It’s Go Time! … Predators at Rangers; Live chat Wednesday at noon


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Game 32.predators
Predators at Rangers.


It’s not crisis time yet, but it’s getting closer.

Ya boys have lost two in a row to start this nine-game homestand, and have lost three straight home games overall.

They are at NHL-.500, but in reality one game under at 15-15-1.

The worse news today is that Marc Staal did indeed suffer another concussion Saturday when he was hit on the chin by the Devils’ Reid Boucher. The team is hopeful, and doctors have told the Rangers, that this concussion is not believed to be as severe as his prior concussion. However, a concussion is a concussion, especially to somebody with a history.

Derek Dorsett (sprained wrist) and Arron Asham (recalled from Hartford Monday) return to the Rangers’ lineup to add some much-needed muscle and grit.

Dominic Moore also goes back in after being prucha’d Sunday. Taylor Pyatt and Benoit Pouliot will be prucha’d against Nashville.

Henrik Lundqvist starts his fourth in a row in goal.


We will do a Live Chat here Wednesday at noon. Be there. Or else.

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  1. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Obviously he’s TGO, but Gretzky never played defense. He had Kurri as a linemate to play defense, not all 5 skaters need to play defense.

  2. @HartnettHockey 29s
    New #NYR forward lines vs. NSH: Kreider-Stepan-Zuccarello, Hagelin-Brassard-Nash, Richards-Boyle-Callahan, Dorsett-Don Moore-Asham.

  3. @HartnettHockey 1m
    #NYR defensive pairings vs. Nashville: McDonagh-Girardi, Del Zotto-Stralman, John Moore-Falk. Lundqvist in net.

  4. LGR !!!!

    Pouliot a healthy scratch! Things are already looking brighter. Come on boys lets do this !!

    LGR !!! I’m psyched up!!

  5. Good evening all! Holy hartnell it is grand to see good Marty in the house…!!!

    Um, heard a lot of noise about Rangers needing to play tough and defense…wasn’t that the old school? Or did I hear wrong? Prust asking…..

  6. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Are we bereft of insights so early in the eve_

    Will you cut the bullspit? It’s neither cute nor funny.

  7. Might as well be rivalry night, Romeo. They’ve played the Predators in the playoffs only one time fewer than Boston since the mid-1970s.

  8. I do think “Oh, you look so beautiful tonight” isn’t exactly the rough-and-tumble music you want to kick off an NHL game. Not exactly “Welcome to the Jungle.”

  9. Gravy, normally I would be in agreement but for some reason I don’t think the the first time/ rookie/ back up at MSG will have its mojo working tonight. Tonight because of the forward thinking that leaves pyatt and Pouliot watching from the press box the hex is is lifted.

  10. Haha maybe U2 isn’t the best pump-up music out there, but I’ve always been a sucker for their older stuff.

  11. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – ” hey Engblom, not to play devils avacado, but I’m more and less stupider than you”

  12. tonight they not just have to win, it has to be assuredly.
    …from other hand, there is no shame to be scored on by Weber.

  13. Passes! Shots! Emotions! Who is this team?

    Although Del Z took way too long teeing up that shot

  14. And a rousing standing ovation from the MSG Faithful for the long-awaited return of the prodigal son, Aaron Asham

  15. JR – “Rangers doing a superfluous job at coinciding with the puck and extenuating the circumcision.”

  16. PullOUT is filling up on the sushi in the 360 club. No need to hurry, Boyle’s got it covered.

  17. I know Callahan is the captain but I would not extend Callahan. Let him go to buffalo. Callahan is way to injury prone and it will only get worse now that he is reaching his 30’s.

  18. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Serious consideration needs to be put into Callahan’s next contract. He’s the heart and soul of the Rangers and I appreciate his contributions as much as the next Rangers fan, but we can’t afford to re-sign him to a long-term contract. His style of play isn’t going to age well, he’s already not aging well.

  19. The collapse has begun folks. Future not looking so good. Hey Sather, this is your mess, fix it, you big dope.

  20. Stranger Nation on

    McD is slewfooted on that goal, but no response save for letting in a goal.

    Dick Spalding scored? Can’t make it up

  21. Stranger Nation on

    McD is slewfooted on that goal, but no response save for letting in a goal.

    D!ck Spalding scored? Can’t make it up

  22. There is literally no home advantage for the rangers. They don’t give a hoot about the fans obviously.

  23. Richards in a nutshell. Sets up a great chance, personally responsible for a great chance in the other end. And, I know, I said nutshell.

  24. Goodnight folks, party is over. Rangers will be out of the playoff picture by January 1st, book it.

  25. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    If Boyle became capable of making that saucer pass or finishing that scoring chance, pigs would begin flying.

  26. This team is garbage. Watching Brian Boyle out there gives me hope of giving up my law practice and becoming an NHL player.

  27. I’m scared to go on Sunday. Sure Calgary has lots of rookies, and Ramo probably hasn’t started against them yet.

    Therefore, shutout.

  28. Olga

    No Fire Sather chants from the Garden useless… they’re too busy updating their facebook statuses or chanting about some guy from 20+ years ago and how much he sucks.

  29. This has Sathers finger prints wriiten all over this mess. I’m confident to say Sather will go down as the most hated person in rangerland.

