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Happy Veterans Day.


1) J.T. Miller had jump right from his first shift. That was a pretty cool play on the 1-0 goal. Ryan McDonagh just grows every day in the offensive zone, and Chris Kreider is making plays he didn’t even make in that playoff coming-out party (I mean, THE Kreider). How about that pass in front of the defensive net by Benoit Pouliot to start the play? Yikes.Florida Panthers v New York Rangers

2) Brad Richards. The guy is what he is. He has to score to be effective, though. Richards was around puck all night, and Carl Hagelin was great again. Richards shattered his stick after the back-to-back chances late second, then scored early third and punched the glass. He was on an eight-game goal-less streak and feeling it, and understanding, he said, that if you don’t bury those chances they come back to bite you. Let’s be honest, the way he plays without the puck, he has to do more when he has it. But as Dan Girardi said, he wants to be a difference-maker, and he was. And as Richards said “I’m surprised (Hagelin) kept giving it to me. I kept messing it up.”

3) It was pretty funny, that punch from Tim Thomas … though I’m sure it wasn’t funny for Miller to eat blocker. But maybe he bent the blocker, because Mats Zuccarello’s 5-on-3 goal went right in off it.Florida Panthers v New York Rangers

4) That charging penalty on Kreider=Pansification. The penalty at the end, though, was justified. I don’t believe it was cross-checking. It was a push from a strong man. But it was interference or roughing and Kreider apologized to the team for putting it in that position in a must-win game. People were talking about it being suspension-worthy afterwards. I didn’t see that. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ll go back and look at the video today at some point. I thought Kreider was a bit of a roller coaster in this game, very good in the offensive and neutral zones, scary at moments in the D-zone, and he took the penalties. But you have to like the new aggressiveness in his game. I thought he was coming to Derek Stepan’s aide when he took that last penalty.

5) Lundqvist said it was a must-win, and while of course it wasn’t, I know where he’s coming from. You hate to cough up two points, or even one, to a team like that. You hate to even have to battle like that for the win. But the Rangers did. Lundqvist let one in off his wallet, but he was pretty special during the game, especially when the Rangers let up and Florida came on. Lundqvist also said it feels like this is a completely new team than the one that started the season. I think it looks that way, too.

Florida Panthers v New York Rangers6) This Rick Nash news is sure good stuff for the Rangers. I don’t have any idea when he’ll actually make it back, nor I’d guess does he or the team. But the idea that he probably will be back sure makes the rest of the season look more promising. Throw a 30-35 goal guy into the current mix and it looks pretty good.

7) I think the Rangers got, as Torts used to say, “Happy” at 1-0. The first goal was too pretty and easy, and they got away from what they’d been doing lately.

8) Would you rather have Tim Thomas or Ilya Bryzgalov playing goal for your team?

9) I thought the Rangers’ first PP was one of their best of the season, even though it didn’t score. Then the 5-on-3 was really good, on some set plays drawn up by Scott Arniel. Richards was asked about the difference in the feeling on the PP this year from last. He said, simply, “it feels like a power play.” The Rangers’ PK, not so much, on that Florida PPG. Geez, consecutive rebounds for Lundqvist to handle? And offensive zone penalty by Boyle, to boot. Back to the top of the WBM.

10) Somebody asked this during the game. Is Derek Dorsett already better than anybody in the bottom six last season?

11) Where the new pressbox and TV/radio booths are on the new bridge, we can hear the broadcasters during the game. The Florida TV guys (Bill Lindsay, cheap-shot artist, is their color guy) were going on about the ice at MSG. They were saying that the Spurs and the Knicks played here in the afternoon, then added, “Well, the Spurs played, the Knicks really didn’t.”

12) I totally don’t get the T-Shirt Toss, especially now that it’s sponsored by Time Warner Cable, which, not long ago, was Cablevision’s sworn deadly enemy. Speaking of which, Jim Dolan nearly got clipped by a deflected puck in the second period.

*****************************************Florida Panthers v New York Rangers
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brad Richards.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Mats Zuccarello.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Brad Richards.
3. Derek Dorsett.

