Kings 1, Rangers 0 … post-game notes and quotes


Post-game notes and quotes courtesy of the Rangers:

Kings 1, Rangers 0.

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Team Notes:

–        The Rangers were defeated by the Los Angeles Kings, 1-0, tonight at Madison Square Garden, to complete their fourth back-to-back set of the season.

–        The Blueshirts are now 10-10-0 overall (20 pts), including a 4-4-0 mark at home this season. The Rangers are 8-4-0 in their last 12 games, after beginning the season with a 2-6-0 record.

–        The Rangers have held opponents to two or fewer goals in 11 of the last 13 games, and 12 of the last 15. New York has allowed 21 goals over the last 13 games (1.62 goals against per game), and 25 goals in the last 15 contests (1.67 goals against per game).

–        The Rangers and Kings have been separated by one goal in five of their last seven meetings, including three contests that required extra time.

–        New York has now posted a combined record of 5-3-0 in back-to-back contests this season, including a 2-2-0 record (0-1-0 at home; 2-1-0 on the road) in the second game of the set.

–        The Rangers’ last two games both ended in a 1-0 score. The last time New York skated in two consecutive 1-0 games was during the 2007-08 season, on Oct. 20, 2007 at Boston (0-1, SO) and Oct. 23, 2007 at Pittsburgh (0-1).

–        The Blueshirts’ penalty kill was 1-1 (2:00) in the contest, and have now held their opponents scoreless on the power play in each of the last three games (six attempts) and four of the last five (10-11, 90.9% over the span).

–        The Rangers out-shot the Kings, 37-30, including an 11-6 advantage in the first period and a 15-11 advantage in the third.

Player Notes:

–        Henrik Lundqvist made 29 saves and is now 6-8-0 overall, including a 4-4-0 mark at home this season. He has held opponents to two or fewer goals in eight of his 14 starts, including six of his last eight games since returning from injury in the home opener on Oct. 28 vs. Montreal. Lundqvist is 4-4-0 with a 1.64 goals against average, .942 save percentage, and one shutout in his last eight games since returning.

–        Derek Dorsett was credited with three hits in 12:03 of ice time while skating in his 300th career NHL game.

–        Dominic Moore registered a season-high, four hits, and tied his season-high with four shots on goal in 10:32 of ice time, while skating in his 100th career game as a Ranger.

–        Brad Richards led all skaters with seven shots on goal and logged 21:04 of ice time. He leads the Rangers with 72 shots on the season.

–        Dan Girardi was credited with a game-high, four blocked shots, and tied for the team lead with four hits in the contest. He leads the Rangers with 51 hits and 41 blocked shots on the season.

Post-Game Quotes:

–        Alain Vigneault on tonight’s game… “I thought we had some good looks, again. On our power play, we had about 50 seconds of five-on-three out there and we didn’t connect, so our execution might have been a little bit off. The right ideas and the right things that we were trying to do were there, but tonight we just couldn’t get one in the net.”

–        Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game… “It’s a tight game and we talked about, going into this game, that it’s going to be an ugly one because they play really tight.  It’s the small battles all over the ice that made the difference.  It felt like in the second period they took charge a little bit, but we came back strong.”

–        Ryan Callahan on the team’s recent play … “I feel like we are playing the way we need.  Tonight, like I said, I thought we were a little inconsistent.  Overall, if you want to evaluate the last couple games and this stretch here, we are getting better and starting to play the way we need to, and we are getting rewarded.”

Team Schedule:                                                                          

–        Tomorrow – Off

–        Next Game – Tuesday, Nov. 19 vs. Boston (7:30 p.m. ET – TV: MSG 2)


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  1. Dunno if any of you guys ever visit, but has anyone had trouble with the USA Hockey website lately? It’s been giving me problems.

  2. Man alive. The Habs game was blacked out. The Rangers didn’t look too bad against a good, big, fast team. However they have one goal in two games and were in the bottom 5 in the league for goals scored. What do they do? Can they make a trade without destroying the team? They’re pretty thin and not a very deep prospect pool. Try Kristo in place of Pouliot? It’s tough because they have a decent crop of third line players. They need Nash back but, at this point, his health, ability and longevity are all serious question marks.

