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1) Two 1-0 games, both good paced, one a little more physical, but worlds different, IMO. I thought the Rangers in Montreal controlled play for most of the night, with a few late surges by the Habs, but they defended well throughout. Granted, I think L.A. is a better team, and definitely more physical, but I also thought the Rangers were sloppy and scrambly at times, surely didn’t execute well on special teams, made some terrible cough-ups and really bad decisions with the puck.

Los Angeles Kings v New York Rangers2) And yet, they could have won or tied this game, easily, and had many chances to do so. Plus they probably shouldn’t have allowed the one goal they did. Henrik Lundqvist, I thought, was really strong in this game. L.A. probably deserved some legit goals, and got a complete fluke, off the skate of Anton Stralman.

3) The Rangers Report Curse. As soon as I start yapping about how well Carl Hagelin is playing he A) coasts back on a bad goal against the Devils and B) gets removed by Alain Vigneault from the rotation for about 10 minutes in the second period last night.

4) The Justin Falk-Michael Del Zotto decision. I think Falk, again, made a case for staying in the lineup. Early in the game, Jarret Stoll (not one of the Staal brothers) drove to the net for a pass. Most Rangers defensemen would have gone for the block attempt. Falk stayed on his skates, tied up his man, no shot. Few minutes later, at the end of a fruitless power play, Falk’s cross-ice pass to Derek Stepan led to two scoring chances, the second a Brad Richards tip of Falk’s shot. Falk also put a big hit on that piece of cooke, Daniel Carcillo.Los Angeles Kings v New York Rangers

5) The first period turned a couple of times, then the second turned in Los Angeles’ favor. The first was a good, physical, fast-paced start — big hits by Dan Girardi, Brian Boyle, Chris Kreider, Ryan Callahan and Derek Dorsett. L.A. carried the play early, but the Rangers were in control later. Then they folded for a while in the second.

6) Maybe the Stralman kick-in was reciprocation for the Jonathan Quick gift to Ryan McDonagh in L.A. in the second game of the season.

7) As Alain Vigneault said last week, sometimes good defensive play is a product of taking care of the puck, and the Rangers were sloppy with it and without it at the start of the second. Mats Zuccarello was guilty of two “wish” passes, one of them completely unnecessary and risky on 3-on-1 short-handed rush, and when Girardi fell, it was a 4-on-1 the other way. Fortunately for the Rangers, the Kings botched that just as badly.

Los Angeles Kings v New York Rangers8) The Kings sure gave the Rangers every chance to tie it in the second with five straight minutes of power play, including two brief 5-on-3s, but those power plays … yeesh.

9) Wow, how about that Ole’ by Richards on Anze Kopitar early third?

10) Don’t know what the fans were booing about long after the Dominic  Moore kick-in … I saw it from the bridge, on the far side of the net, with my vision. Three of the four officials on the ice knew it was kicked in. The replays all showed it was kicked in. Yet those hockey diehards who spent most of the night texting thought it should have been allowed. Or maybe they were booing the waitress service. Or the T-Shirt Tossers.

11) This guy Ben Scrivens covered everything. I mean, there were very few rebounds.

12) Derek Dorsett really is the new Brandon Prust. Every game he gets hit with a puck or a stick somewhere and gets more banged up.

13) Friendly Ghost: Derick Brassard.

14) On the bright side, Benoit Pouliot: no penalties for the second game in a row.

15) Faceoffs in this game: L.A. 40 wins, Rangers 23. Mike Richards 18-4. … Brad Richards 8-9, Derek Stepan 10-13, Dominic Moore 1-6, Derick Brassard 2-7, Brian Boyle 2-5.

16) Think they could use Rick Nash pretty soon?

****************************************Los Angeles Kings v New York Rangers
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Marc Staal.
3. Justin Falk.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. tie, Chris Kreider.
2. tie, Ryan Callahan.

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  1. When Pullout not taking any penalties is noteworthy and the Rangers get beaten by yet another backup goaltender you know its time to get Nash back in the lineup as quick as possible.

  2. the backup goalie had nothing to do with it. a cardboard cutout would have fared well.

    the kings are good, and big. They know how to play defense. good road game.

    we needed to score on the power play, way too complacent. That was the difference.

    Not a bad game.

  3. HMMMMMMMM….blind pass by Brad Richards winds up in Ranger net….no..this is not a cut and paste from prior games this season. While I can’t hang this loss soley on his play…he has slipped back to being the Brad Richards we saw LY. Tentative with the puck…lost on the PP point…and making those awful blind passes…I would move him to the pressbox now to prevent injury…and start life without him on the roster!

  4. “14) On the bright side, Benoit Pouliot: no penalties for the second game in a row.”

    Gasping at straws.

    Having says that, I completely agree and point more attention to #15.

    Brassard is an (un)friendly ghost who is also useless. I say ship him.

  5. Reading trade rumours for DelZ I don’t think anyone writing them has a clue about, trading him for a stay at home defenseman accomplishes nothing (Tallinder, Whitney etc were mentioned). I hope he does a Zuke and comes back in home-run passing and hip-checking like the 19 yr old we saw.

  6. I think Pullouts momma sits next to every penalty box when she watches him and passes him poutine when he’s in there.

  7. Benoît Poulet

    Always remember to add the “^”, as it makes him sound like a talented player.

    That’s how Sather got duped into handing him $1.3M.

    Think about it. The Master Clown Sather forked over $1.3M for this court jester.

    He should be fired for that alone.

  8. Someone please explain Sather’s rationale for signing this no-talent to a $1.3M contract …

    “He’s got some scoring prowess underneath that weaksauce exterior … he hasn’t fulfilled his promise yet, but my constant cigar chewing ways will break him out of his 5-YEAR NHL slump. And this new system we’re implementing should help. Besides … we have a lot of cap space …”

  9. To be fair Slats got a $500k discount on the 2012/13 model Pouliot which had more points (20) than PIM (15) – a feat he will be a long way from achieving in Ranger Blue

  10. Back to average!

    This roster simply can’t compete regularly with the bigger, stronger teams. When Falk is providing most of the muscle on D you know they are in trouble.

    What we see is the daily reminder that in 13 years at the helm of this franchise Sather and company have not produced through the organization a #1 Center, a #1 defenseman or a true power forward.

    Other than Nash who appears to be vulnerable the present roster has no natural goal scorer, is undersized but more so does not evidence the strength on the puck or in the corners vs the best and bigger teams.

    The lack of a center who might actually win face offs is obviously a big problem as well.

    Goaltending is keeping this franchise afloat but to repeat, if you can’t win with just goaltending then a trade should be considered not for draft picks since this has not been a strength of the organization, but for current younger players with obvious talent, size and strength.

    The irony at present is the team could use another 3-4 players with Kreider’s size and speed and a developing scoring touch!

    Carp, I’ve asked this question several times, does this organization actually have a strength coach?

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Great write up

    Rather have Brassard than Gabby now, eh? This team can’t score because of him, it’s very obvious. The third line center should be much more productive of this team of finishers.

    If only we had another center who could play both ways, get a lot of PP time and play with the better wingers, If only that guy was productive. you know, a vet who was done it before in the big spot. A great locker room presence, someone for the kids to emulate…

    We have that guy on the roster and he should have been released this summer.

  12. Brassard is playing on a line with Boyle and Dorsett. Not the best situation for him to be productive.

    When Nash comes back, play him with Brassard and either Miller or Pouliot and have Boyle and Dorsett on the 4th line where they belong.

    That would give the Rangers three scoring lines and a 4th line where all 3 players are capable of scoring.

  13. Massage Therapist/Assistant Trainer Bruce Lifrieri
    Strength and Conditioning Coach Reg Grant
    Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Adam Virgile
    Strength and Conditioning Consultant – Europe Daniel

  14. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    nice review, Carpy!

    JHW, Richards is better than last year, offensively. You know, the place where he can pad his statistics and look for another big contract. You know, fool the people that never watch the Rangers into thinking he really IS a great all around player. You know, much better than Torts told him he was.

    In reality he does shoot more on the PP (if he didn’t, who would??), control the puck some, sees the ice better than last year and is less hesitant.

    Don’t discuss defense. Carp was nice to talk about just one ‘ole’ ‘. There were a few, just that one was more obvious.

    With Nash out and Brassard newly invisible, we are so lucky to have the Rocket right now.

  15. Nice writeup, Carp…disappointing game, but some good battles. They tried the same strategy as against Montreal the night before, and it didn’t work against the larger LA team…I put part of the blame on the coaches. Without Lundquist in net, 5-0 LA.

  16. Agree that Richards must be bought out at year’s end…whether they sit him until them, depends on his momentary contribution…

  17. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Carp, any chance the Rangers looked mistake prone last night is because of the other team???? I mean, when you’re afraid of getting plastered by bigger guys all night, trying to shoot around their goalie who covers 90% of the net, losing 68% of your face-offs and your speed (only asset) is well matched by theirs…..couldn’t the Rangers have just been unable to generate because the Kings are a really good team?

    My thinking is was saw a deep playoff, possible SC finals team. They were that good. We aren’t. Period. No excuses.

    If this group is to beat a team like that, we need perfection by Hank. We almost got that.

  18. We need Richards to be good to get into the playoffs but we still need rid of him at season’s end otherwise that contract and its recapture penalties could be an Empire State sized Albatross

  19. Personally I think the Kings are a very good team and we lost to one lucky goal and could have played a lot better, especially on the PP. Time to blow it all up? No.

  20. A little perspective is needed.

    The Rangers played a back-to-back game in which they got in late due to travel issues, against a team with a better record, a hot goalie, without the Rangers best offensive player and lost 1-0 on a fluke goal while putting up almost 40 shots on goal.

    The Rangers are 7-3 in their last 10 and are 5 points out of the division lead with a game in hand.

    Calm down people.

  21. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good effort, inadequate execution. LA is a good, big team. And yet, the Rangers could’ve at least come away with 1 point. Hank gave them another opportunity to do so. They were chasing the puck, instead of having enough possession time because they couldn’t win enough faceoffs. You are not generating much if your opposition starts playing with the puck 2/3 of the time.

  22. oleo- I think people are pretty calm, with some exceptions. But that exception is more about redundancy than about any hockey insight. You have o be positive, they continued building their identity instead of getting away from it.

  23. UKRanger and oleosmirf I was coming to type that exactly. You knew we’d lose to a bigger team and everything here is gloom and doom. Trade this guy or that guy. We’re too small, etc. I thought we played well the second half of the 1st period and just ran out of steam somewhat. We had our chances to tie or win this game. Zuc not shooting on that 3-1 was inexcusable. They fell into some old habits, where they tried to make the perfect pass rather than shoot and crash. Our inability to win faceoffs really killed us as well. Maybe, instead of big bruiser who can’t skate or score, we should look for an ace faceoff center. There’s a reason MacT was brought in late in 1994. To win big faceoffs. And yet, as “bad” as we supposedly played, we could have (should have?) won this game. If this team had the jump they did in Montreal, we would have. I just thought they looked tired.