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  1. Despite the goals 2 pretty cool plays that define this team’s identity are the play by The Kreider to chase down the puck carrier in the neutral zone to force the turnover and the effort by Dorsett on his goal.

    Missed a few things last night (Thomas punch and Kreider hit) so probably watch the game in full tonight.

  2. Rangers survived, and Florida did seem to skate like they wanted to win this win. FLorida dominated in the Rangers’ defensive end for long periods of time. Nice to see them pull out a win and counterpunch just enough to beat them. Nice writeup, Carp. I agree on Kreider; he is a rookie and, some nights, its a learning experience. Difference between this year and last, Richards actually comes back to score a goal instead of stepping into concrete. Mgmt will have a tough decision at season’s end.

  3. Agree, Brit, those were some enjoyable goals to watch and part of their new identity. I think the youngsters may be pushing the older crew to new heights (with the demotion of Asham et al.). Happy Veterans Day to all veterans on the blog.

  4. Can’t take any team lightly….don’t let up on the Devs…and then Montreal in Montreal is time to slay a dragon!

    $15 in arrears to The Raccoon Lodge sounds like a fortune…

  5. I don’t see mgmt having a tough decision at the end of the season….I think the decision is clear…even if he wins the Conn Smythe…or Raccoon of the Year….he has got to go! Especially if it is the latter…

  6. oh Brad….
    keep on scoring.

    Kreider continues to impress….. teams will start to game plan against him. One of the team’s best.

    Dorsett with a good gritty game. He didn’t even make it in the write-up.

    Miller got 8 minutes of ice time. That’s a start I guess. But I hope he gets some more time out there with good guys like when he scored. He did have some pretty weak defensive plays leading to goals tonight.

    Pouliot got less ice time and still almost gave one away. I don’t get it. You would think he had so many warnings he would be afraid to make a pass like that.

  7. Richards is a very good hockey player having a solid start to the year. Let the Richards-bashing begin!

  8. great Kreider forecheck on first goal… he pursued the puck around the net and caught up with the winger on the other side of the ice in the neutral zone…unreal speed!

  9. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Miami, I took that as “THE”, but I guess it could have been “to”. It would be disappointing at this point.

    It was a terrific play by a young kid, either way.

  10. As always, great review by “THE CARP!” ;-)

    During the dark stretch of 7 years of no playoffs, as I was spending my hard earned money on season tickets, I used to dream of a team like this. I want them to get better of course, and I want to see another cup.. BUT, we had years and years of teams that seemed to have no heart and were filled with aging free agents who came to collect a pay day.

    I would say to myself, I would rather see a team of young, hungry, homegrown talent which might be bad for years; than watch these guys who are rangers in name only.

    Well my friends… we are THERE. Look up and down the line-up. We have good, talented, homegrown rangers up and down the bench. There are others, like Nash (He will be back) Moore and Brassard who are here because we had homegrown young talent with which to deal.

    The SALARY CAP was the GREATEST thing to ever happen to this team. I know it is early and they started off terrible; but there seems to be a serious chemistry developing with this team… Don’t ya think?


  11. That game could easily have went the other way – but these kids are starting to believe in themselves. The Kreider actually made me happy showing some emotion and strength sticking up for stepan. Hopefully no suspension is forthcoming.

  12. Rob in Beantown on

    If he didn’t say “The Kreider,” then he should have! Maybe the turn of phrase was a Freudian slip because “The Kreider” is what he really wanted to say

  13. Pimp, Dugs knows it’s THE Kreider and made no mistake in preaching it to the Rangers viewing audience.

    Been a fly on the wall to the blog for years but haven’t joined into the fun til now, so…better late than never. Big fan, Carp. Of the candid and spot-on write-ups and all the fellow boneheads, too.

    LGR against Devs on Tuesday!

  14. THE Kreider rules.

    I loved the analogy to a puppy who doesn’t know his own strength … The Kreider clearly didn’t mean to injure Upshall, but he’ll likely get suspended anyways.

    All he did was a little shove and it was enough to clock Upshall .

    Love it.

