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  1. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Down the stretch they come, and it’s Ritchie Rocket ahead by a molar


  2. aside from some PP chances, this game was pretty freaking boring. I fell asleep and woke up at least 4 times during each period.

  3. Stranger Nation on

    Horses evolved from small mammals whose survival depended on their ability to flee from predators. This basic survival mechanism still is ingrained in the modern horse. Its first instinct when frightened is to run away from the frightening stimulus.

    Fight or flight…don’t see no gloves being dropped

  4. Richards is having a great bounce back year! He leads the team in scoring! Plus, he is such a great guy on and off the ice!


  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    …….He’s my guy. When he holds my hand I’m so proud….cause he’s not one of the crowd…

    He’s a rebel and he’ll never ever be any good…

  6. All this horse talk is reminding me of Gabriel Conroy’s story about the horse. Just like Brad skating circles in the offensive zone..

  7. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    The best thing about this win against a very poor team was Hank getting some practice and seeming to make some good saves. He seemed more confident and as if a weight came off his shoulders. No doubt, dragging these contract signings out is detrimental to the player it’s about, especially a guy as emotional as Henrik.

    Hank is one guy who, unlike Richards, will work his ass off to be in shape and the best he can be no matter what the terms or length of the contract.

  8. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Our boys better be light years better this weekend or they drop two. At this point, the Devils are better than we are. Unless Hank “carries the team”, as is Sather’s self-proclaimed strategy.

  9. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Richie Rocket was a high priced stakes horse that broke down and is now a $20 claimer.

  10. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    See the way he walks down the street
    Watch the way he shuffles his feet
    My, he holds head up so high
    When he goes walking by, he’s my guy….

  11. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Just because he doesn’t do what everybody else does
    That’s no reason why I can’t give him all my love…

  12. coach Lucia called Skej a shutdown defense man. he coached me for a while in fairbanks. never said that about me.

  13. Shame Hank missed the shutout to celebrate his new contract and validate Slats “carry the team on his back” comments!

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