  24. Is it true that Poulet went and sat in the penalty box during the intermission as he was missing it?

  25. A quarter of the season is gone. Things are starting to settle in the league. Colorado, all of a sudden, lost 3 in a row and looked bad doing it. Better teams are starting to emerge in each division. Tampa remains a big surprise. It looks like the Rangers were able to survive what could’ve been a major disaster- brutal, self inflicted start, loss of 3 key players. They’ve adjusted to AV’s system, and are starting to emerge as a likeable bunch. Looking forward to the rest of this season.

  26. “Matty”NashWillBeBack”Boy” is 100% correct. We can analyze this all we want, but what we witnessed last night was the TRUTH. When the Rangers play the West teams, this is pretty much we can expect. The opponents’ size, strength and speed trumps our assets.

    The only 2 things I can fault the Rangers for last night are A). STILL trying to pass the puck to the net when the play calls the puck carrier to shoot and B). attempting a forecheck without anyone trying to gain to get open the slot.

    Last night’s game is really where the Rangers are, but after having learned a new system and being 9-9 after an abysmal start, exactly where they needed to be in November to move the franchise forward. THAT is the bright side.

  27. Guys,

    I JUST realized that Poulet’s in the main photo of this blog entry …

    Note how he’s not participating in the play. Instead, he appears to be eyeing the penalty box.

  28. UKRanger, thanks for the info on the strength coaches.

    Next question is what has their “direction” accomplished and on what players?

    E.G., what defensemen have shown increased strength or forwards? The Ranger D is basically a good positional D but lacks strength and size vs other teams forwards.

    Staal has not shown any increase in either nor has Girardi, while MDZ, Stralman and Moore have mobility but also are technique D.
    Not with standing the seemingly close games mainly due to the goaltending , will anyone deny the obvious?

    No #1 center,no #1 D especially a clear out type and a lack of natural goal scoring finishers.

    This is the prescription for being “average”, and no amount of wishful thinking or suggested line changes etc. is likely to prevent another season of finishing in the bottom 15 in the league.

    This is a roster with a lot of second and third line forwards without Nash, and a defense while adequate will be constantly be punished by the bigger, stronger teams.

    Ample evidence this year shown by Kreider who while far from a finished product changes the game with his speed, size and strength. The danger as he improves is he will either have to protect himself or another glaring weakness will arise, someone else will.

  29. Without any evidence to back it up I would say a few of them look stronger – younger guys like McD, Kreider, Zuke.
    I don’t know if everyone has seen that video of Kreider jumping out of a swimming pool but that is simply superhuman.

  30. Eh, that was a tough game for the Rangers. While they weren’t exactly crisp, I think they played well and gave themselves a chance to win. They had to have been tired though. Oh well.

    Del Z + Brassard = trade bait?

  31. This is what happens when you lack top end skill (1 goal in 2 games and 3 goals in 3 games) and this is what happens when you insist on keeping in charge of the build a GM who hasn’t won a thing in nearly 25 years.

    And IMO, I see no reason to expect anything to change in the near future, what with a distinct lack of blue-chippers in the system (thanks in large part to the mediocre GM trading away draft picks recently like they grow on trees).

    FWIW, while I’ll agree it’s not considered THE source of truth, but Hockey’s Future’s ranking of teams’ prospect this year has Rangers at 27th overall.

    Why does Sather have a job again please??

  32. I will maintain my stance: If someone like Eberle is available, Sather must seriously pursue it; his penchant for acquiring top end talent to date isn’t working.


  33. Amen about Falk, Carp. Even Mrs. Manny noticed that he actually TOOK THE MAN instead of flailing at the puck wildly like an epileptic.

  34. Zuke is just fine this year – since the benching at least.
    He has found some chemistry with The Kreider and Step, he’s added a bit of chippiness to his game – occasionally he just needs to be selfish and shoot rather than making the risky pass.

  35. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    What are you watching, Jeff? MZ is a quality player that had a bad game.

  36. Atta boy, Pimp. Brassard is back to useless land. Where he idly skates around throwing pucks at shadows.

  37. Manny – Falk did what Girardi should have done last week, but he hasn’t been instilled with the Torts mentality of “collapse to the net and snow angel”. When you have an all-world goaltender behind you, you should worry about the player, not the shot.

  38. Stranger Nation on

    Zucc looks like he belongs against the bottom half of the league and disappears in games against the physical teams.
    In 7 games against Bestern teams he has 0 pts
    In 6 games against Leastern contenders; 3 pts (1G, 2A)
    in 6 games against Leastern pretenders; 7pts; 1G, 6A
    (1 game scratch)

    When Nash is back he needs to take a seat and lets forget the fantasy of having 3 scoring lines. In reality it is 3 weak defensive lines. Let’s get some grind on the bottom six and get our best payers on the top 6.

    Pullout needs to sit as well. If his only contribution is staying OUT of the box…

  39. I hope we’re not rushing Nash back. I can’t imagine he’s going to immediately turn our scoring problems upside down. The guy needs time. I fear one more head injury could be career-ending.

  40. How dare you guys question Poulet’s contribution!

    CARP would have half as much traffic without his bush-leaguery.

  41. They should always, always, always take the man. Knocking someone down takes away their skill or speed. It makes them useless. Just knock them over or bump them off the puck and then move the puck. Don’t try to swat it away!

  42. The kings goalie was giving up rebounds early and the rangers came oh
    So close a few times and then he settled in 2nd and third game was very winnable ..LA had the puck luck last night…

    Carp what’s up with the Senators and lightning logo s instead of the kings on the Facebook posts ?

  43. I’m hoping eventually Ulfie instills the “HIT first” mentality rather than the “Prevent shot” that we still seem to play with. Aggressive hits like the 2 McDonagh laid on Corey Perry, pushing him into the bench are what i’d like to see more of and a few stepping into guys grills as they get into shooting range instead of the knees together, imitate a pylon approach.

  44. Hello I’m Benoit Poulet, Da da de da da do.

    I know one thing we can agree on when a professional hockey player gets his mitts on a song that’s when it really takes off. Da da de da da do ba dob a do.

    That’s why I’ve gone out and done the New York Rangers fans a frickin’ service, and cut this CD. It’s called “Headed to the Penalty Box: It’s An Offensive Penalty”.

    Ha Ha Ha A little inside I know. Anyway what you get is one full hour of rip roarin’ rap music. Not by some dubious Russians without the chops, but by a Canadian NHLer.

    No musical accompaniment. It’s just me in there.

  45. I didn’t think the rangers would win last night coming off a 2nd game in 2 nights but I thought they played well in the first and if they only could finish should of had at least 1 goal in the first. It appeared that kings fluky goal changed the play and appeared to lift the kings and the kings became now the aggressor and the rangers never fully recovered. Oh well, next game. Hopefully the Rangers will start to convert and score goals when they have the opportunities.

  46. Chased the puck most of the night. 2nd period was awful and the pp cost us a point. The 50 sec of 5-3 combined were as bad as the pp looked all year.

    Rangers will be like this all year up and down. Especially the pp.

    Caps are getting hot and with the pens maybe there will only be 1 spot for 6 times in the division guaranteed.

    I truly think pens and caps over regular season will be in who finishes 3rd is anyone guess.

  47. Well, for sure the Oilers need defense and character. Girardi would be a perfect fit there, sans his pending UFA status. If he could be resigned, he’d be an integral part of a deal. Girardi (resigned), Miller and Brassard…

  48. Comn posting after a Rangers loss (and only a loss) is like (insert most predictable thing in your life here).

  49. The people saying Brassard needs to play with skill players, well, what did he do with Richards last night??

    OK, just kidding, but he’s been on one of the PP units all year.

  50. We don’t need goals on the varsity squad to win games.

    What ever you do, leave them on the farm team.

    Let’s celebrate PullOUT didn’t get a penalty!! Yippee!

    Sunday night football was more fun to watch than this game.

  51. I actually just squared off against a construction worker on Murray and Broadway for staring at Mrs. Manny in a “not her face” area of her body and making a comment.

    It almost got epic.

  52. Stranger: Eberle. I am just musing here folks, so we’re clear. The Oilers are a mess and are skewed up front with their big 4 (Eberle, Hall, RNH and Yakalot).

    MacT has to do something – another last place finish is beyond unacceptable, yet guess where they are now? Fighting for last overall.

    I am certain MacT is considering moving one of those 4; RNH and Hall seem like untouchables and Yakalot, because of the noise he’s creating, may not fetch enough to make a difference.

    Eberle by default, is likely the one who’d go, if MacT wants to make a serious cultural change.

    Sather in 13 years has NEVER been able to add to the organization a legitimate young top offensive talent.

    Too bad he wasn’t in on the Tyler Seguin discussions. He needs to be in on any talks with the Oilers. Young talent like this is rarely available…

  53. Yeah, I just can’t figure out this Brassard stuff. I mean, why isn’t he putting up a point per game in between Dorsett and Boyle? You’d think with his passing skills he’d have each of them on pace for 30 by now because that’s how things work and players, especially centermen, aren’t dependent on linemates and usage. Lets get it going, Derick!

  54. _Sather in 13 years has NEVER been able to add to the organization a legitimate young top offensive talent._

    Jagr, Gaborik and Nash weren’t exactly old when he got them. And who’s to say he wasn’t involved, but that the asking price was too high? And I’m no Sather fan, but he hasn’t exactly killed this team with trades (just everything else).

  55. _OK, just kidding, but he’s been on one of the PP units all year._

    4th among forwards in PP minutes (7th per game avg) and 5th in points. Its not like he’s been nothing on the (2nd) PP unit.

    (Why is there not a site that lists linemates by minutes? That would be really informative when trying to make arguments like this.)

  56. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Perhaps some feel I come on strong after 1 loss. I do see the value, albeit against lesser opponents, of the 7-3 record we came into last night’s game with. That’s improvement and good for us. We’ve moved up in the standings.

    Yet, the fact that some of our players simplay can’t compete against size (as Stranger mentioned, MZA’s record), is a pretty blaring flaw. One which is so obvious that it should have been adressed by the GM about a decade ago.

    As I said, Falk, at 6’5″, despite being only 215 lbs., was an improvement because he stood some Kings’ up. Imagine if we get a Douggie Hamilton type, or two?

    Whatever. Just pointing it out. Not mad. Not angry. It would be nice if this could, at some point, be addressed by drafting (aside from Kreider and McIlrath) some players that have the missing qualities, and trading for same.