  30. “On a serious note, goalie is the hardest position to play when contract talks are ongoing. Hank’s been good, but watch him turn it on now.”
    – Martin Biron

  31. Man, Laviolette is such a tool though. But, I agree that this team needs a personality like that.

    Why did Sather fire Torts! WHY!!!??

  32. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hank is 0.39 in GSAA this season, he’s been below average. Yikes.

  33. “This team is garbage. Watching Brian Boyle out there gives me hope of giving up my law practice and becoming an NHL player.”


  34. Because Sather is an idiot. And Henrik encouraged it thinking he could do this all on his own and the defensive system was holding them back. LOL.

  35. Biron is a tool. He’s just one of the msg coverups now. Actually as bad as he is sometimes. trautwig is the most honest one.

  36. Olga Folkyerself on

    I bet you that just a picture of Keenan in the locker room and half these guys would crap their pants.

  37. I paid 300 dollars for tickets against Washington. It’s embarrassing when your team doesn’t give a hoot. No effort says a lot.

  38. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _This team is garbage. Watching Brian Boyle out there gives me hope of giving up my law practice and becoming an NHL player._

    I have the same hope.

  39. u loyal boneheads who are still here? that’s toughness. we need to at least offer a daily therapy session here for us die hards that cant quit this team. lets get our arses to the garden for a giant bonehead convention and cheer our boys on and give them some confidence that we haven’t abandoned them. who’s with me??

  40. I’m glad I’m not the only one who watched the 1st period and thought “this is all Brian Boyle’s fault”.

  41. JR – “The specificiousness of this Rangers defense is preventing it from audaciously reaching it’s pinnacle of essence in that period.”

  42. Carp – I didn’t think it was possible for the Rangers to take a step back from the last 2 games.


  43. I’m pretty sure Asham was on the start of his shift on both of those goals and was on with a mixed line including some of the 3rd or 1st liners.


    Speaking of, Clune could be on his way to his first and only Gordie Howe Hat Trick tonight. He can fight.

  44. leetchhalloffame on

    This team is a disgrace, yet silence from the “brain trust.” Can’t believe I just used the word brain when referring to Sather.

  45. for the first time since … I can’t remember … I dont event feel like watching this …

    i’m actually hoping they lose so maybe there’s a trade

    not that that would fix things, but it’d be “of interest” unlike these sorry losers

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – not to nitpick, but it hurts when you get hit…. Nothing wrong with throwing the puck away (s)

  47. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I’m glad I’m not the only one who watched the 1st period and thought “this is all Brian Boyle’s fault”_

    Another figment of your imagination, MrD?

  48. were just not that skilled. thats all. talk about toughness all u want but did asham and dorsett help in that regard? ok see my point about skill? nash scores! we need about 2 or 3 more players like him

  49. DB creates space with the misdirection, non-Poo linemates convert. This doesn’t have to be an anomaly.

  50. Ovechkin’s been on fire all season long…he’s been very good the past few seasons now… Not bad for a guy who’s been proclaimed as “done” by all of the hockey “experts”

  51. I bet between periods Richards asks Brassard why he skated the puck in before that goal when just dumping the puck off insures you won’t get checked. Checks can really hurt.

  52. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    He better be able to play a bit of defense, he can’t do much else. (:

  53. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Boyle couldn’t have put that into the Rangers net if he had tried.

  54. An certain poster here mocked me liking Richards on the wing just last night. *Very* surprising it’s panning out so soon in my favor.

  55. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Loonqveest can’t win big games either… No cup for us_

    He shut out the Caps in Games 6 and 7 last season.


  56. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _An certain poster here mocked me liking Richards on the wing just last night. Very surprising it’s panning out so soon in my favor._

    You still have nothing to support your claim. *Surprising*

  57. Love it when they always, after a whistle, turn the camera from the scrum and point it at some innocuous, uninvolved player so you don’t see what’s going on. First rate.

  58. Kenneth

    True but…He lost games 5 and 6 to the Devils in ECF a year before. Those were the games that really mattered.

  59. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _True but…He lost games 5 and 6 to the Devils in ECF a year before. Those were the games that really mattered._

    Ugweed. (:

  60. guys, this is how isles fans feel every night. just imagine years of this. i think thered be a lot less of us still here. lotta bridge jumpers

  61. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Anyone know if this team, perhaps, is drinking or doing drugs? If not, they should.


  62. These minors are the first time I’ve noticed Hagelin in the game in a long while…what is his deal?

  63. wouldnt it be great if our prospects and young guys actually got better as time goes by? its just stagnant for too many of our players

  64. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Recommendation to MSG management: Don’t try to feel tickets to future games to people watching this game.

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Engblom just said that the terrible cross ice pass (turnover) that Richards tried was a great play.

    Sorry JR – Engblom is most stupidest

  66. leetchhalloffame on

    Rangers looking another AHL goalie look like Ken Dryden. MSG should start booking performers for playoff time as the Garden will be dark due to Knicks & Rangers.

  67. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _These minors are the first time I’ve noticed Hagelin in the game in a long while…what is his deal?_

    He’s an average player. He started out on fire and has since regressed towards the mean.

