Official announcement of the Henrik Lundqivst signing


From the NYR:


NEW YORK, December 4, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with goaltender Henrik Lundqvist on a contract extension.

“Since his arrival in New York in 2005, Henrik has consistently been one of the elite goaltenders in the NHL,” said Sather. “He is a proud representative of the tradition and class of this organization and we are excited to have him remain as a cornerstone of the franchise.”

Lundqvist, 31, has been voted a Vezina Trophy finalist as the league’s top goaltender in five of his eight NHL seasons, having won the award following the 2011-12 season. The seven-time Rangers’ MVP entered the season as the only NHL goaltender with an active streak of eight straight 20-win seasons, and holds the league record for most consecutive 30-win seasons to begin his career with seven straight. He is also a two-time Olympian (2006, 2010) and an Olympic Gold Medalist, having captured a gold medal with Sweden at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

In 531 career appearances, Lundqvist has posted a record of 284-182-57, along with a 2.26 goals against average, .920 save percentage, and 47 shutouts. He ranks fifth in shutouts and sixth in wins among active goaltenders, and ranks second in both shutouts and wins in franchise history.

Lundqvist is 8-11-0 with a 2.51 goals against average, .917 save percentage, and two shutouts in 20 appearances this season. Last season, he finished tied for the league lead with 24 wins en route to being selected as a Second Team NHL All-Star. He became the first Rangers goaltender to lead the league in wins since Mike Richter in 1993-94, and, on April 5 at Pittsburgh, became just the fourth Rangers goalie to appear in 500 career contests. In the playoffs, Lundqvist posted shutouts in Games 6 and 7 of the Rangers’ Eastern Conference Quarterfinals series against Washington to become the first NHL goaltender in 11 years to close out a seven-game playoff series with consecutive shutouts.

The three-time NHL All-Star established career-highs with 39 wins, a 1.97 goals against average, and .930 save percentage during the 2011-12 season. Lundqvist ranked third in the league in wins, tied for third in save percentage and shutouts (eight), and fourth in goals against average that season. He helped lead the Rangers to Game 6 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals, posting playoff career-highs in games played (20), wins (10), shutouts (three), and goals against average (1.82). His three shutouts tied for the NHL lead, while he ranked second in goals against average during the postseason. Lundqvist was awarded the Vezina Trophy as the league’s top goaltender, and selected as a First Team NHL All-Star following the season.

The Are, Sweden native was originally selected by the Rangers as a seventh round choice, 205th overall, in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft. He made his NHL debut on October 8, 2005 at New Jersey, and finished his rookie season with a 30-12-9 mark, 2.24 goals against average, .922 save percentage, and two shutouts. Lundqvist was selected to the 2005-06 NHL All-Rookie Team and was third in voting for the Vezina Trophy that season, becoming the first rookie to be a finalist for the award since Jim Carey in 1995.


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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Someone in my ticket group wants to sell his tickets to Saturday’s game against the Devils. Section 208, row 2, seats 2 and 3 (one away from aisle). Being in row 2, they are considered premium seats with expanded leg room. Face value is 160 for the pair, but the guy is asking 200.

    I’m also selling tickets to Sunday’s game against the Capitals for face value of $160. It’s my birthday and I will be at Peter Luger’s.

    E-mail me at if you are interested.

  2. Stranger Nation on

    _Last year, Stepan had 10 points through his first 19 games, then 34 through the next 29_

    we just played game 28

    9 pts in 5v5 play in 28 games for a #1 center is *garbage*

  3. JJP, tell me when Dolan/Sather haven’t been able to get a player because of the cap.

    And tell me what player is getting all Lundqvist’s money if they let him go, and how they are better off with that player. They’re not signing Crosby.

  4. Just to re-iterate: The Hank extension makes Lundqvist the face of the franchies and the cornerstone player. The team has to be built out from him. So let’s focus on defense and maximize our greatest strength (that good looking Swedish goaltender). Get tougher and get much better away from the puck.

  5. Avery text to #30. ‘Congrats, pal, on the big bucks. Sorry to have cost you so much with Warren 77. Been looking at a restaurant in SOHO. Need dinero. Any interest? (I’m calling it Henrik’s if that’s any help.)’