  57. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    Put a goal scorer with Brassard, Nash or Kristo, or Both!
    or put him on the bench, and let Boyle take the draws on the 3rd line.

    PullOUT or Brassard can watch a game from the press box. Just put someone on the ice that can score a goal.

    Why does it have to be so HARD to do on this team?

  58. _And I’m no Sather fan, but he hasn’t exactly killed this team with trades (just everything else)._

    The drafting hasn’t been nearly as bad as people want to make it sound, atleast in the past decade or so. There’s no high end talent because there’s never a top 5 pick but there’s plenty of production relative to slot.

  59. _I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired._

    I tried to bond with my 2 year old over the bathroom scene but I don’t think she fully got the humor. And she thought he opened the window to look out at the moon.

  60. _Why is there not a site that lists linemates by minutes? That would be really informative when trying to make arguments like this._

    In these cases, I usually pull numbers out of my Aasen and state them like facts (s).

  61. Good morning, Sally!

    Does anybody know the names of the Islanders’ strength coaches? (s)

    I don’t think the problem was the Kings’ size in this game. In fact I thought the Rangers were just as physical for the first period. I thought the mistakes were mental, not forced by the Kings’ size—such as Girardi’s giveaway (wide open cough-up), Zuccarello and Dorsett passing instead of shooting, etc. And let’s face it—I say this a lot—if the Rangers had scored one goal, or if Stralman doesn’t kick that one in, and they get a point or two while playing the exact same game, we’re all praising them for their performance today.

  62. Gravy we are heads up this week :)

    I’m thinking we should have a dinner on the side bet.

    One of the those Turkey/Roast Beef Sangwiches, with mash potatoes and GRAVY poured over the WHOLE plate!

    Just a thought.

  63. Haha! I might follow that one just to cheer myself up after a loss! So do they light up the Empire State in Orange when they reach a milestone? (14100, 14200 etc..)

  64. Hey guys, just wondering if you have any suggestions for good sites for NHL statistical info? … nhl.com is pretty useless for most stuff.

  65. Carp, as of last week, only 4 teams in the East had a winning record against the west..Toronto, Tampa, Washington and Detroit.

  66. LOL, The Doctor.

    I thought the Rocky Mountains would be a little Rockier. That John Denver’s full of Carcillo!

  67. Gravy, typical of too many bloggers who apparently lack perspective and perhaps something else to do with their time.

    When one views the big picture of any issue and understands the problems, you need not involve yourself in the daily minutiae that blogs often represent.

    Simply put Gravy, these blog discussions have been going on for years nay decades about this franchise and it’s management ineptitude with no end in sight.

    Therefore my jumping in occasionally may be viewed as simply reminding those who view matters in periods, games and seasons with this sorry organization.

    That the more things change, the more they don’t!

    That’s called perspective and looking at the big picture.

    So unless you can offer fact and logic to dispute that point of view don’t refer to it as “Monday morning quarterbacking”, but rather necessary “insight”! ;)

  68. I think Washington had actually played more games against the West than the East at that time, so probably them. Not sure about anyone else.

    Sioux, we may have to send each other frozen dinners :)

  69. Carp might be riding the middle again but he’s right. This game really was “glass if half full” and “glass is half empty”

    They made mistakes but they also played pretty well for stretches especially considering their insane travel schedule the night before.

  70. Gravy: Disagree. JJ was over 30 and the other 2 28. All 3 were already established and each had put up several strong campaigns on previous teams.

    Eberle is just 23 and his best seasons are ahead of him.

    Adding him now would be ideal – he could grow with his mates helping them become better as he matures.

    And IMO, he’s a legitimate first line talent. The Ranger, as they stand now, have 1 (Nash) who very well may be compromised (another concussion in the next few months could spell serious retirement considerations).

  71. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Gravy, his trades haven’t been awful for the most part. BUT, his drafting, especially wastes of first rounders, trading away of 2nd, 3rd round spots, have hurt the organization deeply. As well, the lack of direction in moving towards size and speed in the draft over the last decade has been painful to watch, when it is obvious all the good teams have gone that way.

    Chicago just landed Versteeg. He’s a really good player. BUT, they have been developing the ‘chips’ through sound draft and development with which to trade. Olsen and Hayes will be useful players for FLorida.

    What has Sather done to draft and develop talent like Chicago so they can make trades like that to fill in roster spots with good players?

  72. Jim, I wouldn’t mind Eberle, depending on the cost. The problem with him is that you *have* to be right about his talent, since he’s already a $6M cap hit. That’s why getting guys in their 20s with a few seasons under their belt is more sound.

    Now, if he was on an ELC, or making $2.5M, you jump at the chance.

  73. Hockey-reference.com has the scoring logs which is pretty much the only way you can prove linemates. Stats.hockeyanalysis.com has the more in-depth corsi/fenwick stuff.

  74. Matty, don’t get me wrong, I’m mostly with you on Sather.

    However, they have drafted or signed as undrafted: Lundqvist, Callahan, Stepan, Kreider, Miller, Girardi, Staal, Hagelin, Talbot. So more than a third of their roster is homegrown and most are significant contributors.

    Everyone could say they are worse than Chicago, but let’s not also forget that they were bad enough to be able to draft Toews and Kane in back-to-back years.

  75. The only team you can point at and say they’ve drafted well historically, without tanking for 1 or more seasons is the Red Wings.

  76. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Manny, the game last night was fun to watch. For stretches, especially 2nd half of 1st, we competed well. But other parts were like David v. Goliath, if you know what I mean.

    Put us on a sheet of ice vs. Chicago, LA, SJ, Ducks, Phoenix, Toronto, Boston, and even Tampa and Ottowa(yes, they both have size)and we lose a great percentage of games v. them.

    Face offs last night were a huge issue, too.

    But, hey, we are better than average.

  77. I think Slats should be banned from trading away late round picks as they are the ones who’ve turned out to be the biggest part of our core, with the exception of Staal (who wasn’t a top 10 pick himself)

  78. Gravy: Yes, I get that concern and it needs to be considered. But the lack of top end talent on this club and in the organization has to be addressed, lest we’re content with year after year after year of PO bubble hockey.

    IMO, the only player within the organization with the potential to be first liner is Kreider. Stepan appears to be settling into to being a good 2nd line center, but compare him to any of the strong teams across the league and without a doubt on each, he’d never supplant the current number 1. The only team he might is Toronto, but are the Leafs a legitimate strong team.

    And alas, there’s nothing in the pipeline, either unless the Count of Danny Kristo evolves to the point (which currently isn’t being projected).

    So what do you do?

  79. Matty what about the Gomez for NO GOMEZ and McDonagh. I’m pretty sure that trade worked for us.

  80. The Rangers threw just as many checks as the Kings, and a lot of hard ones. I mean, it was a 1-0 game, and they had a bunch of scoring chances (which they refused to take shots on).

  81. jim – tank for one or two seasons, rig the draft and chose Skidney mkII and son of Malkinstein!
    Oh wait, only the Penguins are allowed to do that!

  82. Jim,

    Got to give the Count of MonteKRISTO a chance on varsity, before you right him off. He leads the Pack in goals and points, so far so good. Why they haven’t called him up for a game or two is beyond me, when we keep losing 1 goal games.

    Lindberg could replace Brassard.
    McILrath can’t be too far behind, when our Blue line needs some grit.

  83. I’m thinking the Gaborik trade worked as well with Johnny Moore & Dorsett, they could be in our line up ALOT longer than Gaborik would have. Gaborik & Brassard are a wash this year. Moore tips the scale for the win.

  84. Matty: ‘Gravy, his trades haven’t been awful for the most part. BUT, his drafting, especially wastes of first rounders, trading away of 2nd, 3rd round spots, have hurt the organization deeply…’

    Agreed 100%!

    Alas, I see no reason not to believe that until Sather leaves, the Rangers will be what they are now. Which is ok, but without a realistic chance of winning a cup. And it’s a stretch to project a PO finish.

    Hell, if the Rangers were in the west, they’d be tied for 12th, a whooping EIGHT points out of a PO spot.

  85. Rangers beat a team that was on a back to back and had to travel.

    Rangers lose their back to back, and had to travel.

    It was a close game. It would have been nice to steal that one. We sure had our chances that’s for sure.

  86. Some excellent comments by several “big picture” acknowledgers!

    Carp, vis a vis stats, Rangers worst W/L record of any original sis teams, least Cups same group, least home grown HOF player same group, least first round picks during the sather reign of error to make significant impact in NHL. Absenting the 7th. round “blind squirrel” pick, wit Staal presumably the best of the least.

    Most FA money wasted on other team’s stars while attempting to fulfill his promise that ,”anyone could win with the Ranger’s money”!

    And an entire section of “stats” and brainless management decisions might be reserved for the owner,e.g 40 coaches in 87 years!

    I will continue to update they big picture but tell Gravy to stop picking on me! ;)

  87. Yeah they may be a bad franchise but they play in the most famous arena in the world, so they got that going for them.

  88. I really, really don’t get the complaints about the 1st round picks. Since Staal, we’ve had 7 picks, one at 10th overall and the rest below the midway point. Three of those guys are on the roster, one was a flat out bust, one is in Hartford, one in college and one died. Aside from the cherry-picking “look who we could have picked in this slot!!!” game, its really not that bad relative to spot.

  89. _IMO, the only player within the organization with the potential to be first liner is Kreider._

    Does Boston have any?

  90. Stranger Nation on

    Sioux – Brassard is playing 3rd line checking center. You need to consider both sides of the ice. Lindberg can not handle that responsibility.
    Lines when Nash returns

    THE Kreider, Step, Nash
    Hags, Brassard, Cally
    Miller, Boyle, Doresett
    Pullout, Moore, Zucc

    Am I missing anyone??? HA!

  91. Aside from the “blind squirrel” 7th round pick, I imagine Stepan is among the best 51st picks ever and Hags one of the better 5th (6th?) round picks of the last decade.

    We aren’t getting stars because we’re not picking where the stars get picked.

  92. Sioux: I’m not writing the Count off – I’m saying he’s not projected at this point to be a legitimate first line forward. He wouldn’t have been swapped for Christian Thomas if that was the case.

    And he may evolve into that, which is why, IMO, they should leave him where he is. He’s having a strong rookie pro season, but isn’t exactly tearing up the AHL (started really hot, but has cooled off and is producing at a point per game rate now). Let him get at least 1/2 AHL season under his belt first before subjecting him to the top end skill challenged Rangers. We already are watching a young kid struggle at the NHL level, to the point where his icetime is being reduced, to the potential detriment, IMO, of his development. We don’t need 2 of them…

  93. Though I do think that the Rangers have a far better record, in any category you choose, than Toronto, which is an Original Six too. And until very recently — like from the 70s through the mid-2000s — better than Boston and Chicago.

