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1) Boy, oh boy, sometimes you laugh at the rhetoric … over the years, how many times have we heard the Rangers talking about how they’d played well enough but couldn’t score. Only now, IMO, they really are playing well and doing everything but scoring. I thought that was a much better game than the LA game, and that they probably played a better game against a better team than they did in Montreal, and certainly played better than they did vs. the Devils. So, what I’m saying is that, now, it’s not rhetoric.Boston Bruins v New York Rangers

2) That said, it’s been their problem for ages, and I’ve said that I feared it would be an issue this year, too, that they don’t have enough finishers up front. They just don’t. Two goals in three games, none at even strength. I think they have enough to win their share and be one of the top teams in the East. But not enough to be elite, I don’t think. Though if they defend as they have lately, and get better goaltending as they have lately, and manage to get a few guys to score a few goals, who knows?

3) The Rangers’ new speed was again very evident in this game, wasn’t it? They were on the Bruins, forced mistakes, backed them off. That speed counted for a penalty shot and three breakaways. It created turnovers. It helped them have the puck and not have to defend in their own end.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers4) I thought Tuukka Rask made a lot of really great saves. Often we scoff at the goalie who gets his logo worn out by soft Rangers wrist shots. Rask made a whole bunch of sharp saves, some of which he just got a piece of, like the penalty shot and the other breakaway by Chris Kreider, and the break by Rick Nash.

5) I am 100 percent in agreement with Kreider that the shot was the play on the penalty shot, rather than the deke. The kid’s a skater/shooter, not a soft-hands guy. He made a good shot. Rask made a great save. The entire game could have changed if Kreider scores there.

6) Size didn’t matter. Yeah, the Bruins and bigger and badder. It wasn’t really a factor. Milan Lucic ran over a few guys. Shawn Thornton did too. Zdeno Chara was smacking people around. Gregory Campbell and Brad Marchand hit everything that moved. It wasn’t a factor in the outcome.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers7) Mats Zuccarello vs. Zdeno Chara. A “Z-squared” matchup. Was Chara called for low-sticking him? Zuccarello towered over Torey Krug, though. Could eat apples off his head (old, worn-out hockey joke). Seriously, Zuccarello was really good in the first … other than, once again, forcing a pass when he should have shot on the power play. But he did make the outlet pass that sprung Kreider on the breakaway …

8) … and when Kreider was hauled down and went to center ice for a penalty shot, the lower-bowl patrons were looking up from their cellphones for a moment, like, “Wait, a shootout already?”

9) Speaking of which, the reception for Nash’s first shift was warm, and audible. But it sure as hell wasn’t loud. Nash looked pretty solid in his first game back after 17 games out and a long stretch of doing absolutely nothing. Let’s face it, he’s an enormous key to whatever success this team is going to have. Or not have.

10) The Thornton goal. I think Zuccarello made an ill-advised cross-ice pass before it. But Justin Falk’s pinch and whiff on Thornton was the critical mistake. Where have we seen the Rangers being beaten by the Bruins’ fourth line before? Wonder if Falk comes out next game and Michael Del Zotto comes back in.nash & richards

11) Lucic=Monster.

12) Derick Brassard got off the schneid, then started firing away as if something suddenly clicked. He’s got to contribute, too?

13) Ooops. Almost forgot Henrik Lundqvist. Both goals were, arguably, stoppable. Both were from fourth-liners. One glove high, one 5-hole. On shots 9 and 10. But, jeez, how long can you force a guy to be perfect? The Rangers offense needs to give him a few goals once in a while. They need to win him some games when he does give up two.

14) Should J.T. Miller really be sitting out for Benoit Pouliot?

15) Derek Dorsett got hurt again. That’s at least four games in a row. Guy plays hard at that size. Don’t know if he can possibly make it through 82. But he’s been doing his job.

16) I thought Jarome Iginla looked cooked at the end of last season. And that was after only 48 games. He’s really on the downside, obviously.

******************************************Boston Bruins v New York Rangers
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Mats Zuccarello
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Anton Stralman.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. tie, Rick Nash and Mats Zuccarello.

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  1. I wonder how many more of these he ten million dollar goalie is going to get outplayed in. Of course if your team can score a few for you, you’d win. I’m sure that’s what henrik told himself last night.

