It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Baby Buffaloes


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Game 29.sabres
Rangers at Baby Buffaloes.


Ya boys, through more than one-third of the season, sit at .500 (not NHL .500, but actual .500) with no Bettman Bonus Points for losing and zero participation in Breakaway Contests After The Hockey Game Ends (BCATHGE).

Can they be the first NHL team ever to go 41-41? Would that be enough in the Lesstropolitan Division?

They play the only road game in a stretch of 12. After tonight it’s a nine-game homestand to even out that nine-game trip at the start of the season.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal after sitting the last two, against Ryan Miller.

It appeared Benoit Pouliot was going to be a prucha tonight, but Derek Dorsett is still hurting, even though he played the last two with a wrist injury, so he comes out and Pouliot stays in. John Moore goes back in on defense for Justin Falk, who is banged up.


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  1. LGR !!!

    Hope Buffalo isn’t starting a rookie call up. If they do, you spot the Sabres a goal.

  2. Re-post:
    Good evening all! Indeed Carp, Sally and Fozzy are having their first annual mother-daughter Rangers night in baby buffalo land … I am jealous!

    I know I’m late to this party, but big wipe of the brow on Hank. First time I’ve ever been glad of a full no-move clause.

    Yeah, yeah, money, cap hit….I’m happy.

  3. Stranger Nation on

    See Dubb – rookie call up or former ranger or back up goalie; any or all of those three spell DANGER

  4. Back from some business in Boston.

    When the news of Hanks signing broke, one of the fellas I was meeting with asked me if I was happy with Lundquist signing. I said, (w/o knowing the particulars of the deal) “absolutely”……..He responded, “that makes two.”. ……….I responded…..” you’re a Ranger fan living in Boston? .” ……He responded “dont be silly, I’m a Bruins fan”…….I asked then who else was happy with Lundquist signing? ………..he said “Torey Krug”

  5. #Sabres lines in warmups
    Retweeted by Steve Zipay

    So that’s what a team looks like when they have Ott in their top 6?

  6. It’s just not going to be the same without the constant threat of Kaleta elbowing someone in the head.

  7. Stranger Nation on

    See Dubb – don’t see any ex Rangers or back up goalies but rookie playing first game is an unknown

  8. I like the Canadian National Anthem, but why do they sing it in Buffalo with the Rangers visiting?

  9. Know it’s near Canada, but guess it’s to keep ticket buyers happy. Not that there’s anything wrong with keeping ticket buyers happy.

  10. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I’m really jacked up for No Poo tonight._

    Wrong again.

  11. Dave Maloney: “Pyatt with a weak attempt at the net, but an attempt none the less.” Well stated.

  12. Line of the day yesterday that I forgot to relay:

    I was joking with a member of the Rangers staff and asked if he’d gotten a seven-year extension, too. “No,” he said, “But Benoit Allaire did.”

  13. Rangers PR output: “Ranger Streakers – Richards with 4 assists in 4 games.” Maloney: “Richards is minus 7 in the last ten games and only 2 goals over the last 20.” Hope he doesn’t get Prucha’d by Dolan.

  14. “Those jerseys give the Rangers a great view of the logo to shoot at”

    Stranger, I was just going to say that! Vibin’.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Coos they have all 3 capts (Cally, Bucky and Stalled) with Girardi as struggling vets that need to play better on MSG

    Almost fell off the couch

  16. I like that the Rangers attempted to possess the puck on the PK there, but they still conceded it too early.

  17. _I’m really jacked up for No Poo tonight.

    Wrong again._

    I wasn’t talking about hockey, stalker.

  18. Maloney on radio questioning why Nolan would play Scott vs Rangers.
    “The Rangers aren’t a heavyweight team , or for that matter, a middleweight team”.

    Oh boy!

  19. I can’t take this team as constructed anymore. Sather better wake up and make some changes and I wouldn’t wait until the trade dead line because by than it will be to late. This team needs some major changes.