  94. Comn, when the “big picture” is to get rid of Sather, well, let’s just say it’s been said before!

  95. Sioux, I remind you that McDonagh was a throw in in the Gomez trade, the principal return in Sather’s mind (oxymoron) being Higgins!

    Add up the following for the clearest picture over the last 13 years.

    Draft picks, FA signings, trades and dollars spent.

    The addition spells average as does the history of the franchise!

  96. Post script on the McDonagh trade. Yes money going away was also a consideration but the acquisitions of both Gaborik and Richards with that money have produced more average!

    Hockey is a team sport requiring balance of personnel not simply adding other team’s stars and then not having the complimentary personnel.

    Nash being the latest!

  97. (And if we want to whine so much about the draft, check out 2009 and tell me how many teams above us would like to swap their pick (or what their pick became) for Kreider. The draft isn’t our problem. But the draft isn’t Sather, either. He’s still our problem, but for different reasons.)

  98. jim, right now, too.

    Brassard underwhelms me. The draft picks for McCabe, Scott, Clowe. What good trades besides Gomez for McDonagh and No Gomez has he made? Higgins for Prust? Powe?

  99. J-Word, should be flushed. But Parise sure would have been fun to watch in a Blueshirt.

    I’m thinking the Dakota Kid might be fun as well, if & when he gets the chance :)

  100. Nash is glaring for that reason alone, it hurt our depth in order to plug one guy in above. Great player, but it was a lose to gain move.

  101. So, when Sather screws up, he’s terrible, and when he doesn’t he’s lucky…do I have that right?

  102. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Sioux, I didn’t say ‘no trades’ have worked out. The No-Gomez was a classic. The Kristo was good (he looks the real deal, if he can play up). The Gaborik trade looks smart because he was not going to re-sign with us, he DID get some value. (Then again, had he known he was going to fire Torts, he probably could have resigned him, if that’s what he wanted).

    BUT, I resent his handling of players like Hank, Girardi, Cally, Step, MDZ, and on and on and on who are in the final year and should be resigned early IF he intends to keep them WELL BEFORE they can see FA prices. It works out better for everyone.

    I continue to use the Chris Neil recent deal by Ottowa as a lightening rod for smart GM work. He was resigned, I believe, a year BEFORE expiry, not going to FA, not hurting his emotions, just working WITH the guy, showing him that the organization cares. He was DEFINITELY signed for less than market value and is now a LOYAL player for life. Sather does the opposite. Not only does it cost more but it creates a less loyal player, more of a business partner, in the end.

  103. By the way, I feel like I’m in a debate class where I’m defending the position that I don’t agree with.

  104. Sioux: Lucic would immediately fit onto the Rangers top line (if he was acquired). I’d take Bergeron over Stepan any day of the week.

    That said, I do see your point, although I’d counter by saying that the Bruins are unique in that 1/2 their schtick is intimidation. There are other teams that are big and physical, but the Bruins take it to another level and that helps them overcome, to a certain extent, a lack (for a cup contending team) of top end skill (and makes that Seguin deal that much more puzzling).

    They struggled for a long stretch last year and have done so again this year and I contend it’s due in large part to not having strong top end skill. It’s why the Hawks beat them in the final – they have considerably more top end skill.

  105. jim, don’t forget who built that Boston team … now the guy in Sather’s ear, if only Sather would listen to him on critical decisions.

  106. Matty, I don’t see where the strategy has hurt the team yet. I guess Prust to an extent, but they did make him a fair offer.

  107. Matty I agree with your argument. I’m think the reason is simply this, the cap is down. One or Two of these players will have to be traded if the Rangers are going to sign Hank. (which they have to…right)

    DZ/Girardi one of them will not be here next year.

  108. Falk looks like a good trade in terms of something for nothing. Boyle was a pretty great trade. Kristo looked like an upgrade on prospects the second it was made. Lindberg? Acquiring Parenteau I guess was technically good before you notice that we just let him walk. And the Prust trade was pretty amazing because not only did we get value, but it was dumping off Kotalik’s deal.

    (Of course, that leads us to Sather’s main problem which is a disastrous UFA track record.)

  109. I’d take Bergeron over Stepan, too, but not by much. I think Bergeron is a great 2nd line center on the offensive side that can match up with other teams top lines. But, Stepan isn’t a dog defensively. He could use work on faceoffs.

  110. Hmm, draft picks in addition to Jessigirl.

    Staal unwarranted first round pick at best a second pairing D.
    Sanguenetti, DelZotto, McIllrath and repeat who among those past and present has become another team’s first line power forward or numero uno D?

    Who besides Lundqvist would other teams offer a big time package for?

    Let’s see some trades anyone thinks bring us a Bobby Ryan, Getzlaf, Kessel and yes we should have kicked the tires on Seguin but who would the Bruins have wanted from a divisional rival? Right now put any forward except Kreider on this roster on the market and every D except McDonagh and tell me whom we acquire?

  111. Oh. If we’re not talking minor trades, scratch most of my post. That’s actually where Sather (his people) do some great work.

  112. _By the way, I feel like I’m in a debate class where I’m defending the position that I don’t agree with._

    That’s why this is the _worst_ blog on the internet :)

  113. _Right now put any forward except Kreider on this roster on the market and every D except McDonagh and tell me whom we acquire?_

    We could build a Ryan package pretty easily around Stepan and Miller.

  114. _By the way, I feel like I’m in a debate class where I’m defending the position that I don’t agree with._

    Yup, that’s the feeling I had. Well put.

  115. Mister D, with all due respect the deals you mention fall under the heading of chump change.

    We have acquired nothing that has tangibly changed the make up of this team!

  116. Prust was precisely the type of player who tangibly changed the makeup of this team for the better.

  117. @HartnettHockey 1m

    Ben Scrivens, last night’s starter for the #LAKings has been named #NHL’s No. 1 star of the week. He went 3-0-1 with a 0.66 GAA, .977 SV%.

  118. Obv not a Sather fan, takeaway the MacTruck trade and the track record is very poor…

    ..I still have a tough time believing our GM has much/anything to do with the draft after the 1st/2nd round..i.e. Lundqvist, did he even know he was in the system when first round picks were used on Blackburn and Montoya?

  119. Mr. D you can’t be serious about who could have been used to acquire Ryan. Please check the picks and quality the Sens gave up.

    Stepan a second line center and Miller looking like a third line forward!

    Unless you were adding McD to that package?

  120. Amen, The Doctor. The Prust is an intangible. Of epic proportions. That is “the stuff” He’s got it.

  121. This is probably very easy, but when was the last time a team made a trade for a 1st line player that completely changed the franchise around? I’d say Jagr was one. It’s not like these trades are made every year.

  122. If Sather has little to do with the draft then what the hell does he do?

    The man at the top always has the ultimate responsibility in any organization.

    Emanuel, “god is with us”, your comments and your prospective bouts with construction workers are becoming worrisome!!! ;)

  123. Mister D, your Prust comments need to be followed with a smiley face to know you are not serious.

    I’ll mention them to Cam Janssen and others who fill a certain role in the future.

    They can use them in their contract talks, “difference makers”! ;)

  124. Comn, your bias is showing! The Ducks would have jumped all over an established 2nd line Center and prospect versus two prospects.

  125. If the man at the top always has ultimate responsibility, then wouldn’t that hold true for the positive moves? You can’t selectively choose your arguments!!!


  126. We need more Prust on the this team that is for sure.

    But I don’t match Montreal offer to him. So I don’t look at that as a fail.

  127. Gravy, my only bias is common sense.

    Carp, good point a similar to the Oilers gift package when last we won a Cup.

    And insured Sather’s pension fund would be adequately funded!!!

  128. That’s the point, Carp. I mean, Iginla was dealt last year, but it’s not like he changed the franchise. Maybe Hossa when he went to the Pens. He was hurt in the regular season, but had a good playoff run (though they lost in the Final).

    I’m just not sure what the expectations are. Like I said, I’d sign up for a new GM right now, but it’s not like everyone is trading for 1st line players that make a difference all the time.

  129. Stranger Nation on

    not sure how they qualify/quantify give aways/take aways but after watching replay Zucc and/or Richards had to lead the team last night.

    As Dave M says, playing hard on the puck and taking a hit to make a play are key moments in a game.

  130. The Nash trade still has a lot of make-or-break remaining in it … he’s signed forever. Going back to that summer, I still make that deal.

  131. As bad as Sather’s been, the Rangers are still in better shape than 50% of the league. And there’s always the Flyers, who are now trying to trade one of their many overpaid defenseman.

  132. Gravy, that Hossa trade was the final bit of evidence I needed to convince me that the NHL was fixed for the Ice Chickens! I mean, look at that trade!

    Hossa AND Dupuis for Christensen (lol), Armstrong (lol), Angelo Esposito who has never played an NHL game (lol), and Daultan Leveille who has also never played an NHL game (lol).

  133. Gravy, please indicate what positive moves that Sather has made that make this a better franchise than when Neil Smith or Craig Patrick were running things?

    More importantly, when you are a middle of the pack team annually how can anyone associated with this organization have been said to have improved it?

    It’ still wins and losses and building a franchise that will effectively compete every year.

    A good analogy today would be the Yankees who face the same dilemma since the end of their core five from the system, and the systemic failure of the organization to fill those voids.

  134. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    My issue with the Rangers drafting process is drafting D in the first round, such as McIlrath and Sanguinetti. It requires a lot of luck to get a great D in the draft and time to develop him. The more prudent way to build a roster is to draft forwards with front end talent and sign or trade for already developed D.

  135. Well, Leveille was the result of a first round pick by the Thrashers, but I’m sure there was some sort of pick-a-bust clause.

  136. The jury is still out on the Nash trade, but it’s hard to say they wouldn’t have gone further last year if they left the 2011-12 team as is.

  137. Who’s the last big name player traded? I can only think of Nash. I would say Vanek was a big one but he’s just a rental.

  138. _The more prudent way to build a roster is to draft forwards with front end talent and sign or trade for already developed D._

    Not sure if that has worked for the Oilers…..just saying.

  139. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – very true, not unexpected. My concern is the giveaways in D zone a result. They should leave him at center ice and play 5v4.

  140. Latona, that Hossa trade, for lack of a better term, was stupid.

    Comn, my argument isn’t that the Rangers are a better team *because* of Sather, just that they’re not *as bad* as some make them out to be.

  141. Gravy, also hard to say they wouldn’t have gone further if Nash played like an NHL player. Oh, I forgot, he thought his performance was “Good.” Question repeated, answer: “Good.”

  142. It hasn’t yet, Sioux, but it should. You look at that young core and I can’t imagine there are many in the league you’d rather have, right?