  15. Yev, I think that ended with the Torts era…and continues under AV…don’t forget the lunch pail, blue collar work ethic we talked about under Torts first turnaround years as coach. That laid the groundwork for today’s AV team…and they now have a power play!

  16. Other than CARP correcting himself and writing “THE Kreider”, my favorite part of the write-up:

    “How about that pass in front of the defensive net by Benoit Pouliot to start the play?”

    Classic. Can’t wait for that clown Poulet to start plying his trade for the Mayan Astronomers.

  17. HOLLA,

    Just remember a couple of things when posting:

    1) It’s always “The Kreider” or “THE Kreider”

    2) It’s “Poulet” or “Pull-out” or anything creative except the clown’s real name.

  18. Stranger Nation on

    The issue with Richards is as much where he is playing. Save for faceoffs, he no longer can handle center iceman responsibilities. He is a liability in 2 out of the 3 zones.

    His contribution is as a winger who can score if you give him time and space and plenty of opps. Still hate him on point in the PP. Takes wild shots that a squirt goalie can save.

    For those who look at goal scored as the primary metric to assess performance, he is your guy.

    For those who want a two way pivot who can set up and create at even strength, the answer is NEIGH!

  19. Good morning, boneheads!

    Happy Veterans Day.

    Couldn’t be happier to see Dorsett score. And a very important goal too. He *IS* a hockey player, and has been very good most of the season once he stopped taking penalties. He’ll be an asset to this team.

    They would lose this game last year most likely. In fact, the game they lost to Florida last year was one of the worst efforts I’ve seen. Florida really wanted this game last night, but I suspect that was as good as they could play.
    Plese, someone destroy last night’s video showing Brian Campbell scoring 2. Otherwise Sather will make sure he acquires him at the deadline. And he will give up picks and young players while getting a very soft, defensively average player carrying over $7M cap hit through 2016.

    Lastly, call me crazy, but I liked what Kreider did to defend Stepan who was being cross checked by Upshall. Maybe I’d changed my mind if Florida tied it up on the ensuing PP. But I don’t think I would. We all want him to be physical and use his size. That was a big part of it, he showed his emotions. You kill a penalty like that more often than not. I wasn’t very pleased when Hank denied him a helmet salute and obviously said something to him after the game ended. No need to scald him, he will learn.

  20. Stranger Nation on

    When Nasher comes back slot him on a line with Broshard and Miller on LW. That will accelerate the kids game.

    Pullout is a complete waste. They say cream rises to the top, but turds float to the bottom.

    Enough of him, bring up Haley

  21. Fun game to watch. Hank had a nice game despite giving up those fat rebounds. Dorsett with a solid game and a dirty goal. The Kreider penalty at the end: I’m fine with it except the timing. Stepan has been getting abused this season.

  22. Stranger Nation on

    Did Hank really deny him at the end? What an assen.

    That is the second time someone had to come to Steps defense. This guy needs to hit the weight room and toughen up.

  23. Stranger Nation on

    Wild places – true, so play him on the wing where he can score and not play such a critical defense role.

  24. Hagein’s return made this team look different. It isn’t only his speed, but also his tenacity that’s been giving opposition headaches. It also allowed some players to slide into their more comfortable positions. Not worried about goal scoring anymore, especially since we had some good news on Nash. Team toughness will have to be carefully addressed. They won’t go too far without it. They are playing Boston one week from tomorrow. Looking forward?

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Any negative name for Pullout is appropriate, but it is always The Kreider!

    ilb, yes on Dorsett. has been playing very well under the radar

  26. (Lest anyone forget that this is still Pimp, I’m still of the belief that this “team” will not make the playoffs and actually will go on an epic losing-streak-for-the-ages starting right about Thanksgiving and through St Patty’s)

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Pimp – must be tough managing the dual emotions of celebrating the Kreider while realizing this team is doomed…

  28. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Hank “let one in off his wallet” HAAAAAAAAA!
    Nice zinger Carp… had me chuckling for a bit there.

    Hell of a play by THE Kreider on the JT goal. He chased 3 different Panthers players, trying to hit all of them them, but they kept passing it around. That is, until he seperated Upshall from the puck and started the whole play. He never gave up on it. Small details matter.