  6. After Dolan speaks at Presser, AV takes mike and says; “I’ve got an owner up here talking about a Stanley Cup. That’s a bunch of bull….! We’ve got to take it one day at a time.”

    Sounds familiar, but I can’t remember where I heard it. :)

  7. SN, he has 19 points total, I don’t care if they’re even strength or PP. Good enough? No. But, not bad enough to give up on him.

  8. The only issue that should be talked about is the term of 7 yrs. the cap hit and money of 8.5 is not the issue when next year the cap will be 70mil. There is a good chance the cap is 80-85 by year 4-6 of this deal.

    As for term yes he will be 38-39 in yrs 6 and 7 of deal but if the cap is 80 mil by then and hank play suffers the rangers could just buyout years 6 and 7. They won’t care about dead space on an 80 mil cap. Big market team that had drury and others already.

    This had to be done and if not would u rather watch him in Brooklyn for the islanders at 7 yes and 60 mil. I think not.

  9. Doodie – bring piles of cash to Luger’s. Unless things have recently changed, they won’t take plastic.

  10. Wicky: What’s the cost on Stastny? If its a UFA like Girardi or a shuffling of deemed expendable parts versus moving a kid like Miller, I’m in.

  11. _The only issue that should be talked about is the term of 7 yrs_

    I’m cool with this. $8.5MM over 4 years and I’m pretty thrilled, so yeah, you’re right.

  12. At a modest increase of 5% per year (the league predicts more), the cap will be around $100M by year 8. Of course, there will be a lockout and compliance buyout available by then anyway.

  13. _And tell me what player is getting all Lundqvist’s money if they let him go, and how they are better off with that player._

    This is a fair point. There’s no specific player, just the ability to get that amazing player if he becomes available. Toews hits UFA, Kane goes on the market, Stamkos forces his way out of gross Tampa … anything like that.

  14. When Nash forced his way out of gross Columbus, the Rangers made it work with the cap. There’s always a way.

  15. _When Nash forced his way out of gross Columbus, the Rangers made it work with the cap. There’s always a way._

    Well … kind of. The moved a guy who had a high number but fit a role in the deal and it was part of what precluded locking up Stepan. They made it work, but it was hardly ideal.

  16. uggh!!

    trying to get some work done
    through all this posting madness!!

    what’s all this about Stasny?
    wishful thinking fantasy
    or actual talk??

    always wanted him here. don’t know if he’s a bit broken by now or still viable.

  17. JPG: Stastny is a pending UFA that won’t be resigned and last night Kenneth guaranteed he’d be traded to the Rangers. Offered everyone $1,000 if it doesn’t happen.

  18. Carp, are you able to offer a coherent explanation to your readers why this organization would make this outrageous deal for an admittedly excellent goalie who they have been unable to truly contend with on an annual basis?

    This is a team game and any objective analysis of this organization suggests that they are nowhere near contention with the top teams in the league given their present talent base and “prospects”.

    Locking up one player essentially bidding against them selves is ludicrous in view of their deficiencies today and the foreseeable future!

  19. Cmnsnse, I’d respond, but you told me to talk to you when the Islanders were in a better position than the Rangers ;)

  20. but having an elite goalie is one way of
    hiding all the other mistakes that Sather regularly makes
    makes him look like a genius to all the
    aasenkissers….or at least dolan

  21. Rob in Beantown on

    Katie Strang @KatieStrangESPN
    #NYR Lundqvist’s new deal will include a full no-move clause

    *NO* trade clause

  22. MisterD
    i could definitely use the $1,000
    (or the current megamillions or powerball winnings)
    i’d rather not be paid if it meant Stasny at a decent price

  23. Dumbo Fran Healy asked Lundqvist what he would do if he played in Dallas and he said, “Guess I would spend a lot more time in Sweden.”

  24. Rob in Beantown on

    _but having an elite goalie is one way of_
    _hiding all the other mistakes that Sather regularly makes_

    That’s what I said at the beginning of all this. How many GM mistakes has HL masked during his career? Would the team have even made the playoffs last year with a league average goaltender? Hank makes him look good, so there was no way he was going to let him go

  25. Stranger Nation on

    _he has 19 points total, I don’t care if they’re even strength or PP._

    Our #1 center has 1 goal at even strength in 28 games, but who cares…

  26. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _This is a fair point._ Actually, it was a logical fallacy.