  68. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Does Sather know that GILROY is still available? Again, he’s our prototypical player here. Time to bring him back in. He’s got size (5’11”), doesn’t fight (but once), not much speed, and barely plays defense.

    He’s PERFECT!! Bring in Gilroy!! Extend Gilroy!!!

  69. Eddie cubed — you would’t know a good hockey play if it bit you. Engblom was merely pointing out the obvious.

  70. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Brass pings one. He’s good when his friends aren’t bad._

    That’s it. Definitely. His average career is due to his _friends_

  71. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    No one’s talking about it, but with the most recent concussion Staal’s trade value is nonexistent.

  72. @TheNYRBlog Nash and Brassard worked so well that period because it’s so quiet at MSG it reminded them of their days playing together in Columbus.

  73. Perfect Matty, I mean he’s proven that he can’t play D OR forward very well, he really isnt a leader or a physical player. Better sign him up.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – I think your head in too far up Richards’ assen to know what a good hockey play is…

  75. We trade Boyle and Nash to Montreal for Pacioretty. Then we trade Del Zotto, Hagelin and JT Miller to Winnipeg for Kane. Then we dominate.

  76. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    So, aside from Nash’s goal, how many quality shots have we hurled on this no-name goalie? And, how many has Hank saved??

    Seems a bit repetitive. Sunday night, Washington could have scored 10 goals (despite the 2 Hank should have stopped).


  77. Let’s disregard that he Rangers goal was the result of a great Richards pass and a great move by Nash. It was all Brassard. :)

  78. funny, but with the drowning plethora of TV cable sports shows, ESPECIALLY including MSG’s, we wouldn’t know what in hell was really going on without newspaper columnists and blogs.

  79. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You’re trading 2 players for Pacioretty. You’re trading away a 2nd player in addition to the best player in the trade (Nash) for Pacioretty. Yikes!

  80. ?@Herman_NYRBlog 9m
    I’m not saying #NYR have been lifeless this season, but the best candidate for the Extra Effort Award is J.T. Miller’s cab driver.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – did Richards do much on Nash’s goal besides stay onside and not get in the way? Just axein

  82. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Exactly, Carp. But, wait!! We could then bring up all the talent in Hartford. You know. All the 5’10”, 180 players that can’t play in the NHL that we are told are incredible.

    In a day where the best teams have size, speed, skill, strength, Sather defies logic to do it “his own way”.

    The results are visible on Cablevision, channel 414 tonight, not even channel 716. The Devil’s bumped them!!! OMG!!!

  83. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    E3, Brassard opened up the ice, but Richards sent it the right way. Credit where credit is due.

  84. I do believe I saw Richie a couple times on camera outside the offensive zone. Maybe he’s starting to get it, young chap.

  85. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    I’m only watching the 3rd period to hear how Joe and Sam paint a rosy picture on another 3-1 loss.

    I know Dolan pays them, but guys…..get real and speak the truth. Screw the job!!

  86. Love how the Rangers flop in front of the net, and don’t get up, until AFTER the goal is scored!

  87. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Step skateboarding on Hendricks. Can’t do anything about him, so why not just hold on for the ride.

    Glen, think your team is a little……small??

  88. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    So, a question. Anyone know why a guy like Hendricks can do anything he wants, including score against the Rangers this year??

    If you know the answer, please email our GM……

  89. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Ok, now, let’s guess. Will Nashville now….get physical to seal the game??

    This is repetitive.

  90. Way to take advantage of this season long home stand. Where’s Eric? Must be beside himself. Me I’m going to go find my dog so that I can kick it again. My dog hates the Rangers.

  91. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    IGravy, Carp…what are you thinking?? Useful size? A guy that is big that can play some?

    Crazy idea. Sorry. Not here. Not now.

  92. It’s a good thing Eric is on his way to Albany. I don’t think Eric would make it through the night watching these bums play.

  93. Don’t listen to Lloyd, Manny. He never did understand cap hits and how it affects player value.

  94. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Amazing our team starts tonight’s game in a playoff spot. Let’s dilute the league more.

    We need a team in San Diego. One in Honolulu. One in Guadalajara.

  95. How is that 8.5 million dollar contract hank got looking now. I wish once sather would listen to me.

  96. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Norm, 80% of the time E3 is talking, he’s being highly sarcastic. I guess it’s hard for you to tell that?

  97. norm- dont do it man, cuz when u start calling out other bloggers on here acting like youre the man it usually doesnt end well. speak your mind but accept others opinions too. no need to get in a hissy

  98. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    You know your team sucks when your most creative offensive player is Zuccarello.

  99. If Rask got knocked over this much in Boston. Somebody would be knocked out on Nashville right now.

  100. Time to dream: Rated in the top 2 currently for the 2014 draft is Aaron Ekblad, here’s his assessment: ‘Receiving exceptional player status in the OHL can be hard enough. You can magnify that when you’re only the second player to receive such status in league history; following in the footsteps of some guy named John Tavares. Aaron Ekblad was that guy, and he played the part well as he went on to become the OHL’s Rookie of the Year in his first season. The 17-year-old, Belle River, Ont. native is an imposing presence on the blueline as his tenacity and physical presence in combination with his size are an extremely rare combination. Ekblad’s offensive game has continued to evolve and his heavy shot and offensive zone skills project well to the next level.’

