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  1. Dropped in again because I thought the headline said “fresh Khat’!

    probably a special offer for ranger dis hards?

  2. I am not trolling. The team does not need more toughness to succeed. They were the better team last night and they got beaten by a better goalie. They need to start finding the back of the net.

  3. Darren Dreger: We are hearing some interesting names that are starting to surface. Two of them that come to mind are Brayden Schenn of the Phildadelphia Flyers and Michael Del Zotto of the New York Rangers. Now the Flyers aren’t trying to push out Schenn – they may want to push out his brother Luke – but what they’ve told teams quietly is that if there is the right deal available, if they can find the right fit, then absolutely they would include Brayden Schenn in a trade scenario. And we know Paul Holmgren likes to make that big blockbuster deal.

    As for Del Zotto and the Rangers, he’s not having a good year, playing well behind Ryan McDonagh and Marc Staal on the left side, so he’s a third-pairing defenceman. He could probably embrace a change and we’re told that at least five or six teams have inquired about scenarios.

    Pierre LeBrun: I think one of those teams is the Ottawa Senators. They’ve had this mystifying start, they’ve been so inconsistent and I’m told one of their top priorities on the trade market between now and the trade deadline is to find another puck-moving defenceman and Del Zotto is on that list of players on their radar. But it’s money in, money out with the Senators with the situation with ownership.

  4. For what it’s worth (little), Eklund says Edmonton and Calgary are in play, and that Ottawa and Detroit checked in, but didn’t like the asking price.

  5. Del Zotto has shown periods of great play, both offensively and as a physical defenseman. It is that consistency.

    I still think he has potential, but potential that may or may not be realized. I believe if they get a good return, they pull the trigger.

    Or maybe this is their last ditch effort at motivating him.

  6. Agreed on all points, tomb.

    To me, he seems like a different player since his hip injury 2 seasons ago. He just doesn’t seem to skate as well as he used to.

  7. Gravy,
    MDZ was never really a great skater, but he was never this bad a skater either. with that, I do not think skating is his issue. its his hockey sense, or lack of hockey sense that is his issue. we all thought AV system would be perfect for him. maybe Torts system was a simpler system, and MDZ was better with Torts system.

  8. “Show me what you can do … on your off side”. We should make THE KREIDER play center then wonder why he isn’t just as good at center as he has shown on the wing.

  9. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I agree with your assessment, Carp.

    Torts pushed some of them too far. That drew the ire of Lundqvist and the dismissal of Torts. As a coach, he should have known how to coach certain players. One of the jobs of a coach to manage egos. He failed with Kreider.

  10. I think Kreider would be a great center. I don’t think its about which side MDZ is playing. he is just playing poorly.

  11. _I think Kreider would be a great center. I don’t think its about which side MDZ is playing. he is just playing poorly._

    And in the past he’s played well. So he’s a guy who has played well and played poorly, and one of the things that changed from point A to point B was rather major.

  12. and now we are going to see MDZ’s reaction to being benched. is he going to be like Zucc, and turn it into a positive, or is going to wilt.

  13. the major change Mister D, was the coach. different styles of play. I do not believe the issue is what side he is playing.

  14. I di not mind the line combo’s used last night, but I would still change them.

    Hagelin, Stepan, Nash.
    Kreider, Brassard, and Zucc.
    Pouliot, Richards, and Cally.
    you can put them in whatever order you like as to who is the top line.
    I like Brassard with Kreider because of Brassard’s speed and passing ability.

  15. Uh oh! MDZ in the lineup means his ‘Apple Get Jiggy With It Jam Box’ comes with him into the locker room. Richards will go to Sather about this!

  16. Del Zotto will be an arbitration eligible RFA. They can retain his rights by qualifying him at $2.9M. Mihalik, on the other hand, is going to be an UFA, and he is making $6M this year ( his AAV is $4.33M though)

  17. Agree bull dog.

    Kenneth, or maybe Kreider is developing now because he wasn’t pushed before he was ready?

    That coach, who coveted Nash, insisted Kreider not be in that deal.

  18. _the major change Mister D, was the coach. different styles of play. I do not believe the issue is what side he is playing._

    I really don’t see why. Its a pretty major change for a D to just flip sides, esp when one of his plusses is the long outlet.

