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1) Hey, for crying out loud, you can’t expect them to score more than one against Philipp Grubauer. Did I spell that correctly? Too lazy to care. But that’s kinda the point.Washington Capitals v New York Rangers

2) I mentioned it a little while back, during that five-game road trip, and I wasn’t alone because a lot of you guys noticed it too. The Rangers were letting a lot of little things in their performances slip — defensive lapses, dangerous passes, wish passes, some gliding, giving up a puck here or there to avoid a hit. And sometimes that takes a while to catch up to you. Well, it caught up. It started to catch up in the Winnipeg game. The Rangers survived an absolutely adismal (Roenick-ism) Buffalo team, were just bad enough to lose to the Devils, and were woeful last night.

3) And, as I said at the time and many of you know this too, once you get into a funk like this, sometimes it takes a while to get out of it. Maybe you play a little better but continue to lose a few before you’re all the way out. This really isn’t a good time for that, because this nine-game homestand is an enormous opportunity to make noise and gather points that don’t expire. Points in December are every bit as good as points in late March.Washington Capitals v New York Rangers

4) I think you guys who care about this team should finally be happy about the way the players reacted to this one. They were angry. They pointed fingers directly at themselves. For once they didn’t sugar coat that the effort was good, or that they got bad bounces. They didn’t look for positives. They didn’t pretend that this was anything but bad. And that’s good. It’s a step in the right direction.

5) Do yourself a favor and listen to some of the audio from the post-game in the earlier threads.

6) The Rangers sure telegraphed some passes (Derek Stepan, Brad Richards to name two) and turned the puck over in some dangerous areas against the Capitals. And their D-men did some stick-checking and fishing for pucks around the net instead of taking the man. All bad signs. And I continue to wonder if the philosophy of trying to make something happen instead of making the safe play sometimes has the players between a rock and a hard place. Especially the players who don’t have a lot of skill.Washington Capitals v New York Rangers

7) Some guys showed up, even if they weren’t good enough. Rick Nash had a couple of incidents with Alex Ovechkin who came to play physically more than offensively. That guy loves playing here. Early on Ovechkin cheap-shotted Brad Richards behind the play, and Mats Zuccarello went right up to him and they exchanged slashes all the way to the benches. Chris Kreider crossed some lines with penalties — though I thought Ovechkin helped sell one of them — Kreider and got away with some spears to sensitive areas, but you have to like the feistiness.

8) The penalty shot. I didn’t think it should have been called since Mikhail Grabovski got a shot away. If you’re Ryan McDonagh there, maybe you either take him down completely and prevent the first shot, leaving Henrik Lundqvist to handle the penalty shot — a la Brian Leetch and Mike Richter — or you don’t hook him and let Lundqvist take care of a breakaway. I know, it’s a lot to consider in a split second. But to let him have the breakaway with a shot, and hook him too — at the very least it would have been a power play — is not really accomplishing anything.  I did like the Steve Larmer-style slapper on the penalty shot.Washington Capitals v New York Rangers

9) Of course Benoit Pouliot scored. BTW, this was the 11th time in 31 games the Rangers have scored one goal or zero (1-10-0) and the 18th time they have scored two or fewer (4-14-0).

10) I look at that Washington team — which had a better off-season in terms of acquisitions than the Rangers did — and still can’t help but think that, despite Ovechkin, it is not a better team than the Rangers. Or, if it is better, it’s not by much. I fully expect that they and the Rangers will finish second and third, in either order, in the sorry Lesstropolitan Division.

11) I have no idea what to make of the Marc Staal news yesterday. But I really hope it is anything but a concussion. The young man was sure having a rough time of it before he took the shoulder to the chin Saturday. He doesn’t need or deserve more serious injury in his career.

*************************************Washington Capitals v New York Rangers
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Rick Nash.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Cam Talbot.

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  1. Danny Kristo is obviously not ready for this team. He scores goal, and we don’t need no stinkin’ goals.

  2. Well, they play exactly how a 500 team should play.

    I know Pouliot scores one off the deflection, but why is was this guy in the lineup?

    The powerplay has only looked good once (second powerplay in the Devils game) in two games. The rangers seem to do better against teams who don’t defend as hard.

    McDonagh has been the Rangers best D man along with Stralman. Girardi has been….ehhh…ok at best.

    This team is unprepared too handle the pressures of being an over 500 team. Nash, for all his good is a highlight reel scorer and nothing more (Nashty…). Where has our captain been? The Kreids, for all his good, needs to start getting into the dirty areas more often and scoring. Zucc has been the most consistent forward.


  3. Zucc has been consistently one of our best forwards this past 2 weeks which, no slight on the guy means others are neither pulling their weight or putting up the points consistently (Nash, Kreids, Cally, Richie, Hags, Brass).
    I like the feistiness he’s added to his game and he seems to be shooting a little more but he is not the horse we should be riding, he should be a complimentary player.

  4. Opted for watching Prisoners rather than subject myself to a game I felt was going to be difficult to watch….my mistake….movie was difficult to watch watch too…but and I will always be reminded when I hear Sam say the players didnt hear the …….well didnt want to have to add a spoiler alert. Were we outplayed in goal again? Something wrong with the captain? Would MSG have been better served by just being renovated and the teams fully transformed?

  5. Jim Napolitano on

    Steve Larmer breakaway slapper! Great reference! To use a Torts word, this team has lost its Jam. They better turn it around quick before they let the rest if these home points go out the window to teams who care.

  6. We deserve better as fans. Last night my wife asked “don’t you want to watch the game?” for the first time I can recall in several years I answered ” no, not really”. That’s what they have done to me. Oh I watched that miserable game but I really would have been fine not watching it.
    Game days have lost their luster and unfortunately it seems the players feel the same way.

  7. Points 2). and 6). translated: Torts was a much better coach.

    And if AV’s “system” is to have guys all over the ice except for the vital areas where the opponents easily score, then the NYR seem to be a complete success.

    Av is crap and I hope the players appreciate the embarrassing state the team is in now.

  8. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Best interview Q&A of last night:

    Reporter: “Does the team exhibit enough ‘grit’?”

    AV: “Well, with the ‘personnel’ we have, it has to do more.”


  9. Stranger Nation on

    While there are attractive elements to each individual’s respective game (Zuc’s stick, Richie’s hands, Cally’s heart, Hags’ wheels, Step’s smile, MDZ’s break out, Stralmans passes), a team cannot have *half their lineup* smaller than the opponent EVERY GAME.
    By not having a bttom six that can score AT ALL, you are left with the little engine that almost could.
    That and…
    Hey Henk, how about raising your left hand a bit when you are in the net…

    Great review Blogfather.

