The Rick Nash comeback begins … Reminder: Live Chat at noon today


Reminder: We will have a Live Chat today at noon, right here. Be here. Or else.

Here is my story from The Journal News and

By Rick Carpiniello

GREENBURGH — He was in a yellow jersey, which meant no contact, and his timetable for return is still unknown.

But Rick Nash practiced with the Rangers on Wednesday for the first time since he suffered a concussion on a head shot by San Jose’s Brad Stuart on Oct. 8.

Nash, who appeared to be winded during the conditioning drills at the end of the skate, said he felt better than he thought he would, but still needs to do some work (on conditioning, among other things). After all, he had spent four weeks of doing almost nothing, resting his brain, very little TV, some walks, a lot of sleep.

“I’m confident now that I’m OK as far as the symptoms,” Nash said later. “But I think when a guy comes back from any injury, whether it’s a knee, an ankle, an arm, a shoulder, whatever it might be, you want to get into some bumping, some one-on-one play in practice.”

Nash, who suffered a concussion on a head shot by Boston’s Milan Lucic last season, is not likely to play in either of the upcoming games — in Montreal on Saturday or at home against Los Angeles on Sunday. The Rangers play Boston on Tuesday, then hit the road for five games in this coming stretch of nine games in 15 nights.

“Hopefully, as soon as possible,” Nash said when asked when he thinks he could be back. “But obviously, when I’m away that long I need some practices. Today was really my first one. So, see how it goes tonight and go back at it.”

The Rangers do not practice Thursday, but expect Nash to skate with the team again Friday before they head to Montreal. It is not known when he will be cleared for contact.

“For a first practice with the team, considering that for the past four or five weeks he’s been on limited activity, it was a real encouraging day,” Rangers coach Alain Vigneault said. “I’m anxious to see how he’s going to respond, how he’s going to feel tomorrow. I’m hoping all he’s going to feel is a little bit of soreness from training.”

Rangers captain Ryan Callahan and defenseman Anton Stralman were both off the ice for “maintenance” Wednesday, but Vigneault said he is sure both will practice Friday and play Saturday.

He also hinted that rookie Cam Talbot will start in goal in Montreal, Henrik Lundqvist’s house of horrors, especially with back-to-back games this weekend.

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  1. so Moore is coming back? who sits? Miller? Mashinter? we know Sather’s summer shopping spree boys (Moore and Poulliot) have stay in. right?

  2. Please don’t put Nash anywhere near Richie’s line unless we have Orr and Larry Robinson back, and Thank you.

  3. put Nash next between the fresh eggs and the day-old bread.

    and order one of those special Messier helmets.

    Assign young Kreider to ride shotgun on his line.

  4. Personally i’d slot Nash in on a line with Brassard and Dorsett. Not sure whether Mashinter will play Saturday but i’d expect him to play in Nash’s first game back which sounds like it will be next week some time.

  5. iM, I disagree. Sounds like he was simply trying to speak to someone who was ridiculing him; hey, I was taught early on to speak to kids who bullied me when I was a kid, knock on their door and talk to them. It was quite effective. It’s a little more difficult to do this today, with the universal reach of the internet.

  6. Nice article, Carp. I’m not getting my hopes up until he’s back and playing for a while. It does stir feelings of excitement at the potential of a healthy Ranger team with Gnash on the ice.

  7. Talbot all the way on Saturday. Watch them win in a shootout.

    Then the king comes back to shut the door on Sunday.

    Getting into the thanksgiving spirit. To our Jewish sisters and brothers enjoy the double dip. What does the menu look like on Thursday?

  8. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    What is with this schedule? Forget about the ridiculous season starting 9 gamer, we asked for that. But, twice, now, play a game on Tuesday and NOTHING till the weekend???? Seems a bit strange and disruptive.

    Oh, but Wednesdays are the NBC national ‘rivalry’ night, so we can showcase the ‘rivalries’ of The Penguins. I get it. I do.

    N–P(enguin)-L Hockey.

