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Game 21.bruins
Bruins at Rangers.


Ya boys pass the quarter-pole of the season with their first meeting since last spring’s playoff series, and they do it with all of their forwards available to coach Alain Vigneault for the first time this year — pre- or regular season.

Rick Nash returns after missing 17 games with a concussion, his second in less than a year, and at least the third of his career. So J.T. Miller comes out of the lineup. Michael Del Zotto also remains prucha’d for the third straight game.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against Tuukka Rask, not his former occasional backup Chad Johnson as earlier reported.

The Rangers have scored one goal and allowed one goal, total, in their last two games.

The Rangers, who have won seven of 10, head out on a five-game road trip after tonight, a trek that ends in Boston Nov. 29. Their first game back at the Garden is the following night against John Tortorella and Vancouver.


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  1. wow!!! maple leafs score 22 seconds into the game 1-0 leafs over the Icelanders. I don’t know who is the defensemen on the islanders #55 but he skates in front of his goaltender watching the players crossing the blue line while the leaf player with the puck skates behind the islander net and passes the puck to another leaf player who skates in to the left of #55 and scores. #55 on the islanders is as clueless of a defensemen I’ve ever seen, brutal.

  2. I know Walt Frazier is a legend or something…but now you’re an announcer…and getting your own “Beginnings”. Seems like a reach, and not in a Derek Dorsett sort of way.

  3. Oh, good. I was worried that tomorrow we would hear the Rangers were still average because if they lost to a back up goalie, it’s a sign of being average. And if they won, they’d be average because it was a back up they won against. That way they can be average against number one goaltender.

    On that note, DVR for me.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    GO TIME!!!!!!!





    LETS score a goal!!!! Lets win this game!!!!!

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    RANGERS – Bruins THUMP THUMP THUMP , Thump thump !!

    LETS gog go gog go gog ogo !!!



  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    LETS freak out!!!!


    Gregareentee night TONIGHT!!!!

    Its all over… Rangers take it, bank it , believe it.

  7. Need this win. Only 4-4 at home. 5 game trip awaits. Play with same edge they played vs pens for last 50 mins.

  8. Guys,
    I don’t often post here, but I wanted to give my two cents tonight:

    This team is about to implode in ways we have yet to see in hockey. Any hockey. (Yes, even Central American hockey.)

    I’m talking about a performance that will leave us all in awe of how non-talented these clowns really are. A performance so poor, so sloppy, so terrible … that we’ll be begging for the return of Christensen by the finale.

    The court jesters will succumb to the Bears and I suspected that the score at the end of one may be in the double digits in favor of the hibernating species.

    Chug absinthe and chug lots of it.

    Good night.

  9. Amazing how pouliot still has a roster spot. When Pyatt comes back he’s odd man out assuming no injuries.

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    BIG GAME ,,, I just hope Nash stays clear of any contact.

    Lets gog gog og go gogog!!!

    LETS GO NASH!!!!!


    LETS GO GOOD ICE!!! Finally good ice!!! Ive been screaming for years and years and years!!!

  11. Hear ya about Clyde. The guy rules. I took it as more of an indictment of the Knicks current roster.

  12. Clyde, Dave DeB, Dollar Bill, Wills, Earl, Barnett, Jackson, Lucas. Those Championsip Teams were the bomb.

    They ruined NBA basketball for me because no Knick team since ever came close to that team.

    Those playoff series especially the ones against the Celtics were unbelievable.

  13. Carp, I’m with you on Clyde. The Knicks of my childhood were THE Knicks teams: 19, 24, 22, 10, 12, 15, 18, 32, 7, 9, 6 & 33. Those are the only numbers I can rattle off from memory.

    But enough about that. Let’s stand up to Boston like the Kicks did in ’73

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Engblom – “when I go underwater, I can hold my breath really long as there is a tube connecting all the air in my head to my lungs”

  15. Rangers can skate all they want it’s about finishing. When we lose 2-0 are we still saying they skated well

  16. Carp, mea culpa from the last movie.

    Saw Chaz at a Yankee game and frankly thought he looked embalmed!

    Just returned from dinner, have we reached the heights of above average yet?

