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By Rick Carpiniello

GREENBURGH — Funny, but just a few days earlier people were wondering what, exactly, the Rangers felt about their franchise player, Henrik Lundqvist, when his backup, Cam Talbot, played two games in a row.

Turns out the Rangers feel just the way they always have — that he is their best player and a Ranger for life.

That became official Wednesday when Lundqvist, 31, signed a seven-year, $59.5 million contract extension that kicks in with an $8 million signing bonus and takes him through 2020-21.

Lundqvist said when he first sat down with his family and his agent, Don Meehan, that “there’s two things that became very clear to me: No. 1 was I really want to win a Cup here in New York. It’s my biggest goal, my biggest dream. It really pushes me right now to work harder. Secondly, I want to be a Ranger for life.

“To picture myself anywhere else, it’s just wrong. … from the heart, it was never an option to leave this club.

“It was simple for me to see what needed to happen and what I wanted to happen.”

Lundqvist didn’t necessarily take a discount, but he probably could have squeezed the maximum number of years (eight) and possibly more money . Rangers president/GM Glen Sather said Lundqvist could have gotten more with another team.

His contract includes a full no-move clause, which means he can’t be traded or assigned to the minors. The salary cap is almost certainly going up, and Lundqvist’s cap hit beginning next season will be $8.5 million per, highest in the league for a goalie, and highest on the team.

“He’s proven (he’s a great goaltender) at every level … the Olympics, World Championships, and with us we have one goal left to do, and that’s to win the Stanley Cup,” Sather said. “That’s his goal, that’s what he wants to do, and that’s our goal.

“He’s a great guy, he’s great in the community, he’s great in the magazines, he’s great in the commercials,” he jokingly said.

Sather then turned to Lundqvist and said, “It’s up to you, Henry. Now just carry us on your shoulders.”

Garden executive chairman James Dolan, whose Garden of Dreams charity is fronted by Lundqvist, said, “He is everything you would want on and off the ice. He’s a leader, a tireless worker. His focus on his game is unparalleled. As a team owner he is a model of what you want in a player.”

That player has had a difficult season so far — 8-11, 2.51 goals-against average, .917 save percentage. But he said his performance had nothing to do with the contract negotiations.

“During the summer I probably thought about it every day,” he said. “Going into training camp it was definitely there. I wanted to get it done. But then, when it didn’t happen, a couple of days it was on my mind but then I let it go, so it hasn’t been a factor for me the last month or so.

“I put it behind me and worked on my game . You always want to find reasons why you’re not on top of your game. I’m not going to bring this into that. I managed to put it on the side.”

Sather now has to deal with a bunch of his free agents-to-be, including Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi.

Callahan, the team captain, knew one thing as the team headed to Buffalo Wednesday.

“(Lundqvist’s) paying for dinner, that’s for sure,” he said.

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  1. Damn right he’s paying Cally! Filet Mignon and Lobster all around!

    Glad to have him, and almost as glad to have a great back-up who might turn out to be a very tradeable asset in a year or two. Now get Cally signed up Slats!

  2. Maybe with this contract out of the way, Hank will get going. Though he hasn’t been awful, just a few softies here and there. The team needs to give him some help. Far cry from the beginning of the season, but still, just not getting the wins.

    This game tonight is one of those games. No excuses. Baby Buffaloes suck, end of story. Win…

  3. Andrew Gross tweeted that Pie-hat is on the 3rd line in practice suggesting Pullout is going to be a scratch.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice story, Carp!

    Funny how a couple of days ago Larry Brooks wrote that there was not much going on in terms of Hank’s contract. He mentioned that it wasn’t Hank who was not willing to sign, it was Sather who wouldn’t sit down to negotiate. Something like that. Goes to show how much secrecy is involved when it comes to Sather’s style.

  5. AV said he wasn’t sure what he was going to do on D, but that it could be different than last game, which means Moore in for somebody.

  6. Stranger Nation on

    _Rangers president/GM Glen Sather said Lundqvist could have gotten more with another team._
    Uh…okay. The Wizard speaks…

  7. I dot. Understand why everyone here disparages POULET McNugget.

    He comes in here and does exactly what he’s done for every other teams he’s played for …

    Sure what he brings to the table isn’t bacon, but at least he doesn’t bring it on a consistent basis.

    The man is true to his skill.

  8. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Sather was probably hoping to get a discount, the way Hank has been playing. Although HE said it was (“other teams would have paid more”) it was a ‘fair’ deal.

    Sather is probably hoping to negotiate a discount with Cally and Girardi, too. They both have not had good years, either. I love Cally, but his uneven play makes me wonder if he in’t hurt, YET again (what happens when you draft small guys and they play big guys, no matter how big their heart is. I know it’s hard for some to believe). Wonder if Cally at 50%, long term, is still the captain, although I don’t see anyone else grabbing for it.

  9. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    True quotes from Carp’s article.

    Sather: “Our goal is to win the Stanley Cup. Hank go out there and carry us on your back.”

    (OMG, Sather, even if that’s all you got… you complete, utter moron, don’t disclose your only strategy to the rest of the world….)

  10. Callahan’s cap hit is $4.275, but he is making $4.825M this year. I think he’ll get a deal similar to Dustin Brown’s- just under $6M for 8 years.

  11. Fat guy still eating leftovers on

    For those of us old enough to still clearly remember Jagr’s early years in Pittsburgh, isn’t it amazing that this guy is still playing at his level? Seeing him on the ice keeps me young….he is the last link I can think of to what seems like an ancient NHL era

  12. Fat guy still eating leftovers on

    And I JUST started on a still-boxed and refridgerated pumpkin pie last night

  13. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Cally, arguably, is heart and soul of this franchise. Lose him, you are changing your team dramatically.

