It’s Go Time! … Capitals at Rangers


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Game 31.caps
Capitals at Rangers.


The Rangers play the second of a franchise-record nine-game homestand.

They got their first Bettman Bonus Point for losing Saturday against the Devils. They have alternated wins and losses for eight straight games and have not been more than a game over .500 this season.

Marc Staal is being treated for a neck issue, according to Alain Vigneault. The team is hoping that the neck is causing the concussion-like symptoms, and not another concussion. Staal obviously will not play tonight.

Michael Del Zotto goes back into the lineup in Staal’s place, and Benoit Pouliot returns to the lineup as Dominic Moore is prucha’d (Vigneault feels his game has slipped; audio in the thread below). Derek Dorsett had an MRI on his wrist Friday and remains out with what the team is calling a sprain (Vigneault said it was a bruise), but it is not considered long-term.

Henrik Lundqvist has tossed three consecutive shutouts (180:00) at the Capitals, including Games 6 and 7 of last year’s playoff series and the first meeting this season. He starts his third in a row in goal.


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  1. Nice video Carp. Did the sweeper lady ask you never to return to her section? Is that Mickey holding the camera?

  2. Breathing easier now that Staal may not be concussed. It’s a lot easier for the fans when the team is honest about the injuries. We would all be going nuts if all they said was “Upper body injury” with no time time table for a return

  3. True, never know with this stuff. Only time will tell, but it is was horrifying to think that everything was due to a concussion from a routine hit.

  4. One downside, Del Zotto rumors will be put to rest for a while. Gonna miss that excitement.

  5. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Reposts coming…

    Pk slew foot is a “punk” Crosby is a “punk” orpik is a “punk” phanuef is a “punk” kronwall must be a “punk” volchenkov is a “punk” Wweber is a “punk” clutterbuck is a “punk” Kessler is a “punk” Dustin brown is a “punk” cally is a “punk” Taylor pyatt is a “punk”


  6. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Graves 2 handed slash on mario knocking him out of the playoffs was a great moment!!

    Also liked him going after fetisov with the wings after a hit on mess

    Or going after enrico ciaconne after he put savard into the glass

    So many great gravy moments

  7. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Sooo many “punks” in the nhl, I don’t know why some of you bother watching the sport

  8. Over/under on Hank recording a 4th straight shutout of these Caps? I’m an optimistic kinda guy!

  9. Is it disrespect for Rangers to put 625K golie against our 8.5M? Are his pads 12 times smaller?

  10. A “Lgr” chant by the upper half not drowned out by the PA announcer. A first thus year!!!!!

  11. That hit attempt by Girardi was one of the worst plays I’ve ever seen. Use your hip, doofus!

  12. Gotta hand it to Hank tonight. Not getting much action but when he does, they’re quality chances. Looks vintage tonight…so far

  13. LOL! I still can’t believe the Knicks use those orange jerseys. I figured they were third jerseys. I hate the Knicks, but I sort of like their home white jerseys. Why would they get rid of them?

    Everything aboot the Knicks sucks.

  14. what exquisite sounds made when the Rangers skates move across the ice as they chase the puck!

    (just sayin’ something positive)

  15. Girardi makes a nice play in the neutral zone, and gives the puck right back to the Caps. WHY?

  16. Can’t blame him for the kick goal, but definitely should’ve had those other 2. *Almost* vintage?

  17. Vigneault's Vino on

    Rangers, Knicks, Dolan, and the fans are disgraces to the Garden. There are better performances and crowds during concerts than games of either of the mickey mouse teams.

  18. Rangers are being fine gentlemen by allowing the caps goalie seeing the pucks that are occasionally coming at him

    (just sayin’ something positive)

  19. wow eddie
    good memory
    and nice thought


    maybe that was an Uncle Dom post there keeping the puck outta the net

  20. okay a real question for Carp and anyone here (or there)

    how can a Rangers forward make it this high in the professional level yet have
    to be aware of a goalie sending out rebounds?!?!?

    i mean, byfuglien seriously!

    we’d be up 3-0 if those eeeediyots paid some attention

  21. I’m not watchjng … was it a good play by The Kreider?

    I don’t care if it’s 4, was it a worthy play?

