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  1. @Blocknesmonster Where did you get your Twitter handle from? That’s been a long time joke over at Rangers Report about Dan Girardi.

    @MrManager5 I’ve had the nickname Blocknessmonster since HS. I played defense, blocked a lot of shots & my last name is Block. So it stuck.

  2. Rob in Beantown on

    Remember when Pouliot was “a guy who could make any NHL roster” signed at a bargain cost?

  3. I agree Gravy, it wasn’t, and it looked like he would be a solid bottom 6 forward, with a chance to put up 30pts.

    Right now, I’d rather see Kristo or Miller playing his ice time. At least we would get something out of them than Frequent Flyer Miles.

  4. Rob in Beantown on

    I agree too Gravy. I just think it’s funny how the attitudes and expectations around him have changed

  5. Definitely agree, Gravy. I still don’t think Pouliot is done here. The guy can skate and can hit. If he can control it and stop taking penalties he might be a great find.

  6. Agree, Rob.

    Hopefully, Manny. I was -Sauering- souring on Dorsett at the beginning of the year because he was taking a bunch of stupid penalties. But, he’s been more controlled and effective lately.

  7. Dorsett has stayed out of the box, and has scored some goals. I like how he looks on defense.

    Pyatt-Boyle-Dorsett would be the perfect 4th line.

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Rob – thanks for posting that story. My favorite part…

    _At age 27, with as many chances as he’s had, the Pouliot you see is the Pouliot you get. Expect fleeting moments of magic interspersed between stupid penalties and stretches of invisibility._

    Why are we the *Land of Misfit Toys*? Should we ask the wizard behind the curtain?

  9. So Does Sather “win” the Gaborik trade?

    If Gaborik has a down year, and isn’t resigned by Columbus? Because he wasn’t going to get resigned here, with the cap going down and Henrik’s Contract more of a priority.

  10. Sioux, that will probably be the “3rd” line, though I’d like to see Miller get a shot first. More likely that he gets sent to Hartford when Nash comes back.

  11. If they didn’t plan on re-signing Gaborik(and assuming they didn’t win the Cup in the parallel universe where they didn’t trade him), then it’s a win since they got controllable players.

  12. Which is exactly how a lot of us looked at it at the time. Gaborik was *not* going to remain here and play for this team. Especially not *under* Tort. Further, he was going to demand a *huge* amount of money of Semin-like proportions. Thus, I’m happy we cut *bait* and got John Moore and Derek Brassard. Dorsett was just icing.

  13. I felt like they should have gotten -Moore- *more*. But, Carp said in the Charp that there wasn’t much *interest*. So, maybe the couldn’t have gotten a *better* offer.

  14. Plus, I honestly thought last year was one of his *off* years, but maybe not. Then again, he hasn’t played a full 82 games since the *lockout*.

  15. Guys like Richie and Gabby, at their age, 5 on 5, play pretty much a one-way game. When the puck doesn’t fortuitously come their way for a stretch, they’re fruitless and quickly become deficits. Sometimes the puck comes their way, and if there’s no one on them, they can have a run.

  16. Since *Pouliot* got 15 PIMs for the hit from *behind*, it means he’s only taken 8 minors this year. It seems like *so* much more.

  17. What doth it profit a GM if he maketh one fortuitous trade but his tenure results in disaster?

    Sather’s descent into terminal “averageness” is biblical in it’s scope!

  18. PullOUT’s games are numbered if the AV does see the flash of brilliance more often. If he keeps taking dumb penalties in the offensive zone and killing the momentum he could be the odd man out.

    I’m not sure what it’s going to take to see Kristo this year of Miller is the bubble boy.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    I think they need to get Pouliot away from Brassard and have him simplify his game. What he does well is go hard to the net. But it always looks like he’s trying to do too mcuh and as such, takes a lot of really stupid penalties, especially in the offensive zone.

  20. It just seems like *more* than that. I’d venture that at least *half* of them were in the *offensive* zone.

  21. My problem with Gaborik is that I *want* to see the player he once. The breakaway speed, the wrist shot that never misses, the power play goal.

    But Im starting to wonder if his best years are past him. He’s never been the hardest working player on the ice, just the most gifted.

  22. Gravy, its overpaying when it prevents that money from going elsewhere. Like I said, no cap, 2 way deal, fine, take that risk.

