Official announcement of Arron Asham recall; J.T. Miller demotion


From the NYR:


Forward J.T. Miller assigned to the Wolf Pack

NEW YORK, December 9, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled forward Arron Asham from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL), while forward J.T. Miller has been assigned to Hartford.

Asham, 35, has registered two assists and 19 penalty minutes in 12 games with Hartford this season. He made his debut with the Wolf Pack on October 18 against Manchester, following his assignment to Hartford on October 15. He tallied two assists in a four-game span from November 8 vs. Providence to November 16 at Bridgeport. His assist on November 8 vs. Providence was also his first career point with the Wolf Pack.

Asham returns to the Rangers where he has skated in three contests this season. He registered his 1,000th career penalty minute on October 10 at Anaheim. In two seasons as a Blueshirt, Asham has tallied two goals and 64 penalty minutes in 30 regular season games. He made his Rangers debut on January 20, 2013 against Pittsburgh, and notched his first point as a Ranger with a goal on February 10, 2013 against Tampa Bay. Asham also tallied two goals in 10 playoff contests with the Rangers last season, including the game-winning goal in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals on May 13 at Washington.

The Portage La Prairie, Manitoba native signed with the Rangers as a free agent on July 1, 2012. He was originally selected by Montreal as a third round choice, 71st overall, in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft.

Miller, 20, has registered two points (one goal, one assist) in 17 games with the Rangers this season. He recorded his first point of the season with a power play assist on October 31 against Buffalo, and notched his first goal of the season on November 10 against Florida. Miller returns to Hartford where he has tallied five goals and one assist for six points, along with six penalty minutes and a plus-four rating in six games this season. He has recorded two points (one goal, one assist) in his last three games with Hartford, and notched a goal in four straight games from October 6 against Albany to November 27 against Portland.

The East Palestine, Ohio native was originally selected by the Rangers as a first round choice, 15th overall, in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Stranger Nation on

    Re Pylon

    Papa – LMFAO @ Bambi/Pylon

    I remember a play in the corner, it looked like Pyatt was shot by a sniper in the thigh and could barely get up.

    good thing he stays in the line-up
    oy vey…

  2. Stranger Nation on

    Get bickel up here as well – aint done yet

    3rd line:
    Miller – Brass – Dorsett
    4th Line
    Bickel – Boyle – Asham/Haley

  3. I think Miller has been basically invisible this year – he looks like Kreider did for much of last year

  4. Ash will not hurt, will help on 4th line. Management obviously is not so confident with McIlrath, Beach, or whomever right now. And, Dorsett wore an A for a reason. He’s an electric spark, with a function and, though small, he performs it par excellence. Same can’t be said for the rest of the “talented” prima donnas up here.

  5. leave Miller in Hartford for the rest of the regular season. let him play center, and develop. bringing him up and down is not helping him.
    the Asham move is foolish.

  6. Stranger Nation on

    this Pyatt/Pullout line-up BS has reached a disturbing level.
    One must presume Darth Sather is pulling strings from above.

    Slatsko: “Just give them 40 games so dumb-assen dolan doesn’t realize”
    AV: “you are killing us. don’t you care about this team or the fans?”
    Slatsko: “Sometimes smoke gets in your eyes…”

  7. Stranger Nation on

    3rd line:
    Asham – Brass – Dorsett
    4th Line
    Bickel – Boyle – Haley

    keep Miller down and let him develop

  8. I don’t agree with that at all Orr. Miller is a center. there are 5 NHL centers on the team right now. there really is no place for Miller. Kreider plays wing. last year Pyatt was playing 2nd line LW for awhile, while Kreider sat in Hartford. very different.

  9. dog, do you have a TV? Did you see the Saturday debacle? Did you see Kreider being benched like a pet cocker spaniel the last 6 minutes so that he wasn’t pummeled? There’s a reason Ash is coming up and it ain’t to do spinoramas.

  10. Stranger, call me crazy, but with what’s presently available, I like those bottom two lines.

  11. I agree that toughness needed to come up Coos, but it needed to be bigger, younger, and stupider. Asham will pick his spots, fight a tough guy or 2, but have no effect on how other teams play against the Rangers. they need to bring up guys who are going to scare the other team a bit. McIlrath, and Beach being young, tough, and stupid should be the guys.

  12. I have a feeling that McUndertaker and Beach would be played like dummies by the veteran opposition for quite a while until they learn the discipline necessary to play smart in the NHL.

  13. I questioned the Asham demotion in the first place. Glad he is back. no panacea, but with Dorsett out, these poor nancies need someone.

  14. Ash has been having back problems on and off and is 36. Call-up probably would have been the younger Haley (though he’s a nominal center) except he’s out with a groin.

  15. the bigger deal is that POULET is still here and still ready to go offsides at any moment.

  16. Coos,
    some penalties need to be taken in order to have the other team play with there heads up. its up to the PK to make sure those get killed off. Hank got run over twice last night. if big Mac is on the team, there may have been one, but no chance there is a 2nd.

  17. Can anyone imagine if McDonuts had an evil temper? Some useless slug would take him off the ice 5 minutes at a time all game long.

  18. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I think Miller has been basically invisible this year – he looks like Kreider did for much of last year_

    I agree, Lloyd. He needs time to develop.

  19. For offsides, Pullout only gets 5 frequent flyer miles. He needs the offensive zone penalties for the big rewards.

  20. if McD had a temper he would be much tougher to play against. as good as he is, he scares no one that comes down his wing. it is the same with Staal, and Girardi. they are very easy to play against. Ovechkin has said as much.

  21. News flash….MSG distraction machine in full throttle!

    Desperation ramping up? The league should demand the Asham be give the concussion testing warranted by his repeatedly receiving blows to the noggin!

    Sappy Sather should suit up and take the beatings for the ridiculously unbalanced roster HE has created!

    And put a clown suit on Junior to be his defense partner.

    Or better still put the porker in goalie pads with his sax instead of a stick!

  22. _Miller does not have a position on this team. his best spot is center, and there are already 5 of them. playing right wing made no sense for him. he is better off playing center with the Pack for the rest of the season._

    Carryover response … Richards has actually been far better on the wing this year (and his skills dictate that’s where he should be). Stepan 1C, Brassard 2C, Miller 3C, Boyle 4C is probably the best way to get the most talent into the lineup and in the right roles.

