Bruins 2, Rangers 1 … post-game notes and quotes


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Post-game notes and quotes courtesy of the NYR:

Bruins 2, Rangers 1.

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Team Notes:

– The Rangers were defeated by the Boston Bruins, 2-1, tonight at Madison Square Garden, in an Original Six matchup.

– The Blueshirts are now 10-11-0 overall (20 pts), including a 4-5-0 mark at home this season.

– The Rangers have held opponents to two or fewer goals in 12 of the last 14 games, and 13 of the last 16. New York has allowed 23 goals over the last 14 games (1.65 goals against per game), and 27 goals in the last 16 games (1.69 goals against per game). New York has allowed three goals in the last 161:32 of play, dating back to the 17:05 mark of the third period against New Jersey on Nov. 12.

– The Rangers and Bruins have been separated by one goal in 20 of their last 25 meetings, and are now 12-6-2 in one-goal games against Boston over the span.

– The Blueshirts out-shot the Bruins, 44-22, including a 33-13 advantage after two periods. It is the third time this season New York has registered 40 or more shots in a game. The Rangers have now out-shot their opponents in five straight games, posting 179 shots (35.8/gm) while allowing 129 shots against (25.8/gm) during the stretch.

– The Rangers’ power play tallied one goal in three opportunities (5:58), and have now registered a goal in four of the last six games (4-22, 18.2% over the span).

– The Blueshirts’ penalty kill was 3-3 (6:00) in the contest, and have now held their opponents scoreless on the power play in each of the last four games (nine attempts) and five of the last six (13-14, 92.9% over the span).

Player Notes:

– Henrik Lundqvist made 20 saves and is now 6-9-0 overall, including a 4-5-0 mark at home this season. He has held opponents to two or fewer goals in nine of his 15 starts, including seven of his last nine games since returning from injury in the home opener on Oct. 28 vs. Montreal. Lundqvist is 4-5-0 with a 1.68 goals against average, .938 save percentage, and one shutout in his last nine games since returning.

– Lundqvist has started in 28 consecutive games against Boston, dating back to Jan. 13, 2007.

– Derick Brassard notched a power play goal and three shots in 15:21 of ice time. He is now tied for third on the team with four goals, and ranks second with two power play goals on the season.

– John Moore tallied a power play assist and four shots in 16:11 of ice time. The assist was his first career power play point.

– Chris Kreider registered a power play assist and four shots in 17:53 of ice time. He has now tallied 10 points (two goals, eight assists) in the last 11 games, and 11 points (two goals, nine assists) in 14 games following his recall on Oct. 20. Kreider was also awarded his first career penalty shot attempt, while on the power play at 6:16 of the first period (save). The Rangers’ last penalty shot attempt was last season, on Mar. 14 at Winnipeg (Marian Gaborik, save).

– Rick Nash tied for the game-high with five shots on goal in 17:55 of ice time, while making his return to the lineup after missing the last 17 games with a head injury sustained on Oct. 8 at San Jose.

– Justin Falk tied for the game-high with four blocked shots, and tied for the team-high with four hits in 10:18 of ice time. Ryan Callahan was also credited with four hits in the contest, while Ryan McDonagh registered four blocked shots.

– Brad Richards tied for the game-high with five shots on goal, was credited with two blocked shots, and won a team-high, 10-15 faceoffs (67%) in 19:41 of ice time.

Post-Game Quotes:

– Alain Vigneault on tonight’s game… “Right now we’re doing all of the things that we’re supposed to do. We are not giving the opposition a lot defensively, we’re playing well defensively and because our gap is good we are able to have a good transition and have a lot of scoring chances on the rush tonight. We spend a lot of time in their end with people in front of the net. They did a good job of not giving up second opportunities. Their goalie made some huge saves, but obviously we haven’t scored a five-on-five goal in three games and we’re doing everything we are supposed to do to get them. As a player you have to believe in yourself and keep working hard.”

– Rick Nash on returning to the lineup… “I felt okay. I felt a bit slow making plays; I had a couple of chances when I could’ve passed it but I just had my head down. But I think the timing, and the speed, that will come. The first period, the first couple of shifts it was tough. But I found (my game) and found some chances on offense.”

– Ryan Callahan on tonight’s game… “We had opportunities. We had great chances. We had great looks. It wasn’t like the 44 shots were all taken from the outside without rebounds or second looks. We had our opportunities. You keep playing like that, keep getting chances, they’re going to go in.”

Team Schedule:

– Tomorrow – Practice, 11:30 a.m. at MSG Training Center

– Next Game – Thursday, Nov. 21 at Dallas (8:30 p.m. ET – TV: MSG Network)

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  1. “I trust someone said this above but … we won this game. We didn’t get 2 points, but you can’t watch this and think we did anything wrong. Over 82, it happens. Being discouraged by tonight is insane.”

    I’m not so much discouraged by tonight as I am recurring patterns of frightening and alarming play that have been present over the course of several seasons now; tonight certainly helped to magnify some of those issues considering I was already frustrated by the game and I began to hone in on mistakes.

  2. I pointed out some of the same dumb plays in my posts regarding the MTL game (which we won), Mister D, if you can ever FIND those posts..

  3. But a lot of that isn’t even real, Latona. We’ve never been bad at goal scoring, just not actively good. I forget the numbers, but I think we’ve been between 10th and 17th in the league over the past 3 seasons. And we prevent really well.

    Manny: Earlier today I ordered my first pair of pants with “slim” in the name, but I think its probably not too serious because the leg opening is the same as my normal cords.