  2. This was not cut and pasted from prior comments I made..so here we go….Hank played well enough to win and deserved better BUT with this team you are unlikely to win if you are the second best goalie on the ice.

  3. Really encouraged by last night’s game. That’s the thing with hockey; it’s probably the only sport where one team totally outplays the other, yet still loses because of that one player with the big pads and a mask. The Kreider is such a joy to watch. Patience, grasshopper!

  4. I thought the rangers were the better team, but they need someone to get more dirty goals, ala the Dorsett goal a few games ago. They lost because Rask was unconscious, not because of Hank.

  5. I thought Staal had an off game last night…when [the] Kreider starts finishing, look out. Same old, same old scoring drought, many shots, a few mistakes. Nice to see Gnash back on his skates…the goals will follow, follow, follow…

  6. Against a mere mortal goalie, that game would have been 5-2 and The Kreider would have been close to a trick.

  7. Another game where the Krieder was really good , agree w number 10 , Hank shoulda stopped that breakaway goal ,

  8. Rick Nash has 1 goal in his last 15 games. He should do something about that before he expects to get a rousing welcome back.

  9. It’s premature, I know, but here’s my entry for the next ticket contest:

    Good team: X
    Rangers: X – 1
    SOG – doesn’t matter
    GWG – should have been stopped after our Defensive breakdown

  10. We’re not going to win until we bench these speed guys and trade for 7 more slow grinders to play against teams like Boston :)

    We were all over their defense ALL night. As I’ve been saying you can skate past big and slow all night if you have speed. the Rangers proved it. Boston’s defense does NOT impress me. Their young guys were beaten like a drum. Krug might be a nice offensive defenseman, but he’s terrible defending. If Rask wasn’t so good, we win that game going away.

    And I think Zuc should be fined everytime he passes instead of shoots on a breakaway. I like the little guy, but he has to be more selfish. You can’t give away scoring opportunities like that.

    Once again, beaten by Boston’s fourth line. On paper, they shouldn’t beat us like that. But maybe the main guys were gassed and they were the only ones with any jump.

  11. Girardi getting worse by the shift
    Plus, Lou Cheech destroyed him last night…Girardi should be checked for rabies after that mauling

  12. Good morning, boneheads!

    Carp, that’s why you are the best. Sometimes it’s difficult to look past W and L record, especially when you deal with a crowd like us- die hard Rangers fans, but a bunch of NNs sometimes. You see the big picture. They outplayed one of the better teams in the league using their new style and weapon- speed, quick decisions, and passing. The goals will follow, and I realize Boston was playing back-to-back, down to 5 D-men. But still, the amount of scoring chances they generated has to be taken into account. Two years ago they would probably still lose this game 2-1 and generated very little. Nash needs to get his time back, he’ll start scoring. TCK ( The CK ;-) will start scoring some too with his chances.
    Still think they need to add a bit more size and toughness on both ends, and they need to do it without sacrificing their style.
    I’ll say something else- I think with this style of play they wouldn’t need 7 games to beat Ottawa and Washington two years ago, and last year, don’t you think?

  13. Other than quantum physics and my wife, the one thing I’ll never understand is toupees. In all your years on Earth, have any of you guys ever, ever, EVER been fooled even once into thinking a toup was real hair? (Other than Sam Malone)

    We are all bald or heading there. It matters as much as what you scored on your driving test. Lose the rug, I’m not convinced

  14. Carp, first off the concept of “Ranger style” escapes me.

    So based on the current roster exactly what is our “style”?

    Secondly, is this a style that in your opinion is working and can it work to the extent it will produce an annually competitive team?

    Thirdly, are you convinced the best move re: Lundqvist is to resign him at a prohibitive salary given the obvious deficiencies in this roster and the organization?

    Were you the GM what course of action would you take given the shortfalls you see as an every day observer?

    Perhaps a column devoted to these questions would be both comment provoking and illustrative for the fans.

    Thank you

  15. You guys all know what’s coming next, don’t you?

    A break-out where the Rangers score like a bunch of goals over 3 or 4 games (like 12 to 15), then return to struggling to score again.

    It’s common sense to believe that if they play more games like they did last night than not, they will have games where things go in and that’ll likely occur in bunches.

