It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Predators


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Game 23.predators
Rangers at Predators.


The Rangers snapped a two-game losing streak Thursday. They play the second of a four-game trip tonight.

They have held 13 of the last 15 opponents to two goals or fewer.

Cam Talbot starts in goal. Nasvhille goalie Pekka Rinne is out injured, so Marek Mazanec starts for the Preds.

Same lineup, which means Justin Falk and J.T. Miller are prucha’d. Taylor Pyatt (concussion) remains out.


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  1. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Robbie Bonfire – thank you for that bit of history. The fact that the rangers have only won 4 cups in their existence is enough to indict upper management. It surely can’t always be on the players. I’ve been an ardent fan since 1968 and things were never really bad until that 76-77 team. That is of course until the dark early years of Darth, I have to pee again, Sather. While the current team is not without flaws, I’m hopeful. AV is a good, if not great, coach

  2. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – per yesterday, should my assen be heading your way – you know I be in touch. You dig?

  3. Agreed, Orr. He stopped trying so hard to prove himself and just played the role that made him a trade target in the first place.

  4. Agreed ORR. He’s prone to taking those flurries of bad minor penalties, but definitely very serviceable 4th liner/PKer

  5. “Nash, how’s your head feel after that check from behind into the goal post?”

    -Not bad- “Good”

  6. Zest!
    We should win, but so far – lazy efforts and could ultimately turn bad, if continues.

  7. There’s always like 5 or 6 games every year that, no matter what, are just flat out boring. My wife is away with friends, my kid is asleep and I have a good beer and I still just can’t get into this one tonight. Zzzzzzz …

  8. Think, 4ever? Seemed too far out to be a board, Boyle was just way off balance. Either way, even though I thought it was legal, its the kind you want to make the dude pay for later in the game.

  9. Nothing illegal about that check. But I love Dorsett’s reaction. If nothing else, it might wake this team up a bit

  10. I believed in Talbot from his first appearance in Traverse, but it is not to early to say he is really a fantastic goalie. We will enjoy his stance for years to come.

  11. Orr, radio definitely must be a bit quicker than TV. Despite the mumblings and the unintentional broadcasts to Chris, I’m thoroughly enjoying Maloney in the broadcast.

  12. It is too early, but he makes a convincing argument each time. Of course, hard to judge this one when he’s faced about 10 shots in two periods.

  13. I bet Hank spends more time doing his hair before non-starts than he does stretching before starts.

  14. This game is more about the defense than about Calm Talbot, IMO. Talbot’s stood tall when needed so far, don’t get me wrong. But our D has made a complete 190 from the Dallas game. Keep it up!

  15. Mike Woodson is going to have to start channeling his old coach, Bobby Knight and start throwing chairs and choking people.

  16. ORR, I haven’t seen much of the Flyers, but it’s more like the teams the Devils are playing against are losing. They’ve pulled a bunch of wins from a hat, and it figures that Jagr is spearheading their attack. Kind of good in a way, maybe Lou won’t realize the rest of the team sucks!

    oleo, Nashville scored 7 against Chicago and they just scored 4 in Toronto the other night. I’d say tonight is a combination of them playing subpar and sound NYR defense.

  17. Defense? I see lots of Nahville yellow behind our Dmen, especially you know who. The D is being played by the forwards, except for you know who.

  18. Maloney needs some lessons from Giannone how to shut the hell up until he’s asked. And John at least gives info on what’s going on bench to bench, not just pap.

  19. Giannone is almost too polite behind the bench, I think. You go entire stretches of the game and completely forget he’s even there. Then when he finally talks, he’s promoting the intermission guest. I definitely respect Maloney’s analysis. Much better than anything Sam and Joe are saying at the moment.

  20. Flyers playing well is probably a net win in the long run. Just reinforces their ridiculous manner of roster-building.

  21. AV’s outfit tonight has outdone all his other bad ones. Bonus points for somehow finding a black shirt that’s a “darker black” than his black suit. Brutal.

  22. Jinx time? This would be NYR 100th straight game getting at least a point when they lead after two periods (that’s regular-season, they blew at least one, to Washington, in the playoffs three years back).

  23. I think so, Gravy. They lost in OT or 2OT at MSG, maybe the game where Gaborik took the puck from Lundqvist and handed it to Chimera or somebody right in front.

  24. No disrespect, but it’s beyond my comprehension and common hockey sense, how this country music team be able to score 7 on Chicago.

  25. “I think so, Gravy. They lost in OT or 2OT at MSG, maybe the game where Gaborik took the puck from Lundqvist and handed it to Chimera or somebody right in front.”

    Please don’t remind us, Carp!

  26. “That’s an impressive stat considering some if the early season clunkers.”

    In some of those early season clunkers, the opposition didn’t need to attempt to score in the third period.