  9. Once Nash is cleared for full contact, they’ll have a better idea on his return. I hope they do not rush him back. I don’t think they will.

  10. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Ilb, now having first hand, no way he plays this weekend. Still gotta see if incidental hitting has an effect. He’ll practice all weekend, play perhaps mid next week. Rushing this is worst for him, thus team.

    We all know, though, that he now has a weakness and every time he gets hit high, changes can occur. Similar to Clowe.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t play until December. After he is cleared, they will wait and see whether he has any setbacks. After that, the conditioning.

  12. Rob in Beantown on

    Just to be clear, is the live chat today? I thought Carp said Thursday yesterday. The article says Wednesday.

  13. My first question will be: “Any reason Poulet isn’t already knitting in a Quebec country house yet?”

  14. morning all,

    i had a dream we won the cup last night. it was beautiful. then i woke up and realized i wish i was still dreaming.

    anyway have some family stuff that popped up for sunday night. therefore i have my 2 tickets to the kings game sunday. $152 for pair. $76 per seat face value. section 214 row 4 aisle seats. rangers shoot 2x.

    email me text 516-749-3110

  15. @Aportzline 1m

    One #NHL scout compared Gaborik’s current state to that of Dany Heatley. No. 2 and 3 picks in 2000 struggling to produce in their early 30s.

  16. One NHL scout compared Aaron Johnson’s current state to that of a guy who found the proper level to play at and told people to just let the guy have a good season in the AHL and not ruin it by trying to call him up to the NHL.

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Trouser Trout is a very strange man. How he got to be the ‘face’ of MSG media coverage of both teams is downright frightening.

    His in-game interviews are creepy and cringe worthy.

  18. One NHL scout, who recently attended a few New York Rangers Home Games, compared the play of Anton Stralman to that of the Anton Stralman that was released by the Devils.

  19. Rob in Beantown on

    _Now obviously if Kadri is called by the league (and he most likely will be) he won’t actually get two suspensions._

    Why not? If the two incidents are both suspendable (not saying they are necessarily) wouldn’t it make sense to give him two suspensions?

  20. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t really have an informed opinion on those two hits. I didn’t think the hit on Granlund looked awful. The thrust of the hit is high, but I can’t tell if the head is the primary point of contact. I didn’t get a good look at the one on Backstrum so I can’t really comment

  21. Here is the hit on Backstrom:

    He apparently has a phone hearing for it.

    To me it looks like Backstrom totally takes a dive, the way an NBA player would do so to draw a charge. The end result was unfortunate but I don’t think Kadri should be suspended.

  22. The hit on the goalie looks worse to me simply because its such a “what the ____ are you even thinking” play. The shot from behind the net pretty much eliminates any claim of “I didn’t see the goalie (standing in the crease where goalies stand)”. If someone did this to Hank, Carp would either have to temporarily lift the cursing ban or kick everyone out.

  23. Rob in Beantown on

    It really doesn’t really look like a Backstrom flop to me. Kadri completely levels him, plus he left the game afterwards. I don’t know if it deserves supplemental discipline, but it just looks like a really reckless play by Kadri

  24. Kadri is going hard to the net. Backstrom is down. Kadri skirted the defende because he has nimble feet. It’s really unfortunate that the elbow hit backstrom in the head but it’s way worse that Backstrom fell straight back on his head.

    Backstrom is in his crease and Kadri is not in his crease. If players can’t go hard to the net then Hockey will definitely suffer.

  25. So … new weekday game. All welcome to participate, choices will be tracked in a *locked* google doc for safekeeping. The basics are this:

    Each day we’ll pick a different team, the game is simply “which player would you pick off that team in exchange for the Rangers 1st round pick”. You’re the Rangers GM, so its coming onto this roster with the cap situation and all that, but current year cap doesn’t matter, just subsequent years. Age and position and injuries and all that matter.

    So lets say today’s team were the Rangers: You might consider scoring from Nash (top line wing is a need, $7.8MM going forward is a bad cap hit, concussion concerns) or Callahan (great 2 way, does everything, but UFA after the season) or Kreider (young, talented, team controlled but cost uncertain) or you might pick McDonagh (defense not a huge need, but he’s a 1st pair shutdown and with a great cap hit for 5 more years). That’s how it works. Simple.