    Alas, because they have but 1 top line forward and no offensively skilled d-man, they’ll then go into another goal-scoring drought.

    It’s all quite maddening really, when you consider there’s no help on the horizon and there’s no reason to have any faith that the incompetent man in charge will be able to address it.

    And really, even a strong GM would find it challenging; it will likely require a significant roster upheaval I think – top line forwards and/or PP QBs aren’t exactly readily available. Nor are they cheap if/when they do come available.


  16. So would anyone do Brassard and MDZ for the Schenn brothers?

    Luke’s not unlike Girardi in style and his acquisition would, arguably, make G (somewhat) expendable. He, perhaps, could be moved for a top forward prospect…

    Just musing here folks….

  17. _Secondly, is this a style that in your opinion is working and can it work to the extent it will produce an annually competitive team?_

    It kind of already does.

  18. No trade, Jim. Luke isn’t even a whipping boy right now in Philadelphia, just an admitted bust.

  19. (Not that he can’t turn around, he’s still young, but he gets paid too much to take a … wait for the awesome pun … flyer on when there are assets going the other way.)

  20. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    Great review, Carp!!!! You get better as the season goes on!!

    I don’t agree with everything. I do agree Lucic = Monster!!!! Freaking Igor/Hunchback clobbered Girardi and will get to more of our guys during the regular season, then turn it up in the PO’s.

    Sorry, we may have run circles around them, but our shots are rushed, we get minimal action in front of the net, and in a series, not a game, but a series, this team still beats us soundly. Trust me, you saw a hyped up Ranger team really working hard. You also saw a Bruin team that was on a second night and feeling comfortable in the standings.

    I think if one or two gets through on Rask, the B’s just work harder the other way, as they did at times, and pressure us more. They’re better. Face it.

    I do think it’s progress and enjoyed watching the game. Get some strength on D, do what they do with the crease clearing and making it hard to get in front and one or two tough to play against players (like 2 years ago) and we are closer.

    I do like the system. Like the chances.

  21. Much agreed with you and ilb, Carp. Other than scoring 2 more goals, I’m not sure the Rangers could’ve played any better. Oy!

    Seriously, #14… much agreed.

    Zuccarello played great, but those passes are infuriating (not to mention, one led to a Boston goal).

  22. MR.D, why did I actually believe your regular flights of fancy insisting that “we are on the right path” and don’t confuse me with facts only occurred in the evening hours. Are you suggesting “kind of” is a worthy response?

    If as you suggest the current “style” is working why are we not a better than average franchise historically and at present?

    Nothing actually works here because whatever the prevailing “philosophy” is we have neither the management team nor currently the roster to compete with the top organizations.

    I know you see this but apparently are determined to obfuscate known and obvious fact and logic with your glib “well it’s obvious to me” responses.

    Perhaps you could take a turn as our pseudo GM and define what ails this organization and how to correct it?

    While your beer reviews are top notch, I’d like to hear how you would remediate our issues.

    Thank you

  23. Huge shocker that Brassard gets the third star from the poll. Shocked. I knew people saw more than just the puck go in the net. (S)

    I still blame Zuccarello for the breakaway that everyone blames Falk for. Here’s why: the Defense has been told to get more involved. So Zuccarello has a clear chance to put a puck on net or throw it deep or even just walk it towards the net. Falk saw that and started to rush the cage for a rebound or screen. As he should. And as he has probably been told. But Zuccarello missed all that and tried to throw the puck threw about three guys skates.

    The kid makes some brilliant a passes and some boneheaded ones. Probably going to have to just live with that. But I sure wish he would shoot more.

  24. _Perhaps you could take a turn as our pseudo GM and define what ails this organization and how to correct it?_

    I’d be the best GM ever.

    (We would have no stars.)

  25. Faces of Lucic, Iginla, and Marchand should all be on a totem pole in the Museum of Anthropology at Moose Jaw.

  26. Right, Manny. Even if you don’t like a lot of the shots … there are only so many other options, most of which include some variation of “turn it over without a shot”.

  27. Too many low shots in that 44 – Rask has good lateral movement and spreads himself nicely (and wears a VERY baggy shirt – i’m pretty sure the penalty save was off his shirt creases round his waist). If we could have got a few more higher above his blocker we’d have had a better chance. Quantity is good, but quality is better!

