Rangers trade Mashinter to Chicago for Kyle Beach


From the Rangers:


Send Forward Brandon Mashinter to the Blackhawks

NEW YORK, December 6, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has acquired forward Kyle Beach from Chicago in exchange for forward Brandon Mashinter.

Beach, 23, was originally selected by Chicago as a first round choice, 11th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. The North Vancouver, British Columbia native has registered four goals and a plus-three rating in seven games with the Rockford IceHogs of the American Hockey League (AHL) this season. He notched his first career hat trick on November 30 against Chicago, including a shorthanded goal, and has registered four goals in his last two games. Beach made his season debut with Rockford on November 1 at Milwaukee after skating in seven games with HV71 Jönköping of the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). He registered two goals and one assist, along with 35 penalty minutes in seven games with HV71.

The 6-3, 208-pounder has skated in 169 career AHL contests over six seasons with Rockford, registering 41 goals and 35 assists for 76 points, along with 422 penalty minutes. Beach established career-highs in games played (71), goals (16), assists (20), points (36), and shots (164) during the 2010-11 season. Last season, he tied his career-high with 16 goals, and added 10 assists for 26 points in 66 games. Beach made his professional debut on April 10, 2009 against Peoria, and notched his first professional point with a goal on October 9, 2010 against Manitoba. In addition, Beach has tallied three goals in five career playoff contests with Rockford.

Mashinter, 25, has registered one goal and six assists in 11 games with the Hartford Wolf Pack (AHL) this season. He has also skated in six games with the Rangers. The Bradford, Ontario native was acquired by the Rangers from San Jose in exchange for Tommy Grant and a conditional draft pick on January 16, 2013. He was originally signed by San Jose as an undrafted free agent on March 3, 2009.


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  1. I posted some crap about K. Beach in the last thread if anyone is interested. To sum up:

    Beach has a bad attitude, concussion history, sports hernia and back issues. Is 23 and has been criticized for not using his size (6’3″, 203lbs). Sounds like a perfect Ranger

  2. Stranger Nation on

    Do we have the concussion specialists to now trade for players at risk.

    The Wizard of the West Side strikes again


  3. bottom 6 on something called the Ice Hogs

    not overly aggressive, and trails the play but “gets under the skin of opponents”

    missed 57 games with a shoulder injury at age 21

    “multiple” concussions and a sports hernia in juniors

    sounds like the total package

  4. Forgot one thing Manny: Former 1st round pick (11th in 2008) who hasn’t lived up to the projections

  5. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    My question is this…is this a subtle move before another move?

    Is this a move to give htfd some toughness to replace a current player (other than mash) coming up or part of another trade?

    Do they think he can score in htfd? Is sioux’s boy getting called up?

  6. Jesus. If I’m googling right, he was a street free agent who has been a healthy scratch in the AHL.

  7. 6’3, 208 probably translates to 6’1, 195. This guy can really rack up the PIMs. Life’s a Beach.

  8. Hartford has plenty of toughness …

    Dylan McIlrath: 9
    Michael Kantor: 8
    Stu Bickel: 6
    Micheal Haley: 5
    Shawn O’Donnell: 4
    Conor Allen: 2
    Andrew Yogan: 2
    Arron Asham: 1
    Brodie Dupont: 1
    Brandon Mashinter: 1
    Darroll Powe: 1
    Scott Stajcer: 1

  9. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Mashinter is an enormous loss. The exit of Mashinter means no Stanley Cup this season. s

  10. *Mister D*

    _Hartford has plenty of toughness_

    Dylan McIlrath: 9
    Michael Kantor: 8
    Stu Bickel: 6
    Micheal Haley: 5
    Shawn O’Donnell: 4
    Conor Allen: 2
    Andrew Yogan: 2
    Arron Asham: 1
    Brodie Dupont: 1
    -Brandon Mashinter: 1-
    Darroll Powe: 1
    Scott Stajcer: 1


  11. considering this franchise has been fairly defined by meaningless swaps of humps like this for the last few decades, I have a hard time believing some mega deal is on the horizon.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    coos – just like Dorsett is 6’0″ 190lbs, more like 5’9″ 175 lbs, but whose counting?

  13. Sather Must Go! on

    Wasnt Mashinter almost okay when he was up here? At least brought more than the P&P boys?