    Clearly the run-away projected first overall selection in 2015 Connor McDavid’s scouting report is ‘genuine number 1 centre with size, speed, skill and tenacity, McDavid projects to be one of those talents that comes along every 10 years and at 16 is more impressive than his nearest comparison – Sidney Crosby – was at the same age’.

    You get those 2 kids and you are 1/2 way there to building a formidable team for a decade or more.

    Not in NYC apparently, where the fans are ignorant and don’t understand or will accept a proper rebuild. Or so those in charge who refuse to do it imply….


  101. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Mister D,
    The difference in cap hits between Nash and Pacioretty is nearly the equivalent of one win over the course of an 82 game season. Now look at how many more wins Nash is worth per season as opposed to Pacioretty. Too sophisticated for you, I know. (:

  102. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Somehow many fans at MSG blame the ref’s for this. Folks, it isn’t them. Yes, they make bad calls sometimes. But your team sucks.

    How many scoring chances has this putrid Nashville team had? How many have we had?

    It ain’t the refs.

  103. What hissy? — E3 wrote something idiotic, zapped Engblom, and I called him on it. I guess was only joking, though, right? And I will keep calling out the idiocy of scapegoating the leading scorer. It’s absurd.

  104. OK, I’m done with these clowns…I have an important decision to make…5 Guys or Shake Shack?

  105. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carter Hutton. Wouldn’t matter if it was Timothy Hutton. We’d still hit him in the chest.

  106. Carp,
    Still believe Rangers will be 2nd or 3rd in Division?
    I needed it to feed on your confidence for lack of anything else.

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – the play in question was a cross ice pass, through too many people, that was intercepted *easily* How is a turnover like that not a bad play? Just axein


  108. Anyone else here have a (not smart but tries really, really hard) stalker? I have one and I’m wondering how *cool* it makes me.

  109. Man, I really think this would have been a different game if only we hadn’t Prucha’d Pyatt and Pouliot.
    Perhaps they could recall Powe. That would be a potential powerhouse, particularly on the power play.

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And I wasn’t joking or being sarcastic. It was a turnover. Now if you like passes, cross ice, that are easily intercepted, then perhaps you need to look inward as you contemplate idiocy…..

  111. Eddie, peace. I saw the play differently, and I agree with Engblom, great pass. Playmakers always get it in the neck when their passes don’t result in immediate scoring chances. Turnovers go hand in hand with assists.

  112. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Hey, Norm? Two questions, please answer them. And, I dare say that, no, stats do not tell the whole story. No, not by a long shot. But, here:

    1. If Richards is our #1 scorer with 23 points, why is he +/- 0?

    2. How many minutes per game does Richard play on the PP, when our team is up a man?? Think that might help pad his personal stats?

    There are those of us that, however, actually don’t look solely at statistics. There’s a lot more to it. The guy dogs it 40% of the time he’s on the ice. What is the ‘stat’ for that??

  113. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Well, this home stand is starting out worse than our our season commencing 9 games away.

    Eric, if you haven’t jumped, yet. Any predictions????

  114. It’s like the New York Rangers actually play a neutral zone trap on themselves in the neutral zone.

  115. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    No, Cally. We just had a closed door meeting. Now, we ‘clean the slates’ again.

  116. AV sucks.

    This team sucks.

    John Tortorella was a an unmitigated GENIUS for what he was able to do with this mess Sather handed him season after season.

  117. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    An astute crowd, you know the non-texting type, would be chanting “FIRE SATHER” the last few minutes.

    Sather and Dolan have done a great job silencing the critics.

  118. I … I have to bite. Lloyd, you didn’t just take the accepted value of an MLB win and prorate to an NHL schedule, right?

  119. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Joe: “They are really having a tough time generating offensive opportunities.”

    Sam: “But, Joe, isn’t this THE ‘offensive system’????

  120. 1-6-1 in their last 8 home games.

    That’s not a mediocre hockey team

    That’s a BAD hockey team

    That’s a LIFELESS hockey team

    Major changes needed, but impossible.

    We had our window in 2012. Looks further and further away as we go down without the slightest hint of a fight.

  121. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carp – maybe we could focus the chat on prioritizing the team’s problems. There are so many, I don’t know where to start.

    This isn’t a hiccup for a team in a crappy division. Unfortunately, this is a crappy team in a crappy division.

  122. You can’t spell embarrassment without a-s-s, and I’m an ass for sitting thru that game….

  123. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _(not smart but tries really, really hard) stalker_

    You described yourself perfectly. (:

  124. Good call, Manny. Shack it is.

    The Music City team put a hurtin’ on our boys tonight. What a pathetic game it was. At least people got to enjoy the Sky Bridge Presented by Chase.

    Can you say closed-door meeting part 2? Clean slate?

  125. Olga Folkyerself on

    Maybe they should toss the t-shirts into the Rangers bench. They might feel as though they won something.

  126. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _you didn’t just take the accepted value of an MLB win and prorate to an NHL schedule_

    Read the article Manny posted earlier today. It’s very informing. I am certain you will be unable to comprehend it, but give it a shot.

  127. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Well, since Norm can’t, can anyone answer my question why Richards is our highest point scorer, but his +/- is 0??

