It’s Go Time! … Canucks at Rangers


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Canucks at Rangers.


This game is all about the Trading Places coaches, John Tortorella and Alain Vigneault, but for the Rangers, this is a pretty big game.

They finished a 3-2 road trip Friday, and it had a pretty ugly ending in a 3-2 loss in Boston. In fact, they were outplayed in at least three of the games on the trip.

As for the coaches, you have to wonder, would both of them, and their teams, have been better off if they’d stayed put?

The Rangers begin a two-game homestand and, with the worst part of their schedule over, will play 11 of the next 12 at home.

Just about a third of the way through the season, they sit at .500.

Cam Talbot gets his first start on home ice. Michael Del Zotto and Derek Dorsett return to the lineup, replacing John Moore and Taylor Pyatt, both of whom will be prucha’d.


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  1. And after welcoming Torts back, let’s go and luck their butts on their way to Carolina.

    Carp, I suspect that it would’ve been better for everyone if they both stayed put. We shall see though.

  2. I expect nothing short of a continuation of the pre-season in game in Vancouver where the Rangers got dominated by a tougher, more skilled Canucks team…except this time, it’s at the World’s Most Overrated Arena…

  3. Stranger Nation on

    J Moore – their most effective D man after McD IMHO?

    Should have sat Staal – he is adysmal these last few

  4. Stranger Nation on

    Statement being made:

    That statement is: We are a average middling team that can beat the dregs, but have not enough horses to ride with the big boys.

  5. I don’t understand John Moore sitting down in favor of MDZ. He’s been pretty effectve at the point on the PP…more so than Del Zaster. So help me if MDZ is on the point during the first PP…

  6. _Rangers got dominated by a tougher, more skilled Canucks team_

    Oh so you admit that the Nucks are more skilled than us? And yet, their record isn’t much better than ours… lost 7 of the last 9 games, too


  7. Moore is one-dimensional: great speed. Not much of a passer, not a great in-zone presence. Guessing AV wants DelZ’s stretch-passing in there. Could be top-secret injuries for Moore and Pyatt as well, who knows

  8. Stranger Nation on

    El Zotto is a great passer…remember that time 4 seasons ago when he connected with one of them?

  9. “I can’t remember a coach whose team made the playoffs 4 out of 5 seasons, and got fired after getting his team to the second round in previous year.” Neil Smith

  10. Wish McD was paired with Stralman as the top shutdown pair. The trickle-down effect and having Girardi with Staal might not be such a good idea though

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Net-net; we have three forwards in top 9 (Bucky, Pullout, MZA) who do not warrant top 6 minutes.

  12. Moore down? Pure speculation but maybe its message time? They know he can throw them yet he chose not to yesterday while the team was manhandled.

    Just a thought. Or maybe he is injured? Can’t be based on play?

  13. I almost hope McDonuts doesn’t go to the Olympics but will enjoy watching him there. If the overworked kid lasts into deep playoffs, he is truly a monster.

  14. Every time I see the “Ramsey” bud light commercial I think of Eric and that is how he is during ranger games.

  15. Fat guy in the Delta Suite on

    This delta suite can’t hold me
    I’m doing damage up in here
    LGR! Don’t suck today!

  16. ThisYearsModel on

    Glad we traded coaches with Vancouver. Hopefully, we can get a decent effort out of the boys today, not like the Boston Surrender.

  17. Welcome back Torts. 3rd all time in wins as rangers coach and some of you can’t stand him. Strange times.


  18. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Rick Nash will score 0 goals, and people will want Nash traded for Pacioretty, to save cap space.

  19. _Watch a real PP at work here_

    Canucks – 27th ranked PP

    Rangers – 18th ranked PP


  20. Neither the ice or the skating, Callyman. its Bad blades, blame Rammer and the equipment guys, bad sharpening.

  21. CCCP, some of my comments were tongue-in-cheek. Obviously, the Canucks PP is one of the biggest disappointments in the NHL…but with that talent they should be top 5, no? Sully? WTB are they doing with that PP?

    They doesn’t have the same excuse for a poor PP as they had in NYC. They have the personnel in Vancouver.

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Norm – actually stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberry

    Sorry I don’t like your Richards kool aid

  23. DelZaster intentionally playing bad because he doesn’t want to get traded to play for Torts again.

  24. I couldn’t get the number of the played Torts was chewing out after Krieder’s goal? Anyone get it? Or should I just look in the transactions tomorrow?

