be joining me, Kenneth. I’ve been around here longer than you and making that point. So now its 2-0.

  63. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _+/- is not a defensive stat._

    It was yesterday when people made their case for Brad Richards defensive shortcomings. *Convenient*

  64. Skillset, Manny. He’s an awesome #2 and he’s had a 30 goal season, but more recently he’s had an 8 goal season. The traditional first liner isn’t ever putting up 8 in 64.

    Its like “aces” in baseball; you can produce and be an awesome #2 but if you don’t throw mid 90s and have a swing-and-miss pitch, you’ll never get the ace label.

  65. Mister D,

    People will lament the loss of Boyle because they’re hung up on him but it will have nothing to do with his on-ice performance. Again, like the Brandon Prust fetish some people here have, it’s based largely on a fluke offensive season he had and not because of all his grit and faceoffs no matter how much they want to pretend otherwise.

  66. Mister D,
    Boyle is not playing against top lines. he is playing against 3rd, and 4th lines. I do not want to be ripping Boyle. I like him. I see what he does, and how much he cares, but please you guys have to stop with the Boyle is not replaceable.

  67. I would have NO problem with Bergeron being my #1.

    As I have said over and over and over, there are not enough #1 Centers to go around. There aren’t even enough 1st line players to go around. The NHL doesn’t have 90 players I would even want on my team. Not enough talent out there. Thus, 23 teams have a second line center playing 1st line minutes.

  68. Stranger Nation on

    I did find the Boyle, Nash, Richards line last night funny.

    AV brought out the line shuffler last night with some curious combos

  69. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I have Mr D behind me. Would anyone else care to join?

  70. I don’t think anyone on here liked *The Prust* for his offense, Lloyd. The Prust is an intangible player that helped make Les Habitants a much harder team to play against and a much better team overall.

  71. He plays that much because he nullifies the other teams top scorers. Obviously, he can put up some points as well (50-60 on average). Ideally, you have a guy that can score more.

  72. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _People will lament the loss of Boyle because they’re hung up on him but it will have nothing to do with his on-ice performance. Again, like the Brandon Prust fetish some people here have, it’s based largely on a fluke offensive season he had and not because of all his grit and faceoffs no matter how much they want to pretend otherwise._


  73. and it is kind of funny how you guys talk about how the Rangers keep getting beat by the other teams 4th line, and wish the Rangers 4th line was better. Boyle is the one constant over the years on the 4th line, and the results are still the same. 4th lines are beating us, and our 4th line stinks.

  74. Stranger Nation on

    If Boyle was 6’2″, 210 lbs everyone would love his grittiness and ability to check scorers.
    His size and one aberrant scoring season will forever work against him in the minds of many.

  75. Bulldog: Fisher is Nashville’s 1C, that was his matchup last night (numbers back this up). Ovechkin the night before.

  76. +/- can be used as a defensive indicator in Richards’ case (I still wouldn’t use it) because he is an offensive player. Boyle, as many have pointed out, doesn’t score enough (4th liner!), so he’s not going to be offsetting many of those minuses.

  77. _I have Mr D behind me. Would anyone else care to join?_

    As the sun goes down, Kenneth gets frisky.

  78. yeah but that’s the entire point, Stranger. there are tons of 6’2″ 210 lb checking forwards. there are nowhere near as many checking forwards who are 6’7″, 250. to have a guy with that kind of size play like he a foot smaller and a hundred pounds lighter makes him inordinately replaceable.

  79. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Its like “aces” in baseball; you can produce and be an awesome #2 but if you don’t throw mid 90s and have a swing-and-miss pitch, you’ll never get the ace label._

    Greg Maddux, 4 time Cy Young Award winner, to be elected as a first ballot hall of famer, would take issue with that statement.

  80. I’d have him on my first line too, Manny. But I think if we both put together our cool teams, you’d see that 4 or 5 of our top 6 would be guys who fit that textbook 2nd line definition more than 1st.

  81. Mister D,
    it simply not true that Boyle is playing the shutdown center role this year. he is playing 4th line. last night he got bumped up because of the scratches, and then cally getting hurt. for that matter he is playing more LW, than center.

  82. If you replace Boyle for the same cost with a Gaustad-type player, that’s fine. But, net-net, it doesn’t make them a better team.

  83. I also don’t have faith in Sather to select the proper replacement, so it’s just easier if they resign him.

  84. Boyle hasn’t been an impact player in several years.

    so now who do you call up to fill Callahan’s spot?

  85. Gravy,
    Sather was wise enough to get Boyle to replace the immortal Blair Betts. I am sure he can find a suitable replacement for Boyle.

  86. Unless you’re going to say “he had that fluke 20 goal season which makes him an impact player and since he hasn’t again he’s bad” or something. But that would be yet another points-points-and-only-points argument from you(s).

  87. ok

    replace the phrase “impact player” with “player who makes an impact.” Boyle has qualified for neither in several years.

  88. well he would need to have some impact in whatever role he may be playing. I know he had no impact last year, and this season he has had an impact early, not so much lately.