  29. I can’t believe I am saying this but given Nash now had a concussion history, if he does not comeback from this current concussion and play well….I might think about using the last buyout on him instead of Richards. Richards stays healthy for the most part and I guess maybe last years half season really did screw with him. He’s got jump, a decent face off man, and has experience. I know his salary is ridiculous but it goes down every year from now on. He might be the safer bet going forward. Not to mention for Nash’s size and build he’s as soft as a marshmallow and not physical at all.

  30. That would be a mistake, Ryan. Nash’s contract 2 years shorter than Richards’. More importantly, it carries almost no recapture penalty, compared to Richards’ $17M. And if Nash is injured long term, they can place him on LTIR and use his full AAV if need to.

  31. Didn’t see Hanks dis either, if so that’s uncalled for. I did think HL was one of the top 3 all the The Kreider. I was awaiting a boring game between these two, but it was dare I say very entertaining. Tim Thomas=Jackwagon, from is terrible leave in B-town, to that waffleshot, to his sprawling around like a flounder to most of all that terrible mask with that fat face oozing out. No wonder Avery cavemaned him! I feel better now.

  32. Agree with ilb on all points about buying out Nash and will add that he’s younger.

    The Kreider charge…only saw one replay, but it looked like he left his feet. Couldn’t tell if it was on, or prior to, impact.

    The penalty at the end was a penalty (interference or roughing), even if it wasn’t cross checking. I think Dugay actually made a good point about Kreider not knowing how big and strong (thighs) he is. I’m sure all the fans that clamor for immediate retribution, regardless of the situation, were happy.

  33. Dorsett, when he’s not running around trying to start a fight or take stupid penalties (which he hasn’t for around 10 games now), is a really bottom 6 player.

  34. Gift of GAB-orik on

    That earlier call on THE Kreider was garbage. I’ve seen worse charges on my credit card bill.

  35. I really like that THE Kreider is getting aggressive and physical with his play. Unfortunately, this means more penalties (for now), but I’ll take it. Really liking his game so far.

    Dorsett = new Pruster?

    What happened to this team? They’re actually… dare I say it… fun to watch.

  36. Winning is fun to watch. I was happy watching them in 2011-12, even when they were scoring 2.5 goals per game and giving up less.

  37. Rob in Beantown on

    Yeah, I said it last night but the snarl was really nice to see from him. In the off chance he gets fined for the hit, I hope it doesn’t deter him from being mean in the future. We could really use more of it

  38. It’s really part of the power forward package. I don’t think he’s going to start fighting people, but you live with the penalties from guys like Lucic and Simmonds because it’s part of the aggressive game.

  39. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The Rangers now have a 2 game, hit someone from the other team into the Rangers bench streak going.

  40. True, Gravy, Winning = fun, and 2011-2012 was the most fun I’ve had watching our Blueshirts. However, I think this style of play is more creative, exciting, and interesting than Torts’ ever was.

  41. It’s funny, ilb. Ever since Campbell signed that monstrosity of a contract we have been horrified that Sather would acquire him.

    He can sure score goals. But the defensive part…..

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Out west, there no guarantee that the car seat makes the playoffs. A simple twist of fate.

  43. Carp I would take Universe over Tea party Thomas….not that I would want to. And a great big yea for Marty Beer on

  44. The reason why people are questioning if Kreider is going to be suspended is because that is an extremely dangerous hit since Upshall didn’t have the puck. I’m happy he stuck up for Stepan, but in that situation with Upshall hitting the back of his head on the boards, that could’ve been a very ugly situation.

    I think he’ll get a call and a warning, but he’s not going to be suspended. He’s going to be watched more carefully by the league.

  45. Dorsett =\= The Prust.

    The Prust would never, ever take 3 penalties in one game.

    The Prust is to me what The Kreidwr is to Pimp.

  46. The Shannahammer is probably too busy with his Hall of Fame celebrations to take a look at the hit and spin the Wheel of Disciplinary Action.

  47. I agree, Rob. I can’t believe that it took this long for a team desperately in need of a goaltender to pick up Bryz.

    He used to be pretty good before the whole Phlyets debacle. And that place is the land of ruining goaltenders.