  25. Fat guy in the delta suite on

    Torts just jumped across giannone into the rangers bench and shoved AV into the Vancouver bench

    He said “what, who quit? That? I was kidding!”

  26. Nash tips to Kreider, Kreider tips to net and Richie Rich gets the assist? Who’s scoring, Montreal Press?

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Kreider happy to be playing with Nasher – kid may net 30 if they keep those two together.

  28. #4 totally lost on D. 4 Rangers against the far wall, he actually joins them, leaving two Canucks wandering alone in front of our net.

  29. Sorry, But talbot looks much better than lundqvist. Lundqvist falls over way to quick, gives up terrible rebounds, doesn’t have great positioning, and isn’t big. Talbot is more affective with a lot less energy.

  30. Didn’t even realize that Tostitos was on the ice for that first goal. And I’m pretty sure it was Edler who caught Torts’ wrath … it was a D-man with a 2 on his shoulder, I thought, and Edler was the only one of those on ice for the goal. Unless Torts was yelling at somebody else for no reason at all.

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – MSG actually showed Torts going ballistic on Edler after the play and mentioned he never got back in game.
    Torts had 12 veins popping out of his head. EMS standing by…

  32. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    A crazed Torts brings back so many bad ranger moments… he adds fuel to the fire.

    Now for sather to be shown the EXIT

  33. Torts was saying “5” something – I think it meant they’d be using a 5-d rotation and Edler was benched for the rest of the period

  34. Stranger Nation on

    Pap – that is funny, where be the pimp – riding the UHaul up to DC?

    Coos – from your lips to AV’;s ears

    Ex3 – Beer me!

  35. Poor DeLZaster, whatever confidence the Kid may have had, its in the crapper now.

    Hate to see that.

  36. How dare that official scorer not support Cooscoos’ Richards-hatin’? Take that assist away. And all second assists for all players, whatever it takes. And now to settle in and list each Richards error for the rest of the game, one by one. Go, Other Rangers!

  37. Stranger Nation on

    Pap – saw that on replay – didin’t look healthy; Nasher bent over and Nucks players finished his check with his hip near Nash’s head.

  38. I think if I played for Torts and he showed me up like that for a mistake, I would be so stupid as to plow him and forfeit my 3 million.

  39. So I’m in Connecticut where apparently they don’t get the NHL Network? Is this true? Although I still get to hear the sweet sound of Dave Maloney.

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Fast food speaker – “may I take your order?”

    Torts – “******* order something for me, she ******* hear me from back here”

  41. “Short fuse” Tortorella strikes again! 2 deflections, Luongo couldn’t have saved and he’s yanked?

  42. I get so mad when I have to listen to the games and then I remember how unbelievable Kenny Albert and Dave Maloney are!

  43. I’m like the guy in the bud commercial .. I go downstairs & the boys score! I’ll check back in at 6pm!

  44. Manny I’m with you I’m enjoying this radio broadcast a lot more than any game Sam and joe have ever called

  45. e3 never ceases to amaze me as he spits his sick beats that are so trusty. Now someone tell me..where’s Musky?!

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kreider, don’t ride her, it’s wider, and tighter, don’t bite her, good nighter, Apple cider, we tried her, I’m lighter


  47. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Carp, you are on fire on Twitter today.

    Del Zotto witht he Power Play goal!

  48. Cally made that goal happen, but kudos to DelZ. He needed that more than words can say. Now, play some D, kid.

  49. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “get me to the ******* airport before I shove my ******* foot up your ******* behind”

  50. 4generations 4 cups on

    you guys should really go check out the canucks’ facebook page cause the amount of stupid fairweather fans riding luongos ass about not stopping impossible goals is ridiculous. you think rangers fans are all “game over, season over” you havent read these comments for sure.

  51. Boyle still hearing faintly the gruff voice of Chara singing to him,,,”hit me with your best shot, fire away”!

  52. Some competition can only be good for Hank. Maybe serve as motivation to play better? And just as I say that Talbot lets one in. Of course

  53. @PaigeLewisFL Booth just scored. David Booth just scored in back-to-back Canucks games. David Booth.

  54. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Its nice to see all” the little engines that couldn”t” beat tort’s like a Pinada

  55. Had an old prof once who told me his aged Italian father had a fridge in the basement solely for beer and it kept running admirably through 4 ‘modern’ kitchen refrigerators.