  89. I will have to admit that Tortorella, despite being a complete jerk who did stifle players and played favorites, had these guys throwing themselves in front of and top of pucks every minute of every game did so because most of them are basically incapable of doing anything else.

  90. I just don’t get how so much time is spent discussing a 4th liner, when there are so many other candidates who are underperforming: Stepan, Brassard, Callahan, Hagelin, Girardi, Staal, MotZ, etc.

  91. Lloyd,
    I think that really applies to Girardi. was an all star with Torts. now he is just lost.

  92. Gravy,
    I started my day knocking Stepan. to me, he Girardi, Staal, MDZ, and Hank are the biggest culprits as to why they are where the are.

  93. for the folks knocking Stepan, keep in mind he’s exactly on pace for what we’ve seen from him every year.

  94. Does anyone remember a couple of years ago someone wrote that the Rangers were bad for NHL because they were blocking too many shots?

  95. As with everyone else, it’s not only points.

    However, Stepan was on pace for 75 points last year and was only a few points away from his career high. So, it wasn’t unreasonable to expect 60-65. He can still get there, but he’s underperforming. He also is not progressing as much defensively as I’d hoped, and he stinks on faceoffs.

  96. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Does anyone remember a couple of years ago someone wrote that the Rangers were bad for NHL because they were blocking too many shots?_

    People have said for a long time that the Devils trap is bad for NHL . What is your point?

  97. Gravy,
    I thought Stepan would thrive with AV’s system. he has really struggled to keep up. he is getting points, but his overall play is lacking.

  98. I don’t really see anything that different from Stepan than I’ve seen before. It’s somewhat more noticeable now because no one else is doing anything around him and that seems to have made him a bit lazier.

  99. Stranger Nation on

    _I started my day knocking Stepan. to me, he Girardi, Staal, MDZ, and Hank are the biggest culprits as to why they are where the are_

    Based upon performance expectations only, not saying they are answers to the problem but…

    Upside: Richards, McD, Zucchini, Kreider, Stralman, Talbot

    Same: Nash, Hags, Cally, J Moore, Boyle, Dorsett, Pyatt, Miller

    Downside: Step, Staal, MDZ, Girardi, Henk, Brass, D. Moore, Pullout

    1st line center, 3 of top 4 D and starting Goalie playing below expectations IMHO

  100. Stranger Nation on

    Do NOT fight Boll and get your assen kicked the first game up. Choose a wanna be tough guy like Dubi…

  101. like the McIllrath call up if it means Stralman finally exits but feel like it’s more likely either Falk or Del Zotto sit. and this team needs a forward who isn’t on the NHL roster.

  102. don’t think this is a desperation move at all Mister d. it is a move that should have been made yesterday. the D is to easy to play against. the need some snarl.

  103. Oh Carp, I feel a propinquitous moment transiting my computer.

    Could it be the much anticipated “Articles of Truculence” of early Carpdom?

    You have the anvil of truth in your hands……can you lift it?

    O.K. how about simple directions of where to review this expose’? (;)

  104. “bull dog line

    I think big Mack is here because Dubi was flapping his gums.”

    to what gum-flapping are you alluding here?

  105. I’m pumped. I was going to watch anyway because that’s what I do, but I’m now a little jazzed to watch versus a low excitement habitual watch.

  106. Prediction.

    McIllrath will feel it necessary to prove he can fight.

    He will as always fight someone who will clean his clock.

    He will prove he has no future as a skill D in the NHL.

    He will languish in the minors forever!

    But as our Junior always says, Sather can stay as long as he wants!

    The End.

  107. Lloyd, you forgot the smiley face.

    Stralman actually knows how to play this game called hockey.

    Unfortunately, the rest of the group doesn’t compliment his technical skills because the others who should be hitters do not hit or clear, they too are mainly positional/technical D.

    Therefore his skill is not as noticeable as perhaps it would be were he paired with D like a Chara. Phaneuf,Weber etc.

  108. Stranger Nation on

    That’s it – heading down to the World’s Most Infamous arena to watch a new era of PK begin tomorrow!

    The Transformed Garden: Jimmy D’s House of Blues

  109. McIlrath called up


    i hope the kid does well

  110. Oh, boy, fisticuffs! Will Sather do absolutely anything to distract us? Soon he’ll be calling up Eddie Gaedel III. Who can skate a little.

  111. also in regards to McIlrath call up:

    it’s pretty sad that so many people see him
    as a savior type player

    he showed very very little during pre-season
    he might be a little grittier
    might get into fight
    might even win it
    he hasn’t even played a full season in AHL
    and was still in
    the Beuk School of Getting His Act Together

    good luck, kid!
    you might need it

  112. Carp
    i know you were charping when the Rangers practiced
    but did you read from Gross or anyone else
    AV skated the team (other than goalies)
    over to the net
    just to introduce them?

  113. would think that only the homiest of homers here would view McIllrath as a savior

    I simply see him as a better option to a healthy scratch like Anton Stralman

  114. anytime there are problems with lack of grit, toughness, clearing around the crease, fighting
    the screams for “we need to McIlrath” pop up.
    my listing him as a “savior” to some on this board.
    better option?
    we’ll see
    is he really gonna replace Stralman?