  23. Doodie, you may have a *point*, but I don’t think he fits on the *4th* line because they are usually used in *defensive* situations.

  24. If one positive thing can be said abut Pullout, it is that his errors (which must be corrected) are almost always errors concomitant with action and aggression.

  25. I’m fine with the Pouliot signing *because* I think if you *waive* him he probably gets claimed *by* some team. He is also probably *tradeable*

    He’s good enough to be on *any* NHL team and bad enough to be *waived* by any NHL team.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Speaking of Semin, before his contract extension with Carolina:

    31 gp 8g, 22a, +10


    30 gp, 8g, 14a, -8

    Goals are coming at the same pace, but otherwise, his play has dropped off pretty significantly.

  27. I’ll wait to see if he can make some magic with Nash. Skilled players need to play together. I’m not sold on Brassard, but he did look good in the playoffs last year.

    The top two lines seem to have some chemistry, with winning the 6 out of 7 games. Then the Devil game.

    Can they “steal” a game in Montreal?????

  28. _MD, you can still waive him and save $900k against the cap._

    And we should, but he has that veteranness about him which means he’ll stay aboard too long when a young kid making half those mistakes would be back in Hartford.

  29. Pouliot could string 3 games together, score a game winning goal, and get off the WBM. He isn’t done with the Rangers yet, but if he doesn’t do more, MOORE is going to take his spot.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Mashinter is the first to go. Gonna take two bodies to get Pouliot out. And even then, it could be Miller down to Hartford before Pouliot comes out.

  31. Coos, I can live with an occasional D-zone lapse by Kreider if he continues to put up a point per game.

  32. I don’t think that Pouliot has a much longer leash than Miller, at least based on ice time lately.

  33. I agree, Graves. But, too often he’s standing still or floating in the D zone. Once he picks up the D vision, he (could) become awesome all around.

  34. Stranger Nation on

    A win is a win but against bad defensive teams and the La Fleur of Pissburgh and Carolina will probably be dropping through out the season.
    Team – W/L (ranking NHL GA/G)

    Detroit – W (15)
    Montreal – L (4)
    Islanders – W (27)
    Buffalo – W (22)
    Carolina – W (14)
    Anaheim – L (10)
    Pittsburgh – W (9)
    Columbus – W (22)
    Florida – W (28)
    Ne wJersey – L (8)

  35. Stranger Nation on

    We talk about how Brasshard has not produced while also discussing what a waste his linemate has been. Cause and effect? some actually believe (in hindsight) Brassard is slowing Pullout down.

    that is…funny

  36. Brassard’s keen passing ability seems to dictate that he be lined with a sniper. Do we have a sniper?

  37. Stranger Nation on

    current rankings

    Carolina’s goalie replacement has played well, so they may not move down so fast.

    Some, if not all, of these teams have yet travel out to the Bestern Conference.

  38. I may be *missing* them, but I have not seen many of these brilliant passes that Brassard has made that haven’t been *finished*.

  39. Re: the pick a player from a team game.


    Don’t have to give me the clean slate award. I’ll send Milan over to *grab* it.

  40. Pretty fun Hashtag on Twitter right now:


    You guys got any Rangers you will never, ever miss?

  41. “@reallisa 1h Sutter says Quick has grade 2 groin strain”

    Actually, Sutter said “hubba, wubba, flubba, bobba-de-bop.”

  42. It’s *your* game, The Doctor. I merely help you in administering it.

    Just keep posting the *rules* daily and getting people into it. It’s definitely *fun* to play GM

  43. Nobody wants to play the game because games are supposed to be fun and I tried to have fun and you made it unfun and games aren’t supposed to be unfun they’re supposed to be fun so that’s why nobody wants to play the game!

  44. Hi Latona. If you wake up as *an adult* tomorrow we’d love to have you play the game with us. We’ll even make you eligible for the Grabbed the Clean Slate award! Good luck!

  45. MD, not much I think I can add. It would be Lucic. To be a little different, I’ll say Rask if Hank isn’t re-signed.

  46. I’m surprised at so many people loving Lucic.

    I was shocked that this is the first mention of Rask. He’s very young, very good and very signed for 8 years.

    I assumed Bergeron was the clear choice.

