It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Lightnings


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Game 24.lightning
Rangers at Lightnings.


The Rangers have won two in a row to begin this five-game road trip, and have won six in a row on the road. They are 9-4 in their last 13. The Lightnings, minus injured Steven Stamkos, are on a four-game losing streak.

The Rangers have held 14 of their last 16 opponents to two goals or fewer, and have allowed five goals, total, in the last five games.

Henrik Lundqvist is back in goal at the Arena that Changes Names Every Five Minutes. Otherwise the same lineup, which means Justin Falk and J.T. Miller are prucha’d.

Taylor Pyatt (concussion) practiced with the team this morning, and Alain Vigneault said he’s close to returning.

Martin St. Louis will be honored pre-game for having played in his 1,000th NHL game.

I heard a rumor that the players’ fathers are on the trip. Maybe MSG will shed some light and show some pictures of the dads without identifying them, and ask players what it’s like to have their fathers on the trip. They’ll probably say it’s great.


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  1. Stranger Nation on

    10 former NHL players file concussion lawsuit against league, AP reports.
    Say goodbye to fighting…

  2. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – they should leave the helmets and gloves on like college and have them go out at if – can’t hold on to jersey and can’t band head on ice. But definitely will count when someone gets him in flush in the face.

    May be more enjoyable.

  3. Brain injuries really aren’t so bad. Hangnails? Now you’re talking about something serious.

    Anyone have a poster of Duguay circa late 70’s flying down the RW, hair aglow and blowing in the breeze?

  4. Joe Mich re: Richie – ‘What a season he’s having!” Gimme a break. A top line center who hasn’t scored a goal in about 15 games and plays zero defense, zero.

  5. Maybe I have it all backwards. It’s the wives who wait for the husbands to take off and THEY start drinking.

  6. I wouldn’t mind Joe not criticizing Richie, but “WHAT A SEASON HE’S HAVING?” Boils my patooties.

  7. Coaches can’t even get him to get to the bench with some alacrity in critical situations. Are they afraid of him? Or they think he’ll pout? I mean, what’s up with that?

  8. That St. Louis goal was a good example of Staal being the primary reason for Stralman’s success!

  9. leetchhalloffame on

    We want Talbot. Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.
    We want a real fighter. Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.
    We want a real GM. Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.

  10. Carp, have you ever asked him why? Would be interested to know. Might pay you back with a prime rib sammich.

  11. Another nice example of Staal covering up for Stralman after Staal loses puck battle and Stralman wins puck back and clears the zone.

  12. Do the Rangers think they don’t have to play defense when Hank is in net? Guys, pretend Calm Talbot is playing and shut em down like last game, let’s go!

  13. Agreed, Orr. Put Giagnone and Biron together in the studio, Maloney between benches, and get rid of Duguay and Bill Pidto.

  14. Rangers, yet again, need to pick up Lundqvist, return the favor for once.

    On the second, it’s not so much that he was beaten, but that he was beaten so easily.

  15. DMoore perfect example of how Rangers don’t score. Wait, wait, wait, and shoot at the chest. They’re going to have to move this guy laterally, as Stralman did early on — had him beat, but lost the puck.

  16. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carp, if you’re asking if we remember Hank’s Dallas performance, absolutely….a great night…first star.

    But with the soft goals mixing in with the occasional game stealer, I look forward to the hot hand (Talbot) lately.

    And every goal over Hank’s left shoulder or breakaway that undresses him reinforces that.

  17. lol Eddie… yeah, I never found that show to be funny, and speaking from personal experience (I used to work for NBC Universal in the city…used to run a limousine line for all the big celebrities) Jerry is a major league a$$hat…MAJOR! Cheap too…

  18. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Lots of quality chances….a winnable game if we can bury some.

    Wait, did I sound like Roenick?

  19. Say what you want, but I’d move Hags to the 1st line for Cally. Richards and Nash would have to pick up their speed. Plus he’ll get to pucks faster. Poulet is killing Hags.

  20. Kucherov, 20, scores his first NHL goal on his first NHL shot (it was a good shot) in his first NHL game after leading his AHL team in points.

