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1) Men vs. Boys. I am not 100 percent convinced the Rangers lost this game because of the way they were manhandled by the Bruins, but they were manhandled, and I am pretty certain that any best-of-seven series against a team like that is going to look like the five-gamer last spring … or worse. Despite that, they could have won this game with a slightly better effort, or if they’d gotten something out some of the many who did very little. And I’m not saying the guys on the ice are too soft or meek, I’m just saying that they don’t have the physical weapons. The Rangers, as constituted, will never be difficult for bigger teams to play. Whose fault is that?

nash and lucic2) Because they were menaced, especially guys like Ryan McDonagh, by Milan Lucic and Scott Thornton and even Brad Marchand, in this game. They were pummeled by Chara (give Brian Boyle credit for standing in there, because he can’t fight and he knows it). Heck, the Rangers didn’t have a guy in the lineup as tough as Gregory Campbell. This issue isn’t going away. There’s not a tough guy who could be put into this lineup and change all of that. There is not a quick fix to what’s lacking in that department. Two years ago, that was this team’s forte. What’s the opposite of forte?

3) Again, the Rangers could have won this game. The last time they played Boston, the Rangers were the better team because their speed caused the Bruins to make mistakes and turn over the puck in bad spots. That speed was negated to a large degree yesterday, and some of that was the Bruins’ physical play. Some of it also was the Bruins’ neutral-zone play and d-zone play. Meaning, their skill.

4) Meanwhile, many of the Rangers’ best players were nightmares in their own end and coming through the neutral zone (especially on the power play). Rick Nash and Brad Richards were awful defensively, even if Nash made that lucky skate stop while playing defense. The Rangers forwards MUST be better, especially since their D-men do so much pinching. That support can’t be so soft and/or clueless. Richards, IMO, played one of his worst games of the season. Scary bad.New York Rangers v Boston Bruins

5) He wasn’t alone. I thought Marc Staal struggled terribly. Ryan McDonagh was good in spots, and not-so-good in others, while he and partner Dan Girardi were hammered at every turn. Girardi had a tough day in spots, too. Anton Stralman wasn’t bad, but he got rag-dolled by Lucic on the GWG.

6) Henrik Lundqvist. First goal, no chance. Just a great pass by Chara and a one-time rocket by Marchand, though the Rangers can’t allow that pass to go through the zone that easily. Second goal, deflection in off Girardi, can’t blame him. Third goal, even though it’s Chara and the hardest shot in the league, well, that’s a save he needs. Really tough save and if he makes it it’s a great save. But his team has to have it.

7) Nash. Great individual effort on the goal. Tremendous work, and shot. You forgive his defensive deficiencies to a degree if he gives you that offense.

8) But a lot of other offensive players really didn’t do much at all. Derick Brassard was probably the best of them. Derek Stepan, Chris Kreider, Ryan Callahan, Carl Hagelin and to a lesser degree Mats Zuccarello, have to step up offensively. Have to. Again, maybe some of them were just overmatched physically? Or is this team’s skill really that thin?

New York Rangers v Boston Bruins9) Could NBC have possibly been worse? It spends a fortune on ads promoting this game for weeks, then gives zero pre-game, and in that first period there was so obviously a fracas breaking out, linesmen scurrying across the ice after a whistle, but NBC couldn’t get to its Black Friday ads quickly enough. Pay attention, dammit. Then, after showing a whole string of ads, instead of showing the ref explaining the penalties to Claude Julien, how about showing a replay of the fracas? How about showing what started it, how it transpired. Nothing. Awful. Embarrassing. But, hey, it’s a rivalry game. Why? Because they can sell that load of crap to a sponsor, that’s why.

10) Today is going to be interesting at the transformed Garden, with the two coaches of their former transformed teams. I thought if the Rangers had won today, it would definitely be an anti-Torts crowd. I still think he will be booed by a decent amount of the crowd there (some won’t have any idea who he is or was). Booing always drowns out cheering anyway, and people who boo are usually more emotionally invested in their opinion on a subject than those who cheer.

