Rangers to announce re-signing of Henrik Lundqvist today


The Rangers announced a major press conference after practice today, at which it is expected they will reveal that they have re-signed Henrik Lundqvist.

According to Darren Dreger the deal is for seven years at $8.5M per, making him the highest-paid (per year) player on the team.

The franchise goalie, who sat out the last two games as Cam Talbot’s backup, was in the final year of his six-year, $41.25 deal and could have become an unrestricted free agent July 1.

Lundqvist, 31, will jump over Nashville’s Pekka Rinne and Boston’s Tuukka Rask to become the highest-paid goalie in the league. Both Rinne and Rask have an annual cap hit of $7M per.

We will have more info and reaction later.

Photo by The Associated Press.


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  1. Rob in Beantown on

    Hank will take us to the promised land and his number will hang in the rafters.

    Book it.

  2. It is somewhat ironic after Talbot had a loss to a “lessor” team, Hank’s deal is done.

    Does this make him a better goalie? Knowing his deal is done?

  3. I realize the rangers organization was stuck between a rock and a hard place but making your 31 year old goaltender the highest paid on the team and in the league is not a winning formula for success towards winning a cup. I don’t like it but it is what it is.

  4. I wonder what the Jets would want for Big Buff….. you would think we would have the Assets for a trade with them.

  5. Rangers were stuck, but too many yrs. and a little too much money, but what are you going to do. the good news its done now rather than lingering. Need grit and scoring and a tough D-man. Way way short of a contender still.

  6. Rob in Beantown on

    Do you think Sather saved any money by not doing this in the offseason? Would the AAV have been higher had Hank not been mediocre this year?

  7. Hedberg, I agree, rangers didn’t have much of a choice but than again if hank wanted to win a cup so bad in New York he couldn’t take a home town discount, really. Like a million less was going to make hank a poor.

  8. The important thing is that the Rangers now have their most important UFA locked up and better be prepared to build AROUND him. He’s the identity so build off that.

  9. Good work Slats – overpaid by $0.5m but saved a year on the end so reasonable trade off. Now get Cally signed and make a trade to shake things up a bit!

  10. Less than $2m per year above where he is now in terms of AAV…very manageable from cap perspective.

  11. Cap is going to go up. Just look at the *BILLION* dollar deal the NHL just did in Canada.

    Cap shouldn’t be an issue for the Rangers, unless Richie Rich blows a knee before the year is over, and they are saddled with his contract for the remaining season.

  12. If the Rangers didn’t give Hank that contract, *another* team would have. Just think if it would have been the Flyers…..then what?

  13. If the Phlyers signed Lundqvist then we could all feel comfortable knowing that he would immediately decline or get injured.

  14. From Capgeek for 2014-2015
    Henrik $8.5M
    Nash $7.8M
    Richards $6.6M
    McDonagh $4.7M
    Stall $3.975
    Stephan $3M
    Haglin $2.2M
    Dorsett $1.6M
    Total $38.37M for 8 players

    15 FA and RFA ? Big names to sign = Big changes coming

  15. *The KREIDER* for Calder, add in the *KRISTO KID* for the 2nd half, and we are good to go.

    Just subtracting Pullout is a step in the right direction.

  16. Probably can subtract Richards’ $6.6M, though he will most likely be replaced by someone else making that much.

  17. Tommy the lockout was all about the owners getting back to a 50-50 split in revenue, and protecting them from themselves.

  18. Next year is really going to be interesting for the rangers organization. The problem I have is sather will still be the one rebuilding the team.

  19. “Tommy how old is Marty? He’s having a good year, and he’s over 40? Why can’t Hank?”

    Do yourself a favor and don’t compare good players to All-Time Greats anymore. Broduer is a freak of hockey nature, not to mention the 3 Stanley Cup rings.

  20. I do feel that Del Zotto & Brassard could be traded before the end of the year, just because of their next contract $. Both are past their “gap” year, not sure if either have played or earned a raise.

  21. You also have to consider that many experts feel the cap is going to go WAY up the next few years. I’m thinking that’s what they are betting on. I’m fine with it. But with that, you HAVE to start developing young players who can really play. That will give you value for a few years and enable the team to go out and get some good players. If they constantly have to overpay for mediocre talent, they are in HUGE trouble.

  22. Salty – I agree, it was an age only comparison. If Hank has his health he could play until he is 40, is all I’m saying. Marty has earned his numbers.

  23. The only guys on the rangers I wouldn’t trade right now are Nash, stepan, kreider, McD, Callahan. Everybody else is tradable.

