It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Panthers


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Game 25.panthers
Rangers at Panthers.


Ya boys come off that woeful 5-0 loss in Tampa two nights ago. They play the fourth of a five-game trip that ends in Boston Friday afternoon.

Michael Del Zotto is a prucha (healthy scratch) for the fifth time. Clock must be ticking on a trade now. Justin Falk goes in his spot. Derek Dorsett (sprained wrist) will be a warmups decision. If he can’t play, Taylor Pyatt (who came off IR) would return from his concussion. J.T. Miller was assigned to Hartford (AHL) yesterday.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal.

Bet we see a No Gomez interview tonight?


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  1. 3-1 sure looks better than 2-2. Good on AV putting Hank right back on the horse (not Richie) again. Fully expecting him to be much stronger tonight

  2. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    At 12:34 of the second period:

    Hank, MDZ, MZA, and Pyatt for Tays, Sharp, and Seabrook

  3. Too bad Miller hasn’t been able to show any offense at the NHL level. Kid needs to stay in HFD for a while and work on his game regardless of any scoring he does at the AHL level.

  4. Pyatt. Too bad he’s replacing the only guy willing to drop the gloves on this team instead of a constant no-show like Pouliot

  5. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    If Hank pitches a shutout, is the credit solely his or does some of the credit belong to his defense?

  6. @AGrossRecord: Derek Dorsett out with a sprained wrist, Taylor Pyatt playing first game since Nov. 7 concussion.

  7. Gentlemen,

    This is Miami Pimp coming to you live from 27,000 feet aboard AA1486 (MIA direct to DCA).

    At this altitude, I have come to new insights regarding this “team” we often refer to as the Rangers:

    They are bush-league, plain and simple.

    This is a team that wouldn’t score if it shot the puck from 2-feet out on an open goal. At team that things face-off is a Nicolas Cage movie. A team that defines defending by how often it throws itself in front of pucks.

    I don’t often use amateur-hour to describe this band-of-mercenaries, but I just may have to tonight ..

    Panthers 4, Rangers 3 (THE Kreider hat trick).

  8. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Lead the East with 32 shots per, and 28th in the NHL in goals. Bad luck. Eventually, the luck has to change.

  9. I’m thankful this thanksgiving that at some point del zaster will get moved.

    Marc methot or Chris Neil. Get it done.

  10. I’m listening to the game as I’m traveling on a train and the game is blacked Out until I hit CT.

    Love Maloney, LaGreca and Kenny. They are SO good. Sometimes I forget. But right now I am reminded.

  11. NJ, Icelanders, Rangers, and Knickerbockers all in action tonight, and we’re not bumped from MSG. Gotta be a record

  12. I’m going to be leaning on youse guys to keep me up on the game.

    Hopefully I get to see lots of comments like Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    And not so much of whatever is the acceptable term goals against.

  13. Dont underestimate this FL team…they are playing much better hockey and if you kids remember, we barely beat them last time when they weren’t playing good hockey…

  14. I don’t give a mouse’s tail, but it must drive you guys nuts how much time they spend talking about the opponent during a telecast.

  15. Carp
    what the byfuglien
    is wrong with

    i think if MDZ wasn’t here
    there’d be more talk about him.
    just several uncharacteristically atrocious
    actions in game after game after game…

  16. Knicks talk is mandated by the company. Can’t imagine Dolan orders them to talk about Brian Campbell and “Scotty” Gomez and Tim Taylor, and their coach and all the great trades they made.

  17. Dads
    should come to locker room
    after period 1
    and smack the besheeezus
    out of their ineffective


  18. I don’t care about that as much as their play-by-play which is terrible to non-existent. to me it’s worthless.

    I’d rather watch with the sound off.

  19. I was just about to post how uninspiring this game is so far and than I hear, IT’S A POWER PLAY GOAL!!!

  20. Re Girardi’s declining level of play: I’m am putting it on the former coach. Remember the minutes the former coach had his best plalyers log? It was consistently in the high 20’s. Remember how the former coach had everybody blocking shots in regular season games, so that the entire team was the black and blue ‘walking wounded’ when it came playoff time.

    Girardi has been burned out and now he and the team are paying the piper. A man can take so much physical beating for just so many years, before he hits the wall.

  21. so
    is that part of AV’s system….
    dmen wait until opponent
    is next to ’em before
    making a pass attempt?
    (that’s usually broken up or doesn’t go to a teammate)

  22. So Girardi’s the only player suffering the ramifcations of Torts’ shot-blocking system? Why hasn’t Callahan or McD run into a wall? I think it’s that Girardi really flourished under Torts’ system, and doesn’t under AV’s. Simple as that.

  23. I like Carp’s assumption better. I think Tort’s system benefitted Girardi and his lack of skating and talent.

  24. so Carp
    ya think Cally’s thumb isn’t healed
    and that’s why he hasn’t been
    as effective as shooter/scorer
    since coming back?