    That said, $6M for a guy that has a great chance to break down in 8 years, is a tough one.

    However, when you wait this long, you back yourself into a corner as a GM and you either sign him (Brooks alluded to the fact that Sather wanted 6 years from the start, but had to buckle because of the pressures of the season moving along) or go to FA, which given the crazy David Clarkson deal at FA, sure seems stupid.

    The dumbest move of all is to lose Girardi or Callahan for nothing.

  14. Fat guy still eating leftovers on

    Pat lafontaine, ed hospodar and James Patrick to play with and against themselves tonight in the rangers-Sabres joint alumni game

    No, not that kind of joint

    Was pretty cool seeing highlights of the Wings real alumni scrimmage. They have now been good again for an impressively long time…Yankee-esque really

  15. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Good point, Fat Guy.

    About eating the leftovers, I mean. Yea, they’re still good after a week, aren’t they????????

  16. Fat guy still eating leftovers on

    I don’t want to lose girardi for nothing

    But I’m starting to think that no girardi > girardi

  17. ilb – i’m going $5.5m for 6/7yrs on Cally and I think Girardi will be somewhere in the $4-4.5m range and for 5 years. Just guessing though.

    I wouldn’t want to go past 35 yrs old for either of these 2 given their playing styles and wear and tear on their bodies.

  18. I think Dave Maloney could play for the Baby Buffaloes or NYR alum, too.

    Agree that 8 years would be risky business with Callahan. But they might have to do it.

  19. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Girardi is a 1st pair d-man on the NYR. Not too many other teams.

  20. Stranger Nation on

    Cally playing with Richards as his pivot and Zucchini on the other wing is not endearing him to home town discount.

  21. Tonight looks like “Worst Attraction Night” on the local winter sports schedule. When suffering the horrors of the Rangers-Sabres spectacle becomes too daunting, you can switch over to the Knicks-Nets extravaganza – to experience the joy of watching two teams with a combined 8-26 record going toe to toe in the best bantamweight fashion.

    Major lesson to be learned from the trading philosophy of the Nets, for all GM’s everywhere. That is, trading futures for past-glory skeletons puts you into a hole the size of a crater. Guess the bloom is off the rose for Brooklyn basketball for at least five years, right Mr. King? I nominate Billy King as the worst GM in all of professional sports. What Billy King has done to the Nets is nothing short of lunatic asylum sabotage, but of course, he can’t be fired, he has a contract. lol.

  22. Callahan is a *necessity*. The guy is the heart & soul of the team as well as the Capt. You need him to define how your forwards are going to play. He should probably get a Dustin Brown type 8 Year, $5.5M deal.

    The Rangers might be able to cut down on the years by bringing up his eternal injuries but Callahan, unlike Brown, will probably have an agent involved in his negotiations so that won’t help the Rangers at all.

    But as we were saying about Hank: if the raise is basically *1* Pyatt or *1* Pouliot, how do you not just do it?

  23. What’s your worry, MisterD? His cap hit of $6M in 2020-2022 when the cap could be over a $100M, or we will be enjoying another lockout?

  24. Stranger Nation on

    Brown, not using an agent, gets to keep all his loot save for Uncle Sam’s take. Would he have gotten more than 15% of current deal with an agent?

    Plus side; *Capt of Stanley Cup winner* with 20 pts in 20 games in Cup run with 8 goals and a staggering +16
    Minus side: Has only scored over 25 goals in reg season twice (33, 28)

    Absolutely love this guy and his game. Plays hard as anyone in league and has *stayed healthy*

  25. I recall a disastrous loss in Buffalo last year, and I dare say that anything but two points tonight would eclipse it, considering the team’s position.

  26. This game should be billed as “The King vs The guy you could have signed for almost the same money as a UFA in the summer”

  27. From the *previous* thread…don’t see that many people *hate* Dorsett. I think he took some bad penalties early in the season, but he’s an *effective* 4th line player.

    I don’t hate *Brassard*, I just don’t get the excessive *love* for him. He was really good after they acquired him *last* year, but his *whole* career has been *inconsistent* spurts of offense. I think that if he’s the 2nd line C *next* year, they are going to continue having *problems* scoring.

    It’s just *strange* to me that some people who *defend* Brassard to the end, get on Boyle *every* chance they get. Boyle makes *half* what Brassard does and makes contributions, even when he’s *not* scoring (fighting *not* among them).

  28. Where do I fit, Gravy? I defend/project Brassard to no end but Boyle is my favorite current Ranger.

  29. MD, you are an anomaly, to the nth degree, your advice is free, I’m posting like E3.


  30. You’re a *freak* The Doctor. You *love* Brassard like he’s your *son* and you need to *protect* him from all the mean *bullies* .

    The concern with *Brassard* is the money he’s going to *have* to get and the *responsibility* that must be *laid* upon his French Canadian shoulders.

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  32. I ran a regression test and found out that no other player in the entire league would have scored 5 goals if attached to Pooliot the entire season to date. Brassard is the best, everyone else is the worst.

  33. Stanley Cup Finals, 2014, preview tonight, when San Jose visits Pittsburgh. The Sharks are the NHL’s best team, to date, projected on my slate to earn 122 regular season points before hoisting The Cup in June.

  34. Mister D – I don’t know if Philly will have the cap space for a big contract like that? I could see him in Toronto or Colorado and they seem to have the space and a vacancy too.

  35. (But really, Derick Brassard, former 3rd round pick making $2.5MM this season and everyone would looooooove him. He has lapses, but he’s a pretty cool passer and actually hits a little. There’s something magic about the $3MM per year threshold where the standards really change.)