  14. Coos this one’s for you:

    “Kyle Beach will leave Chicago and arrive in New York on Sunday after first stopping over in Detroit to be evaluated by the NY Ranger’s world renowned concussion specialist, Dr. Boom Boom Litesout.

  15. If you check the dummy boards, you see a ton of allusions to him being an off-ice distraction or worse.

  16. Stranger:

    yeah, you could see Dorsett on that biography show they did was a legitimately small guy – made even more surprising because his role is as a tough guy

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Mashinter proved adept at blocking rights with his chin and watching opponents skate by like a traffic cop.

    Once Halloween ended, no real reason to have him on roster

  18. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Allen gets rag dolled every time he fights, kantor isn’t that good at it either, powe, stajcer, DuPont, don’t really count w/1 ea. so they have mcilrath, Haley, and bicks who can actually fight. A middle weight and 2 heavy middleweights…maybe they are calling one of them up

  19. _Wasnt Mashinter almost okay when he was up here? At least brought more than the P&P boys?_

    Py and Poo. Thanksgiving all over again.

  20. Yea, his *bad attitude* even made a mention on Wikipedia.

    I’m just surprised because I thought Mashinter was on the fringe of being an NHL 13th Man type player.

  21. As a RFA, Orchard Beach’s salary went from $875M all the way up to $550 on a one year deal. However THAT translates.

  22. and yes, SMG, I thought Mashinter was at least as good, and tougher, than a few of the guys in the current lineup … though hardly anything special.

  23. Sources indicate the trade was orchestrated by Glenn Sather’s wife Ann, who met Kyle Beach’s mother recently in Western Canada while scouting locations for the Rangers 2014 Training Camp.

  24. Rumor: Glen Sather currently burning up the phones to Swiss National League management to inquire about the availability of Alexandre Daigle.

  25. Sather Must Go! on

    Mcilrath fights A LOT and steps up for his teammates big time..but, he gets hit a lot in his fights – Kantor = meh; Bickel is just wild.. not that it matters if they can’t play play the game enogh to justify ice time ..but the big club needs some protection…

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Our bottom 6 needs some serious help
    Gomer Pylon – 0G, 1A
    Dom Moore – 0G, 1A
    Pullout – 2G, 3A

  27. Detroit. The only legitimate function of the once proud blue collar city is to evaluate Ranger players who have suffered head injuries.

    Lets send our players to Detroit.

    What are they, imported Cars?

  28. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I am sullen due to the loss of Mashinter. His toughness was the difference in winning and not winning the Stanley Cup this season.s

  29. These minor league trades are like doing *Crack*. The high is *really* short and very *cheap* and it’s followed by unbearable depression.

  30. Mashinter would have engaged in more fights on the big club, but he was too slow and usually arrived to the scrum sometime during the next period.

    Mashinter = AHL lifer.

  31. Sather Must Go! on

    good point, Manny..same thing with waiver pick ups..I’m still working off the high of the signing of Mark Bell a couple years ago

  32. Had a relative who was brought up by the Detroit Tigers and he said his social life was superior as a semi-broke minor leaguer in Florida, despite the large bucks in Detroit.

  33. Mashinter was told by AV. “Take the shortest route to the puck, and arrive before the game is over”

  34. Within the last few years I travelled to Detroit several times on business. The city reminded me of the Bronx in the 70’s. there were burnt out buildings abandoned and left to crumble scattered in patches throughout the city. Vacant fenced lots everywhere. Horrible,

  35. Beach is 2 and half years younger than Mash, for whatever that’s worth. DelZotto is 40 years younger than Bobby Orr.

  36. @NYP_Brooksie Beach, 11th overall in ’08 Draft, is Blackhawks’ version of *Jessiman.* Tyler Myers 12th, Erik Karlsson 15th.

  37. Blackhawks beat guy: I believe I wrote the “Kyle Beach says he’s finally matured” story four times. I’ll miss it.

  38. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Your mocking yourself, kid ;)_

    It’s *you’re*, sport.

  39. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Word has it that Sather has a ‘secret’ subscription to “SubtleLikeaSeabrooke” and the site is HIS source for scouting to all the west teams.

  40. @NYP_Brooksie: Beach, 11th overall in ’08 Draft, is Blackhawks’ version of Jessiman. Tyler Myers 12th, Erik Karlsson 15th.