  17. Compare that to a guy who has Zool on his helmet. You are now on the other side of a really big space.

  18. Staal needs to limit his neutral zone and offensive blue line turnovers, leads to too many odd-man rushes.

  19. Rangers Report ?@rangersreport 3m
    People in the lower bowl were like, “wait, a shootout already?”

    LOL Carp

  20. They never gave us a really good replay on that PS. It looked like Rask got with something. The stick or blocker, or what? Any idea what has been said to Zucc from behind the bench?

  21. I sense from these few comments there will be numerous announcements of, “your comment is awaiting moderation”!

  22. finally Dorsett found a partner he can fight with and beat. Looks like Dorsett was reading the blog earlier, :-).

  23. Why don’t people just have simple, tasteful goalie masks? Has anyone ever heard of hiring a graphic designer and not a red bulled up pre pubescent teen?

  24. leetchhalloffame on

    Can’t anybody on this here team score a freaking goal? If lack-of support Henrik re-signs with this team he’s nuts.

  25. Someone said the Rangers will be delivering turkeys to local food banks.

    Now there’s a straight line to start the show!

    Perhaps the stronger players could carry their line mates?

  26. Why don’t we have Bickel!? Why!? Someone needs to go get Lucic. Whether he wants to fight or not.

  27. Booby, like in Goon?

    Two rules: (1) Don’t touch my percocets and (2) do you have any percocets?

  28. Oh no. Boyle got tough and hurt Dorsett. This is why Boyle plays soft. HE DOESNT KNOW HIS OWN STRENGTH

  29. Still need to catch Goon.

    Unrelated…went with the Breakfast Stout. Felt it was important to mention that.

  30. lets see, rangers have had 2 breakaways, one a penalty shot by Kreider and a breakaway by Nash, both players shot right into the goaltender. Neither ranger player tried to deke the goalie to get he to open up. The bruins are short a defensemen which means the rangers need to keep putting the pressure on and hopefully find a way to score a few goals.

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    Good thing Coos put the full weight of his *recommendation* and *reputation* behind goon

  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    We need a goal , WE WANT A GOAL , WE MUST SCORE A GOAL!!!!!


    AV in the dressing room ” Nash you have to bury that , Zucco you have to bury that , Kreider you have to bury that…

  33. I think last year, Nash would have crashed the net on that attempt, but is playing it a bit cautiously, as he probably should.

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    oh btw CHICAGO LOST BAD YESTERDAY!! They looked like Olga …bad .

  35. AV: “C’mon, Dorsie, let’s get a little hitting and emotion going out there.”

    Dorsett: “geesh!”

  36. Again with there 4th line. Hank needs to stop that period. We duck can’t score can’t stop teams 4th lines carter Thornton u name it.

  37. Lol. FOURTH LINE. That’s not on Falk. That’s on Zucc. Awful pass. Screwed the team with everyone crashing net.

  38. wow!!! Lundqvist finally gets a chance to make a save, angle save and blows it. The more I see Lundqvist play this year against Talbot I’ll take Talbot any time of the day.

  39. Fourth line. We have no jam. Not toughness. No ability to finish he is. And no ability to go hard to the net. Shocker

  40. You know what TommyG – I love Lundqvist, but if there’s an opportunity for a trade involving Lundqvist, I would seriously consider it.

  41. It’s game like this is the PRIME reason I am so negative towards this team.

    That’s on zucc and hank.

  42. Lundqvist should not get paid more a year than Rask. Rask is out playing lundqvist, not even close.

  43. Eric

    Is the goalie not an important part of a road game?

    Boston is playing a great road game, and Rask is a huge part of it.

    Crowd is out of it, Boston has the lead. Rangers are getting frustrated.

    Great road game…. So far.

  44. Admiral Akbar, I like Lundqvist also but if Talbot is the real deal, so far, Talbot looks like the real deal, at age 26, I would trade lundqvist, save the cap hit and spend it on players who can score goals.

  45. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Great save and anticipation off the deflection by Rask.

  46. Salmon Joe:

    “The difference has been Tukka Rask. He has been the best player on ice… By far.”

  47. leetchhalloffame on

    Rangers = deja vu all over again. Bunch of zeros on the scoreboard. Ridiculously frustrating to be a NYR fan these days.

  48. Yes admiral goalie is part if road game but please don’t use the crowd crap. As a season tix holder I could say since the upper bowl was redone last year the garden is totally diff fell. It’s the not the same.

  49. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The Rangers lack of toughness is why the Rangers haven’t scored in 5 periods. (s)

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Olga – we’ll give you HanK, MDZ, and Pullout for Sharp, Seabrook and the better Bickel

  51. Eric

    You’re right – the crowd was never into it in the first place. MSG circa 2013.

