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1) I don’t disagree that the second goal, with 46.1 seconds left in the second period, was a bad goal allowed by Henrik Lundqvist, and he admitted it. And when his coach, Alain Vigneault, said it was one Lundqvist would like to have back, he was right. But when asked about Carl Hagelin not busting it back on that play, and then putting it on Lundqvist again, saying it should have been “a routine save,” well, that sure sounded like a call-out to me and to many in attendance. It just did. Not sure if it was intended, or if Vigneault was just telling it as it is, or what. But it sure raised eyebrows, and I’m sure it did yours.New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers

2) The best thing that happened to the Rangers yesterday was the news that Rick Nash will start practicing today. I think it might be a stretch to think he’d play this weekend against Montreal or Los Angeles, but I guess it’s possible and depends on how he feels after a couple of full practices. I do know they shouldn’t and won’t rush him back. Right?

3) And when he does come back, I’m not sure Vigneault ought to mess with his top two lines. I think you put Nash with Derick Brassard and either J.T. Miller or Derek Dorsett to start, leaving the two top lines together. Of course, if Nash doesn’t come back and the Rangers top forwards don’t play particularly well in the next two games, that could change.

4) But the next question is: Who comes out? Especially if Dominic Moore is also ready to return. The easy choice would be Brandon Mashinter, who could go back to Hartford. The kid’s been OK, but he’s barely playing in the close games. But I’d sit Benoit Pouliot and his never-ending penalties, especially those ill-timed offensive-zone penalties. The guy has been wildly inconsistent so far, with a couple of big, big moments, and a lot of bad shifts and brain locks. Hard to believe Pouliot’s been on five teams since 2010 (sarcasm).

5) Just a couple of nights earlier, Brad Richards, asked about the difference between last year’s power play and this year’s power play, said that now “it feels like a power play.” And it sure had been good most of the season. But it wasn’t good last night. In fact, it stunk a couple of times. The first one, a lot of snow was thrown by Richards and Derek Stepan, coughing up the puck rather than taking the hit to make the play. Execution on the late power play was just bad. It’s not going to score all the time, or even 30 percent of the time, so you give it a pass. But it shouldn’t be like that, and especially in a game that goes the way this game went.New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers

6) I know this isn’t going to be popular here, but Martin Brodeur, for a 41-year-old, looked pretty darn good to me. And he lost — believe it or not — the longest shutout streak of his career on the Staal goal.

7) The Rangers’ three best forwards lately: Hagelin, Chris Kreider, Mats Zuccarello. Hagelin didn’t play the first 10 games, Kreider the first seven. Hagelin, I think, has been their best player for a while now.

8) But Hagelin can’t stop skating like he did on the 2-1 goal with 46.1 seconds left in the second period. He rarely does that.

9) Kreider continued to play with a surprisingly new edge. He stuck up for J.T. Miller. The refs made a good no-call on Kreider that time. Thought the kid played well in the offensive zone, and struggled again at times in the D-zone, and it looks as if Vigneault is going to live with the hiccups. Kreider’s play overall is worthy of that.

10) Then they made a bad non-call on Brodeur for slapping at Zuccarello in a pileup in front. Zuccarello is really becoming — in addition to a productive player — quite the pest. Maybe he learned that from his buddy, the former No. 16. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Shortly before the glove slap, Zuccarello had clanged skates with Brodeur, sending him onto his back. Then he took a what at Brodeur’s stick, just missing. Nice stuff. Zuccarello was also in Brodeur’s grill on Dan Girardi’s tying goal.

New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers11) On the game-winner, hard to place a lot of blame. So, yeah, Ryan McDonagh skated by Zubrus in the slot. But the puck hit Girardi and McDonagh and went right back to Zubrus, and Lundvist, after the game, was still unsure how it went in. Kinda of fluky. And too bad for McDonagh, who made a good keep-in on Girardi’s goal. Very fluky bounces.

12) They showed a montage of Monday’s Hall of Fame inductions on the big video board. When Brendan Shanahan appeared, he was cheered. For a short-time Ranger, he sure gained some goodwill. In his speech, he said that all athletes should get a chance to play the Garden. It also struck me Monday that there was hardly, if any, mention of the Rangers in the Fred Shero induction. I mean, he went to the finals in his short time here. It’s not as if his career ended when he walked out of the Spectrum.

13) The intermission highlights at the “transformed” Garden, sponsored of course, on the big video board, don’t show any goals by the opponents. The Devils outscored the Rangers 2-1 in the second, and according to the Verizon highlights, the Rangers won the period 1-0. So petty. So small town.
I don’t understand that kind of thinking at all.