    Wow! Can you imagine the Hawks with Keith, Seabrook *and* Karlsson? Crazy.

    Another notable player from that draft, Jordan Eberle.

    Always crazy to see the great players that were passed up by teams.

  41. @AndrewCieslak
    #NYRangers fans – you do not want Kyle Beach on your roster. If he is on it you are in trouble.

  42. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    On the Montreal ‘rumor’, I can’t see Step being traded, but I could see Prust telling management that Boyle is a different player when playing with him. And, he is!!

    Ridiculous we failed to re-sign Prust at a time when it could have and should have been done (we’ve talked about what Murray did with Chris Neil and our moron didn’t attempt with Prust; a bargain could have been had). But we lost half of Boyle’s heart then, too. Reuniting them, Montreal could get a real bargain who will likely step it up when back with Pruster.

    For all those who think Boyle is so awful for his measly $1.75M salary, if this were to happen, mark my words, and I know it is really HARD to believe, but this team will be even easier to play against. His FO’s are the best we have, his PP work is amongst the best, his size gets in the way (but admittedly is rag dolled in a fight), and his locker room presence adds up to a useful $2M player, even if his hands are lead. On a good team (that’s not us) he is a very good 4th line center. WIth Prust, he’s a 3rd line center.

  43. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    But, who cares about Boyle/Prust, we have Beach!!! Yahoo!!

    And, I do smell a move for ……..the one……the only……GILROY!!!!


    He’s our prototypical player!!!

  44. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I was so unhappy with that._

    I know. Haste makes waste. (:

  45. are there any other first round busts the Rangers could trade a bottom-6 AHLer for or are they all Ranger property now?

  46. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Lloyd, you can hate him all you want, but he is a winner and he makes his team better and harder to play against. Put him on the 4th, 3rd, wherever.

    Don’t look now, but the team he is on is rising to the top of the conference before our very eyes. Perhaps it IS important to have him or players like him on your team.

    And, should Boyle be moved up there, it would be a brilliant move for the Habs.

  47. Atta boy, Matty.

    The Habs would have Boyle, Prust, Eller, Parros and Subban as well as Emelin. That’s a tough team. Especially with Pacioretty being an agitator.

  48. Doesn’t it make more sense to find and keep a shutdown 4th line and then use your 3rd to rotate guys in and out and let kids play? The whole “he was 4th line and 4th line is the last line” argument is a bit pointless. Prust had a very set role here, he filled it well and when he left, it went unfilled, to our detriment.

  49. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Manny, vibin’. THAT would completely turn my stomach. Might even have to…..no, I couldn’t. But there are some pairings that have such chemistry, that you just don’t touch them. That was one.

    And a good GM can see it a mile away, as can any astute observer.

    Fred and Ginger. Lucy and Ricky. Prust and Boyle. If it happens they are a much better team.

  50. @PLeonardNYDN Looks like Rangers also have called up *J.T. Miller,* per the AHL transactions list

  51. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Yea, but Manny, we have Zucc’s, Hags, Richards, Step. We can handle their size, surely and outdo them with skill. Add in Jesper Fast(h), too!!!

    We’re cooking now!!

  52. Or it means Callahan has one of those injuries that you can’t figure out how he hid it during the game. Internal decapitation or something.

  53. If Dorsett is ready, he goes in for Pouliot, I’m guessing. If not, then Miller. Miller could go in for Pyatt or somebody else.

  54. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _The Prust led the league in Short Handed Goals_

    This significance of that being?

  55. No one else scored more short-handed goals and goals are *great* when it comes to helping a team *win*.

  56. Going outsider the organization again, to bring in marginal goods. This GM makes “Trailer Trash” look like royalty, his concept is so mediocre.

  57. Sather must go, excellent post re: alleged tough guys in the system.

    Of course the real issue is always what options are actually available to an organization with few players or prospects that anyone is willing to give up a stud for either as a forward or defense?

    Players on the NHL roster who would be sought by other teams, McDonagh,Krieder,Stepan, definitely.

    Maybe’s, Callahan,Girardi,Staal.

    No way,Lundqvist and Nash contracts!

    The rest of this roster would be like exchanging a black dog for a brown one!

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