Rangers-Baby Buffaloes in review



1) Henrik Lundqvist. Remember that goalie controversy? And by the way, this talk about how he’s earning that new contract now … well, that new contract starts next season and I think he gets the signing bonus July 1. So he’s just getting by with the old contract right now. Seriously, maybe he really did need to get this thing settled. He was superb, or basically what we’ve come to expect from him, in this game. Better than Ryan Miller, who, IMO, hasn’t been very good since he was the best player at the Vancouver Olympics. I don’t know if USA can contend for a medal in Sochi with him. But Sweden can with Lundqvist.New York Rangers v Buffalo Sabres

2) Lundqvist sure bailed them out when the Rangers brain-cramped protecting that one-goal lead, then the two-goal lead. Man.

3) Just like Rick Nash bailed out a bunch of players who didn’t seem interested in competing in the first period, lots of guys going at scrimmage speed, gliding through the neutral zone, gliding into the offensive zone. That was some great pass by Ryan McDonagh, and an even better tip-pass by Derek Stepan, and nobody the Rangers have finishes that play the way Nash did.

4) Otherwise it was a Tommy McVie period: “They should let everybody in for free and make them pay to get out.” And I didn’t think this was a particularly good game overall, start to finish, against a very bad team in complete chaos since last winter. It was good enough, it turned out, because the Rangers got three big goals, and because their goalie saved them several times.

5) Again, I thought the defensemen struggled, most notably Marc Staal and Anton Stralman. Holy shishkebob! What has happened to Staal? Scary bad decisions, awareness. Bad passes. Poor coverage. The first pair was decent, Ryan McDonagh making that one mistake where he got beaten for the breakaway, but otherwise very solid.New York Rangers v Buffalo Sabres

6) Brad Richards. I know I have to duck when I say good things about this guy, and most of it is due to the contract and the risky decision the organization made to not buy him out (risky because of the cap recapture clause and the apocalypse it can create for the organization) … But I thought Richards played one of his better games of the season in the offensive zone and on the power play. I’ve said it many times, I’d rather see him down low or on the half boards on the PP than at the point. The PP was good, really good, and a lot of it had to do with Richards. Now, we won’t mention one particular play in the neutral zone, or some of the shifts in the defensive zone, because he had some good plays and shifts in those zones, too. In fairness, he really did.

7) Chris Kreider and Mats Zuccarello. New York Rangers v Buffalo SabresRemember, these two guys figured it out right about the same time, when the Rangers bottomed out — Zuccarello started to skate, and Kreider was recalled and was a different player. And Carl Hagelin returned to the lineup around that time, too. Hagelin hasn’t been anything special lately. Kreider and Zuccarello really have. Kreider just ran over Sabres last night, and Zuccarello, again, was involved physically, with his speed, and with his shot and skill.

8) So now the record is 15-14 with zero Bettman Bonus Points for losing, and zero shootouts. Is it indeed possible they will go 41-41? Or 43-39? The hardest part of the season is now behind them. They have only 23 road games left, and two of those are at Yankee Stadium. They have played five of their six against the California powerhouses. Now there’s a nine-game homestand. Time to make hay. So how many games does Cam Talbot get in the next nine?

New York Rangers v Buffalo Sabres9) I mentioned this last time Buffalo was in town. What a mess it has become with that jackwagon owner who allowed that former butt-covering GM to fire Lindy Ruff, who more and more looks like Scotty Freakin’ Bowman as the Sabres tank without him. I feel for Pat LaFontaine and the job he has in front of him.

10) I thought Ryan Callahan played a better game near his hometown. Maybe made two passes where he could have shot the puck. Otherwise, he was pretty solid. So was Stepan.

11) I always wondered, when a clown like Steve Ott is involved in a scrum, why the linesmen all rush to protect him?

12) Watched some of Montreal’s game against the Devils Wednesday. Did you know the Habs are like 10-1-1 against the Lesstropolitan … and you know which team beat handed them that regulation loss? Yep.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Buffalo Sabres
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Brad Richards.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Brad Richards.
3. Mats Zuccarello.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Rick Nash.

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  1. You just knew that despite Richie’s good game he wouldn’t get 2nd or 3rd star here!
    I thought Richie was good, bar the first period when everyone was pretty awful but we got bailed out by our superstar winger, who really is looking like a superstar since he came back.

