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  1. Remember that time that our team completely gave up from the start of their PP at the end of the first period?

  2. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    It’s interesting to me that AV talks about their record all the time. “we’re just a .500 team”.

    Most other coaches talk about game to game. Win one, you think about the next.

  3. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Anyone notice that we seem to have a lot of trouble with this very average Winnipeg team that has some players with serious size, like Byfuglien? Anyone see Winniipeg turn it up when they realized they could manhandle us physically? Anyone have any doubt what happens, as we are slightly more skilled than them, if we make ourselves physically tough to play against?

    You can say all you want that size doesn’t matter, but this teams girly psyche is going to go bust if our brilliant GM doesn’t find a way to bring a few guys in that can defend the ‘skill’ players. Bring ’em up. Trade for them, whatever. You can’t subject your teams psyche to a whipping every night. Doesn’t’ work.

  4. We had one of the toughest teams ever assembled in 2011-2012. What the hell happened. It couldn’t all have been Prust.

  5. Prust, Dubinsky, Rupp, Bickel, avery for a while, Sauer for a while, Scott for a few games, plus guys who were difficult to play against — Fedotenko, Mitchell, even Eminger.

  6. Stranger Nation on

    .500 in Bestern much different than .500 Leastern

    El Zotto back to the Press Box

    Heavy needed – paging Mr. Bickel

    can we officially end the Pullout experiment?

    Richie moved to center when score was 2-2

  7. I wonder what would’ve happened that year if we would’ve added Nash right before the playoffs, and we had Sauer, and Cherepanov didn’t die, and Staal never got concussed and blinded, and this team wasn’t ETERNALLY CURSED!

  8. so there were lots of GM’s sharing Glen’s box? ouch!

    how embarrassing. especially if they were scouting DZ and Poulliot.

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