It’s Go Time! … Kings at Rangers


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Game 20.kings
Kings at Rangers.


Ya boys look to sweep the Kings in the season series.

The Rangers have won four of five and seven of nine. They play the second of three in four nights (Boston in town Tuesday) before a five-game road trip.

Henrik Lundqvist is back in goal after Calm Talbot’s shutout in Montreal Saturday. Kings goalie Jonathan Quick is out with a groin injury.

Same lineup otherwise, which means Michael Del Zotto and Brandon Mashinter are prucha’d, and Justin Falk remains in on defense.

Rick Nash expects to return from his concussion Tuesday (vs. Boston) or Thursday (at Dallas). Taylor Pyatt (concussion) remains out.


We will probably do another Live Chat this week. I will let you know when and where (well, we already know where).

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  1. eddie eddie eddie on

    Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend. Come inside! Come inside!

  2. eddie eddie eddie on

    gravy said “manny and I are taking one”

    seedub – the kick is up….and it’s true blue

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    GO TIME!!!!!

    LETS gogog go gog go goggo!!!



  4. Hey guys, I just want to say that …

    This team is still total-garbage. Some of you have naturally been fooled by these low-scoring, so-called “victories” over marginal teams like the Canadiens.

    Not to worry, the Pimp hasn’t fallen asleep at the wheel yet. Still here analyzing these weak-sauces to the bitter end. Spent the last 10 hours studying tape and there are some things I can tell you with no doubt:

    1) This is still and EHL-quality “team”
    2) Poulet McNugget is its heaviest anchor
    3) If not for THE Kreider, this “team” is starring at an 0-82 season.

    But, you know, it’s fine … come on here, root for them … dream sweet dreams of a victory over the Kings.

    I’ll be sipping on my mojito with full confidence that the no-talent clowns will lose by 8 or 9 (and only because the Kings will get bored halfway through the match).

    Ladies and gentlemen, Mickey-Mouse is at the Garden … and he’s donning a Rangers jersey.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I SUREEEEEEEEEEEE am Manny!!!!


  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Big game E3!!!

    Lets gog gog og go goggogo!!!!!

  7. Can’t rely on Quick giving up gift goals or Richie scoring lucky goals off LA players like last game against the Kings. Gotta beat em fair and square tonight!

  8. carp or anyone do you know who or where I can contact someone at centre ice? I am SO tired of watching the away announcers when it is a home game.


  9. the Rangers need to deal with Kings forecheck a little better.

    time of possession is pretty tilted so far.

  10. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – If rangers find the back of the net from in front of the net – they will score goals”

  11. Anyone remember that fictional locker room story that someone kept touting he had, but never shared, about Avery before his NHL departure?

  12. That’s the precise hit that is very, very dangerous. Luckily Chris didn’t get called and no one got hurt.

  13. I noticed the Kreider does a lot of talking/working over the refs…. Anyone else notice this?

  14. that was Girardi? I was about to ask.

    I have seen quite a few mental errors from him this year that I thought he eliminated from his game a couple years ago.

  15. Girardi + AV’s system = does not mix well. At least, it doesn’t agree with him as much as Torts’ system did.

  16. “I have seen quite a few mental errors from him this year that I thought he eliminated from his game a couple years ago.”

    You thought wrong, tomb. Sadly.

  17. Good period but I’d like to see them convert their hard forechecking effort into more quality scoring chances.

  18. For all hockey’s Gods, why on the middle of the heated Rangers game and on the Rangers Report Blog,should we be distracted by some irrelevant Blackchicken scores or info? For all interested (zero here) there are plenty of other sites.

  19. Olga Folkyerself on

    Does it bother you? I wish I had known that earlier… Well, then by all means, I will not do it anymore. Cross my heart. Honest to God.

  20. Olga Folkyerself on

    OK, here it is: They looked a lot like the Rangers when THEY lost to SJ 9-2.

    Happy, Pappy?

  21. Mrs. Manny has noted that Scribbles is all over the place. She’s hoping the Rangers can take advantage of his slip sliding.

  22. you see, that what I mean – you ALWAY talk carsillo about Rangers, non-sensible staff in general and are an obsessed Chicago fan. So. What are you doing here?

  23. That was actually a 3-1. Zucc being pass-happy led to a failed 3-1 the other way too. Evens out, I guess?

  24. Nice offsides by Pouliot. You get the feeling he knows if they can set up in the zone, he’s just going to end up in the box so it’s best to just avoid the risk.

  25. Rangers outplayed the LA Kings in the first period, should have scored a goal or 2, second period they give up a fluke goal and now it’s all Kings.

  26. Hank MDZ Richards and a number 2 for Simmons n Capt. Claude n one of their goalies….sorry bout that

  27. Well, Carp. Good thing you put that stat up earlier about the Rangers leading the league at the 5-on-3

  28. Kings doing everything they can to let us back in the game. Grab it whenever you’re ready, guys!

  29. I see what’s going on now that I’m watching more’ve all been lying to me regarding an improved PP. Hasn’t happened it’s just a sick joke and you’re all in on it!