  22. Gotta get some shots on this cheap goalie. Test him. Can we get any of our midgets in from of the net??????

  23. i wasn’t able to listen
    any report of some verbal gold nuggets from Carp
    during his radio appearance?

  24. that’s a good goal
    maybe the ref should have whistled it since he probably didn’t see it
    but that’s what happens when you swarm the net
    and then this………

  25. rangers stink, not surprised. Rangers went to the conference finals, Sather recovers from prostrate problems, decides to dismantle and change team dynamics and this is what ranger fans are getting, crap. This has Sather’s finger prints written all over it.

  26. let’s see
    back up goalie
    shut out tonight

    2-6 over the homestand

    eff positivity
    Rangers slit its throat with a broken beer bottle

  27. 2 pure, I would say rookie mistakes by heralded goalie and mature example of opposite 1st time keeper. Oh-ho.

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tam Calbot with one bad game this year. Hank with at least 8 bad games. You do the meth

  29. “With all seriousness”, if this mediocre team will lose confidence in their last bastion,(and it is looks like), proverbial season is REALLY over.

  30. Gotta save those timeouts for the 3rd period when we’re down by 3 and there’s a late icing

  31. Turning off the game, gonna spend the evening doing something more productive than watching a lifeless team go through the motions.

    0-2 deficit = certain loss.

    Back up goalie = likely shutout

    So glad the players have a coach who doesn’t ride them hard. It must have been so very hard on them. At least they’re happy now to play like crap and without a hint of passion.

    I personally wouldn’t mind some kind of major change to this roster, but it won’t happen.

    We’re a mediocre hockey team at best. It helps to keep that in perspective and you can’t get upset. You know the Rangers stink, so you don’t act surprised when they back up your opinion.

  32. Dear Santa

    please send gift cards
    and don’t send any Ranger gear.
    it will just bring up too many ugly memories
    and not enough antacids will help.

    little johnny

  33. Hey, Carpy, if you yell over to me, wherever you are sitting, I’d likely hear it!!!!

    Yes, it’s THAT quiet. Pin drop quiet.

  34. Only fair to give Hank credit for those 2 huge saves there. We’d all be killing him if he hadn’t, and those weren’t easy at all

  35. Carp heard you on fan radio loved your line about how the Rangers make other goaltenders look good really playing god awful tonight

  36. New York Rangers = softest team in the NHL? Is there a pulse on this team?

    They sure talked big about how this homestand was gonna give them the chance to separate themselves from other teams in the standings.

    So far, the mission is going well. Just in the wrong direction.

    MSG = The World’s Most Friendliest Arena To Opposing Teams

  37. i’d like to think that once in awhile in
    Torts’ office in vancouver
    he checks the scores or game summaries or even pops over to this board
    and says to himself
    “hahahaha…they thought i was the problem.”

  38. Let’s get beat up now suffer another concussion, and go out on the town since we are home for the next month. No problem

  39. it would make me feel a whole lot better if we found out that someone dosed the Rangers water bottles

  40. Poulet looks like the real deal, though

    At least that

    He’s ready to fulfill his promise

  41. At least these disasters do not warrant bringing in reinforcements. This team is too talented to upgrade.

  42. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    What a soft, mediocre, candy-ass wristing excuse for an NHL team.

    Good night all.

  43. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Hank made some beauties when the team was already trailing by two goals.

  44. I say dismantle this team. They peaked during the 2011-12 season and got stopped by the Derbils.

    It’s time for a rebuild. Seriously.

    Sorry Hank.

  45. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Eddie – as you said before, “you do the meth (math)”.

    Personally, I think anti-anxiety medication would be more appropriate.