    So, um, I ask…Why hasn’t NYR called up Kristo yet?

  21. Stranger Nation on

    Hags played with Step and Nash last season. Move Richards to Saturn and put Step on that line and move Broshard up to 2nd line

  22. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Derbils killed off a PP with ease, two 2 on 1 shorthanded. Let’s see what happens over there.

  23. Seinfeld, carp… isn’t that your favorite show?

    Jerry: “I was cold, so i put on warm clothes, and i wasn’t cold anymore”

  24. “Kucherov, 20, scores his first NHL goal on his first NHL shot (it was a good shot) in his first NHL game after leading his AHL team in points.

    So, um, I ask…Why hasn’t NYR called up Kristo yet?”

    Because, NYR, those sorts of scenarios only occur against NYR.

    “Maloney on radio saying Hank needed to save 1st goal. What do you guys think?”

    Yeah, he probably should have, but Kucherov shouldn’t have been able to get off a shot from that area.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Sgt. Morgan O’Rourke: [O’Rourke and Agarn are meeting with Chief Wild Eagle] Wild Eagle, my brother.
    Chief Wild Eagle: You some brother. The still is still busted. How you expect Hekawi make firewater?
    Cpl. Randolph Agarn: We’ll get you a new coil and when we do, stop holding out liquor for the tribe. Indians aren’t supposed to drink alcohol.
    Chief Wild Eagle: Who says so?
    Cpl. Randolph Agarn: Everybody.
    Chief Wild Eagle: That’s just nasty rumor spread by sister-in-law Sparkling Water! She one big bluenosed red skin!

  26. – Out-chancing the bolts by lots, but can’t bury anything.

    – NYR making another goalie look like Hasek/Dryden/Roy etc…

    – Got to learn to convert on some scoring chances

  27. Team is back to looking pathetic. Once again they can’t complete passes, and have to point their bodies were their going to pass. TOO PREDICTABLE.

  28. Right, Hank is the problem here. Not the leaky defense, not our inability to finish on any of the several chances they had, not the inability to cash in on the lengthy 5 on 3. Not buying it.

  29. One thing I’ve noticed, and the 1-10 record supports it, but this team has a lot of trouble playing from behind.

  30. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Callyman – their offense sucks, no doubt. But when you combine that with a goalie with the 15th best save percentage in the league, you’re going to lose as often as you win.

  31. Not on Hank but 1st one so early was ugly. Staal is bad tonite btw. Getting shut out tonight. Need a package for someone who can put it in the net. Glaring

  32. The save percentage that was raised ridiculously high because of the team’s horrendous defensive lapses in the beginning of the season? That stat isn’t completely useless, I’ll admit. but again, not buying it.

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Ya boys must have had a blast at Berns’ Steakhouse last night followed up with Dessert at Mons Venus

  34. Stranger Nation on

    Cally must love retrieving puck for Bucky. His 5v5 stats are through the roof on his wing

  35. Players who draw penalties have their feet moving. Players who go to the box are usually lazy and don’t move their feet.

  36. Not to nitpick, but this year Hank really hasnt been as good as he has shown. Sure he was amazing in the Stars game, but he has been bad in more than a few this year. He is getting outdueled more than i can ever remember. Hank has always kept the Rangers in games, leaky D and all. I think talbot has been better. 5-1 versus 7-11. You decide.

  37. Some of you need to remove yourself from hanks tush. He does get on hot streaks, but it’s less than 50% of the time. He’s inconsistent, and he might be the worst puck handler in the Nhl. Yea he made a nice pass vs Dallas, but 99% of the time he misplays the puck. Hank was cool when he first started. Know his head is to big, and he has these fanboys who think he. Can’t do wrong.

  38. More than a quarter thru the season and Hank has only 2 more wins than his backup — not too good.

  39. There would be a lot less complaining about Hank if the team could score more than 2 goals a game once in awhile.

  40. leetchhalloffame on

    No Gravy/ Just saying Rangers can’t score. Nothing aboot Henrik although I wouldn’t be upset if he left.