    Or we can run out a team of 5 4th liners with Poo, Boyle, Dorsett, Moore and now Asham. Either way.

  23. no coos, Boyle has prevented the other teams top line from scoring by staring at them from the bench . of course the 4th lines he has gone against have lit up the scoreboard against his line.

  24. Repeat and redundant but.

    What is Miller’s strength, does anyone believe he is anything more than a third liner?

    He’s too small on this team to be a winger and should be playing center, he is obviously not nor ever has been a natural goal scorer.

    As a center he can join the league leading assortment of third line centers acquired through the questionable drafting, trading and free agent bedfellows from the Sather stable!

  25. Hockeywise, McD will hit as hard as anyone in the league, when you include in that an ability to recover and play his position. And what wing, flying in with the puck, is worried about a defenseman’s “toughness?” That’s the very last thing on his little mind,

  26. Richie’s position at either center or wing dictates only who of the opposition will remain unchecked, the center iceman or his wing?

  27. Doesn’t matter Bull Dog. The anti-Torts fans wouldn’t see it any other way. Just an angry coach who is not giving youth a chance.

    I don’t have a problem with him playing in the AHL for the rest of the year. No big deal. He’s not going to make much of a difference on this team anyway. AHL will do him good.

    Just hate seeing Pullout on this team.

  28. “For offsides, Pullout only gets 5 frequent flyer miles. He needs the offensive zone penalties for the big rewards.”


  29. coos,
    ask the guys who played against Scott Stevens, and Barry Beck, what they were thinking when they went down there side.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    could you imagine if Girardi could/would throw haymakers? THAT is what is missing from this team. someone who can play and make others teams pay for on ice transgressions when they happen
    (see Wicky’s 1,632 posts on Playable Toughness for additional context)

    Last night Kreider should have dropped the mitts with Carlson after the spearing in front. Would have gained him some more room in front. He has to do it eventually, might as well get a non-fighter to drop em.

    With our luck, he would have broken his hand on a helmet and be out the rest of the season.

  31. Coos really, then why isn’t our positional, technical not clear out D faring better ?

    McD is a very good D but to say he hits as good as any D in the league with your caveat is a little much.

    Based on your post I assume you would not trade him for Chara, Weber,Phaneuf Seabrook, Keith, Subban and others.

    Also based on your assessment where do you rank him in the entire NHL?

  32. Nash trade? Still do it 100 out of 100 times????

    Mister Softie has no bite and leadership. Not in his DNA.

    They need to turn him into more than an occasional threat off the wing on the rush.

    Mash the Nash Potatoe, add some garlic and bacon.

  33. Either of those guys might take you hard to the wall after you have made them look foolish for their open ice neanderthal aggressiveness.

  34. I wish Dubinsky was here so we could watch him get his a** kicked playing on the third line — in addition to Boyle.

  35. those are the guys I should have used Comnsnse. especially Chara. you know players know he is on the ice when there going down his side of the ice.

  36. Asham/Bickel/Haley…it doesn’t matter. Any of those guys is going to get 6-10 minutes a night and be pretty much a non-factor except for the occasional fight. They’re hardly going to contribute to a win. Of the three, I actually prefer Asham because he’s the only guy who’s proven he can play in the league.

    Big picture, the top half of the line-up and the goalie need to play up to their potential. After that then you can focus on the contribution from the bottom half.

  37. Stranger, except that Kreider speared him first which initiated the rest.

    It’s great that he’s starting to use his size but until he actually shows some pugilistic savvy he would be better off playing the game like Nash.

    Right now they are probably the only two marketable forwards other teams might crave.

    Maybe Stepan as well! Then again what would be the return, and they are as close to a core as exists on the front lines as we have.

  38. Sather Must Go! on

    Ash shld have been on the roster all year – at least, he did his job – more than could be said for most of the other guys – I would be kinda insulted if I werer him the way the org treated him…

    He is a (very good) middle weight, but still a middleweight..still need a more significant roster shuffle

  39. The savior Aaron asham. All issues solved. May fight but asham in and miller out isn’t the solution. Let miller play. Pyatt pouliot need to be gone

  40. you have it backwards Manny,
    you should be happy that Miller is going to get a chance to develop by playing a lot in Hartford, and un happy that the Rangers called up an old, slow, tough guy who is past his time, instead of younger, more intimidating players.

  41. What puck rusher worth his mustard is afraid of Chara? The one and only thing that might scare me is his reach.

  42. Ash is reliable, faster than you give him credit for, adds toughness when needed and not prone to rookie errors and panic. He has a nasty shot if fed by a decent center. He’s not our future, but he is surely our present in lieu of current alternatives.

  43. Coos, if you mean candidates on the Rangers, of course.

    Remember I’ve been advocating trading Staal for a long time, may be too late now!

    I love McD as well and understand your point in the caveat, but to say he hits as hard as anyone is a bit of hyperbole.

    Now if we had two more like him we’d would have the makings of a solid D but.

    Once again what would anyone other than he and a few I noted actually bring back.

    Unless you were willing to blow it all up starting with the front office which brings us back to D, care to sing along? (;)

  44. “Good news: @Herman_NYRBlog 5s

    James Neal will miss game vs the Rangers on Wednesday the 18th.”

    How is this good news? It’s a certainty the rookie who takes his spot will score.

  45. Coos, didn’t your recently post the humorous “Touch him with a 8 ft. Pole”?

    Be serious, has he ever, ever, ever lost a fight?

    That is not all reach unless you mean he gets more solid shots in! (;)

  46. Cmnsns – You might note that I said that McD will check hard, (hit) and rapidly regain positional playability. You don’t see that often from guys who sell out for the crowd pleasing hit.

  47. Chara’s going to beat me to a pulp for deking him out of his jock on a breakaway or an odd man rush? What are you people talking about?

  48. I think you may be talking about the Asham of 5 to 7 yrs ago. he will scare no one, and his center is going to be Boyle or Moore. he is not going to be shooting much. they needed to bring up players who are going go after the other team first. not somebody who is going to fight Jansens after he whacks Hank. Asham is not going to cause the Jansens of the world to play differently against the Rangers. they are still going to be physical against them because they nobody on the roster to play physical back.

  49. The new CBA has made it virtually impossible to add a high end superstar through FA. If you don’t already have that type of player(s) in your arsenal, It’s either draft or trade well.