  46. hey guys, we still have our 1st round pick for this year right? lol. does it even matter with slats still the gm? ugh i might need a break from this team for a lil while.

  47. Since taking the 2-0 lead against the Detbils last night, Rangers have been out scored 7-1 by opponents during this home stand.

    Momentum, anyone???

  48. Break up this sorry-assed team. Back to the good ol’ pansified Rangers we all got know from 1998-2004.

  49. I’m gonna give you to the count of 10, to get your ugly, yella, no-good keister off my property…

  50. Headzo

    i’m not going out on a ledge for this team
    they’re not worth me getting that upset

    i did yesterday due to all the things that happened and because of who we played
    but the lack of passion and disinterest
    results in this awfulness
    and the best thing to do
    is watch a real hockey on any of the other channels available

  51. The only flying that I ever did as a kid was in the family station wagon. It wasn’t to France. We used to have to go over to Aunt Laura and Uncle Arthur’s house.

  52. Dave Maloney says on radio pansy call on the hook leading to penalty shot. Also intimates that we’re playing like sissies, though he did not use that word.

  53. amen jpg! thats all you can do. this seasons not done yet so i still have hope but i’m not gonna worry about it anymore. it gets tiring doesnt it?

  54. Keep Hank, McDonuts, Kreider. And possibly Stepan and Zuccs.

    The rest can and should ALL be made available.

    Dump Richards. Dump Nash – he has great value. No need for Girardi – the defense stinks. Dump Callahan before he sustains a major injury due to his playing style.

  55. Ice is again pitiful. SalmonJoe rhapsodized last night about what wonderful, wonderful people MSG employs to take up basketball floor in prep for Rangers games. Guess they are all volunteers. Thanks, guys.

  56. but, i do feel bad for paying ticket holders so screw them if this is the best product they can put out there with all that dolan money and overpaid players and maybe goalie too with the smaller equipment. this is not a coincidence hes letting in tons of goals.

  57. E3 – Tom Coughlin looks like he’s preparing to carry the cross for his local parish’s Christmas pageant.

  58. We have smug, satisfied, wealthy management whose goal is to cram the building into overpriced seats and to sell them $6 sodas and $18 sandwiches.

  59. Oh, good. Now we get subjected to more of this. I have a novel idea. A scoring opportunity. Just one difficult shot.

  60. Wow. Maloney crucifying this team generally. Not in any way good enough physically, not in any way good enough talent-wise, ergo we ain’t goin’ no place, baby. Hope Dave doesn’t get himself furloughed. Dolan has a history of doing that to people who don’t spread the party line.

  61. Pouliot: “What? I’ve shown up.”

    Mister D: “He means playing hard.”

    Pouliot: “Oh. Nevermind, I get it now.”

  62. CARP,

    I’m sorry, but even you have to agree that this sorry squad needs a shakeup.

    This squad is at best Guatemalan-league.

  63. Salmon Joey: “Samuelson talked about them getting a goal within the first seven minutes of the third period. Now, they can’t even get a shot within the first seven minutes.”

  64. Can you even imagine how angry this place would have been in the old days. Today? Everybody’s standing and cheering the T-shirt toss! Yay!

  65. Retire Brad Park's #2 on


    This team teases, then makes it so easy to hate them. A win, then an embarrassment. Crappy defense, three lines of third liners, and inconsistent goaltending (yeah, you, Hank) are the norm.

    I hate reading the paper after losses, and there are plenty of them this year. It’s like we’re stuck on a hamster wheel of mediocrity.

    I’ve been watching the Rangers since 1968, travel far and wide to see them (including Sweden a few years ago, where, of course, they lost two) and other than a few flashes of hope, SOS.

    Blame Dolan, the GM, Gordie Clark, or whoever you want, but at some point the guys on the ice are responsible for it all. Teams with less talent (Devils, Jets, etc.) have had no problem with us.

    Look in the mirror, guys.