  56. Miss the old back to back home and home series from days gone by. Saw some feisty games in those days.

  57. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Talbot plays the puck instead the puck playing him. plays the angle VG.. little rebounds
    Hank has the contract and maybe olympics on his mind.. somewhat dramatic goaltending instead of relaxing.. let’s develop Talbot.. incase Hank bolts ..
    hank is not be all end all .. you need consitency not greatness in goal to win cup

  58. Richie goes to Dentist’s office and sits in chair. Looks at equipment across room for his monthly cleaning: pick axe, garden hose, chainsaw, & 2 gallons Clorox bleach.

  59. Let’s put this one away and try to get a few moreover .500. The schedule isn’t that difficult during the first half of December.

  60. @rangersreport

    Rangers have lost only 1 of last 102 games they led after two periods. They have also lost one of those in a row.

  61. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Get out of our house, Torts. We now have a power play. You and Sully are no longer welcome.

  62. That’s how you respond when the opposing coach decides to put his 4th line against our #1 to goon it up!

  63. Kreider for Calder!!!

    Deep down inside, do you think he has something to prove to Torts…… just a little bit?

  64. Fat guy in the delta suite on

    Kreisler ruining torts’ Hanukkah

    If Boyle wasn’t tall he’d be collecting trash in worcester

  65. If Torts was still coaching the Rangers, Kreider wouldn’t have the hat trick. He would be nailed to the bench for that tripping penalty.

  66. Rob in Beantown on

    Rangers need a bigger guy who can fight so Dorsett doesn’t _have_ to get pounded _every_ game

  67. You may be right, Orr. But, Kreider is really making a name for himself now and you never know. I think he’s on the bubble with other guys. I’d love to see him and Stepan both make it but don’t see it happening this time around…

  68. Good afternoon all! Ya baby! Kind of takes the dirt off from Thursday….just got home from train from Fuzzy….happy news to arrive to….

  69. Two little guy heavy weights. George McPhee and Tie Domi.

    Yoo enemy little guy heavy weights. Stan Jonathan and Gary Howit.

  70. @SportsnetSpec

    “I am going to coach this game, hopefully kick their ass and get outta here,” Tortorella. Two out of three. Not bad.

  71. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    TOR-TO-RELLA. Squirt fans with water and get yourself suspended, Torts.

  72. Poile said he was watching Kreider – if he was watching tonight that pencil just got a lot darker

  73. This game couldn’t be scripted better! THE Kreider with a HUGE middle finger to Torts!

    Can’t wait to hear Torts’ postgame!

  74. Lol, Carp. I think it will hurt Carolina’s playoff position tomorrow too. I see Vancouver eating them up alive tomorrow after today’s debacle.

  75. I know this may sound hypocritical,but now I must briefly revert to Go BU!!! Red Hot Hockey, oh I wish I was there!….Terriers, kill the stupid upstate Bears!!!! Arf!

  76. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Not Talbot’s fault. Bad defensive coverage. Defensive miscues.

  77. Even with that goal, it’s extremely tough to argue with how well Talbot’s been playing so far. It’ll be very interesting to see if his playing time increases so we can ride his hot streak out

  78. Kreider better watch out for Bieksa next shift. Bieksa told him he’d be looking for him when he skated by the penalty box.

  79. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Talbot is amazing. 2 meaningless goals against. Neither his fault.

  80. boxcareddiehospodar on

    sooner or later boyle will get tired of getting his a$$ beat in and he will learn to fight.

    call nick fotiu or joey kocur.

  81. Awesome win. Talbot solid, The Kreider with the hattie and 1st star, scoring 2 PP goals against the best PK, beating Torts…definitely couldn’t have written it any better than that!

  82. Stranger Nation on

    Orr – agree; Assham is needed, Pullout on 4th line is waste. Pullout on any line is a waste

  83. Man…you guys have to give Boyle credit for not backing down…How many guys accept a challenge against Chara and/or Bieksa?

    Yes, it would be great if he could fight effectively but that doesn’t mean he isn’t tough. He held his own.

  84. Some guys cant learn how to fight. Impossible. They just can’t stay on their edge of the blades and fight.

    Boyle is one of them. He might be the toughest SOB in a bar, but he’ll never be a fighter on the ice. Never.

  85. boxcareddiehospodar on

    18:26 richards
    18:09 stephan
    17:21 callahan
    16:39 moore
    15:58 zuccs
    15:54 nash
    15:14 brassard
    14.31 kreider
    13:53 hagelin
    12:31 boyle
    9:31 dorsett
    8:58 poulin

    Hmm the top six ice time are our 6 best players?
    Cmon AV you can’t be that dumb!!!