11) I think this game will have a load of significance for Alain Vigneault, too. Let’s not forget how he was given the boot after all that success up there in Vancouver.

chara12) And while I think there are a lot of folks who don’t like John Tortorella just because they don’t like him, there are also plenty who don’t like him for legitimate reasons. He sure did enough wrong in his time here, despite the fairy-tale 2011-12 season. But whatever you think of him, I’ll tell you one thing: If players really did go crying to Glen Sather that the coach was too tough for them last spring — and they would know who they are — today would be a good day to start showing up on a consistent basis for Tortorella’s replacement.

13) Lucic=Monster.

14) How many of those point shots, those uncontested three-pointers, would have gotten through last season?

15) So the trip goes 3-2, and after losing three of the previous four before the trip, I’d bet a lot of you would have signed for that. Still, I think the Rangers were outplayed in three of the games. You could probably argue three-plus.

16) Boston’s is another arena guilty of treating its customers like idiots. For one thing, they show no highlights or goals from the opponent between periods. So, though it was 2-1 Rangers, the second intermission highlights had it 1-0 Boston. Also, how about announcing the goals and penalties in a timely manner? How difficult is that? Why would you announce a penalty after 1:10 of it has already been killed off? Guess Boston is another one of those small markets like Sunrise.

***********************************New York Rangers v Boston Bruins
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Anton Stralman.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Brian Boyle.
Eddie, Eddie, Eddie’s Three Anti-Stars:

1. Marc Staal: whether it’s the eye, the brain trauma, or both, No. 18 is having a really bad season. Some games he isn’t so bad, but today’s game wasn’t one of them. He flat out stunk. And not just on the giveaway leading to their GWG. He is a shell of his former self.
2. Ritchie Rocket: good lord is this guy lousy. The NBC up high camera kept catching Richards, in his own end, standing still, barely shuffling his feet, looking around like he’d not a care in the world. Offensively, several no look passes to no teammate and that back hand wave of his needs to be retired.
3. Danny “own goal” Girardi: He scored another. Another non-quality performance from the D but at least the other five guys didn’t score for the Bruins.
Three positive stars: Brassard, Nash, Dom Moore.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Anton Stralman.

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  1. 3rd goal? Hank usually makes that save… he made lots of others,.

    Staal had a few rough moments. I have noticed that lately. Is it a trend? I fear it is.

    Zucc belongs.

    Boyle is trying… he is making some impact.

    Nash is making a difference… I saw some fire… never saw that before.

    Stepan is still a little slow, i don’t p;retend to know why.

    Callahan is not doing well. He has a few years resume, so it may be injury, but it’s not right.

    Kreider is doing OK. that stuff takes time……he will keep improving next year too. Give him time.

    McDonagh is by far the best defenseman. way underpaid, that is a deal there.

    Girardi looked so bad a few years ago… his resurgence evidently was just a blip;…he looks bad again

    I would re-sign him for a deal

  2. THN………………

    2) Coach Swap

    The New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks meet for the first time since the two organizations swapped coaches this past summer. Canucks coach John Tortorella has been slow to keep his team as high in the standings as they have been over the past few seasons, as they currently sit three points out of the Western Conference wild card.

    Rangers coach Alain Vigneault hasn’t done much better, but his team sits in the playoff picture due to a weaker Metropolitan Division

  3. I always try to find something to disagree with in your reviews Carp. just for fun. this one, I can’t, you nailed it. knocked the players that deserved it, and praised the few that deserved praise.

  4. What tomb said.

    But also, Boston doesn’t have any elite offensive skill. They are just an awesome team that plays like a *team* and just dominates their opponent. They are sometimes guilty of not showing up also. But not yesterday.

    Boyle needs to join Holtby is taking self defense courses.

  5. Been reading here daily for yrs, seriously Carp, this has to be one of the best game reviews you’ve ever written.

    I know Staal said not to blame the eye but it’s the eye. I think he is finished as an elite defenseman, at best will be a good 3rd pair d-man due to his hockey sense. He’s been getting burned regularly by forwards, doesn’t receive passes well and he’s getting beaten often on his left side, which is his good eye. It’s a shame has deteriorated so much.

    Against a team like the Bruins, the Rangers just have to use the size they have. Kreider should have drilled Lucic once or twice (good job by Falk). You’re telling me that the Rangers let Krug get on McDonagh? That’s a joke.

    I liked Torts but his act wore thin, I hope the Rangers come out with fire. I predict a win today.