  66. 1 PP goal now, 1 in the next 7-8 mins, 1 more buzzer beater. Del Z completes the 4 goal night in OT. Book it.

  67. Carp, any friends at the Elias Sports Bureau who can put together a compilation of stats of players playing their first game against the Rangers?

  68. YAWN!

    What a crappy performance by the team. Have they had a single decent chance in this game at all?

    Oh and…can Hagelin do anything else besides skating fast?

  69. Richards wonders why Zucc and Miller are still skating so hard rather than decide which Untuck’d shirt they’ll wear tonight.

  70. The pathetically dispassionate fans are a perfect mirror of the miserable product on the ice.

    But keep those T-shirts a-tossin’!

  71. How to put this delicately…hmmmm… Ah screw it- this team SUCKS as currently constructed.

  72. Not saying it’s all on him at all, but Miller hasn’t nearly been as noticeable as he was yesterday

  73. What’s there to be passionate about? They’re down three goals and have not been playing well the whole game.

  74. Olga Folkyerself on

    1 PP goal now, 1 in the next 7-8 mins, 1 more buzzer beater. Del Z completes the 4 goal night in OT. Book it.

    Put the pipe down, you’ve had enough.

  75. They should be passionately disappointed with their team’s effort.

    But as long as those T-shirts are flyin, and those $18.50 sandwiches are stuffing their faces…

  76. Grubauer…German for “gru I’m a crappy back-up rookie but I’m guaranteed a shutout against the rangers er”

  77. They spend $1B and they couldn’t really improve the ice…disgraceful…

    Getting shutout at home by a rookie goaltender…We’ve seen this before…

    At least we have the Sky Bridge Presented by Chase…

  78. Lack of emotion. No one competes. No one hits. No one seem to give a shait. That’s it. I give up. Trade them all

  79. The nightly scapegoating of #19 continues apace, I see. It’s fun, but if their worst player leads their scoring, what does that say about this team?

    OK, I’ll tell you. Get closer. Psst…they’re not very good.

  80. Poo probably just wanted to knock it down and clear so he could set up his offsides hat trick.

  81. Joe M on Pullout: “He needs something good to happen to him”…yeah, like change of scenery

  82. This HAS to be the softest team in the league… Bunch of f-ing smurfs and d-bag sather is to blame. Wtf were they thinking when they put this roster? There is literally NOBODY on this team that keeps the opposition honest…. No retaliation to cheap shots on our “star” players if you could even call them that. No heart, no guts and no talent. Soft AND no talent? Wtf is the point?!?!?!!!!!!!

  83. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Hank not looking too happy._

    He should have made some sparkling saves when the game was still tied instead of waiting until they trailed by two goals.

  84. AV sucks.

    At least Torts held these pansies/Smurfs accountable.

    Good luck Torts in Vancouver!!!

  85. The really bright side: “Rangers shut down Ovie’s bid for primary assist on an even-strength goal.” (Same as every other team Washington has played this season has also done.) Man, if he ever was going to get one, tonight would have been the night!

  86. .500 is the perfect business model for Dolan..

    Keep those turnstiles turning, and pump ‘me with loud overblown music, tossed t-shirts, and mouths full with $18.50 sandwiches.

  87. “He should have made some sparkling saves when the game was still tied instead of waiting until they trailed by two goals.”

    Problem is, if Henrik stopped those two shots, you wouldn’t have considered the saves sparkling by any degree. Back to my “big save” theory, aka they don’t exist.

  88. So much is said about role players like Boyle and Pyatt and such but these role players can’t even play their roles well lol


  89. Thank you, Latona – Better to make an average-difficulty save at a crucial time in a game, than to make a sensational save when the game is effectively decided.

  90. I can’t stand watching another game like this so I’m done. Will check in here once in a while and if youse tell me they resemble a hockey team I might watch a game next year.

  91. Did anyone hear that the Garden has been newly transformed? Unfortunately, the teams that play there have not been newly transformed!

    Poo-l-out is awful. I don’t ever remember being upset that a Ranger scored a goal!