  19. Funny how DZ is such a polarizing figure amongst Rangers fans. I was excited about his prospects when he first joined the team. I didn’t think he was going to be Leetch 2.0 but he had arguably the best passing vision and offensive instincts of any Rangers D since Leetch was traded.

    You could give him a pass on defensive miscues his first season and if the junior legibility rules were different he probably should have been demoted after the first half of that season. His second season was a pretty big disappointment but again he was still 20 and I’d rather see a 20 year old with upside try to learn the game vs a 30 something Redden steadily deteriorate. He responded with some pretty good hockey in 2012 and looked to be turning the corner but then took at least a step if not two back last year.

    So most likely he won’t ever be a top pair or even consistent 2nd pair D. And his skating hasn’t improved nor did he ever develop anything resembling a bomb from the point. But he’s a relatively cap friendly deal for this year and the mix of Falk/Allen/Johnson doesn’t exactly sound like a guaranteed upgrade. Even if he’s dropped to 6th on the blueline depth chart are there really any teams with a 6th D that doesn’t have some sort of warts?

    If his game has slipped as much as a large portion of the fanbase will have you believe can they realistically expect anything but another project in return? In the offseason if they feel that someone else in the system is ready to take bottom pair minutes then they can trade his right or not qualify him.

  20. I meant i agree about DZ playing L or R.

    Not sure Kreider has passing skills or especially defensive awareness to play C.

  21. I expect lots of tweets tomorrow about how many scouts are in Dallas. No matter how many, or for what reason.

  22. Bull dog, Stepan is a R handed player, he’s best suited to feed L winger because of that. But Nash does have a tendency to to cut to the middle often, so it may work.

  23. I wish we can consistently get the Del Z from the Sens/Caps series in the 2012 playoffs. He was so fuggin good in all areas, even physically.

    He faded in the Devils series, big time. That’s the Del Z we have now. Frustrating to watch.

  24. Kreider is a good passer Carp, but yes, I know it is a bit of a reach on my part saying he would be a good center.

  25. If you check Del Zotto’s 2011-13 scoring log (10-31-41, 13 PP assists), you’ll see (1) he was on the 1st PP and (2) the only d-men who show up in his scoring log are RD. When he’s playing well for some other team, I’ll be the guy sniffling out “I told you so” and pretending I’m not crying.

  26. So the consensus is that shifting positions is normally tough but shouldn’t affect one certain player and can’t be linked to any on-ice problems?

  27. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Carp, I am the king of the “Tort Support” as I call Torts defenders.

    I think Kreider is developing because he no longer has a belligerent tyrant coaching him.

    He insisted that Kreider not be in the deal, but he also ran Gaborik out of town.

  28. The K does not have the awareness to play any defensive C, though he is improving. He would be a step up, though, to Richie Rich on fore-checking responsibilities, pressing on breakouts.

  29. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Please don’t use a few games and an injury to support the trade of Gaborik.

  30. I kind of agree, kind of don’t Kenneth. Its a SSS in Columbus, and even if you take all of post lockout (17 G in 64 games), but with Gaborik the time missed to injury is something you almost had to factor in. Its just tougher to give him a timeout versus a guy like Nash whose missed games are a career anomaly.

  31. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I am not crying about the trade. It is done and gone.

    As head of Tort Support, I acknowledge that he has limitations as a coach. While he insisted on retaining Kreider, he did not provide Kreider with the ideal circumstances to succeed. He also railroaded Gaborik last season and ran him out of town.

  32. completely disagree, obviously, on the handling of Kreider. He stunk last year, and he stunk during training camp under a different coach.

  33. Bull Dog, is that because you aren’t sold on Myers or don’t like his $5.5MM? For a UFA Girardi, that seems like an easy, easy nod yes on our side, “hell no” on theirs.

  34. but i also know this is a polarizing argument that I cannot possibly win with those who think Kreider’s going to the Hall of Fame or those who hate the previous coach and will never give him even the slightest credit for the progress the franchise made with young players.

  35. But Carp, aren’t young players (and all players (ahem, Pouliot)) going to stink from time to time? A lot of it is framing, if Girardi were a 23 year old kid, would he still be top pair for us or is he getting leash because he’s proven?