  27. All atmosphere in this great building is like in Arlington Cemetery during not too important ceremony.

  28. While they don’t score, its nice to see a 4th line that plays more in the O-zone than the D-Zone.

  29. Talbot’s really strong with the puck and passing it to the D-men. Could teach Hank a thing or two with handling the puck

  30. Why the hell would Girardi skate backwards at the point when he was less than a stride away from the puck? Could have stuck his stick out and prevented NSH from going up ice. Weber almost scored!

  31. That’s awesome Papa, it’s a great show, they seem to be showing older episodes on FCC a few nights a week.

  32. Then Girardi finds himself in the slot and still manages to get his shot blocked. And then shoots another one wide.

  33. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The goalkeeper. Where’s his get-away car? Because he committed a crime in his last two games, grand theft. Wow

  34. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Goaltenders make a defense look better, not the other way around. It’s always been this way.

  35. What other professional sport invites the fathers of the players to travel and attend a road game? Gotta love the NHL.

  36. All I can say is Talbot looks like the real deal to me. I know only 5 games. If Talbot is the real deal the rangers could have the best goalie tandem in the league. The king and the prince.

  37. Watching Delzotto tonight makes me wonder what team would want him and how Sather thinks he can get a good package for him.

  38. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    A text book on goaltenders, perhaps the best goaltender I’ve seen in many years

  39. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Gravy, didn’t Hank allow 4 goals on 16 shots this season?

  40. Also needs some work coordinating with his D. Seems to play the puck with some confidence, but a couple times left his Dman a bit confused.

  41. Papa in the first period, I thought the way the guys were laying seemed kind of stressed. Maybe because their dads were there. trying to impress them.

    It is a Really Cool thing. Does any other professional sport have dad’s road trip?

  42. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I am certain there were defensive breakdowns in this game as well. The wondrous Talbot made the defense appear better than it was.

  43. Alright, but we can all agree that our team defense has been pretty darn good over the last dozen games.

    LGR !!! Tough test Monday in Tampa.

  44. Not to harangue, but Maloney, Sam, and Joe tonight talk about how the D was absolutely horrendous early in the year, but now is exemplary. As usual, they never refer to anyone’s terrible play at the time unless and until they play well later, then they give us the comparison and pass the accolades. Maybe that’s part of their job requirement, but I find it disingenuous.

  45. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    It’s the defense’s fault when 4 goals are given up on 16 shots. It’s the credit of the defense when 0 goals are given up on 17 shots.

    The goaltender does not matter. Do I have it right?

  46. Papa, I have no idea why people are trying to downplay the sexiness of those posts. Insane. Shortsighted. Unsexy.

  47. (If we’re being serious here … Talbot is never going to be Lundqvist, we all know that … he just can’t be. But if he can be good … well … weeelllllll …)

  48. I want to picture the dads going out (without the players) and just getting wrecked tonight. Crazy, make-the-papers-incident wrecked.

  49. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    There’s no reason why Talbot can’t be better than Lundqvist one day. Lundqvist is not the among the best goaltenders ever.

  50. (I mean, really, you’re either baiting or you’re almost comically ignorant to how elite Lundqvist has been.)

  51. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Talbot has come out of nowhere, just as Lundqvist came out of nowhere. Neither were highly touted prospects.

    Tell us how elite Lundqvist is and where he ranks in hockey history, Mister D.

    Don’t leave out the Breakaway Contest After the Hockey Game ends era.

  52. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You would have said the same thing about Lundqvist when he first played for the Rangers, and you’d have been wrong.

    Unless you’re able to foresee the future, you have no idea if Talbot will or will not be as good or better.

  53. _Talbot has come out of nowhere, just as Lundqvist came out of nowhere. Neither were highly touted prospects._

    Wow, you know who else wasn’t a highly touted goalie prospect? Almost everyone!

    Henrik is an outlier. He’s been amazing. Its like saying every catcher drafted “could be the next Piazza” because he was drafted in like the 50th round.

    _Tell us how elite Lundqvist is and where he ranks in hockey history, Mister D._

    Top 50 all-time without a thought, work up from there. Which is not where Talbot will ever be.

  54. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Mister D from January 28, 2006: _Lundqvist will never be among the whatever tier you think Richter is among, Ken. Promise._

  55. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You don’t even understand what the term outlier means. When Brian Boyle scored 21 goals a few seasons ago, that was an outlier.

    Comparing a late round hockey draft pick to a late round baseball draft pick is not an appropriate comparison. Plenty of late round hockey draft picks have gone on to have successful careers.

  56. You’re proving my point, Ken. Make the comment that any goalie won’t be Richter and you’re right 49 times out of 50. The other, Henrik, is the … you know what I’m going to say … outlier.

    I would looooooove to be able to make some sort of bet with you and hold this prediction or projection accountable.

  57. Also, Henrik isn’t having “a successful career”. We can debate the second half of his career all you like, but the first half is Hall of Fame pace.

  58. (And reading back, great point. One full season of Boyle you recognize as an outlier but 6 games of Talbot has you in a frenzy. C’mon.)