  6. Mic drop. Incredible review, Carp; perhaps your best ever. I can speak for everyone here that we look forward to these, win or lose.

  7. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I always try to find something to disagree with in your reviews Carp. just for fun. this one, I can’t, you nailed it._

    Identical feelings.

  8. Carp…

    number 3…

    not only is it wrong, it contradicts itself..

    other than that…;.

    you are slipping…:)

  9. Carp is getting a LOT of love today. Deservedly so, but we don’t want to compliment him too much lest he get soft. Need to keep him stiff and full of Jam.

  10. I really thought that, at 2-1, they just had to ride it out and get into OT. I would have been thrilled.

    Making it worse was that my brother, who is a die-hard / blow-hard for all things Boston, was here referring to it as a “3rd Quarter” comeback and “look at how they move the ball up the court!”

  11. “…and they would know who they are—today would be a good day to start showing up on a consistent basis for Tortorella’s replacement…”

    Nailed it. AV is crap compared to Torts, but the real failure is letting the inmates take over the asylum. Firing Torts was a colossal mistake. Tort’s team had an identity, and he had the players playing to their strengths. AV had much more talented team in Vancouver and couldn’t win a Cup. Who the heck thought he would do it here with a worse GM, an worse owner, and much worse players?

  12. Amen. Actually, funny story. My brother is about 6 years older than me. So, the game starts and he decides his two poorly behaved kids need to nap. He tells me “don’t get all loud and wake up the kids.” And Mrs. Manny says, “your kids woke US up at 6:45 AM. So….” and I am like, “your son needs to toughen up and stop crying. Might do him some good to see a hockey game.”


    My brother comes over and tries to kick me in the head (he used to dominate me) but I catch his foot and twist and he COMPLETELY falls over, bangs his head and drops his plate of food.


  13. I’ll say it again: Bickel should be up here as the 13th Forward. He would have loosened up Lucic’s teeth yesterday. He’s not going to become a GREAT player. But he’s a terrific role player.

  14. Sather Must Go! on

    Obv all year this team wasn’t well constructed…two open spots taken by Dom Moore and pouliot, on a team that was in desperate need of grit/toughness… I am not for goons, but if a team ever needed one..

    I’m actually happy dorsett was out, cuz he would have fought one of their big three and lost…Pyatt ought to be ashamed of himself

  15. I am not knocking Boyle but I thought it was funny how Boyle went down at the beginning of the Chara fight and was going to stay down, so Chara stopped punching him and when Boyle stood up Chara hit him again since no refs got involved.

    This is when I miss Purst!….Prust saying.

  16. Rarely will you see a young, talented team in professional sports that needs to be rebuilt, but this team has some young, defective parts that really need to be upgraded. It starts with MDZ; and Staal is right there, a former integral part of this team who, we must admit, did not make it all the way back from trauma and injury.

    In the mid-range age bracket, Richards – a glaring Sather mistake to bring back for another year of over-paid, default-attitude detachment; and Girardi, a real trooper for years, who’s useful/productive time has come and gone, need to be marginalized.

    Why the hell this team even bothered with bringing in journeymen like Pouliot, Pyatt, and Dom Moore is not a mystery. It was for the purpose of keeping kids like Miller down on the farm because this team philosophy is cowardly when it comes to going through growing pains at the NHL-level with decent prospects, so that can develop beyond being more than just fringe NHL-AHL spare parts. Hell, Gordie Howe took three years of steady NHL play before he blossomed into: Gordie Howe.

    I do not see this team being capable of amassing 81 regular season points, this year.

    Hope I’m wrong but, instead, I am seeing a mini-collapse of the entire structure until new, young, vigorous, visionary blood takes over the organization’s front office operation. Look for a desperation, short-term patching trade or two from the buffoon at the top, as he continues to pretend this team is just the acquisition of a veteran body or two from serious Stanley Cup contention. The reality is this House of Cards has no foundation.

  17. My favorite part of the Boyle/Chara fight was how he had *one glove* on throughout 70% of the fight.

  18. A couple of years back…I told my Btown friend he was going to love Bobby V managing his beloved Sawx….he told me the same thing about Benoit Pouliot…we are even…esp if this leads to a Stanley Cup….in the immortal words of FRANCOIS DELUMBRIOWSKI…..