  24. Stranger Nation on

    _He’s the identity so build off that._
    Zoolander is his identity. Time for Henk to quit *Whining* and start *Winning.*

    Wonder if Slats used the West Coast Video in the bargaining session?
    Obviously not…

  25. Have to add Hank Tommy, but then EVERYONE has a trade value. Name one person you wouldn’t trade for Crosby, Malkin, or Stamkos?

  26. Stranger Nation on

    would trade Step if the deal was right – for all the crappe Brassard and Bucky get, his performance has been the most disappointing so far in the pivot given his prime minutes and playing with top wingers.

  27. So we’re looking at the 5th and 11th highest cap hits going into 2014-15 and beyond. Anyone really think we have two of the top ~10 players in the NHL?

  28. Stepan has been disappointing, but he has more points, makes less money, and is more controllable than Brassard.

  29. I would agree McD and The Kreider!

    The way team is built now not going very far, start wheeling & dealing!

    Carp…time for another 12 noon chat!

  30. Seriously, how many players take home-team discounts? Would you? I wouldn’t. Especially not from an organization raking it in hand over fist, and paying guys like Richards, Nash and Gaborik the kind of money they make.

  31. Carp can you confirm that if talbot had won the other night that today’s press conference would be to discuss the trade of lundqvist to the penguins for skidney crosby?

  32. Of course it would have been, tf. And that would have been met with much glee by some people here even if they got a lot less than Crosby.

  33. Carp, any truth to the rumor that Sather reads this blog, saw that more and more people were saying signing Hank might not be the right thing to do, then did the opposite of what he thought the fans wanted?

  34. Meh….. I guess the silver linings are that it wasn’t for eight years and the cap is probably going up over that time frame.

    Frankly, I’m somewhat disappointed that he didn’t take a home town discount. Being in NYC and the face of the franchise has to account for some value – $8.5 or even $9.0 million in Columbus/Phoenix/Florida/Canada/etc isn’t the same.

    I still don’t know how to analyze a goalie’s value. How many incremental wins does that extra $3.5-4.0 million get you over a regular starting goalie? Relative to taking one of our $3 million forwards/dmen and signing a $6.0-7.0 million player.

  35. No, really…I just melancholically wonder:
    1.What will be his excuse now (“distraction” is gone)? 2.How long and how many “softies” will it take to this blog faithful to start blaming Slats in idiocy to sign this big bird (albatross)contract at those terms.
    3.Glad this discussion is over, at least for now…

  36. Too much for the King. Jon Quick locked up at $5.8M

    Will help guarantee mediocre team going forward.

    There is not much help in the NYR farm system. It will be that much harder to go to free agent market.

    And Brodeur was never more than $5.2 cap hit.

  37. Hank’s deal was going to get done from the start. Richie Rich needs to be bought out, and there might be some UFA that are not going to be here next year.

    Now which UFA will be dealt as a rental before the year is done?

  38. Stranger Nation on

    _is more controllable than Brassard._

    Wasn’t comparing him to Brassard as we would need to have Brassard play on the top line to do an apples to apples, no?

    step has not contributed like last season. His slow start has slowed this team down. he can’t play D and is easily pushed off puck. If you are using his Ranger point totals as a measure of effectiveness, suggest you review what other teams’ top line centers are producing.

  39. Carp
    I’m not sure how ‘an organization raking it in hand over fist’ is relevant? The cap is the same for New York as it is for everyone else and only about five teams in the league stray far from it. If there was no salary cap I wouldn’t care how much they paid Lundqvist.

  40. Why would he take a home town discount? This is NY, Cablevision, Dolan. They print money. And it’s not like he was holding out or refusing to sign for this amount or a higher amount. This is where they had him slotted, this is the right number.

    Home town discount?

    I don’t get that at all.

  41. I think the term is too long, but like Carp infers, when you have an organizational history of gleefully handing out massive contracts, it’s difficult to suddenly start reigning things in, especially with your ‘franchise’ goalie.

  42. Hometown discounts are a stupid standard to hold any player to, especially one looking at his last major contract. The cap is imposed by owners to keep wages down and now people expect the player to put a secondary imposition in place? C’mon.

  43. _would trade Step if the deal was right – for all the crappe Brassard and Bucky get, his performance has been the most disappointing_

    SN, was responding to this comment. The thing is, Stepan earned a chance to play with top players and ran with it. Brassard has been inconsistent over his whole career. Not saying I wouldn’t trade him in the right deal either, but not before Brassard.