  86. Watching the postgame purely to see Torts’ postgame press conference. Entertaining as always, and it definitely beats the heck out of AV’s gum chewing

  87. Orr!!! Totally agree about Asham, guy can also play hockey for a 4th liner. Why Asham isn’t here is mind boggling. Sather better do something soon or else teams are going to run the rangers over. Can’t depend on Dorsett.

  88. Didn’t you guys see “Youngblood”? Even Rob Lowe can learn to fight!

    Send Boyle to the farm for a week with Eric Nesterenko.

  89. good for MDZ. I have no problem with scratching Moore for Mdz. the Rangers need MDZ to either find his game, or increase his trade value. can’t do that from press box. not saying Moore deserved to be scratched. by the way.

  90. Orr, no doubt, sather better do something soon, teams are going to go after the rangers better players. The rangers are way to soft.

  91. Bull dog, I agree. But if they are trying to increase his value, shouldn’t they move DelZ to his natural left D position?

  92. Our D, though talented, is sooooft in front of their net. That’s why Falk, maybe the least talented of all, is here, obviously.

  93. I said before, I’d take John Scott over Pullout.

    Scott is a useless goon. But the guy’s a monster. Play him two fuggin minutes a game. What’s wrong with that.

    What did Sather trade for him? 5th/6th round pick. Do it!

  94. I do not think they are soft. I do agree that they need to add some playable toughness. 5 centers are to many. either Boyle, or Dom Moore should be moved for a tough LW. preferably Moore is moved.

  95. bull dog, I agree with that and said it the other day. Rangers don’t need goons, need players who can play but play with a gritty chip on shoulders and if it calls for it to drop the gloves and able to fight.

  96. Kreidsie ( for old times sake with Torts here) game turned around when he decided to play physical.

  97. Hank, and Talbot are also reasons the PK is good. you could sacrifice Moore, and the PK would not miss a beat.

  98. I hear that Coos, I really liked him as the coach here but I Really liked beating his assen today.

  99. Cally made that MDZ goal work. MDZ was a defensive negative on the ice again, despite all the BS accolades.

  100. We need to protect our players.

    Kreider is going to be challenged real soon. If he can’t protect himself, that’s a problem.

  101. Kreiders rep is that he is fast and strong. teams are trying to slow him down by trying to intimidate him. not working.

  102. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Toughness is getting his brains, however little he has, bashed in by Big Z bombs and Bieksa.

  103. I liked the new MSG 2 nd row upstairs over Talbots shoulder good site lines. Tight still in concourse but better viewing. Long ride to MD but worth it.
    20yrs worth of tix n the change is the low volume of the crowd. A Hattie in 86 would be nuts on a day like today

  104. Lots of talk about Falk being capable with the mits. Do we know this to be true? He could have engaged the last two games but didn’t . Wonder why he left it to Boyle and Dorsett?

  105. Bull Dog, you know the way this game is played, Kreider is playing a strong, physical, in your face game. It’s only a matter of time before someone doesn’t give him the option and throws the gloves down on him. Only then will we know if he is up to the challenge.

    Man, I hope he is.

  106. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Kreider should be dropping the gloves like Crosby, the Sedins and Malkin should be dropping the gloves. That is not a comparison of Kreider to any of those players. His performance (goals and assists) should do all the talking necesssary.

  107. I’m not advocating for him to be the team’s enforcer. Just hoping he can defend himself better than his BC brutha Boyle. Cause he will have to fight.

    Book It.

  108. I suspect the Kreider could pound someone’s face in, but that doesn’t mean I want him fighting.

  109. Talent should not be driven off the ice and spend 5 minutes each time in the litter box. It’s management’s job to see to it that a fool is countered with a fool, not a goalscorer.

  110. When you are young, play a power game and throw your weight around, crushing and hitting opposing players…… you’ll be challenged. This is hockey, not soccer. Book It.

    At some point, there will be no one there to step in for Kreider and he will either get his arse kicked or he will defend himself adequately. Book It.

    I’ll say it again, i’m not advocating for him to be the teams enforcer.

    However, a little Adam Graves in the Kreider wouldn’t be so bad.

  111. It’s been my experience that kids who come from LARGE families usually sufficiently toughen up from a decade or two of being forced to.

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