  19. Found this post over at Hockeyfights.Com and, man, other fans are suffering like we are:

    Posted by *Behn Wilson* on Nov 24, 2013 at 1:46 PM agree disagree
    Neil continues his one man campaign
    slash farewell tour
    to brawl every part-time fighter in the league…

    and recovers well from the “Stoner incident”
    by easily handling the willing but unable Smith

    And on that note…
    EGodard49 recently pointed me in the direction
    of one Brett Gallant
    who continues to toil away in the minors
    unappreciated by the Islanders organization

    As a die-hard Wings’ fan
    who has loyally put up with decades of zero toughness…

    At this point
    I’m basically begging management to at least take a look
    before someone else gets seriously hurt
    trying to be something that they’re not

    Remembering that it was as much the “Bruise Bothers”
    as it was Stevie Y’s leadership…
    that helped to end “the Dead Things” era

    Oh… and a real goalie would be a nice Christmas present too


    Here is a link to the fight where Neil used Smith as a sack of potatoes and human organs that he punched: http://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/120045

  20. Awesome post, Robbie. Good point about this organization being cowardly about letting youngsters develop. Although, I thought Tort did a pretty good job with McDonagh, Stepan, John Moore even.

  21. Sather Must Go! on

    No depth in the system and nothing from last yrs draft…

    Dom Moore is still the (recent) signing that kills me…did they think they were skilled/ tough enuff to bring him on a one-way deal and he was the missing piece to the Cup? I know he isn’t the real prob, it’s just representative of
    Sather’s inability as GM-the real problem

  22. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Carpy, absolutely spot on, dead on, seeing it through the right binoculars, 100000% correctamente review!!!!!!!!!!!!

    None of your points can be debated, just perhaps, embellished.


  23. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    It’s not like the physical effort wasn’t there. After all, who WANTS to get beaten up?? But when you are SO overmatched as a team, as we are against any of the 6-8 teams in the NHL of size, HOW DOES SATHER THINK WE CAN COMPETE????

    And the fact that we HAD that ‘team toughness’ for the FIRST time since 1994, and he BLEW it, LOST it, TRADED it, LET IT SLIP AWAY, is despicable.

    IS he a ‘PLANT’ from another team, the league, to never, ever let the NYR be a top flight team????

    Pathetic direction, Pathetic GM.


  24. Raymond from Latta on

    For all the noise about Richards’ bounce back? If you project his offensive numbers over 48 games, to say nothing of 82? Scary how similar they are
    to last year’s totals.

    So yeah he’s been better (at least until recently) but that is starting to seem like really small beer.

  25. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Do you really mean Cally, Hags, Zucc’s, Richard Rag Doll, Girardi, MacD, Strahlman, Brassard, Dom. Moore, even Nash and Boyle (despite their size) CAN’T play against the BIG BOYS????

    Gee, who knew????? How could a poor GM tell?????

    Well, if I were Boyle and I got badly hurt yesterday, I would SUE THE GM. He left them out there unable to defend themselves.

  26. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Dave Maloney, at second intermission, said something about now that they were fortunate enough to have the lead, for the 3rd, the first 5-7 minutes were the key. And our boys had to put on “THEIR BIG BOY BOOTS” if they intend to win.

    HA!! HA!! HA!!

    I feel sorry for them. It’s not their fault. They are a bunch of really nice guys and they are, for the most part, trying their hardest.

  27. Thanks, Manny. Others, including yourself, are better informed re specifics, I just enjoy trying to keep the general overview in perspective.

  28. Sather Must Go! on

    Of course you can have smaller skill guys, but there needs to be a balance… In the rangers case,our bigger guys really don’t provide that toughness..

  29. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    SATHER: “Well, let’s see. It was Ron Low’s fault. Nope, nope, it was Bryan Trottier’s fault. That no good lousy coach. I had to take over from him, he killed my brilliantly put together team.”

    JIMMY: “Yes, Uncle Glennie??”

    SATHER: “Then, Renney, my bad. My bad. He ruined my well crafted team…”

    JIMMY: “Yes, Uncle Glennie??”

    SATHER: “Well, then I thought Torts would turn things around. We HAD a championship constructed team. That’s all I’ll tell ya. They should have gone and won the cup and in 2012, all he does is get a few rounds and lose to my favorite east…uh…to the Devils”. “So, I got rid of him, too. What’d he know?”