  44. They’re not at or over the cap. And it’s going up and Richards is coming off. So Lundqvist gets a deserved raise. What does anybody care? and why in holy hell should he or any player take a discount?

  45. The only way you win in NHL now is depth of organization to sustain injuries.

    You can’t build depth by being so top heavy salary especially with a goaltender.

  46. Goaltender Done.

    Johnny Moore will get his gap contract next year.
    DZ – will not get his $4M contract, so he will be traded.

    Callahan & Girardi get signed before the end of the year.

    Stralman & Boyle at 1.7 might get an offer around $2 something. If they sign fine, if they should get a “PRUST” deal then they won’t.

    Pyatt, Pouliot, D Moore, & Zucc are all replaceable with *BETTER* players in Hartford.

    That was easy.

  47. Carp, look at every team’s roster and tell me if that team should retain their own “best player” at any cost?

  48. The only unknown is Brassard. He is not worth $3.2, or $4+ next year, unless he starts lighting it up in a hurry.

    I’m thinking with Miller & Lindberg in the wings, they will shop him and trade him for a “3rd” line center, or a scoring rental for the playoffs. Outside of letting him to arbitration and not sign him, and give him the Zherdev contract.

  49. The difference between Hank and his last contract is essentially, Pyatt, or D. Moore, or Motz being replaced by a player from Hartford. And all of these players are “expendable”, according to most posters.

  50. I don’t think a winning formula is making your goalie the highest paid player on the team. What happens in a few years when Lundqvist is on his downside and making 8.5 million. That is going to be brutal. All of this is because the rangers organization has for the most part done a bad job of drafting.

  51. Let the deliberation begin. Why are we surprised? I thought he would definitely get 8 years at the same, if not higher number. They just gave their best, and only true marquee player for 8 years a $1.625M raise. I’m sure there is an NMC involved too. They still have almost $4M from Richards’ but out to give Callahan and Girardi raise. Very manageable deal from cap perspective.

  52. Carp: So you now are really are forced to buy out Richards.

    You go into next year with Stepan and Brassard as your centers?

    So eveyone yells Henrik Henrik as they always compete for the last spot in the playoffs.

    Carp teams win now with non-elite goalies. Many cups won by non-elites.

    It is a salary cap sport. Would rather use money elsewhere.

  53. Rask is the highest paid player on Boston. They seem to be doing fine. Pittsburgh has two of the best players in the world making more than their goalie, they can essentially score at will, but why is it that they aren’t in the Final every year?

  54. _You go into next year with Stepan and Brassard as your centers?_

    We’ve elected to go into the last two games like that.

  55. With that new Rogers deal the cap will likely hit $80M in 3 years. Let the pros deal with cap issue, don’t you think Jeff Gorton knows how that deal impacts NY long term?

  56. Boston has like $61MM committed under next year’s cap already. Not sure they’re who I’d like to emulate.

  57. Good to see Henrik Ellsburyquist land a nice deal. Between this & implementing Uncle Larry’s suggestion of a heavier workload for him, we’ll have the old King back in no time.
    Calm who?


    Sire Father!

  58. There’s some flawed logic in there Carp, whether the Dolan’s make $1 million in profit on the Rangers or $1 billion it doesn’t change that fact that there is a salary cap. If you’re arguing that the organization wants to maintain a middle of the pack team and that by paying Lundqvist whatever they’ll guarantee a level of profits for the next seven years that’s one thing. It’s an entirely different discussion whether paying a goalie $8.5 million lets the organization put a team on the ice that can win a cup in the salary cap world.

  59. Pyatt – put in Hrivik – for size and scoring.
    Pouliot – put in anyone, seriously throw a dart.

    Richards & Brassard – Miller & Lindberg

    Zucc – Kristo has all the skills & *scoring*

    That said I could see Zucc & Moore taking a “value” deal. $1.5 -$2.0 M. and they would be worth it.

  60. I see the argument of cap issue, but it’s not like they’d be replacing Lundqvist with Crosby, Malkin, etc. You’re replacing him with Joe Thornton and a 4th liner, at best.

  61. Good point, ilb.

    Because Sather and Co. have made bad contract deals in the past, suddenly extending our franchise goalie, and arguably most consistently reliable player, means they blindly throw massive amounts of money around without some kind of long-term financial structural plan?

    Methinks not.

  62. AV – wants speed and scoring. He will draft or trade, for this type of player.

    We have to many avg. non scoring players.