  10. Therealmikeynj on

    Here’s the real problem

    Richards, Nash zuccarello, McDonough and kreider are basically doing ALL the scoring.
    So when there’s an off night for them no one picks up the slack.

    Boyle, pouliot, pyatt- zero goals in forever, and no his deflection last night does teen count cause policy sucks so bad. If I’m SATHER Boyle is the only one I POSSIBLy keep

    Hagelin, brassard, miller. JT gets a pass for now, brassard to me has only so much longer to prove himself, and what the hell happened to Carl hagelin??????

    Cally- where has his game gone?
    Doesn’t hit anyone anymore

    And the d, forget it
    McDonough and stralman are the only two I’m keeping right now. The rest have been terrible. Girardi especially

    Yeah lets go rangers!! ????

  11. Stranger Nation on

    What is the team’s record with both Pullout Couch and Gomer Pylon in the lineup?

    Seems Boyle hasnt hit anyone since Chara made him look like Raggedy Andy.

  12. Sather Must Go! on

    terrible game, terrible roster. It almost as if Slat never stepped back and never looked at the construction…Problem is the league knows that are desperate for toughness/grit and will hold out for a premium for a trade..

    I have a feeling Krider has developed a rep of being a … We’ll go with “chump” on the ice..he does those things NHLers hate-slashes to the wrist, nut shots, hard checks when not nec warranted and thenbacks out of any confrontation depite being a huge kid- i have a feeling that was some of the process torts was considering..

  13. What’s remorse then watching this team right now is being a season tix holder of this team. Games like last night you should be given some kind of refund. I will take a free prime rib sandwich at this rate. Something anything. This team is just awful to watch and they are so boring.

  14. It’s not the coach’s fault, it’s just that this is the team he has.

    The Rangers had their shot a couple years ago. They were playing way over their heads, their goaltender was on fire, and they came into the playoffs with the opportunity to play the 8th, 7th, 6th and 8th place teams. That was their shot, and the playoffs proved too much for them.

    Since then they’ve got consistently worse personnel-wise, but people here still expect them to be as good as they were then.

    This is the team we have. A middling, .500 team that will try some nights and have their minds elsewhere on others.

  15. I have been a season ticket holder for 8 years. The atmosphere this year is noticably changed. The garden is ridiculously quiet. Not excusing the play of the team but have to wonder if it has had an impact on home ice advantage. The team isn’t getting any energy from the fans, that’s for sure.

  16. Last night’s game has to be in my top five worst games I’ve ever attended. It’s going to be a long season. How many backups have the Rangers lost to now, I can’t even keep track?

    I’m at a loss as to what this team can do to turn it around. Top to bottom no on in this line-up is playing up to the level, maybe McDonagh and Richards are the exceptions. They just don’t have the assets to make a big trade.

  17. Zuccorello and Kreider looked like the only guys who cared last night…sad… Caps were taking runs at Kreider last 5 minutes and AV kept him on the bench to protect him because this is team is too soft and would not back him up anyway.

  18. Good morning, boneheads!

    Lost in all this is #2. Yes, some of us have been saying it. This team started to lose its identity ( they barely showed what they might look like anyway ) around 2 weeks ago. It’s reaching it’s highest point. It takes them one or two extra seconds to make a decision, passes are going nowhere because receivers take one or two extra seconds to make up their mind on where to go. No puck support in the D-zone, they lose physical battles. Better have this now than in March, but it’s mind-boggling that they even are .500. It’s up to leadership and experienced players to take over. They may need a shake up to inject a little energy, but I’m afraid the price could be prohibitive. Washington looked at the start like they were ready to mail it in. Instead NY decided to do it instead. Could’ve just texted it in to save some fuel.

  19. Sather Must Go! on

    It’s true I don’t know what other teams would want off the existing rosterexcept mcD-and he ain’t gone nowhere..

    Problem is we traded all our past assets (gabby, draft picks) and ended up with the last placeColumbus team of two years ago… Now, the system is lacking depth and not a whole lotta youth coming up behind it… BUT, according to Mr Dolan- “We are lucky” to have sather in charge – job for life!!

  20. I would not mind if this team was in a rebuild mode but come on.

    Only a few players show up on a given night.
    In 5 years Buffalo will be a semi rebuilt team and we will still be in the middle, lucky to win a round or two… Serenity Now!!!!

  21. jimG the desertrat on

    What did they decide at the closed door meeting? Who,S house for yuletide egg nog.

  22. Nice write up Carp. I agree with you, they may have not hit bottom yet.

    How do you hold the Crapitals top 4 scorers pointless (excluding that penalty shot gift) and still give up four?

    #27, #20 and #36 continue to bright spots on an otherwise dim team.

    I know in the past Staal has been somewhat of a nemesis to Ovie, that is clearly McDonagh’s (who would probably be the lone all-star on this team if they had an All-star game this year) job now. NcMonster is now in the top ten of D scoring. Ovie has only 2 points in his last 12 games vs. the Rangers.

    I thought on both of Kreider’s penalties, the youngster was schooled by some more seasoned players, both Ovie and the other Caps player (can’t remember who it was) both felt or saw Kreider’s stick up to near their midsection and used their own stick to pull his up and in to draw the penalty. He is going through the process as Tort’s would say. Albeit, a process that would have found him on the bench.

    If these Rangers could figure out how to finish, Zucc will have a ton of assists. The rest of them need to look in the mirror and figure how to get their collective keesters in gear. I couldn’t even watch the last half of the 3rd last night.

    As LT said “Son, y’all are gonna have to do better than this.”

  23. Stranger Nation on

    Size Matters: You can 2 maybe 3, just maybe 3 but not 8 or 9 starters who are undersized. Need to get rid of 6 or 7 of these guys.

    Richards: listed 6’0″ 196; prob. 5’10” 175
    Step: listed 6’0″ 196; prob. 5’10” 180
    Cally: listed 5’11” 190; prob. 5’10” 175
    Hags: listed 5’11” 186; prob. 5’9″ 165
    Zuc listed 5’7″ 179: prob. 5’6″ 165
    Dorsett listed 6’0′ 192: prob. 5’10” 180
    D Moore listed 6’0″ 192; prob. 5’10” 180
    MDZ listed 6’0″ 192; prob. 5’10” 185
    Stralman listed 5’11” 190; prob. 5’10” 180
    so that is 9 out of 15 starters when lineup is healthy

    Rest of Roster:
    J moore

  24. Once my new Avatar shows up- this one is for Miami. True story, my daughter was trying to dress it up with this particular sweater, I helped her. Looks like NYR lately.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    -Richards-: listed 6’0” 196; prob. 5’10” 175
    Step: listed 6’0” 196; prob. 5’10” 180
    Cally: listed 5’11” 190; prob. 5’10” 175
    -Hags-: listed 5’11” 186; prob. 5’9” 165
    -Zuc- listed 5’7” 179: prob. 5’6” 165
    Dorsett listed 6’0’ 192: prob. 5’10” 180
    -DMoore- listed 6’0” 192; prob. 5’10” 180
    -MDZ- listed 6’0” 192; prob. 5’10” 185
    -Stralman- listed 5’11” 190; prob. 5’10” 180
    so that is 9 out of 15 starters when lineup is healthy

  26. Stranger Nation on

    J moore

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Are we allowed to dream?