  25. Orr,
    Kreider was the guy on the power play who retrieved the puck twice before they were able to set up. you might want to look harder.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Has Girardi played much different this season or does know-nothing Salmon Joe screaming about snow angels make him less noticeable now he is not sliding around on all fours.

  27. Girardi is a shot blocking addict. AV and the coaches have tried to break him of it. He has been seen scratching his neck like Dave Chappelle in a corner of the dressing room. Maybe he needs an intervention.

  28. my biggest problem
    with Girardi is his decision making

    he was one of the main reasons we had the mad
    scramble in our end and the reason for some
    other problems in past games.

    i do give him credit in 1st period when he went to the
    net in panthers zone but no one was able to give him the pass

  29. Could it be a team that’s had some success in recent years, with the best jerseys in the league, and a non-P.C. logo, Olga?

  30. You should have seem me with the poker man
    I had a honey and I bet a grand
    Just in the nick of time I looked at his hand

  31. Ricardo – TV show wise: I love Ftroop, the Munsters, honeymooners, 3 stooges, for starters….stand up – Robyn Harris was a genius – catch his HBO special on YouTube – you will die laughing….I think there are some hysterical mofos on this blog…you, kooz, papa, olga, snation, gravy, Matty, just to name a few….

  32. Ricardo – my favorite funny movies are This is Spinal Tap, zoolander, Austin powers, something about Mary….funny snl skits are Mike myers doing Dieter and the cartoon – the ambiguously Day duo – that is hysterical….but I have a really weird sense of humor tho….so what I find funny isn’t a good judge of what others find funny…

  33. i have yet to start drinking
    and yet the
    beginning of this
    2nd period
    makes me feel like
    i’m experiencing
    deja vu

  34. in the process of moving so haven’t been around in a while…

    i hope everyone has been talking about how much AV hates jt miller

  35. i am definitely
    not giving a gd bit of
    thanks for
    this team’s inability
    to pass to one another
    or ability to get outhustled outmuscled
    and out-tussled

  36. In response to someone’s question earlier about if Hank throws a shutout, will it be because of him or the defense? So far, I’d say both deserve the credit. Hank’s made the saves he’s needed to, and guys like Moore, Stralman, and even some of the backchecking forwards have made some key plays to prevent quality shots.

  37. Rangers seem to be getting slower and softer as this game goes on. Or are the Panthers getting faster and tougher?

  38. was supposed to go to a concert tonight
    but weather and work
    got in the way

    shoulda just put chains on the tires and took my chances.

  39. “Also liked the violent cartoons—Tom & Jerry; Wile E. Coyote, etc.”

    What about, I say, what about ol Foggy Leghorn? The rooster, that is.

  40. this same team
    and same ol’ approach
    show up in boston
    it’ll be 5-10
    before the
    first tv timeout


  41. apparently
    is a teaboy
    because he sure likes
    to help out Tim-meeeee
    by constantly shooting into the goalie’s chest

  42. Krieder hits Thomas in the breadbasket again. And that’s a big basket. Monday, they have to go against the tallest goalie, now the widest.

  43. eddie, I once heard a Scotsman refer to a “clue” as a “Scooby”. I’ve used it myself ever since.

  44. Neutral zone has been especially ugly tonight. Tilted ice. But they’re up 1-0, It’s like the Rangers are playing against another Rangers team tonight.

  45. it’s weird, rangers look great in the three games they lost than they have in the games they have won the past 6 games.

  46. rangers need the 2 points tonight. Devils losing 4-1 and the Icelanders are losing 3-1. Rangers got to win this game tonight, no excuses.

  47. Of course sigmund of the sea monster clan always freaked me out…like chuka from the land of the lost

  48. Underdog. Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle. Boris and Natashia. Peabody and Sherman.

    Tennessee Tuxedo=Don Adams=Maxwell Smart.

  49. I don’t know what else to say about poopsalot but that dude is a waste, pure and simple. There was a reason many teams let him go.

  50. It is remarkable how many of those seeing-eye shots Richards gets to go in, while so many other guys can’t buy a goal no matter what they do.

  51. i am like a good luck charm
    of sorts
    was just griping about
    Richards line
    and Nash probably hasn’t had a SOG tonight
    and then
    Brad scores

  52. That second period reminded me of the boston bruin game not to long ago at the garden where the rangers dominated and yet gave up the only goal and was losing the game. What comes around, goes around.

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    Beverly Hillbillies was a funny show… Yes it was at the time, but have you seen it now? It has not aged well.

  54. What about ‘courage the cowardly dog’?

    “There’s something fishy goin’ on here, or my name is Stinky Looloo, and thank goodness it’s not.”