    If their track record continues Bryz should win the Vezina trophy soon.

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – Dorsett will grow on you more each game. He does a lot of the little plays that tough teams must do…always looking to hot someone, finishes his checks, great forechecker, and he’ll drop the gloves with anybody. And while hardly undefeated in his pugilistic moments, Dorsett won’t back down from anybody. Real heart and soul guy.

  49. I didn’t mean to make anyone think I don’t love Dorsett. I really do. I think he’s a lot better than he’s been given credit for offensively. I think ‘Lumbus kept him on a shirt leash playing wise. I really, really like him. He was a Main reason I liked the Gaborik trade (I actually thought the return was good).

    He’s just not The Prust in my eyes. But no one is.

  50. @rangersreport

    Just re-watched the Kreider hit on Upshall. And, yeah, I guess it could bring discipline. Never know with the NHL. But everything’s reviewed

  51. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Refs get 10 minute misconducts for calling penalties on Prust.
    He doesn’t go to the penalty box, the pentalty box goes to him. Those boards and glass are the only thing protecting the other team from the wrath of Prust.

  52. Stranger Nation on

    watched Kreider hit for first time
    1. flippin love the mindset
    2. very, very dangerous because player did not have puck, didnt see him coming and the head hitting the boards

  53. Richards is a definite buyout because the rangers are going to need the money to resign at least Lundqvist and callahan, to name a few.

  54. Upshall got put in his place by THE Kreider!

    Love it!!!

    He is special player when a little “OLD TIME” hockey comes out of him.

  55. LMGO @ “the penalty box goes to him”

    Sorry boys. No one replaces The Prust. No one. Call me when Dorsett scores a shortie

  56. “wildplaces
    Yev, I think that ended with the Torts era…and continues under AV…don’t forget the lunch pail, blue collar work ethic we talked about under Torts first turnaround years as coach. That laid the groundwork for today’s AV team…and they now have a power play!”

    I actually think this started in the Renney era when they just decided to give some of the kids a chance…Cally, Dubi, Girardi, Staal and a couple of others all started under Renney. Torts taught the team how to play team defense and how to stick up for teammates. Now AV is teaching them how to play offense. How to break out of their zone. How to follow up plays and most importantly how to run a PP. Imagine when Nash comes back and you’ll have THREE creative scoring lines (THE Kreider, Zuc and Step…Hags, Richards..Cally, and Nash, Brassard, and Pouliot) And now we’ll also have a legit 4th line that can play with Dorsett, Boyle, and Miller. Great speed and depth. You can plug in Pyatt if you need to). Defensively they are solid and in goal as well. I still think perhaps they get a big defenseman at the dealine, but in the East, they could be the third best team going into the playoffs, behind Pittsburgh and Boston.

  57. It’s also nice to see home grown players like THE Kreider & Miller jump over Pull-Out’s performance.

    I’ve always been a fan of speed and snarl hockey. In an AV type of system it sure is fun to watch.

  58. I crack up at how, while the team is playing well and winning, there are still those who continue to complain and holler about ‘imperfections’.

    From the horrible start to now, the team has evolved into playing an energetic, fast paced hockey style that is certainly not mistake free, but generally fun to watch especially in comparison to the Torts style of playing.

    The additions of Cally, Haglin, Kreider and Miller have changed the complexion and direction of this team. We can now play at a Western Conference tempo. Can’t wait for Nash to return.

    Perfect? Definitely not. Entertaining? Absolutely.

  59. I don’t think there’s a guarantee that Pouliot is in the lineup when Nash comes back. He only played about 4 minutes after the first. Apparently, he’s on AV’s WBM too.

  60. PB, I’ll take wins over entertainment every time. If/when they make the playoffs and win a few rounds, then I’ll say it’s as good/better than Tort hockey.

  61. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Glad to see Upshall not seriously injured on the Kreider…. hit, or bump, whatever you want to call it.

    It was dangerous due to the back of his head hitting the top of the boards… if that happens 3 or 4 feet further away from the boards, he just gets planted on his backside.

    I do love the passion and fire shown…. don’t like the timing given where the game was at.