    _______ – _____ – Nash (Steen & Statsny)
    Kreider – Step – Cally
    Miller – Brass – Dorsett
    Bickel – Boyle – Haley

    McD – _______ (Paneuf?)
    _____ – Girardi (Staal?)
    Moore – Falk

  28. Only way Sather goes is if Garden goes empty fast starting from The Chase bridges & down.

    Until than its business as usual at the worlds most famous.

  29. In the wake of this loss, we can all *cheer* for the fact that *Stranger* now has an awesome, and appropriate, Avatar/Gravatar!

  30. Manny, I see a lot of *new* avatars around lately. You are starting a *revolution*.

    Also, Thy Lend Elk, No?

  31. I’m expecting movement soon – those AV comments were similar to those Torts made bemoaning the lack of depth right before the Brass/Moore/Dorse for Gaby deal.
    Slats needs to be working the phone and assessing the farm today

  32. Stranger Nation on

    It starts when you’re always afraid
    You step out of line, the man come and take you away

  33. What do Brad Stuart, Tom Sestito and Alex Ovechkin have in common? They’ve all taken runs at Rick Nash’s head! How the flunk can this be a tolerable situation to his employers and teammates? How’s about this: start taking runs at the opposition’s top skill players whenever a team targets Nash’s head! Do it like you mean it! Don’t pass up the opportunity!

  34. Stranger Nation on

    Nash did get a nice glove jab to Ovi’s face which had the chicken checking his tooth alignment on way to box.

  35. JJP, nail on the head. Nothing to trade on the big team or in the minors. You could get some old guy for a Miller, I suppose, for a year’s service. And gradually hasten the demise that way.

    It looks as though the only moves now are to wait and let AV gradually coach this team to slightly better than mediocrity; or to trade the only tangible assets, Nash and Lundqvist (if anyone can afford them) and actually rebuild along with the young guys already here.

    GM’s nightmare, and we have a nightmare GM.

  36. I don’t like calling for people’s jobs, but this team has been mediocre since, coincidentally, 2000. We have burned through 4 coaches yet have the same GM – what is wrong with this picture?

  37. obliteron,

    Like Sestito said to the entire Ranger bench after mauling the Rangers skill players the other night. “Who’s gonna do something about it”

  38. Ralph from N.M. on

    AV sitting del zotto, pullout,pylon isn’t getting anybodies attention. starting from Boyle & up he needs to start sitting everyone, for a couple of shifts, a period or a healthy scratch. get some eyes opened up.

    exempt = The Kreider, MZA, Mc D

  39. Don Maloney said it best when you have a coach yelling in your ear it motivates u to not screw up. When your coach relaxes the reigns a little it’s just human nature that u take the path of least resistance. The team is not physical enough to play that way and not skilled enough to beat teams with their skill. Could be a long year Boneheads.

  40. It’s probably time to realize you just signed the world best struggling goalie to a 7 year contract so maybe you should begin to dismantle and start building around him.

  41. Stranger Nation on

    NYR Goals/TOI/Shooting %
    How much time on ave it takes each player to score a goal

    1. 45 Minutes of TOI to score 1 goal; 9.3%
    2. 58; 11.7%
    3. 60; 11.7%
    4. 61; 16.1%
    5. 64; 9.3%
    6. 86; 8.8%
    7. 93; 10%
    8. 113; 7.1%
    9. 113; 6.9%

  42. if they manage to win tomorrow, which is doubtful, then I’d like to hear the players say, “you know what, it doesn’t mean jack if we don’t win again on Thursday…” with each win, it seems like that fall in this false sense of security that they are “headed in the right direction.” Seriously, stop this residency in the home of .500 and mediocrity. You suck unless you string at least three or four wins together.

  43. Stranger Nation on

    1. Nash- 45; 9.3%
    2. Kreider – 58; 11.7%
    3. Cally – 60; 11.7%
    4. Hagelin – 61; 16.1%
    5. Richards – 64; 9.3%
    6. Zuccarello – 86; 8.8%
    7. Brassard – 93; 10%
    8. Puliot – 113; 7.1%
    9. *Stepan* – 113; 6.9%

    Taking away assists and looking at goal scoring – ya know – what really matters and this is where our top 9 forwards rank

  44. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _We could shop Nash. Would create some cap space._

    If the Rangers continue trending this way, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

    It’s better if management recognizes the team is incapable of winning and decides to rebuild around Hank, McDonagh, Stepan, Kreider and Callahan.

  45. Closed Door Meeting: item #1

    Stepan to his teammates: “They are having a wonderful panties sale over at Macy’s starting Monday. I recommend the flexes by Maidenform. The don’t bunch up at all.”

  46. Management WBM (c)

    0) Dolan/Sather/Torts

    Forgetting anyone?

    PS. Adam Graves is in charge of Hockey and Business Operations. Adam Graves can *never* go on VBM!

  47. Sather Must Go! on

    I dont know how many teams want Nash, at this point (contract, injury history, aging and pretty soft) esp for the value you would want in return (which need to be a top prospect and/or a first rder)

  48. Obliteron @ 10:57. Old time hockey. An eye for an eye. I like it, but ……..

    Its a highly unlikely this Ranger team will react in such a way because, when they run the other teams star players, they will in turn be challenged by the other teams enforcers ( unlike the Rangers , because they have no enforcers)……and we know how bad that will turn out…….(see Boyle’s last two altercations)

  49. _If the Rangers continue trending this way, I wouldn’t be opposed to it._

    Damn, it only took me a week to break you down?

  50. Would this team have performed with so little passion if Messier was coach? He would have been fine with a top bench coach like a Renney type.

    Everyone hates the GM but applauds his biggest ($8.5M) signing.


  51. Hanks glove hand has been exposed and shooters are gunning for it. He should cheat a little.

    Also, looks to me like he’s playing way too deep in his net, even for him.

  52. _Would this team have performed with so little passion if Messier was coach?_

    Was Trottier fiery?

  53. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Damn, it only took me a week to break you down?_

    If the Rangers had any chance to compete, Nash is the superior player. In my estimation, they don’t. It would be better to rebuild than remain mediocre.