  20. Girardi is such a pansy. Has no issue pushing Leino, but as soon as Ott comes over he wants nothing to do with him anymore. Pathetic.

  21. Stranger, that has happened in the past. A number of players who wanted to score goals and failed miserably, were told to toughen up if they wanted to stay in the league and they did. Don’t have names on the tip of my memory, but could find them with some Ginkgo Bilboa and a bottle of Remy Martin.

  22. I think Ginko Bilboa and Remy Martin were two thirds of the Habs top scoring line in the late sixties.

  23. I guess no goalie can stop that little tuck in move no matter how much tape they watch on Nasher. nice goal ehh?

  24. Maybe this group needed a guy like Tortorella to actually get them interested in playing every night.

  25. “Pretty sure Pooliot had a 2 turnover shift there.”

    The ‘2 turnover’ part is superfluous, Mister D.

  26. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Hey, Pat!!! Nice to see you in the position of picking a GM for Buffalo. Got a highly, highly experienced GM for you….highly experienced.

  27. Rangers try that up the middle, two-line, tip-pass into space a lot. When it works it works really well. Keep doing it.

    I hope Patty Lafontaine keeps his mitts off Gorton.

  28. @rangersreport

    That period reminds me of what Tommy McVie said. They should let everybody in for free and make them pay to get out.

  29. Quite possibly the funniest thing McVie ever said. Up there with Shonny’s “Have another donut.”

  30. Nash scores another one like that and he gets an appointment with Scott. Little doubt. Maybe Richie will crawl over and bite his ankle.

  31. Dave is much more informative on the radio, probably because Dolan and Slats don’t own a radio.

  32. Turned on the TV volume for a second and SalmonJoe are regaling the wonderful John Scott. Back to Albert and Dave.

  33. It feels like, in non-national games, we almost never spirit the puck along and Henrik all but ignores his waffleboard. Thats a problem.

  34. Weber will leave the game between periods due to a severe tennis elbow from cross-checking, slashing and hitting Rangers players heads

  35. Nash has been trying to spring Kreider for the breakaway a handful of times now. Just a matter of time before it connects

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Richards standing still in neutral zone is just painful to watch..then he makes a bad change leading to scoring chance

  37. Brassard is great when skating along the offensive zone blue line. Usually makes a nice play when he’s got the puck up there in the middle of the ice.

  38. If they didn’t have names and histories and contracts, Richards would be our 3rd line center or a wing. I haven’t been more certain of anything since know it would be a no poo (non hockey reference) night.

  39. I really think the pure goal scoring ability of Pyatt really brings out the best in Brass and Hags.

  40. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    with games like this being the rule in the NHL , no wonder hockey lags behind other sporting events

  41. it’s amazing this guy poopsalot is still on this team, never mind in the lineup, disgusting.

  42. “You just know they won’t kill a Pouliot penalty, right?”

    If, by chance, they did, someone would connect with him on a breakaway pass, he’d fail to convert, and BUF would come back up the ice and score.

  43. Stralman is just a half second in time from being a very good Dman. He’ll never find that half second, though.

  44. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _it’s amazing this guy poopsalot is still on this team, never mind in the lineup, disgusting._

    It’s the reliance on veterans (even veterans that are detrimental to team)

  45. #20 playing with no fear, as if he finally realized he belongs here. Now score some goals, you formerly jejune Jesuit.

  46. well, so far I was right. When Nash scored I said it would be the only goal the rangers score and they will hold on to 1-0.

  47. Don’t players know that when they put their hands up after getting their stick caught up in the opponent, it makes them look guilty of a penalty?

  48. When my daughter was undergoing grad school orals in England, some dork said to her, “I see you graduated from BU. Not on the level of BC.” I told her she should have slugged the woman, but, alas, she’s only half Irish, and kind.

  49. I’d really be okay with our team if Pie-hat was our worst player. To bad there’s 5-6 other guys that’s worse

  50. This ranger team is awful. There just as good as the worst team in the nhl, the buffalo Sabres, disgusting.

  51. $18.5MM for 70 years.