  62. Its worrying that we didn’t buy Richards out this year, Slats can’t surely miss the opportunity twice?

    Yes, he is playing well with the puck, skating well and looking a much better player but those cap recapture penalties are not going away and there should be guys available in the free agent pool, or younger guys like Kristo, Lindberg or Fast that can hopefully fill that roster spot next season.

  63. there’s no way kreider’s penalty at the end of the game is a reviewable possible suspension. If it is than the NHL is a complete joke. Shanahan must shoot darts at a dart board in his office to decide.

  64. I love what The Kreider did. Upshall was straight up going after Stepan. Kreider saw it, skated a long distance and stopped it. Good for
    Him. Very good for us.

  65. Update (9:10 a.m. ET): PHT has learned Kreider will not face further action from the league for the hit

  66. so tyutin drills Pyatt in the head, whether it was a shoulder or a elbow, point of contact was the head and tyutin didn’t even get a review. If Kreider gets a fine or suspension than the NHL is worse than a mickey mouse organization.

  67. If you can no longer stand up for
    Your teammate than this league is over.

    The Kreidee did nothing wrong. Upshall has to expect a reaction if he’s trying to force Stepan to drop the gloves.

  68. The Kreider’s skate to the bench, “Get OUT-A-MY-WAY” bump, is not suspension worthy.

    Upshall was interfering THE KREIDER’s path to the bench, that is all.

  69. @a_graz24: Per @NYP_Brooksie no hearing scheduled for Chris Kreider

    @JoshuaKummins: “@NESN: Report: Rangers’ Chris Kreider Will Not Be Suspended for Questionable Hit on Scottie Upshall http://t.co/bFwRnd5jv8” @kddillon219 :)

  70. Gift of GAB-orik on

    THE Kreider made a decision. You live with the consequences.
    It’s part of what brings a team together, and let’s the other team know the reprecussions of their actions.

  71. I guess the word is out on my new gig with @MSGNetworks. Very excited to do the game tomorrow night and be back @TheGarden. Here we go!!!

    Nice to Biron back on MSG Network, PLEASE tell me he takes over Dugay’s job!

  72. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Kreider mantra: See opposing player, hit opposing player, make opposing player tremble in his skates

  73. Exactly – it wasn’t a vicious hit, he bumped the guy at (for THE Kreider) a snail’s pace, Upshall fell backwards and from what I can see did not hit his head but his shoulders on the boards. BUT it did send a message that the kid can be aggressive and the opposition should not stand on the tracks when he train is coming

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    I only saw this games in bits and pieces, but I had the bits and pieces I saw as Hagelin-Dorsett-Zucarello

  75. Rob in Beantown on

    The Ohio State and Bemidji State _women’s_ hockey teams combined for an NCAA record 303 penalty minutes Friday night when the game ended in a bench clearing fight. That’s an NCAA record for both men’s and women’s hockey, DI and DIII.

    There were so many game misconducts assessed that when the two teams faced each other the following night they could only dress 6 forwards and 4 d-women each.

    Of course there is a video. I thought the color guy’s glee was pretty funny:

  76. Rob in Beantown on

    The fight is actually kind of tame by NHL standards, but fighting is verboten in college hockey

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Kreider physics part 2: Force = mass times acceleration.

    An accelerating big body delivers mean hits…..in the exchange of energy : As The Kreider zooms in for a hit PE = 1/2 m(v squared)

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    Dorsett has been coming on lately. If he can continue to kill penalties, that would be very good for us. Still can’t fight worth a damn, but he’s a good depth player to have.

  79. The thing I don’t like about biron is he will never be critical of this team because of all the close ties he still has. He would never question effort level. Bad signing by msg.

    I’m free if they will listen.

  80. That’s some Cat Fight!

    (I know. Bad joke. Those females could pound me into oblivion.)

    Message to the Capitals: even these college aged women protect their goalie!

  81. Manny, couldn’t agree more on The Kreider’s hit / shove.

    If they discipline him for that play, they might as well make it a men’s non-checking league.