  41. No the team plays different front of him. Players pull for the underdog (talbot), and hank’s ego is too big.

  42. I’m not saying Calm Talbot hasn’t been superb, but man everyone is rushing onto the “Hank is a hack” bandwagon. Can’t forget that by the time Talbot was called up, we’d mostly straightened out our ridiculous defensive woes from early on. Talbot has been playing for a completely different team than Biron and Hank did early on.

    Hank’s not been his usual self this season (as evidenced by him letting in that goal while I’m writing this) but I think it’s a result of many factors. Either way, it’s a bit too early to trade him or decide not to re-sign him or proclaim Calm Talbot as our new starter.

  43. Talbot would have given up no goals and scored one himself and if you claim otherwise it means you think you’re psychic.

  44. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – it’d be nice if Hank could stop letting in softies…How about – maybe the team just plays better in front of Tam Calbot? Not looking to bust balls. But 5-1 vs 7-11 is hard to argue!!!

  45. wow went to the store for last of Thanksgiving supplies and wheels came off.

    The Poor Dads. Maybe they can talk to their sons in between period, so not a scoreless game for blueshirts

  46. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Callyman – all I’m saying is, based on Hank’s body of work this year, how do you feel about backing up the truck and giving him $60 million for eight years?

    I’d rather not at this point, even if it means we give the reins to a relatively unproven goalie.

  47. Not making the playoffs with this lack of scoring. I said 10th in conference, carp likes 2nd in the division. Not unless there is a shake up.

  48. E3, I hear you, and maybe the first one was on the soft side, but two on a breakaway and a partial breakaway. Goalies are maybe a little better than 50-50 in those cases.

    And it looks worse because Calbot is coming off the shutout, for sure. Maybe he is the goalie of the future, but I’m not ready to proclaim him that yet. Remember Hank split time with Weekes for most of his first season. I still need a lot more proof though.

  49. Hard to look at this game and say one thing that needed to be fixed. They tried, got some nice chances, and kept up good momentum. If anything, we over committed to the long two line passes and the turnovers killed us. All in all, I’m disappointed not angry. I guess I’ll have to stomach some more football now.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Retire brad park – werd. I agree. When Hank was in Egypt land, let my hanky gooooooooooo.

    Tam Calbot is my choice for next year. Sue me!!!

  51. Stranger Nation on

    Hey – they won the first two games of the trip and if win one more is a successful trip.

    This team has been on the road a lot.

  52. I wonder what the score would be if Fatso had been playing tonight instead of Hank for the Rangers…

  53. Richie absolutely correct, but there’s hockey going on, boy. Get back in the play and complain later.

  54. The story of this game so far is two fold, horrific turnovers in bad spots leading to quick transition and quality scoring chances resulting in goals for Tampa verse an inability to finish on some legitimate scoring chances by the Rangers.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Opposing goalies seem to be able to stop the kind of shots that Hank is letting in….at least this year…. Again, I’m not looking to bust balls, but for whatever reason. The Calbot is getting results and that, at the end of a game, is all that matters…

  56. Stamkos, Stamkos, Stamkos. Jees. St. Louis, St. Louis, Stamkos, St. Louis. I want to hear this all night, I’ll move to Florida.

  57. ThisYearsModel on

    Henrik Lundqvist and his incredible shrinking bank account. These negotiations are getting more interesting all the time.

  58. Obviously fighting a losing battle in the arena of public opinion, but personally I can’t fathom giving an unproven Talbot, as Calm as he’s been in the first *6* games of his career, over 50 starts next season and kissing Hank goodbye. The guy who almost singlehandedly accounts for most of our recent success in the regular season and playoffs.

    All I’m saying is, it’s early. Hank has been superhuman for so long that anything less is apparently unacceptable.

  59. so the high scoring games against similar to pre-season, does it show holed in team lack of scoring?

    lack of defense? though praised so much last game or

    just lack of consistency and come back?

    they don’t look too bad really

  60. What is disturbing about the 0-4 deficit, after two periods, is that all four TBay goals have come at even-strength. Talbot for Mayor.