My Three Rangers Stars:New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Marc Staal.
3. Chris Kreider.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Chris Kreider.
3. Marc Staal.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Marc Staal.
3. Chris Kreider.

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  1. Bummer. Bounces. Bad breaks.

    Now off to Montreal where these things are commonplace. I bet we see talbot. Still three quarters of the year to go and henriks been great of late. You hate to see him get outplayed by brodeur last night. Kind of what happens often when the stakes are higher during the playoffs. Nash would have helped yesterday,

    Off to work.

  2. Think on the third goal if Girardi stays on his man and don’t come over for the knee it’s overtime. McTruck was two strides behind the player, would’ve catched up enough to put some pressure and it’s a decent goalie in goal who can make a save. Why over do it all the friggin time!?

  3. One thing for sure..we really haven’t many…if any games..when our goaltender is outplayed…but that will come as well….esp when Nasher returns. Is it me or is Richards slowly returning to LY form? An erramt pass leads to a scoring chance..then an icing and another opp for the Devs followrd by Lundqvist holding onto the puck before we finally clear the zone.

  4. Not pleased with Hagelin’s gliding and Hank not stopping that 2nd goal – if they stop that one its a different game. As for the winner, bad bounces, guys on their knees when he should be in the shooters face. I’d rather see Girardi a step closer to Zubrus and laying a hit on him than dropping to his knees and trying to block the shot – take the player and let Hank stop the puck.

  5. JW, agreed on BR, not one of his better games this year. Hagelin is the last skater you would expect to glide that way, and Henrik is the last goalie you’d expect to let in a sharp angle shot like that. The Derbils seem to have our number this year…may be their strategy and AV must find a chink in their armor.

  6. Another nice writeup, Carp. and, yes, they could have used Gnash on the power play last night.

  7. Stranger Nation on

    Was the ice as bad as it seemed on TV? Looked like they were playing with a rubber ball. Carter’s second had the puck on edge, a sliding Dman and lack of back check, but most of all bad form by the King. He may have been as surprised as anyone that Hags didnt prevent that play.

    Pull out Pullout and send him back to the land of high draft pick busts

    Girardi is on his knees more than a …. Enough already, this act has to stop.

    Step is weak link on that line now. Still seems slow and now is getting knocked around.

    Next couple of games could be ugly if they dont start playing physical.

  8. Carp, surprised no mention of Girardi leaving his feet on the GWG. That was what irked me. It was a good play and a fortunate bounce for NJ but I don’t like when the d men leave their feet.

    I hat the Devils, I hate losing to the Devils and oh yea…I hate the Devils!

    This game stings worse than all the stinkers on the west coast trip.

    LGR! Can we win one in Montreal for a change. I guess we will see Talbot since I think Hank’s numbers are horrible in Montreal.

  9. Swap this game’s result with last week’s game vs the Pens and how much does it change your feeling about the team?

    Although the part that stinks is that every other Metro team that played last night picked up at least a point.

  10. Several players still playing Torts’ style as of this date. This is going to be a bigger deal than you think.

  11. Good morning, boneheads!

    Was at the game, you have a different perspective when you see it live. Especially when Marty is clearing the puck for 2 periods right in front of your eyes. You can almost see him smile behind his mask every time the Rangers dump and chase.
    I call it a disappointing loss, no sugarcoating. For one only reason. They played Devils hockey for most of the game. When they played aggressively, like in the second period, they were a superior team. You can’t continue playing to Devils strength, including letting Marty get the puck with ease. I know NJ is very comfortable and experience playing this style, but it is time for a new coach to adjust. He now has different tools to do so- speed, passing is better. Change the breakouts, juggle the lines to see what works. Blame Hank all you want, it was a soft goal, he knows it. But he bailed them out many times, it was their turn.

  12. I agree on Girardi. That act has gotten old, and it’s time for AV to re-tool him. He needs to stop playing goalie on a shot that tight and instead tie up his man in case the real goalie (who’s pretty good) gives up a rebound.

  13. Sather Must Go! on

    Nice review, Carp – and enjoyed the mid-period interview, when you used the word “stunk” to describe the first PP.

    I think Haglin was gassed when he came back on Carter goal, no excuse, but he is like a video game, when you use all the energy early and the line is on the red.

    Pretty sure Krider was always chippy AND chirpy on the ice – and that had something to do with his AHL stint (mostly the latter) – I love when he plays tougher/edgier, he absolutely shld – BUT, at his size and pushing people around he will have to drop the gloves once or twice, I think Bernier was letting him know that during one altercation –

    Dubie earned respect from teammates and, frankly, players around the league – not that he was great at it, but he did it…

  14. Why are we even questioning who do sit?

    Poulet is beyond atrocious. His “mediocre” moments are vastly and definitively overshadowed by his complete ineptitude on the ice 99% of the time.