  54. Trottier.

    Never hire someone who talked about committing suicide few years earlier and is an iconic Islander.

  55. _If the Rangers had any chance to compete, Nash is the superior player. In my estimation, they don’t. It would be better to rebuild than remain mediocre._

    So you’re rehashing my logic from a week ago. I like that you’ve come around. Manny might get jealous though so play it cool.

  56. I actually have been pleased with Vigneault’s coaching and his demeanor. Did not think I would like him.

  57. Here are the size stats, height and weight, for each team in the conference. Average size of the player based on time on the ice so far this year – no one is getting credit for a big 4th liner who plays four minutes. Obviously guys like Chara and Hedman skew the D numbers higher for Boston and Tampa.

    I don’t see much discrepancy between the teams, which just comes back to the overall skill level of the teams.

    BOS F 6’1″ 201 D 6’3″ 217
    PIT F 6’0″ 195 D 6’2″ 211
    MON F 5’11” 196 D 6’0″ 206
    DET F 6’0″ 203 D 6’2″ 204
    TB F 6’0″ 197 D 6’3″ 214
    TOR F 6’1″ 200 D 6’3″ 205
    WAS F 6’2″ 211 D 6’2″ 208
    CAR F 6’1″ 201 D 6’1″ 210
    NYR F 6’1″ 202 D 6’1″ 203
    NJD F 6’1″ 205 D 6’1″ 200
    PHI F 6’1″ 194 D 6’1″ 210
    CBJ F 6’1″ 203 D 6’1″ 218
    OTT F 6’1″ 204 D 6’3″ 211
    FLA F 6’2″ 200 D 6’1″ 199
    NYI F 6’1″ 197 D 6’1″ 198
    BUF F 6’1″ 198 D 6’3″ 204

  58. everyone is blaming the top players, and they deserve some blame, but it seems to me the bottom two lines are useless. if rangers had a fourth line, for instance, that hit and punished opposing forwards, there would be a lot more room for the top forwards. i don’t think ive ever seen two big guys (pyatt and boyle) hit so softly since i’ve been a fan. the thought of a goon playing 3 minutes a game sucks; but if the tradeoff is having pyatt or pouliot it seems completely worth it. the very least that can be said of torts is that it seemed like it was unpleasant playing the rangers when he was coach. i certainly doesn’t seem that way today.

  59. In order: #3, what possible reasons based on their performance to date being a temporary condition, and any reason at all for your optimistic conclusions?

    #4,Fans are “happy” with overall success, post game “Im sorries do not change the inherent problems with this roster.

    #5, again, what the players say especially their post game mea culpas are meaningless, it’s what they do that counts in the standings!

    #10, can you possibly be serious about that comparison?

    Finally as of the A.M, they reside in the bottom third of the NHL, which makes them no longer average in a 30 team league!

  60. This team we love is lacking leadership and fire on the ice.Who the frig is going to start hitting and the fore check is non-existent…..yes frustrated

  61. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _So you’re rehashing my logic from a week ago. I like that you’ve come around. Manny might get jealous though so play it cool._

    Your logic was to trade Nash for Pacioretty, in an attempt to save cap space and be mediocre in the short term.

    My logic is to trade Nash for a package of prospects and draft picks. Among others we should seek to trade are Boyle, Girardi, Dorsett, Stralman and Brassard.

  62. JJP, Hockey come down a lot to passion and the Rangers are not a very passionate team. Their big men don’t play big. Staal and Boyle are not big hitters and clearly not fighters. McDonough is not a big hitter so they don’t really have any players that other teams are afraid off.

  63. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _The Grass Is Always Greener: How Dubinsky and Prust Turned Into Nash_

    “Turning Two Nickels into a Quarter: How Dubinsky and Prust Turned into Nash.”

    “Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of the 2011-12 New York Rangers”

  64. _Your logic was to trade Nash for Pacioretty, in an attempt to save cap space and be mediocre in the short term._

    Half credit! The record shows mine was a very simple to understand (for most) “we’d be insane to not get similar production out of a younger, cheaper player in order to build a better roster long-term” idea. Its tough to even pretend its an idea given it would be such an obvious decision to make. However, given the week gap, its plain to see that where I was forward thinking, you’re just a copycat reactionary reeling from 4 bad periods.

    Either way, we’re on the same page now and that’s what counts.

  65. Only guy hitting right now is The Kreider! Only a matter of time before the start running him, oh wait that started last night. Better bring in so toughness soon.

  66. ‘There’s battle lines being drawn
    Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
    Young people speaking their minds
    Getting so much resistance from behind –
    I think it’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down…’

  67. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Half credit! The record shows mine was a very simple to understand (for most) “we’d be insane to not get similar production out of a younger, cheaper player in order to build a better roster long-term” idea. Its tough to even pretend its an idea given it would be such an obvious decision to make. However, given the week gap, its plain to see that where I was forward thinking, you’re just a copycat reactionary reeling from 4 bad periods._

    I am not personally affected by the outcome of sporting events. Win or lose, life goes on. My thought process stems from more than 6 months of mediocrity and the recognition that 2011-12 was an aberration.

    Your forward thinking is flawed. Trading Nash for an unproven and only moderately cheaper player doesn’t help in the long-term.

  68. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Great accurate write up!

    I like where you are going with those weight posts…looks awfully familiar like some I put up yesterday :)

    I think the problem is all the punks (s)

  69. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Hard to say that 2011-12 was an aberration when half the roster was turned over the next year._

    It’s simple to say. Half the roster? The core of important players remained; only expendable players were jettisoned while a superior player was acquired.

  70. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Looks like you aren’t “personally affected” by math either, Kenneth! LOL!_

    If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black… (:

  71. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Wins are all that matter?

    Hank: 9-12-1
    Cam: 6-2


  72. Now I get to make fun of you for math again. If “wins are all that matter”, 9 is greater than 6. If you’re trying to make a valid point about record, “wins are all that matter” doesn’t make it. Brutal Monday for you, Kenny.

  73. who can you trade that will bring you back something potentially better than what you have?

    Del Zotto
    Maybe Boyle
    draft picks

  74. Wicky – I had a guy ask for a new deck of cards in a tournament, and it changed his luck yesterday.

    Maybe a new bag of pucks is the answer for this goal anemic team. Did we call up the kid that scores goal yet?

  75. Sure, Kenny. > $3MM is merely moderate and Pacioretty is unproven. You’re making great points today and I’m the only one who doesn’t get it. I know Lloyd would agree with you.

  76. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    9 wins in 22 opportunities.

    6 wins in 8 opportunities.

    You can’t defeat me.

  77. fchamps: Girardi? If we tank out, he’s the guy I’d expect to go at the deadline for some more future-looking players.