    Very depressing.

    One needs to attend a Rangers game at the Mausoleum to hear real Rangers fans.

  52. Olga Folkyerself on

    Oh wow! I haven’t been out here on the ledge in a while. They built a bridge up here! It’s been transformed!

  53. this is what happens when your organization spends to the cap floor and builds a team good enough to get in to the 7th or 8th spot, make the playoffs, play a few home games, Dolan makes his money and is happy. Unfortunately the rangers are made up of mostly 3rd and 4th line players. The only way to get elite players is to finish in the bottom 3 of the league but the rangers will never do that so this is what you will get.

  54. You never expect to hear the words “changes in body hair” during a commercial. It’s a look up at the tv moment.

  55. Don’t agree with you guys about Hank being badly outplayed by Rask. Having said that, he cant let in another goal at all in the last 25 minutes

  56. Callyman, did you see Soderberg’s expression as soon as Falk challenged him to fight? Priceless!

  57. Soderberg? How about Falk?? If he was glaring at me with those crazy eyes like that, I wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with him either haha

  58. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Another juicy rebound left by Lundqvist.

    An amazing display of skill by McDonagh on that toe drag.

    Two straight penalties by the fourth line toughness of Dorsett.

    Put your hands together for toughness.

  59. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Slick stickhandling by Boyle.

    Getting opportunities, have to cash in.

    Rask is some kind of special.

  60. I don’t know if I’d put Chara in front of the net – he’s got a bomb for a point shot. Can’t Lucic play in front?

  61. c’mon, the guy stopped Kreider on a PS, stopped Nash on a breakaway, made some really good saves while Rangers were dominating.

  62. Wow Callyman – we totally vibes that point on Chara.

    What a waste to put him in front and not on the point, IMO.

  63. Admiral- Right? I get the benefits of having a big body in front of the net, but Chara seems better suited for blasting away bombs from the point.

  64. No doubt this will be most frustrating loss of year. Rather the 9-2 blowouts over this crap where chance after chance they blew it.

  65. Hope the bs fade in the third. Oh wait they haven’t even shown up! Yet they lead. Rask is playing awesome. And while you can’t fault the king for the two goals big saves he’s yet to make. No ledge. They aren’t getting dominated in the slightest.

  66. Rask’s been good, no doubt. The breakaways aside, constantly shooting at the logo helps a lot too

  67. If we’re arguing razk and hank tonite we need to do something else. It’s not even a debate that razk has been great and hank has been awful. Don’t drop down on Thornton shot.

  68. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    great time for a chat, Carp

    we can talk about Hank’s proclivity for goals surrendered above the left shoulder and between the legs, the dichotomy of Hank being strong in the shootout and terrible on breakaways, and whether Fashion Week and jamming with John McEnroe will affect his decision where to sign as a free agent.

  69. Hank needs to upgrade his jamming partner.

    If he needs to jam with a jock, Bernie Williams can really play!

  70. Rask is certainly younger, Rob. They are both amazing. And both play in front of superb defenses.

  71. No team should hold an opponent cheap as the Bruins are tonight.

    They may believe they are “playing down” to the opponent but their sloppy play and basically cruising may result in a loss.

    Having watched the West recently if the Bruins play like this all year they will not be Cup contenders.

    The Rangers are outworking them and admirably are emotionally committed.

    Albeit they simply do not have the talent level.

    BTW, has anyone actually seen AV speak, all I see is his incessant gum chewing?

  72. Brassard looks good and Pouliot also looks like he’s been a participating player in tonight’s game.

  73. I hate the new Yankee stadium.

    If I didn’t spend the past 35 years rooting for the yanks, I’d have no problem rooting for the Sawx.

    Fenway is everything the new Yankee stadium ain’t.

  74. Also, I just made up that Seidenberg is out with “major diarrhea” so spread that rumor around.

  75. rask is better which begs to differ should hank get paid more than rask. I say no, shouldn’t, not worth the cap hit, rangers need to move on, make Talbot your future #1. I know that sounds crazy but you pay lundqvist what he is looking for and it will be more mediocrity in the future.

  76. That’s the kind of thing that someone who hasn’t spent time at Fenway would say. Fenway sucks. Its Wrigley without the charm and fun.