    He should be playing for the Mayan Astronomers of the Mexican Liga Elite.

  15. No, Rob, we don’t. It’s a good team that is about to get better with addition of Nash. Early in the season, last night’s game should be a lesson on how to play to their strength, not the other way around.

  16. Very simple. Their back-up goalie beat our back-up goalie. Fatty was tremendous. And it’s easy to know who to sit when and if Nash returns from his coma. POOLYO. Torts would have had him deep in the chateau bowow already.

  17. Can’t argue with any of those comments – Pullout must sit for Moore against Les Habs.

    I have a feeling we could see Pullout and Miller Time coming out for Moore and Nick Rash.

  18. Mcllrath? Engelland? Falk?

    We need some *MUSCLE* because we *got* completely out muscled *last* night.

  19. Good job Carpo Marx. I agree with some of the other comments regarding Girardi. I’m a big fan of #5, but maybe he needs to work some more with Ulfie on staying upright and save the snow angels for off days with his young son this winter.

    Re Item #5: I still think a slight tip of the cap has to go to the Debbies PK. While the Rangers PP sucked, this wasn’t the Blue Jackets or Sabres.

    True, a lot of bad bounces and no loss feels good, but they are (as you point out in thought #7) in a way better place personnel-wise than they were ten games ago.

    Regarding the goalie, the best player on the team, these Rangers need to get off their collective keesters and win one for The King in Montreal, a place that has been Hank’s House of Horrors. Let Cambot have a go on Sunday game.

  20. I assume the *Second* goal was just *miscommunication* on the ice between *Hank* and Girardi and *Hagelin* and when Hagelin didn’t *make* a play on the *puck* and instead, for *some* inexplicable reason, gave Carter a *shooting* lane and Girardi *dove* to the ground for another unexplained *reason* Hank wasn’t *expecting* to have to make a play on that horrible angle shot.

    *That* said, Hank has *got* to just worry about his *positioning* and not what the other guys on the *ice* are doing.

  21. _take the player and let Hank stop the puck._

    UK: Can you please replace Ulf as the Defensive Coach? *YES* This is maddening at *times* . Especially from a *tough* warrior type like *Girardi*

  22. Carp, in regards to your first point, I think you and the rest of the media in the room might be over-thinking the whole Vigneault/Lundqvist thing. You know everybody, Henrik included, was thinking the same thing. Why beat around the bush? This time last year (well, let’s say two years ago for argument’s sake), after a loss like this, odds are the coach would say two words and leave. Now, we have a coach that actually talks and we’re gonna raise eyebrows at him for doing it? Henrik is arguably our best player, but that doesn’t mean we should sugarcoat it every time he lets in a bad goal. I think both he AND (maybe more so) Hagelin got too relaxed on that play, especially with the period almost ending, and they let their team down. Ok, so now, time to move on and play strong in Montreal (which is never easy).

  23. Stranger Nation on

    Beeron named color commentator for Sabre’s game after last night’s impressive performance.

  24. Manny – happily! I think my coaching strategy would be to stand there and scream at the D-Men “STAY ON YOUR FEET!” “HIT HIM!!” which might get tired after a while.

    Although i’d like to think Ulfie and Beuk are preaching this to the guys throughout the organ-eye-zation anyway and its just a case of old habits die hard!

  25. You’re right. They probably *think* that sliding on the *ground* and trying to get their bones *broken* by the *puck* is the *safe* way to go. When they could *actually* prevent the *shot* itself if they just took the man out.

  26. Carp, Rangers should have gotten at least one point out of that game. I thought “The Kreider” really coasted back on the winning goal. Did anybody else notice that? What’s the deal with J.T. Miller?? Did he hit the ice in the third period? That play where Dorsett hit the Devil in the ear never should have been blown dead.

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    America’s greatest *hero* Jonathan Quick left the game in *Buffalo* last night with an *injury*. I guess this is relevant because we play *LA* this week

  28. While I agree Pouliot needs to sit, you can’t bench him against Montreal (for Moore) and leave Mashinter in the lineup. If they do, the Habs will be skating laps around MonsterMash.

    AV needs to drop Benoit to the fourth line and tell him it is his last chance to stay in the lineup.

    If Pouliot is scratched, then call up Powe for the Habs game because we cabn use the speed and WILL need the extra Penalty killers in MTL.