  78. Wick, certainly this team could use a few punks.

    But that’s for later, right now, I’m gonna go hit the pipe and catch up on the news coming from the Euro Non-Checking leagues you turned me on to!!

  79. Fans worried about Cap space is like a businessman obsessed with taxes. He spends so much time worried about taxes that he forgets to run his business, which erases his tax problems.

  80. You know what gets me? Many of us started lamenting the lack of grit and toughness on the proposed Ranger roster during the summer (and have continued to express our displeasure over the fact since the season started).

    And clearly, in more games than not, we are seeing clear evidence of that and how it is negatively impacting the team and more importantly, the outcomes of the games.

    So why the heck doesn’t Sather (and the coach) see it? Why isn’t something being done to address this significant issue?

    I truly don’t understand this. I know Sather sucks as a GM, but he cannot be the blind (hell, he’s the guy who signed the likes of Brashear and Boogaard for crying out loud).

    It’s so confusing, not to mention frustrating.

    Is he going senile or something????

  81. Coos: I’m a nerdy accountant, combining sports and math is like the greatest thing in the world for me

  82. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Remind me to never hire you as my accountant, champ.

  83. JR – “if you discount the state of profundity that this team has, you will then see that the playmaking is as rigid as the rains of Kilimanjiro”

  84. I get what you’re saying, but I don’t necessarily agree. Not that all fans should worry about that cap, that’s certainly a smaller subset, but I’d argue fans are far more affected by the cap than the people who are making the cap decisions. Usually (see: not NYR, Sather), a GM has a shelf life that’s a fraction of a fan’s, so he’ll be far more willing to risk cap death to save himself. Look at McDonagh and Montreal, I bet there are fans there still dying over that trade and the GM who did it to them is long gone.

  85. Stranger Nation on

    _“Hi! My name is Brian Boyle. And I am a NYR enforcer”. Intro during the first meeting of Confused Anonymous Group._

    HI BRIAN!!

  86. Such a weak call by the NHL. Go more than 5 and Neal might fight it and you’re stuck trying to prove his intent, even though his intent was completely obvious.

  87. JR – “I like to think of myself as the saboteur of this league … wise but cunningful and boasting great thoughtmaking skills.”

  88. Sydney skates away on the slew foot that put Marchand down on the ice just before Punk Neal kneed him. 1 out of 2 ain’t bad.

  89. Very true, Carp. Out of the 3 victims, the only sympathetic one is the one who was hit during the course of play. Two super stupid teams.

  90. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Such a weak call by the NHL. Go more than 5 and Neal might fight it and you’re stuck trying to prove his intent, even though his intent was completely obvious._

    Phone call can’t result in any more than 5 games. Yet again, you are uninformed.

  91. Grit isn’t necessary to win, but it can cover for lack of skill. The 2008 Red Wings weren’t a gritty team but won by overwhelming opponents with skill. The current Rangers roster is neither especially skilled or gritty. Therein lies the problem.

  92. Also, how does that game plus Pacioretty on Boychuk plus Phaneuf work in terms of Lucic and Chara as deterrents?

  93. _Phone call can’t result in any more than 5 games. Yet again, you are uninformed._

    I swear, no exaggeration, I read this, sighed, looked up at the ceiling and said “oh my god, he can’t be this dumb”. True story. Ask my ceiling.

  94. The good thing about the Rangers lack of physicality and checking, is that there is very little chance of getting suspended.

  95. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I swear, no exaggeration, I read this, sighed, looked up at the ceiling and said “oh my god, he can’t be this dumb”. True story. Ask my ceiling._

    It’s quite alright, chap. You can’t get -everything- anything right. (:

  96. The cap is like taxes doesn’t matter.

    So we should keep Richards, after all he is leading scorer.

    Be happy don’t worry.

  97. It’s still *funny* to me that *Hagoonlin* got a 3 *playoff* game suspension for that hit, when you look at it in *context* of subsequent suspensions.

  98. Rangers stink and the most frustrating thing about it is there is nothing that can be done about it. It was looking promising when Sather brought in Tort’s and Tort’s convinced Sather and company to stop trying to buy players and start drafting and developing players. I thought to myself that finally the rangers have turned the corner in the Sather regime. The rangers went to the conference finals and in the off season Sather blows it up. The funny thing is when the rangers started to show promise that they were headed in the right direction was at the time when Sather was battling prostate cancer and wasn’t completely involved in the decision. He beats the cancer, comes back, takes charge and it all turn to crap.

  99. Always *look* on the *bright* side of life (whistle whistle whistle) Just before *your* draw your *terminal* breath…

  100. JJP, dead on again. The Jets’ announcers Monday repeatedly made reference to the Rangers “using their size” early on in the game (before they tanked). It’s talent that wins games more than anything else; the Rangers have enough size but are light on talent. Watch the Bruins at their most intense — they whip the puck around as well as anyone, great one-touch passers. Callahan could never crack that line-up, as an example — he takes too long to get his passes off, as do most of his teammates. AV has quite a job on his hands convincing them to move and move the puck. At least they have shown they can do that on power plays.

  101. Miami Man, say again, “cunni…what? (;)

    Carp, I believe I posed some legitimate questions, will you be responding………….with more than the usual one word non answers?

  102. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    3 playoff games is much more significant than 9 regular season games. That Hagelin suspension was inexplicable.

  103. Head injuries are just as damaging in the playoffs as they are in the regular season. I can’t believe you think guys recover faster in the playoffs, Kenneth. So medically uninformed! LOL!

  104. Neal should have got more than 5 games, no matter how dumb the league’s “phone hearing policy” is, but at least they acknowledged it was dirty. How he wasn’t tossed out of the game is a joke.

  105. Stranger Nation on

    That he kneed Rat Nose was the reason it was only 5 games.

    Anyone else, in person and probably 10

  106. Vigneault's Vino on

    You are trolling, Mister D.Unsuccessfully so. Accept that you have been *pwned* and move on.

  107. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I taught you that home advantage isn’t significant in hockey, especially when compared with other sports.

  108. Do we have a list going? Toughness is immaterial. All goalies face the same level of shot difficulty. Home ice is meaningless. Any goalie could theoretically become Lundqvist because Lundqvist became Lundqvist. $3.3MM against the cap is mere “moderate” savings. Players are unproven until atleast 5 (more?) seasons.

    We need a list.

  109. I don’t see why he deserves more than *5* games. Ryan Garbutt got *5* games for an elbow to the head of Eriksson and I think the knee and the elbow are similar appendages. John Scott got *7* games because everyone hates him but normally that’s a *5* gamer.

  110. I *love* the idea of telling *Mister D* to *move on*. He’s around here a *lot* more than *you* other guys that show up when the team *isn’t* doing very well and decide to rile everyone up.