  28. Rask left some rebounds, and there were guys around the net for the most part. I think against a second tier goalie, they pop in 3. They need to cash in on one of those break ins, though.

    Boston D was backing up all night, be it the Rnagers speed, them playing the night before, or both. Moore gave Thornton way too much room on that first goal. Arguably stoppable, but I’m not going to fault Hank on the breakaway goal. He gets most of those, but you’re going to get beat sometimes.

  29. Oh, and yes Manny I agree with you about Zuccarello. Good point. Totally not Falk’s fault. (Falk’s fault? Falk’s fault.)

  30. Man, I had those numbers wrong, that was our 5-on-5 advantage. For the game its 85-53 Corsi and 62-32 Fenwick. We averaged one shot through the defense per minute against a really good Boston team. That’s good.

    (Even if you don’t like advanced stats, you have to find this pretty amazing: Only 2 Boston skaters had a positive Corsi last night. They were … Thornton (+10) and Campbell (+1). That stupid 4th line kills us, even when we kill them.)

  31. The things you never knew, “the baggy shirt syndrome” did it!

    Mr.D, you never fail with the anticipated response.

    No stars, so the solution is a team comprised of dumpster divers with skates?

    Isn’t that the description of average? ;)

    And btw that “really good Boston team” was pretty tired as you said last eve perhaps contributing to those Ranger shot totals?

  32. UKRanger, spot on. But this team has a habit of shooting right at the goalie skates and pads. I don’t know why that is. Maybe they need practice in shooting high. Goalies all play on their knees these days and shooting high gives you a better chance at scoring. But it’s harder to be accurate doing so.

    Gravy, that’s what speed can do. Those Boston D men backed in all night. Different than LA where they stood up at the blue line and didn’t let us through much of the game. That’s why I was very unimpressed with Boston’s defense that game. The young kids seem to be offense first in their thinking and then just play the Torts collapse game on D. Easily beatable with speed.

    Comnsnse, every day you rail against the Rangers for having no system. What is your solution besides firing Sather? I think you’re wrong and here’s why. I think they brought in the right coach for the players they have. This is a speed team that is slowly learning how to transition the puck. It’s coming and you can see it game after game. Now, they have some of the right pieces in place but it’s time to start tweaking. I was hoping that MDZ would be that Leetch type puck mover, but apparently it’s not going to happen. Staal and McD seem to do it fairly well, and over time I think Moore could do it too. But ideally I’d like to get one more of those types. I’d also like to bring in a Beauk type defenseman who can stay back and let the more offensive minded do their thing.

    Next I’d bring in more primary scoring. We’ve played 1/4 of the season and it’s apparent to me that there’s nobody who can consistently force teams to defense them. Nash cold be that guy when he’s got his legs under him. Kreider could develop into that guy, but at least one more is needed now.

    And after that, I’d let them ride. I think the team could go far, I really do. I think this is going to be a VERY good second half team if they stay healthy. And they won’t be as tired playing such a physical game all the time.

  33. _No stars, so the solution is a team comprised of dumpster divers with skates?_

    Thank you for spelling out the simplistic “stars or sucks” mindset.

  34. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    When Brassard scores the only team goal, the goalie stunk, and the poll includes only Rangers, it’s pretty argumentative and to complain about Brassard getting voted a star.

  35. Bringing in primary scoring is easier said than done, obviously.

    Praytell, where does this primary scoring come from?

  36. Playable toughness? We could use some finishers. A lack of toughness didn’t lose last night, a lack of scoring did. The playable toughness of Dorsett committed two penalties in succession.

  37. Watch the penalty shot again – Kreider slots it between blocker and waist and Rask has no idea he’s saved it – because it hits his loose jersey and diverts the puck an inch to the left of the post.

  38. Someone should be feeding Nash instead of the other way around. Tired of watching him muck (though effectively) behind the net while Richie stands flatfooted saying Hail Marys that the puck will miraculously fall to his stick.

  39. Ilb,
    “in your 8:47am post, Still think they need to add a bit more size and toughness on both ends, and they need to do it without sacrificing their style.”

    agree 100% and was saying it on here yesterday, really for about a week now.