    We are Clutterbucked.

  50. Coos, Asham is at best a middle weight in boxing terminology if not by weight.

    If this organization understood it’s roster and personnel in general and thought he provided an answer to the toughness issue why wouldn’t he have been here all along?

    He also has never been noted for anything but fighting albeit on occasions he does provide a Sports Center goal!

    Maybe like Brando in “On the Waterfront” he was typecast at the start of his career? (;)

  51. How is this good news? It’s a certainty the rookie who takes his spot will score.


  52. either you are not getting what I am saying about being tough to play against coos, or you don’t want to.

  53. I have no argument with you, dog. I know what you mean. We’re saying something similar in different ways.

  54. Coos, the operative word is “would”.

    Which of course we have no way of proving.

    But Kudos?Cudos for the nice segue. Speaking in boxing parlance, I believe you may be on the ropes about now.

    Do you enjoy tennis? (;)

  55. Asham is a better fighter than anybody who’s been part of the active roster so I can see why he’d be here. I don’t necessarily believe Miller profiles as anything more than a third-liner but I’d still rather see him here than Moore, Pyatt or Pouliot, all of whom are worthless.

  56. Sather Must Go! on

    We shld trade Arniel for Commodore.. that interview came off as an honest take of the Co;lumbus situation..

  57. Asham – seriously?

    Not sure how to react. He’s played well when he gets the chance. But I really wanted to see someone else get a game or two.

    This team doesn’t need goals to win. They need tough guys for the Predators, Blue Jackets, and Flames.

    C’MON MAN!!!

  58. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Mister D believes Richards has been better as a wing though having no statistics to back up his assertion.

  59. Every Dog has his day!!!

    WE all know what you’re saying and couldn’t agree more.

    We are transiting back to the Big Whistle’s comment about the Rangers being “Singer’s Midgets”!

    Size and toughness is a key component which we lack…………and a D who can actually put the biscuit in the basket!

  60. _How is this good news? It’s a certainty the rookie who takes his spot will score_

    Book IT!!!

  61. “we are speaking the same language, however, i speak it a little better than you hear it”

  62. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Does anyone remember who scored a series clinching goal against Washington last season?_

    D Arron Asham scored the 1st of 5 goals in a 5-0 rout. Do tell us of the extreme importance of Asham due to that goal.

  63. anybody that talks about “clinching goals” needs to have his internet access revoked

  64. “It was you, Glennie, it was always you. Remember the night at the Garden when you came to me and said, ‘Kid, this ain’t your night?’

  65. speaking of clinching goals. who scored the clincher for the Rangers for the Rangers in the 79 1st round series( best 2 out if 3) against the Kings? hint it was an overtime goal, and he scored both Ranger goals in the game.

  66. Name one young Rangers player Sather has not, at some point, treated like fringe NHL trash? Up and down, up and down – “Hey, he practically screams, you are just a body we need at times to fill out the roster. You really don’t belong here.” God, what a psychological destroyer of the youthful confidence he is supposed to be nurturing. This man is a tyrant.

  67. Bull dog, McIlrath may as well be the next call up anyway. They maybe waiting on medical decision regarding Staal. They can’t go with 6 D-men for too long anyway. Although, I’m not sure you want him to be in that spot yet. Kyle Beach is yet to learn the location of MSG.

  68. They are ALL fringe trash. The whole league. As Jack Warner (Warner Brothers) called his screenwriters (including Scott Fitzgerald, Faulkner, etc.) ‘Schmucks with Underwoods. (for the uninformed, those were typewriters)

  69. Robby, young players go up and down to AHL all over the league. Not only in NY. Most of them don’t have to clear waivers, that’s why it happens very often.

  70. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Robby, young players go up and down to AHL all over the league. Not only in NY. Most of them don’t have to clear waivers, that’s why it happens very often._

    Tell us the importance of Asham because of that series clinching goal. We are waiting.

  71. Lets face it, our team is one of the easiest to play against. Nobody hits anymore, rookies almost always get their 1’st goal, Hank’s numbers – well?????

    This team needs a spark!

    So you call up Miller, just to send him down for Asham???

    Is this a version of dumb and dumber 2?

  72. Unless they call up Asham so he gets claimed on the way back down?

    Do they save any money off the cap that they need for someone?

  73. Kenneth, are you blind, totally? And give the sophomoric Socratic Method a brief holiday. It’s almost 2500 years old already.

  74. I would think a game or two for McIlrath or Kristo, would not only help the Rangers, but it would give the kids a taste of the NHL, just to motivate them more.

    No, lets call up the old guy for grit.

  75. I think they told Kreider to get tougher. He’s been hitting, and now he’s playing pole joust with opponents’ codpieces.

  76. Coos, I believe Warner meant “Peckers with Woodies”!

    I did however see a armless fellow type with his toes once! lol

    And btw, I’m still suffering in the North Jersey climate until the new year…………….am I invited to the Christmas party? (;)

  77. Someone…. anyone….. make the debate on how this “helps” the Rangers the next 3 games?


  78. I’ve got a houseful from London and San Francisco over the holidays, Cmn, otherwise you and any of the goodhearted boneheads are always welcome!

  79. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _We, troll? Can you name everyone of “we”? Because I lost the count._

    Give the sophomoric claims a brief holiday and tell us the importance of Asham due to that series clinching goal.

  80. Cmon – if you’re tired of climate in NJ, I’ll trade ya for the -28 wind chill we have rolling through here.

  81. Kenneth, MrD has issues his apologia for jousting with you about trivialities.

    And while I enjoy your take on la affaire Ranger “averageness”, how about a digression to more artistic events?

    Movies, novels other sports, The Jesuit Commandos??? (;)

  82. Stranger Nation on

    _How is this good news? It’s a certainty the rookie who takes his spot will score_

    Bite your tongue, Latona. You just love to curse this team, don’t you?

  83. Coos, considering the size of your northern palatial estate, I bet you could squeeze a bonehead or 2 or 25 in for the holiday festivities.

  84. Sioux,
    there is no reason for Kristo, or Miller to be up right now. let them develop for a season in the AHL. they will be better for it.