  47. Rob in Beantown on

    May I make a *suggestion*? Maybe you should remind people of the rules to the *game*. That way people who did not read the *previous* thread but are reading *now* can decide if they want to *play* or not. This might get you more *players*.

    I apologize if this was out of *line*. It is your *game*

  48. how insanely stupid is it that they will play outdoor games in late January in New York and Chicago at freaking night? shows what they care about the fans.

  49. I went to a wedding last weekend that was, without warning, held outdoors. No heat. No anything. Just took a bus to Jersey and had to sit outside through an hour long ceremony.

    Shows what they care about their fans, too.

  50. I just realized, While watching the Bubble Boy episode of Seinfeld, how funny it is that Wicky called D. Moore, “D. Moops”

    That’s one of the funniest name jokes ever.

  51. I think Lucic’s production will start declining within the next couple of years, and by the end of his current contract ( 3 years), while remaining a big, intimidating factor, will become too expensive at $6M AAV. And he will be an UFA. If I give up first rounder, I’ll take Dougie Hamilton. He is a great skater for someone who’s 6-5, has a booming shot, and will be an excellent two-way D-man for years in this league.

  52. Carp, do you know if Pat LaFontaine decided to let Jim Corsi go too? If yes, I bet you NY can use his top notch statistical knowledge. I’m sure, if that happens, you and him would go for a beer before and after each game :-).

  53. Carp, thanks for not telling everybody the secret meaning of our “good morning” thing. Inside jokes! Secret best friends!

  54. Was one of the rules that contract and cap didn’t matter? ilb makes a good point about Hamilton. Now we really need a *repost* of the rules.

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    Contract and cap matter in the game, but also it’s a game so it *doesn’t* really matter at all

  56. Sally its a nickname for a few Friends I have, we call everyone a “sally” code word for “slacker”.

  57. Back in the day when we had to sell shoes on commission to work our way through college.

    “Sheila” was also the “lay down easy high ticket sale” person :)

  58. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Glad you got it.

    I’d go lucic first, then Marchand or Bergeron 2nd or 3rd, then the other.

    I still don’t think Pouliot is a bad signing.

    I put Nash on a line with brass and tootoo or someone who isn’t afraid to throw them or stand up for a teammate…dorsett seems the most logical at this point.

  59. Great Charp today. Sorry, I missed it live…

    Nash, Dorsett, and Brassard…wasn’t that a -great- line for the Columbus Blue Jackets?

  60. Rob in Beantown on

    There was no thought process sadly, Sioux. I drafted him, and shortly after decided I wanted somebody else, so I waived him.

  61. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    Incorrect on multiple levels.

    It is either, shows how little they care about the fans or shows what they think of the fans.

    Fans want to attend events with that type of atmosphere. Nighttime, cold weather.

    It is one of the few times the NHL has gotten its marketing correct.

  62. Really? That surprises me. It’ll be plenty cold at 1 p.m. It might be downright uncomfortably frigid at night.

    but the main thing is, and where you are incorrect, this has nothing to do with what the fans prefer, and everything to do with what NBC prefers.

    It also happens to be a Wednesday, so an afternoon game wouldn’t work.

  63. Kid playing for Columbus named Chaput. Pronounced Sha Pooh, at least by Jack Edwards.

    Bet he’s been in a few scraps.

  64. Richie will be black by the end of the first Stadium game when you add windburn to the sunburn.

  65. Capuano should be fired just for this game. Kings tie it up with less than 10 min to go, and he allows them to be aggressive to an extent that Kings get 2 odd man rushes in a row.

  66. Hawks / Yotes game 4-4. Good game.

    Phoenix is going to surprise a lot of teams. They are good this year.

  67. Finally one of my boys takes a penalty. Play all week and I only have 6 PIM. Not going to win that category unless I get more snarl in the line-up.

  68. nice to see that elite team, you know, the islanders, cough, cough a 2 goal lead only to lose in regulations. It made my night.

  69. They traded Kessel, they traded, Thornton, they traded Sequin (four goals last night), can we make a the next deal with Boston, please? Lucic could fit in here. Let’s take a chance and send Stralman and Pullout over there. lol.

  70. Wow! Florida eating half of Versteeg’s salary for the next 3 years. They must’ve been desperate to get rid of him!

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