  29. “Good morning everyone. Thank you 3 for coming on this momentous occasion. As you may have heard, our team – the wondrous Baby Buffaloes – are dead last in about everything but chuckles in the NHL. It is no secret that we need to spice things up a bit, which is why I am proud to announce that our new President of Hockey Operations will be… this bottle of Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce: We Put That Carcillo On Everything! Thank you all for coming, no further questions please.”

  30. Well *Rob* that’s also *Relevant* because with *Anderson* being horrible and *Quick* being injured that very much effects the *USA* Hockey Team. Miller and Howard will now have to *carry* the weight.

  31. @TSNBobMcKenzie 21s

    Sounds like Pat LaFontaine is being introduced as BUF’s new president of hockey operations this morning.

  32. Poulet is being named captain of the Mayan Astronomers later this afternoon.

    News conference at 3PM (Mexico City time) on Telefutura.

  33. @Sabres_Nation: Not only is #Lafontaine a class act, but it’s also hard to chant “Fire Lafontaine” during games

  34. @TBNbucky: Now hearing that *Darcy and Rolston* are out, *LaFontaine* in and possibly *Ted Nolan* returning as coach.

    Getting interesting up North.

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    I have a love/hate relationship with the *Baby Buffalos*. Most of my friends from college were *Sabres fans* and I still vividly remember the heartbreak of watching most of the *2006-2007 playoffs* in Buffalo area bars. But this level of ineptitude it just *sad*.

  36. Starting a pool this morning at work- how many games before Rangers player gets injured and ref refuses to blow whistle until they gain possession (not just touch the puck)-opponent either scores/gets great chance/ or is fouled during attempt and given pp. (You need only get the date of game right to win). Terrible decision was turning point of game- at least I knew Rangers were never winning after that. I thought they played well enough after first period- lethargic starts have become the rule here. Losing to the Devils sucks- but it would suck worse to root for the Devils.

  37. I don’t know, maybe it’s me but AV’s new system is more entertaining to watch, the rangers even pass better as a team now instead of keeping the puck along the boards. The rangers pass the puck like a professional hockey team but there is one glaring problem I still notice with the rangers that’s been a problem for a while and that problem is the team is still soft as ice cream. There defensemen are soft and there wingers are soft. They need to replace some of there defense and wingers with players who can play but play with grit and some nastiness. Players who can fight when the time calls for it. This team is still to soft and you won’t go far in the playoffs with a soft team. That’s if you make the playoffs.

  38. I was in Manhattan when Pizza, Pizza took full advantage of Malik’s ineptitude and decimated us.

    Malik … he was a piece of Poulet .

  39. Late in the game *HaGOONlin* gets *knocked* down in front of the net so he can’t get to a *rebound*.

    McD and Girardi *probably* do it as much as any Rangers d-man, but they *didn’t* on the 3rd goal. *Ball game.*

  40. Buffalo finally makesa a change after their first home win of the season.

    Ted Nolan possibly coming in as the coach. He did pretty well with the Isles that one year they made the playoffs. Got fired because apparently Snow wanted a first overall pick, and Nolan wanted a competitive team.

    Just keep Nolan away from Miller’s actress girlfriend, if you know what I’m saying!

  41. TOMMY,

    I completely agree. This team is soft. They lost last night not because of lack of skill or lack of Nash, but because of lack of toughness.

    Plus, they have Poulet on the roster.

    Can anyone (please, anyone) project a Stanley Cup champion roster that has Poulet in it?

    A Cirque du Soleil roster, maybe … but a Stanley champ?

  42. when Nash returns he goes with Brassard, and Boyle. Moore, and Dorsett for sure on 4th line. if you bench Pouliot, you keep Miller up. if not send Miller down, with Mash as spare forward.

  43. the team is not soft. they could use a tough Dman or two, but overall the team is not soft. they are, however going to get a little softer when Nash returns.

  44. Carp, It’s the “newly transformed” Madison Square Garden. Just bustin’ – you’re the greatest!!

    Still can’t get the ice right. But they have plenty for the mixed drinks.

  45. Given the lack of minutes Miller’s played the last 3 games i’d expect to see him sent back to Hartford this week, especially if Nash and Moore are both fit to play Saturday.
    Surely Pullout is running out of chances? 31 PIM so far!

  46. is anyone else completely frustrated by Hank’s lack of Hockey sense? Hank is awful at handling the puck, and when he does, he has no idea what to do with it. 9 yrs and he has not improved that part of his game.

  47. Not really, he’s bad but there are only a handful of goaltenders who are good with the puck. I can certainly live with it as long as he’s keeping the puck out of the net the way he usually does.