  111. JR – “It’s not the extensivity of the punishment that matters, but rather the degree to which it is fulfilled in the light of the grander schematics of things.”

  112. Completely a non-hockey play with zero to gain but injury. Atleast with Scott you could stretch logic to an insane degree and say he was finishing a check or something.

  113. I don’t want Mister D to move on because he is *great* and *smart* and only uses *one user name* all the time!

  114. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Toughness alone is meaningless. Quality shots can’t be sustained in the long-term. Home advantage isn’t significant. However unlikely, any goalie could theoretically become Lundqvist, never advancing past the ECF. $3.3MM against the cap is moderate savings. Players with only one full season under their belts are unproven; success is proven via consistency

  115. Closed door meeting:

    “Who can’t wait to get traded and be put out of his misery first?”

  116. After our progress with regards to Nash today, perhaps every day I can further educate you(s) and we can pare that list down. I’ll even let you pick which one you want to focus on tomorrow.

  117. The Kreider – Stepan – Nash
    Prospal – Richards – Callahan
    Hagelin – Brassard – Poulet
    Miller – Boyle – another sucky player

  118. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The real question is: Is it possible for you to win one debate against me? However unlikely, theoretically it is possible.

  119. Also, Lloyd is the origin name. So Lloyd is also Kenneth, not Kenneth is also Lloyd. Vino is just kind of dumb and not funny.

  120. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Sadly for you, I am not Mister C or Mister E, despite what that last post might indicate._

    I didn’t accuse you. I don’t resort to lazy claims.

  121. _Is it possible for you to win one debate against me? However unlikely, theoretically it is possible._

    Depends on whether “debates conceded earlier today” count, I guess.

  122. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Not a concession. I wouldn’t touch a Nash for Pacioretty trade with a 10 foot pole.

  123. Honestly, I just find someone running from Pacioretty to be great. Troll or not, that’s an amazing opinion to marry yourself to.

  124. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You’re intentionally trolling, sport. That stuff doesn’t affect me.

    If a middling team like our Rangers is going to cut bait with Nash for the purpose of saving cap space, then the team ought to go all in instead of half in, a return of prospects and picks instead of a lesser player and only 42% savings in cap space. Unless the goal of the organization is to put out a mediocre team.

  125. FYI Nash has a no movement clause in his contract. So any talk of trading him is moot. Besides, Nash is not the problem. Lets recall Bickel and Haley to play on the 4th line for starts, then see how the rest of the team plays with some protection.

  126. Afternoon all,

    Funny how the Islander trolls only come out after Ranger losses.

    They should really be focused on the continual failures of their beloved franchise.

  127. Rangers’ fighting majors last season: 18
    Rangers’ fighting majors this season: 18
    Wings’ fighting majors this season: 4

    Who’s trying to be something they’re not?

  128. The Mister D and Kenneth Show.

    It’s like watching a lousy rerun of the The Great Bang Theory.

    Mister D is Sheldon and Kenneth is Leonard.

  129. Leetchhalloffame on

    Not bringing up McIlrath right now just proves he is another gigantic NYR draft choice bust. The only way we are going to wake up that a-hole Dolan is by staying away from MSG in droves.

  130. Imagine how bad it would be if Dolan got involved with the rangers like he does with the knicks.

  131. Norm! Detroit is a bad example… Detroit as a whole, has gotten used to being pushed around. I’d like to think New York is different?

  132. I know James Neal only got *5* games guys but that costs him *$128,205.15* You wouldn’t see that kind of hit on the wallet in any other sport.

  133. Coos, it’s Dorsett, with few exceptions. Would be interesting to know the team’s record on fight night and otherwise. Fighting is generally what you do when you’re behind.

  134. Hey Papa, for those who don’t watch the show, is Sheldon the smart and attractive and nice one while Leonard is the one who uses a bunch of different names and wouldn’t want Max Pacioretty on his roster?

  135. Coos,

    We need D help.
    We need O help.
    We need grit help.
    We need enforcer help.
    We need size help.
    We need skill help.
    We need scouting help.
    We need player development help.

    But our PP is better…..Silver Linings, Manny.

  136. OK, you don’t like Detroit (15-9-7), try the Hawks, with 6 fighting majors. Are they good enough?

  137. Detroit is a more skilled team than the Rangers, though. To succeed, you need to be a skilled team that scores goals (Penguins), or a gritty team that prevents them (Bruins). If you don’t either well, you wind up in the middle (Rangers). If you do both, then you are an elite team (Blackhawks).

  138. Yes. The *Blackhawks* are good enough.

    But there are other kinds of toughness besides dropping the gloves.

  139. That makes sense, Papa. I’m objectively amazing whereas Kenneth reeled in Lloyd and Vino. Perfect analogy, it seems.

  140. Carp, the whole thing is mindless. Why all the teams I grew up with now have bad owners. Why me?

  141. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Thanks, Mister D, for pretending not to understand what I meant._

    He’s not pretending. He is intellectually challenged. (:

  142. Manny, as Carp has pointed out, Mr. D shares similarities to Buutthead only when you are scroll the thread fast.

  143. JR – “When I sit down to eat a PBJ, I think about the days I scored and how they were full of frivolous and consequentialist moments that fully justified my intrinsic desire to extrapolate my choices upon the monumentalist nature of this earth.”

  144. Meh. A lot of those Red Wings guys might not fight, but they have some size and they’re pretty gritty around the net and in the corners.

  145. ‘Help me if you can, I’m in a vise
    And I do appreciate you being nice
    Help me get some players on the ice
    Won’t you please, please help me?’

  146. Vigneault’s Vino, Mr. D may be different things to different folks, but he’s not remotely close to being Penny.

  147. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    He stated that Richards was this team’s 3rd line C, despite leading the team in points.

  148. Proteus er..Carp, actually responds.

    And when he does more often than not he’s spot on.

    Do it more often!

    Thank you.

    Mr.D & Kenneth, you both argue your points well but are spending far too much time on trivial matters and cheap shots.

    It’s the big picture that should be the issue or perhaps Carp’s contention the this Ranger roster is the equal of the Caps! (;)

  149. If you are talented and tough and have a reliable PP, you rarely need to fight, and when you do, you can hold your own.

  150. Actually watching the games tells a much deeper and more revealing story than the statistical lines may, *What’s the Frequency Kenneth*

  151. I agree, Com. No more cheap shots from me like “Kenneth has repeatedly stated he wouldn’t want Pacioretty on this team”. That’s unfair and I shouldn’t do it and I’m sorry. I was being more Butthead than Leonard there. I think.

  152. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Actually watching the games tells a much deeper and more revealing story than the statistical lines may_

    No. With your eyes, you can’t watch every movement of every player throughout the entirety of every game. A person’s subjective views are also prone to bias.