  92. Seems to be not the players’ total fault. Management! They’ve put together a mediocre offensive team with NO toughness whatsoever. The guy in the deli could tell you this. Is Sather blind as well as incompetent?

  93. Would love to hear or at least get a link on your “No big saves” theory, Latona. From the little I’ve heard of it, it sounds more and more plausible

  94. The word is out: Play your backup goaltender against to the Rangers to give the #1 the night off…

  95. No wonder all these players were afraid of Torts. They each knew he was correct in his criticisms, and if they spoke up, none of them would be worth keeping. They waited until Sather privately asked with the promise of anonymity to bury him. They’re not even courageous off the ice.

  96. coos

    you know what?
    as much as i hate Sather
    and so many of his moves over the years
    it’s absolutely total horse-manure
    that these ffffin PROFESSIONALS
    cannot act that way!!

    you see terms with less talent and they
    at the very freeekin least
    go on the ice and play hard
    as if they give a damn

    these guys floated for much of this game

    unable to position themselves for rebounds?!?!?
    stuff they should have learned in pre-juniors!!

    unable to go to the net and make life hard for the goalie?!?
    again, stuff they should have learned years ago

    just a whole bunch of DISGUSTING!
    you know what?!!?
    for all the griping we do about Drury
    Cally obviously doesn’t have the room jumping when he says jump
    otherwise this crapfest wouldn’t be happening on a regular basis.

    here’s to hoping that someone reads this (sorry it’s long)

  97. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Dave Maloney: “Hank was good.”

    If that’s good, then I don’t want to know what Maloney considers bad.

  98. Give Richie’s center position and ‘A’ to McDonagh. He’ll be super active in the offensive zone and backcheck like a yellow jacket. Then, of course, surround him with some talent and pizzazz.

  99. locker room locked
    so that the players can come up
    with NEW ways of stating

  100. Longbeard SInce 1994 on

    Soft game. Soft team.. Soft ice cream. Sprinkles extra. Nice to see Krieder juggle Washington’s onions. But to get pulled for his own protection, who is the enforcer on the team?

  101. I was waiting for Cally to say that this isn’t going to ruin his Christmas. I think that was after a Caps game too

  102. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Hank is 28th in GAA and 25th in save percentage.

    The team is 26th in goals per game.

    A perfect storm.

  103. No, more probably, “Anyone got an up-to-date train schedule? Only ten, twelve more years of this chit and I’ll be drinking Martins at my lake house,”

  104. Longbeard SInce 1994 on

    OOO. The Rangers door is still closed after the game. Lots of talking..Ask this: Where’s Joey Kocur when we need him?

  105. AV: (again) “Right now we’re a .500 hockey club.” I think he has worn out that phrase. On to phrase B.

  106. Interesting tidbit by Maloney – he was suggesting some players react better to when they are “barked at” (a la Tortorella) vs AV. He suggested some people. Are taking the easy way out with AV.

  107. Many of these guys have repeatedly shown that they either don’t want to be here or are incapable of performing to the necessary level. Catapult them. I’d rather watch energetic kids

  108. I prefer this to AV’s nonsense:

    “We are going to keep pounding away on that mindset,” Tortorella said.

  109. Well, you’ll be happy to know that there weren’t any positives, that ya boys were angry, that they talked about their lack of effort and their comfort, etc. That’s the first step, IMO.

  110. The enforcer for this team is Dylan McIlrath, and I demand to know why this fossilized G.M. is the one inhabitant of the planet earth who doesn’t know that, and I hold him in contempt of Ranger fans who support this team with their wallets and, their charged-up emotions, and with much of the valuable time of their lives, for his REFUSAL to act upon it?

    Is this clown Sather on Stern’s payroll, too? Man, I think the NBA is running the show around here. In WWII it was called “Collaborating with the enemy.”

  111. ThisYearsModel on

    Did they talk about their Christmas bonus check’s? Did Dolan enroll them in a cheese club instead?