  85. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Kenneth, MrD has issues his apologia for jousting with you about trivialities._

    For an intelligent person such as yourself, you whiffed on that one. That was a faux apology; MrD is too stubborn and ignorant to apologize (:

  86. ilb,
    I don’t think McIlrath is going to be the next Dman called up. I think they are going to reach down and pull up Johnson. he plays a very stiff game, and is hard to play against. plus Johnson has been around much longer.

  87. Papa’s the one with the multiple dwellings and vintage foreign autos. “Darling, it’s getting a tad chilly here, let’s head for the islands for a bit .”

  88. Stranger Nation on

    Who knew Kreider played billiards so well?

    Asham should have been here from the beginning, along with Haley. These guys hit and hit hard. Everyone talks about the fighting, but we led the league in hits two years ago and it was because we couldn’t posses the puck so we banged the dancers and it worked!

    If Staal out, Bickel seems a natural call up given ability to play two positions poorly.

  89. “Reach down and pull up Johnson”…….you can’t make this stuff up. Where’s Eddie?

  90. I am resigned to the fact that if Kristo and/or Big Mac do get a “trial” here, this year, no matter how well they play, it will be right back to the sticks for them, soon as the Pouliot’s and the Stralman’s of the world are ready to jump back in.

    Jesus, is this the pits of hockey “management” or what? The message to the young boys is: “You play like Gordie Howe or Mario Lemieux in their prime and it doesn’t matter, you are just not “ready” to take your place here. We have too many 30+ journeymen FA signings and waiver wire pick-ups ahead of you on the “depth chart.”

  91. Coos my man, hockey fans always have an opinion and love to hear it confirmed.

    Politicians say, “you have point ,but let me get back to you, I’m due at a committee meeting”.

    The hockey fan is sort of like when Veal Francessa cuts off a listener when the guy is making too much sense! (;)

  92. Papa,
    I never get to play that game, you guys are way to fast. it was my first try at it.

  93. Coos, after the last couple of days, you read my mind. The trip may be coming a little earlier than usual this year.

  94. Sioux, my salvation is in a little more than three weeks I’ll be on “the peninsula” where we do not discuss global warming, just enjoy it!

  95. I know bull dog, but a couple of games wouldn’t hurt the Rangers.

    They need a spark.

    The kid scores goals.

  96. @Papa Bear

    it was more than that. it was “reach down and pull up johnson” because he plays a “stiff game”.

  97. “Honey, should we fly the jet or take the yacht?

    “Excuse me? Fly commercial airline with the commoners? Not this guy.”

  98. bull dog has yet to hunch over from the wrath of the “you can’t say that here” filter.

  99. Stranger Nation on

    Sioux – I feel your pain, but he is not going to get top 6 minutes and the likely hood of him lighting the lamp in the NHL because he did in college and AHL is not the same.

    Keep him down there with Miller and bring up the heavy hitter so we can balance out this lineup. the idea that we have 3 lines of forwards to up and down hockey is laughable

  100. thanks Papa,
    it will probably be last salvo. I will leave that to the pros for now on.

  101. Quick, precise, strong, metered well. Everything you look for in a Johnson post.

    Well done!

  102. eddie’s nose is twitching. He’s reading a chess book, swirling a glass of chardonnay and wondering what that twitching is all about.

  103. Bull dog, I’m going back and forth on McIlrath. Bringing him up here just to be a mean D-man without being reliable defensively may not be a great idea. Nor would be to make him a pure enforcer. He’ll be challenged, and will certainly answer it, by every Sestito in the league. And they will end up playing 5 D-men for extended periods of time.

  104. Kenneth, why not test your theory?

    Are you really sure an apology was warranted, you were giving as good as you received, no?

    I only offer this advice since I have been tossed from several blogs for my jousting repartee’.

    And for ragging on docile writers

    Which I would never do here! (;)

  105. ilb, that’s why I think McD plays an intelligent game. And I don’t think it’s from a lack of cockles.

  106. Joey Kocur! Not you’re speaking my language!

    Asham isn’t going to fight much with all these injuries he’s recovering from but he’s a better hockey player than what we have now and he can forecheck.

  107. “Bite your tongue, Latona. You just love to curse this team, don’t you?”

    But that would hurt. :(

  108. That’s a valid concern, bull dog. And I hadn’t really thought about it before but I think bringing him up and pairing him with a speedster would be pretty interesting.

    Maybe u am just overly anxious to get him up here but we know Vigneault has a history of preferring veterans.

    But if Staal is out they may not have an option.

  109. Coos, now there’s a thought, perhaps we need a few PHD’s on the roster………………except they’re all in the owner’s box.

    Insert gag reflex symbol here!

    Actually the way these guys play I think we already lead the NHL in ADD’s! (;)

  110. Remember The Ric Bennett!

    Big, cant miss college prospect, 6’4 230 lbs acquired by Phil Esposito.

    Came up to the big leagues and took a hearty beating from a seasoned fighter and never recovered.

    Caveat emptor. McIlrath hasn’t done squat with his puppies until he shows he can do it up here.

  111. I get what you are saying ilb, but teams are taking to many liberties with the Rangers. they need somebody here who is not only going to react to teams taking liberties, but also take a few liberties himself.

  112. Little Ash knows how to free the left, where most of them just hang on the jersey with it. Same as Fotiu, two handed junk.

  113. Guys, a Forward who can bang does a lot more good tan a defenseman who can’t come below the dots to enter a scrum.

    I say Bickel. 13th Forward. He would be one of the best fighters in the entire league.

  114. I remember Bennett, and the fight that it happened Papa. I do not think Bennett came up with the rep of a fighter though.

  115. I suppose you haven’t looked into it lately, Comnsense, for obvious reasons. Latex has been eliminated from most of the…ummm.. medically related products.

  116. No he didn’t Bull Dog. But non the less, he came up as a big time power forward. Don’t remember who tuned him up, just remember being very disappointed.

    I don’t know if the guy went into the corner or in front of the net ever again.

  117. That’s a valid point about McIlrath, Papa. He hasn’t done much in the big league yet. I have no doubt he’ll be able to fight some, but will not be dominant enough to stay for that sole purpose. He need to be able to play defense

  118. Pops, the Bennett we should have kept was Curt who one of the past geniuses the oft revered “Cat” sent to Atlanta for a veteran “formerly” good player and fighter, I believe Ron Harris whose best day as a Ranger was kicking Dornhoffer’s butt!