  4. Oh man, I can’t imagine finding those. I’d rather just guess at what you perceive to be the problem, like I did above. Lets not overcomplicate this.

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    “we won this game. We didn’t get 2 points, ”

    Rangers lose games they should win, they win games they should lose, they win games they should win and they lose games they should lose. Some times in OT, sometimes in a shoot out.

    Trouble is it all evens out and they end up in 8-9-10th place. This is pretty much the definition of :Average”.

    If they were good, they would always get the 2 points when they should, and sometimes when they shouldn’t.

  6. Mister D, not talking about goal scoring. One of my biggest issues is needless concession of the puck. NYR seem to send the puck into the zone without any real chance of winning it back; fine if you need to change lines, NOT fine if fresh players are on the ice or if it’s late in the game as happened tonight.

  7. Why don’t we try cross checking and punching guys in front of our net? Everyone else seems to get away with it with no repercussions or penalties.

  8. I’m also talking about conceding the puck in the neutral zone via a dumb pass or soft bank off the boards right to the opposing team.

  9. You’ll be doin’ all right
    With your Christmas of White,
    But I’ll have a blue,
    Blueeee Christmas!

  10. It seems quite obvious we have no one in Hartford who can play a two way energetic game if Richards is our leader. Maybe when you get paid like he does, management just plays you until you fall down and die.

  11. Really, I do agree with the senseless passes Latona, although tonight it seemed far more glaring that we were passing backwards in our own zone. Had to happen 8 or 9 times and connect 0. Although, this sort of thing always gets me back into arguing for two of my favorite talent-over-present-results players.

  12. Right, Mister D. I did notice the backpassing as well, and while usually troublesome, I’d also prefer that in sensible situations over puckchucking up the ice. The intricacies of the game are always exposed when you’re angry with what’s happening and want to scrutinize.

  13. Stop! Hey! What’s that sound? Everybody look as the Rangers shots hit either the glass or the logo on Rask’s chest..

  14. I thought he looked scary bad for 2 or 3 shifts then normal after that, but the first 2-3 might have been me being scared.

  15. Do they “fix” frogs? Even though he lusts after Miss Piggy, Kermit’s voice sounds a bit castrato. :)

  16. Every time someone’s undeflected shot hits glass or wide boards, I’d fine him $500. Sloppy shots would fast come to a screeching halt.

  17. He was a pretty cool dude. I wish I’d recognized my own genius prior to posting with such diction and syntax as Latona, though. It could have been a wild, I say, wild guessing game for y’all posters.

  18. What is troubling, as these losses pile up, is that there is no MDZ to pin the goat’s horns on. It’s blame all around, now.

    How big a chance would it be taking to at least give the crease-clearing kid at Hartford a two-week trial? I am thinking that by becoming more stout on D, we jack up our offense, in the bargain.

    And what is keeping Sather from promoting Kristo as well as Big Mac, given that Kristo looks ready to step up and contribute – could it be Stralman and Pullout’s Hall of Fame credentials that are keeping the potentially big-impact kids down on the farm?

  19. Richie never even left the O zone on that shorthanded goal when McD pinched deep. He’s still a young-un, give him another few years.

  20. I don’t much like Stralman, but I thought he was noticeably good tonight. Unlike Falk, who looked like the kind of guy given time more because you wanted to punish a guy out versus get him in. Worked out.

  21. I though Falk looked like that tonight, Mister D, but the other two games he’s looked fine to me. Pullout still looks like someone about whom we’re going to say “Can you believe that scrub was playing instead of (hopefully) Miller?”

  22. Beaten by fourth-liners again…this is becoming a trend.

    3 games 3 goals scored in total…MDZ out all three games.

    FIRE AV!

  23. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Make than 10 of 11 losses to big, physical, mean teams.

    This team needs to be bigger and meaner for any long term success.

    Ott, would be a nice addition, but he isn’t really a fighter.

  24. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Kreider just couldn’t bury one…if it was Pouliot or Boyle with that many missed shots, this place would have just killed them.

  25. THE Kreider is slowly going back to just Kreider… he needs to star finishing, no doubt. Why he kept shooting low on the blocker all game i have no clue…

  26. Theories Re: MDZ

    1. ‘They are punishing him?’ You don’t punish someone to this extent unless you think he is a shirking slacker.

    2. ‘They are thinking of trading him?’ You don’t showcase your disappointments, diminishing his perceived value, do you?

    3. ‘A deal is close, one that they thought would be done already?’ Most likely guess.

  27. The most lethal scorers have patience with the puck, gaining the ideal opportunity without losing the shot. Right now, we’re just anxiously banging the puck around, hoping for the best. As with golfers, you need a relaxed grip on the shaft for the longest, straightest shots. Tension kills. Nash has that patient quality. Kreider will.

  28. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Does anyone have a tally of how many “well said”s manny used during the go time thread?


  29. Superbly stated and stated superbly. Laconic, yet expansive. A masterpiece of well-researched guesswork.

  30. You can’t blame the Rangers too much when all the game recaps can talk about was how brilliant Tuuka Rask was. On another night Kreider’s penalty shot doesn’t snag Rask’s jersey and goes in, Nash’s breakaway doesn’t clip Rask’s blocker and Stralman’s point shot hits the other side of the post and drops in.
    As always these games get decided by 1 goal and generally go the way of the luckier team. (Although I thought Hank would have stopped Thornton’s shot)

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