  143. Yeah, seriously, Carp. James Neal and Matt Niskanen for Alex Goligoski? WTB! Sorry, but Little Shero can’t possibly be that good of a GM to convince other people to make these trades.

  144. They’re not bad, Gravy. They really aren’t. And the guy in charge did draft most of the core. They just need some high-end pffensive talent, which they thought they were getting in Richards, Gaborik and Nash.

  145. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Nothing is going to work all the time or for every team. The Oilers goaltending stinks of horse manure. Good goaltending makes average D look better. We have Lundqvist, excellent goaltending. We don’t need cream of the crop D.

  146. It’s too soon to judge the recent ones, including Nash.

    Jagr essentially carried that team out of the lockout, when they were picked to finish 30th overall. I can’t think of any other 1st line players traded that had that type of impact.

  147. Was at the game last night – Scrivens played exceptionally well – his positioning was great all night and he is a very talented guy. When he was a senior at Cornell in 2010 he pitched 3 straight shutouts through the ECAC finals. Then pitched a stinker in the NCAA’s and they got bounced. But if he has found that consistency he is a number one.

    Brassard is mostly a setup guy not a scorer so I expect tp see more of him once Nash returns. And as for Gabby, at this point, the way he has played in Columbus plus his IR status, well, it was worth it to get Dorsett and Moore for him, never mind Brassard. Of course with Nash hurt you could say the same thing about Dubi and Artie.

  148. In the Grand Scheme of things, we are a 50-50 team, that had to start on the road, and have Nash for all most every game.

    This teams would be in the playoffs today.

    Now the next 20 games :)

    Easier road trip they should win 4 out of 5.

    Then 11 out 12 games at home. They should win 8 out of 12.

    With Nash back, a defense that is healthy, this is going to make the playoffs. Are we a better team that can go deeper?????

  149. Lot of hockey talk here today. Not much g(j)ibberish.

    Though I thoroughly enjoyed the work of the overnight crew last night. Thanks for the giant numbers, fellas.

  150. The Rangers could’ve made a much better choice in 2005. Unfortunately for them, Benoit Pouliot was taken at #4 by Minnesota. So they had to settle for a “2nd-pair-at-best” Marc Staal. Much better option was Ryan O’Marra, who was taken 3 spots after by the New York Islanders.

  151. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I know that Lundqvist has served a large role in making our D core look better than it is. I’m confused as to why you said our D is about as good as any team’s D in the league. What does that prove? We’re still a .500 team.

  152. The Rangers defense is very good. It just needs to be more balanced and physical. It’s very, very good against the finesse teams and not so good against the tough ones.

  153. Kenneth, what does that even mean? Aren’t there about a thousand reasons why they started 3-7? Isn’t it pretty much the same D that’s 7-3 since?

  154. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I’m sorry, I’m not attempting to be a jackass. I have no idea what you are trying to say. Are you saying to ignore the 3-7 start and only pay attention to the recent 7-3 stretch?

    The team is predicated on goaltending and defense, and our goalie suffered an injury that led to the team getting pummeled the first few weeks of the season. That’s what happens when the roster is built like a house of cards, and the foundation is cracked, in this case due to injury.

  155. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    “The Rangers could’ve made a much better choice in 2005. Unfortunately for them, Benoit Pouliot was taken at #4 by Minnesota. So they had to settle for a “2nd-pair-at-best” Marc Staal. Much better option was Ryan O’Marra, who was taken 3 spots after by the New York Islanders.”

    Is this an indirect response to me?

  156. I don’t think Phaneuf was afraid to fight Prust. He can drop them, and does it well. Except you’re removing a first pair defenseman in exchange for fourth line player. For 5 minutes. I’ll take Phaneuf in NY in a heartbeat. His contract notwithstanding.

  157. I think the Nash trade had to be done from a skill perspective…I really liked like gaborik but it was his time to be moved, my issue was not getting a #1 back to start replenishing the system (not to mention future salry cap issues),.

    ..the net result was we ended up with five guys who played 55+ games with a last place team 2 years ago (plus their Coach)

  158. I would take Eric Christensen back on this team.

    Before The Kreider’s arrival, he was our only hope.

    It’s a shame the sun and sand in Cancun wooed him to play for the Mayan Astronomers.

  159. Phaneuf is notorious for backing down. For hitting people as hard as he can and never, ever answering the bell. He’s a baby. He is afraid of The Prust. Everyone is. As the saying goes, “At night the Boogeyman checks under his bed for THE PRUST”

  160. Carp, I wouldn’t, but I’m self-defeating in that sort of way. Sports are supposed to be fun to watch, not just a binary “win is good, loss is bad”. Guys I really hate I just don’t want on my team.

  161. Maybe Lucic and Phaneuf can square off some day. Would probably end up being a 12 minute shift with both of them considering dropping the gloves then reconsidering over and over until the horn blows.

  162. Oh man, Brashear was probably the worst in terms of pre-hate-turned-roster-player. I wanted to die when he was signed.

  163. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    In the case that was a response to me, my premise is not to never take D in the first round, but that it’s more prudent to draft front end talent.

    It’s very argumentative to use one instance to attempt to disprove a premise. I could go and look up the players the Rangers passed on to draft McIlrath (Ryan) and Sanguinetti, but two instances don’t prove a premise either.

    That doesn’t even take into account that Staal was a can’t miss prospect from a quality hockey family.

  164. I tried, The Doctor. I tried.

    Didn’t Brashear get arrested for like…Drunk Jet Skiing or something ridiculous?

  165. Kenneth: This upcoming draft has two absolute STUDS on defense. And looking at last year’s draft, Seth Jones seems to be making the most impact out of that class.

  166. Sather Must Go on

    Phenouf would bring Elisha Cuthbert to the stands, which is a plus..not to mention the potential involvment of “you-know-who”

  167. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Seth Jones was a can’t miss prospect, like M Staal. McIlrath and Sanguinetti were not.

  168. Kenneth, I’m just saying, the fact that they’re 10-10, no matter how they got there, is irrelevant when discussing whether or not their defense corps is about as good a 1-through-6 as there is in the league.

  169. Phaneuf hasn’t fought in years. He should occasionally because he used to do that well and he gets challenged frequently. Dropping his gloves to drop the challenger would go a long way towards reducing that number of challengers.

  170. Nash returning against the Bruins? I wonder how long it’ll take before Lucic and/or McQuaid take a run at him? Will it happen in the first or second period? It’s gonna happen – that’s a virtual guarantee IMO.

  171. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Staal was hardly “can’t miss”. He was like the 5th or 6th ranked D in his class.

  172. Lucic will absolutely run him. Striking smaller or vulnerable players is pretty much the entire foundation of Lucic’s extreme toughness.

  173. A few seasons back he had three fights: Lost to Foligno, Lost to Clarkson and had a draw with Hartnell.

    Pretty weak history.

  174. Sather Must Go on

    its good that we send down the only big guy willing to step up to the minor before Bruins game…yeesh

  175. About the Pens.

    How did they manage to obtain two very good forwards in Kunitz and Neal?

    By having the valued defensive prospects to make those deals, and yes Shero makes things happen!

    Adding to their defensive drafting success is this years first round pick Ollie Matta who is playing at the NHL level in part due to the fact the Pens have a surrounding cast that helps him by not putting an excessive amount of pressure on him. Maybe MDZ could have prospered in such a climate.

    Also check out their other organizational defensive prospects who are also given high marks.

    How do they do it, how have the Hawks regained their prominence, St. Louis in baseball and other organizations who remain in the hunt every year.

    A balanced organizational approach which always starts by developing your own prospects then filling voids with judicious trades and FA signings!

    What part of this troika does anyone believe the Rangers have done, and for the record what current prospect in this org. can anyone identify as the can’t miss power forward, the big clear out D with modest offensive prowess or the natural goal scorers they lack?

  176. That’s three fights more than any current Rangers defenseman other than John Moore, the goon, and Bickel, the faceoff specialist.

  177. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I agree with you, Carp. The fact that they’re 10-10 is irrelevant in determining their quality.

    My opinion is that their top 3 rivals any top 3 in the league, not their entire 6-7 corps. It is fact, though, that good goaltending hides the flaws of D and makes D look better than they are. This team has had the most consistent goalie in hockey for the past several years. That can’t be discounted in determining the quality of the D corps.

  178. It’s so funny looking at his fight card and reading my scathing criticisms of Phaneuf from years ago.

  179. Ah Carp, how can any aspect of average not be considered for discussion?

    If as you contend the Rangers have as good a top six D as exists in the league and an all world goalie, then how big a disaster is the forward corps?

    And once again what player besides Kreider or Lundqvist is highly valued by other organizations that would bring back a real talent or two?

  180. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    “A balanced organizational approach which always starts by developing your own prospects then filling voids with judicious trades and FA signings!”

    I could not agree more. For years, Sather has gone out and signed glorified fourth liners in free agency. Pyatt, Pouliot, Moore, Brashear, Boogaard. Traded for Scott.

    For example, the best way to fill fourth line roles is through your farm system, to avoid committing years and salary, thus saving resources for more pertinent needs such as scoring.

  181. I’m not entering that discussion, comn. I don’t disagree on the lack of front-line offensive talent (I’ve only said it about 1,467 times). I do believe that their D is better than fine. Their goalie is all-world, indeed. And they are, IMO, one of the better teams in the Least. But I’m not defending the same side you’re attacking. Makes no sense.

  182. I’m in an EPIC Twitter battle over Phaneuf right now with some Leaf’s fan. Anybody want to back me up?


  183. Re: Dion not of the Belmonts!

    The best player at his position for any team should not be the enforcer or draw penalties to get him off the ice!

    Which of course why every team needs a deterrent, which of course the Rangers do not have, which of course is because Sather only picks up washed up fighters but rewards them with huge salaries!

  184. Bottom line is that Sather is, at best, a mediocre GM who should have had his ass canned prior to the 2005 lockout given how he made the Rangers the laughing stock of professional sports in NA up to that point.

    Since the lockout, he has done a few good things (i.e. the McDonagh and Prust deals), but arguably the best thing he did was building through the draft and self-development. Alas, because of his mediocre abilities, he continually misreads his team’s readiness and makes ill-timed trades, including almost every deadline deal, sending away a bunch of youth for Nash, then arguably his worse move to date: Giving away draft picks for Ryan Clowe.

    His endless mediocrity has resulted in endless PO seasons.

    He’s pushing 25 years of accomplishing nothing (and that includes, BTW, failed attempts at putting together Canadian international tournament teams).

    It’s really quite sickening, isn’t it?

  185. jim, take it a step further: How about dismantling that Edmonton dynasty and getting so little in return. (other than Louie DeBrusk).

  186. If Phaneuf is going to play so physically and rock people and end a few careers he has to be ready to answer the bell and throw his fists to defend his honor and his playing style. It’s crucial for him. That’s hockey.