    This is a terrific deal, much better than I’d expected. With the cap increasing in the coming years, the impact of this already favorable contract will decrease in the future.

  27. sorry Rob in Beantown

    not enough time to catch up to all that’s been said.
    had to finish an edit while all this was happening.
    in other words
    AGREE with Rob in Beantown

  28. jay reimenschneider on

    I agree with Comrnscents except that this is the Rangers we’re talking about and Dolan now has his precious superstar media handsome franchise goalie guy to help him supermarket the team to prospective tenants for all those epic luxurious arena suites that keep the mad $$$ flowing in so the stock holders keep holding and the fans keep hoping.

  29. cooscoos

    getting Tebow might be a good idea
    because the possibility of the Rangers
    winning the Cup soon
    will be based on a wing and prayer

  30. I know its a week late, but one thing I’m *thankful* for is knowing what *logical fallacies* are. I like being *smart*.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks for the heads up coos, but the last time I was there they took debit (not credit) cards.

  32. Hank saves … Pouliot takes an offensive zone penalty seconds later to put the onus back on Hank.

  33. Mister, if, say Toews hits the market and they need an extra $1.7M. So instead of it coming out of Lundqvist’s money, they trade Boyle. It’s really not that complicated.

    I think, industry-wide, this is seen as a very fair and wise deal. He didn’t go the extra year, and that money isn’t so outrageous.

  34. _Our #1 center has 1 goal at even strength in 28 games, but who cares…_

    Tavares has 9 even strength goals, and his team is in last place.

  35. “JJP, tell me when Dolan/Sather haven’t been able to get a player because of the cap.”

    You’re not comprehending my statement at all. There is $64m in cap space, it is a finite number. If you’re paying one player more next year then unless the cap goes up by that exact same amount, you’ll have to pay someone less. Sure, you could sign 5 players for $10m each and fill the rest of the roster with guys making under $1m but you’re probably not going to have a good hockey team. My questioning of the rationale isn’t about the ability to sign high cost players and get under the cap, it’s about the strategy of paying up for the highest cost goaltender by a significant spread.

    “And tell me what player is getting all Lundqvist’s money if they let him go, and how they are better off with that player. They’re not signing Crosby.”

    Again you’re missing the point and this is a stupid argument as it is now moot. There are passable free agent goalies that will be available for $4-6m. $2.5-4.5m is real money to spend on other parts of the roster.

    I’d even argue that Lundqvist has more to prove with his play after this deal. He’s 10.7% of the cap this year and assuming the cap goes up 5% next year he’s 12.6%.

    I’d also love to know who else you think was going to pay him $8.5 or more? The teams with impending free agent starting goaltenders – BUF, ANA, STL, FLA, EDM, NYI. A bunch of those teams are cheap and not going to spend the money (BUF, FLA, NYI, EDM). That leaves ANA and STL both of which would have to blow up their rosters.

  36. hey Carp
    since you’re around
    i missed out (again)
    in asking this in the Charp
    wondering if you could address now or some point soon
    Rangers Drafting
    Gordie Clark gets all kind of praise
    and we are building from within but
    it’s still be a problem in finding top end talent
    other than what’s currently happening with THE Kreider.
    teams with better records than us have drafted better than us.
    has Gordie lost a little bit or…?

  37. Sather Must Go! on

    Dolan insisted that Hank will also have to play guitar for Billy Joel once a month…

  38. & this means Goodbye, Richie. Now they better get on their knees and pray that he doesn’t sprain an ankle in game 80.

  39. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I know its a week late, but one thing I’m thankful for is knowing what logical fallacies are. I like being smart._

    You don’t know what it means. (:

  40. Henrik has a $5,000 optional pleasant – scent machine built into his Maserati Gran Turismo. I have a cardboard Christmas tree hanging from my rear view mirror. Not complaining, just stating factoids.