  59. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    As I said, there’s no reason why Talbot can’t have continued success and go on to have a career as good as or better than Lundqvist. That’s not getting carried away, that’s being realistic. Lundqvist isn’t as great as you’re making him out to be, taking into account the Breakaway Contest after the Hockey Game ends and his lack of playoff success.

    6 games is 6 games. Means relatively nothing.

  60. Except Lundqvist is in the top 3 for Vezina just about every year. And he, and everyone else, have to play with the same shoutout.

  61. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    What does top 3 in the Vezina mean? What significance does that have?

  62. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Carp is right. It is utter nonsense to pretend as if Lundqvist is the greatest goaltender ever and that no other goalie will ever approximate his success.

  63. King Kenny has some good points.

    Leadership. Calling out his offense for not scoring goals following losses is leadership? That is news to me.

  64. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Okay. He was a Vezina finalist 5 times in his 8 year career, once in a strike shortened season. There you have it. Greatest goaltender of all time.

  65. Every 4th round pick “could” be Callahan. I mean, what, you think Callahan is the best forward ever? You name the 4th rounder and I’ll tell you he could theoretically be Callahan.

  66. Andrew Ladd was 4th overall in 2004. Benoit Pouliot was 4th overall in 2005. You’re telling me Pouliot can’t catch and surpass Ladd’s career output just because he’s currently trailing by nearly 200 career points? Open your eyes! It *could* happen!

  67. Blackhawks have scored 2 goals in 10 seconds. You’re telling me they can’t sustain that average over the rest of the game? It *COULD* happen!!!

  68. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Mister D, you said Talbot can never approximate Lundqvist’s success. I said it’s possible, however likely or unlikely. You are in the wrong, unless as I said earlier, you are able to foresee the future.

    Are you psychic?

  69. 24 shutout pace over 82, Gravy.

    (I’m convinced the “5 Vezina finals in 8 years” “point” was Ken outing himself as joking so I’m stopping now.)

  70. The Sports World is littered with flashes in the pan who start out like a ball of fire, then smoke out. I root for the kid and hope he becomes what others think he might become, but I also trust in the Lord; all others pay cash.

  71. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I was unaware that Vezina nominations was the ultimate judge of success. I was under the impression that playoff success would be used as one determinant in the overall success of a player’s career. Silly me.

  72. Hey Ken, what odds would you put on Talbot’s next 8 years equalling Henrik’s career to date. Seriously. Pretend I’m being serious with you. “There is a __% chance Talbot matches Henrik’s career to date in his first 8 seasons.)

  73. Dorsett got no votes out of 74. If John Scott beat someone senseless and gave up 4 goals with lumbering lethargy, he would get at least 10. Go figure.

  74. They have their narrative. They will cherry pick any statistic such as vezina nominees to prove that Hank is the best goalie ever. You can’t change their minds. Let it go.

  75. Literally anything can happen because literally anything can happen. Will I wake up tomorrow and find out Messier is my dad? He’s old enough to be my dad so you can’t say it can’t happen unless you think you’re a psychic or something.

    (OMG I can’t believe Messier might be my dad sorry real dad but this is amazing!!!)

  76. Using Talbot to disparage Lundqvist is laughable. Totally laughable. Hank has played an elite season for every game Talbot has played. Talbot didn’t get his nhl backup career off the ground until he was old enough to be Ineligible for the Calder.

  77. Exactly how much is Mess worth? Then I’ll decide if I want him for my dad. And when I get my trust fund properly transferred, I’ll move my real dad into the oceanfront mansion.

  78. Weber hit two posts late. Davidson used to tell me, smiling, with a glass of beer in his hand, ‘Part of the equipment, kid.’

  79. Maybe Carp is Ken and he’s a comment section genius. Or he’s just a guy who really thinks “its not impossible” equals “its legitimately possible”.

  80. Carp could be all of the screen names on here except for you. Its not impossible so its therefore very possible. Wow. Mindblown. What if Carp is me?

  81. Henrik Lundqvist drafted 204th overall.

    Pekka Rinne, a 2 time Vezina winner, 258th overall.

    Sergei Bobrovsky, undrafted.

    At least 3 goalies in the league right now either drafted late or undrafted.

    It’s terribly unlikely that Talbot will ever have sustained success in the NHL.

  82. Tim Thomas, Stanley Cup Champion, Vezina winner, the primary reason for the Stanley Cup title, drafted 217th overall.

  83. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    So, nice win tonight. Sorry I couldn’t see it with you guys. And without me reading through, seems Talbott had a nice game, 2 in a row, etc.

    So, any comparisons to Hank coming from the bleachers? I’m not so sure it’s necessary to discuss, but I would expect 1 or 2 are thinking this guy could take over at $750k per year, …. , …………

    I kind of think what we saw from Hank last game was quite special. Not so sure too many goalies can do that.

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