  48. He’s atrocious.

    But his overall hockey sense is better than Poulet ‘s .

    But then again, so is my grandmother’s.

  49. yergs, what I mean by soft is they have no defensemen that is tough enough to clear players away from Lundquist that are nasty or if need be drop the gloves. The same

  50. for there forwards, they need a few tough players who have nastiness and can drop the gloves when the time calls for it but players who can play the game, not goons.

  51. Hank’s a great goalie, but for years now, he always feels the need to showoff his puck handling “skills”.

    Someone needs to sit him down and tell him the truth and not sugarcoat it. You suck at handling the puck.

    You’re completely clueless when it comes to handling the puck. Sometimes you get lucky and you make a good play, but you’re not good at it and need to stop.

  52. ORR, I’ve been saying that for years on here. When Lundqvist handles the puck I cringe. If you notice every time he handles the puck around the boards the other team gets the puck and spends 5 minutes in the rangers zone with scoring chances. Lundqvist is the worst.

  53. Given the state of the garden ice i’m surprised he ventures far from the net at all in case of a funny bounce

  54. ORR, I actually think he admitted it in the 24/7 series. He knows.

    Tommy, they do have those kinds of defensemen and I actually think they have cleared the net more consistently as of late. I might agree that they don’t do it often enough, but I can’t expect these guys to do it after every single play.

    As for the forwards, I think you’re wrong there too. We have big gritty guys (i.e. Callahan, Boyle, Dorsett, Pouliot, and now THE Kreider) who can shoot the puck and deliver some hits/fight. The personnel is all there, the problem I think is that they don’t nearly play with grit as often as we may like.

    Lack of grit, however, wasn’t the problem last night. The problem was (and always has been) the stupid Devils neutral zone trap / defensive style of play. With our new system, it’s going to be especially difficult to crack it.

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    I too *cringe* whenever Hank handles the puck *outside* the crease. He almost never *makes a play* or adds anything valuable, so I’m not sure *why* he even does it, other than he thinks it’s just what goaltenders are supposed to do.

  56. Hey Henrik–here’s a quick lesson on how to handle the puck:

    A) Watch Brad Richards handle the puck
    B) Now–Just do the OPPOSITE..such as:
    1) No blind passes
    2) Pass only to a team wearing the same colo(u)r jersey as you are wearing at that exact moment in time.
    3) Apply enough pressure so the puck can travel more than 10 ft.
    4) Most importantly–when an opposing teams player is about to make an attempt for a goal-DO NOT HEAD TO THE BENCH!

    Your are welcome!

  57. Can’t we *traid* Pouliot for something? I assume he’s better off *waived* or *traided* based on his history and potential. Go to a team that *doesn’t* mind excessive *penalties* .

  58. Although, on the *plus* side, Pouliot is already approaching his *season* average for PIM. So maybe he just doesn’t *take* another penalty for the rest of *the* season.

  59. Remember that game against the Flyers a couple of years ago when we were up 3-1? Flyers pulled their goalie, and Hank tried to score on the empty net, and hit a player, then the Flyers scored. Luckily we won that game. Right then and there, Hank should have avoided the puck like AIDS.

  60. I am not moving Pouliot just yet–I still sense he can be a game breaker–of course that goes both ways…man, is he a frustrating case or what?

  61. yergs, seriously, those forwards you mentioned the only one who will drop the gloves and fight is dorsett, that’s it, boyle for his size is a teddy bear and couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, callahan doesn’t fight and shouldn’t, pouliot, enough said and I haven’t seen the kreider ever fight. That’s not complete toughness to me. Doresett will fight anybody, I give him credit for that but come on, the dude is small and gets killed everytime.

  62. I don’t know why *Hank* ever leaves his crease. Nothing he *does* is helpful to the other guys trying to play the *puck* and for a *guy* that plays so *deep* in his net I don’t get why he doesn’t just *stay* in the safest place.

  63. Hey Carp–what’s with the chat delay? Don’t know if I can hold it in too long…I may have to get my friend Harvey to on it!

  64. Update for the people who can’t read:

    First, a change in plans: *The Live Chat will now be Thursday at noon*, not Wednesday as originally planned. Be there. Or else.

  65. Rob in Beantown on

    If the other team can get there first it is better the puck is in a *random* corner than behind the net (and I do mean *random* because Hank only ever pushes it to a *random* corner, not a specific corner for any *purpose*). However, equally often he just pushes the puck away from his *own* teammates.