    (That BC > BU stuff up there is crazy prevalent. Basically Yankees > Mets but between the grads, not just dummy fans.)

  52. Tighten up. Geez odd man rushes all over.

    Good thing there is no style pts in nhl. We are just ugly at times.

  53. Stranger Nation on

    Another reason why Richards should be down low on PP. Dude can snipe it from wings. Blast from point…not so much

  54. “rangers getting dominated by the worst team in hockey. I think I’m going to vomit.”

    So they’re doing it to themselves, tommyG?

  55. I’m Irish and jarred sauce offends me, I can’t imagine how Italians feel about that commercial.

  56. Joe M: Don’t want to give the puck away, and the Rangers haven’t done that yet!

    Just as Staal gives the puck away.

  57. staal with a beauty of a pass in his own zone to a sabre player. When you think it can’t get worse the rangers find a way.

  58. About time to flip the D pairings, just for this game. Same one is getting buried repeatedly.

  59. When will the opposition realize that Wilbur will immediately give up the puck willy nilly if checked or even charged at? He checks no one and they reciprocate by not bothering with him.

  60. Amazing what a huge contract will do is my first thought, but then again the ink is dry now. Only a class act like the king would continue to play his assen off. Best signing in a long time by the msg lords

  61. “It’s obvious he doesn’t care and just wants to play with his brothers.” – Generic HF Boards Poster

  62. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Henrik Lundqvist. Holy shiskebob! What happened? $59.5 million happened.

  63. Wasn’t so long ago the Rangers had a solid D corps of Girardi, Staal, MDZ, and Sauer. Unbelievable disintegration of this rearguard in the span of 1 1/2 years. Scary to think the Habs had no use for McD.

  64. Henrik is playing like his old self. Shouldn’t have to against this team if everyone in front of him picked up an oar.

  65. Most ridiculous Richards-hate of the year going to the Nation — what would he have said if Richards had let the pass through to the open man? Amazing the Rangers have survived all this Richards ice time.

  66. Time to put JMoops or MDZ with Stralman. Drop Staal back to 3rd pair.

    It’s getting ugly. Poor guy.

  67. Now, I expect nothing less than all shutouts for the rest of his career for this money.(starting tonight)

  68. Brassard, as punishment for creating an open side of the net for Richards, gets re-paired with Pooliot.

  69. I imagine you really do Staal for Faulk if on the table, especially with Girardi a pending UFA.

  70. Why the hell do you give AV credit for sticking with Poo? The goal is a good team, not nurturing a perpetual enigma to good-enoughness. G-dammit, man.

  71. It really can’t be understated how awful the Sabres jerseys are. And there goes the shutout

  72. I’m not sure if the rangers can get anybody for staal they way he has played this year but I would trade him before he becomes a free agent.

  73. Damn, can that moribund G.M. make a phone call to Hartford? No? Oh, pardon me, I thought the club had a farm system,there. What is the Wolfpack, an ice follies revue?

    Look, Mr. Sather, every other G.M. in the world in your shoes would get Kristo and McIlrath up here – yesterday! Will you please get the puck off your ass close the floodgates? Or retire?

  74. Zook overcomes Richards contract to score a beauty. Incredible how he caught that pass, at least a half an inch off line.

  75. Stranger Nation on

    Norm – great to see you back to your chipper self.

    Richards can be a contributing winger if he hustles more and looks to pass a bit more. He can no longer play center against good teams.

    Buffalo sucks so now he is great, right? (as he watches Richards’ line score while he writes this…)

  76. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Luckily that goal will not affect the outcome of the game.

  77. _Seriously…….Staal playing like a guy with vision issues_

    I reject this because considering it would make me so sad.

  78. Dear Hank,

    We are all delighted you will be a Ranger for seven more years but do us a favor please, would you just not ever and I mean ever come out and handle the puck.

    That would be great.