  2. Rob in Beantown on

    Great review Carp. You are undefeated (with no BCATHGE) in writing the best Rangers post game in the biz!

    Regarding Richards, to say nothing one way or the other about the way he played, everybody who didn’t see it should go back to last night’s _It’s Game Time!_ post and read Norm Merton’s post at 10:02 pm. Hilarious stuff. Hopefully he’ll repost it.

  3. Great review Carp!

    That was a great game by Hank. But he had to be way too good.

    That first goal was beautiful, but they were given a lot of room for that play. Excellent of Nash to blow by the defense and score.

    I didn’t vote for Richie, yes he put that 10′ shot in the right spot, but Brassard had just as good a game and made a great assist.

    Kreider had way more positive effect on the game than both of them.

    Zucc had a great game also, he can make things happen, especially when he is checked lightly.

    The boneheads are the only ones who got the three stars correct.

  4. I thought Zuke looked very elusive, he had a little extra zip in his stride and remembered to shoot!

  5. Carp…with everyone lavishing you with praise about how great your recaps are…are you gonna give us a….”and there’s plenty more where that came from” moment?

  6. Hard to say who looked good last night…..because Buff looks so bad….but our man Beniot did add some penalty minutes points to his Frequent User account including Bonus points for cleaning the box during his time served!

  7. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Norm @10:02p.m.:

    While Richards is among the least of the Rangers on-ice problems, it’s his contract and the colossal risk of keeping him or being stuck with him beyond this season, combined with the laziness of some in seeking a scapegoat for team inconsistency, that draws so many complaints. In his time as a Ranger, just less than the equivalent of two full seasons (cherry picking relevant stats), Richards is a .77 P/G player. He has been either the top scorer or second leading scorer for the Rangers in the previous two seasons and is leading the team in points through the first quarter of this season, making the complaints about his on-ice play frivolous.

  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp! The game wasn’t particularly inspiring one way or another for someone to review. Except the Rangers scored 3 beautiful, well constructed goals involving their better offensive players. And backed up by solid goaltending. That’s how better teams beat lesser opponents even when they aren’t playing their best.

    Richards was very good last night, and he’s been good offensively all year long. But I agree with Tomb, Brassard was better. His play on PP led to Richards’ goal, and he was very dominant in offensive zone with the puck. And when he is sharp like he was last night, his passing is marvelous. This is why it’s so frustrating to watch him sometimes- if he played like that with more consistency, the decision to resign him next year wouldn’t be difficult despite his hefty, $3.9M QO.

    I guess I need to go and read Norm’s comment now.

  9. I really like what they are doing in Edmonton, starting with their “pro-active” G.M. Craig MacTavish. After an embarrassing loss earlier in the week, Mac demoted three players to the minors, made three call-ups, and made two more players a healthy scratch prior to last night’s game, which they won over the Avs, 8-2 – except how the rest of the players impressively responded to 25% of the roster being shaken up is not the point.

    The bottom line here is the fact that they have a G.M. who, 1. has long-term patience, starting with the team nurturing a talented corps of young players who are slowly jelling, but you can’t see that in the standings, just yet. And, 2. while the focus is on building a Stanley Cup contender, the man running the show will jump in and make immediate upgrades, when they are called for, without sacrificing the long-term building program he has in place. Got to like the Oilers guts and vision, and the fact that they don’t stray off course to implement outside the organization “quick fixes.”

  10. Nice write-up Carp…but I don’t agree that BR deserves a star…I do agree he played one of his better games in a long time, but, in my modest view, others played harder and better. Same way his pucks seem to find the net, he earned first star. Nice feeling to have a win…and thought they did beat those bison to the puck more than in past week, in general. Eh…..

  11. Oh, and no argument on n umero uno.
    No puck that Lundquist missed,
    though one I missed.
    Agreed without him
    we scree skied.

  12. Stralman has looked right the last 2 games. If he doesn’t straighten up for the Devils on Saturday, they’ll be no Stralman Sunday this weekend.

  13. Brad Richards is a star against AHL Talent. He has been bad for a while and was called out before the game by AV, Maloney and MSG. Do we only give stars to players who score?

  14. Robby, that management has been in place in Edmonton for a while now. And most if these years they’ve been drafting high, if not the highest, picks. Every year we expect this team to arrive, but instead they keep contending for #1 overall. I wouldn’t give them as much credit as you did.