  55. Say what you want about Richards, heck I do myself, but you tend to get more of those lucky goals when you put those shots on net. Shoot, shoot and shoot some more.

    I had a baseball coach who used to say: “Your chances of getting a hit increase dramatically when you swing the bat.”

  56. the more I watch this team, the more I think I would blow up the defense. McD is the only one I would keep for sure.

  57. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m not a fan of “Funny-Stupid”. I like “Funny-Clever” much better. Good comedy doesn’t need a laugh track to tell you when it’s funny.

  58. Fawlty Towers:

    Wife: ‘Turn down that racket.’

    Fawlty: “Racket? That’s Brahm’s ‘Third Racket.”

  59. Most drinking ever on screen n a great funny cult movie. Barfly, Micky Rourke before he lost it then found it for the Wrestler and Faye Dunaway. Lots of booze.

  60. eddie eddie eddie on

    i mentioned its ealier, but the funniest SNL skit is the TV fun house’s The Ambiguously Gay Duo with Ace and Gary “what are you looking at?” “Nothing!!!”

  61. Stranger Nation on

    Peter – hes back, but playing with Bucky as center who is now a sniper so has to do it himself.
    Drew 3 penalties last game

  62. Well, one intermission later and it looks like nothing’s changed. How is that even possible? Do they not want to try to make adjustments?

  63. Interesting to see advertisements on the bottom of the seats at the arena. The Bronx ATM should consider that…lots of ad space there!

  64. unless the Icelanders get a new owner and the new owner gets a new GM, it won’t matter where the Icelanders move.

  65. eddie eddie eddie on

    carp – director yelled cut…and there was no stoppage in play….from someone who was there that saw it…..same person, who was a regular on the hollywood party circuit told me about a certain former LA Laker guard long before anything became public….

  66. well Carp
    Jagr might score a lot more goals
    if opponents kept a literal stick length
    away from him
    like they did with mario

  67. Eddie, heard that as well about Jack, also the parties at Magic’s house would make Led Zep blush

  68. eddie eddie eddie on

    Hedberg – there are a lot of parties in Hollywood that are Caligula is tone and tenor…….total freaks

  69. terrible giveaway by the rangers, terrible, little hobbit not only passes when he should shoot but passes when he should clear the zone.

  70. never helps when you’re just
    chipping the puck around the ice
    and spending all your energy
    chasing the other team
    because you can’t be bothered
    to make an actual pass
    to your ffffin teammate!

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    Its ok….Tim Thomas is not making the big KKKick saves tonight…we win this going away…

  72. Hank should be able to stop every shot, even if he shooter is alone five feet in front of the net.

  73. Weak by so many players there, especially Hank. Time for the team to pick him up for the first time this year.

  74. well
    we lose this
    we deserve
    then we’re gonna face
    some VERY VERY ANGRY Bears
    since they’re losing to
    the red wings 5-0

  75. Oh god. Does anything ever come easy. A 3-0 lead and now we have to sweat this out. I can’t take it

  76. BTW, sorry, but Falk has no business to play in this team. After few lessons from Olga, can go to falk himself.

  77. If Hank keeps playing like this I will go back to my stance of not paying him 8+ mil a year for no years.

  78. Both goals also the product of not making the safe play with the lead. MZA bad pass in his own zone, and Hags not getting the puck deep in the neutral zone.

  79. Rangers Report fans logic: Hank gives up ONE goal that was actually his fault, and it’s proof Talbot is 100% the better option. Right.

  80. interesting to see how evenly divided the ice time was among the forwards. I am not a big fan of the 4th line getting as much time as the first line. I am a big believer in riding you top 9.

  81. Strange game but they got the 2 points. If they play like this in Boston, well they won’t be getting any points.

  82. “Please come to Boston
    For the springtime
    I’m stayin’ here with some friends
    And they’ve got lots of room
    You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk
    By a cafe where I hope to be workin’ soon
    Please come to Boston –
    She said no, boy you come home to me.”

  83. Kreider came along a little late in the tilt, but showed he could be a powerhouse if he gains consistency.

  84. Olga Folkyerself on

    Doesn’t mean I like it any better, Bulldog. The Hawks had a long season last year. Hate to see them overusing the first line. Gotta keep some gas in the tank for the playoffs.

  85. I do believe Miller, Mash, Kristo found net. Read one report that said “rookie sensation, Danny Kristo.”

  86. Longbeard since 1994 on

    Getting kicked over to MSG+ because of the Knicks game is not as bad as getting kicked out of MSG altogether because of the Circus..

  87. i’ve two dinners tomorrow
    so i may be in a semi-comatose state
    due to all the tryptophan
    if i’m not around Thursday

  88. Olga Folkyerself on

    It makes a difference when you have a good team and can rest your elite players at times. Or if you’re the Rangers and have to shorten the bench constantly just to get in the playoffs.

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