  153. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You presented the blog with your hilarious, facetious Richards comment a few nights ago.

  154. Manny, I had Mr. d pegged for Sheldon, but I’m fine with the reversal.

    Btw, it’s ‘The Big Bang Theory’ not the ‘The Great Bang Theory.’ I don’t want anyone thinking Papa Bear doesn’t correct himself when he’s mad a mistake.

    Papa Bear Mistake = mea culpa, correction to follow.

  155. Cool, *What’s the Frequency* _Kenneth_ . I will stop watching the games and just start catching the box score the next day so I can know what _really_ happened.

  156. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So my question is this…
    All those games we predictably lose (you know against north south playing teams that have some big physical players that like to hit and physically intimidate) what is our goals per game avg against them?

    Subsequently, what is our goals per game avg in those predictable games we win (against less physical teams that don’t really use physicality to intimidate or really play a nasty game)?

    Point being scoring may not really be an issue for this team if the “scorers” feel less intimidated and do their thing.

    Just saying team toughness may be a bit more of a factor than some of you are willing to admit or understand.

  157. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Has our punk cally been suspended yet? I can’t believe punk pyatt wasn’t suspended for that hit on ovi in the playoffs last year!!

  158. My mom wrote back: “You remind me of all of the best qualities of all of the characters and I especially love that you never create multiple online aliases to construct a sad (and painfully transparent) faux-consensus of ideas!”

    My mom is the best.

  159. Got it, Kenneth at clinchers of ’89Flames ’94Rangers ’96Avs and other exciting sports contests, and thanks.

  160. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Remember when Burke said sedin isn’t Swedish for punch me in the head or slash me or whatever

    Lol, cracks me up

  161. _If anyone on her looks like penny, please make it known to the rest of us ;)_

    Also, post pics to confirm. Because everything is real on the internets :)

  162. Wick, before I start the research re your post @ 3:31.. , would you please clarify, is this a mandatory assignment or for extra credit? :)

  163. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Great great point, well done. Pic is a great touch.

    Extra credit of course. The only think mandatory for you is to keep posting here!

  164. Rangers sign Feliz Navidad in a holiday surprise. Multi-dimensional little man will play short for Mets after playoffs.

  165. You know what is depressing about being a sports fan? It is when your favorite team’s fortunes, present and future, are being sabotaged by crass administrative incompetence, as least as you perceive it.

    For EIGHT G.D.M.F. years I suffered my Phillies coddling the worst manager I have witnessed at any level, hideously debauching this talent-laden team’s chances for dynastic glory with his in-game defiance of the fundamental percentages of the game, and ghoulish burn-out of key players and pitchers, so that little was left in the tank, come October, every year. Finally, mercifully, the team dumped “The Human Mule,” as I like to call him, last August.

    But you know what, this angst never friggin’ ends for a sports fan. The Phillies still are saddled with a myopic-vision, short-term patching, over-paying idiot G.M. who got the job over a much more qualified candidate because he and the owner/ managing partner of the team both attended the same prep school, Penn Charter, in the Philadelphia area.

    Same deal with the Rangers, who now sport the most stuck-in-the-mud G.M. on the hockey horizon, a man so steeped in inertia and reticence he cannot even address glaring deficiencies as regards the team’s need for top-six offense and rearguard muscle, which are smacking him right in the face. Instead, he goes about his daily routine like he is in a punch-drunk stupor. The game hasn’t passed him by, so much as this entire life has passed him by. Far as I am concerned he is the living, walking dead. It’s hard to find an example of a more gutless, spineless man in any professional field of endeavor, than this Neanderthal.

    I am TRULY discouraged and frustrated as the result of my emotional connection of a lifetime with these two organizations. Must be a better way to fill up so much of one’s time and thoughts, throughout the day, but, hey, the hook of a lifetime is a hard habit to break.

  166. Stranger Nation on

    _Just saying team toughness may be a bit more of a factor than some of you are willing to admit or understand_

    Careful Wicky…only use points as a barometer of performance

  167. Hey Robby B., I’m guessing part of that venom is fueled by today’s rumors, huh? And, if not, maybe don’t read today’s rumors.

  168. Stranger Nation on

    The pic above looks like AV being led to the station house by Detectives Ulfie and Arniel on Law & Order SVU.

    Special Victims Unit – sounds like a group of Ranger Fans

  169. Ruben Amaro,Jr. went to Penn Charter, as did Phillies owner David Montgomery. Sather is a third-grade dropout from Hell.

  170. From the mouth of an accountant, I can understand why you would say they are pretty much even. Mr.D.

  171. I don’t mean my take to sound like “venom.” Just baring my soul and trying to take stock of a the chronic dilemma of being a sports fan, in general. I think all sports fans, at times, can relate to this frustration. After all, I wouldn’t want to be a Mets, Knicks, or Yankees or Giants fan right now, either. My Eagles are saving my bacon and sanity, at least for the moment until the playoffs. lol.

  172. Sedin is Swedish for ‘Yeah, gimme one more, what’s the difference, I’m already 2 hours late for bed-check.’

  173. Fran Healy (really) to Lundqvist: “When that puck comes flying at you at 100 miles per hour, would you rather be someplace else?” How did that dork ever get a job anywhere besides as a junior manager of a Jack In The Box?

  174. Oh, you know I’m kidding, Papa. I’m not sure you can get any further apart than my Prust-Lust and Poo … I hate Pouliot.

  175. Papa Bear –
    We also need G.M. help; FA signing help; drafting help; Ownership help, a new area help; and a moratorium on consistent-losing help; not-so-riddled-with-injuries help; and timely promotion of prospects to the parent club, help. Now, I think, we have just about covered it.

  176. Coos, you preempted me with the comment,”if your talented enough (Blackhawks) teams do not take many liberties since you will undoubtedly make them pay for it”.

    Actually you didn’t say all that so I editorialized a bit! (;)

    Norm, that was the answer to your comment about Hawks fighting majors.

    None of this is germane to the ranger issues since they are deficient in every area of the game of hockey.

    To wit; one natural goal scorer, with minimal partners, one good “2 D who has game both offensively and defensively but not really a punisher and a very good goalie who is overpaid and over estimated for what he alone can do for this organization.

    Did I mention ownership and management?

  177. Wow, what did I miss? You’re having a troll festival, I see.

    On team toughness. Fights don’t always equal that. Justin Abdelkader is the only one who actually fights in Detroit. But NY doesn’t have anyone who can hit like Kronwall. Or intimidate physically around the net like Ericsson. When Franzen forechecks you, you better watch your back. Todd Bertuzzi can hit like a train too. Nyquist? I think you get the point.