  40. Nash had 21 goals in 44 games last year. He has none in 4 this year, 1 of which he hardly played because of injury, and 1 of which was his first game back after that injury.

    Guess if he doesn’t get a goal in every game, he stinks.

  41. hopefully the players the rangers have will learn how to finish. I hope they do it soon or this could be a long season.

  42. Matty"NashIsBack!!"Boy on

    There was one point where a play ended and Step was surrounded by 4 B’s. Anyone else see it? He was an easy 4-6 inches shorter and 10+ pounds lighter than each of them. Tell me it doesn’t intimidate you.

    Playable toughness

  43. Coos, this is another reason I thought they should just put Nash with Brassard and leave the other two lines alone. Brassard would have a chance to feed him the puck. Put him on the LW, since Brassard is a lefty and put Dorsett on the RW.

    Even though they had scored 1 goal in the last 2 games, the top 2 lines were, generally, effective.

  44. “There was one point where a play ended and Step was surrounded by 4 B’s. Anyone else see it? He was an easy 4-6 inches shorter and 10+ pounds lighter than each of them. Tell me it doesn’t intimidate you.”

    That one moment lost them the game. Yeah, right.

    Dorsett commits two penalties in succession.

    Playable toughness.

  45. Or Chara blatantly cross-checking and actually punching Staal with no justice exacted, even from the Zebras.

  46. Man. We need an answer for Lucic

    He roams the ice freely and in a menancing manner, and definitely targets certain players.

    first McDonough, then Nash, now Girardi

    Last guy that tried to answer was Prust and he is lucky he wasn’t concussed.

    FWIW, I thought Lucic’s hit on Girardi could have been a penalty (charging? Interference?) I don’t think Girardi ever played the puck. Doesn’t really matter though.

  47. King Kreider,
    you might not think the rangers need more size and toughness now but if the rangers make the playoffs you will definitely need size and toughness because the playoffs are a different animal than the regular season.

  48. Dorsett’s goalie crunch penalty was well deserved, but his indomitable energy, courage, and booyah presence is valuable to this team.

  49. Late in the game, Chara could have been baited into a fight. Especially during the sequence when he attacked Staal.

    Playing the last 5 minutes of a 1 goal game with Chara in the box for a fighting major, thereby leaving the Bruins without their top D Pair of Seidenberg and Chara would have improved our chances of tying the game.


  51. The Rangers should just trade Stepan for Shawn Thornton and Nash for Maxim Lapierre.

    After all, all ya need is toughness. All ya need is toughness.

  52. King Kreider, nobody is saying the rangers should trade stepan for thorton or nash for lapierre, relax dude.

  53. Lucic had zero impact?

    Not sure Girardi or the rest of the Ranger bench who witnessed the bomb he threw feels that way.

    Another thing about Lucic, he often seeks to send his vicious message in front of or in the vicinity and view of the Ranger bench.

  54. There was one sequence where Kreider skated from behind the net along the boards with the puck with Chara in close attention and Chara had no answer for his speed, in fact Kreider’s separation from Chara in just 20-30 feet was almost further than Lurch could reach with his monstrously long stick and he was left to do little but tap him on the arm with the tip of the blade. Speed kills, the bigger they are the slower they are (unless you are The Kreider)

  55. I am saying it. Cos all ya need is toughness. Let’s out toughness everyone. Surely, that will get their names etched on the Stanley Cup. Cos all ya need is toughness.

  56. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    King Kreider – you miss the point. Shawn Thornton for Pyatt is a start…Dom Moore exchanged for LaPierre

  57. _Not sure Girardi or the rest of the Ranger bench who witnessed the bomb he threw feels that way._

    If that’s how it works, why didn’t Callahan dumping Bartkowski have the same impact for us? Lucic is noticeable. Noticeable and effective aren’t the same thing. Big pest, little pest, still a pest whose team generated nothing with him on the ice.

  58. _Mister D – please share!_


    Its amazing. I’m in heaven right now. Lets just start with this … in the playoffs last year when Brassard looked awesome, his most common 5×5 linemates were Zucc and Nash.

  59. Mr.D,@10:01 your never ending certitude and glibness are the proverbial empty barrel making noise!

    “Stars or sucks mindset” is specificity to you?