  61. Mister D…I can’t let you rip Cigar City while my El Catador membership is still in effect. I also have 3 bottles of Black Tuesday on their way, weeee!!!!

  62. We could get a Malkin-type for Hank. If Talbot is the real deal, that would really jack this team up, once it makes the adjustment to the new order.

  63. Whoever called out Biron’s shirt-tie is right. That’s an either/or outfit, not both. Solid tie with the shirt or solid shirt with the tie. Still early. He’ll improve.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    Callymon – agree you don’t just put Talbot there. More of a value decision; are you over paying Henk based upon the last 3 years in the hope his level play stays the same or even increases at a 33% increase in pay.

    Tough call on both sides

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Callyman – all good things end at some point. Jean Ratelle, Brad Park, Eddie Eddie Eddie, Brian Leetch….all shown the door earlier than what I would have wanted…

  66. i got a
    retweet from Carp!!!

    i’m somebody now!!!!

    but seriously,
    that was pretty cool
    and you’re welcome for the headline (if you use it)
    then again,
    at this point in the game who doesn’t have that written down

  67. thought i’d try to watch the game
    without typing much on the board
    to take my attention away from matters

    didn’t bother after 1st period.
    back to work i go.
    transcribing an interview with Justin Kreutzmann
    (Grateful Dead Bill’s son)

  68. At least Joe M speaking the truth at the start of the period instead of giving us the rose colored nonsense.

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jpg: The little drummer boy…. pa rump a pum pum, rump a pum pum. A new born king to see pa rump a pum pum

  70. Top FAs are Thornton, Marleau, Vanek, and Moulson. You may be able to get one, assuming they aren’t resigned, if Richards is bought out. Say, you don’t resign Hank, which two make you that much better?

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jerry – “I was hungry, ate some food, and then I was not hungry. How’d that happen?”

  72. iMister D

    I called out Biron’s get up…I hope he’ll improve cuz he’s ruining a pretty picture next to the pretty Too-Gay

  73. Had 3 out of 4 right. 4th goal , pulling Hank, hard feelings, but I thought Marty would get a natty for the 4th.

  74. I get to watch these guys in person out in Sunrise on Wednesday…nice! Maybe they’ll lose that one 5-0!

  75. i don’t want to completely say the tweet in case it’s actually used
    a hint would be that involves a bishop and a king

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    e4 c5
    Nf3 d6
    d4 cxd4
    Nxd4 Nf6
    Nc3 a6
    Bishop to c4

    The Sicilian Najdorf Sozin variation

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – he’s on the sabres for byfuglien sake. I’ve seen a couple buffalo games and he’s looked good IMO

  78. Girardi’s wind up for his glass seeking slap shot may be the biggest, slowest wind up in the game today.

  79. Got that right, Slatsko. .500 throughout the regular season, eke into the playoffs in the last week, get bounced in the 1st or 2nd round. And repeat…

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A great inexpensive delicious Chardonnay – Barefoot 2012 (San Joaquin Valley goad medal winner) tastes like buttah

  81. Olga

    Did you get to read Dolan’s interview? He said he wants to keep Sather for as long as Sather wants to stay lol

  82. Stranger Nation on

    Gravy – I would trade Henk, not to sign UFAs but to resign our core and get a good younger player who will help us for next 6 years.

  83. I know this is going to sound silly in a game that the are getting shutout, but I think the biggest issue with this team is there D. they are to easy to play against. they all to similar. not tough enough, and not offensive enough.

  84. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yeah, I read it. My only consolation is that Dolan is a lying SOB.

    So do I change it to “KILL SATHER”?

  85. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Well, every now and again, a team has a ‘clinker’. Let this be one of our ‘clinkers’.

  86. Really weak effort after the first period. THE Kreider was surely benched for awhile, his worst game since the last call up. Looks like we have a .500 team overall. Good thing we are in the eastern conference.

  87. I like how TAMPA BAY LIGHTING can bring up their AHL leading goal scorer, and he scores on his first shift, against Lundqvist.

    Then they tag the Rangers for 5 Goals, and the Rangers don’t have a goal scorer on the ice tonight!