  79. Oh dang. Whatever. I shall leave here happy. And leave you all to your consternation and debate…Til the morrow all….

  80. Joe M says the Rangers played well, could have tightened up a little bit, but played well. :)

  81. That’s really what Richards is now, a good snap shot and secondary passer. He’s a wing, and probably and effective one-way 2nd line wing. Sooner that’s real the better.

  82. Maybe now, Hank can afford to spend some money for personal puck handling trainer…Just asking..

  83. 4ever, you’re not the first person I heard that from…and Maloney is talking about that too…but didn’t Beniot get a 7 year deal too???


  84. Stranger Nation on

    NOrm – just want them to show up against better teams.

    Great shot and great pass by Richards tonight against AHL caliber talent.

    Lets do it against the Debbies now.

    Just for the record, I could care less how much he gets paid. My problem is as a center he doesn’t hustle, is afraid to get hit and doesn’t play any D. But you must admire those qualities in your Ass. Capt…not me

  85. Sorta glad Henrik cost himself the shutout with his stickwork and not our stiffs costing him. Makes no sense, but there it is.

  86. Stranger Nation on

    _Maybe now, Hank can afford to spend some money for personal puck handling trainer…Just asking_

    Maybe Cam can give him some lessons on steering puck to corner and handling biscuit behind the net.

  87. Maybe they could put a wireless dog fence around the crease to keep Hank in the blue paint. A few zaps and he’ll be a homebody because after this long his stck handling is what it is.

  88. seriously, thanks everyone. i had to get tested cuz my doc thought i might have cancer. it turned out ok. im happy!! i actually didnt tell anyone in my family. just u guys. thats crazy! lol

  89. Does St. Johns ever play a regular season game at the garden anymore? Remember when they used to be good?

  90. hey, we won but the main thing im encouraged about is henrik. he looks like himself again, so a happy hank = playoffs. hopefully

  91. Three and Six, See, but they do play a bunch at MSG, maybe 10, and a couple in Brooklyn. Yeah, they were once a national power.

  92. Stranger Nation on

    Doo gay; Richards has been a good player

    He very patient, very relaxed playing with Nash and Kreider


  93. Richards Narrative Suffers Setback in Rangers Win

    Brad Richards, former Conn Smythe and Lady Byng winner, was unable to prevent his team from vanquishing the lowly Sabres this evening, his heavy contract putting such brakes on his skating that he managed to drag himself to lucky positions not once but twice in the third period, accidentally scoring a goal and mistakenly adding a helper while opposing players and teammates alike flew by him like so many swooping eagles.

    “Yeah, I got a bit lucky on those plays, you know,” said a heavily perspiring Richards, brushing his teeth in the locker room after the game, as his teammates rolled their eyes in his direction. “On the goal, I was so busy thinking about my contract, I kind of slid into an open position — their D sort of forgot I was there, eh?” Pushed to discuss his clinching pass to Zuccarello-Aasen, he sheepishly replied, “That one — I don’t really know what happened there — I just wanted to get rid of the puck, you know, and hell if there wasn’t a small Norwegian coming along.”

    Richards continues to lead the team somehow in scoring and forward ice time, irritating opponents and fans alike with his irresponsible play. His coach was asked how he justified all that ice team, especially on power plays, where Richards continues to tally points despite never knowing quite what’s going on out there. “AV” smiled quietly, chewed some more gum, thought it over and finally replied, “Hell, I don’t know. Just waiting to buy him out, really. No idea.”

  94. AV might be thinking that #30 will play Olympics and wants to keep him to 60-65 total before playoffs. Just a wild guess.

  95. Thanks Coos.

    Norm, that was good. Very good. I still have unbridled hatred for #19 but I like what you did there.

  96. Here he goes again … Duguay talking about how he watched Zuccarella in training camp. When, in fact, Duguay did not attend training camp. He probably means preseason.

  97. McD is a typical Irishman. Quiet, consistent, smooth, daring, intelligent, organized, under control.

  98. Stranger Nation on

    Norm – great effort putting that anger into humor – Louis CK would be proud

    Doogay agrees with you…Bucky is playing great!!