    Try responding without the usual evasiveness if you have an opinion.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

  60. Eddie eddie eddie, the presence of Pyatt and Dom Moore aren’t losing the Rangers games. The inability to finish is. The Rangers dominated the game yesterday but could not score more than one goal.

  61. What some of us are missing is that large, legal, grizzly hits on the ice result in the opposition keeping their heads up and subtly causing them to misplay pucks or throw erratic passes. It’s not goal scoring, but it’s a tangent part of a winning hockey team.

  62. Stranger Nation on

    _Someone should be feeding Nash instead of the other way around. Tired of watching him muck (though effectively) behind the net while Richie stands flatfooted saying Hail Marys that the puck will miraculously fall to his stick._


  63. Tommy, all ya need is toughness. Cos all ya need is toughness. ba dum bum. All ya need is toughness, ba dum bum. Cos all ya need is toughness.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    _There was one point where a play ended and Step was surrounded by 4 B’s. Anyone else see it? He was an easy 4-6 inches shorter and 10+ pounds lighter than each of them. Tell me it doesn’t intimidate you._

    Step played last night?

  65. Uk ranger@ 1033.

    There are times when The Kreider accelerates And it looks like he is playing against a group of pee-wees.

    He can put it onto overdrive in two strides. Beautiful to see. I remember the play with Chara. I was like wow.

  66. Stranger Nation on

    All Falk had to do was play the man and stand Thorton up and that doesn’t happen.

    Prior to SH goal, Rangers were unable to gain zone 3 different times during PP led by …wait for it…oh, you know who…Richie Rich

    The carriage has turned into a pumpkin and the mice and waiting outside the garden.

  67. Obviously a raw metric, but its in the direction I’ve been going with my whining all season …

    *Quality of 5×5 Teammates (Forward Only):*
    Rick Nash 30.2%
    Chris Kreider 28%
    Ryan Callahan 26.7%
    Carl Hagelin 26.6%
    Derek Stepan 26.4%
    Mats Zuccarello 26.1%
    Brad Richards 25.5%
    Jesper Fast 24.9%
    Benoit Pouliot 24.2%
    Taylor Pyatt 23.3%
    _Derick Brassard 23.1%_
    J.T. Miller 22.7%
    Derek Dorsett 22.1%
    Brandon Mashinter 21.5%
    Arron Asham 21.5%
    Brian Boyle 21.4%
    Dominic Moore 20.3%
    Darroll Powe 20%


  68. King Kreider, no, that’s not all you need but it’s lacking in the rangers lineup. Yes, the rangers need to score, that’s obvious, don’t need to be a hockey analyst to figure that out. Good luck with that because goal scorers aren’t made on trees.

  69. Nasher could prosper on a line with a bruising mucker like Clowe and a nifty passer like Brass. Nash and Brass are very familiar with each others’ speed, moves, and tendencies.

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There aren’t many teams that go deep into the 2nd season without size, toughness, and grit. Heck, the rangers’ recent ECF run had much less to do with finishing and scoring than it did team toughness. Just sayin.

  71. Mister D – awesome, statto heaven!

    You can see from last night how guys like Chara and Marchand were targeted against Step/Kreider/Zuke

  72. Tommy, we are not discussing a solution to the team’s problems. We are discussing the problem. The problem is a lack of scoring, not a lack of toughness. Adding more toughness does not help the team’s real need of more goalscoring.

    All ya need is toughness, ba dum bum. Cos all ya need is touuuuuuuuughneeeeeeeess, ba dum bum.

  73. Stranger Nation on

    Mr D – lest we not forget Brassard has been playing checking center for most of the season so matched up against the opponents’ best line with line-mates Boyle and Dorsett.

    I have read here that line-mates don’t matter for the center, so it is probably all his fault. We should trade him back to Columbus for Gabby…

    Also interesting to note Richards is #7 out of the top 6 forwards on that list- ha!

  74. The Rangers recent ECF run had more to do with goaltending, defense and blocked shots. The scoring wasn’t terrible either.

    I am showing grit by not giving up the fight about toughness.

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    King Kreider – could you tell me who scored the GWG last night? Hint, he wore #22 and it wasn’t Boyle.