  41. If the Rangers win a cup in the next 5 years, none of us are complaining about the last few years.

    Win now. Build around Hank. Get tough. Defend hard. Protect him.

  42. _Mister, if, say Toews hits the market and they need an extra $1.7M._

    My guess is that if Toews hits the market, it won’t be a matter of simply finding “an extra $1.7MM” so much as competing against teams without two guys making over $7.8MM each already on the cap and willing to spend the max allowable.

  43. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    That’s a pretty big *if*. You left out *score for Hank*.

  44. It’s hardly a point, seeing as guys like Toews (and Hank for that matter) rarely hit free agency.

  45. i heard it’s in Hank’s contract that Billy Joel
    plays a couple tunes in the locker room between periods
    to pump the team up

  46. Toews is worth *all* of the money. All of it. Bergeron has a cap hit of $6.5M so Toews should be worth, what, $7M?

  47. Sather Must Go! on

    Sather shld have/must have realized they were gonna sign hank LT before year end, making NOT buying outvBRich THAT much more of a risk – irresponsible GM-ing…

  48. Speaking of Bergeron, 8 goals and 13 points through 27 games. Krejci, 4 goals and 21 points. Traid them.

  49. Very pleased with this news today, had to be done.

    Coos, lol the cardboard tree. I just park by the dryer exhaust at the laundrymat.

  50. Seriously the next move should be to lock up for a couple years on the cheap….Stralman, he keeps getting better, only going to cost you more later. Becoming a solid #5 maybe more.

  51. Good for Hank. Contract is out of the way.

    Now he can focus on shutouts (for Manny’s team).

    We will need more of them to win for the lack of scoring, or until they call up the MonteKRISTO :)

  52. Good point, Sioux. I should probably put together a press release for the *Mannytoba Murderers*

  53. Keep dreaming on Toews. He was the ultimate Fighting Sioux hockey player. The D.O.T. line. Duncan-Toews-Oshie. Second best line the Sioux ever had.

  54. ‘All the gold in California
    is in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills
    In somebody else’s name…’

  55. I keep wondering if Stralman only looks better because of the deterioration of the rest of our defense other than McD.

  56. I don’t think so, Doodie. I think they will retire #8 a bit sooner than that for *The Prust*

  57. Gravy, give it a rest because when the dust settles and the Isles improve their goaltending and defense we will see if your sarcasm is required reading! Meanwhile continue your fervent support of average………..expensive average!

    Carp, thank you for the expected! (S)

  58. Rob in Beantown on

    This contract basically guarantees Hank will own all the franchise goalie records when he retires. I don’t know how you don’t retire his jersey then.

  59. Yea, Gravy. The NYIsles just need to improve two thirds of their team and then reinforce the other third. That’s like, child’s play! (S)

  60. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    GM Glen Sather: “If he (Lundqvist) had gone somewhere else, I’m sure he would have earned more money.”

    There is your hometown discount!

  61. Yes, giving up a 1st and 2nd rounder, plus the pick that Moulson likely would have brought back, sure has them moving in the right direction.

  62. _It’s hardly a point, seeing as guys like Toews (and Hank for that matter) rarely hit free agency._

    Rare indeed. In part, because players that good are pretty rare. But b/w him and Kane on the same team, Bobby Ryan … there’s some talent potentially coming out.

  63. Agreed, bull dog, and on top of that, he played with NYR, and NYR only, for 16 seasons! I know he retired at the right time, but how I wish he could have been around for the cup.

  64. but seriously
    who thought that Hank would sign
    for something much less than 8 million
    for less than 7 years?

    and who actually thinks that another team
    wouldn’t have offered a similar contract or more
    to what he got today on July 1st?

  65. Speculation is that Hank would have gotten $9M+ on the open market, but hard to know without him actually going to FA.

  66. I could care less how much money Hank makes or for how long. He’s the best goalie in the world and I’m glad the Rangers have finally locked him down forever.

    He is the best goalie in Rangers history and I’m happy we get to see him in net for the next whatever many years.

  67. MD, I suspect all 3 of those guys re-sign, or get traded to teams that then sign them to extensions. Gaborik was one of the last premier FA’s, and he had an injury history.