    And, with all the PP time he gets, about 8-10 min a game, SHOULDN’T HE BE our #1 point getter, anyway??

  128. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    The Admiral with another good question. Where is the leadership on this team??

  129. Lets’ see…..

    visited/consoled relatives
    looked for laptop for jpg’s mom-in-law
    dinner with jpg’s wife/sis/mom/dad

    watched maybe 85 seconds of game
    more than enough

    whatta a bunch of marooooooooons!!

  130. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Well, since Norm can’t, can anyone answer my question why Richards is our highest point scorer, but his +/- is 0??_

    Anyone using +/- needs to have his or her internet privileges revoked.

  131. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    I’d be willing to bet the reason Cally’s contract isn’t done yet is that Sather is trying to keep the terms down, just like he tried with Lundquist, and wasn’t able to succeed much.

    It’s a tough call. Do you trade your captain? I agree with Kenneth. I don’t see his style conducive to him staying together long term. Or do you swallow hard and take your hit?

    Tough decision.

  132. one of the geniuses here
    can let me know
    if there is
    post-modern in the art world

    is post-disgusted
    correct in Ranger world?

    as in this team plays so completely and totally awfully that i can’t even get angry about it anymore

  133. Matty —

    There is NO leadership on this team.

    Girardi has become pedestrian.
    Richards just sucks.
    Lundqvist has been mediocre.
    Callahan is not the player that can take a team on his back and win a game. Never was, never will be. Hard working player, but not a guy who can take over a game.

  134. Matty, with the Cap going up and Cally is still under 35. You just sign him for a few years and if he gets hurt you put him on LTIR.

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Rangers are not a good team. Not enough skill. Not enough size, not enough speed, not enough big hitters, not enough crease clearing Dmen, not enough finishers……..

    Great teams have an identity and do everything well. Good teams do several things well. The rangers do little well….

  136. Matty, I know it’s the trendy thing here to say Richards “dogs it”, as though he is not a pure finesse player and always has been. He’s a playmaker and a shooter, best stick on the team by a wide margin. Where some see him floating, I see him reading the game and trying to maximize his time on the ice over an 82-game season. He’s a Lady Byng winner and, I think, a three-time nominee in that category. I like Lady Byng’ers and have since I first set eyes on Stan Mikita at the old Garden. Ratelle became my favorite Ranger, and look at the LB list if you want to see some other OK players. So I get it that Callahan is the beloved one for using his grit and hustle to stay in the league and lead his team. Richards is not going to suddenly become that guy, especially not on the downside of his career. I agree that stats is not the only thing, but neither is a lack of stats.

  137. you mean Asham made it through the complete game?
    i was going to be money with jpg’s sis
    that he’d be tossed in the first period
    for a fighting major and a misconduct
    and then barely play at all if he wasn’t
    sent to the locker room for the night

  138. Dear Elias Sports Bureau: What is most goals scored by a player with single digit assists?

    Ovie is at 26 goals and 9 assists.

  139. Two quotes to sum up the current Rangers
    “You’re playing worse and everyday and right now you’re playing like it’s next month.”
    “”You don’t have enough talent to win on talent alone.”
    – Former Coach, Herb Brooks

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JPG – I left a post for you and sis yesterday regarding Toni. Again, sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace. I hope her children find strength. So sad.

  141. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Well, Kenneth, by any standards, Richards doesn’t back check and plays minimal defense. When he is on the ice he allows the opposition as many goals as he helps score. But because the latter gets his name in the stat sheet and people like you who don’t completely understand the game, just see his points, you may believe he is a great player.

    He is better this year than last. He still is nowhere near worth the $6M per and all the $$$$ wasted on the front load.

  142. Za'rat "The Other Guy's Greed" Jones on

    Waste of electricity to watch that garbage. Just wasted 2.5 hours of my plasma TV life! I feel bad for the suckers who paid to see that live. They gave this clown $59,500,000.27 for that? Forget this season! How about the next seven seasons are over!

  143. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – not to bust balls, but far too many passes to Richards bounce off his stick for such a great “stick”. He best days are long gone that’s for sure….

  144. If Callahan has some value on the trade market to a contending team (out west) that can spare some young talent, I would be receptive to the idea.

    This team as currently constructed is gong nowhere with Ryan Callahan as it’s captain. If the right situation presents itself, I would be open to trading Callahan – it’s for his benefit as well as the rangers.

  145. maybe that’s why i’m a bit calm
    probably based on they make me not care anymore
    i’m becoming more interested in watching other games
    because this team so badly represents the game of

  146. Longbeard Since 1994 on

    “We will build this team. Smarta, stronga, bigga than before. Because we are Ranga’s. And that’s what we do”.

  147. For example: People here want Stastny, but Richards has better numbers than Stastny (granted Stastny is, or was, on a worse team). Stastny makes $6.6M just like Brad. Richards plays more and scores more points. They have similar +/-

  148. This is a terribly flawed team. Things will not get better because the 2 constants that won’t change are James Dolan and Glenn Sather.

  149. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The terms of his Callahan’s contract is a tough decision. The Rangers should not and will not trade him, but they need to stand firm in negotiations on what they believe is acceptable compensation.

  150. Up next:

    Brandon Dubinsky, and co. will look to continue this embarrassment for the Rangers.