  76. Toughness is the key to life, all ya need is toughness, toughness averts strife, cos all ya need is toughness, toughness keeps my wife, all ya need is toughness, even when stabbed a knife. Cos all ya need is touuuuuuughneeeeeess.

  77. E3, but the reason they ultimately were eliminated by the Devils was because Gaborik was hurt, and they did not score enough.

  78. The Doctor: Thank you for backing up my eye vision abilities with statistics! Sweet Double Team Vibin’

  79. 44 shots, with 22 chances, looks good on paper.

    But 20 of those shots were soft balls thrown at net on a line change. Yes they would have gone in if the Goalie wasn’t there, but they weren’t really a “shot”.

  80. What you need is size, speed, scoring, toughness, defence, goaltending, grit, jam, coffee, waffles…… but you also have to deal with the Salary Cap so you can’t have it all, you have to do the best with what you’ve got.

  81. Every time we lose by a goal, or don’t score one at all, I take a cigar out of the MonteKRISTO box, light it up, and tell myself – We don’t _need_ goals to win games on varsity.

  82. I think you need to realize that you’re feeding the troll at the moment. Do you think he ( and his other name) really cares about toughness vs goal scoring. Stop responding, he will fade away.

  83. _Nasher could prosper on a line with a bruising mucker like Clowe and a nifty passer like Brass. Nash and Brass are very familiar with each others’ speed, moves, and tendencies._

    I’d love to give Miller a chance to be that guy. He wouldn’t be as messy as Clowe, but I really like what I’ve seen of him in front of the net.

  84. I know Gabby is injured, and it looks now that we got the better end of the trade with the players that are *playing*, but… when Gaborik was on the ice – I felt like we had a *chance* to get a goal.

    I would like to feel that way when Nash is on the ice, *But* he hasn’t scored yet this year, and did he even have a goal in the playoffs. Maybe 1, but I don’t remember it.

    Who’s the Ranger *YOU FEEL* will get us a goal when HE’S on the ice?

  85. _The Doctor: Thank you for backing up my eye vision abilities with statistics! Sweet Double Team Vibin’_

    The line percentages for the season aren’t up yet, but I’m scared to see just how often Brassard has been stuck with that dummy Pouliot.

  86. Stranger Nation on

    Did not love the outcomes of the last 2, but the last three games showed this team has come a loooooong way the first 2 weeks of the season.

  87. Today’s the day we’ll fade away,
    Today’s the day we’ll fade away,
    Today’s the day we’ll find our way,
    Today’s the day we’ll fade away

  88. Sioux, Nash has played in 4 games this year, 1 of which ended in the 1st period, and another in which was his first after about 6 weeks off. He has 3 assists.

    Not going to make excuses for the playoffs, but his regular season stats have been as expected.

  89. hopefully this team will learn how to finish because if they don’t it will be a frustrating long season.

  90. Stranger Nation on

    *Ranger Offensive Forwards:*
    1. Rick Nash 30.2%
    2. Chris Kreider 28%
    3. Ryan Callahan 26.7%
    4. Carl Hagelin 26.6%
    5. Derek Stepan 26.4%
    6. Mats Zuccarello 26.1%
    7. Brad Richards 25.5%
    8. Benoit Pouliot 24.2% (played top 6 minutes for most of the season)

    *Ranger Defensive Forwards:*
    Jesper Fast 24.9%
    Taylor Pyatt 23.3%
    Derick Brassard 23.1%
    J.T. Miller 22.7%
    Derek Dorsett 22.1%
    Brandon Mashinter 21.5%
    Arron Asham 21.5%
    Brian Boyle 21.4%
    Dominic Moore 20.3%
    Darroll Powe 20%

    the conclusion is Nash and THE Kreider are on a different level and we must bring back Fast!!

  91. Agree Gravy.

    My point was – who do you feel is going to get us a goal – when he gets on the ice.

    Nash might be that guy some day this year. But I don’t feel that way *YET* about him.

    He really hasn’t given us a come from behind win, a *fourth quarter TD* to win the game. We would have to go all the way back to last year regular season, it’s been so long.

  92. Gabby use to make me feel that way. Remember when the Rangers were down by 3 goals, Gabby scores 3 and adds an assits, and the Rangers win in overtime.

    That was the *Second* best win EVER!