  66. Sather Must Go! on

    Hank’s Puck handling is not good, so what? So, he give up an add’l 5-8 goals/year – still rather him net over anyone in the league…

    The lack of crease-clearing dman is more of a consistent problem.. McD has improved a lot; but watching Del Z looking the other way while someone scores in front is getting pretty tired.

  67. Gravy Boyle>*PullOut*

    Meter is losing Cred

    Someone said last night, who ever has more of a problem with Boyle over Pullout, deserves a kick in the nards.

    Just saying.

  68. Fair enough, but to me, “toughness” isn’t all about fighting. I mention guys like Pouliot and Boyle because they have the size and they could POTENTIALLY be tough/gritty players, but especially in regards to Pouliot, they don’t play to their strengths; they play soft but are capable of being tough. Maybe that’s coaching, maybe that’s mental… I don’t know, but I’ll be damned if I sit here and let you call guys like Boyle or Girardi or Staal – who will take a puck to the chest, face, eye, and/or nuggets – soft.

  69. Hank passes it to the other team 99.9% when passing it around the boards and than the rangers are caught scrambling while the other team has scoring chsances. I would think by now the goalie coach would have taught lundqvist how to handle the puck. Lundqvist must be as lost cause.

  70. yergs, your soft and my soft are two different view points. When I say soft, I’m mean gritty, nasty players who can play the game but when need be drop the gloves and fight, same goes for the drfensemen. If the rangers had a few of those players teams would think twice of standing in front of hank or running stepan or nash.

  71. A *few* times last night *Hank* decided to play the puck and/or *keep* it alive and it resulted in some of the best *chances* for the Devils.

  72. Manny, That’s what I posted earlier, he does this all the time. When he handles the puck the other team gets it everytime and spends 5 minmutes in the rangers zone with sacoring chances. This has been going on forever. It’s mind boggling that the coaches or the rangers organization hasn’t rectified this problem.

  73. *Toughness*: being difficult to *play against, being *intimidating* to the opposition, *owning* your area of the ice, *owning* the crease, standing *up* for your teammates, *dropping* the gloves sparingly but when *necessary* , Controlling the puck without *help* from two teammates and just being a difficult, nasty, hard nosed, gritty team.

  74. Stranger Nation on

    Maybe with goalie pads getting smaller, Danny G felt it was OK for him to play from his knees.
    Last night would have been a great night for the Undertaker!
    Our center ice play has been poo-poo the last couple of games, especially in the D zone, but getting on Brass when Pull-out is on his line is tough; cannot believe that poodle is still skating for us. Woof Woof

  75. Stranger Nation on

    Hank is not only atrocious at handling the puck, he is forever forcing unnecessary defensive zone face-offs. Many times the puck is shot in on goal, he saves it, has plenty of time to give to D, but he holds for a face-off. Worse yet the puck could be heading 3 feet wide and he will scoop and hold.


  76. And last *night* he was doing the exact opposite, *Stranger* Inexplicably dropping the puck on the ice with *two* or more Devils bearing down on him.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    I was actually OK with the Boudreau firing. He wasn’t getting it done in the playoffs, and that season, he wasn’t getting it done in the regular season, either.

  78. As for Mr. Lafontaine..enjoy Buffalo–Duffs Wings–Ted’s Hot Dogs and Wegmans—man could we use a Wegmans in Brooklyn!

  79. This is true, Doodie. I’m just more referring to the *debacle* that ensued with *Dale* Hunter being hired then canned and now that *odd* looking Boardwalk Empire Mobster *character* behind their bench.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, Hunter wasn’t canned. He chose to go back to London.

    I’ll agree on Oates. He’s an elite assistant/special teams coach. I don’t think he knows much about 5 on 5 hockey though.

  81. Buffalo finally realized it was time to let Regier go. Not sure LaFontaine is the answer considering he’s done more for charities than for hockey operations lately. Always thought Nolan should’ve been back in NHL long time ago. I hope it isn’t too late, the game may have gotten away from him. Funny, they named him an *interim* coach. The poor guy can’t get a break.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Pegula wanted to be the NHL’s Mark Cuban, but he’s behaving more like it’s Jerry Jones/Ed Snyder.

  83. Right…..he *wasn’t* canned……

    Hunter was obviously *forced* out in a Ovechkin vs. Coach type situation.

  84. Sioux, #0 isn’t even a *real* spot on the *WBM*. It is specifically for *Bole* because half the blog *hates* him -because he doesn’t score goals- for no *reason*.

  85. Prince Cam is a much better puck handler.

    When Hank plays Fatty he feels the need to really turn up the puck handling. Oh my!!

  86. How is it that we can beat the Penguins at home, but then lay an egg against the Devils twice?

    Nothing is more frustrating than watching the game the Rangers played last night?