  15. Edmonton just needs to strengthen their defence and get a decent goalie, they have a good core of young, talented forwards but no defence and no goalie and they need a good checking line because those young forwards need a rest from time to time

  16. Edmonton is exhibit A as to why there’s a risk to bottoming out and collecting high picks. Florida, Columbus and the Isles are exhibits B,C and D. Not saying it can’t be done (Piitsburgh and Chicago) but there’s some luck involved with having the right players around at the right time to draft.

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Can we please begin to win at home now. Tomorrow’s game will tell us more about this team moving forward.

    The Kreider was an absolute beast last night. An absolute beast with 7 seven hits ‘recorded’ and many knockdowns.

  18. Stranger Nation on

    CTB – also shows why you use those picks to get strong in the middle first and not the wings. Yes they definitely got lucky with those guys available, but also went for centers and not forwards. Malkin was the second pick behind Ovechicken; both have turned out to be great players.

    2004 first round selection are not very impressive lead by Montoya and Korpi…

  19. Stranger Nation on

    Ottawa is sinking like a stone, can we pry away one of their bottom 6 like Greening or Smith; those guys are always tough to play against in the second season.

  20. Fat guy with a Dewars hangover on

    The king is dead
    Long live the king

    This were some ugly ash Buffalo unis

  21. As someone pointed out in an earlier post, Staal is just not the same player he was. Although the worse he plays, the more Sam and Joe will “talk him up.” He might be the next defenseman to sit a game.

  22. Fat guy with a Dewars hangover on

    Well eventually have to use The Kreider in a Herschel Walker type of trade

  23. Well done by Norm last night:

    Norm Merton

    Richards Narrative Suffers Setback in Rangers Win

    Brad Richards, former Conn Smythe and Lady Byng winner, was unable to prevent his team from vanquishing the lowly Sabres this evening, his heavy contract putting such brakes on his skating that he managed to drag himself to lucky positions not once but twice in the third period, accidentally scoring a goal and mistakenly adding a helper while opposing players and teammates alike flew by him like so many swooping eagles.

    “Yeah, I got a bit lucky on those plays, you know,” said a heavily perspiring Richards, brushing his teeth in the locker room after the game, as his teammates rolled their eyes in his direction. “On the goal, I was so busy thinking about my contract, I kind of slid into an open position—their D sort of forgot I was there, eh?” Pushed to discuss his clinching pass to Zuccarello-Aasen, he sheepishly replied, “That one—I don’t really know what happened there—I just wanted to get rid of the puck, you know, and hell if there wasn’t a small Norwegian coming along.”

    Richards continues to lead the team somehow in scoring and forward ice time, irritating opponents and fans alike with his irresponsible play. His coach was asked how he justified all that ice team, especially on power plays, where Richards continues to tally points despite never knowing quite what’s going on out there. “AV” smiled quietly, chewed some more gum, thought it over and finally replied, “Hell, I don’t know. Just waiting to buy him out, really. No idea.”
    December 5th, 2013 at 10:02 PM

  24. Amen, Carp. Richards down on the half wall area is a terrific plan. Anywhere else though….scary.

  25. jimG the desertrat on

    A win is a win.The CORE group better start lighting it up at home. THE KRIEDER=Clark Kent.

  26. Weird game in between the home games to fly out against a bad team, so I’m fine with the win, even if they didn’t play their best.

    Richards can’t even get one of the three stars in the poll when he deserves it.

    Brassard needed to play with an elite Richards to score a point, and MZA must be an elite wing since he scored off a Richards pass. :)

  27. Posters do yourselves a favor and read today’s column by Phil Mushnick in the Post.

    A total hammering of Junior Dolan and the entire group of lackeys who work for MSG, which some here might refer to as a “diatribe”!

    I have not seen as clear concise and objective beat down on the Dolan/MSG control freaks since Walt McPeek did so years ago.

    My only complaint would be his using a phrase I coined years ago on various blogs without attribution.

    MSG from the top down, A “Reign of Error”! (;)

    Kudos to Mushnick for telling it like it is!

  28. See the way he walks down the street
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    When he goes walking by, he’s my guy…

    He’s a rebel and he’ll never ever be any good….

  29. Maybe they don’t want Richards down low because of how long it’ll take him to get back from there on a change?

  30. If they don’t like him that way
    They won’t like me after today
    I’ll be standing right by his side when they say

    He’s a rebel and he’ll never ever be ant good…he’s a rebel cause he never ever does what he should…

  31. PS, for those who don’t remember Walt McPeek his “diatribe” was directed at the previous Garden management and used only to compare journalistic efforts!