  36. There is this band called *S.T.R.E.E.T.S.* and their name stands for “Skateboarding Totally Rules Everything Else Totally Sucks”

  37. Of course they do, UK, as soon as they dump off a few of their young and promising forwards for lesser talent in return. Its the Flyers way.

  38. MD, *funny* that you mention $3M because I was going to include that *amount as* sort of this simplistic mental *dollar* threshold that a lot of us apply to *players*.

    So, in other words, *vibin’*.

  39. Za'rat "The Other Guy's Greed" Jones on

    Am I the only one who thinks $8.5 for the next 7 years for any 31 year old is too much?

  40. I finally figured out who’s that guy posting under the name “Comnsens” or whatever:

    @NYP_Brooksie 4Column: “King Me,” Lundqvist says to Rangers, who finally yield to *common sense* and comply.

  41. LOL. Good ol Holmgren, how is he still in a job?!
    Miller will find himself in front of equally poor defense and a lot more hostile crowd – he’ll be earning his $8m for sure!

  42. And he will lose his mind over it, UK. He’s a smart dude who cannot keep his mouth shut. It’ll be a less insane, more angry Bryz situation.

  43. Sather’s comments are so banal and inane but standard issue for this loser since he defines all spending as justified including his own ridiculous contract.

    No problem when you are spending OPM, no problem when your Boss thinks the sun rises and sets on your continued descent into hockey obscurity.

    And when said Boss describes his two franchises and their execs he hired as “having done everything right”.

    And when no one in the Fifth Estate has the stones to ask him about the record of under achievement publically.

    Then what you have is a fan base who still believes in a benign and functional entity, when every fact indicates the opposite!

  44. Ryan Miller can go NUTS about the Phlyers having the highest paid Defense in the game. That will be fun.

  45. Gravy – I don’t hate on Boyle. I’ve praised his play several times this year in fact. Last year I was a tad critical, and justifiably so. Not sure what you’re getting at…

  46. Manny, were there a kindergarten of blog posters you would occupy the seat directly in front of the teacher!

    With a personal eraser to clean the blackboard when Teach looks your way! lol

  47. E3, *some* does not mean *you*. Everything you said there was *true*. Boyle was not *good* for a stretch last year and was *benched* as a result.

    That said, I can *live* with less effective play if a player *contributes* something else, or doesn’t make as *much* money. And, I don’t see what *Brassard* contributes if he’s not *creating* goals (ex. 46% on faceoffs).

  48. Za’Rat, I concur but isn’t the bigger picture that his 14 years and over 100mm. have produced zero hardware to date and with future cap issues, lack of organizational depth(talent) and the inept GM and Owner for life in charge.

    What odds do you give this operation will produce and annual contender and win a Cup or two?

  49. Comn, how about instead of long diatribes about how bad of a GM Sather is (ground breaking stuff there), and insulting other posters, you let us know what you would do to improve the team with your infinite wisdom?

    Although, that’s akin to asking Sather to make a good draft pick!!

  50. I take it more as “Brassard could be *creating* goals if not for his *incompetent* linemate for most of the season”. Take any player on the team and remove his best skill and he’s going to suffer. If Brassard’s 1A goal is to creating scoring, which it is, and his top skill is passing, which it is, how does pairing him with Pooliot and Dorsett help anyone? Would be like telling Dorsett he can’t antagonize or Boyle he can’t play defense or Henrik he can’t do his hair on Talbot days or something. Insanity.

  51. Looks like I forgot *halfway* through that post that I was doing the *bold* thing.

    Shorter: Brassard isn’t scoring becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when you pair him with garbage hands.

  52. MD, I get that *argument*, but it’s not like there’s a *plethora* of finishers for him to play with.

  53. _MD, I get that argument, but it’s not like there’s a plethora of finishers for him to play with._

    Eventually, I’d love to see him with someone who has a zippy little shot (or the desire to shoot) with Miller just camped in front of the net. That feels like a really cool 3rd line to me.

  54. Taxes are always a monetary consideration for agents who have UFAs in, or coming to NYC, but that reality is never publicly discussed.

  55. They are, coos, but less for hockey than others. Isn’t the professional sports rule that you pay tax based on where the games are? So you could only have 41 days of NY tax if you live elsewhere.

    (Of course, it seems like the Rangers like living in Manhattan, versus “not in Manhattan” like most other sports. Which is cool.)

  56. Stranger Nation on

    Is Brassard second on the team in PPG? Produces when placed with other skilled players.
    First in PPG among NYR centers, but last in PP TOI among that group…hmmm

  57. (I guess less than baseball, equal to basketball, football doesn’t count since its NJ. I always hear it as a baseball argument where its 81 vs the rest of the year.)

  58. He produces more when he’s with skilled players. And the other team has one less player on the ice.

  59. I’m glad the King is locked down as a Ranger, but Sather’s job is to build around him so Hank doesn’t have to try to win a Cup by himself. Ya can’t expect him to give up 1 or 2 goals every night forever and win anything.

  60. Sather slyly intimates that Henrik pockets a small ton from various other venues due to his NYC and Ranger connections.

  61. I’m all for replacing Richards with Brassard, but Richards has still outperformed him (even if half his goals have banked off of something).

  62. _He produces more when he’s with skilled players. And the other team has one less player on the ice._

    And with equally skilled players 5-on-5 in the rare times that’s allowed.

  63. Gravy – pardon my paranoia. Referencing my post from last night re: Brass and Dorsett (the last post from last night) and slipping in some e3 Poe a tree, along with my boyeeeeeeeeeeee – and you can see how my cockles and cackles were raised….


  64. _I’m all for replacing Richards with Brassard, but Richards has still outperformed him (even if half his goals have banked off of something)._

    But thats using points which is an apples versus apples-that-totally-suck comparison.

    (Honeycrisps. Honeycrisps are so insanely overrated.)