  99. It’s great effort, norm. I’m a target and maybe disagree with some of it, but I love the work.

  100. Big McD is two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

  101. Trying to keep it clean here, Carpie. With this being a family type blog and it not yet past midnight on the east coast.

  102. so
    i watched the game without a laptop
    in front of me
    in order to avoid typing comments
    and missing what’s going on the ice.

    i’m pretty sure my eyes are scarred now
    and about all it really did
    was cause me to say actual curse words
    due to incredulity at watching
    the Rangers complete less passes
    than a team in a beer league
    even after the team emptied a keg
    before the 1st period was over.

  103. Keep Kristo out of here. McDonagh sees a six pack in the locker room pre-game, bad things could happen.

  104. First period was really scary tonight. But they turned it around. Took charge. A win we should have had. Let’s go home and win the next *8*

  105. Hugo Folkyerself on

    It’s not the late goal, it’s the nasty habit of giving up the first two or three, and then trying to come back.

  106. yikes almighty Carp!!

    i voted for the 3 stars —
    Zuc who played with the heart of 3 lions
    Hank because we would have been losing by double digits
    Nash because of that move on that first goal and there really wasn’t anyone else worth mentioning

    is it possible to have a 3 Black Holes of the Night as the game’s anti-stars.
    then again, tonight would have been tough to pick only 3 out of nearly the entire lineup.

    my mom could skate faster than Pyatt and she would definitely head to the net in ill humor.
    laughed in horror as AV puts Cally and Boyle for defensive forwards and then got hemmed in their zone like a peewee team being toyed with by a junior team.
    i could go on and on and on….
    and i might if i can’t fall asleep

    whatta horror show!
    oh yeah, 2 points

  107. Kristo’s a bad seed.

    He’s one of those kids our parents didnt like to see around.

    Barefoot, drunk, chasing skirts all the time, getting frostbite.

    Agree, Coos. Keep him away from McDonuts.

  108. I told you guys. Habs are an awesome balance. Maybe I can like them second best like Olga likes the ‘Hawks…

  109. Amen, Norm. I think people aren’t possible grasping the actual significance of Mandela’s death. Even at 95. He was the world’s greatest person.

  110. i don’t know iManny
    at least Hawks are in western conference

    i think you may be allowed a
    healthy respect for montreal

    i’m got my post-Rangers teams
    in the west that make watching hockey exciting
    especially when they connect on passes and shoot somewhere
    other than the goalie’s chest and check opponents and…
    such as the Sharks and Hawks (and used to be Avs before Roy took over and went all anger management over ’em)

  111. Treatise…well played, Coos. Second time in the last couple of weeks it’s made it to the blog

  112. Manny, you cant pick an eastern conf team, even if they do have Parros. St. Louis or Colorado I could see but not the habs.

  113. I was mugged by three guys in San Francisco. Two of them held me down and the other one did my hair

  114. Boneheads without avatars are like defensemen without shields. Rugged individualists, but playing with fire.

  115. Stranger Nation on

    Mandela; a great man. 27 years in prison and and then a true leader of men. He received more than 250 honors, including the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Soviet Order of Lenin and the Bharat Ratna.

  116. Amazing, Stranger. Mandela is so effing unreal. Amazing person and amazing politician. Just an unreal person that will go down as one of the world’s most important figures ever.

  117. Horses have a life span of 25 years. That explains it.

    Richie died 8 years ago.


  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy Millllllllllller, I’m about to score neighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh brrrrrrrrrrr

  119. In the state of Arizona, it is illegal for cowboys to walk through a hotel lobby wearing their spurs.

    That explains it.


  120. Horses lie down only about 43 minutes a day.

    Ritchie’s been laying down since we got him.

    That explains it.


  121. Stranger Nation on

    Prust caught him flush, but janssen stayed with it and landed a couple of his own after. Prust is a master technician but alas, only a middleweight which is fine because they have Parros to answer the bell for the heavies.

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