    It’s a terrible thing to suck forever, 73&1!

  32. Well Bulldog, stayed tuned re the Edmonton situation because they are going to win a Cup before a Sather-era Rangers team even gets to the Finals.

  33. It seems like the entire world knows Robbie just wants to stay in NY. I’d go to Seattle. Seattle is great.

  34. ilb2001 – Re The Edmonton situation, I think RN-H could be the catalyst to this team taking giant strides forward, if it is to come about, no later than by mid-season, 2014-2015.

    Is he a star in the making, is my question? He is already close to elite-status as a playmaker, but will he start to pot big goals, and with consistency? Last night he had just one assist (with 10 seconds remaining in an 8-2 game), and no goals. If and when he steps up as Taylor Hall is doing in the goal-scoring department, look out! And the verdict is still out on Nail, although I am not nearly so optimistic that he will reach elite status, as can RN-H and Hall.

    Yes, after the Rangers I have adopted Edmonton as my second-favorite NHL team, because they embody what would be my philosophy in building a contender, were I in that position. Maybe it is coming together, out there? With a strong young, developing corps, it can happen big, seemingly overnight, understanding that the jury is still out on their new, young coach, as well.

  35. Robby, keep in mind that they had to finish at or near the bottom of the league for several seasons to build that young talent, and they need to supplement it.

    Pittsburgh -was gifted- drafted Crosby and Malkin back-to-back, but then added the additional pieces.

  36. Don’t forget MAF and other other Staal, Gravy. And I guess Whitney counts. Pittsburgh picked 5, 1, 2, 1, 2 2002-2006. And really, that _is_ the most surefire way to build in the NHL, you just have to be willing to go long run.

  37. Chicago went 3, 7, 3, 1, blew it on the first two (Skille, Barker) but still got awesome because of the second two.

  38. Mr.D, re:Seattle, you forgot the bevy of Nordic beauties!

    Gravy, brilliant repartee’, do you work for MSG?

    Don’t be unhappy because a columnist has agreed with my “diatribes”.

    It’s very unbecoming as are your ageist remarks.

  39. Well I would think that Staal’s troubles stem from the fact that he has a permanently damaged eye.

    The problem is, can AV actually get away with sending him to Prucha land?

  40. But Staal, was playing fine earlier in the year, and I don’t think his eye injury is the type that “comes and goes”.

  41. Norm Merton = CUDOS.(the scientist behind the name will understand)
    Brilliantly written (almost JonathanSwiftesque)and perfectly precise by the essence between the lines.
    To learn and envy… Now, – kudos.

  42. Fat guy with a Dewars hangover on

    I think Staal is just too damn proud to admit that he is having trouble seeing around his pirate eye patch

  43. Gravy – Yes, drafting high is directly connected with future success, as we know. However, some organizations forestall the promotion of their younger players so as to coddle the journeymen of the world, as “clubhouse mentors” for long after their marginally-productive time has come and gone.

    Edmonton just added a 20-year old, a 21-year old, and a 23-year old, in their wave of change, this week. And all the promotions came from WITHIN their organization. That is what I am referring to when it comes to their philosophy. How I wish the Rangers would bring in a new, young, vital, assertive G.M. and trash can the old gluepot we have now. Edmonton doesn’t coddle the Dom Moore’s, the Pouliot’s, and the Taylor Pyatt’s of the world, to “Make the playoffs” and raise ticket prices, as their ceiling

    It’s way past time for the Rangers to wake up and close the gap between themselves and the really forward-looking NHL organizations they are trying to compete with, with Neanderthal tools.

  44. leetchhalloffame on

    How much longer do we have to watch the P(uke) brothers, Pyatt & Pouliot? Dead, detrimental weight.

  45. I think a *lot* of us have complained about this before, that the Rangers are just good enough to never get high picks, and they *trade* away their other picks, and try to improve through UFA’s which is IMPOSSIBLE. You have to improve through trades and drafting. So the Rangers need to make an organizational direction change and actually BUILD.

  46. _If Richie was a 2.5 million dollar would he be the recipient of such ire?_

    Of course not. If he were a vet on a one year, $2.5MM deal, I’m sure we could all deal with his points and coasting.