  77. Rangers really look fantastic tonight. Unfortunately they seem to be aiming for the goalie when they shoot…

  78. (Granted, the field itself is great and the neighborhood is too, but Fenway as a fan experience is uncomfortable. Just take whatever chair you’re watching the game in, turn it 75 degrees and watch the rest of the game that way. Fenway!)

  79. Commonsense

    BOSTON IS not playing down to Rangers, Boston is tired from playing the night before.

  80. if sather, cough, cough, can trade lundqvist at the dead line and get the best return possible. I do it, specially if he isn’t signed to a reasonable contract. The problem though is lundqvist will be a free agent so probably won’t get much of a return, maybe high draft picks.

  81. Mister D

    I will take an improperly angled, too small, waffle bottomed chair at Fenway over a cushioned luxury seat behind home plate with no other baseball fans around me at Yankee stadium any day.

  82. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m loathe to admit it. I legitimately think Hank and Rask are the two best. I’m just pretty sure Rask is better right now

  83. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Wrigley has a remarkable atmosphere. Charming and desirable.

  84. Old sport’s cliché’, “better to trade a player a year too soon than a year too late”.

    Move Lundqvist now especially in view of future dollars which may be spent to shore up other areas.

    This team is not going to contend for a Cup anytime soon with or without Hank.

    Historically this is the time to move overpriced vets.

  85. Gravy, I realize only 5 games. I said I would do it if Talbot plays like he has all year up to dead line and the rangers organization thinks Talbot is the real deal, if not, they will sign hank to stupid money and the rangers will still be mediocre. Pick your poison.

  86. The new stadium is horrible, it feels like a museum. Ballgames at the Mets new place is a much better experience IMO. Nothing beats the old Yankee Stadium though, obviously

  87. Btw Mister D –

    I see a few games at Fenway every year. I have a good buddy who is a huge sox fan. Me being a baseball fan and friend have been to Fenway many a time.

    Yankee stadium is a corporate cesspool.

    I’ve never been to wrigley, so I can’t comment there. I’m sure it’s wonderful. I just enjoy Fenway, man.

  88. Olga Folkyerself on

    What are you think you are going to get for Lundqvist? By your own admission he’s not very good now, he’s a UFA rental, he was just injured recently, he’s limited in which teams might need him, and no one is going to gut a playoff team to get him at the deadline. You’ll get picks and prospects. I bet Sather gave him at least a partial NTC besides. So you better learn to like him, until he becomes a UFA and goes to the highest bidder in July.

  89. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Admiral Akbar, when they missed the playoffs for three consecutive years, Fenway was empty as well.

  90. New Yankee Stadium fans sucking does not make Fenway automatically good. Wrigley is great. San Fran is great. Philadelphia (which sucks every other way) has an amazing stadium.

  91. Lord of the Admiralty, you have an opinion, you expressed it and I don’t agree because I too have an opinion based on an observation!

    Please return to your seat in Fenway but remember Yanke4e stadium is the national Shrine of baseball.

    And never needed 90 years to win a WS!

  92. “Wrigley has a remarkable atmosphere. Charming and desirable.”

    –and a substandard team on its hallowed field

  93. Commonsense

    True, but unfortunately, the real Yankee stadium has been reduced to rubble by greed.

    …now back to my seat at Fenway…

  94. The Kreider has had way too many scoring chances the last three games to come away with no goals. Unacceptable.

  95. Fat Guy is sick of getting shutout on

    You look at the stats and you’d think we’d be more than a 500 team that loses to the good teams by only one

  96. Fat Guy is sick of getting shutout on

    Teams are surprised to learn that they have no answer for this years Kreider

  97. The Kreider beat Holtby with a slapshot on a semi-break in the playoffs. I wish he would try that again.

  98. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The Red Sox lead MLB in average ticket price and Fan Cost Index.

  99. McDonagh’s pretty adept at both the toe drag and also that little shuffle move he often uses at the point.

  100. Top 5 ballparks I’ve seen..,

    AT & T (San Fran)
    PNC Park (Poopsburgh)
    Citi Field
    Camden Yards

  101. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Is the ‘story of the game’ another opposing goalie? Or, is it that our guys can’t shoot to the open parts of the net???????????

  102. Booby

    AT&T (San Fran) is a great park! Love that place.

    Great fans. Love the garlic fries too.