  65. It was your post from last night so pardon me for creating the paranoia that you’re pardoning.

    Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, my brutha.

  66. Richie and Brass have been disappointments, but Brass not so much, and Brass still has jam and upside.

  67. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Committing 8 years to Callahan for his age 30-37 seasons? Thank the heavens that ilb2001 isn’t running the Rangers.

  68. If they can sign Brass for $4M, and he can put up 60 points like Rocket, just tell me where to sign.

  69. Here are their assists …

    Richards: Callahan (5), Hags (2), Kreider (2), Nash, Zucc, Moore

    Brassard: Richards (2!), Callahan (2), MDZ, McDonagh, Moore

    So its Richards +5, with far better linemates (Callahan, Hagelin, Stepan) and over a half hour more PP time. Brassard’s top 3 forwards on ice are Poo, Dorsett and Boyle. You can’t force those guys to score for you.

  70. I think cmnsnse is tiki and I think cooscoos is boomer esiason.

    Other than pat verbeek who has ever cited taxes for a reason not to come to NY and get overpaid by he rangers. (Or go to the Dallas stars)

    For that matter why would anyone play in canada? I don’t care how much you love the beaver tails.

    These guys making 5-6 million a year or more bellyaching about taxes. Phil Michelson making 76 million a year and bellyaching about taxes.

    I wish I had their problems.

  71. Carp, you made a great comparison in the chat the other day:

    Brassard = Slightly better Christensen

    His talent is definitely evident. I’m not impressed with the lack of consistency.

  72. “I would love to have his ranger team clicking”

    Vintage esiason.

    Back to work now boys,

    The king pitches a shut out tonight.

  73. Brass and Nash know and can anticipate each others’ moves and tendencies. Play them together.

  74. *Could* be producing goals if not for his linemates is a big *if* for me. Either create or don’t.

  75. And just so you guys know I’m not burying Brassard, I suggested playing him with Nash when he came back from the concussion.

  76. True Manny. Not having the opportunities can be a product of not having the right linemates, but I can’t think of many can’t miss chances that he created.

  77. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _ilb would have this Rangers team clicking_

    12 roster players with a total cap hit of $80 all signed for max term deals with no-move clauses, his team wouldn’t have enough cap space or maneuverability to construct a 20 (with 0 scratches) man roster.

  78. Right. I can, however, think of many *blind* passes to *open* ice that he has thrown *behind* him in hopes of being able to *glide* into the zone without *taking* a hit

  79. We could sign *Boyle* at 8 years, $8M dollars overall ($1M/Year) and thus *save* a lot of cap space yet still give out a *max* term deal.

  80. _Could be producing goals if not for his linemates is a big if for me. Either create or don’t._

    C’mon, Manny. By that logic every NHL wing is the same potential 25 goal scorer just waiting for his center to CREATE. Its symbiosis, son. You can be better with better wings, crappier with crappy wings, but your true level is playing with equals. I can’t imagine anyone would argue Brassard has been playing with equals.

  81. I would go out and buy a Boyle jersey (sweater) tomorrow if we signed him for 8Y/$8MM. No joke.

  82. Talk about giving up….

    @BuffaloSabres NEWS ALERT: The #Sabres announce the team will loan forward Mikhail Grigorenko to the Russian men’s national junior ice hockey team.

  83. Actually, I did the numbers last night. Deliberately gave some players more than they might get, including Brassard $4.5M, Callahan $6M etc. I have them at $58.2M with 18 players signed and the need to replace #6/7 D-man, D.Moore, Pyatt, Pouliot. That leaves around $10M to do it.

    But keep trolling and talking about things you have very little knowledge and understanding about, Kenneth.

  84. I get your *point* , The Doctor, and it’s true, Not every *NHL* player can net *25* but I mean, these are PROFESSIONAL Hockey Players. Given *space* and *time* they should be able to put a *puck* on net 99% of the time. If the *Center* is creating opportunities in a *Fluid* motion and the Forward lines are clicking (which dose include the Wingers doing their job) the line will produce no matter who is on it (almost).

    But your point is a *good* one in that it will make a difference for *overall* production. *But* you would think *Brassard* could create *something*

  85. I’m not defending Brassard, but he’s a set up man – without a finisher. He has made some excellent passes since he’s been here. But if you saddle him with PullOUT, Pyatt, or Boyle as a wingman – what chance do you really have to get a *GOAL*?

    Richards & Step are clearly the top 2. Brassard needs a *KRISTO* on his line, and maybe he will get one for Christmas, but until then this team is a .500 team, and the 3rd line is ……

  86. Stranger Nation on

    Agree it has been disappointing to have Richards get only top 6 minutes at center and have Brassard get bottom 6 yet be held accountable for top 6 production.

    Last season when Brassard was given top 6 minutes he had 23 pts in 25 games including POs
    This season when given bottom 6 minutes he has 12 pts in 28 games with line-mates Pullout, Pyatt and Dorsett.

    Interestingly, when AV really wanted to win a game (Van), he put Brassard at center and moved Bucky to wing.

    The next game after the cross ice blunder moved him off when score 2-2 to put Bucky at center…final score 5-2 bad guys.

  87. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    ilb2001, should the Rangers, a middling team, trade Boyle at the deadline so they don’t risk losing him for nothing? Is paying a 4th line C more than $2 million an efficient use of resources?

