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  1. Forget Staal,

    Does anyone have the gall to ask AV his rationale for bringing garbage (POULET) back to the Garden ice?

  2. “Mr. Fondue, I have a question to ask you …”

    “Does Poulet have pictures of you sipping peppermint mochas?”

  3. Stranger Nation on

    AV says Moore’s game slipped the last couple of games so he brings in Pullout Coach

    Garbage In…Garbage Out

  4. It’s so ridiculous it’s beyond funny.

    Take a second to think about it: You have POULET playing over all those guys in Hartford who are clearly better than him.

    And if you want to argue that they are not better, they at least COULD be better.

    It’s criminal.

  5. Torts had it right, when he said the Pens are a whiny organization. Orpick hit to the head, then that puke Neal knees another puke Marchant, and the tears are coming like snowflakes from Pitt

  6. is it possible they think he’ll react the way Topo Gigio did to his benching? And not the way Of the Zotto reacted to his?

  7. lol, CARP … that made me laugh. Thank you.

    Showcasing Poulet is like showcasing Haiti as the center of economic prosperity.

  8. Carp: I really hope not. Maybe with Richards, but this is a one year flyer pickup. Didn’t work, cut bait. The idea anyone’s ego is invested in Poo is just another layer of terror.

  9. 64 yard field goal by Prater today. That Dempsey record has to be forty plus years old. Cool.

  10. Lol, Carp.

    Gravy, your killin me, didn’t need to hear that.

    Whatever this kids name is
    Breakout performances against NYR

  11. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I love graves, probably my fave ranger ever or at least top 3…wwagd is interesting concept

    Would he have done everything Thornton did?

    Would he have went all carkner and just started throwing bombs as soon as he challenged orpik

    Would he have challenged and once it was declined filed it in the memory bank for future reference?

    I want all of your expert opinions!

  12. One of my fav Gravey moments..

    The beat down on Claude LePew during the playoffs when Claude had been harraessing Leetch.

    LePew never harraessed Leetch again.

  13. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Pk slew foot is a “punk” Crosby is a “punk” orpik is a “punk” phanuef is a “punk” kronwall must be a “punk” volchenkov is a “punk” Wweber is a “punk” clutterbuck is a “punk” Kessler is a “punk” Dustin brown is a “punk” cally is a “punk” Taylor pyatt is a “punk”


  14. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Graves 2 handed slash on mario knocking him out of the playoffs was a great moment!!

    Also liked him going after fetisov with the wings after a hit on mess

    Or going after enrico ciaconne after he put savard into the glass

    So many great gravy moments

  15. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Sooo many “punks” in the nhl, I don’t know why some of you bother watching the sport

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