    The idiocy goes way back in this organization, I’ve been around it since the late 40’s!

    73&1 is the tale of the tape!

    PS, Fotiu was very good but the two best pound for pounders I’ve seen I Ranger unis were Kurtenbach and my fave George McPhee!

  119. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    An apology was not warranted. An acknowledgement of my intellectual flawlessness is warranted.

  120. Fotiu was so intent on not letting you grab his jersey, he danced at a distance waiting to employ a counterpuch. He actually got called, with his opponent a few times with an embarrassing delay of game penalty because the other guy was afraid to come forward.

  121. Comnsnse,
    I don’t know if is the same fight you are referring to, but I was at a game that Harris beat up on Dornhoffer. it was a Sunday afternoon game, won by the Rangers 2 to 1. Harris gave him a real beating.

  122. 2001, I’m 77 and the Johnson still functions…………albeit less frequently and generally at half mast.

    Coos, your “snowstorm” response is a major factor in my appearances on the blog.

    Now I have to get back to psychoanalyzing Krauthammer or as I refer to him in our love notes.

    Dr.Strangelove! (;)

  123. I had beers with Rick Bennet in Binghamton. He was learning the game from Domi and Langdon that was his problem.

  124. I thought this was hysterical, a gem.

    Papa Bear
    Closed Door Meeting: item #1

    Stepan to his teammates: “They are having a wonderful panties sale over at Macy’s starting Monday. I recommend the flexes by Maidenform. The don’t bunch up at all.”

    December 9th, 2013 at 11:44 AM

  125. I remember Fotiu really pounding Holmgren in 79. one of the few fight I ever saw change a game around. Rangers were down 2 to 1 when they fought. Fotiu pounded him. Rangers all got a little bigger because of it, and went on to win 6 to 2. Rangers also beat the snot of the Flyers in the playoffs that same year. I suspect that fight had a lot to do with that series as well.

  126. Stranger Nation on

    Bickel can play forward or Dman. How is he not here? Yes, he will only play 6 to 8 minutes but every team in the league has at least one except us it seems.

    They hit Nash, we hit there guy. They hit Richards, we get on our knees and pray he is not injured

  127. No one really knew Larry Robinson was tough until one night when he’d had enough, then the rest was history.

  128. I’m fine with Ash’s return, only wish it was in place of one of the pee pee boys. Either Pouliot or Pyatt. I get AV preferring veterans but enough is enough.

  129. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Good systems don’t rush young players. If Kristo, MacI, Miller, are all deemed not ready, they should not come up. Period.

    Let’s not ruin the few we have that are over 5’9″ and 160 lbs.


  130. Richie to AV: “Uh, to answer why I don’t check, it’s because the boss told me don’t get hurt out there.”

  131. Stranger Nation on

    Pullout has another 10 or so games until he is gone.
    Pyatt is the more vexing problem.. Seems like his hockey pants are too small and he can’t bend at the knee to skate

  132. Bull Dog, that Fotiu fight is available for viewing on the Internet. I remember reading Fotiu saying years later, after that fight, Holmgren warned him, ” if you ever come near me to fight again, I’ll use my stick to split your head in half down the middle.”

  133. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    CONFIRMATION: If Sather is pulling up his ‘waived’ Asham, it means he tried to pry some muscle from another team. As always happens, the smart GM’s know when this moron’s gonna come running and jack up the price. Up against the cap, he’s screwed.

    This wasn’t his first choice. But, Haley’s out. It’s all he can come up with.

    To be fair, Asham has a better wrist shot than most know. He also is steady on the ice, if he’s feeling ok. He wasn’t given a chance by Torts or AV. However, he’s not the answer by a long shot.

  134. Stranger Nation on

    matty – spot on – let them develop, no need to get bad habits watching Black Beauty coast to the bench during an ill-timed line change in the 2nd period.

  135. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Miller showed good speed, and he had some solid checks last night. He made some mistakes, but he was not the reason we got fried.

  136. Since no cup will be lifted in ’14 by the blueshirts, why not bring up all the young kids and have Asham,Hale and Bickle there to make sure they do not get roughed up. Kristo and Miller will learn more up than down.

  137. It’s true, but honestly, who cares if anyone gets claimed!? Claim Moore and Pouliit and Pyatt! Be my guest. Your team can suck because you have them AND THEY PLAY ON DIFFERENT LINES!!!

  138. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    So, now that Pouillot scored a ‘Richards-type’ goal, he is in the line up and protected for a while?? He is awful. Should be waived months ago.

    Another fine job of talent scouting. A 5 time loser, but let’s take a chance.

  139. Stranger Nation on

    those two rights that Nicky landed when Holmgren was on the way down were for the prior 10 years of pain and suffering.

  140. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _So, now that Pouillot scored a ‘Richards-type’ goal_

    Pouliot scored a “leading the Rangers in points” goal?

  141. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Dave Maloney: “This team is not heavy weight, or, come to think of it, middleweight”. (Friday night)

    Dave Maloney: “This team is lacking in grit.” (Sunday night)

    Sather: “Oh, yeah, I forgot about some muscle to protect all the midgets and soft big guys. Uh…let’s see…no trades available…no cap space…dum dee dee…oh, that’s right, I buried that Aasem, Aashim, no, it’s Asham, Yes….Aaron Asham. Let’s bring him up. Now we are powerful!!”

  142. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Manny, @ 7:29, need I say more? :)

    Don’t get me started. Just don’t.

  143. During the 78 playoff series with Buffalo, Jim Gordon blurted out this legendary line after a Fotiu / Schoenfield heavyweight match ………………………

    “Nicky’s incredibly strong. As you can see he threw Schoenfield down like a sack of wheat.”

  144. AV appreciates Dorsett. And he might appreciate Ash enough to keep him here. The Last Hurrah. Go Ash!

  145. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The absence of Prust is not the reason for the Rangers ordinariness

  146. Dog, small world I was as well and it happened right at center ice.

    Then again Dornie was not exactly a brawler, more a pest!

    My point was really about Bennett who had displayed some real toughness, but “the Cat” never liked too uch toughness.

    Hence Singer’s Midgets and the Ice Capades!

    And apologies for forgetting Domi, another brilliant trade by the “Boobs of Broadway”!

    That’s really the point Ranger management from ownership down has always sucked and been behind the game.