  47. Of course contract and expectations are tied together. And that’s not necessarily the players’ fault. It’s reasonable to expect a player to perform to their career norms (ex. Richards), but it’s not reasonable to expect them to “live up” to their contract (ex. Gomez and Drury).

  48. _Tremendous work by Jay Z! Making all three parties (Jay Z, Cano and Yanks) to the deal unhappy._

    I’m pretty sure Jay-Z finding the highest non-Rodriguez contract ever signed is going to make him happy, not unhappy.

  49. The real issue with Richards, beyond the contract which I don’t begrudge, is what happened last year. His first season he just sort of underperformed a huge deal that a lot of us didn’t like to start with. Last year he basically tanked. That sticks to a guy, as it should.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Richards’ contract is on Sather

    Richards’ laziness, fear of contact and defensive indifference is on Richards

  51. Rangers have bigger issues than Brad Richards. The way this team is constructed there not going far in the playoffs and that is “IF” they make the playoffs. The rangers don’t have much going on in the farm system and the few core players from the last 5 or years are not really worth getting big bucks and long contracts. There will be big changes after this season and since Sather will be the one making the changes the future isn’t looking so good.

  52. It’s difficult to continually churn out prospects when you finish in the middle and near the top on occasion. I think it’s actually fortunate that they have The Kreider, Miller, Kristo, Lindberg, etc., considering they haven’t had many top 10 picks lately.

  53. Gravy I agree, I’m just looking at the facts. Those players maybe except Miller are all undersize and soft which the rangers don’t need.

  54. Yes my friend ageist comments are not only demeaning to the writer but obviously off topic which is the your allusions as a wordsmith.

    Robby & Manny excellent comments, reality driven and on target.

    Norm, did you mean “Cujos”?

    Finally as an old NFL coach told me years ago re: Cano story, “these guys will cross the street for a $20 bill”. I believe the Yanks would have eventually gone to 8&200mm.but that extra 40mm. is “tempting” as will be the 3% commission!. He will find a much different culture in Seattle so we wish him well.

    Which is why the NFL owners have been so much smarter by in most cases only guaranteeing the first year and any bonuses.

  55. can’t compare the NFL with major league baseball. Completely two different salary structures. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

  56. So, calling people mental midgets, kindergartners, and countless other names, is OK?

    Manny referred to you as the blog goon. Maybe you’re more of the blog Kaleta? Dish it out, but don’t want to take it!

  57. Let’s see. Seattle gets Cano, but the Phillies are right there in the blockbuster deal department, having just signed a minor league pitcher who was 0-5 with a 7-run ERA, last year. Sather and Rueben Amaro, Jr. could switch jobs and no on would even notice. lol.

  58. Gravy, re: your draft comments, yes that’s what happens when you are average.

    Which of course leads to my “diatribes”.

    You have to be smarter and work harder to find those gems that exist in every draft.

    Do you see that here? And as for the players you named only Krieder fits the description of the type players needed here.

    What exactly is Miller’s position and strength, and if the others had the needed scoring ability and were not more of the smurf brigade they would be up here now!

  59. Comn, back to serious talk. I never said I didn’t agree with you regarding Sather and/or Dolan. Unfortunately, like Stealers Wheel, we’re stuck in the middle.

    So, the only comfort, respite, etc. we have is to see how we can improve in the confines of things that may actually change.

  60. Oh that’s not fair, Robby. This front office does some stuff well. Amaro is just a disaster who happened to inherit a nice roster.

  61. Carp,so in the bigger picture you see the annual absurd contracts as both good for the game and most of all the customer? who will eventually pay the price for tickets, TV packages etc.?

    Pro sports may be the next asset bubble!

    Gravy, you protest too much, any criticism I’ve levied in your direction I assure you has been mild.

    Now apologize for those ageist comments and I’ll forgive your transgressions! (;)

  62. Because the owners are “forced” to pay those contracts? C’mon. Arguing for lower contracts is merely arguing for the billionaires to get an even bigger share of a massive pool

  63. Comnsnse, your missing the big picture here. What gravy is trying to say is we all know as ranger fans that Dolan is a piece of garbage and has ruined the rangers and knicks. There is nothing us fans can do about it. The only thing us fans can do is not go to games or follow the team but we choose not to. This is America, land of the free. Ranger fans are diehard fans. We put up with it and hope things will change for the better but by you posting on here the same nonsense over and over again is extremely annoying. That’s what you don’t understand and hopefully one day you will understand.