  63. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jesus! what a bunch of whining little nancies.

    Hank wasn’t, isn’t, won’t be the problem for the Rangers.

  64. Now the Rangers need to focus on getting Marcus Foligno or Colton Orr or a Sestito. Some tough, huge heavyweight that can play 6-8 minutes.

  65. That being said, don’t be surprised if Sather buys out Richards and tries to replace him with Thornton anyway (assuming he hits FA). He’s 34 and declining, so it’s right up his alley.

  66. Love when people mention that they’re better off spending their money elsewhere. Like what? Have you seen who’s become available over the last few years? And at what price? The flip side of salary cap world is that both teams and players tend to sign deals early. Teams keep their assets. Players want stability. The Rangers did what they had to do.

  67. What Gravy said is correct. You’re not getting any fair return for Hank. And now that he signed he’s going to increase the goalie market for everyone else.

    Quick has back issues. I’m sure they used that as leverage.

  68. Rangers had no choice. The problem with the rangers organization is they have done a poor job of drafting.

  69. Stranger Nation on

    Sioux – just go watch the Pack lose in Hartford with those same players.

    Miller went down there is now there top Offensive player, so the analog of AHL production and NHL performance is not working.

    Not saying we shouldn’t jettison those players (Pullout, Pyatt) and play youngsters, but I would bring up the brawn and not more dancers on the perimeter…we have enough of those

  70. I like Hank a lot. But his salary hurts in improving in other areas.

    Wish they could have signed him for a more reasonable number.

  71. Stranger Nation on

    Olga – who is the problem? Anyone you can think of? Does Hugo Know? What about Juanna? or Heywood?

  72. Quick has also had two very average years since his one amazing season. And he was average before that, especially when you look at SV%, which is more individual than GAA.

  73. Quick has bad back and Scrivens steps in at $550,000 and team doesn’t miss a beat.


    I guess in LA’s case it is team and not goaltender. A lot of other examples like that.

    Josh Harding $1.8.

  74. Rask signed his deal being the #1 for two half seasons (not 2 1/2, two halves).

    You can’t look at deals that were signed 3 or 4 years ago. Clowe and Clarkson get $5M per year. Are they worth that compared to Neal? No. Rates are rising. Good thing we lost half a season.

  75. I wish we could have traded Lundqvist, then let some other team sign Lundqvist, then trade to get Lundqvist back. Sather makes really nice trades.

  76. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/henrik-lundqvist-signs-7-deal-ny-rangers-price-155147477–nhl.html

    Interesting points:

    “You can argue against Lundqvist’s lack of postseason achievement, or that some other goalie playing in Claude Julien’s system and behind Zdeno Chara is the better netminder, but the fact is that Lundqvist has proven he belongs in the conversation with Crosby and Malkin and Ovechkin for being the best at what he does.”

  77. This makes me excited that we decided to force Stepan into a bridge and killed our ability to pair two good deals (w/ McD) against other bad deals we’re “forced” into.

  78. You’re right, TommgyG. Poor job.

    Sure, there are a couple of standouts, but this team really needs to draft a true star player. Then maybe Slats wouldn’t have to waste so much money on guys like Drury, Gomez, Richards, etc.

    That Ducks/Kings game last night, all four scorers were from that 2003 draft. Carter, Brown, Getzlaf & Perry.

    I know it’s asking a lot, but Kreider needs to be that guy for us. He has size, speed, skill. Just hope he pans out the way we all want.

  79. “… Lundqvist has proven he belongs in the conversation with Crosby and Malkin and Ovechkin for being the best at what he does”

    Totally. I’d argue you can’t argue a better goalie over the last ~5 years. But that doesn’t assure the next 3 or 5 or 7. You don’t (shouldn’t) pay for what a guy has already done.

  80. I hate Ovechkin. Hank is a better all around person and player than Ovechkin. Ovechkin is just good at ripping shots on the PP.

  81. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Thanks manny for the update (phone not working ILB :/)

    I’m not sure where I stand on this. No doubt hank has been our best player over the last several years, but I’m not convinced you need a top 5 goalie to win the cup.

    I can think of a top line forward and/or top pair D man that the $$$$ could go to and get a goalie at around 5 mil or so (a miller or hiller perhaps) *IF* available.

    On the other hand, his raise is a Stralman or Pouliot or pyatt contract so certainly can be made up by replacing a couple of them with cheaper players.

    Time will tell I guess, I think the dollars are a bit too much, but it could have been worse.