  103. Dominance this period — Bruins riding their luck big-time, will probably win, but eventually, you’d think a rebound will fall better for the Blues.

  104. Olga Folkyerself on

    The story is that it’s almost a quarter through the season and the reality is starting to sink in that it’s a typical Sather “Fight for eighth place” year. SSDY.

  105. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Yep, we’ve faced some great goalies the last 274 games, Sam and Joe. The goaltending in this league, is incredible.

  106. I remember when you could sit 3rd base line a few rows back for ~$95 at the old Yankee Stadium…now you pay that in the 400s with obstructed view…

  107. Kenneth at clinchers of ’89Flames ’94Rangers ’96Avs
    The Red Sox lead MLB in average ticket price and Fan Cost Index.

    November 19th, 2013 at 9:43 PM


    That does not fit their narrative.

  108. Sam: “Story of the game #40.” Isn’t it the same story every game, the other teams goalie? Pouliot has zero hockey sense. And I’m sorry I can’t call Kreider THE

  109. OK, I’m officially extremely frustrated now. This is past ridiculous. This team couldn’t score a frigging goal if there lives dependent on it.

  110. Zucc’s been fantastic tonight. Aside from that notable instance of passing instead of shooting, he drew a penalty, he’s had several really smart passes that directly led to scoring chances

  111. Poor clearing attempt by Stralman, but that was Hank’s fault for making, as usual, a terrible play with the puck on his stick which led to the sustained BOS pressure.

  112. “Yep, we’ve faced some great goalies the last 274 games, Sam and Joe. The goaltending in this league, is incredible.”

    “Isn’t it the same story every game, the other teams goalie?”

    This is basically my point. Rask’s been good tonight, but NYR make goalies look better than they perform with poor shot selection.

  113. ok, good news for me I have a good reason to switch off the game. One of my favorite tv show is coming up in 5 minutes, Sons of Anarchy, enjoy the rest of the game.

  114. Again, WTB kind of shot is that by Stepan on the backhand from the impossible angle? Inflating the shot count, slowing the game down for BOS. Just bad.

  115. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Honest, this team is right in Sather’s zone.

    7, 8th place team, win around in PO’s, fans go home thinking it was a good year. As constituted now, this team can’t win the cup, but can get close. Dolan, he get a raise?

  116. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    An enforcer that can score 40. And make 40 saves and get a shutout. And run the Zamboni between periods.

  117. 2 turnovers in the defensive end, 2 huge saves by Hank to keep us in it. And what’s with that soft wrister by Pouliot? Ugh

  118. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    That scrum with Chara and Stahl in front of the B’s net, Chara looked like he was saying “what are you gonna do about it” to Stahl. And, you know what? He’s right. Nothing.

    Earth to Sather. Wake up.

  119. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Anyone can be GM, Gravy. Rangers have proved that, and besides there are a least 50 on this blog alone.

  120. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Some great passing by Richards, but, boy is he afraid of this team. Speak of shy away from hits.

  121. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Ref: “Do you realize Jeremy Jacobs owns team?”

    Linseman: ” oh, damn, right. Reverse call, please. “

  122. Considering Brad Richard’s incredible comeback season and Nash’s super-offense infusion I’m absolutely SHOCKED this team only scored one goal.

    SHOCKED I tell you.

  123. The aimless chucking of the puck is really pathetic. Seriously, how many other teams do you see flip the puck to the other team routinely over the course of a game? Happened under Renney, under Torts, and now under AV. I just don’t understand it.

  124. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    There are many bright points to the game. They played well, they just couldn’t finish.

    We are a few players away. A few.

  125. Bruins lucky to win that one, and they know it. Rangers will be fine if they play like that consistently. More Miller, though, less Dorsett.

  126. “If you ever drop your keys into a river if molten lava, let ’em go, because man, they’re gone”

    Jack Handy

  127. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Whooaaa tough loss .

    We out shot ’em and could not finish tonight.

    Good thing its a 82 game schedule . This loss should not hurt us , only help us.

    Kreider is comming along niceeee.

  128. Hank was great. But he was ONE, single 5-Hole goal from Paille away from us getting a point.

    What ORR said. Rask was the difference. And wow. Making a case for Finland at the Olympics.

  129. Chara was feeling frisky in the 3rd Period. Bruins played with 5 DMen for the whole game in their 2nd game in two nights.

    Someone should have engaged Chara and put him in the PB for 5 minutes. Staal had the chance.