    Winning 6 out of 7. Then dropping a game to a team below you in the rankings, *AT HOME*. What happened to playing tough at *HOME*.

  87. Carp – any chance PullOUT gets a couple of games in the Press Box? It worked wonders for Zucc’s game.

  88. Because, Sioux. It’s the *pace* of the game. The Rangers weren’t able to *dictate* their style of play with the *Devils* . They got slowed down in the neutral *zone* and failed to hang onto the puck for quality chances.

  89. Great seeing ilb at game yesterday. One of the greats. An awful ending and a game where you need to find a way to get that point. The pp looked like 2012 with sully running it. Divisional games have much more meaning now and that could be difference in playoff spot.

    Is the pouliot era over yet I mean how many more pen can one man take in offensive zone.

  90. I’m not going to lie, I thought we were going to win after Rangers tied it up in the 3rd.

    It just stung at little more than usual, after they tip in the 3rd goal. Zajac looked good last night, just didn’t want to see the Sioux alum put a dagger in the Rangers last night.

  91. Lets hope so Eric. He should be with his new team before the trade deadline.

    Seriously, how could KRISTO be any worse than PullOUT has been for the Rangers?

  92. Carey price shutout streak over 242 mins vs rangers at the bell centre. Little over 4 games. The house of horrors is Montreal. Can’t wait for Saturday debacle.

    Throw in budaj shutout in home opener rangers haven’t scored 5 plus games.

  93. it was nice to see the rangers over .500 for the first time this year, that didn’t last long and could get worse in the forseeable future.

  94. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it, Pouliot is a wasted roster spot. Why is this guy still on the team?

  95. I just might.

    Poulet is Cirque-du-Soleil material.

    And not the permanent Vegas shows … the traveling ones that stop in world-class cities like Toledo and Ft Myers.

  96. Sather Must Go! on

    Note: Pouliot only guy on that list WITHOUT a fighting major..

    How many buys can Sather sign, pay and cut.. I am certain he leads the NHL is that…

  97. Looks like the Monster Mash would be the 1’st out when Nash is ready. He only got 2:48 last night. I wasn’t sure I even seen him on the ice. I noticed Miller getting gritty and he had a take away, but PullOUT is more frustration than anything.

    WHY not pull *KRISTO* up for the games on Saturday against the Canadians. Let him play against the team that traded him away! It would be extra special for his first game, just to watch him light the lamp up there.

    Kristo in – *PULLOUT Pined*

  98. It’s my fault for thinking that they had to keep the game tied so they could at least earn a point.

  99. This team could take a big step forward with Nash & Kristo come up and play with Brassard, leave the top 2 lines alone.

    Miller-Boyle-Dorsett would be solid 4th line. Grit,Size,Toughness, can work all ends of the ice, and defend. Beside I like how Miller & Boyle look together, they can still score.

  100. Sioux, it’s been *one* day. We have to give it some *time* for my team to being to *dominate* Gravy

  101. _Has ANYONE missed Pyatt since he’s been out?_

    Well, we hadn’t given up more than 2 for a long time and then Pyatt goes out and we give up 3 in back to back. So … who knows? Maybe.

  102. Well said, *The* Doctor (Shut *up* , Wicky)

    Last night we might *have* been able to protect that -lead- *tie* a bit better with Pyatt on the *ice*

  103. It’s to close to call in this one, but I’ll have to give Gravy the edge. Only because I know how Gabby & Yak performed for me, that said maybe you can motivate them to hit someone :)

  104. Don’t be a *jerk* Sioux! I have *Seniority* here and I’m *your* Commissioner. I could *dismantle* your team in about *5* Seconds.

  105. Manny @11:28, yes that’s team toughness. We had that once in the last 18 years, 2 years ago. And it was not only fun to watch but productive.

    The euphoria over that near miss was short lived.

  106. I really want to see Kristo play with Brassard in Montreal.

    *ONE GAME*

    PullOUT needs to watch the game from the Press Box!!!

  107. Trust me I had a hard time putting that Gopher on my team! Now he just keeps scoring I can’t get rid of him :)

  108. “Toughness” isn’t all about fighting? Well, yeah — it has almost nothing to do with fighting. Toughness is taking a hit to make a play, going hard into the corners and in front of the net, blocking shots when it’s the right play… Fighting is a clown show almost every time, and because fighting fans like that show and the NHL doesn’t think there are enough hockey fans out there, there it stays, though college hockey and the international game seem to do just fine without it. I’m hopeful that the helmet and visor rules will ease the carnival goons out over time and let the game stand on its tough-enough-without-it merits, but I realize I’m in a minority.