  178. things have got to get better:

    carp, marc staal maybe good sign since he walked off the ice on his own and he threw his helmet in frustration, so maybe not a concussion.

    Sadly for jpg and I our cousin was just killed by a hit and run driver. She was Uncle Dom’s 4th of 7 daughter. he also has 1 son.

    How many more days until a new year?

    Hope NYR can give us some stress relief and play games like they care and possibly win.

  179. Just got in from a wonderful day of shopping at WalMart, so update me, please, as to the latest “rumor mill” developments. Thank you.

  180. seriously?!?!?
    Asham in place of Miller?
    let’s see. he’ll get into a needless fight
    early in the game and get the extra 2
    and somehow
    that’s going to clear up
    the team’s inability to shoot on net (other than goalie’s chest)
    get in front of the net and make goalie’s life miserable
    check opponents in all 3 zones
    make passes to each other rather than bounce pucks off the boards as if they’re playing billiards
    pass and move feet more during power play
    be in position for rebounds…

  181. please let eddie eddie eddie
    since he was kind enough to mention
    my (and jpg sister’s) Uncle Dom
    yesterday or the day before

    sis beat me to the info
    Uncle Dom’s daughter, Toni, was killed today in
    a hit-and-run.
    just a gut punch right now

  182. ?@KatieStrangESPN 4m

    #NYR Welp, that answers the grit question from last night. Rangers announce recall of rugged veteran Arron Asham from AHL

  183. I can’t believe they sent MILLER down.

    ?@JimCerny 4m

    RT @NYRangers: OFFICIAL NEWS: #NYR Recall Arron Asham (@TheRealAsham45) from the @WolfPackAHL. J.T. Miller has been assigned to Hartford.

  184. What a sorry situation when you have a 60 million dollar Martini and little Dorsett stirs the drink. But, anyone who saw this team Saturday has to know it’s true.

  185. can’t understand why Miller would be sent down? He looked good against the Devils. Fortunately, missed most of yesterday’s game had to work.

  186. thanks ilb
    and in advance to anyone else

    i’m not exactly social media confessional
    which is why i started posting about Rangers stuff
    than personal stuff
    when i saw sis’ post, i thought why not?
    must be a family personality trait

  187. thanks cooscoos , unfortunately we have. hope we are done. have very large Italian American extended family

  188. For some reason or other, this management is not enthralled with something in Miller’s play/makeup. He’s surely on the Del Zotto shortlist.

  189. jpg’s sister and jpg – Awfully sorry about your tragic loss. Puts the rest of life’s little dilemma’s into perspective.

    Bless you and your family with the strength to deal with this heartache and go on. Yes, every day we are given in this life is a (fragile) gift.

  190. I hope you’re done too, guys. Any plans to go to NY soon? This time we can’t meet at W77, but I’m sure we can find a place or two to have a drink.:-)

  191. as far as the Rangers

    i really don’t care about fights
    i care about a team that plays hard
    and yes we played in 2011-12
    but at the same time i wanted something
    a bit better than “board hockey”
    since it regularly left little margin for error.

    others have mentioned teams such as blackhawks, bruins, even sharks, ducks….
    they play HARD
    they play EVERY SHIFT
    yes, there are some bad nights. heard the blackhawks had a 3 game losing streak. that’s an aberration compared to how the team dominated or came back for a victory.

    there was a time where the Rangers showed signs of such things, whether it was in wins or even losses, but for some reason these players, like last year’s team, decide too often to take it easy.

    it’s got nothing to do with 1 or 2 staged fights a night. it’s a matter of desire and wanting a win more than you want to live with a loss and doing whatever it takes — within the rules — to make it happen!

  192. Wonder how many vendors Avery and his pals stiffed with W77. The Avery nutshots just keep coming and coming.

  193. Don’t know why Miller was sent down, but what can you do.

    When you have all these no talent goons threatening your bench and letting you know there’s nobody on your team that can do anything aboot it, it’s a problem.

    Happy to have Asham back. Should have never been sent down.

    Now if Miller was in place of Pullout, then I’d be happier.

  194. Send Miller down to showcase Pyatt and Pullout? Seriously, this all must stop.

    There was a moment during one of the last two games (not sure which) when Pyatt was on the ice stumbling around so bad in the offensive zone I thought a blade had been separated from one of his skates. He looked like Bambi taking his first steps. I really thought he had a blade malfunction.

    This All Must Stop!

  195. Roster move, Orr. Anyone else who could be a candidate to be sent down has to clear waivers. Takes 24 hours. Miller doesn’t have to clear waivers.

  196. I know, Papa, but center ice is such a sieve, they need him and obviously have no one to replace him at that function.

  197. I figured toughness would be called up today, but I did not expect it to be Asham. to me you need to go younger toughness. the move should have been McIlrath, and Beach. Asham is a stop gap who is to slow and old to play the role.

  198. ilb, good point – Tired of talking Cap Hits, but does Ash’s return add back to Cap even though he cleared waivers recently?

  199. Miller does not have a position on this team. his best spot is center, and there are already 5 of them. playing right wing made no sense for him. he is better off playing center with the Pack for the rest of the season.

  200. “If anything, Asham is a better use of a spot in the lineup than Benoit Pouliot, who scored last night but was mostly ineffective and spent most of the night going offsides.”


  201. at least Asham goes to the net

    can’t see him getting much more than 7 minutes due to being in the penalty box a lot or tossed from the game.

  202. Ash is not slow, is energetic, bangs and defends the little reindeer. Probably would have been the younger Haley except for his groin.

  203. Let’s showcase POULET for the next 10 games (and lose all 10),

    and then realize that all we can get for him is a can of tuna and some oreos (and not double stuff either, just regular oreos)

  204. Coos- no reentry waivers in new CBA. I’m pretty sure he’ll have to clear waivers again if sent down. Unless it’s been less than 30 days/10 games.

  205. foolish move. to afraid to make the move that is truly needed. that being McIlrath. who are they afraid to bench on D? with the exception of McD, they have all been crap. I don’t see what Asham is going to bring to the table. he will scare no one.

  206. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – LMFAO

    I remember a play in the corner, it looked like Pyatt was shot by a sniper in the thigh and could barely get up.

    good thing he stays in the line-up

    oy vey…

  207. Bull dog- I’m not sure McIlrath isn’t going to be recalled anyway. They maybe waiting to hear more news on Staal. They can’t go with 6 D-men anyway for too long.

  208. Ash will not hurt, will help on 4th line. Management obviously is not so confident with McIlrath, Beach, or whomever. Dorsett wore an A for a reason. He’s an electric spark, with a function and he performs it par excellence. Same can’t be said for the rest of the “talented” prima donnas up here.

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