  64. I agree with you Gravy on the tying a player’s contract to the player performance. It’s unavoidable in this day and age. It’s why they put the option of Buyouts in the new *CBA*.

    Well said about finishing middle of the pack.

  65. Mr.D, the free market and capitalism are indeed important to building any society.

    But without some regulation and consideration for the masses you sow the seeds of revolution.

    When the economic “foot” of those billionaires becomes too oppressive is when history has shown revolution begins!

  66. Gilroy is a *great* example of a player that was once *tied* to his contract and the *expense* of it and was thus waived. Now I guess it’s more *performance* based.

  67. _But without some regulation and consideration for the masses you sow the seeds of revolution._

    The “masses” in this case are the players, not the fans. Ticket prices don’t go down, tickets keep selling.

  68. Stranger Nation on

    Somewhere in the unknown corridors of the internet Fran is waiting for Gils to be picked up by the NYR and day dreaming of tape to tape passes

  69. Carp, moi? You know very well the context of whatever I say.

    And please no straight lines! (;)

    I’m off to lunch with a group of fellow “philosophers”.

  70. I don’t know the context, but you suggested that I am in favor of big contract somehow. And unless my name is on one — and it surely isn’t — then why would I be in favor?

  71. I guess People can *laugh* all they want but, *Gilroy* being on waivers, an alleged puck moving Defenseman that has struggled, hurts the *market* for Del Zotto.

  72. second period’s tough at a night game, eric. got my head down writing. Could say hello, but can’t stop and chat. First would be much better. In a new location now, so I’ll have to come out of the press area and find you on the bridge.

  73. So my school’s PG has a stress fracture in his foot, Cano left the Yankees and the US got a brutal World Cup draw. Looks like the Rangers are safe in the trifecta.

  74. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Manny, good point. Is there much difference, at this point, between Gilroy and MDZ?

    Come to think of it, another great pick!!!

    Bring in Gilroy!! Extend Gilroy!! Get 2 Gilroys!!!

  75. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Gilroy is the PERFECT Sather defenseman. 6’1″. 190. Plays soft. Has never had a fight. Can’t clear the crease. Allows opponents to grow moss in the crease!!Can’t find the net from the point. Can rush the puck up and not finish. Has average speed.

    He’s our man!!


  76. LOL. Perfect, Matty. He sounds great. Maybe we can try to convert him [back] to a defensive Forward!

  77. Carp: Do you have any idea why *Haley* isn’t being up here to play the 4th line? At least until *Asham* is healthy. Really could use either one.

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  79. Stranger Nation on

    Better new 4th Line

    Gilly/Bickel/El Zotto

    Bickel great on faceoffs and El Zotto wants to play winger

  80. It’s kind of surprising. Is it an *injury* thing or is he just that *hard* to coach? Because he sure seems to be a better offensive player than some of the *guys* they have right now.

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  82. I don’t know what’s the deal with him. But Torts benched him in the playoffs last year, and AV doesn’t seem interested in having him around, plus he was waived over the summer. So 1+1+1 …

  83. *NO MORE MASH*

    @NYRangers 28s

    BREAKING NEWS: #NYR have acquired Kyle Beach from Chicago in exchange for Brandon Mashinter. Details to follow.

  84. Beach is a power forward that plays a tough, physical game accompanied by offensive skill. His aggressive play led to multiple concussions and a sports hernia while playing for the Everett Silvertips.[1] After being named the 2006–07 WHL Rookie of the Year, Beach was projected to be a top 5 pick in the 2008 Entry Draft. *However, his on-ice reputation and discipline issues made teams hesitant to draft him.* [2] Beach was called up by the Blackhawks on April 27, 2010.[3]





    2005-06: Kyle Beach made a brief appearance with the Silvertips towards the end of the season. Playing in just four games, Beach had three points (two goals, one assist). Beach made an impact in the post-season though. In nine games, Beach totaled four points (one goal, three assists) and 31 PIM.

    2006-07: Playing in his first full season with the Silvertips, Beach made his presence known. He was third on the Silvertips in points with 61, third in goals with 29, fourth in assists, and first in both +/- (+27) and PIM (196). He was a force on the power play, scoring 18 of his 29 goals on the man advantage. He finished in the top five in the WHL in PIM, and led all rookies in that field. He was the seventh leading scorer amongst WHL rookies. Beach once again was a force in the post-season, leading all rookies in points with 11 (five goals, six assists). Beach’s stellar rookie year was rewarded with the Jim Piggott, annually given to the WHL Rookie of the Year.