  88. Stranger Nation on

    _my hairdresser said…_

    No need to know more…not that there is anything wrong with that

  89. My Makeup artist feels that Hagelin’s semi-prettiness is wasted anywhere but on the first line.

  90. I don’t think we are in any trouble with the cap to be honest. As long as we lose Richie in the summer and sign a top 6 scorer, retain Boyle, Stralman, 2 x Moore, Zuke and Brass. We can let Pyatt and Pouliot walk (or try and get something for them both before the trade deadline). Will be interesting to see what contract Kreider gets – i’m assuming bridge deal of $2-2.5m for a couple of yrs

  91. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Breaking news: ilb2001, the new GM of the Rangers, re-signs every middling player the Rangers have, uses the Rangers only remaining amnesty buyout on Richards, and makes no attempt to upgrade the roster via FA or trade.

  92. Don’t you *guys* think that *betting* $4m+ in cap space that *Brassard* can create enough *if* he’s paired with a finisher is a very *risky* bet. It’s like having *Richards* back all over again.

  93. Thought for a while that Kenneth might be Tiki, but Tiki would never say those terrible things about ilb. :)

  94. Easy, *What’s* the *Frequency Kenneth* . *Ilb* is the *Blog Capt.* of this, the *worst* blog on the internets. I wouldn’t *mess* with him.

  95. I had Kreider with $2.3M bridge contract, UK. Richards bought out, of course. Cap is not an issue. Even next season, let alone seasons after.

  96. Kreider-Stepan-Nash,
    Boyle-D. Moore-Dorsett

    This is a step in the right direction, but…..
    Brassard has 5 goals
    Hagelin has 5 goals
    Pyatt has * 0 * goals….. you can’t tell me putting *Kristo* on this line would hurt the team. When Pyatt has 0 goals & 1 assist in *18 games*.

    Nice to see PullOUT *OUT*, but if we want more goals on the 3rd line, and get Brassard going, *KRISTO* should get 5 games with the boys.

    Never know he could give this team a boost, just like Hagelin did when he was brought up.

  97. @PLeonardNYDN Vigneault says John Moore is in, Derek Dorsett is hurt and out, says a defenseman is banged up and coming out of lineup, doesn’t specify

  98. Back later. Gots an appointment with my attorney, Bernie

    ‘He’s got very big connections
    And I follow his directions
    Bernie knows his way around
    And so I always do what Bernie recommends

    I am blessed
    With my attorney Bernie
    I’m impressed
    With the way he runs the store

    He’s got Yankee season boxes
    And an office full of foxes
    It’s amazing all the different things
    Your average guy might need a lawyer for

    Bernie tells me what to do
    Bernie lays it on the line
    Bernie says, we sue, we sue
    Bernie says, we sign, we sign!’

  99. @NYRangersZone John Moore in, unspecified defenseman “banged up” & will sit out tonight per AV. Dorsett hurt and will not play tonight #NYR

  100. It’s risky business with Brassard. He’s getting $3.2M, playing bottom 6 minutes. He’s young, and might need to be signed for 2 more years, he will be needed to replace Richards next year…..unless the Rangers feel Miller and/or Lindberg can fill the roll for a whole lot less money.

  101. Dorsett out so PULLOUT is in. Just when there was light at the end of the tunnel… caves.

  102. @JoshRimerHockey Tyler *Bozak* out indefinitely with an oblique strain #mapleleafs

    Sounds like the *Make Believes* are going to be in the market for a 2nd/3rd Line Center.

  103. Yup, UK. I had Stastny instead of Brassard at $6.5M and still plenty of cap space. This is what is going to happen with cap problems: it’ll be dead but no one will want to attend the funeral.

  104. @stevezipay So Taylor Pyatt will be in for Dorsett; could be Falk that sits. But Stralman on ice for optional too.

  105. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    So we’re signing Stastny, buying out Richards and letting Brassard walk in RFA. Paying $4 million annually for a middling 3rd line C isn’t an efficient use of resources.

  106. Sather Must Go! on

    Pyatt and pouliot in the line up – ouch . falk got pretty beat up in that fight wih Peluso (body shots et al) Wouldn’t be surprised if that had an effect… Tonight’s line up is softest in the league ..

  107. Manny – I think 5 mins of Parros per game is well worth the roster spot and $1m a year. Gives us a proper deterrent, and if we have McIlrath on there too, that’s the team toughness addressed. I’m not saying sign Gaborik, but he was an easy choice for a $6-7m placeholder on the top 6.

  108. _It’s like having Richards back all over again._

    If we could pay Richards $4MM for a 1 year deal in 2014-15, I’d be on board.

  109. Oh, agree, UK. I love Parros (even though the ESPN article on him was stupid). I love how the Habs have Prust and Parros. That would be like if we had Dorsett *and* Boulton.

  110. Injured defenseman is going to be Falk with a concussion from the fight, right? He got popped and certainly looked like he wobbled?

  111. Just caught up to it, but that Parros story from yesterday was awesome. The guy just rules. So does his girl for assuring him that Orr didn’t knock him out. Talk about a lady who gets it.

  112. Yea, *Booby* good point. That was awesome of her. I still thought the article made too liberal use of the word *Goon* and not enough of *enforcer* which is frustrating when dealing with a *media* outlet that does *not* get Hockey.

  113. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Where do I fit in with the brassard Boyle debate (I’m guessing in mr d’s club)?

  114. Rob in Beantown on

    That was my favorite part of the article too. That the thing Parros was most worried about was that Orr knocked him out and how he could keep up appearances if that had happened. I thought it was a good article overall. Sorry that the AP Style Guide must hate -goons- enforcers, Manny.

  115. Parros would have been perfect for the rangers 4th line wing. Sather snoozes again when Parros was a free agent. Paros for a enforcer can at least play hockey ok. Sather always makes the wrong choices when it comes to the low end salary free agents, amazing.

  116. I like that distinction. A goon throws a punch as a guy is going down, an enforcer honors the code.

  117. Actually, what was I thinking. Let me clarify that statement. Sather always makes the wrong choices in free agency, period and over pays.