    You know Dubi and Artie are gonna be PUMPED for this next game.

  151. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Norm, I’m good with your answer. I appreciate Cally’s effort and while, not a huge fan, I do expect everyone follow in line. Yet, I see a player at his cap hit. You are correct that he is on the downside of his career. He is getting paid (front load and all) as if it was 7 years ago. It isn’t.

    I do realize he does have some leadership skills which add value. I simply have no patience for what he did last year. Lest you forget he came unprepared for the season (for whatever his personal reasons were) and he was pitiful. A professional, for whatever reason, doesn’t do that. Period.

    He worked hard in the off

  152. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jpg – when I saw that you lost your cousin and that she had 4 children, it brought back my own sad memories of my mom’s death when I was just a kid ( the day after Christmas – you can imagine that holiday season). I hope there are many happy moments for her kids to dwell on and lasting memories to hold onto. Someday her children will see her again just as I will see my mom….:)

  153. MSG has been transformed alright! Transformed into a house of horrors. It’s sickening.

    The say that the young players in Hartford are not ready to play at the NHL level. Guess what? Neither are a lot of the current Rangers!!

    But look at the bright side – they are just at the early stages of the 9 game home stand, and after 3 games they have already earned 1 point. At this torrid pace they may even end up with as many as 3 points after the 9 games are over. They are unstoppable, just like the opposing forwards driving through our defense.

    They are a no-talent team being paid like they were all-stars. MSG stockholders and Ranger ticket purchasers are victims of a collosal fraud.

  154. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    If I had a player with 26 goals so far, I’d tell him to NEVER pass. What more do you want?

  155. and as far as people
    saying there’s not enough talent and skill and this and that and….
    there was enough of WHATEVER for this grouping of players
    to acquire 15 wins (or 14 if you want to take away the gift goal in L.A.)
    there was a point in the season where
    even during losses they FUNCTIONED as an NHL-worthy team.
    now, they don’t even look good enough to
    tie a a game against a beer league after a couple kegs were emptied

  156. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    Booooo!!!! Booooo!!!!!

    That’s what I think if this garbage. How about another closed door meeting. Last time they just laughed at us for paying their salaries. This time they’ll just celebrate that huge clutch goal they got tonight from Mr Nash

  157. Why did we re-sign this idiot Lundqvist to a ridiculous contract? And as soon as he re-signs he drops 3 easy games. We should have traded his overrated ass, now we are screwed with a ridiculousy overpaid overrated and aging goalie for 7.5 seasons.

    And why did AV stop playing Talbot all of a sudden? 3 games in 4 nights and he doesn’t even play his best goalie.

  158. Stastny is *7* years younger than Brad and puts up about 15 points less, per season, than Brad. Same salary. Same TOI, but Richards takes more shifts. Stastny compiles more PIMS and more PPP historically, although Richards is outpacing him this season.

  159. The Callahan-era Rangers peaked in 2011-12.

    Let’s clean house (slate) and rebuild this train wreck.

  160. the team should be correctly called the
    New York Kamenskys
    that would be insulting to Valeri Kamensky
    who i believe acted as if he game a damn
    a whole lot more than this crew does

    and yeah i’m being sarcastic or am i?

  161. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Kenneth, just like Hank or Girardi, if we let him get to FA, we could lose him. And, worse, get no value.

    You’ve heard me say, over and over. Make a decision. Go for it. Want him? Not want him? Decide and go forward.

    Just get value.

  162. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    Another thing…

    Lundqvist! You Stink! You’re a greedy man! You conned everyone for that “fat cat” salary! I hate you! You overrated chump!

  163. This team needs three bad years, three top 5 picks, and if the scouts choose the right kids, then maybe this team will have something to build on.

    This team’s not winning the Cup. Next years team is not winning the Cup. The year after that, etc.

    *This* team, the way it is, is just not good enough. Have to start over.

    Doesn’t matter if these guys win five in a row. Makes no difference at all.

  164. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Look for Sather to trade a few draft picks for an over the hill aging player. It will happen.

  165. Age and far better 2 way play is my answer, Manny. If we could release Richards and resign him for one year (rather than 6) at $5.5MM? Sure. He’s a nice offensive wing.

  166. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _When he is on the ice he allows the opposition as many goals as he helps score._

    When he produces a point, it is because he was directly, via A or G, responsible for a goal. When a goal is given up at even strength, he is one of 6 players on the ice. He is not directly responsible for every goal against, and he is not the goalie. It’s ultimately the goalie’s job to save shots.

    _you may believe he is a great player._

    I don’t believe he is a great player. Prior to tonight, the Rangers were near last in team scoring at 2.23 G/G. However, Richards has provided .74 P/G this season if I remember correctly. On a team that stinks offensively, blaming Richards for team difficulties is laughable.

  167. Agree. I’m in for a complete rebuild put together by a different GM from *outside the organization* completely. None of the Jeff Gorton garbage or anyone that worked under *Evil Glen*

  168. But, The Doctor, and I’m just playing Devil’s advocate here, Richards contract is *so* front loaded that in 2015-2016 we can trade him, easily, to a Cap Floor team that gets a $6.7M Cap Hit and only has to pay $1M. So is there a better option out there?