  3. I dare CARP to ask Poulet after the next game, “So, do you feel an extra level of comfort inside the penalty box?”

    or, “So, how come you couldn’t even make your usual contribution of an offensive-zone penalty?”

    or, “Do you prefer barbecue or sweet and sour with your McNuggets?”

  4. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – didnt see the CNN special but I’ve read enough books and watched enough documentaries to believe there was at least one other shooter. One of the best books is David Lifton’s “Best Evidence”. Read it. Your local library will have it. No way Oswald acted alone. And don’t even get me started on RFK’s assasination…

  5. As for a trade, who can they trade? Zucc? Del Zotto? Del Zotto may not be great but the d is pretty thin without him. Maybe if Allen or McIlrath are close they could trade MDZ and MZA for a top 9 power forward? Is it just me or does it seem Rangers are not able to make a trade because what would get a return they can’t afford to trade and what they can afford to trade nobody would want/would not get anything back in return. Glad I’m not Sather. For a myriad of reasons.

  6. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    First of all LA did to us what we did to the Habs.

    Joe or Mario Maloney even pointed out during the broadcast rangers not making it difficult for the opposition in either crease.

    PP needs to score.

    Hey papa, at least Norris scored!!

    This was just like a playoff game and it showed we need to get bigger and nastier to succeed when it counts.

    Trade mdz for bordeleau and a pick from the avs.

    Or trade him for Nolan and a pick from the kings.

  7. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Loved the wisniewski relation to the high hit on boll, EXACTLY how it should be. The rangers better be ready to do that when Nash gets back!!!

  8. The Kings are really good at face offs.

    Richards with 7 Shots, Callahan with 5 and Kreider only managing 1. But the 37 total were pretty spread out. Sure didn’t feel like 37.

  9. No shocker that the Kings pushed us around with their 4th line. Tiffoli seemed to be everywhere but played under 11 minutes. Right? That’s not an ongoing issue for this team.

    It’s what happens when you throw any old AHL player in your 4th line. Any old player that isn’t good enough for top 6 NHL minutes but shows promise.

  10. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yeah, brassard needs to score more….truth be told, I’d rather have gabby’s 5 goals this year than Brassard’s 3 goals….btw GWGs brassard 2, gabby 0.

  11. It isn’t an ongoing problem thy the Kings fourth line pushed us around, Right? Tiffoli used his 11 minutes well.

    But the Rangers continue to throw AHL level talent on their fourth line and just use it as a way to limit and protect their youngsters. Rather than collect guys perfect for that role.

  12. It isn’t an ongoing problem thy the Kings fourth line pushed us around, Right? Tiffoli used his 11 minutes well.

    But the Rangers continue to throw AHL level talent on their fourth line and just use it as a way to limit and protect their youngsters. Rather than collect guys perfect for that role

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers west – for no other reason than slats has to pee every 3 minutes is more than enough of a reason to not be him…

  14. When a visiting team comes into your building, they are there to rob you, humiliate you, steal your identity and your colors, and leave laughing. Do not let them into or out of your house without first drilling them like a drugged dentist.

  15. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    ThisYearsModel @ 10:17 said:

    “It’s 4 AM here in Amsterdam and I can’ sleep. Here is what I saw: The team had a decent first period. Thereafter, the Kings dominated the game. They are fast, very big and are pretty good at face offs. They are terrific defensively and, if not for Henrik this is a 4-0 or worse final score. Every time a Ranger forward ended up in Scrivens’ face, he would up on his rear end. The King’s outworked the Rangers the last 2 periods. Their puck support and passing was very good. While the Rangers could not receive a pass, especially Richards. The 5 on 3’s were the big chance and they squandered them.”