    No need to officially sign up and if you miss a day, just let me or Manny know and we’ll get it on the board. Feel free to mock everyone’s picks if you like. First non-me, non-Manny person to pick after we post the team of the day gets the “Grabbed the Clean Slate” award. Rather than the Broadway hat, its a cardigan, scientifically engineered shirt and pair of skinny jeans you wear for that day.

  26. So more details about VarLAmov and his ex-girlfriend are coming out and WOW. There are more accusations of him slamming her head into a puddle, throwing his BIKE at her, verbally abusing her for being nothing other than someone that gets to sleep with a SUPERSTAR goalie, etc…..

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t think it’s a suspendable hit, but it clearly is goaltender interference. You can’t take out the goaltender while going hard to the net, whether he is in the crease or not. Backstrom is sort of on the line of the crease, maybe a few inches outside, but according to the rules it doesn’t even matter

  28. Today’s Rangers Report Super Fun Weekday Game …

    Team: *Boston Bruins*


    Mister D’s pick: Loui Eriksson (solid 2 way forward, two more years (age 29 and 30) at reasonable $4.25MM hit)

    Also considered: Patrice Bergeron (better player, but cap hit too high, term too long)

  29. Kadri will get two games for sure, he should get 2 for each hit let him sit for 4 games. He was ejected from the game, after the 2nd hit.

    The Wild come back and win the game in a shootout. But how they didn’t send Konopka to clear Kadri’s clock after the hit on Backstrom is beyond me.

  30. I do Rob. He wasn’t pushed, he did *nothing* to avoid the hit, and if you watch the replay it’s like he followed through with the forearm. I’m thinking a game for each hit, so I’ll go with 2 games.

    Made me think what would the Rangers do if that hit was to Henrik? Who do you send out to take care of Kadri? Not Dorsett.

  31. You have to give him more than one, otherwise you just put the price of not-very-accidentally running a goalie out of the game at a single game. He’s going to get off soft because of who he is, but make that a guy with any history of physical play and its a *big deal*.

  32. Rob in Beantown on

    So, are we going to get penalized at the end of this game if we wind up with a total cap hit of $200 million or something?

  33. Rob in Beantown on

    How are we going to pick players from 29 teams for 23 roster spots, plus the Rangers current players?

  34. Sorry: Each day of the game is independent of all others. So my roster is now “2013-14 Rangers plus Loui Eriksson minus a 1st round pick”. Tomorrow, Eriksson is gone and I’m finding a new player to trade for off the new team.

  35. Manny’s Pick: Patrice Bergeron.

    Does Latona win the Award for Grabbing the Clean Slate because his pick was a joke?

  36. I pick Bergeron because he’s one of the top two Centers in the game. He’s a Right Handed shootint, two-way BEAST. He’s also an absolute Warrior and the heart and soul of the team. He’s the guy I would love to build around.

  37. Where in the terms and conditions of this game do you have the discretion to choose who receives the award?

    “First non-me, non-Manny person to pick after we post the team of the day gets the “Grabbed the Clean Slate” award.”

  38. I taunted a lot of Bruins fans friends that he would be a one playoff series wonder and in 5 years they’d try to remember what happened to “Corey Toog” but that joke hasn’t exactly panned out.

  39. Fine print: If someone hands over a 1st round pick for $15MM in lost cash and zero expected games played, he is ineligible for the cardigan / scientifically engineered shirt / skinny jeans. May have been too fine to show up in the official rules.

  40. Manny

    thanks for that link…the most disturbing part of the video (Varlamov’s gf) is the interpreter lady…her translation is horrible! Varlamov’s gf said she had hematomas and the translator chick says “She had concussion *IN* her head”!! What a tool! f’ed up…



    Sather? Howser? Holmgren?