  36. Stranger Nation on

    _Hagelin, Stepan, Nash.
    Kreider, Brassard, and Zucc.
    Pouliot, Richards, and Cally._

    The Capt takes one for the team

  37. I also haven’t seen any evidence that Kreider is a good passer. I think he might turn into a goal scorer and absolutely will be a power forward, and could be a game changer with his speed. Don’t see any finesse yet at all.

  38. but you don’t force a kid who’s struggling like that into an NHL role, especially a kid like that whose arrival created completely unrealistic expectations that still exist in some fans’ minds.

  39. I was a supporter of both Torts and Gabby, and while it’s pretty safe to assume that Torts pushed Gabby pretty hard he certainly got some of Gabby’s years out of him.

    As Carp explained last year, Torts took different approaches to different players and felt some guys needed to be pushed more than others.

    With his health an issue again and him seemingly starting the decline phase of his career at the very least the Rangers made a smart “better to let him go one year too early than hold one year too late” trade.

  40. Stranger Nation on

    El Zotto had a great playoff against the Sens two years ago. Thought that is when he looked most complete. Got in Neil’s face, kept dumb homerun passes to a minimum. Makes the results since a real head scratcher…

  41. Mister D,
    I like Myers. just not sure what his ceiling is. is he going to be as good as, if not better than Girardi? if that is a yes then you are right, it would be a no brainer

  42. Stranger Nation on

    The jump from college to pro is a big one more so than juniors. Not surprised Kreider had an adjustment period coming from a top program.
    If he could play credible defense and be 50/50 in FOs, I would move him to the pivot in a second.
    His passing is underrated.

  43. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Please don’t dismiss my assertion by saying that I think Kreider is going to the Hall of Fame or that Torts is a terrible coach that helped nobody.

    He is a good coach. He has his flaws.

  44. Rob in Beantown on

    Kreider is a natural scoring winger. Even if he could be a decent center I don’t think that’s a good use of his talents and it is not like the Rangers are wanting for centers right now.

  45. NYT news flash, “Beware the Marauding Carp”.

    Did you cause a disruption in the interview room? :)

  46. Kreider scored some big goals in the 2012 playoffs but he also had some rough games, particularly in the Caps series after game 1.

    He wasn’t producing in Hartford when Torts had nothing to do with his progress during the lockout and wasn’t doing much when he was awarded a spot on the NHL roster because the depth had been stripped from the previous year’s team.

    It was deficiencies among the organization as a whole as well as the player himself as to why 2013 was not a good year for him.

  47. _I also haven’t seen any evidence that Kreider is a good passer._

    I think he can continue to pick up assists just because he’s able to win the puck along the boards in the offensive zones.

  48. the reason Kreider is playing better is simple. he is playing a straight ahead, up and down game. for the most part he has stopped chasing the puck all over the ice.

  49. Carp – did you like the way Nash looked last night?

    Who would you like to see him play with?

  50. Carp – how much fun would last nights game be if THE KREIDER would have scored on the Penalty Shot?

  51. Carp, I think The Kreider is a good passer.

    But I agree, his position is Wing not Center because of his Guy Lafluer type speed and ability to hit top speed in only 2-3 quick strides. He can fly up the wing with and without the puck.

    Keep him on wing. Try him on a line with players who can better keep up with him. lMaybe Nash and Brassard?

  52. Coos, just catching up.

    Previous thread.

    Appreciate the Freddie ‘the Fog’ Shero comparison and compliment @ 10:33 re: my 10:27. The man was a 2-time Stanley Cup championship Coach. Took the Rangers to the Finals in ”79.

  53. Papa el Zotto has to hit!

    The net, the person in front of him, the person in front of the crease…….. I’m starting to wonder if he can still hit the toilet :)

    McDonagh has clearly replaced him as the Rangers scoring defenseman.

  54. It’s hilarious when I see ranger fans call any ranger defensemen a “scoring defensemen”. That’s one of a bunch of problems with the rangers. They have no true offensive defensemen, one of the reasons they struggle to score goals, especially on the power play.

  55. Gravy – I’m thinking the Gabby deal was all about getting the highest value/return, when the Rangers knew they weren’t going to sign him, and they wouldn’t get 3 guys for a Rental. Who knew Gabby would have such an off year, and get injured?