    We need a heavyweight.

  130. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    nothing for nothing, but this B’s team has the most interesting compilation of proboscis’ , of Jimmy Durantes, of nostrils, of breathing apparatus’, that I have ever seen.

    Add Rask to the Marchand, Bergeron, Chara, Kreijce, ……oh, baby….what a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Interesting Stat:

    Rangers with D. Moore in the lineup: Scored 20 goals in 14 games
    Rangers without Moore in the lineup: Scored 22 goals in 6 games

  132. There’s no reason to pay Lundqvist 9mil a year, he can’t stop the one that matters and that’s on regular basis. Plus the Rangers can’t score more then one so it makes no difference wether he lets in one or 5.

  133. Can’t keep asking Hank to win games 1-0 or -1 to 0. At some point you gotta score. 2 goals in 3 games isn’t enough, plain and simple. On the bright side, Nash looked better than expected tonight. Hopefully the combo of a healthy Nash, captain Cally, flyin’ Kreider, play-making Zucc, speedy Hags, and rejuvenated Richie (lol), will somehow lead to some offense.

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard played well tonight. Moreover, he is only one goal behind the 40 goal scorer the rangers traded…..

  135. Worse loss of year considering how game was played but hey let’s take the positives right. Anyone who comes out of this with god thoughts please

  136. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Agree, Orr. That Lucic hit on Girardi was powerful. And he knows he can get away with it all the time.

    Would love to have Igor on my team. The ol’ Hunchback of Notre dame.

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers played the bruins a million times better tonight than any game during last years pathetic playoff series

  138. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Eric, the good thoughts are that we are not that far away. As usual, 3-4 players away.

    And, I have great confidence our GM will, singlehandedly, figure out a plan.

  139. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    At the very least, at the trade deadline this year, because this team is “so close”, we can trade away 4 high drafts picks for a few players, oft concussed and old and slow. Perhaps Iginla will be available? Havlat? He’ll find one or two real studs. You watch.

  140. Nash looked OK after the layoff. Need him to get back up to speed soon, though. He, Richards, Zucc, Stepan, Kreider and Hagelin give them six potentially good offensive players. Cally and Brassard you can mix in, too, but somebody’s got to get scoring.

  141. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather has gone through hundreds and hundreds of players and he’s only 3-4 away from a contender? That IS good news!

  142. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Eddie, this was a Bruins team that was tired and ripe for the taking. Had 5 defensemen, etc. We can think we were close, but they are so talented, and quietly so. Gifted, loaded team.

    Sure we played them better, but in the PO”s, the Bruins actually hit all the time. They toughen up big time. Not like tonight. This was an exhibition.

    I think the way Richards was turning away all night was a Pavlovian response from being hit all the time in last years PO’s.

  143. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    E3, you’re being too light. Gotta throw in the obligatory 2nd and 3rd round picks from us, too. Who the heck needs them?

  144. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    msrph, you don’t seem to get it. We played back to back games against the world’s best goalies. There are no 2 better than them, Price, and whomever we play next game.

  145. Hank needed to steal this game. Those two goals he gave up were terrible.

    Rask outplayed Hank…and Rask still let in a bad goal…

    And, I think Kreider has to score on that penalty shot but again, credit to Rask…

  146. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Olga, I speak of sarcasm, my friend. But, I do seriously believe another GM, takes this crew, tweaks it 3 or 4 times, and you have a balanced team. I do. Never gonna happen, but this team is really above average.

  147. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hank would have stolen this game if someone on the Rangers would score a goal once in a while. He needs a shutout every game to get a win?

  148. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Agreed, NYR, for the most part. Thornton’s goal was a nice shot. I think he deserves credit. He was left open and he ripped it …….to an open spot (perhaps our boys can learn from that….and with Hank it usually is high).

  149. Believe me I get it. Price, Scrotum, or Rusk they are ALL STARS we can’t expect the Rangers to score more then 2 goals on 115 shots. Which brings me to the next question. When they practice are the goalies in nets or are they with Benoit Allaire?

  150. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    There was one game early in the season 2 years ago, that good year. We went up to Boston, and Hank, who was the best in his career that year, to me, rolled a shutout with a number of bizarre saves. We won 3-0, it was a brilliant effort by our star.

    He set the tone and the team responded that night.