  109. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    I guess I should post a few of my observations from last night…

    Hard to believe since ‘09 Norris Stralman has been on 3 teams and cut from the vaunted devils blueline! (s)

    Secretariat and step both go all Gomez an awful lot!!

    It’s sad that p4p played with the most malicious intent in either crease for us last night.

    As I have said all along, we will lose the majority of our games agains big physical mean teams and in the playoffs unless we get some grit and toughness on our blueline and size and toughness in our forwards.

    We need guys that play with malicious intent in the blue paint at both ends!!

    I thought the Dorsett beginnings was good btw!

  110. Speaking of that toughness, Matty, has anyone else noticed that Dubi is at 5-10-15 for Columbus and 7-28-35 in 46 games since the trade?

  111. Manny you could sweep the goalie stats, so you have a good chance for a *split*.
    But if I was ordering roast beef with mash potatoes, for the winning dinner – I would cover the whole plate with GRAVY on this one……*if* I was a betting man :)

  112. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    LMAO @ “well said” for the bazillionth time!!

  113. Sioux talking a *big* game for someone in *7th* . It’s gonna be tough for you to keep climbing without *Okposo*

    Tough break……

  114. It’s has been tough without Nash, and going to be tougher without Stamkos.

    So I’m going straight to the bourbon from here on out.

  115. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    IMHO his teams just didn’t have the requisite playable toughness to go all the way in the playoffs, especially up front!

  116. repo

    lol – Biron says Man 0’War tells Del Zotto in locker room to turn off that gdamned insane asylum music. (starting to like Richie more)

  117. Agreed. Rangers just don’t have enough to beat a Boston team in a 7 game *Playoff* series.

  118. Trout Wig: “What do you do in the locker room?”

    Biron: “Some of us go in the other room and tape our sticks, and like that. Boyle kids around, but he’s dead serious. I mix Gatorade with water and drink it.”

    Trout Wig: “Amazing insider stuff. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more of it.”

  119. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    I don’t even know why I am playing this week against capt. *RIGGED*

  120. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    If you could only keep one, who would it be Staal or Girardi?

  121. I keep saying this, so *sorry* to sound like a *broken* record, we *do* not have the *Type* of toughness that wins in the *playoffs*. Season after *season* we lose to a teams 4th line. We have McBust and *Staal* who can shut down the elite scorers (*mostly*) but we don’t have that *bottom* end grit that is needed to score a *few* grinding goals and to *stave* off the other teams *4th* line.

  122. Manny this could be the *ONE* year we roll more than 3 lines in the Playoffs.

    If Brassard get Nash & Kristo, and they score, probably out score the other 2 lines.

    That leaves Dorsett-Boyle- Pyatt/Miller/Pullout/Moore for the 4th line. Which could easily play 10+ minutes in the playoffs.

    Then we might have a chance if we can *out score* them.

  123. Rob in Beantown on

    _I think I will just take Kyle Okposo and give him to our last place team as a present_

    You would be putting him _back_ on my team, seeing as how I *drafted* him and then *waived* him during week one to add somebody else. I *deserve* to be in last place.

  124. AV is going for speed & skill over size this year.

    I’m thinking he looks at Boyle, Pyatt, & PullOUT and tells himself he has enough “size” to win.

    Just thinking outloud.

  125. If Brad Park was 6 foot, 190, Bobby Orr was 5’11, 195, can anyone really believe that Dorsett is 6 foot, 192? Kid’s a gamer, but, in addition, we need a playable heavyweight who can duke, and it wouldn’t hurt if he was on the ice (either 0 or D) with Nasher who seems to have become a target.

  126. Best D’s in Rangers history, in one man’s opinion: Brad Park, Brian Leetch, Harry Howell, and Ching Johnson, back in Neanderthal times. Of the four of them, I am going with Park, having marveled at the way he could control a game, many times.

    Such a crime, Orr and Park peaked at the same time. Park is an all-time great and perhaps the greatest Rangers bargain acquision ever, too. Pity Toronto for throwing him on the dung heap same as the Rangers did to a young, skinny guy named Gordie Howe. Man does that hurt to this day.

  127. Gary Galley on Sirius just said Montreal is struggling. With the injuries they have they are small, very small. They can’t get to the front of the net.. He said that’s why they struggled against a big Tampa Bay defense.

    Uh oh. Smells like another loss for our team with the ‘not so big’ defense.

  128. Manny @1:55, never has a point been better made.

    10000% vibin’.

    And, how a GM with over 30 years in the game DOESN’T see it is both MINDBOGGLING and SAD.

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