    Ranger win!!!

    It would be alright with me if *Mar-ty* gives up 5 goals tonight :)

  56. Tommy I agree, but he is 3rd on the Rangers in scoring. Which doesn’t say much. He sure has the skills to be one, hopefully we will see 45-50 points out of him this year.

  57. Tommy, as a group, our defense cause little fear when they are winding up at the point.

    When was the last time one of our D scored on a 1 timer from the point?

    Better yet, when was the last time one of our D hit the net with a 1-timer from the point?

    Better yet x2, when was the last time one of our D took a legitimate 1 timer from the point?

  58. I know he is coming off a serious eye injury, but Marc Staal’s unforced turnovers coupled with his lack of spatial orientation and scatter brain positional play in the D Zone has been troubling lately. His penchant to overcommit to the puck side is puzzling. The guy is a veteran and former all-star. We need better.

  59. Papa, off topic but very important. FXX is showing older episodes of the League on Tuesday nights.

  60. Carp :) great point.

    But, still not a 1 timer, more a bank shot with a hop, skip and a jump in it that was aided by the apparent seizure Quick was experiencing at the time.

  61. Sam to Joe M after witnessing Marc Staal’s attempt to go back at Lerch last night: “He must of had a lot of Slap fights with his sister while Eric and Jordan were duking it out.”

  62. Joe M said during last night’s game it was the first time all year that the Rangers were playing with their full lineup.

  63. Pops, excellent analysis re: Staal who is both over rated and over paid and at best a #3 D.

    Another mistake as a #1 pick, so to repeat this organization has not made one legitimate first round pick during Sather’s reign of error!

  64. Yeah, as soon as Pyatt comes back we’ll have our full compliment of 2-3-4 line forwards and 2-6 defensemen.

    Wait until the league sees us then!

  65. A 26 year old defenseman who has been successfully deployed to defend against Ovechkin, Crosby, and the likes, was chosen to play in all-star game, and will be happily taken as a first pair on most of the NHL teams. His cap hit is still below $4M for the next two years. Is that who we are referring as an overrated, overpaid, 3rd at best, defenseman?


    ‘If they could “C” me now,
    Those old-time Profs of mine,
    I’m eating fancy chow
    And drinking fancy wine.
    I’d like those stumble bums to see for a fact
    The kind of top drawer, first rate chums I attract.’

  67. ILb, My point exactly. Based on his previous success, it would be nice to get a more consistent return from Staal. Key word “consistent”.

    And I disagree somewhat on your point about who he plays against. When given the choice or last change, over the last 2plus seasons with two separate Ranger coaching staffs, McDonough has been put head to head and up against those tough assignments, not Staal.

  68. ilb2001, Finesse it any way you want he’s no all star, he has never lived up top his draft slot, he is no offensive threat and despite the NY media hype is no shut down D against the league’s best forwards.

    That’s why he’s overpaid and a #3 D.

    On this team he is exactly where he belongs, a #3 D.

  69. I like Staal, but he hasn’t been the same player consistency-wise since he was deep-sixed by his loving brother Eric.

  70. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Good or bad Staal has had a lot of injuries.

    My problem isn’t with the names of the d men we have, it is the playing style they have (or don’t have).

  71. Pops, he has been injured before Eric’s hit and also has never shown consistency on a season to season basis.

    My point was and is, he is a #3 D based on his career to date and the likelihood that what we’ve seen is what he is.

    My other point of course is Sather has drafted 5 #1 D and not one warrants the pick!

  72. In consideration of trades., there are perhaps 2 players on this team whom i would consider close to untouchable, Hank and Kreider. I may change my mind on Hank as we get closer to the deadline, depending of course on how the season is going at the time.

  73. Wicky, I think you mean every #1 pick since 2000 and if so Kreider ironically because until recently has not measured up to being a #1 now looks like the “goods”.

    My comment originally applied to Dmen drafted #1 which with Skeij(spelling) the most recent stretch now number 5 @ #1! The best D via trade and second best through last season a free agent.

    Our draft record sucks especially with D men, use the Pens as a comparison.

  74. Pops, agreed on so called Kreider with fingers crossed, but don’t agree with keeping Hank if he could bring back a package of a power forward and a stud D.