    That’s ok boys we don’t need goals to win on varsity.

  88. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Sam: “Joe, I ever tell you about ‘clinkers and clunkers’ ?”

    Joe: “No, Sam, you have not”.

  89. Lundqvist outplayed again. Of course they didn’t score tho. Because bishop outplayed lundqvist. Every time lundqvist gets outplayed someone opines that the rangers didn’t score. Or score enough, I guess he had a throwback game against the stars but there just seems to be something off with him. The contract. Something. Four goals on 22 shots ain’t gonna cut it I don’t care if del zotto deflected the first and sanluis had breakaways. Sheesh. Goodnight. See you at 5am

  90. Mar-Tan San Lou-ey is a true professional. An elite player at 38, there aren’t many like him…still so fast and great hands.

  91. Sam

    Monday: ‘They ran into a hot goalie.’
    Tuesday: ‘They ran into a hot goalie.”
    Thursday: “They ran into a hot goalie.”
    Saturday: “They ran into a hot goalie.”
    Monday: “They ran into a hot goalie.”

    and ad infinitum.

  92. Carp I’m not jumping off the ledge, but I’m spitting off of it until we call up someone that can score a goal.

  93. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Bur, Coos, Bishop was ‘hot’, as in ‘sizzling hot’ and it lead to a ‘clinker’.

  94. “Earth to Kreider, Earth to Kreider, come in Kreider.”

    “Oh, your here. You’ve already landed. My bad.”

  95. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Papa, sometimes a young player will not seem to be engaged. Sometimes it’s for a whole game. If so, there’s a likelihood his team may throw a ‘clinker’ or a ‘clunker’.

  96. 37 shots or so, seemed like we hardly had the puck after the first.

    Nash, Cally, Richy, and Kreider …hello, hockey game going on here.

  97. they should call up a really small forward who can’t play D, and is a weak skater from Hartford. I just can’t think of his name.

  98. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Bull Dog……….have you come to the right place, or what???????? Yes, we have some smallish, slow, shoot-in-the-belly forwards. How many would you like, sir???

  99. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Nash had 9 shots. It doesn’t matter that most were from the perimeter, but regardless, he had 9 shots on goal. How many were TRUE scoring op’s??

    Not sure.

  100. Olga Folkyerself on

    Best I can do Eddie, is Hossa Khabibulin and Roszival. I’ll throw in a 7th round pick so Sather will think he broke even with LQ.

  101. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Is tonight ‘NHL Rivalry Night?’ I see the Penguins played (check, if it’s NHL Rivalry Night, the likelihood it’s the Penguins that play) one of their arch rivals (well, they have many, but it is one), the B’s of Boston.

  102. Carp

    no ledge for me

    so far this year i just cannot get that emotionally involved
    too many major stinkers of games
    and then a few where they look like they’ve put it together
    followed by more complete stinkers.
    there’s the occasoinal super-anger after a devil loss

  103. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Carp, do you think the Penguins will evolve out of this ‘slump’ as a top flight team? Or, are they just better than average this year?

    Seems Malkin is quite tentative. Seems Fleury should have been traded. Seems they are top heavy and minimal support in key role play.

  104. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    jpg, whoa there!! That would be ‘clinker’, ‘clunker’, or ‘dinner’. Not ‘stinker’.

  105. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Makes sense the Rangers can’t beat Bishop. The bigger the goalie, the more there is to shoot at. Most of the players on the team are proud they shot at the big goalie. Anyone have an issue with that????

  106. Andrew Gross ?@AGrossRecord 28s
    AV calls it a “Martin St. Louis love fest and no one touched a soul.” Rangers didn’t make Lightning pay for any mistake tonight.

    LOL sounds like a Torts quote!

  107. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Dolan: “And, Dave, as long as you are an MSG employee?????”

    Dave Maloney: “Yes, sir??”

    Dolan: ” You will come up with something, anything, to make it sound like your team tried hard”.

    Dave Maloney: “Yes, SIR!!”