  187. Sather Must Go on

    I dont know how the trades were viewed internally, but from the outside it seemed as if McDonagh (Higgins) and Prust (Jokinen) were not the main part of what came back, maybe they were.. they certainly turned out to be

  188. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Let’s not forget Sean Avery. Also, Sean Avery Part Deux.

  189. Dear Sather, can you please retire already and hand the reigns to Jeff Gorton, thank you, tommyG

    PS. Fugging retire already you old cigar smoking fool.

  190. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    That alone is a sign of a terrible GM. The repeated acquisitions of fourth liners, a role that should be filled through organizational depth.

  191. Leetchhalloffame on

    Rumor has it Slats signing Benoit Penalty to a 5 year, $10 mill extension as a reward for all of the fine play he’s exhibited this year. FIRE SATHER!

  192. Carp, as I understand the new playoff system teams have to finish in the top three in their division to qualify.

    Are you predicting then that it will be the case for this team?

    PS, are you guys kidding about Lucic? This guy pushes people and they fall down and he’s capable of planting himself in front of the net and actually can score 20 goals!

    Who cares about liking someone if they don’t produce results.

    It’s not as Rice said, “how you play the game” that’s important, it’s winning is the only thing in sports and in life.

    Everything else is horseshoes, close but not a ringer! ;)

  193. _That alone is a sign of a terrible GM. The repeated acquisitions of fourth liners, a role that should be filled through organizational depth._

    The amazing part is that’s he’s proven he can do that at a pretty high level. Boyle, Prust, Dorsett, Pyatt … these are all top 4th line players. But because he sucks so bad at filling via free agency, all of those guys have been forced to play up a line (or two) and just sabotage everything.

  194. Yes, top three in division, plus two wild cards in the conference. I picked NYR second in the division. I’ll stick with that.

  195. “Most Rangers defensemen would have gone for the block attempt. Falk stayed on his skates, tied up his man, no shot.”

    Take note, Girardi. Stop with the snow angels.

  196. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    “The amazing part is that’s he’s proven he can do that at a pretty high level. ”

    How do you do italics?

    It’s not amazing because as myself and Carp have listed, there are upwards of 20 fourth liners that Sather’s acquired via free agency or trade, and fourth liners are fungible. Sather was bound to stumble upon a successful fourth liner, just as a broken clock is bound to be right twice a day.

  197. ps, as of right now, the NYR are third in the Lesstropolitan, despite that start. They have their best forward coming back and by the end of November will have played the hardest part of their schedule and a pile of road games.

  198. I think that I don’t agree that you can build a fourth line through organizational depth. I think that was the complaint I was going on about last night. We just bring up players that are semi-ready for the NHL and we get them out there and make sure they just don’t play too many minutes.

    If we were using Organizational depth you would take Mashinter and Bickel and bring them up with Boyle in the center and teach them absolute tenacity on the puck. But we never do that. Instead it’s JT Miller and some other small players that are on the 4th line merely because they aren’t fit for the top two lines.

    Make sense?

  199. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I am willing to give Sather credit for the acquisition of McDonagh. McDonagh was a highly rated prospect of the Canadians, close to NHL ready, and the deal was a dump of Gomez.

    It is amazing that he stumbled upon Lundqvist in the later rounds.

  200. Agreed a billion percent, Manny. The only thing worse than playing a guy up above the 4th is then filling his role on the 4th with a legit top 9 prospect. Just let everyone play the role they should rather than force 2 guys out of role, including the developing player. Dammit, do I hate that.

  201. “But Miller isn’t responsible enough to play top 9 minutes!”


  202. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Underscores on both sides of the piece you want to italicize._

    Yay or nay?

    Thank you, Mister D. You are a kind gentleman.

  203. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _ only thing worse than playing a guy up above the 4th is then filling his role on the 4th with a legit top 9 prospect._

    I could not agree more. It does not help the prospect to play the fourth line. It only sets back his progress. The prospect would be better served getting minutes in the AHL than playing minimal minutes in the NHL with offensive dregs.

  204. Shouldn’t Moore’s kicked in goal have counted, since it looked like it hit Scriven’s pads before going in the net?
    Or a defending player’s leg (I forget who)?
    The overhead view looked like it hit something (or someone) first.
    Or it doesn’t matter, if it was kicked?

  205. Carp: The glass half empty way to read your quote is that we know this team is too flawed to win a Cup, but they’re also just too good to get roster changers through the draft. The worst thing to be is ok.

  206. Kenneth, you may be attributing to Sather that which he has never shown he’s capable of.

    The principal piece of the Gomez trade was Higgins, the secondary piece was money.

    The tertiary piece was McDonagh who despite his lofty draft position was deemed a slow progress project by Gainey and a disappointment to that time.

    Ultimately there is no defense of Sather’s tenure and for my money it was either a payoff for the Messier/Beukeboom trades or somewhere there are pictures!!! ;)

  207. Mister D, once again you just described “average”!

    Thank you for your unyielding support! ;)

  208. Jim

    The Oilers are not trading Eberle. They have no reason to and we have nothing in the terms of prospects to give them.

  209. Sather Must Go on

    Its okay to get 3rd or 4th liners if they are good.. the problem is we get guys who dont fill their roles..i.e. faceoff guys who lose faceoffs, big guys who arent tough, supplemental scorers who dont score etc..

    speaking of which, is Pyatt on his way to the waiver line?

  210. Don’t mistake my countering “SATHER HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING RIGHT!!!” as a defense of Sather. Its just dumb to pretend he’s gotten everything 100% wrong. Or that acquiring McDonagh somehow doesn’t count because you don’t believe his intent was the get McDonagh.

  211. Sather is just like many of the Rangers bottom six players. Pretty one dimensional and pretty poor at the other dimensions.

  212. All 20 guys in last night’s lineup, plus the two injured guys, are all acquired by Sather. They aren’t all horrible or even mediocre.

  213. 1. We’ve given up 13 goals in 8 November games, 1 in the last 6 periods. From the Goalie on out, our D, far from being ‘mediocre,” has been stellar.

    2. If Dolan’s Knicks were having the ball bounce erratically all over the court because of bad wood, he would fire six people and in three days the problem would be corrected.

  214. Carp, thanx for contributing to the early AM gibberish. I still see Chris Christie floating over the Turkey parade, Snoopy and Charlie Brown holding the ropes. :))
    And when eddie3X gets on a roll, he gathers no moss!

  215. I believe three of the last four GA have gone in off of Rangers players, the other one was, infamously, “a routine save.”

  216. Coos so much for home ice “advantage”!

    Still you would think the Rangers could make MSG to be a “tough” place to get a win!

    4-4 could be a little better.

  217. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    A lot of the players are far from mediocre, but together they don’t constitute a Stanley Cup contending team. No roster in Sather’s tenure has. That should be his defining legacy as Rangers GM.

    The D is not mediocre, but they are definitely made to look better by their all-world goaltender.

  218. To further squash the myth that McDonagh was some throw-in, even this board was recognizing his importance to the deal as it happened. Safe to say the GM who made the deal knew it too.


    (Its a fun re-read, this was back when it looked like we were dumping one problem (Gomez) to assume another (Heatley). At one point in the thread, I threaten to castrate myself.)

  219. Rangers won 7 out of 10, without Nash.

    Just imagine how good they will be with him :)

    We should win 14 out of 20, looking at an easier schedule, and they play at home almost all of December.

  220. Coos, are you actually a hoops fan?

    Dolan’s Knicks have experienced the same level of mismanagement as the Rangers, so he may fire people but they are totally dysfunctional because they’ve followed the same “star importation”, trading picks and making the wrong ones approach as Sather’s team.

    The mere fact he would like to brig back Ike Thomas should tell you all you need to know about his performance as an owner!

    Gibberish huh, and here I thought people were expressing themselves very well. ;)

  221. And for those who complain about Sather’s trades, I would argue Sather is the best at making trades there is.

    Anson Carter for Jaromir Jagr (and only 40% of his salary)
    Gomez for Higgins, McDonagh and Valentenko
    Dubinsky, Anisimov and Erixon for Nash
    Gaborik for Brassard, Dorsett and Moore
    Higgins and Kotalik for Prust and Jokinen
    Jason Ward, Marc-Andre Cliche and Jan Marek for Sean Avery
    and the greatest trade of all time:
    The Rights to Mark Messier for the 4th round pick used to select Ryan Callahan

    In fact, I can only recall one trade (player for player) in the last decade the Rangers clearly lost and that was Korpikoski for Enver Lisin.

  222. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _This is sickening. Im glad we got rid of Blowmez, but im not happy we couldn’t get a better return._

    This is the best line. What an idiot.

    Gomez was a dump. To have expected anything of value in the return was stupidity. Using hindsight, McDonagh has evolved into a number 1 D.

  223. Mr.D – In this advanced technical age, it is inadvisable to put anything in cyber writing without first soliciting the advice of an attorney. :) Since Manny attended Quinnipiac Law, I will forward all controversial opinion through him.

  224. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    The Knicks are more dysfunctional and worse run than the Rangers. Not even close.

  225. Mister D, on what basis was “the board recognizing Mc Donagh’s worth”, since every comment coming out of the Habs org.and the general assessment suggested his slow progress and lack of toughness for his size was a “disappointment?

    The fact that he’s turned out to be a steal does not change the fact he was not either the first or second piece of that deal imo.

  226. _The fact that he’s turned out to be a steal does not change the fact he was not either the first or second piece of that deal imo._

    And by “imo” that means you’re simply projecting what you think his value to the deal was, right?

  227. Played a ton of hoops in the Dark Ages, but can’t take today’s game except a bit of the NCAA (college) tourney.
    I remember when you’d be whistled for moving your pivot foot, now they start outside the free throw line, take three giant strides, and dunk.

  228. Oleo … there’s a major caveat there. Or maybe the revelation of Sather’s fatal flaw. He’s at his best when finances either aren’t involved or when they work against him. Dumping his bad contracts, picking up lower level players, he’s really good. Its when he has money that things go to complete s-word.

  229. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    That fact that McDonagh was not the primary objective of the deal does not change the fact that in the trade of a bona fide bust, Sather wisely took a youthful, high-ceiling reclamation project of a prospect in the deal.

    I agree that Sather is beyond terrible. That doesn’t change the fact that the inclusion of McDonagh in that deal was a wise move.

  230. Another awesome part of that post is when people, like CCCP, decided to post AS Scott Gomez. Since it was before the world of Avatars/Gravatars they thought they could use the same email and be obscure. Joke is now on them

  231. Incorrect on McD. He wasn’t progressing slowly. Montreal saw him as a solid stay home defenseman at that time already. He was considered their #1 prospect. Gainey didn’t think McD could significantly improve his offensive skills, he felt he was expendable. Gainey resigned after next season for personal reasons.

