It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Canadiens (Les Habs)


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Rangers at Canadiens.


Ya boys lost a three-game winning streak on Tuesday. They have won six of eight and seven of 10, as they begin a stretch of nine games in 15 days to close out November. That stretch begins with back-to-backs (Los Angeles at the Garden tomorrow), three in four nights (Boston visits Tuesday) and then a five-game road trip.

This is the chamber of horrors for the Rangers, who have lost eight in a row at the arena that changes names every five minutes. They have scored three goals in the last seven visits. Total.

Michael Del Zotto is expected to be prucha’d (that means healthy scratch for newcomers), along with Brandon Mashinter. Dominic Moore returns from an oblique strain and Justin Falk goes in on defense. Rick Nash continues his comeback from what is at least his third concussion, and said he hopes to return Tuesday or Thursday.

Cam (Calm) Talbot starts in goal tonight. The Habs have regained some of their muscle, as George Parros returned this week, and Brandon Prust played in Columbus last night.


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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LETS GO!!!!!!

    LETS gog gog og gog og go gogo!!!

    LETS DO THIS!!!!


    IT IS TIME!!!!!

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    GO TIME!!!! RANGERS are comming out and ATTACK!!!!!


  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Big game tonight!!!!!!

  4. Fire MSG! The boys are on MSG 2 …non-hd! This is bull-kuletta. Why can’t the other occupiers of msg be on that remote channel. Makes no sense to Headzo. If I want to see the boys owned again in Montreal I want it in hd dammit!

  5. I just wanted to reiterate all the great words that exist for the NHL Network. I love that it’s not considered basic cable for the cable company but it is for the NHL so I can’t watch it unless I buy a premium subscription even though I’ve bought NHL Gamecenter.

    Great. Awesome.

  6. What channel is msg2 on Cablevision westchester. Optimum search can’t locate the game other than NHL network which I don’t receive.

  7. DelZaster channeling his inner Caddyshack, screaming from the press box “miss it Noonan” whenever Falk has an open shot on net.

  8. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers look good. I feel like I’m being suckered in to thinking they have a chance here.

  9. Larry Brooks said the Rangers would have to break up the SKZ line when Nash comes back. That’s crazy talk.

  10. I thought the rangers played a good first period, did everything except score. THE Kreider was the best player on the ice and Talbot was very good when he had to be, overall good first period. Hopefully the Rangers keep it up and the find a way to score a couple of goals.

  11. Finally found the Rangers with channel description Atlanta Hawks vs. NY Knicks on MSG 2 HD…took some time to locate. Few minutes I caught looked pretty good, albeit goose eggs on the scoreboard. We will pull it out if we continue at this pace…maybe Les Habs fait cuire une oeuf tonight.

  12. Brassard was awful that period. Ps. At home in French Canada and playing small. Stralman also bad.

    On the plus side, good period. Let’s bury one.

  13. Duguay talking about what the Rangers were working on at the last few practices. He would definitely know, right?

  14. I think Brassard’s game is OK. He could be better, but is not horrible.

    He needs better support from his wingers. He is still pretty good at puck handling, passing, good vision.

    is he gonna pass it to Boyle? get a pass from Boyle?

  15. Brassard is playing with checkers on his line, can’t expect much else from Brassard. If you put Brassard with players who can put the puck in the net he will accumulate points because he is a good passer.

  16. I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m crazy and I don’t care if he was drafted, undrafted or whatever but I really love this kid Talbot and he knows how to handle the puck. I know people need to see more of him but he could be our future goaltender. I really think giving lundqvist more than 7.5 mil a year for more than 5 years is insane and a bad contract.

  17. Brassard is fine, look who he has for line mates. Playing more on a checking line than a scoring line. People look at goals and points.

  18. Exactly. Richards shot the puck at Callahan because he was jealous that Callahan has the “C” on his Sweater. Callahan calmly tipped it in.

  19. Once THE Kreider learns how to score goals he will be a beast. I better not hear any more rumors that the rangers are shopping him, not one rumor.

  20. yea, rangers need to get the next goal and hopefully one more after the that, no doubt, if they want to win this game.

  21. typical, sure the ref who made the call is a from Canada and probably grew up as a Montreal fan, awful.

  22. @Proteautype: Evgeni Nabokov & Nikolai Khabibulin both injured tonight. Ilya Bryzgalov, you signed too soon!

  23. Rob in Beantown on

    “I think I have a splinter”

    “I’m sorry Nik. Your arm is going to have to be amputated. You will never play hockey again”

  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  25. Did everyone see that awful play by Stralman there that led to the Habs chance? That confusion, stick bobble them getting beat and almost taking an interference penalty?

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    LETS gog gog go gog go ggo!!!!

  27. Manny with the perpetual Stralman rant.

    Atta Boy, Manny.

    Your bound to be right one of these days!

  28. wow!!! Daniel Biere? I just heard his name, I didn’t know he was playing tonight for Montreal, didn’t know that until I just heard his name.

  29. Hab fans must get sick to their stomachs every time the Rangers roll into town with McDonough leading the D.

  30. Manny, what is your obsession with Stralman? Did he won some Defamation Case against you or poke out eye of your puppy? He is in fact make less mistakes then Staalsie or McD. Strange for some highly decorated hockey expert…

  31. I don’t understand your point 4ever….

    Stralman has a low ceiling. We can do better. He’s indecisive and very below average. That’s my opinion. Sorry guys.

    Xo, Papa.

  32. nice hook on zuccarella, of course no call, other way you know the rangers would be killing a power play.

  33. again, call me nuts but Talbot is the rangers future goaltender, the guy is the real deal and he can handle the puck, signed crazy dude.