  115. who sees him as a savior? I see him as someone who brings something that is sorely lacking on D, that is toughness. the last 2 games Hank has been run into at least 4 times. no response at all. I suspect with McIlrath there, there may be a response.

  116. probably not but I sure hope so

    the smart money says either Del Zotto or Falk get scratched before Stralman

  117. Stranger Nation on

    Stralman is not coming out – probably Falk who looked horrendous on the first goal last night

  118. Moore is also at risk. Got undressed for the game-winner the night Staal was hurt. Would likely have been benched the next day otherwise.

  119. It’s unfortunate that Moore who looked so good in the stretch run last year has been invisible or worse this season

  120. Sioux-per-depressed on

    WoW! McBust is going to get a chance.

    Now are they showcasing him for a trade or is this for real?

  121. Moore never looked that good to me — he looked fast, yes, but consistently ran out of ideas once he got down the ice. No real skills there other than speed and a hard shot that is occasionally accurate. Can’t pass his way out of a wet paper bag.

  122. Comment From Miami Pimp:
    Why isn’t POULET inserted in the first line to inject some much-needed offensive prowess?

    He has scored 50 percent of their goals the last four days.

    Classic, CARP.

  123. On JMoore, I’m neither buy, sell or trade. He needs to be coached. He’s not getting better. I think he’s the 7th defenseman.

  124. Sioux-per-depressed on

    K – I agree. To much speed to trade. He could be the real deal. I wonder if ULF can help him.

  125. Sioux-per-depressed on

    Papa I’ll go with the under.

    I’m thinking 3, just to say “HELLO” to MSG faithful.

  126. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _It’s unfortunate that Moore who looked so good in the stretch run last year has been invisible or worse this season_

    He wasn’t and isn’t anything more than a 6-7 D.

  127. Lloyd Braun

    Dylan McIlrath is better than Anton Stralman

    December 11th, 2013 at 5:42 PM

    *He better be, or Sather wasted another #1 pick*

  128. The Undertaker baby.

    This is a good call up. Desperation. As Wicky noted, this might mean a move for a Forward involving Del Zotto is in the works.

    Anton Stralman is HORRIBLE. It’s not hard to be better.

  129. I think John Moore is a good 3rd Pair, Left Handed, Defenseman. He’s great to pair with a Mcllrath who is Right handed and can drop the gloves. Moore needs to use his speed. That’s his asset.

  130. leetchhalloffame on

    McIlrath. Reminds me of the broadway show/movie “Chicago.” Billy Flynn (lawyer) character. Give ’em the old razzle, dazzle. Razzle, dazzle ’em Sather.

  131. Sioux-per-depressed on

    At least we have something to look forward to on Thursday!

    Here’s hoping McBust can earn the McTRUCK handle, seriously I wish him the best. Here’s hoping he has the skates to stay.

  132. Moore looked third pair or better last year during the playoffs. This season he has looked like a bench player, which puts him on par with the likes of Del Zotto and Stralman.

  133. Moore can drop the gloves as well.


    It’s clearly evident that Sather reads this blog.


  134. “The team needs him SO badly.”

    the team needs you whatever it is you’re projecting onto him. right now there’s no evidence that he’s much of anything at the pro level. I feel like we go through this every time somebody gets called up.

  135. Sioux-per-depressed on

    I agree Manny, we really need a big, tuff, right handed defenseman. That will throw them.

    Because we passed on the skill guy that can run a power play.

  136. Cut Pyatt and Dominic Moore.

    Hagelin Brassard Nash
    Kreider Stepan Zucc
    Dorsett Miller Richards
    Pouliot Boyle Asham/Haley

  137. This is where they need to be careful and guide him properly. If he is here to be an enforcer, it may ruine whatever potential this kid has. If they want him to become a crease clearing defenseman who can fight when necessary, he needs to be told to pick his spots.

    bull dog, you’re kidding about Dubinsky, right? Dorsett, who people don’t give enough credit for being a very good fighter when he doesn’t give up 40-50 lbs of weight, would make him look very silly in a fight. They don’t need 6-5 guy to fight Dubinsky.

  138. ilb,
    Dubi was flapping his gums. this game tomorrow may look like a game from the 80’s. I suspect it is going to be nasty.

  139. Yes Lloyd. We need what he is supposedly capable of. Right now this team needs fists. I hope they do what ilb said and being him along slowly.

    I’m not always Into call ups. But this team needs a serious shakeup and some serious grit.

  140. If McIlrath misses his hits or goes out of position to hit, not sure if the toughness matters. With that said I am excited to see him play and hope he can play enough NHL minutes well enough to stay.

  141. Dubi said he was out to prove Ranger management wrong for trading him tomorrow. said he planed to be there with bells on.

  142. MLB bans home plate collisions? Hybrid play-at-the-plate? Ump decides which would get there first, ball or runner? Pansification.

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