    It’s imperative to remember the potential ramifications of his cap hit with a new contract and his age!

  75. The Kreider has too much potential. I would have to be completely bowled over, completely. And, I would have serious consternation even were I too be completely bowled over.

  76. Eliminate “so called” since they still call him that.

    Fingers were ready to say “untouchables”!

  77. Many things would need to fall into place for us to get a Kings Ramson (ha) for Hank. For example, a legitimate and serious Cup contender would require a season ending injury to their #1 goaltender.

  78. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I was just asking about your trading d men question and if you were asking which of the d men just on the rangers would you trade (any of them except mcdonut and J Moops) or if it was all including those in the system (then add mcilrath and Allen to the two I mentioned above).

  79. Digression, how many of you have followed the career of Tanner Glass since he was drafted by Florida.

    I have and marvel at his growth particularly his fighting skills.

    When he first came up he was definitely lighter but always scrappy and decent fighter.

    Now at 6’1″ and 210 he goes against anyone and it seems more often than not gets the best of it.

    He bloodied Clowe pretty good awhile back and imo is one of the best in the game today giving a 100% each time he’s on the ice.

  80. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think one of the best fighters for his size that fights guys above his weight class and wins routinely is engelland.

  81. And speaking of D we could have taken, keep an eye on Fowler who has improved his game immensely for the Ducks.

    Put on some weight as well!

  82. Wicky, good call, now ask how the Pens continue to find the right people for the needed slots despite finishing near the top for many years.

    They have the best player in the world, a top 5-6 player in the world, power forwards who can score, a terrific offensive D man and many lesser known parts that fill out that roster.

  83. Sorry, bedtime routine:-).

    Papa, yes last two years it’s McD. We were lucky to get him. Before that- it was Staal against those guys. And if Staal wants to resign, I’d keep him over Girardi. On the other hand, I think they need to be proactive with Staal, and if they sense he may not resign in two, I’d trade him earlier rather than later.

  84. Fowler has also been one of the worst defensive players at even strength since he came into the league.

    And Matta is in the lineup partially because the Pens have so much cap space tied up in a small group of players and need guys on their ELCs to offset that.

  85. They also have Rob Scuderi injured, and Engelland can’t be trusted to play defense anymore, CTB.

    If Fowler was in NY, he’d replace MDZ on WBM in a month. With -53 at even strength he’d probably replace Boyle too.

  86. Yes, but have you seen him play this year and be responsible on D?

    Was Matta a better pick than Skeji by most hockey people or not, so please don’t compare Pens drafts for D with the Rangers.

    Great D drafts is how they obtained two forwards this organization wish they had.

  87. Gents, correct re: Fowler in past but he’s playing in the NHL for a better team than ours,playin bigger this year while McIllbust learns how to skate and play the game for 3 years!

  88. ilb2001, which only goes to reinforce their great D draft record!

    Depth to then use to fill other spots!

  89. I hope when McIlrath arrives he’s ready to play in the NHL and not brought to be an enforcer alone. Can’t afford to have a DMan in the line-up if he can’t take a regular shift.

  90. fowler isn’t good at all, horrible defensively and not that much offensively, glad the rangers didn’t pick him.

  91. “Many things would need to fall into place for us to get a Kings Ramson (ha) for Hank. For example, a legitimate and serious Cup contender would require a season ending injury to their #1 goaltender.”

    The issue with this in my brain, Papa, is that I’d probably want at least one of the players which makes that team a serious Cup contender in addition to prospects and picks; what cup contenders really have a prospect(s)not only good enough, but also one that fills a particular key area, to trade Hank for? And their pick is obviously going to be low in the draft. It’s tricky.

  92. Latons, agree very tricky and probably not a decision we would feel comfortable with in the hands of Uncle Glennie.

    Several thoughts:

    At the time of the deadline what is the “true” state of the team? Our prospect pool?

    Hanks Contract Demands – do we go max years and salary on a 32 year old goaltender? Is there a chance he would walk in the summer?

    Cam Talbot. Does the organization believe he is more than an adequate back-up? Can he be a legitimate #1 who they believe will give the team a chance to win in the playoffs?

    Will there be a legitmate market for his services at the deadline and if so what can we reasonably expect to get back?