    It’s called a systemic disease!

  147. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Colton Orr has made himself a pretty good career of it, too. He and Domi.

    But, we DID get Brashear (after he was spent), Beaugard (sad, but he was spent), and on and on.

    To Sather, these guys are the Marty McSorley’s of the world and ‘easy’ to plug in. Ah, no. Not to good GM’s.

  148. The Whistle was quoted as saying numerous times with players arguing him over a call: “So I made a mistake, so what? So do you. Shut up and play hockey.”

  149. “Papa Bear
    Closed Door Meeting: item #1

    Stepan to his teammates: “They are having a wonderful panties sale over at Macy’s starting Monday. I recommend the flexes by Maidenform. The don’t bunch up at all.”


  150. Can’t wait to see POULET and ASHAM light it up tomorrow night.

    Those are the characters you need to get your team in gear and make up points.

    Shoot me.

  151. Call me crazy, but I feel that if Dorsett had been in the Saturday lineup, these guys would have become embarrassed to not pick it up a bit.

  152. Johnny, they won’t ever give up on a season to rebuild when there’s a mathematical chance of two home playoff games. That’s part of the problem.

  153. More currently Nasal Nosen working with JD, was typified by Nasal’s adoration and pandering to JD’s every observation.

    Rumor had it he had his hand on JD’s appendage during the course of his genuflections.

    His knee of course! LOL

  154. Rangers aren’t exactly an old team. What does rebuilding even mean? Trading Richards? Girardi? Nash?

  155. fchamps: Wow! You never see a fight like that anymore. See what I mean about Fotiu eschewing the jersey grab?

  156. You guys have to see that fight, fchamps 7:50. Great Googamooga. And Wilson was a touch character.

  157. Fchamps, that was a great one!

    Jim Gordon, “Marcus of Queensbury Rules” like we were watching John Wayne in “The Quiet Man”

  158. @cooscoos

    when i was younger i used to actually have to buy fight tapes on video. that was my favorite. there was a bench clearing brawl with drubano (sp?) also that was amazing to watch. now, when you look back, you realize how silly those things looked. so bush league.

  159. Not like Gravey to look for that last one late shot. He must have been uber pissed about something.

  160. Carp, as Ronnie said, “there you go again”.

    THE astute synopsis of all Ranger thinking.If only you were nicer. Smile!

    How about you and me interviewing Dolan and Sather?

    Of course you may help script and I’ll talk since the only thing they might do to me is win a Cup, highly unlikely in my lifetime.

    In your case there might be consequences! (;)

  161. Pops, every St.Pat’s day is unfulfilled without watching the “Quiet Man”.

    What a cast, music, scenery and the Duke, one of the most successful yet underappreciated actors of his time.

    Trooper Thorn lives on!

  162. Don’t mention it to him but on a recent edition of Mike Kay’s program Mess looked more threatening than Freddy Krueger.

    I can picture him in a black cape with a scythe! (;)

  163. When I “knew” Nicky from the Rye bars, he always had a great big grin and was funny. Almost all of them were really down to earth good guys. None of them thought who they were. Lunchpail, happy.

  164. @TSNBobMcKenzie: “@DarrenDreger: 2014-2015 NHL salary cap projection delivered at B of G meeting. $71+ million next season.”/ Spend, spend, spend!

  165. That movie also had a member of the Abbey players singing one of my favorite Irish songs.

    “Wild Colonial Boy” which I once asked the great Irish tenor Frank Patterson to sing, he demurred before saying one or the other faction of the Boyos would be unhappy!

  166. I guess those days are over with all the bucks these guys are paid today, everyone stopping for a couple, three beers together after practices.

  167. Coos, as Victor McLaglen said, “I’m putting you in my book”! John Ford’s direction impeccable.

    Trivia, what two brothers appeared in the movie?

  168. Doogie was there, Strange, early 80’s. After practices, a horde. I’m sure he headed elsewhere on his booty quest when the moon arose.

  169. That’s crazy. I remember George taking on Dave Brown when no one else would. So much heart.

  170. Carp, how many fans who attend these MSG “dance classes” actually saw McPhee play?

    Reminds me of when numerous black players were asked about Jackie Robinson and didn’t know who he was!

  171. Coos, your wit never ceases to amaze me………….but I did say brothers which of course you knew!

    “No pattyfingers if you please” gives you one but only a true movie buff gets the other!!! (;)

    No cheating if you please!

  172. Yeah, we all lament the good old days, when guys sitting next to me in the greens rolled joints on their leg during the second period and everyone was crazy. And yeah there is a lack of connection to the past and its too expensive to go and quieter in there. I get it. But none of us would care or mention it if the team was good again. Sather lucked into building one of the best teams in the league and immediately destroyed it, and its only getting worse. On what planet does Pouliot deserve even a second of ice? Or Boyle, or Richards, or half of these guys? Poorly constructed team that played much bigger than the sum of its parts and the GM somehow failed to recognize what he had – well not somehow, I guess.

  173. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I remember Gravy scoring 52 goals in a season, Messier scoring goals at crucial times, Kovalev flying across the ice capable of scoring at any moment, Leetch skating with grace and elegance and leading power plays with a vision unlike any other, scoring goals being second nature to him.

  174. Of course. Who didn’t know that? Apocalypse Now = Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Do you know that there are only about 15 major plots in all of literature? Basically everything contemporarily written is based on them.

  175. Coos, agreed but you still don’t know the brothers and I gave you one!

    “There is nothing new under the sun”, everything is a variation of a theme!

  176. Whose brothers, Wayne’s in the movie? Fictional celluloid characters? I don’t rightly know the question.

  177. I turned the game off early in disgust last night. Did The Kreider stab somebody in The Anthony Weiner? Did French Toast really sit him out to protect him? What a bunch of Nancys!! That is embarrassing! Is Poo-a-lot playing because he’s French Canadien? There is no other good reason for him to be playing. He, like Pepe La Pew, stinks!