  151. Olga Folkyerself on

    Matty, most of my posts are sarcasm, but seriously, you are right, we may be only a few guys away, but they would have to be really good guys. Sather is entirely unable to put that team together. He makes two crappy moves for every good one. Just good enough to be a playoff bubble team.


  152. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    The way the B’s roll solid players, all 4 lines, all night, is so impressive. They are so well put together. Hate those ba-stads.

  153. I think the breakaway goal is on Cally. He passed the puck to Thornton and then couldn’t catch him. Plus I think at the end when he caught up to him, Cally should have taken a penalty or give BOS a penalty shot. Hank is good at those. Just my opinion.

  154. Bickel can handle himself. I like the guy. He knocks out teeth. We need something like that. Serviceable, hardass forward. And Mcllrath.

  155. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    If I’m AV, next practice, Kreider is taking breakaways on his own for a few hours. All the other guys are shooting at the net with a real goalie there.

  156. I almost posted the Gabby 3 goal come from behind win today. Was hoping Nash would deliver for the Rangers.

    So far he really hasn’t been the “Go To” guy when we are behind.

    We don’t need goals to win these games do we?

  157. Shooter tutor could beat 98% of their shots.

    But in reality, in real time hockey there is traffic. Just need to get things on goal and have bodies in front. Preferably tough bodies that don’t get moved so easily.

  158. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Manny, I rarely disagree, but Bickel is a minor leaguer to me. IMHO, Torts kept him up here only for the ‘jam’. I didn’t see much out of him at all.

    Now, Steve Ott? That’s a different story. I’d be calling my Brutha’, Patty L., the second he landed the job.

  159. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Manny, how many of our shots were rebounds from in front? Against the two big teams we didn’t bet many of those, now did we? Hmmmm…..

  160. If you want a tough wing, just ask for Mashinter, a tough wing. Bickel is a guy who might be cool if they started letting teams dress a 7th D.

  161. I love Steve Ott, Matty. Want him badly and don’t see why he’s not able to be acquired given the current state of Buffalo.

  162. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    You know, and this stage of development is a stepping stone for Kreider. He has the tools. He WILL finish in time. He is an excellent player, in my eyes. We should all be proud of him.

  163. Put it this way, if rather have Ott centering Our third line than Del Zotto watching from the press box.

  164. I trust someone said this above but … we won this game. We didn’t get 2 points, but you can’t watch this and think we did anything wrong. Over 82, it happens. Being discouraged by tonight is insane.

  165. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Vibin, as usual, Manny.

    E3, be interesting Prince Cam plays next game and rolls another good one, what’s a coach to do?

  166. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Ah, there you go, Lehtonen playing well. No doubt, he’s the best goalie ever Thursday night.

  167. “After tonight The Kreider became just Kreider to me.” … ?

    “Trade The Kreider” … ?


  168. Would anyone do MDZ for Brayden Schenn? Apparently, Schenn’s being shopped and we know MDZ is on the block…

  169. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Msrph, that’s what a good GM does. Makes trades to benefit the team. This is an area we are screaming for some help. Ever since Prust left. Ott fills the bill. If he can be pried.

  170. The Kreider is an absolute-force.

    Don’t come crying when he starts scoring hat tricks left and right.

  171. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    I do believe Ott is just over 30, so you are losing some age. Would much rather draft people that fit the bill to round out the team. But we don’t have that luxury.

  172. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    I think this road trip will be good for this team. Nash, Step will get in a groove, the guys will be together, good thing. Really.

  173. I don’t care what either of you guys say. I do care about Matty and Pimp. And msrph for now.

    But I though THE Kreider had a strong game.

  174. So many people just LOVE goals. But so much of scoring goals is luck in the NHL because of traffic in front of the net.

  175. MATTY, MANNY,

    You guys rule and know what I’m talking about … that The Kreider is already the best player in the game and will only solidify his standing once he starts scoring.

  176. Worst case scenario for THE Kreider is that he doesn’t start scoring and becomes the next Brian Boyle and then we could trade Boyle.

  177. Pimp: you should know by now that I essentially do not care about goals. I don’t use it as a measuring stick. His game was strong. He got a penalty shot for chrissakes. That’s Pavel Bure stuff. You have to be so much better than others to get that.

  178. We should trade Kreider for Paille because Paille proved he can score NHL goals and Kreider proved he can’t score NHL goals and look at the scoreboard you can only win by scoring goals amiright?

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