  82. Cally now signs for 8 years, 7 mill per with buffalo this summer. Girardi gets 7 years, 6 mill per with flyers.

  83. I’ve decided Ovechkin is actually a hero who forced his countryman Varlamov out of town because he knew what a bag he really was.

  84. Pierre LeBrun
    Wonder what Lundqvist would have got July 1 on the open market? My guess is $9 M plus with teams trying to outbid each other…

  85. SN – the kids are on the grow, and developing in Hartford.

    Kristo’s 1’st year – coming out of college, leading the pack in goals.

    Lindberg 1’st year – MVP of the Sweden elite league and top centerman in the playoffs last year. Getting use to the NHL ice and having success.

    Miller – age 20 – needs to play top minutes to develop for next year, getting stronger and improving all areas of his game.

    McIlrath – young, getting stronger, Rangers need his game on the Blue line.

    These are the players that could be ready next year, for a full time spot. Now if you want to argue who is ready now. Fine.

    But please, any of them are an upgrade over PullOUT & Pyatt TODAY. They have scored 2 goals in 48 games played. Don’t tell me Kristo wouldn’t have more given the chance. You can’t.

  86. I don’t think you can compare the importance of a goaltender with Crosby Malkin or Ovie.

    Not in today’s hockey world.

    Believe me I am rooting hard for Hank.

  87. 6 years/8 mil. is the ceiling for those type of deals.
    Personally, just can’t stand any things cult or total, i.e. total admiration, total hate or total stupidity – it’s always counterproductive and always inevitably will let you down. This is not exclusion – will bite…
    Said that, I will be utmost glad to be proven wrong.

  88. Agree on all points, Wicky.

    Can you win with another goalie? Sure it’s possible. But the only way this *prevents* the Rangers from winning is if he declines, is not a #1, and they need to sign someone down the road who is.

  89. Very superficial look at the next year’s cap ( taking into consideration a 7% growth, *AND* Richards’ buyout) suggests that NY will be just fine next year. In fact, they will be able to sign someone new to around $6M contract, providing they do not retain Brassard. I’ll do more precise calculations at some point this week. Money from Rogers’ deal kicks in in 2015-2016 season, so that will be no issues at all.

  90. I think this is going to be a good deal for the next 5 years and god knows for the last 2. There is nothing to say Hank can’t continue playing at an elite level into his mid-late 30’s.
    His cap hit in 5 years will look a bargain when the cap is up around $90m, especially if we are contending.

  91. Carp
    only player i can think of that (kind of)
    took a home team discount would be crosby
    but maybe mario deducted from his contract all the
    months of rent when he stayed at the owner’s house

  92. *DUSTIN BROWN* took an awesome discount and negotiated his own contract with the team in mind. He’s awesome.

  93. as far as Hank
    not surprised by $$
    everyone thought it would be 8 years.
    waiting for actual details

    and Wyshinski of all people made some good points about the
    contract at yahoo.

  94. I don’t like the Rangers at .500. I have a hard time watching them lose against lessor teams. We play Pullout and/or Pyatt, and lose. Just to watch the rookies on the other team score on us. Why can’t we give our rookie a game or two. If only to give him a taste of the NHL, and give him a chance to score.

    THE Kreider is coming along.
    Miller has had more than a taste with over 26 games last year. He is close.
    Fast had a taste with 8 games.
    Mashinter had 6 games.

    Our top AHL goal scorer – *NONE*!

    But HEY lets lose another game by 1 goal, or better yet score no goals like the Rangers have in *9 Games* so far this year.

    I’m not going to lie, it bothers me a little.

  95. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The only non tradeables to me on this currently constructed roster are mcdonut, cally, j Moops, and dorsett.

    I would have picked matteau over skjel 100 out of 100 times.

    Still wondering if there is any ranger relevance to the dreger tweet a couple days ago about the “once Gleason is back from injury…trade coming”. I’d trade Staal and/or mdz for him in a heartbeat.

    I don’t think Staal is here next season, but just a guess!

  96. _But the only way this prevents the Rangers from winning is if he declines, is not a #1, and they need to sign someone down the road who is._

    Or if he falls to middle of the pack and you’re paying $8.5MM for non-elite performance. The risk isn’t a total cliff, its being ok enough to stay in the lineup but not good enough to really help the lineup.

  97. I agree that poor drafting in the 1st round is the main reason for the NYR mediocre situation.

    You look at the best teams. San Jose St Loo. Anahiem.