  232. Have to meet Cmsnse in person one time at Walter’s to see if he winks at me after presenting each bon mot.

  233. Just because….

    *Mister Delaware*

    _Sens fans seem to think McDonagh, Dubinsky, and Anisimov are coming back for Heatley…_

    _I will literally chop my genitals off if that happens._

    June 30th, 2009 at 5:56 PM

  234. “I don’t like Ryan McDonagh, you *have* to take him or no deal.”

    “I don’t know who he is but ok I’ll take him.”



  235. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Played a ton of hoops in the Dark Ages as well, I too can’t watch anything outside of March Madness. As opposed to you, games are dominated by whistles and decided by officials. I attempted to watch a Duke vs Kansas college basketball pairing a few nights ago, the entire game was comprised of whistles and free throws. The worst sport in America.

  236. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Do either Comnsnse or ilb2001 have any links to verify your claims on what Gainey thought of McDonagh at the time?

  237. Mister D

    There is no question that Sather is terrible when it comes to FA signings, but when Sather makes a trade, I’m confident that it will be in our favor. He has a great knack for it.

    My biggest problem with Sather is that he is not proactive in re-signing his current players and tries to play hard-ball instead of locking a player up in advance. He did it with Prust and he is likely to do it again with Girardi and/or Stralman.

    Yet, he is more than willing to throw money at other team’s Free Agents.

  238. Gainey to assistants: “Does this kid McDonald have any upside?”

    ‘No. Definitely not in the 0 zone.”

    “Ok. Let’s try to work on dumping him on someone.”

  239. You are going to try to find it yourself, Kenneth. When you do that, also pay attention to the fact that the Rangers coveted McD since 2007 draft combine. Also, Montreal selected both P.K. Subban and Yannick Weber in 2007 along with McD. That’s the other reason he became expendable.

  240. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    ilb2001, you threw in that Gainey resigned due to personal reasons. The trading of McDonagh had no impact on his resigning. At the time, he said _The job of general manager required a vision and a long-term commitment and I didn’t want to commit myself now for four, five or six more years_. He lost his youngest daughter to a boating accident a few years earlier and his wife to cancer several years before that. He also stayed on as a consultant to the new GM Gauthier.

  241. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    ilb2001, I didn’t make any claim as to McDonagh’s situation with the Canadiens. You and Comnsnse did. If the both of you are going to make bold claims, then support it with documentation. It’s not my job to find the documentation for the claims of others.

  242. I do not recall saying that McD trade had anything to do with Gainey’s resignation. I was merely stating the fact. and I’m well aware of his family tragedy.

  243. Man, I can’t wait for The Kreider to get in a fight! Preferably against someone I don’t like, e.g. Crosby. Go The Kreider!

  244. I just really like the ex post facto “fact” that Sather didn’t even have interest in McDonagh.

  245. looks like Montreal’s observation on McD was correct. He is a stay home defensemen and lacks offensive skills. I haven’t seen anything that shows me McD has offensive skills. In Fact, non of the ranger players defensemen have offensive skills. That is one of a few glaring needs this team is lacking.

  246. _J Bone_
    _Anyone think this might be to clear a little room to sign Gaborik? That would be awesome, he’d be the most exciting player on the ice for the 20 games a year he’d play._

    Good call!

  247. and what I mean regarding offensive defensemen, remember Leetch and Zubov. That’s what the rangers are lacking on the blue line and why there power play Is average at best.

  248. _ORR WHAT ?!?!_
    _Im disgusted. I thought Slats made good trades ? Ducks GM got the world for a 35 year old D-man, who isn’t as good as he used to be, while we got jack sh*t for a 29 year old center who’s in his prime._

    Really classic stuff in that thread. Thanks, MD.

  249. ilb, well, not sure what you seen regarding McD and his offensive skills but my take on a defensemen who has offensive skills and your take are obviously different.

  250. tommy, first of all, Leetch and Zubov are all *time* offensive defenseman. And McD just had a 7 game point streak with several on the PP. I think we’re starting to see that now.

  251. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _Gainey didn’t think McD could significantly improve his offensive skills, he felt he was expendable. Gainey resigned after next season for personal reasons_

    The implication was evident.

  252. He will never be near what Leetch or Zubov were offensively. But while Leetch was very solid in his zone, McD is better defensively, IMO. Zubov? Well, according to Roger Neilson, he was “talented enough to keep both teams in the game”

  253. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    I, too, think McDonagh has just scratched the surface of his offensive capabilities. He’ll never be Leetch, but he can be productive. I, too, wanted to see McDonagh at the power play point last season.

  254. Maybe The Kreider can fight Lucic tomorrow. They are the same size and all…….

    Followed by Boyle vs. Chara?

  255. Not to mention McDonagh is a DEFENSEMAN. He’s not a second line wing playing defense who racks up points while constantly exposing his goalie.

  256. ilb, yes, I agree, McD is better defensively than zubov and Leetch, hence why McD is a defensive defensemen.

  257. Strange that Torts was so hard on Gabby and soft on Richie. I think Gabby, at least, fought for a puck or two along the boards.

  258. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _He will never be near what Leetch_

    What do you say here in place of jinx?



  259. Coos as always both funny and informed, a true elevator of blog gibberish!!!

    And for the record if you come to Fla. in season would love to break bread….. and genitals! NJ too in season!

    Mister D and the archivers, I have no links, pork or otherwise to refer you to.

    However Gainey and the organization made the comments I’ve repeated. I have an pornographic memory and stand by my comments. You look it up!

    As a serious aside please recount for me other deals where Sather made off with the crown jewels, no disrespect to A.Johnson! ;)

    Also Mr. D how do you conjure up projection from my comments which were not meant to negate getting the player but only to suggest that Sather should never be credited withy being Mr.Slick in anything he’s done here.

    Except of course his contract which Junior bestowed on him for 5mm. per………..65mm.over 13 years plus invites to the July 4th. fireworks at Dad’s house.

    Maybe Slats is not so dumb after all, let’s change his name to Glen Barnum! lol

  260. Brad Park, Ron Greshner, offensive defensemen. It’s amazing that the rangers haven’t had a true offensive defensemen in there organization since Leetch and Zubov, that alone should get sather fired.

  261. The burden shifted, Com. We say he’s a pretty great trader, you say “no” and try to write off his best trade as mere throw in. You counter balance McDonagh and the minor moves that have worked with trades that haven’t and maybe your point will make more sense.

  262. If the rangers had at least one true offensive defensemen on there blueline there power play would be much better.

  263. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    _I thought McDonagh was a bust already?_

    McDonagh is definitely a 36 inch bust.

  264. (Which is to say, we’ve come closer to proving he is Mr. Slick Trader than you have to proving he isn’t, in case that wasn’t clear.)

  265. for the most part sather has made good trades but there are a few stinkers he also made. Sather is the worst at free agent signings, the worst, yet he shells out big bucks for past there prime once upon a star and plays hard ball with his own drafted players. I despised that old fool, can’t stand him and wish he would get lost in Canada somewhere.

  266. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Gomez must wear a large bra, because he was a gigantic Rangers bust.

  267. Miss live film of Ash walking to locker room after periods, ogling lecherously at any female in the runway attendance.

  268. Sather Must Go on

    Ryan Mcdonagh is serviceable on offense and at best a 2nd unit PP guy.. Not saying he in an answer, but, Aaron Johnson is tied for team lead in points at the Whale and he is a Dman can we trade Del Z for him?

    btw, Mcllrath convincing lost two fights vs the Sound Tigers (Isles) the other night.. he fights A LOT but isnt much better than Bickel at it.

  269. Sather Must Go on

    Mister D, took me a few hours but just put together the Betts beating up Sather comment from earlier… agreed, hopefully Betts is still plotting!

  270. LMAO, with all the controversy surrounding this team, reading various critical comments on McDonuts. It is to guffaw.

  271. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Nobody is immune to criticism. Every player has room to improve.

  272. Sather Must Go on

    McD is great,by far their best dman and shld rep USA in Olympics – he is the least of problems of the team, just not a #1 point man on PP

  273. Mr. D @3:07, so to be clear you’re suggesting that “Mr. Slick” is the correct “numb de ice” moniker for Sather and that on the whole his performance as GM here is satisfactory vis a vis trades, drafts, FA’s or anything connected with building a contending franchise?

    All of this because of the difference of opinion on his alleged acumen in making the McD. deal?

  274. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You had to bring up the bahama bomba :(. Wish we had him back.

    You picked the rangers second mostly due to hank? I’m just speculating here btw.

  275. “Blog criticism fuels improvement”, for whom?

    Hasn’t worked with player performance nor with GM and staff performance, or ownership responsibility to the fan base.

    You can’t possibly be referring to posters?

    Have you ever considered running away to join the circus? ;)

  276. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Carp, what do you know about the Butterball fresh Turkey shortage and when did you know it?

  277. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Look, while I am not a Sather fan, we do have some good young players that I appreciate. I am probably way too excited about The Kreider, but I do believe we have our fist home grown power forward in many, many years.

    MacD, Step (I like the kid for what he is), Hags. Heck, I like Cam Talbot’s play, John Moore, if you want to call him younger, Stahl, even. I look forward to seeing The Count and McIlrath play up here, too.

    There are some good players on this team and we are above average.

  278. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    When my team goes into a game against the B’s, all I can think is emerge without injury please. Don’t get hurt.

  279. _Mr. D @3:07, so to be clear you’re suggesting that “Mr. Slick” is the correct “numb de ice” moniker for Sather and that on the whole his performance as GM here is satisfactory vis a vis trades, drafts, FA’s or anything connected with building a contending franchise?_

    I refer you to my comment at 11:56 for my actual opinion versus the one you’re projecting onto me.

    _“Blog criticism fuels improvement”, for whom?

    Hasn’t worked with player performance nor with GM and staff performance, or ownership responsibility to the fan base.

    You can’t possibly be referring to posters?

    Have you ever considered running away to join the circus?_

    I refer you to any of a number of definitions of the word “sarcasm”.

  280. _Gravy, your 12:36 comment was hysterical!!_

    Matty, one out of twenty ain’t bad :)

    I think I have -Sather- Stockholm Syndrome.

  281. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Last night, the piped in noise was so loud that it drowned out some “LGR” chants that started in the upper levels. They need to do something about it.

    And, then, anyone that starts a chant, you know, has their mouth open? Gets a fresh t-shirt thrown into it.

    Just not the way to run an arena, is it??

  282. I don’t dis New Haven Pizza. Some of it is quite good. Some was quite good and then got commercialized. Nothing compares to:

    Lucali, Julianas, Keste, etc.