  93. If the Rangers are being run properly, the management team has started to identify what their BATNA (best alternatives to a negotiated settlement) are in the Hank contract talks and are formulating a series options to explore when and if necessary.

  94. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – Cam can; pls do not pay a goalie $8MM. Maybe canucks want him for Kessler

    Staal needs a better partner and he will be fine…

  95. The benching of Del Z by Veen-Yo is clearly geared at motivating him to play the way we all know he can play. Some guys can benefit from that. Look at Zucca…

    MDZ is a very good and capable player. He was considered to be untouchable by Torts & Sather (like Stepan was) in any Nash trade.

    Yet, AV is definitely not fond of what he sees so far.

    Let’s see what happens…however, I don’t believe a trade is likely.

  96. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    NYR_Fan, that’s your sentimentality talking. Yes, he is a capable player. No, he is not a very good player. He is not even a good player.

  97. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You do not know that, unless you have intimate knowledge of what all the interested teams are willing to part with.

  98. Pretty sure his value is lower since he’s been scratched for three games, even without intimate knowledge.

  99. Stranger Nation on

    While El Zotto’s skating is adysmal, his decrease in performance is remarkable. Thought he pulled his game to a higher, more complete level but since those POs, he has not been the same. Hope he hasnt got caught up in bright lights, big city

  100. It would be interesting to see what they could get for MDZ. I imagine not much at least nothing worth the trade. But if they could get a Kassian or Clifford type player for him, why not. The trouble is they are more likely to get an Erik Christensen type of player if they had to trade MDZ.

  101. Stranger, the Zotto is caught up in the bright lights of MZA’s eyes and the big city inside his brain..

  102. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Once again, you have no idea what other teams are willing to part with. His value might have been lowered, or it might not have been. For all we know, Rangers management sat him out because of the interest in him, to prevent an injury. If we could spin DZ for Yakupov, that would be a dream come true.

  103. If the lazy bad attitude rumors are true, Yakupov would be a disaster. Chances are he’ll be in the KHL before we can say, Huge Jessiman.

  104. Stranger Nation on

    latona – those piercing Norwegian brown eyes are mesmerizing to say nothing of his hairdo from the Renaissance

  105. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    If we could spin DZ for Yakupov, that would be a dream come true.

    Yes, you are dreaming…

  106. MZA has been unavailable for between-period interviews as he has been visiting MDZ in the press box to “let him know what the coach said.”

  107. The Devils swarm in the last five minutes of a game better than any other team I’ve ever seen. HOW do they always score near the end of games? WTB?

  108. Stranger Nation on

    Debbies not having as tough a time at Disneyland

    great play by Gelinas carrying it in and then pressing the plat to set ip Jagr

  109. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Can’t have a discussion with people that assume they know, with certainty, the value and potential return of players.

    Once upon a time, Anson Carter was traded for Jaromir Jagr, while half of his contract was eaten by the Capitals.

  110. Only the byfuglein Devils would win a game like that. NYR couldn’t buy a goal, and the Devils win a game like that. Disgusting.

  111. QMJHL ?@QMJHL 3h
    Anthony Duclair (@aduclair10) of @quebec_remparts is a quick physical style of play forward drafted by the @NYRangers.

    Duclair: 24 games, 22 goals, 11 assists, 33 points

  112. You’ve been told, so maybe it’s time that you learned
    You’ve been sold, maybe it’s time that you earned

  113. So a quick summary of last nights chat:
    Staal is an overpaid #3 D-Man
    Brady Skjei is a bust


    Cam Fowler is an absolute liability 5 on 5.
    At a touch under $4m Staal is about average (most teams 3rd highest paid D are in the $3.25-$4m range).
    Next season the Penguins will have approx. $51m tied up in their top 3 D (Letang, Martin, Orpik) and top 5 F (Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Kuntz, Dupuis) and Flower.

    The Rangers on the other hand, even after new contracts to RFA’s and Hank we will be paying roughly $10m less than that(providing they buy out the Rocket) giving us cap space to add a legit 1st line F.

  114. As regards Nail and MDZ, while MDZ has regressed, Nail has adjusted and is starting to hit the points column with regularity. Not even close to a straight up MDZ for Nail deal being possible, anymore. Three weeks ago we were justifiably trashing a possible Nail acquisition. Doubt he is even available now.

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