  43. We should run a sweep on how many 1st round picks Lafontaine can accumulate for the Sabres before the ’14 draft.

  44. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Hey, Sather and Holmgren are great GM’s. Both of their well put together teams beat America’s team this week, The Sidney’s.

  45. Thanks, CCCP. That’s amazing. I work with translators a lot and when they are translating a language I understand I am usually shocked.

    Maybe you should be the NHL’s official Interpreter! That would be an awesome job.

  46. Carp – Best guess for a Nash return 21’st vs Dallas or 23rd vs Nashville?

    Or do you wait and see how the team does this weekend?

    You would think he is going to come back sometime during the 5 game road trip ….. right?

  47. UK didn’t the Baby Buffalos already got 1 st round, and a 2nd round for Vanek.

    They could dump and chase up the over and under 3.5 for 2014?

  48. Easy *Milan Lucic* would be the perfect Ranger, you just cant draft a 235 lb BEAST, that can play the way he can.

    I like this guy about as much as you like Simmonds, which I’m a fan of as well.

  49. I like me some Lucic. He’s a beast. Old School Power Forward, baby. Good choice. Only 25, signed for 3 more years at $6M.

  50. Lucic is the perfect playoff player. You can’t find his toughness in one Ranger player on this team. Not even Dorsett.

  51. Rob in Beantown on

    I guess I take Bergeron too. You buy out Richards and add Bergeron for the same cap hit and this team just gets a lot better and deeper and we finally have a legit first line center. I might have picked Lucic but if I’m giving up a first round pick I would want him for more than 3 seasons. I also sat and tried to justify Marchand at $2M less per year (LW, potential 30+ goal scorer, agitator), but Bruins fans are kind of down on him, and who nose when he’s going to do something stupid.

    My pick: Patrice Bergeron

  52. I picked up a Chara autographed jersey for my kid at a silent auction last summer. Our high school team uses the same logo, and are called the Bruins. So he wanted it for his wall.

    The Rangers have a good core of young defensemen, but we are desperately missing a BIG Power forward, that bangs and scores like *LUCIC*. He is almost impossible to play against. He is a big reason Boston sent us packing last year.

  53. It’s *OK*, Mannü.

    Did youse guys realize that The Kreider is only 1″ shorter, and 5 lbs. less than Lucic?

  54. I like Bergeron, but I don’t see how he’s more of a legit 1st line center than Stepan or Richards (to an extent).

  55. I The Kreider can play like Lucic, and I think he has that tenacity to lay out Goaltenders like Lucic, that would be a huge plus.

  56. Gravy, stats have them both at 6’3, but THE KREIDER is 226 vs Lucic at 235. That’s only 3 lbs per year. *THE KREIDER* could put that on with a couple of PIMP dinners alone :)

    Nice stat.

  57. I thought I saw 6’2″ and 230 somewhere, but I don’t claim to have good memory. Let’s send The Kreider some *mega* mass.

  58. Funny you never think of THE KREIDER like a LUCIC type player. The KREIDERS speed & skill level seems endless, but if he can adopt a Lucic snarl, and bring the bangers and mash, he could take on that roll as a Ranger Power Forward.

    11 games he has 10 points YTD…… it could happen.

  59. Oh god I really don’t like calling Lucic the pinnacle of toughness without the caveat “as long as he’s squaring off with a smaller player”.

  60. In fact, I would say that Lucic is *scientifically designed* to go after guys smaller than him.

    (Speaking of guys like that, anyone see last night when Hartnell made a tough guy move towards Bortuzzo then just stopped? Another bigger dude who is cool mixing it up … unless its an equally big dude.)

  61. See the child. He is pale and thin, he wears a thin and ragged linen shirt. He stokes the scullery fire. Outside lie dark turned fields with rags of snow and darker woods beyond that harbor yet a few last wolves. His folk are known for hewers of woo and drawers of water but in truth his father has been a schoolmaster. He lies in drink, he quotes from poets whose names are now lost. The boy crouches by the fire and watches him.

  62. Carp, thanks for not telling everybody the secret meaning of our “good morning” thing. Inside jokes! Secret best friends!

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