    JIMMY: “Gee, you’re the best, Uncle Glennie. So now you bring in another great coach after all these guys RUIN your teams? I hope you don’t end up firing him, too. WE WILL WIN THE CUP THIS YEAR, right??”

    SATHER: “We should, Jimmy. We should.”

  30. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Sather Must Go!, this team has been lacking balance in many directions in every corner of the ice. Except goaltending.

    Lack of size, grit, balanced shooting sides, finishing, point shots, point players, you name it. We got a bunch of names that sound good to a know-nothing fan. Yay!!!

    If it were a building, it would collapse.
    If it were a house of cards, it would blow away.

  31. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Pimp, all I know is THE Kreider scores 4 today. Man, he has something to prove to his ex-coach.

    Final score: 8-1.

  32. MATTY,

    I second that prediction. And 4 only because the score gets out of hand by the second and he’s taken out in order to keep him fresh for the next game.

  33. On way to the train station to head in for the game with my brother. We have a helluva unbeaten streak the last three years in games attended together. I hope it continues today. Let’s Go Rangers!!! RIGGED!!!

  34. Rob in Beantown on

    Awesome review as always Carp. I always look forward to your insights the morning after game and you never ever disappoint.

    Once again, due to wedding planning, no game for me this afternoon. :( I tried to explain why my help wasn’t needed this afternoon, but you can just imagine how well that went over. So I’ll be looking at flowers and checking my phone for score updates.

    Let’s go Rangers!! And to a lesser degree let’s go Torts

  35. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    And for anyone wondering, The ‘MALE EGO’ is alive and well in other NHL locker rooms today. Not in NY. And when a team REALIZES it can’t defend itself, it has a hard time in ANY game where they are physically pressured. At the first sign of torment, there is a greater likelihood they will succumb.

    Take a look at the tapes. MacD, Girardi, Strahlman, Stahl, Richards, Nash, their body language saying “no mas, no mas” by the mid point of the 3rd.

    Point #1, Carp is the indictment on the GM. How could he do this to his team?? How could he NOT know this would happen??

  36. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Yea Papa, with glue!! Perhaps it stays together. Not as constituted here, however.

  37. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    There are so many guys with SO much to prove today. On the top of the list:

    ** The Kreider

    ** Richie Rich, The Rocket

    ** Zuccarello


    It will be interesting to see how our girls respond.

  38. Up from MD heading in with my kid. Yea Torts! Not optimistic . Going to the Fri 12/27 at Verizon though. Optimistic there

  39. Rob in Beantown on

    Fun fact: the Rangers are one of two teams in the league without a Bettman bonus point. Colorado is the other

  40. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    I am heading in to MSG in a little while. Again, I hope MSG is smarter than Carp is willing to predict and gives a warm greeting to the one coach in Slather’s tenure that overcame the crap he was handed by the GM. Considering the deficiencies, he came pretty darn close, Torts did.

    That’s why I will be standing there, probably alone, giving him his due.

  41. starting to remind me of the 08-09 squad that was less than thrilling to watch. no identity. nothing they do particularly well. nothing they’ll be able to accomplish with their current make up.

  42. Stranger Nation on

    That Richards received a primary assist on Nash’s goal is all you really need to see to realize how stupidly these are handed out.

    For an example of a real primary assist, review the McD goal when Brassard has the VISION to find McD coming down and places pass on the tape.

    Please do not lump Nash in with Richards when discussing Defense. Granted Nash did not play his best D, but Richards cannot, I mean, CANNOT play center anymore. He is a liability. If AV pushes him down the roster, at least Bucky will know if isn’t personal and go crying to mngt.

    How this guy has any say or sway in the locker room or with mngt if the reason we are where we are. Shut your mouth Richards, if you can…

  43. The newly renovated Gahden seems to be inspiring the occupants to new and greater heights this season….the KaNicks more so than the Rangers.

  44. It might just be day 3 of the Turkey and stuffing breakfast talking here, but I’m kind of hoping for an overhaul. Maybe they can go on like a nice 18 game losing streak and Sather can trade Nash Staal and Brassard then buy out Richards. CMON POOKIE! LET’S TEAR THIS SUCKA DOWN!