  68. how am I contradicting myself, person-who-probably-believes-I’m-using-multiple-accounts?

  69. Hey Carp! If Richards keeps putting up points as a forward this year, unlike he’s been able to do as a center, I could see Sather not buying out Richards contract at the end of the year… Unless Slats knows that he’ll be able to sign a top UFA (like for example Toews) to replace him.

    By the way, I believe our Blueshirts are a lot closer to winning The Cup than many people think… Am I the only one who wonders how much further the Rangers could have gone in the playoff last year if Clowe doesn’t get concussed? Clowe was exactly what the Rangers needed that was missing from last year against Boston, as well as missing to date this season. Last season, did the Rangers not look like the best team in the NHL when Clowe was in the line up?

  70. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Richter is still the greatest goalie in Rangers history._

    You, sir, are correct.

  71. “Richter is still the greatest goalie in Rangers history. sorry oleo.”

    I’d agree, but I think Hank is a better goalie than Richter. Just not as great a Ranger.. yet. If that makes sense.

  72. Can we just *combine* Kenneth and Lloyd into one super name?



    What’s the Frequency, Lloyd?

  73. Doodie – It was the Hrkac Circus in ’86-’87

    Tony Hrkac – Bobby Joyce – Ian Kidd

    Hrkac still owns the scoring record with 116 points in a season. First college team to win 40 games. They went 40-8, and won the National Championship.
    Eddie Belfour in the net went 19-3, and Chicago signed him right away. Belfour & Hrkac won their Stanley Cup together in Dallas.

    It was like watching TGO, they scored 5-6 goals a game. I remember it like yesterday, it was my first year of college :)

  74. I like Henrik Lundqvist and consider him one of the two or three best goalies in the league. That said, he’s had the benefit of playing in an era where goalies overall are supported by hockey systems that enable them to have far better stats than they’ve had before. Mike Richter hardly ever played behind Rangers teams that had anywhere near the defensive support NHL goalies have now and was the kind of guy who could be a virtual lock to carry the team on his back when it counted the most. I’m not sure Lundqvist is in that category.

  75. Richter won a cup… But I’m very much looking forward to hopefully seeing Lundqvist break all of Fatso’s records wearing a Rangers sweater!

  76. When Richter played, clutching, grabbing, spleen spearing, goal mouth crosschecks, constant defensive interference on non puck-handlers, and on and on. Mike was great, but today’s game, as in football, is much more difficult on the D.

  77. Richter is still the greatest goalie in Rangers history.

    Until, Hank wins a championship, and surpasses all of Richters records. You would think, 7 more years should do it. Right?

    Hank’s number will be in the rafters someday.

    Book It!

  78. Good point, *Tommy.* Other people *that* randomly show up after a big signing and act like *they’ve* been here for years…..

  79. Richter might have a special place in our hearts because he was part of a cup winning team and played concurrently with several all-time Rangers greats, but Henrik is the superior goalie.

    On pure goaltending skill, Lundqvist is better than Richter ever was. Sure Richter has a ring and made some of the most acrobatic saves, but he’s still not on Hank’s level.

  80. Mashed Potatoes on

    I give Richter the slight edge, probably because of the Cup, but those are good point, coos.

  81. THE Kreider is already the greatest New York Ranger of all time.

    Why his number / name isn’t already in the rafters is beyond me.

  82. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    It’s lazy and childish to continue with the *multiples* claim.

  83. Lloyd has been here for years. “Kenneth” just showed up, and coincidentally, Lloyd had not been around. Then, he’s back, and “they’re” complimenting “each other” on “their” use of multiple screen names in the last thread.

  84. Quick aside on the *hockey* front: Bad news on Buchnevich who was supposedly going to play in World Juniors

    @byndblueshirts #NYR prospect Pavel Buchnevich played 5 shifts for 4:09 in the 1st period & hasn’t taken a shift since. End of 2nd. #ohthatconcussion

  85. if you genuinely believe I’ve ever used another screen name or had any reason to, then you’re even dumber than Brandon Prust looks

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, I might not need that logo just yet. After going 0-1 in his first three games in Hamilton, Christian Thomas has now gone 2-5 in his next 5 to bring him to 2-6-8 in 8 games played.