  34. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Allaire should be paid with gold bars. What a great coach he must be.


  35. @Herman_NYRBlog: “We’re getting shutout by some schmuck from Alabama named Cam Talbot.” Everyone in Montreal, probably.

  36. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Romeo, you see, if you have a defenseman or 2, like Boston does, that can actually clear the crease, it does help. Our GM seems to not understand that concept.

  37. Talbot has been great. But to paraphrase the Tuna: Let’s not put him in Toronto (Canton) just yet.

  38. so dorsett actually gets high sticked right in front of the ref but no call yet The Kreider gets called on a high stick that nobody actually saw and a great acting job by subban, only in montreal.

  39. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Plenty of scoring chances, plenty of The Kreider chances, good goaltending, good defense. Keep DZ off the ice next game.

  40. I hope the rangers have some energy left for tomorrows game against the kings. That will be a tough game to win. Lundqvist will have to stand on his head and shut the kings out to win.

  41. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Our quasi-crease clearing defenseman, Falk, was better than having MDZ out there. Hate to say it, but the kid may be expendable.

  42. AV to the boys: “Now boys, it down to the red-light district for a little team bonding. Whoopie!!!!”

  43. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    As a Torts fan, I have to say this team was prepared and well coached tonight. Nice job, AV.

  44. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Vibin, Eddie. That anxiety that happens every time Hank handles the puck wasn’t evident tonight for me. How liberating.

    Talbot moves the puck well enough. A zillion times better than Hank.

  45. my stars were of course Talbot for the shutout, Callahan with the only goal of the game and THE Kreider who did everything but score. Kid needs to finish and the rangers will have for once a real power forward.

  46. C’mon Manny. Stop joshing us with “Stralman as a star of the game.”

    It’s pretty evident you have an aversion to steady, un-flashy, cheap defenseman from Europe named Stralman who come out of nowhere and play in the top four, while the flashy 2nd Rounder who once scored 41 points named DelZotto can no longer crack the line-up. I’m on to your shenanigans! Xo

  47. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    If anyone’s wondering, I’m the one that voted for Stralman above. Trying to get onto Manny’s good side.

    Hey, Manny, Stralman was AMAZING, wasn’t he?

  48. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Putting Bertuzzi in for your 3rd shootout shooter is waving the white flag. Nice…..uh……win….Icelanders.

  49. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    No doubt, the only take home for the Canada fans was not that the Canadiens lost. Not that the Rangers competed hard. Not that a rookie shut them out.

    No, it was that last year’s coach was unfair to Brad Richards and that’s obviously the reason he had an off year. See how much better Richards is with a new coach????

  50. It was an enjoyable game to watch. Fun even. Unlike Tuesday, gotta give credit to jersey for mucking and clogging it up.

    Talbot 4-1, 1 SO. Not too shabby.

  51. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    So, is the Bylsma watch on in Pittsburgh? I think so. That team is in quite a funk, for them.

  52. Pittsburgh lost some of there character players from last year due to the cap going down. Those players left and signed with different teams just like what happen to the rangers a few years ago. I don’t think Pittsburgh is as good as they’ve been over the years. I think it’s more of that than the coach.

  53. New Rule: You can hit Dorsett in the mouth with your swinging stick in front of God and the world whenever you’re ready.

  54. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Butch Goring, master at the English language:

    “The Islanders are not being ‘a-scared’ to go into the corners”.

    (Yes, he really said that)

  55. I mentioned about that earlier, dorsett getting high stick in the mouth right in front of the ref but The Kreider gets called for a high stick from a ref a mile way that nobody saw and a great acting job by a good actor, Subban. That’s the gift that keeps on giving in the nhl because it’s mainly run by canadiens.

  56. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Tommy, I agree 100%. But you know who ultimately is to blame. Will they trade Evelyn or Sidney?

  57. I know I voted Kreider and Talbot for stars this game.

    I think I voted for Richards because he gets no recognition or attention.

  58. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    AV: “We won because Hank was out, plain and simple.”

    Hank: “I get along well with AV.”

  59. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    tomb, don’t feel sorry for him. He does in Canada and he is still WILDLY overpaid. He’s laughing all the way……………..

  60. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Duguay really looks like he’s gonna break out with a dance and verse of “Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive”

    C’mon, Ronnie, break off your sport coat, pull out your shirt, and just go for it already!!!!

  61. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Jack “I am so happy my team won so I can coach for a while longer” Capuano, being interviewed now. Looks a little disheveled. Duguay summoned to the locker room for grooming training.

  62. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Some panel of experts they have on ‘MSG Hockey Night Live’:

    A runt, used car salesman, biggest bonehead in hockey history, and an overly tan, 80’s Jordache-Jeans over the hill, out of style moron.

    Do they pay ANY of these guys??

  63. Doogie looks like one of those barefoot, aging expatriate Lotharios trying to hide out in the Caribbean and who want to rent you a boat.

  64. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Duguay: “It all comes down to Stanley Cups”.

    Daneyko: ” So, Ron, how many you win?”

  65. Matty"NashWillBeBack"Boy on

    Yea, Coos, you could easily put a pair of Jean shorts and a tee shirt, some sandals, on him and have him start singing ‘Jimmy Buffet’ songs.

  66. When Michael Del Zotto returns, Joe Mich will tell us ten times that he’s the best thing since sliced pumpernickel.

  67. Wow! What an upper on Saturday night…good team win with some important role players coming through. Agree Callahan and Kreider, liked Talbott’s game, but voted for McDonough 3rd. Was not an easy choice. Kreider will break out at some point…he’s a keeper.

  68. Good Q, Papa. My guess is the three present untouchables are McDonuts, Kreider, and for now, Talbot. And probably Cally, who is the heart.

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