  30. And I’m also realizing that no matter how much everyone talks about the good things Zucc does he still makes me talk to myself when I see him in the offensive zone

  31. If the boys are planning on continuing this slop they better simplify their offense and get the puck to the net.

  32. What’s with the extra passes? They have been letting em rip most of the year and tonight trying to be cute.

  33. Eddie..I’m up on the citichasetdmannyhanny bride…named for some bank. Been looking for carp the whole time so I guess you have your pac-man sweatshirt on since you’re 3009 miles away. The view is OK. Would be better if the rangers shoot more!

  34. Trautwig is so weird. Great interview. Way to keep Falk in the game. “Hey what’s it like farming!?”


  35. Sutter: ‘wa=bba mytweeetat?’
    What? Write it down. I can’t understand you.

    where my teeth at?

  36. “Who’s creepier: Pidtophile”

    “A Pidtophile would be someone who prefers Pidto”

    Nobody here buys that. It’s not funny. I was a victim of pedophilia.

  37. Nearly every time NYR have some sort of advantage on the PP, whether it be positional or the defender not having a stick or whathaveyou, Richards manages to get his shot blocked.

  38. So what do we think of Hagelin on the PP? Thoughts? This was kind of an issue under the previous coach.

  39. Stranger Nation on

    This team needs a proven 30 goal scorer who has averaged a pt a game over the last two seasons.

    Do we know anyone?


  40. Pretty OK effort overall considering they played in Montreal last night and had their flight diverted and all that.

    Maybe if Nash is around the team pops one in on that 5:11 PP.

  41. Kings are just a better team. Rangers weren’t terrible. But, the power play needed to better. The Rangers had chances. Give the Kings PK credit…

  42. eddie eddie eddie on

    Reporter – “coach sutter, was your PK the key tonight?”

    sutter – “howba dubba rubba fubba foo, mubba wubby, tubby woo”

  43. Why did I have to watch the Kings broadcast on NHL Center ice?
    …and there MUST be someone who can do play-by-play in LA who can actually keep up with the action and be able to ID more than just Callahan and Lundqvist.

  44. eddie eddie eddie on

    reporter – “excuse me, but what are you saying?”

    sutter – “jabba babba flubby dubby hubby lobba wubba subba rubba”

  45. Olga Folkyerself on

    Reporter: “Coach Sutter, What was your game strategy?”

    Sutter: Pudda rubba onna Lundda flubber winna bya one-a nudder.

  46. eddie eddie eddie on

    reporter – “how good are the kings?”

    sutter – “dubba stubba mubba rubba. Yubba drubba ooooba tooba”

  47. Still can’t get ever MZA passing up that shot on that potential breakaway. I would have benched him for the rest of the game after that. Ridiculous.

    Never even considered shooting. Put himself in a position to pass even before he got the puck.

    Then Dorsett thinking he’s Joe Thornton. C’mon!

    Little fuggers!

  48. Yea. That hurts, ORR. If the game was flipped and those chances came late you can believe they would have shot.

  49. Team is playing better than I thought. We are real fast and we know how to use it. Better D system than I thought early on, but we have a serious lack of talent on O. Too many of the same players. Need a trade. Give up Staal maybe ? Miller? And any of pullout, pyatt, D.Moore, probably no takers for our trash. Maybe Step? Gotta give up to get.

  50. Just caught up in Dvr. Stomach virus for son.

    The story of game was the pp. it was too passive up top on 5-3. As good as last night was we can’t play big in your face type teams which is mostly in the west. Kings smother teams. 2 straight home losses. With bruins next . Have to better at home.

  51. Stranger Nation on

    ex3 – correct, not the truly awesome amazing transformed arena

    Scrivens had 37 saves and I cannot recall a tough one. Richards credited with 7 SOGs. Shoot it 20 times and a third get through…

  52. It’s 4 AM here in Amsterdam and I can’ sleep. Here is what I saw: The team had a decent first period. Thereafter, the Kings dominated the game. They are fast, very big and are pretty good at face offs. They are terrific defensively and, if not for Henrik this is a 4-0 or worse final score. Every time a Ranger forward ended up in Scrivens’ face, he would up on his rear end. The King’s outworked the Rangers the last 2 periods. Their puck support and passing was very good. While the Rangers could not receive a pass, especially Richards. The 5 on 3’s were the big chance and they squandered them.

  53. AV’s tie makes a great case for defaulting to “take it to goodwill” over “keep it, maybe sometime I’ll want to wear it”.

  54. Did you see the CNN special on the assassination, e3? Kinda convinced me away from my life-long conspiracy theories.

    NYR on faceoffs tonight: 23 wins, 40 losses.

  55. Tired of hearing the excuse that ‘they are bigger than us (are). Solution: PLAY bigger than them (do).

  56. Not that we lost the game because of him, but Poulet is an unbelievable-waste.

    Why that clown gets all that ice time is beyond me.

    Must have photos of the coach pledging allegiance to Quebec.

  57. Not “again” as in “he’ll be back”

    Send him permanently. But only after you fill his spot.

    Because if rather have him than Poulet McNugget.

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