  108. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    AV morphing into Torts……..hey, maybe the lack of talent doest that to a coach??????????

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – I’m offering real # 2’s. Not the draft choices mind you, but literally #2’s.

  110. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Eddie, if you are going to make that deal you have to add the obligatory 2 2nd rounders, a 3rd and a 4th. Geez, what kind of GM are you?

  111. Why doesn’t Richie pat St’ Louis on the azz while he’s at it? What a root csnal. And they keep interviewing him as though he had something to say.

  112. The Rangers have had Too many beers with the fathers last night (not blog father) and this is the result. Too bad about Talbots S/O streak.

  113. Carp: I see your point, although I’m not so sure that Pittsburgh is. And that doesn’t mean the Rangers can and will get past 2 rounds, let alone the final 4.

    I honestly don’t see how that’s realistically possible when you can’t score. It’s what’s held this team back for the past 6 years. Even 2 years ago, when they went to the final 4, it was their inability to score that ultimately sealed their fate.

    It’s been their nemesis since the late 90s and continues to be so, this despite their current GM having 13+ years to address.

  114. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Werd on the street: This April, @MSG, stay tuned, some great concerts, Cirque du Soleil, even an evangelical speaker. Keep your eyes open for tickets.

  115. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Hank: “I don’t think we played that bad”

    Reporter: “Hank, you lost 5-0”

    Hank: “oh”

  116. I think when MSG EVERY TIME cuts away from scrums and fights for head shots of a non involved player or of the bench, it’s intentional and they are directed to do so. They can’t be that bad by coincidence year after year.

  117. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Hank: “I don’t think we played that bad”

    But then my eyes were closed for two periods…

  118. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    You know it isn’t a good sign when, on tonight’s Knicks telecast, they are advertising for “Disney on Ice”, April 12-26th ONLY at MSG.

  119. People talk about getting a young hungry player who can score. Is there such a thing as a young hungry GM who could put a competitive team together in a caped league?

  120. Hilarious how both Duguay and Biron go on about how the Rangers didn’t play physically AFTER they see the Vigneault quote about that.

  121. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Ah, lol!!

    It’s always a good sign when your coach has to remind you that hockey is a ‘checking’ sport.

  122. Biron is another featherweight. Sounds like Andy Griffith’s Deputy. “We played pretty well.” right

  123. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    I’m pretty sure, Torts, Wednesdays off with the new CBA or not, would have these guys on the ice till they heaved last week’s lunch, doing suicides.

    Oh, that’s right, no, he was too hard on the team.

  124. I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor.

    That’s my dream.

    That’s my nightmare.

    Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight… razor… and surviving.

  125. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    News just in: The Disney on Ice show, just signed for MSG on April 12-26th will feature some Sesame Street characters, as well. Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and the 2 old men in the balcony will be there……

  126. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    If Martin St. Louis does that Anisimov celebration on the ice in front of me, he’s got a few less teeth when all is said and done.

  127. I know this is frowned upon, but Ron looks like a 70’s porn star and not a hockey analyst. Wear a suit, and that suit (my cousin Vinny) is better be made of some kind of cloth.

  128. “Hot goalie, Sam.”

    “Right, Joe.”

    “I forgot his name but he comes from a wonderful, wonderful family.”

  129. Slatsko Folkyerself: Contract stuff aside (and I’d hire a capologist and contract guru), I know I could do a better job than Mr Mediocre (for 20+ years running).

  130. “Long legs, Sam.”

    “Right, Joe.”

    “One of these nights, Sam, we’ll run into a short legged goalie.”

  131. “Slatsko Folkyerself: Contract stuff aside (and I’d hire a capologist and contract guru), I know I could do a better job than Mr Mediocre (for 20+ years running).”

    I know you could too, Jim, and I don’t even know you. Or do I… *Twilight Zone Theme*

  132. And are any of you really surprised at Biron? If so, really?

    He only got his contract with MSG after agreeing to go through the spine and gonad extraction procedure the rest of his peers had to endure.

    It’s almost as sad as the realization that idiot Sather has a job for life, courtesy of an arrogant and stupid rich man’s son.

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