  93. Was reading about the 1906 White Sox “Hitless Wonders.” They won the pennant with no hitting, then batted an abysmal .198 against a loaded Cubs team, beating them 4 games to 2 in the World Series. Maybe we can become the “Scoreless Wonders.”

  94. Nash played less than 18 min last night. Considering he was used on PP, AV was true to his words- he didn’t overuse him. His shot was a little off last night, but I thought he skated pretty well for someone who’s been out for that long.

  95. Coos – we will need an old version of Hank if that’s the case.

    Because the one letting the 4th liners score on him isn’t going to work.

  96. *SPAM ALERT*

    Donate to my Movember mustache and make my wife slightly less mad at me for looking like a moron: Please help out however you can. I am on TEAM NYR and am currently out earning some of those highly paid athlete idiots that couldn’t beat the Bruins:


  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby could score 50 this year and any other year. He is the prototype 40 goal scored that, after this year, will have scored less than 40 in eleven of his 14 seasons.

  98. Sioux, I believe Nash’s first 9 or so goals tied the game or gave the Rangers the lead last year, most in the 3rd period.

  99. I do to Ilb. I should have left Nash out of the discussion.

    Nash – could be that guy. He’s the only 40 goal scorer we have. (310 goals in 10 years so he really he’s a 30 goal scorer) So we would expect a goal ever other game. If you a numbers guy.

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That was a good effort last night. If they played that way every game and lost 2-1, I wouldn’t complain. As long the effort is there, I’m all good.

  101. Gravy can we have *that guy* play for us in the 3rd period?

    I’ll even start him against you :)

  102. Are the Senators REALLY interested in Del Zotto or is that a rumor? There are a bunch of guys I like on that roster.

    (and nobody mention Neil. He is perfect but has a NTC and isn’t leaving Ottawa)

  103. I enjoyed the game, they always seemed one play away from running away with it. THE Kreider will score lots of goals if he fine tunes his shooting just a smidgen. Nash looked a little rusty, but like ilb said – he looks good for the first game back after a concussion. Lundy shouldn’t HAVE to be perfect, but he should know by now that’s what’s expected of him. If Lundy expects the team to be offensively strong enough to score goals to cover his mistakes, he better take that into account for his contract negotiations.

  104. Per Carp’s post we’re doing nothing wrong and playing the best I’ve seen in quite some time. Just can’t finish, not converting on turnovers. If Rask & Herik switched nets last night we may have won by a few goals. Just not making the big save any more. Nash spend most of the night in the defensive zone circling near the blue line. ??? First time up to the bridge last night; great job cool view

  105. To the idea that Dorsett is doing his job, I suppose that it’s true. But part of his job, apparently, is to take some really dumb penalties. As long as the positives outweigh that glaring negative, I guess keep him in the line-up.

  106. stevekinNJ, short answer,the fish rots from the head. If the leader is weak he generally hires lackeys and brownies who tell him what he wishes to hear.The owner doesn’t care has no pride of ownership and is in the game to simply make more money!

    Here’s my question to you.

    What specifically do you see either today or tomorrow vis a vis prospects that give you hope?

    Remembering that Sather has performed his mediocrity act here for now 13 years and counting, following his abysmal efforts his last 10 + in Edmonton!

    Jersey guys are not noted for patience, and at my age less so! (:)

  107. “We just can’t finish”, what better description of this franchise?

    And those with urological issues? lol

  108. Stranger Nation on

    Dallas Morning Star Interview:
    Reporter: Brad, are you exciting to come back to Dallas?
    Richards: Neigh
    Reporter: What do you need to do to continue to play well?
    Richards: Just be a stable influence, not buck the odds and push it hard down the stretch
    Reporter: Difference between Dallas and New York?
    Richards: Dallas has the rodeo and New York has the horse carriages.
    Reporter: Do you see yourself playing through the end of the contract?
    Richards: When you are making hay, there is no time to rest. Eventually I will ride out into the sunset, but that day is not here.

  109. Dude, about that “fresh khat”, you may be on to something to help us with those depressing “almost” moments! (:)

  110. Why would Nash warrant a nice welcome back? What has he done to endear himself to Ranger fans? One goal in the playoffs last year? A laughable playoff performance that he described as “good.” One goal so far this year? I’ve had just about enough of this guy Nash.

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