  118. Like when Colton Orr texted Parros after their fight. Or caught his head the next time they fought.

  119. (Fast forward to Monday, 12/23)

    “The New York Rangers announce that they have traded nothing to the Montreal Canadiens for forward Brandon Prust”

    Prust then goes on to score the game winner that night versus the Leaves.


  120. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The thing to me is considering linemates in the equation and then take into consideration hits, faceoff %, giveaways, and not just points, brassard is easily one of the top two centers on this team.

    I just wonder if brassard had been a ranger draft pick and Stepan had come over in the gabby deal if many here would be singing a different tune?

  121. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I wonder if the injured D man on the rangers is actually an injured ego of either Staal, OPG, or the mad bomber?

  122. Yeah, I’m a big DB guy but Stepan just feels like a better player. The super best of Brassard might look better, but he also looks worse far more often.

  123. stepan plays with the rangers best players, brassard doesn’t. I don’t understand why people can’t understand this concept why stepan has more points than brassard.

  124. “Manny, were there a kindergarten of blog posters you would occupy the seat directly in front of the teacher!”

    Yes! So true!

  125. Stranger Nation on

    Led Rangers in points during 93-94 Regular Season????

    don’t look…

    you really should know this…

  126. Stranger Nation on

    guessing Stalled is out given AV’s comments prior to last game and his overall lack of production.

    AV doesn’t hold back the criticism to the media; when asked, he gives his honest take on game performance.

  127. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    He has put up more, but due to our lack of center depth he has generally been on the top two lines from shift one in the nhl.

    I’m not saying brassard is the end all, but considering he had that whole fiasco in Columbus with arniel (who is now here in case you didn’t notice) and has not always been on the top two lines…I think folks are not looking objectively at brassard or the situation.

  128. staal has not been good for most of this year. If I was the rangers I would definitely trade staal at some point before he becomes a free agent and get something. Staal is not the same player since first the concussion and than the eye injury.

  129. I know, *Wicky* and I agree to some *extent* but I just worry about taking a huge gamble that someone can be a *totally* different player than they have already been for their *entire* career. If Brassard is a *3rd* line Center then he’s going to be very much *overpaid*

  130. _I know, Wicky and I agree to some extent but I just worry about taking a huge gamble that someone can be a totally different player than they have already been for their entire career._

    Just look at his Rangers career for a second. Seriously. Its pretty obvious what happens with him.

  131. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Unless you are a stacked team, I don’t pay brassard 4+ mil to be my “3rd” line center…

    At 4+mil, he’s one of my top 2 centers or he’s not on my team.

    It’s a cap world!

  132. Right. He *wakes* up when something is new and shiny and then he regresses *when* it’s just the same ole thing.

  133. That’s silly. He “wakes up” when he’s playing with Nash and Callahan and “regresses” when he’s playing with Poo, Dorsett and Boyle.

  134. That’s pretty much exactly what *I’m* saying here, *Wicky*

    It’s all about the *belief* about whether he can be a *legit* #2 Center.

    Partial *vibe*

  135. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    He’s better than good with good linemates and in the playoffs and average with avg linemates.

  136. I’m a firm believer that the Rangers’ real problem lies with their 3rd and 4th lines and their lack of effectiveness. Good NHL teams get more out of their bottom 6 than some PK and just-don’t-get-scored-against. In fact, it’s what separates the men from the boys in the playoffs and we’ve seen it over and over in recent history.

    Looking at the Rangers bottom 6, it is obvious that there needs to be a significant upgrade. Pouliot is wholly ineffective, with only 5 points in 28 games. Pyatt is similarly useless, except where Pouliot is fast and small, Pyatt is huge and slow. Neither is tough or gritty. Dorsett is small and gritty, but doesn’t provide any real offensive threat or any physical deterrent since he can’t scrap with any real tough opponent. Brassard can put up some offensive numbers and has been relatively effective so he’s fine as a 3rd line center. But Boyle is the guy who is just so frustrating. Good on faceoffs and on the PK, he’s slow, not a great playmaker, no real offensive instincts, no real toughness… he’s a character guy and a decent defensive forward.

    The issue here is that with so little production coming from the 3rd and 4th lines it forces the top 6 to shoulder the load of scoring alone. It also makes it easy for opposing teams to stack their shutdown lines against our top lines and neutralize them. Without depth scoring, it makes it an easy chess match to win for opponents.

    This has happened year after year in the post-season. Top line vs. top line washes away and it comes down to depth scoring. Bernier and the Devils 4th line dismantled the Rangers in the ECF, and the Bruins “merlot” line did it again last year. Good teams have bottom six forwards who can not only win faceoffs, kill penalties, and scrap, they can score as well. Recent cup winning goals have come on the sticks of Max Talbot and Dave Bolland. Dwight King was a beast for LA during their cup run.

    More skill at the bottom means more room for the players at the top.

  137. Stranger Nation on

    *Hockey News SCOUTING REPORT*: Bros-hard
    Assets: Skates well and possesses plenty of scoring instincts. Can excel at both ends of the ice, and is a determined athlete. Owns leadership qualities.
    Flaws: Must learn to shoot more. Needs to continue adding more strength to fully maximize his vast potential. Has to overcome his propensity to get injured.
    Career Potential: Talented, but inconsistent forward with upside.

  138. __He’s better than good with good linemates and in the playoffs and average with avg linemates._

    His linemates this year have not been “average” offensively.

  139. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It’s not belief, it’s dollars and depth.

    I think he is a good #2 center. If you are going to continue to play him as a 3 regardless of who else is on the roster, then I don’t pay him 4+ mil to be a 3, I let him walk. If you play him as a 2, then I keep him.

  140. Gosh, *Joe* you’re just warming my heart with that *post*. Amen and amen and *AMEN*

    The playoff point has been my *gripe* for some time now.