  87. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    AV: “You could tell today, it was a relief for Hank to finally know for sure he’d be a New York Ranger for the rest of his career.”

    Whoa, I guess Hank’s contract also specifies that he must retire at age 38

  88. Some see things that aren’t there and say ‘Why?’ Others see things that are there and say ‘Why Not?’ We all go into the dark basement at midnight looking for a black cat that isn’t there.

  89. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    It’s lazy because it’s a maneuver to dismiss the many relevant arguments I have. Instead of discussing my arguments on their merits, you claim *multiples*.

  90. Flyers would have done 7 yrs and 63 easily 9 per year. Isles moving to Brooklyn would have loved hank. This had to be done.

  91. Lloyd Braun
    learn how to effectively manage multiple screen names
    December 3rd, 2013 at 5:14 PM

    Kenneth at clinchers of ’89Flames ’94Rangers ’96Avs
    That we do, Lloyd. We are masters of the multiples. (;
    December 3rd, 2013 at 5:16 PM

  92. Thinking about it some, Richter and Lundqvist are/were very similar type goalies… Both are/were very quick post to post in the crease, but Lundqvist doesn’t come out of his net like Richter did to cut down the shooters angle. So because Lundqvist plays deep in his net,
    he’s never(!) out of position on rebounds and one rarely see’s him flopping around having to scramble back to the net like I see so many other net minders having to do. But I think the only real difference between the two has to do with the era in which they played and how goalies were coached at the time.

  93. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Have we resulted to name-calling, Kenneth?_

    LMAO. You can’t irritate me.

  94. Lundqvist plays a style fairly similar to most goalies these days though he does play a bit deeper than most. That’s not a knock on him – he’s arguably a more efficient mover than Richter. But the way Mike Richter played, looking at goalies from his era and the present day, no one else has played like that.

  95. The Kreider seems lately to have regressed to his older form wandering in the D zone. Sup wit dat?

  96. Funny thing, people keep talking about cap world when the cap actually isn’t an issue. No is Hanks’ contract. Math?
    With expected ( and very conservative, because they predict better numbers) HRR increase 0f 7%, the cap will be at around $69M next year. And Hanks’ contract all but assures that they have to buy out Richards if you do the numbers.
    After that, it’s projected to be around $74M without counting the first impact of Rogers’ deal, could be extra $5M or $6M and will go higher each year for 12 years. We could be looking at $90M in 4-5 years. Unless they start signing players to $12M contracts routinely, *Cap is not an issue* Also, with that type of cushion, they can always buy someone out- I hope you’re not worried about Dolan’s money, because it will all it takes. Relax with using *cap world* term, will you?

  97. The buy out of Richards is the key. I’m not convinced Sather doesn’t bungle that somehow.

  98. Wonder if Richie will retire to stud or find himself an MDZ contract and try to revive his HOF quest.

  99. I know what you mean Lloyd… When I watch Rangers classic games on MSG for example, It seems so different from now how far the goalies would come out of the net to cut down the shooters angles.

  100. Lloyd, take a look at the cap. Sather has no choice, he has to buy him out. If that decision had to be made for 2015-2016 season, I would worry about it. Not next season.

  101. WTB?!?!?

    Staple reports that Slats talked to snow
    about MDZ
    guess he couldn’t pull tavares our way

  102. I would have to strongly consider Matt Martin, if offered for MDZ. at least that is who I would ask for.

  103. Latona, @ 2:15, makes perfect sense. I agree.

    Trying to think of the quintessential goalie moments in NYR history. Oddly my first choice is the Eddie, Eddie, Eddie game when Giacomin returned to MSG. Second would be Richter save on Bure PS. Don’t have that Hank moment just yet but glad he/we have seven more years to work on it.

  104. There is the possibility of trading Richards though. It would be essentially a 6 year deal worth 27 million for the new club which could be valuable for a team trying to stay near the cap floor as the cap hit is much larger than his yearly salary

    Obviously you’re not getting much back in return, but its not as if his contract is completely untradeable since he is producing well enough too.

  105. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Since when can Sather be relied upon to make the right decision?