    Niemmi $3.8 Halak $3.7 Hiller $4.5

    Hard to compete with them if you have to pay a goalie $8.5

    Root for sellouts at all 6 outdoor games to increase the cap!

  98. _In fact, they will be able to sign someone new to around $6M contract, providing they do not retain Brassard._

    Lose a forward, gain a forward … that’s not really firing us to the top of the East.

  99. But, if you can essentially win with any goalie (not my words), then you should only be worried about the -ledge- cliff. Even if he’s playing average for a slightly above average (by that time) cap hit, you’re still OK.

  100. keep in mind Manny
    that if Brown negotiated his own
    he also didn’t have to give up an agent’s fee

    and as much as i’d LOVE to have Dustin Brown of the past couple years in a Rangers uniform (thank you Time Machine!)
    he wasn’t the team’s MAIN STAR who pretty much held things together for many years.

    it’s why Stepan got a raise but not a HUGE raise/years due to his past improvement/importance and perceived view of both in future (hopefully, he gets his act together ASAP this season)

  101. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    That’s not the point…;). Quit slacking!!

    Haley is a help, but not only do we need another middle weight, but we also need a light heavy/heavy plus another banger on D.

  102. Sure, Stastny is better than Richards or Brassard, no doubt. But one in and two out and we’re standing still or stepping back. If we do let Brassard go, I’m willing to bet *$1,000* our 3C is a step back next season.

  103. _Even if he’s playing average for a slightly above average (by that time) cap hit, you’re still OK._

    He just reset the bar by a full $1.5MM. I don’t think that number is going to be average or near average any time soon.

  104. _Stepan didn’t get a huge raise because he had no leverage._

    His leverage should have been “this benefits both of us”.

  105. The problem with Brassard is two-fold: a.) Can he handle being the #2 Center and 2.) at the money he will cost there are much better options.

  106. _MisterD- not if Brassard remains their 3rd line center behind Stastny and Stepan at $4M per year._

    Right, thats my ideal situation. Upgrade on Richards while maintain Brassard as a strong play at 3C.

  107. Maybe it would. But, he may also have topped out last year and really be only a 50 point player. So, there’s a risk-reward to waiting. But, signing the bridge deal guarantees me current cap space.

  108. Stranger Nation on

    _Stastny vs Brassard, for example, changes this team’s center position significantly, MisterD._

    Is Statsny signing to play 3rd line checking center? So it is Statsny as #1 Center, slide Step and his 9 pts 5v5 this season to #2 and jettison Bucky

  109. Stranger Nation on

    Sioux – you miss my pt – we don’t need dancers (Lindberg, et al) , we need bangers. Have you watched our dancers get manhandled?

    Time for some bouncers to keep the opponents honest.

  110. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d be ok with statsny or Thornton as our #1, even at the expense of brassard (agreed don’t want a 3rd line center at 4 mil + per, it would be dubi all over again).

    Question, do any of you trade step for Thornton or statsny or a top line winger this year?

  111. Ridiculous comparison, but remember when the Jets gave Sanchez a bundle to make up for dissing him with Tebow signing? AV sitting Hank might have forced Slats’ hand, as sooner or later, Henrik would end negotiations and plan going on the open market. Ridiculous. But fun conjecture.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    Someone in my ticket group wants to sell his tickets to Saturday’s game against the Devils. Section 208, row 2, seats 2 and 3 (one away from aisle). Being in row 2, they are considered premium seats with expanded leg room. Face value is 160 for the pair, but the guy is asking 200.

    E-mail me at dmachetto@yahoo.com if you are interested.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve also got tickets to Sunday’s game against the Capitals. I’ll take face value on those.

  114. Avery text to #30. ‘Congrats, pal, on the big bucks. Sorry to have cost you so much with Warren 77. Been looking at a restaurant in SOHO. Need dinero. Any interest? (I’m calling it Henrik’s if that’s any help.)’

  115. Sather Must Go! on

    I thing there are two guys (in the whole systen) that are untraceable – hank (esp now) and mcTruck , Cally is a close third (next contract pending)

    Question: Krieder for Evander Kane straight up?

  116. Quick and Rask weren’t heading in to UFA.

    Elliotte Friedman on Monday wrote the cap will be at 90M in a few years.

    Rangers need to stop drafting tweeners and puck moving d with top picks. They knew this with McIlrath and then went backwards with the next 2 1sts. Have to draft for goalscoring/playmaking potential on the front end, bruiser or offense from the D. imho, fwiw…

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