  45. “How many of those point shots, those uncontested three-pointers, would have gotten through last season?”

    Basically all of them did in the playoffs last year.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – Knicks and Rangers have two common threads; arena and owner – too bad we can transform the other

  47. Carp, the picture of Boyle up there ^ is priceless.

    if Every Picture Tells a Story, I’d sure like to hear this one.

  48. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Disappointed in Nash and his lack of ability to take over a game. He may need more time off of his injury, but we have been forced to use that excuse too much, already, with him. He is NOT the force I expected.

  49. Lats, Strange…. In putting this years team together, management and ownership must have blacked out the Boston series last year, or placed 100 % of the responsibility for the Bruin Crush on Torts.

  50. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    And, Papa, they had good reason, of course. You see, the guy that was oft-concussed, you know that great player that was going to put us “over the top” last year (because we were SO close), you know, the guy worth 3 draft picks that was dropped like a lead balloon by the now best team in the league, you know who I am talking about……..surprise, he was hurt and didn’t play.

    Excuse #4535, but they have probably convinced themselves that stroke of “bad luck” is the reason we lost to Boston.


  51. Richards defensive strategy is blatant.

    Let the other guys challenge for and/or retrieve the puck, I’ll wait here and wait for the breakout. (here meaning anywhere on the ice insignificant to the moment or task at hand.)

  52. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Papa @ 11:06, of course, aside from Clowe’s injury, the ‘other reason’ we lost to Boston, was Torts’ ‘mishandling’ of Rocket Richards. Right? What bad decisions he made. To think Richie Rocket belonged anywhere but on line 1 as center? Man, Torts should have been fired for that. Oh, wait, he was!!

    Too bad the next coach has already found the guy is a waste of space, too.

    But, this signing was NOT Uncle Glennie’s fault. Nope, he’s doing a great job.

  53. Any head coach worth his salt when facing a “big” game with the Rangers will try to play tough with everyone else, and especially target and wear down McDonagh and Nash – and Mission Accomplished.

  54. The overhead panoramic camera shots during yesterday’s game were all one needs to learn about Richards commitment to the team.

    And I love all the recent blog references recently to his point totals in defense (no pun intended) of his play. Very persuasive.

  55. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Well, Papa, if he goes down low on ‘d’, he is so slow he can’t recover up ice.

    I think the latter is more the issue and he is doing everything to look ‘not so bad’ for his next contract, hopefully next year.

    “Gee, I have 60 points. See what a great player I am?” (doesn’t matter what bs first and second assists were handed to him and that half of his goals, already this year, were ‘lucky’).

    And, hopefully, there is one sucker that pays him, like there is in Florida, for example, that is willing to pay Gomez.

  56. Going to have the two coaches’ audio and maybe some video after their noon pressers. Will put up pre-game notes before that.

  57. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Most GM’s watch a player play, send scouts to ensure what is on paper is the real deal.

    Sather chomps his cigar twice, clicks his heals, goes to the bathroom three times, and decides.

  58. Nash does make his mistakes on D, but those mistakes are mistakes of ardor, thus infinitely more forgivable than Richie’s constant mistakes of pusillanimous nonchalance.

  59. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Carp, Torts is doing his usual downplaying. You know darn well, his team knows he means business today. If the Twins look like they’re on steroids, I wouldn’t doubt it. He wants this. Despite what he says.

  60. Ricahrds is playing like a salty vet in a Men’s League who tells the new additions back from college and added to the roster,

    “when you get the puck on the breakout, look for me on the other side of the red-line but don’t lead me with the pass, try to put it on my tape.”

  61. Seems that Richie has survived floating here for so long is that Sather has given us no real offensive alternative. They pray for goals like Okies prayed for rain on the Dustbowl.

  62. “pusillanimous nonchalance”……priceless, Coos. I hope these Boneheads appreciate your clever pen ( keyboard).

    “Honey, how was your day?”

    “Pretty cool. I went to the Blog and a Creative Writing class broke-out.”

  63. Matty Boy is en fuego!

    Sometimes I wonder too if Sather is a double agent. How is it that a team which doesn’t have a home grown goal scorer never drafts a guy in the 1st round whose upside is sniper?

  64. How Richie could be mad at Torts strains belief. He was the ONE and only skater allowed to play day in and day out the way he consistently did. He must be delusional.