    I know Stastny appears better, and he’s younger, but their numbers are really comparable with an edge to Brad.

  169. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Plenty of time to turn this ship wreck into the QE II. Let’s hope slats (we don’t have any other choice) can do something to make it happen…

  170. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    I have an idea. If we all start to boo Lundqvist, maybe he’ll retire from all the shame? Throw trash at him when he walks off the ice. Boo him relentlessly until he quits in shame. Start chanting WE WANT TALBOT until it becomes clear. DeBoer was right what he said about Hank.

    A bum!! Just a greedy BUM!!

  171. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Nothing good will happen in NY until Sather is gone. This is as true today as it was when I thought it in 2004. My advice to you all is to find a nice team to root for in the playoffs. You’re going to need one.

  172. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jpg – thanks. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think if her and it’s been a long time since she passed….

  173. Manny, Richards makes $9 mil this season, $12 mil last season. The number you refer to is the Cap hit.

  174. I know, Coos. That’s the only number I care about. Dolan can afford the $12M. I am not worried about his wallet. Mine on the other hand….

  175. oh and our defense is total garbage all they do is stick check constantly reaching like idiots with their stick instead of playing the body like all the teams do, I don’t know why AV doesn’t see this.

    And time get rid of garbage players like Boyle, Dom. Moore, and Pyatt, they do not generate any offense and provide almost no grit or toughness or hitting.

    Trade Staal and Girardi before they become UFAs.

    Lundqvist should have been traded as well, I cannot believe he didn’t even give us any “homegrown discount”. 8.5 mil for a lousy declining goalie for 7 years and a no trade clause. Sather needs to get fired for this brilliant signing.

  176. The only two things worse than my phone are the techies that renovated this site, and this team

    F them and F all of us for continuing to watch through our fingers and care

  177. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Nothing good will happen in NY until Sather is gone._


  178. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    Vancouver will undoubtedly win the cup this year. If Tortorella can get these clowns in the playoffs each year, imagine what he could do with a real team?

  179. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Kenneth, I ask you not to put words in my mouth, again. I have not once blamed Richards for the Rangers poor qualities as a team. This team is deficient in so many areas, the only person to truly blame is Sather.

    What I disprove of is the insistence that he is a player worthy of his contract. He simply is not.

    For your reading pleasure:

  180. @KatieStrangESPN 47s
    #NYR Asked how he wants his team to play, AV said a very offensive style. *He admitted team doesn’t have the personnel*

    That is calling out the GM, right? RIGHT?

  181. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on


    He walked off the ice after we lost and said out loud “eight million dollar goalie, my ass” and laughed.

  182. here’s a positive (hahahaha….)
    with Cally out 4-6 weeks due to knee
    it’ll now give him to
    let his thumb and shoulder fully heal
    everyone but him believes that there is some nagging injury

  183. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _What I disprove of is the insistence that he is a player worthy of his contract. He simply is not._

    He is not worthy of his contract.

  184. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Interesting point, Za’arat. And it was Torts that looked at the lack of talent on this team and said…”uh..nope…we need to block shots, play tight defense…that’s the only way we can win.”

    The first half of this season should be enough to convince anyone watching that he was right.

    There simply is not enough talent for this team to play an offensive style. They score so few goals they must play defense first.

  185. AV: “When you get down two goals, it’s tough to come back especially with the way we’re not scoring goals right now.”

    Right now? Get out the videotape.

  186. Thanks to manny for updates. That said someone take a bullet and put me out of misery. I can’t bear to think or watch this team any longer. This is rock bottom. I have the game in dvr and will watch like the lunatic I Am Tom night when I get back from Albany.

    Even worse I will have pleasure of taking manny with me on Thursday to watch this disgrace. There won’t be enough beers to go around to watch this disgrace if a franchise. It’s over turn out the freaking

  187. Grapes! He donates his old clothes to the good will bin, but the guy in Boston who sings the National Anthem goes dumpster diving.

  188. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Ah, AV saying we need to be more defensive-oriented. He also says his job is to assess the team he has and put together a strategy to win. In other words, what he just saw with Nashville, a crappy team playing a defensive style, and winning, is the way this crappy team he’s been handed has to play.

    I get it, Av. You’re right. Why don’t you come out and tell the world which GM sucks????

    Ah….hah!! I sense he will be calling Torts for some help later tonight!!

  189. Am I a bad person for thinking this hurts Callahan’s value and maybe makes it easier for us to sign him at a non-horrible rate?

  190. Hank will be in their first thing in the morning asking Sather to implore Vigneault to play only 3 skaters at once so he can more easily see the puck.

  191. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Reporter: “AV, did you expect this team to be at this talent level when you accepted the offer?”

    AV: “I plead the fifth.”

  192. I still think that if Lundqvist can get one of those stupid shootout wins under his belt, he’ll remember who he is and maybe start to play that lights-out style. Remember when those SOs were every other game? I’m actually beginning to miss them.

    It used to be the only thing Rangers’ opponents had to worry about was how the hell they were supposed to get it by this guy. Now that worry is gone, and the mediocrity of the rest of the gang is completely exposed.