    Bud, you might be in Amsterdam, but you saw as if you were here. That’s what I saw. Henrik kept us in, we had no control of either crease, we are not big enough up and down and it shows against big teams, not small. We lost a lot, I mean a lot, of face offs. Richards had some good moments offensively, but he should not have been out there against Kopitar. He was absolutely violated. He should press charges.

    The addition of Falk, of average size, was helpful and it shows that if we actually had some size, which this team has been crying for years for, on the blue line, it might help.

    We lost by one, a fluke at that, but it could have been more. That’s one heck of a good team in LA, and that goalie kid was very good, well coached, too.

  16. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    The guy behind me was yelling at Boyle the entire night. He is, once again, the reason we lost tonight. And every night.

  17. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    That sequence when Henrik lost his stick, at about the 13 minute mark in the second, was wild. Some great saves there. JT hands him the wrong stick and he gets hit with another puck after getting his stick back.

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Only person missing MDZ tonight was MZA. But I’m sure they’ll catch up later tonight…

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m hearing some very reliable info that the rangers are trading MDZ and ye right soon…

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MDZ – “knock knock”

    MZA – “who’s there”

    MDZ – “Bang”

    MZA – “bang who?”

    MDZ – “Do you even have to ask?”

  21. Kreskin, that was mean! I thought you were supposed to know where in the audience your pay check was located or you went home empty handed!

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When cris Christie steps on the scale, the dial spins around so fast that it launches into space.

  23. When Christe’s belly button enters his house, he calls his wife on his cell phone and says “I’ll be home in 20 minutes.”

  24. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Chris Christie, when offered a virginia Ham, said, “keep the ham, I’d rather eat Virgina”

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Chris Christie went to the Bronx zoo and ordered all the animals thinking they were on the menu

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Chris Christie was asked if he wanted a deli sandwich and replied “just give me New Delhi”

  27. “Man gave names to all the animals
    In the beginning, in the beginning
    Man gave names to all the animals
    In the beginning, long time ago.

    He saw an animal that liked to growl
    Big furry paws and he liked to howl
    Great big furry back and furry hair
    “Ah, think I’ll call it a bear”.

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Does Chris Christie bother taking doughnuts out of the box? Or does he just eat box and all?

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When Christie looks down, not only can’t he see his feet, he can’t see the ground…

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravity simply will not allow Christie to enter the pearly gates when his time comes…

  31. Christie to Jeffrey, “Sit down and eat. Why are you on the phone?”

    “I’m calling Sears to order a couple dozen more freezers.”

  32. Christie to St. Peter: “Good, you’re letting me in. Did you find my file under Political Hierarchy?”

    “No, I found you under “Famous Catholic Dirigibles.”

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Christie at museum of natural history looking at a brontosaurus – “that would be delicious medium rare”

  34. Guard at Met Natural History Museum: “Hey, did you see what happened to our 96 foot blue whale replica?”


  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Blue whales swim along side Christie in the ocean –

    “We must look like tiny gold fish”

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jeffery’s mom – “will the Gov be here long”

    Jeffery – “I’d say a few years”

  37. Christie is told Rangers have three Derricks, calls Dolan to ask if they’ll help lift him into the White House.

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Christie – “I’m so hungry, I could eat an arm and a leg”

    Jeffery – “tell me about it”

  39. Christie’s wife to his proctologist: “While you’re up there, see if you can find our old 2003 Chevvy Astro Van.

  40. Christie at Thanksgiving Parade, being roped up, says to Garfield: “Pal, there’s room for only one fat cat in this parade, and it ain’t you!”

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooze – Ricardo – I have to check out for a bit….thx for the laughs I was lol’ing

  42. what? are you people on the other side of the planet sleeping?

    my impressions of the game:

    the Kings are a great team. They played a good road game. They played tight defense. they are pretty big too.

    We were not aggressive enough on the power play.

    Hank had a great game.

    Richards game was underwhelming.

    Staal passed up a shot, Zuc passed up a shot. opportunity for coaching I think. We need to shoot more. That goalie didn’t make any amazing saves.

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