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “roll up the windows, I still can’t reach the button and the stench of the city is disgusting”

  66. 2010 they draft McIlrath and Overrated Gordie says, we drafted him based on need. Ok, then why take Miller the following year? Did we need another tweener? Why take Skjei in 2012? Did we need another left handed puck moving D? No, we need goalscorers! Just doesn’t make any sense.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    So my wife’s cat is dying and therefore I can’t go to the game. My brother couldn’t find anyone to go with him on such short notice, so I need to sell the tickets quickly. They’re two tickets with a face value of $160 total, but since this is such short notice, I’ll let them go for $80.

    E-mail me ASAP at dmachetto@yahoo.com if you’re interested.

  68. Torts to Sedin twins: “I know this town like Pete Hamill. Want me to show you around after the game, waft a few beers?”

    “Uh, we have a scrabble game scheduled.”

  69. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Coos @ 11:37am……priceless!! Vibin’

    But the Canadian guys, they saw it a different way. Torts ‘mishandled’ the guy. Honest, he did.

  70. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Obliteron @ 11:37am…….da man speaketh the truth.

    Never was there a stupider run organization than the NYR’s under Uncle Glensome.

    Except, perhaps the New York Knicks, currently.

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said a thousand times….Death is the cruelest of all ironies….

    Doodie – as you are finding out, pets are like children to many people…..tell your wife I’m sorry for her impending loss….

  72. I went back to the tape for another look at the Chara – Boyle slugfest.

    While admittedly I’m not a great reader of lips, I thought I saw Chara singing over the falling Boyle before he let him back up to knock him down again….

    “Let’s go, Let’s go, Let’s go, Let’s go, i’ll take you down to Juniors Farm.”

  73. On my third and final review of the Boyle / Chara slugfest, again tough to be clear on the lip reading due to the poor NBC camera angle and Chara’s thick accent, but Chara may have been singing to the prone Boyle:

    “Little rag doll, such a pretty face should be dressed in lace
    Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh”

  74. “We are too big, and not skilled or fast enough to win”
    oh…. wait. “We are too small and fast, we need to be bigger”.

    Hmmm.. maybe the effort is the problem.

  75. 4th time through the fight tape, it may have been: “Can’t you hear me knocking”

    With Boyle responding yelling to his on ice teammates: “Help me baby, I ain’t no stranger!”

  76. Teammates were heard singing back to Boyle while he called for their intervention in a wonderfully harmonized chorus:

    “when I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom. Let It Be.

  77. Matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties!!"Boy on

    Papa, I have been searching my mind for “the answer”. “The answer” for this undersized, can’t defend itself inside a brown paper bag, lack of finish, .500 team is:

    Jesper Fast

    Bring up another 165 pounder, Uncle Glennie!! OUR SAVIOR!!!

  78. If Pete Townshend can pen an opus rock opera about Pinball…….

    Why not an Rock Opera about the New York Rangers NHL Hockey franchise.

  79. You’re absolutely killing it, Matty. Wow.

    I do however blame Boyle. He is huge and he didn’t even take one glove off! *ONE GLOVE*. He’s like Michael Jackson

  80. I want a heavyweight forward who can skate, hit, forecheck, fight and keep the other team honest.

    I’ll take two of those. players who can step in quickly to intercede on behalf of a teammates who are non-combatants, so a player like Boyle won’t have to “embarrass” himself out there.

    Bonus points if one or both play Center, so Richards also won’t have to “embarrass” himself anymore.

  81. “I want a heavyweight forward who can skate, hit, forecheck, fight and keep the other team honest. ”

    As I’ve been saying for several years now, EVANDER KANE!

  82. …wording lessons or not,
    and all this negative stinking, hateful, ugly personal and merciless carsillo, after a dissent, normal and close game against very good, admittedly tough team on their turf?? What a shame! What really sucks – is that kind of fandom on this The Worst Blog on the internets.

  83. Brad Richards is a Lady Byng winner (and runner-up), a player who is all about imagination. Why anyone here expects him to be otherwise escapes me. He has no size and speed, never has, and his defense and shot have regressed as he ages, no surprise there. That he has managed to have such a good season to date is the real surprise, yesterday’s crap game notwithstanding. He is not the problem with this team.

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