  106. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    No chance any team would trade for Richards, pointless to even mention that as a possibility.

  107. I honestly cannot think of one other player in the NHL who is allowed to ineffectually float and play absolutely no D, like Richards does.

  108. “Impersonation” is hardly the greatest crime on this blog.

    Sycophantic prattle by those who focus on the very small picture of Ranger minutiae with the daily ritual of meaningless posting surely takes precedence!

    And carp, as to your earlier comment about who would replace Lundqvist utilizing the same amount of money.

    First the obvious, why just one player?

    Second, you never answered the question of whether you believe it was the correct decision given they’ve yet to win anything with him and are no better now than under either Renney or Tortorella, nor are their prospects!

    So how about a direct answer to a specific question for a change?

  109. One night, Richie will knock in two that bang off the GardenVision monitor, then hit the goalie in the back of the head, and the Canadian Press will say, ‘He’s baaaaaaaaack!’

  110. Manny, you said something last month that made me think. I agree. The rest of you, figure it out. :)

  111. Thanks *coos* and *Gravy* I feel like this is shaping up to be a real *brotherhood* now that *Sally* has abandoned us.

  112. Did *Lloyd* get an Avatar while I was at the gym?

    There was this Nordic dude there doing Butterflies with 125lb dumbbells. It was pretty unreal. The whole gym cheered.

  113. I really want to hear Henrik being asked how he likes money, and him saying that money has nothing to do with it.

  114. Thanks, SeeeDubbs, but if I’m getting *insulted* over blog *conversation*, well, then I’ve got bigger *problems*.

  115. I totally agree with something that someone said recently, but I totally can’t remember what it was.

  116. Glad I didn’t pick a screen name like *Brussel Sprouts* or *Broccoli* because everyone loves *gravy*.

  117. NO MAN LEFT BEHIND, ilb. I have to stay here until I round everyone up and move them to the *FRESH POST*

  118. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Honest question, can they just sit secretariat so he doesn’t get injured? I know his cap hit stays, but at least he doesn’t get hurt right?

  119. Rangers at Buffalo Thurs. night = opening Vegas line has the Rangers -165 Buffalo +145. Rangers should be -242, as they have just over a 70% chance of winning this game. Take the Rangers, laying $165 to win $265 gross = winning $100 net, they are a 27 per cent overlay.

    Wish Jersey would pay off the political hacks who are holding up the legalized sports book betting deal so that some of us could trek to Jersey or simply wager online, same as we can do for the Kentucky Derby, etc. Somehow, sports betting is not as noble as taking a plunge on a pony, unless you live in Nevada. And state and Power Ball lotteries getting legal sanction = no problem there, either. You wonder how some of these “public serpents” can look themselves in the mirror? Did they take “Influence Peddling 101” in college? They certainly flunked the “ethics” courses, though I doubt they are offered, anymore.

  120. leetchhalloffame on

    Should have used the $$ on Prust. Rangers on track for being first NHL team to lose every fight this year. FIRE SATHER.

  121. leetchhalloffame on

    Carp – Please. Unlike the wussy clowns this year’s team at least Prust had heart and won his share of bouts. He didn’t get thrown around like a rag doll either a la Boyle who with his size alone should be ashamed of himself.

  122. leetch, you don’t have to convince me how critical Prust was to that team’s success. I’ve kinda been saying that since the day the got him from Calgary.

  123. leetchhalloffame on

    Agree about Prust being a heart & soul guy. I’d ask them if I could but gee, let’s see, oh yeah I have no access to the players. While we’re on the subject Slats should never have gotten rid of Colton Orr. That mistake begot Brasheer, Shelly, Boogaard, Rupp and a tough-guy void that lives on today.

  124. Leetch – There is no “tough guy void” in this organization. The tough guy is just a short hop away. Why the Hell this GM is not addressing the glaring needs this team has for a Rocky Balboa-type, and a man who can put the puck in the net, talking Big Mac and Kristo, is way beyond me? What is this man waiting for – Pullout, MDZ and other bottom-feeders to turn their lives and hockey careers around?

    Don’t you just detest transparent “loyalty” when it is nothing more than coddling abysmal failure and the refusal to acknowledge errors in judgment?

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