  193. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Anson Carter: _You can have all the energy, you’re not going to win if you don’t have the execution._

    Execution = skill

  194. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    SO, with this offensive system, …. um…I said with this OFFENSIVE system, we are tied for 28th in offense in the league. 28th!!!!!!

    Working well.

  195. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Throughout his career, the Rangers have played in shootouts in about 14% of Hank’s appearances. None so far this year.

  196. Matty"We'reAbunchOfCreamPuffs!!"Boy on

    Manny, good point. And as good as he is, as big as his heart is, he is small. And what happens to small guys when they play agains bigger guys??



  197. AV: “Gentlemen, you know all that collapsing and the snow angels I told you to stop doing? Start it up again.”

  198. This team sucks we need to rebuild with players that are full packages–every player has to be physical, gritty, skilled and an above average skater at least. We have a bunch of 1 trick ponies that have just 1 or 2 attributes.

  199. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I’ll go one further: this injury hurts Callahan’s value on the TRADE market._

    The Rangers were never going to trade Callahan this season.

    I’m psychic. [wink]

  200. hahahahaha….Torts’ daughter is talking smack now via twitter (since deleted but i bet she gets a call from daddy)

    Taj @taj1944
    #shotsfired RT @BrittanyKellen: NYR and MSG … You got want you want right? Hopefully you find some identity.
    10:46 PM – 10 Dec 2013

  201. Torts’ daughter tweeted this!!! I LOVE THIS GIRL

    @taj1944 #shotsfired RT @BrittanyKellen: NYR and MSG … You got want you want right? Hopefully you find some identity.

  202. BTW when Nash was out this team was actually playing much better. I say trade him, he just doesn’t inspire any confidence in me and really is only a complementary player with concussion issues.

    Get couple of good players for him players that can hit, fight and score.

  203. Wow. Staal out with another concussion, Cally out 4-6. Not the greatest space for this team. Pyatt needs to start notching a point per game.

    Some dark days for this squad.

  204. Did you guys see this broken glass replaced with new glass with the wrapper still on in Florida? It’s hysterical

    @jakewinderman 54m
    @bruce_arthur I’m a Panthers season ticket holder, I deserve more than this, or less, who knows

  205. Untouhcables: Hank, Cally, The Kreider, McDonagh and Stepan.

    That’s the *core* and you have to defend it.

    I’m more than fine trading Nash for Pacioretty. I will keep saying it.

  206. They will not win anything with Callahan here. Why not trade him while he has value? This team needs to rebuild (clean slate?)

  207. I can’t imagine who on this team has a highly probable upside other than Kreider. Nash has value, but I think what we see from each of them is what we will see.

  208. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    Tortsette is right. I heard she beat up Larry Brooks’ daughter. We all wanted Torts gone. How stupid do we feel now????? Is there a scale out there to weigh the humility we have? We get out onions handed to us in a loss. The debs lose in a Wild West battle.

    Another thing. How did those clown get Schneider and we ended up paying the same for one goalie who’s worse than BOTH theirs!!!

    Dolan!!!!! You stink!!!

  209. Za'rat "TheOtherGuy'sGreed" Jones on

    And what’s with all the trade Callahan? What makes you fools think the rest of the league would give us anything for him? The entire team is overrated and the whole nhl knows it.

  210. Za’rat–

    Not true. I never wanted Torts gone. I thought it was a foolish move hastened by certain (lazy/pansified) players. Torts made these young millionaires accountable. With Torts, I felt we fans were privileged to follow a team that gave full effort every night. Now, not so much.

  211. Again, outside of McDonagh and Kreider, NO player on this team is untouchable.

    That includes the team’s supposed “leadership”: Richards, Girardi, Lundqvist, and yes, Callahan.

    Definitely NOT impressed with this team’s leadership at all.

  212. Who’s going to step up and sustain a high level? I can only think of Nash, maybe McDon., maybe Stepan? Del Zotto? Richards is not going to improve, Hagelin and Moore are fast but unskilled, Brassard doesn’t look as though he’ll ever break through, Zook has overperformed already. Staal we may never see again, Callahan’s out and limited to begin with. The is evidently streaky, takes games off, and everyone else is a role-player Too early, obviously, but it may be blow-it-up time sooner than later.

  213. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _It would save cap space, Manny._

    You would make a great GM. Your only goal would be to save cap space. How is your team going to compete if all you are interested in doing is saving cap space?

  214. I think even the die hard Torts haters are starting to wish he was back. They’ll never admit it though.

    AV is a solid coach. He’s not bad. He’s just not the right fit. Not with this team.

    You can’t give the players what they want, clearly. They wanted a nice guy, and it’s not only not working, but it’s making them soft.

    They can hate Torts all they want, but he was the right guy for *this* team. For a group like this.

    Now that bridge is burned and we’ll be starting from scratch soon enough.

  215. only true untouchables I think are Kreider, Zuccarello and Hagelin.

    Stepan is too slow and too soft
    McD is too soft, but if he starts hitting instead of reaching with the stick then yeah he is untouchable.
    Miller is close to being untouchable, but needs to show more production in NHL
    John Moore is also close to being untouchable
    Callahan is too injury prone and because of all those injuries he will likely be declining from now on.
    Lundqvist is now untradeable rather than untouchable
    Staal we should have traded to Carolina when we had the chance, soon he will join Sauer.

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