  283. How many years out of the last decade (or post-Jessiman) do you think the Rangers best player from a draft wouldn’t be available at their 1st pick in a redraft format?


    2004 #6 (Montoya): Ouch on the actual pick, but quick eyeballing says *Callahan* goes right around there

    2005 #12 (Staal): We miss on Staal in a redraft

    2006 #21 (Sanguinetti): Ugh. *Anisimov* is our best player from that draft and I’d imagine a late 1st / early 2nd in a redraft, but ugh. Ugh.

    2007 #17 (Cherapanov): Can’t know. N/A.

    2008 #20 (MDZ): *Stepan* is gone by the 20th pick. MDZ might be too. Strong pull.

    2009 #19 (Kreider): Kreider gone in a redraft.

    2010 #10 (McIlrath): I imagine we’re getting close to the point of “too early to judge”, but to be fair, we bust out on this one up to present day + projection.

    Overall, for where we pick, we’re not doing a terrible job. Seriously.

  284. Mister D, for shame, now who is projecting in hindsight?

    Callahan a #1?

    Anisimov a late #1? Lot of “ughs” in there!

    Overall we are not doing well ….except in our imaginations! Just joshing you now! ;)

  285. Stranger Nation on

    Point is Mac of Wrath will drop and can throw bombs, not that he is a heavyweight goon.

    Didn’t everyone read Wicky’s playable toughness?

  286. Except we are. Based on our draft slot, we are doing as well or better than expected. We aren’t in sequence, but we’re making up for bad 1sts by getting huge value later. Its not perfect, and obviously hitting on 1sts plus lower would be awesome, but its certainly not suck. As for superstars, we don’t get superstars because superstars are never there for us to pick. If you go back through the recent drafts, the only franchise changing/making player that even got a few passes was Toews.

  287. _Overall we are not doing well_

    Except we are …

    (I should have noted what I was responding to. We are doing pretty well in the draft. We’re doing well in trades. All of that makes our free agent bombs that much harder to stomach.)

  288. Mister D, you are to be commended for your persistence but the facts simply don’t support your opinion.

    As an old politician used to say, “let’s look at the record”!

    No need to get back to me on that! ;)

  289. “I see your facts and counter with no facts but rather restate my opinion” isn’t a solid retort, its mere obstinance. Which is rather funny since that’s always a characteristic we project onto Sather. So you keep opinioning and I’ll keep facting and we’ll see where we end up.

  290. We should draft the next Hank in the 7th round this year and then use that extra money to buy lots of cool players.

  291. Hags in the 6th round pick 168.

    The Rangers have had some luck in the later rounds, for what it’s worth.

  292. Girardi was never drafted. What I like most about him is that he came all the way from the ECHL.

    Now that’s mind boggling, just to think of all the drafted Defensemen that have come before him and after him. How many have played 500+ games?

  293. It was a european scout that worked for the rangers who scouted and watched Lundqvist in sweden who brought it up to Sather and the people who work around Sather, if I remember correctly.

  294. I tried finding the name of the European scout who found Lundqvist but all I found was he no longer works for the rangers.

  295. If we judge franchises only on Stanley Cup wins, then the Rangers are not doing well. But, then, 28 other teams are doing a bad job every year, too. And, we have to take out the one hit wonders. And the teams that win a playoff round almost every year, but not more. Which leaves you with Detroit and the Devils since about the mid 90s. And they haven’t been successful the last few years. So everyone is Carcillo, and we should just fold the league.

  296. PullOUT has 20 games – 2 Goals
    Miller 15 games – 1 Goal
    Pyatt 15 games – 1 Goal

    Kristo has 9 GOALS in Hartford in 16 games.

    Would we really miss Pullout or Miller, in a game or two?

    The kid has some salty mitts!

  297. Gentlemen, I’m sitting here at a Miami Beach Starbucks and, among all the talent, I keep thinking about … the Rangers’ lack of talent.

    This team is like an already-sinking ship that’s about to be hit by an asteroid.

  298. Sioux –
    Kristo would be heartbroken to be responsible for no Miller in the locker room. (Miller Genuine Draft) :)

    Send a chilled case to all our anemic scorers!

  299. Rockstrom’s opinion must have been highly regarded if Hank was still hanging in the 7th round.

  300. Gravy, I just tried to comprehend your last missive.

    I missed your Time Travel bus and found myself getting dizzy from the logic of that post.

    I believe I need some caffeine but enjoy the ride yourself!

  301. Coos it’s only a matter of time before the Kristo Kid rides into town, and starts shooting up the place.

    It would be nice to have a scoring threat on the 3rd line. Just once.

    You have to marvel at teams like the KINGS, they can pull up someone that is scoring in their AHL team. Tyler Toffoli, he’s played 7 games for the KINGS, has 8 points.

    Can you imagine if Kristo was playing for Buffalo or Florida, he wouldn’t be in the AHL right now.

  302. Coos – THAT’S IT!

    I’m sending Sather a Box of MonteKRISTOS.

    With a note on the inside of the Box.

    _Rangers Lost by 1 Goal, who you going to call?_

  303. Sioux – If you could afford to send Sather six #2 Cubans, you can be sure he’d at least read the accompanying note, if not act on it. :)

  304. Stranger Nation on

    Hey – Sioux – Fried Zucchini has 2 goals in 19 games, plays on the first line, logs major PP time. When Nasher comes back, he has to be dropped.

    Frankly would rather have MonteKristo light it up in Hartford and come to play top 6 minutes when he gets called up after the next injury.

    FWIW – Miller had 4 goals in 3 games for Hartford this season. Let’s just say the analog is not there.

  305. “Going back to that summer, I still make that deal. (For Nash)”

    Carp, even in hindsight, with the concussion issues and knowing that Gaborik would also be traded for Brassard, Moore, and Dorsett?

    Not sure I still would.

  306. Speaking of Gabby and the trade and all that … what a mess. Looking at this list of players and factoring in age and salary and years remaining, lets pretend we’re just going every other pick w/ Columbus, how do you rank?


  307. Before the IR, word was out that he’d lost his once formidable legs, like Richie did. Usually first thing to go in an athlete, and when it happens, not pretty.

  308. Stranger Nation on

    Mr D – think we need a full season, maybe anniversary of the deal, to do a retrospective. Too many variables in play with injuries.

    Why Sather would have traded 2 young centers away is mindnumbing

  309. Coos, “the team would be formidable with a healthy Clowe and Nash”.

    What understated humor, my boy you leave no subtle stone unturned!

    You were making the funny, yes? ;)

  310. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Perhaps I should have said ‘relatively competitive.’

  311. Speaking of trades, I just feel one coming. A quarter of the season in, AV getting to know the team. Who he likes and who he dislikes. Who he trusts and does not. True, games 10-20 were way better than 1 thru 10.

    I know a lot of us want him to show Pouliot the door. But Pouliot is one of the few players on this team acquired after AV came on board.

    Maybe it’s MDZ, the healthy scratches, his ice time way down from last year.

    I just feel it’s coming as early as this week and it worries me. The Mad Slatter is capable of dealing anyone. Heck, he traded Brian Leetch.

  312. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Clowe does not help the team put pucks in the net. A healthy Nash, yes.

  313. I think MDZ does go soon, I think I don’t like the return (3rd line vet on the wrong side of 30), I think he quickly gets back to strong 2nd pair and I think people here pretend it’s something, *anything* other than a mere return to his natural side. File this one away under “Obvious Predictions”.

  314. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    This team’s undoing will be not putting enough pucks in the net.

  315. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    This teams undoing is the way it is currently constructed it can not beat big physical nasty teams or win tight checking no time and space grind it out playoff hockey.

    If you look at our losses, we have only lost once to a team smaller than us, the other nine losses to teams bigger and meaner that play a north south game.

  316. Either they’re hoping DelZ will come back like a ball of fire, or there’s an unconsummated trade in the works.

  317. I’m right handed but hit and play hockey and golf lefty. And I write with such a pronounced hook that people comment about me being left handed even while seeing the pen in my right hand. Does this mean I can or can’t play D?

  318. Stranger Nation on

    65% of NHL is lefthanded shots which would affirm that many righties shoot lefty.

    Ive heard Johnson can shoot with both hands

  319. Very strange. I’m right-handed with everything, but played (distasteful) hockey left handed. No idea how that happened.

  320. Stranger Nation on

    Norris played well IMO in Kings game. Missed habs game so presume he did OK given the score.

    Was thinking of another player getting top 6 minutes.

  321. eddie says something like ‘Dorsett should be on the third line’ and I try to figure out what that means in a pornographic sense.

  322. I did notice, Strange, that McD golfs left handed, so I guess he’s a true lefty. I golf righty, throw righty, write righty, switch-hit BB, but can’t imagine playing hockey righty.

  323. Norris makes a couple of glaring mistakes each game, but is unable to recover as well as some of our other D. That said, he seems to have rapidly improved.

  324. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Right handed tennis players that hit a two handed backhand almost always shoot lefty in hockey…

  325. Stranger Nation on

    Norris ishould get more PP time. Righty shot, gets it through. Why is Richie on the flippin point? Makes no sense

  326. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – big game for Gmen next week….filthy needs a couple of losses and the NYG just might sneak in….Seahawks will be a tough game but the giants D is playing real well….Eli is still color blind and throws passes to both teams – but they’re coming on….

  327. Getting to dislike Hakeem Nicks beaucoup. He’s become our Santonio Holmes with a “me first” persona. Now, he wants 12 million. See ya.

  328. eddie, that INT Sunday wasn’t on Eli. Rook was in because Nicks took himself out of the game in a huff, and the rook ran the wrong pattern.

  329. Stranger Nation on

    Panther loss, while an utter disgrace, is looking less shocking given their season.
    EasyE is less than elite this season but they know how to finish the year strong.

  330. Stranger Nation on

    Nicks is going about 75% effort. Biggest dissappointment this season.
    Most receiving yards in NFL without a TD catch this season.
    Got all prissy when Cruz got paid.

    dont let the door…

  331. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – some of his picks certainly aren’t his fault…but he’s not having a good year. He still can’t throw a screen pass to save himself….

  332. You are correct, sir. Competent screens could save Eli’s life on occasion, and result in nice gains, but he can’t seem to finish them.

  333. Remember when fullbacks were the prima donnas? Now they just block. Wide receivers are the new head case egomaniacs.

  334. Giants D is a lot better than the numbers show. The 0 is responsible for beaucoup points that get tagged onto the D.
    And Pierre -Paul gave them 7 yesterday..

  335. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Werd on that – too many pick 6, special teams break downs, and turnovers deep in their own end have out the D in horrible positions…plus no running game early in the season, too many 3 and outs, and not enough time of possession…giants D on the field too much..

    But they’re coming on….

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