  112. Longbeard SInce 1994 on

    Right, Carp. Admitting that there is a problem is the first step in recovery. Getting angry is the second step. Clean slate is the third step?

  113. Carp
    it’s the same thing in 75% of the games this season
    same ol’ same ol’ same ol’

    they’re disgracing the uniform
    and spitting in the faces of the fans
    who seem to care much much much more than they do

  114. even teams that are below us in the standings
    show more heart and more passion
    when they step on the ice
    floriday scored more tonight than we did against chicago
    the top team in the league!!!

  115. Stranger Nation on

    Philipp Grubauer in goal for WSH? Hand them the shutout now!

    December 8th, 2013 at 6:36 PM

    I blame Latona

  116. Outclassed by two 40+ year old future hall of famers last night…

    Schooled by an ECHL goalie tonight.

    I wish I was being sarcastic…

  117. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carp – after the first 14 losses, there shouldn’t have been any more subpar efforts.

    It’s shameful, but not the last time we’ll hear it.

  118. McIlrath is a first round draft choice, with ample lower-level experience, plus he represents just about the only “muscle+ – just what this team needs for starters, in the organization. Guess some people were sickened with the Black Hawks went with their two prized kids on the way to a Stanley Cup championship within just a few months after that.

    Please – don’t give me the “He’s just a kid” routine. Hell, he might be the only real man in a Rangers uniform, when he gets here in 2018. Right?

  119. Closed door meeting:

    “Guys, we need to step it up. Poulet , any chance you can high-stick another one in before April?”

  120. After Game 81, closed door meeting:

    “We almost had them. Next year is your year, Poulet.”

  121. In good news, POULET’s value is at an all-time high …

    …which means that we can get a 1974 Ford Pinto for him (engine sold separately)

  122. Closed Door Meeting:

    “No, no, you’re thinking of the wrong old tanned guy. I’m talking about the angry tanned guy, not the one who jumps up and down.

    “Ohhhhh, okay. Hey, clean slate, tan it! hehehehe, shhhh, AV’s coming”

  123. McUndertaker will protect Dorsett, and Bickel can protect McIlrath, then we need someone to protect Bickel…

  124. AV to team: “Can you guys please just check someone?”

    Team: “Hey, we’re Humans here!”

  125. Miller to Cally: “I think I saw that same little weird guy from Banff in the audience tonight.”

    Cally: “That’s your GM, son.”

  126. The idea that McIlrath can be enforcer for this team or bring enough toughness to make a difference is a stretch…

    I think this team needs to learn how to forecheck and keep a puck deep in the o-zone. Seems like most goals are either deflected or scored on the rush. They need to learn how to score garbage goals…

  127. Stranger Nation on

    ORR!! What Is It Good For!!??
    _Sam just mistook Joel Ward for OvechCANT and call John Moore “John Long” in the span of two seconds._

    December 8th, 2013 at 8:23 PM

    Favorite part of the game. Yes #8 Overchicken and #42 Joel Ward are like twin brothers

  128. Longbeard SInce 1994 on

    Heard through the team door: “We may get knocked down, but a true New Yoaka is never out….We need to come togetha, teammate helping teammate. And we will build this team. Smarta, stronga, bigga than before. Because we are Ranga’s. And that’s what we do”.

  129. If they handed out all the money they spent on that dumb, demeaning commercial to some homeless victims of that storm, maybe they would accomplish something.

  130. Closed door meeting:

    Boyle to Zucc: ” yo little man, step away from Delzotto and get over here next to me, so I can rest my beer on your head while I undress.”

  131. The drop off in scoring past the first couple lines in insane. Brassard has the most goals with 5. In 30 games. Dominic Moore and Taylor Pyatt combined have scored as many goals this season as I have.

    Plus/Minus is a BS stat, but it can paint an overall picture. Only 6 players are a + number and 2 of those are even. There is no way that spells a successful team.

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