  141. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Honestly look at some stats for me…

    Compare Richards, step, and brassard with points, hits, giveaways, and faceoff % and honestly tell me who you think the 2 best centers have been this season.

  142. As a Ranger, his production has been consistent with inconsistent usage. Its like blaming the sky for being inconsistently bright.

  143. joe in DE,
    I agree with your assessment and that’s where Sather has failed miserably every year.

  144. Hagelin-Brassard-Kristo

    Could be a fun 3rd line to watch, speed and scoring potential. But when you put PULLOUT, PYATT, or BOYLE on it just slows it down to a waste of time, and a frustrated penalty watching Pullout earn more minutes in the FF box.

    Boyle-Moore-Pyatt make a solid 4th line.

  145. Real good post Joe, and I agree, and it really seems fixable. Dorsett-Boyle-XXX on the 4th and letting talented kids play on the 3rd almost builds what we’re looking for. Its the recycling of junk or playing 4th liners on the 3rd (or 2nd) that really takes a dump on the entire structure.

  146. Wicky: Manny is a weirdo. On one hand, he knows to discount scoring because of all the random luck and variables … and on the other he’s killing Brassard for a lack of consistent production knowing Brassard is the most affected by variables. Manny should come up with a second ID so he can be more consistent.

  147. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I hate to break this to you, but the only hockey players that aren’t inconsistent are the ones that have the least amount of offencive skill (not saying that is a bad thing).

  148. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Gabby was inconsistent, dubi, secretariat, Nash, Artie, step…

    Anyone “expected” to put up goals or score points will be inconsistent

  149. Joe – and Torts only played 3 lines, remember how our team was “gassed” in the 3rd period. The 4th line beet us in both series.

    I would say are 3rd and 4th lines haven’t improved at all as of today. Too many avg players that can’t score

  150. You guys are *really* turning on me here. My only problem with *Brassard* is the problem I had with him when he got here: the *knock* that he’s an *inconsistent* player with a *bad* attitude. I *want* him to succeed but for $4M I will take a few guys over him, including Dubinsky.

  151. Our bottom 6 is an in-and-out thing. We get a good fit, but we lose another. Next year it’ll be Boyle somewhere else and some new great fit in for a net gain of goddammitwestilldonthaveasolidbottom6!

  152. BUT HE’S NOT INCONSISTENT OF HIS OWN DOING AS A RANGER, MANNY! Seriously, look at last year. He scored in like 60% of his games or something.

  153. Manny, I will agree that Brassard is not worth 4 million and if I was the rangers I would look to trade him. Sather should be making a bunch of trades and adding pieces to the bottom 6 that are playable tough and also playable tough on the blue line. This team right now is way to soft, won’t get far in the playoffs if they make the playoffs and so far from what I’ve seen the rangers won’t make the playoffs. Changes have to be made, whether it’s this year or in the off season.

  154. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I would like to see a team with a top 6 pwf that can throw them and score (a healthy clowe, a lucic, etc), two middleweights that can throw and play and pk (a dorsett and a prust or a tootoo or a shaw or a roussel etc), and then a light heavy or heavy that can play 10 minutes a game.

    On D, a couple offencive guys, a couple of tough rugged d men that are afraid to throw them or hit, and a couple all around guys.

  155. Well if they are *planning* on signing *Brassard* for anything more than 2 *years* they should probably put him in the *Top 6* and let him know his *future* depends on it.

  156. And until he has, we’re stuck with a smaller sample size to judge him against. And in that smaller sample size, he’s shown he can produce with good linemates, even when no one else is. Lest I remind you, his 12 points in the playoffs nearly doubled the second highest. And for that, he got locked on the 3rd line with Poo. Literal Poo.

  157. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Using that logic, we should trade hank now and talbot should be selling cars in Alabama!!!

  158. Then there is that whisper of a voice telling me Grigorenko scores on the Rangers. You know, the 19 year old rookie.

    Stafford the Fighting Sioux could pull one out of his hat as well.

    Not sure the numbers would work, but I would be up for Safford on our 3rd line with Brassard.

  159. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Roster (example to go with my above post)

    Top 6 Fwds…Nash, cally, patch, step, kraken, brassard or statsny (just for manny)

    Bottom 6 Fwds…Boyle, hags, dorsett, tootoo, Lindberg, bordeleau

    D men…mcdonut, j Moops, Gleason, Myers, mcilrath, engelland

  160. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You just can’t use “past” stats only to evaluate, that’s all I’m saying.

  161. You made the misspelling mistake I always do, Wicky. Its Stastny, not Statsny, and the 2010-13 mnemonic “Paul doesn’t have Stats” doesn’t apply anymore.

  162. Its also crappy to hold anyone accountable for being bad in Columbus through Columbus’ suck years.

  163. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"boy on

    Stranger, great point @8:21 about Dustin Brown missing only 9 games in 9 years.

    Problem with Cally, and again I love the guy, is that he weighs 185 at most. DB weighs 205. That 20% difference, to everyone but our GM, is HUGE.

    Cally has a big heart, blah, blah, blah….but will his body hold up?

  164. Comnsnse

    Manny, were there a kindergarten of blog posters you would occupy the seat directly in front of the teacher!

    With a personal eraser to clean the blackboard when Teach looks your way! lol

    OK now that’s funny…… especially if imagine its in one of the popular “kindergarten” commercials :)

  165. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"boy on

    Joe @ 12:27, great post!!

    AV has played Pyatt,Boyle, Dorsett on the same line for a bit. I don’t mind that as a 4th line of muckers, defensive players. I am one who does see the value in very few points, but a good defensive line that keeps the puck down low and on the boards.

    As long as our 3rd line can score, they’re ‘ok’.