  178. Top ten NYR fighters(as rangers)
    1. Beck- never lost as a NYR
    2. Fotiu- brought a solo toughness to so many teams, feared by Flyers
    3. Langdon- lost very few as a small HW, best tech fighter ever, needed a heavier punch
    4. Domi- not a long enough stay, most entertaining, hard to hurt.
    5. Adam Graves- great w/l %–great policeman, great teammate, great human being
    6. Burke- big wild thrower, some great wins, excellent D-man a little dirty
    7.kocur- not here in is prime, maybe 1 loss as a NYR, most feared right ever
    8 McPhee- best ranger win over Tocchett in playoffs, pound/pound toughest, bad back, way too short career
    9. Colton Orr- huge right as well too many loses to Brash, almost killed the Fridge after he ran jags in previous game. Best KO ever.
    10. PJ Stock- another pound/pound tough guy, how did we get rid of this guy?
    HM…kris King, Petite, kostopislis, Randy Moller, jay wells, ed boxcar hospitar(PUKE),Jansen, carkner, McClellan,
    Others had moments…..James Patrick, vickers, manny malhotra, hatfield, park

  179. I tried reading Prust’s ‘Remembrance of Things Past,’ but it was all about very odd French people.

  180. “9. Colton Orr- huge right as well too many loses to Brash, almost killed the Fridge after he ran jags in previous game. Best KO ever.”

    I was at that game – awesome stuff, Hedberg. I thought he ran Shanahan though?

  181. Coos,The topic was the movie The Quiet Man.

    I asked you specifically since you appeared a film buff who were the two brothers who appeared in the movie.

    I gave you not one but two clues, but if you like I will provide the answer!

    I might have misunderstood, was it you appeared in a movie in the buff? (;)

  182. You fight a heavyweight anywhere, anytime, tough as you might be, you’re only one right hand away from tweetybirds. Next fight, same two heavyweights, could go the other way.

  183. Coos, tsk,tsk, the movie version of Falstaff was :”Chimes at Midnight” an international movie made in Spain.

    Falstaff was English not Italian but he was fat!

    Price Hal rejected his pal and Italians always keep their friends close! (;)

  184. Mannu, don’t know if you read my post from the past (from the book) about young tough guys coming up to the NHL and fighting people like Probert, and then, at the end, saying seriously to the vet, ‘thanks for the opportunity.’? Classico.

  185. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Is this case of the blues due to the absence of one Brandon Prust?

  186. If you knew how to pose a succinct, unadulterated, discernible question, that might prove helpful. :)

  187. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jpg & jpg’s sister : I am sorry to hear about your cousin Toni. That is so sad. I imagine her kids are in a state of shock. Having lost my own mom when I was quite young, I can relate to some degree. What is tragic is that her children are dealing with such a sudden loss. No lingering illness, no chance to say goodbye. I also feel sadness for the hit and run driver who has to live with that horrible guilt the rest of their life.

    My condolences. May Toni rest in peace and watch over you and her family…..

  188. Olga Folkyerself on

    I remember Arthur Shields in Drums along the Mohawk, and She wore a Yellow Ribbon. But not too much about Barry Fitzgerald.

  189. Hedberg.
    Greschner could really throw em when called upon, and a very underrated fighter was Larry Melnyk.

  190. Latona
    I took my brother to the fridge/Orr game. Fun Hun? It was in the first minute. It was retribution on him running around the week before and Renney had Orr scratched. Shanny was trying to stand up but Fridge ran Jags a couple of times.
    Simon was tough short time he, Barney matched Domi for excitement but lost most, Lindros broke jumbo Jim eye socket on a afternoon week day. Prust is a HM for guts

  191. Melnyk was underrated. Gresh was sneaky, got the feeling he hated though, Eddie Johnstone was a gamer, Dave n Don Maloney were huggers but good teammates. Dugay…I know was strong and had some good showings

  192. Eddie
    I’m only good from ’75 on, trying not to talk out my butt too much. Big brother told me about those two. Real tough

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was at a ranger flyer game somewhere around 79/80 and Holmgren was in the stands, out with a broken jaw – wired shut. Someone yelled out as he was being led out “hey Holmgren, now you’ll have to suck ‘Johnson’ thru a straw” I lol’ed for 10 minutes…

  194. Olga, check a few of “Der Bingles” flicks, Barry Fitzgerald was the much better known brother.

    Real name William Joseph Shields, both veterans of Ireland’s famed Abbey Theatre.

    “The Plough and the Stars”, AA for “Going My Way” and a typical Irish scene stealer!

    Thanks for digressing!

  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Duguay, as pretty as he is, could throw combinations very well.

    Hedberg – great list you’ve complied…

  196. Louie Fontinato! Vic Hadfield! Reggie Fleming! Orland Kurtenback! Bob Plager!

    Man, these were legal assassins, at least until Louie ran afoul of one Gordon Howe.

  197. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bulldog – my namesake didn’t take crud from anyone. He had a great go with that turd Gary Howatt more than once…

  198. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Steve Vickers was nasty tough. He didn’t go often but when he did, he kicked assen….some great bouts with various Flyers and bruins over the years…

  199. “Good systems don’t rush players.” (???) Right, with the Chicago Black Hawks as exhibit “A.”

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bulldog – your post was much better than any of mine….you combined about 7 bombs quite well

    As for me, my best is when Detroit plays St.L featuring Bab vs Hitch in the battle of the cocks :)

  201. Eddie
    Vickers Ko’ed Don Marcotte in Boston big punch, but I saw him way too disinterested in mid to late ’70’s. Wasn’t a huge fan.

  202. Sir Gordon Howe rearranged Fontinato’s face especially the nose which was none to attractive in the first place!

    Howatt and Jethro Gilles were very tough but the best was Nystrom.

    His fight with Scott Stevens was a classic and Stevens was one tough hombre!

  203. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Simon would have EASILY been in my top 3.

    He is the tough guy you guys all wish we had, could score 15 or twenty goals and beat the hell out of another heavyweight, he has one of my all time favorite ranger season stat lines

    2003-04 New York Rangers NHL 65 14 9 23 225 14

  204. Put me down for a 24-unit wager on Anaheim, at -220 in Vegas, vs. the Isles, just a few minutes before they drop the first puck on the coast.

    Got the Ducks down as having an 85 1/2 % shot at winning the game, straight-up. Off to a 5-0 start on the year in this winner-picking at a price department. Vegas says the Ducks have just a 68% chance of winning. To pull off the upset, the Isles will have to play their best game of the season.

  205. Vickers very often acted like it wasn’t his job, and he was correct. When riled, Tigerish.

  206. Schultz said in his book that when Gillies came up and he jumped Gillies to bad result, he realized some of these new guys were getting too big and his days were numbered.

