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  1. Rob in Beantown on

    Arron Asham @TheRealAsham45
    Good luck to one of the best coaches I ever had #teddy #nativepride

  2. Hey, *Rob* , dropping Okposo, in a more *standard* league makes a lot of sense. This one, not so *much* . But I *made* the stupid stat categories and *I* am also having trouble properly setting my lineup.

  3. That link, for Avery, was courtesy of *Mrs. Manny* who apparently was hoping to post it herself. Which I *ruined* for her.

  4. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    the problem isn’t your categories, it is that yahoo *SUCKS*

  5. Did St. Croix *get* called up?


    Lost a few good men today @stixy18 and Rowsey ! Good luck boys #tearjerker #downtothree

  6. If Brad Park was 6 foot, 190, Bobby Orr was 5’11, 195, can anyone really believe that Dorsett is 6 foot, 192? Kid’s a gamer, but, in addition, we need a playable heavyweight who can duke, and it wouldn’t hurt if he was on the ice (either 0 or D) with Nasher who seems to have become a target.

  7. Rob in Beantown on

    Sioux, you can _italicize_ by putting an underscore ( _ ) around the word you want to _italicize_

  8. Thanks for stealing my thunder Manny. And, yes, I think Andy Cohen would have been a better fit for the former Vogue intern.

  9. There’s a picture of Dorsett off ice somewhere here and he’s not that much bigger than MZA.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    On the Banff Golf TV excerpts, Dorsett looked like he is 5’9″ 170. Love his game, keeps it simple and now is staying out of the box.

  11. You did a good job with the league Manny, I can’t get the players I want either. It’s tuff to balance out.

    But I wouldn’t change it.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Fried Zucchini’s game turned around when he realized he would need to play physical and not be intimidated Last night he played with a nasty streak many on this team should emulate.

    Re Dubi – good for him but remember he is getting top PP time and first line minutes, something he could not handle his last season and a half here so he was demoted.

    Hags very tired on that play after carrying Bucky around for 2 periods.

  13. Thanks, *Sioux* I did it for you guys. And for the *blog* so that we can have a *blog* league that doesn’t suck like Wicky’s *league*

  14. Parents who are looking for college scholarships and/or scouting interest list their 70 pound kids at 6′, 210 when they are peewees. Major College and Pro teams have their people measured and weighed to the half-inch and half pound, but let the player fill out his own stats for public consumption.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    True that Souix – that made it all the more surprising given it was Hags. If it was *Pullout*, he would have tripped him and if it was *Bucky*, he would have went for a change.

  16. It takes a special player to compete in hockey when you’re that small. And a *special* team to carry 2 of them :)

  17. No one else knows about +underlining+ their *font* selections? It’s too bad we can’t do *red* or *Wizard Font* on the new blog format.

  18. It sounds like DOM Delawez is going to play on Saturday!

    Could Nash be ready in 3 more days????

  19. Rob in Beantown on

    Boxing your font is so *secret* that if it ever got out Carp would have to shut down the *blog*

  20. Hey Wicky, I *hate* you. I used to *hate* Latona. Now I *hate* you and I hope that you forget about this *blog* FOREVER

  21. I *think* this tweet and website explains the problem with Brad Richards.

    @BRichards_1991 1m

    Exclusive discount to my followers just in time before the big holiday rush @UNTUCKit. Use code Brad for 20%! http://www.UNTUCKit.com .

    *No Tuck Zone*

  22. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    How could I ever forget this blog where the guy in charge *always* answers your questions

  23. I wear shirts that aren’t *scientifically designed* to be *untucked* untucked *all* the time.

  24. I didn’t know it was *embarrassing* until today when this *blog* and *Brad Richards* made me aware of it. Looks like its back to *capes* for me.

  25. *Capes* are really the *only* functionable clothing option *when* you can’t afford to get *veneers* and *untuckable* shirt tops.

  26. Monday: Yogi’s wife sends out Venetian Blinds for cleaning.
    Saturday: Son says to Yogi, “There’s a guy here with the Venetian Blinds.”
    Yogi: ” How sad. Go to my my wallet on top of my bureau and give him a couple bucks.”

  27. Without getting into *Politics* , NO, I just met a guy at the gym who was diagnosed as paralyzed from the waist down due to injuries sustained while on active duty as a Marine in Afghanistan ’93. Dude fought all the way back and not only raised his daughters and got to walk again but he’s now there riding the bike *40* minutes a day.


  28. This zuccarello kid needs to go once Nash returns. Staple his butt to the stands or loan him to the KHL.

  29. Pouliot does have 2G , 2A to go with all of his o-zone penalties…

    that McNugget was only wanted once…..but probably for longer.

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