    2007-08: Having the tough task of following up a Rookie of the Year season, Kyle Beach did not miss a beat. He tallied 29 goals and 32 assists in 65 games along with 196 penalty minutes. He picked up 11 points in 11 playoff games last season, second on the Everett Silvertips to Peter Mueller (PHO). While his 61 points did not improve on last season’s totals, scoring for the Everett team as a whole was off this season and Beach’s emphasis on tough, physical play never waivered. Beach also played in the CHL Top Prospect Game.

    2008-09: Beach appeared in 30 games with the Everett Silvertips and recorded 9 goals, 21 assists for 30 points before being traded to the Lethbridge Hurricanes. The winger appeared in 24 games with Lethbridge and scored 15 goals, 18 assists for 33 points. He was held to 1 goal, 1 assist in 10 playoff games. Beach accumulated 165 PIMs over the course of his 54-game season.

    2009-10: Traded to the Spokane Chiefs prior to the start of the season, Beach finished his final junior season with a league-leading 52 goals to go along with 34 assists and 86 points in 68 games. He also earned 186 PIMs during the regular season. In 7 playoff games with Spokane, Beach scored 7 goals, 2 assists for 9 points. He was named a First Team All-Star by the WHL. The winger was scoreless in 4 regular season games in the AHL with the Rockford IceHogs but led the team with 3 goals in 4 AHL playoff games.

    2010-11: Beach scored 36 points in 71 games as a rookie, finishing second among the team’s first year players with 16 goals. He also earned 163 PIMs, including 11 fights, and a minus-24 rating, the worst mark on the team.

    2011-12: Beach was limited to 19 games with AHL Rockford after suffering a shoulder injury in October that kept him out for 57 games. . Beach skated in the last 11 games of the season for Rockford; displaying both the scoring ability and pesky intensity of his rookie AHL season, when he had the second-most penalty minutes on the team. Beach scored 5 goals with 5 assists and was a much-improved even plus/minus with 30 penalty minutes.

    2012-13: Beach bounced back from his shoulder injury the previous season and provided toughness and secondary scoring for Chicago’s AHL affiliate Rockford. Beach led the IceHogs with 204 penalty minutes and was sixth on the team with 16 goals; finishing +1 with 10 assists in 66 games. Rockford finished third in the Midwest Division, two points behind Milwaukee for the final Western Conference playoff spot. Beach was re-signed by Chicago to a one-year contract as a restricted free agent in July 2013.

    *Talent Analysis*

    Beach has good size and can use it, but he is not overly-aggressive in the physical game. The winger makes more of an impact by getting under the skin of opponents rather than running them through the glass. His heavy shot, nose for the net, and sound offensive instincts make him a good goal-scorer, particularly on the power play. He tends to trail the play more often than impose his well on the ice, but playing a more assertive game could help make the next step to the NHL.


    Beach had trouble standing out in Rockford during the 2012-13 season, and is likely slated for the bottom-six with the IceHogs to open the season. While he has been passed up by other prospects in the system, the Blackhawks have signed him for the 2013-14 season and he will have a chance to earn another deal in Rockford.

  86. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wow, groups D and G look rough…G is def group of death!

    At least France got a good draw in E.

  87. Breaking News Report was in error and should have read……..

    “Glen Sather has acquired a second West Coast Beach Front Property, courtesy of James Dolan, Cablevision, the New York Rangers and their loyal fans.”

  88. Stranger Nation on

    Do we have the concussion specialists to now trade for players at risk.

    The Wizard strikes again


  89. bottom 6 on something called the Ice Hogs

    not overly aggressive, and trails the play but “gets under the skin of opponents”

    missed 57 games with a shoulder injury at age 21

    “multiple” concussions and a sports hernia in juniors

    sounds like the total package

  90. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    My question is this…is this a subtle move before another move?

    Is this a move to give htfd some toughness to replace a current player (other than mash) coming up or part of another trade?

    Do they think he can score in htfd? Is sioux’s boy getting called up?

  91. Another reach by Darth Sather. If I remember correctly that’s how he got Brandon Mashinter. This is another trade that won’t have any impacted on the big club.

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