  207. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wow that stat line compressed badly

    65 games
    14 goals
    9 assists
    23 points (obviously)
    225 PIMs

  208. Wicky
    He wasn’t a Ranger long enough or a big enough impact. Career littered with just stupid stuff, stopped fighting in middle of his career then resumed. Great lefty HW though

  209. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I got a free ticket to see the islanders flyers circa 79/80 and there was a couple of bench clearing brawls and the featured bout was a best down Giles laid on the hammer…

  210. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Simon had a monster left which had to confuse most given the big hand was usually one’s right…

  211. Schultz also said that Bobby Clarke used to wine and dine him when he was Clarke’s bodyguard, then dropped him cold when he wasn’t that guy so much anymore.

  212. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Flyers had a bunch that were willing – dornhoffer, soleski, bob Kelly, Schultz, DuPont, Ashbee, ….

  213. Stranger Nation on

    Beukaboomer wasnt a technician, but would take 2 to land one and provided his HOF partner with proper protection

  214. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some great battles Toronto had with the broad street bullies in the playoffs….couple of bench clearing brawls

  215. Remember when AV had his hands around Dorsett’s shoulders on the bench, holding him back? Loved to see that from the little feller.

  216. Our toughness prayers have been answered…. yep. Lets bring up an aging middleweight who just one week ago was an afterthought. Great! The quest for the cup begins now….. Asham was clearly the missing ingredient. Just imagine how much better he’ll make his linemates… and the utter fear he’ll strike into opposing teams…

  217. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Asham and Bickel should be called up —- send Pyatt and poo-yo down – keep miller up

  218. PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. – Next season’s salary cap projects to be roughly US$71 million, more than a 10 per-cent increase from this year.

    That’s the figure commissioner Gary Bettman gave at the NHL’s board of governors meeting Monday. It is based off hockey-related revenues for this season, which is why Bettman was careful to call it an “estimate.”

    That’s an increase of roughly 10 per cent from this year’s upper limit of $64.3 million.

    The floor is expected to be about $52 million.

    That represents a major bounce-back for the league less than year removed from the end of a contentious lockout.

    Teams were allowed to spend up to $70.2 million during the lockout-shortened 2013 season as part of a transition year before the cap went down in accordance with the 50/50 split of hockey-related revenue that was agreed to as part of the new collective bargaining agreement.

    The lucrative deal with Rogers, which was also approved by the board, is expected to boost the salary cap even further beginning in the 2015-16 season, since the cheques start rolling in to the NHL beginning next year.

    “It’s all good news if revenues are going up,” Phoenix Coyotes president and CEO Anthony LeBlanc said.

    It came as no surprise that the C$5.2-billion, 12-year Canadian television rights deal with Rogers Communications Inc., which begins next season and runs through 2025-26, passed as it will be a major windfall around the league.

  219. boxcareddiehospodar on

    When will this organization realizes that we are not going to win as long as we play:


    These guys are at best 4th line players.

    We have 6 or more similar type players.

    who said the day of the enforcer is done.

  220. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – yes…I should have added Bickel with emphasis :)

    Now we just need Haley to heal up and there’s our 4th line…Bickel Ah, and Haley,,,

  221. Longbeard Since 1994 on

    Training center sighting: Brad Richards carrying black case, looks like Ukulele. Sheet music for Kumbaya in other hand. Singing and holding hands might be the next team building exercise.
    BTW: Asham is a reactionary move. Make a plan, and work the plan, works more often.

  222. Omg, I’m so late Coos! I did. And it was awesome. Love k’d it in that *book* you demanded I *read*

  223. Right, e. I would even like to see Ash with Brass for a bit. Ash never has had a feeder and has a snap shot.

  224. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tomb – didn’t see our fearless leader….but if I had, it wouldn’t have been my hand I would’ve waved – if ya know what I mean….

  225. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mad bomber, miller, and a 2nd for patch…get it done slats!!

    Send a 5th round pick to Edmonton for gadzic, get it done slats!

  226. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – brassard with asham and Nash on his wings are a nice troika – Nash needs the protection and Brass would have more space…

  227. Brass seems to spend a lot of time behind the net, digging. Let Asham do more of that an let Brass do a Richie for a while and we might see some numbers.

  228. At camp, Johnson showed good spunk early but came up a little short before going down. Its time for him to come up again, show us what he’s got.

  229. MDZ: ‘Hey, Urinal!’

    Johnson: “You talkin’ to me?’

    “Yeah, I’m just saying You’re a Nail. It’s like a compliment.”

  230. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Papa, hey, just catching up on the day’s action.


    This team looks good in not just any, but pink panties. I hope that’s what Step was talking about!!

    Next time we play big, tough Boston, as long as we are as weak as the last time, they can do with us as they wish, including insist our team wear pink ones, and we have zero defense.
    Might look pretty silly on TV.

    I guess even Sather is smelling the roses. Pink roses!!!

  231. Close Door Meeting:

    “hey get that chick out of here!!!! Huh?

    Oh, sorry Zuuc. You can stay. Just put some clothes on.”

  232. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Aren’t all the GMs together right now at the meetings? You would think slats would be able to get a deal done there…right?

  233. “Johnson, You want in? Stop flopping all over the place, stay up and play hard. Insert yourself into the action.”

  234. Wang: I had to raff when they tried to push Pouriot and Tayror the Rurch on me. I rike Carrahan.

  235. “Johnson,you look a little sloppy.. If you clean it up, I’ll try and get you in back in again.”

  236. AV: locker room meeting: “Ladies, Gentlemen, our General Manager has decided to hold a fashion show starring yourselves in here to bring this team a bit more together. This is serious. Anyone hoots, he goes to Hartford.”

  237. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wang – “papa – is ok – I raff rike crazy whenever we arr get together and terr story”

  238. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wang -“I terr gar snow – you get me Johnson from sayduh – any price – I won him on iranders” chop chop

  239. My friend rarry rittra, he roves to drive his rincorn continentar. Drives it very very fast. chop chop.

  240. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I rive big cadarack. It brigh bruw coror. Prush carpet – it go weary fast – I go zoom zoom chop chop

  241. Dallas ruse; Giants ruse; “Redskins” ruse; Eagles rin! Notice please, prevailing trend.

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