    But, YES, Boston, Devils, San Jose, Montreal, have awesome 4th lines and that depth kills us.

    Oh, and, by chance, who’s job is that??

  166. Nashville needs a Defense.

    I wonder if they would trade Patric Hornqvist for a Del Zotto package.

  167. Stranger Nation on

    Bros-hard did so well they brought in his tormentor from Lumbus to bury him on the 3rd line.

    Dubi is 5-10-15 right now at $4.2MM signed through next year

    Gabby @ $7.5M hah!

  168. I’m looking at the stats you recommended, *Wick*.

    Brassard has: 45 Hits, FO% of 46.4% (141/163), 12pts, 10PIM, 15:20 TOI, -6, 3 PPP
    Stepan is: 13 Hits, FO% 43.2% (206/271), 19pts, 6PIM, 18:27 TOI, -1, 1 PPP

    They both have *5* Giveaways

  169. Winnipeg has Devin Setoguchi would be a good fit for a 3rd line winger next to Brassard.

  170. Those would be my top 2 players to trade for today if we are kicking the tires to see what Del Zotto could bring us, that could help this team *this* year.

  171. Gravy@10:12, per your request.

    My experience in any business is when the feces hits the fan as frequently as it has in the MSG domain you view a solution from the top down.

    Have I not been consistent with my posts re: the abject failures of both ownership and their hirelings with both MSG sport’s entities?

    Were you absent from class when I consistently posted the numbers 73&1 or 40&2? Are you inspired by them?

    What aspect of annual failure do you not grasp?

    Or perhaps you believe the incessant micro managing on a daily basis by posters suggesting everything from who should play with whom,or various strategies on both offense and defense must be hammered into submission because, “That’s the answer”?

    There you have it Sauce, I am officially on the record as to the “solution”, and while I do understand that as long as Junior and Pops hear the “kaching” from fans living the fantasy they produce then little will change, I am on the record as you asked.

    While it was said in a much worthier context and I’m paraphrasing, “Power never cedes itself without a demand
    and a struggle, never has never will”.

    This is the essence of the organization’s issues and the only remedies likely to work are either resuming the “Sather must go chant”, or the paying fools getting up after the anthems and leaving the room for a few games which in this town will create a media storm.

    The Dolans Pere et fil have no pride of ownership and respect only the Cup that holds the money.

    Send the “Network” message, I’ll loan you my megaphone! (;)

    BTW, don’t be insulted, as we both know sometimes the gravy does cause agita!

  172. Wicki looks like it’s going to be a Montana vs North Dakota football weekend next weekend.

    Is that your team in the playoffs?

  173. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _My experience in any business is when the feces hits the fan as frequently as it has in the MSG domain you view a solution from the top down._

    What in holy hell was the purpose of the rest of that jibber-jabber? You should have stuck with the italicized above.

  174. LMGO @ Pyatt hitting Dorsett in the head with the back of his forearm? What is that odd motion that Pyatt is going for?

  175. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Less ice time and worse linemates, and step has played less games…I like brassard.

  176. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Hornqvist is awesome, love that guy!!

    And yep, Montana football is the only thing in this town. I don’t pay much attention to it, but most do.

  177. Stranger Nation on

    step has been a downer…needs to pick it up quick. Wasting time between our two best wingers unless he starts producing

  178. Stranger Nation on

    Manny – if you watch the beginning of that fight, Pyatt was going after the piece of Cooke and Engelland stepped in.

  179. That’s true, Stranger. If I was *Pyatt* in that situation I would just turtle. *Engelland* can fight.

  180. I agree with Comnsnse wholeheartedly. While at it, we should also start a rally demanding that Influenza virus be eliminated from the earth immediately and completely! And if it doesn’t work, we shouldn’t show up for work to create a media storm.

  181. Coos, I need your help. What’s a more eloquent word to use to point out to someone that they are being redundant: Staccato or Echolalia ?

  182. Dorsett out with the hand again? He had a bad hand when he challenged Sestino. Who do we have to put on the ice when the next guy skates past our bench saying; “Who’s gonna do something about it?” AV?

  183. _Manny – if you watch the beginning of that fight, Pyatt was going after the piece of Cooke and Engelland stepped in._

    If Cooke had the ability to be embarrassed, that should have been embarrassing for him.

  184. Wicki – FCS Playoffs ND #1 vs #8 Montana, will play next weekend if both teams win this Saturday.

    We might have to have a six pack of something on this :)

  185. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"boy on

    I agree witn Cmsnse entirely.

    That is, I think…I really have no idea what he said.

  186. Olga Folkyerself on

    My experience in any business is when the feces hits the fan as frequently as it has in the MSG domain you view a solution from the top down.

    I can name that tune in two words… FIRE SATHER.

  187. In the nineteenth century, The Shah of Iran died alone after having a fit. His bodyguards were asked, “Where were you when the fit hit the Shan?”

  188. John *Scott* will be a healthy scratch tonight. Guess they *aren’t* wasting the *roster* spot on our *soft* roster.

  189. Stranger Nation on

    AV in Buffalo reviewing his line up options:
    “I’m going to -coach this game, kick their ass and- get out of here.”

  190. Stranger Nation on

    Can Johnson put up a fight? Heard he plays hard.

    Pull up Johnson, pair with Falk and get our of way…

  191. Stranger Nation on

    With Dorsett out, could we have the Pyatt & Pullout in the same line-up?

    That is great size, but not much else.

  192. Which team is so strong on all- around D that they need a wandering offensive defenseman like MDZ, and who would they offer?

  193. ‘I want to fly like an eagle
    To the sea
    Fly like an eagle
    Let my spirit carry me
    I want to fly like an eagle
    Till I’m free
    Fly through
    the revolution.’

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