  82. tommy – the difference is that Tyutin made a hockey play. It’s unfortunate that Pyatt got hit the way he did, but Tyutin went to throw a clean hockey hit and Pyatt had his head down and got hit in the head. The point of contact that Tyutin was going for wasn’t his head.

    Kreider didn’t make a hockey play. It was a punk move that could’ve seriously injured a player (concussion, broken neck, etc.). I’m one of the biggest Kreider fans on here next to MP and I understand what he was trying to do, but I hope he learns from this that he can’t be doing stuff like that otherwise he’s going to get a bad rep for himself with the league.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    The things that save Kreider is that he was face to face with Upshall and that Upshall wasn’t seriously hurt. If he’s looking at numbers and/or Upshall was injured, then he’s getting a call from Shanahan.

    Also helping is that it was Upshall on Florida, and not a good player on a more notorious team.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d love to see an Eric-Sioux panel on MSG. One says the sky is falling, the other says no, it’s not falling, we are just ascending so high that the sky seems closer.

  85. Eric – the only one who does criticize the team is Maloney. They aren’t going to criticize a team that is owned by their employers…

  86. In anticipation of his MSG Metwork debut, Biron and Du-gay were spotted together shopping for clothes on the lower East Side Thrift in Alphabet Land near Tompkins Square Park.

    DU-GAY to Biron: ” its important. you gotta dress for the part, Marty”

  87. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Stajcer and P.k. Slewfoots goalie brother got in a fight.
    McIlwrath was toying with a dude he could have put in a coma.

  88. Looking ahead: (since someone was asking about old as hell goalies in a previous thread)

    @HartnettHockey: #NJDevils head coach Pete DeBoer confirms that Martin Brodeur will start versus #NYR at MSG on Tuesday.

  89. Maybe not a punk move, but it’s a dangerous move in that spot on the ice. I’d have much less of a problem with it if it wasn’t by the boards like that.

    I think he’ll learn from it. And next time make sure to just do it in the middle of the ice or send him over the boards (which Cally did already anyway).

  90. Doodie – I refer to it as “Blue Sky Time”. You know that time right before the sun goes down, the wind settles, and you have 15 minutes before it gets dark……then Eric comes out :)

  91. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Agreed. Love when the pugilists give each other respect.

    McIlwrath was a beast… and absolutely clowing that other dude.

  92. Biron is the perfect color guy for MSG. Funny, intelligent, knows everyone in the game, he can provide 10x more info than Dugay!

    This will allow MSG to send Dugay to Hartford!!!

  93. That would be the perfect Gig.

    I almost put my hat in the ring for the Fargo Force color announcer at the games. But work got in the way.

  94. I’m thinking McIlrath could start on weaker teams, but is a bubble boy for the Rangers.

    Mitchell, Parenteau, Wiese, or does he become the next Prucha?

    Don’t you think the Oilers would have him out on the ice right away?

  95. I did not, Sioux. It was a lot of money and I’m already obsessed with GameCenter. I might just do hockey streams next season because I think you get every league with that.

  96. I forgot about hockey streams.

    A lot of the AHL games are on the weekend, which coincides with the Sioux games / my kids games.

  97. Latona – we used to get Hartford tickets when I had season tickets. You’d get 2 tickets for 2 games.

    And the guy McIlrath was fighting is maybe 5’11”. I’m glad he knew to hold up since he would’ve beat him into minced meat. Shows a level of maturity that I honestly didn’t think he had (never saw him in that situation).

  98. Mr. Universe seems like a much more quality person. Thomas’ fear of gay folks, children with health care and public education would annoy me too much. It shouldn’t because it’s about the game not the player’s politics, but it would.

    It will be interesting to see when Nash gets back if he is able to play effectively and how long he goes without another concussion. If he can be back to normal and finish the season and post-season injury free,hallelujah!

  99. I would hope that it’s still early enough in the season that when Nash returns he won’t cause a change in the dynamic that’s developing here. Sometimes when a big goal scorer comes back guys change their game a bit to try to make room for him. I’d like to see him slide right into the lineup maybe along side Brassard and help keep this thing going

  100. A healthy Nash back to his old self would do wonders for this team. I didn’t think this line-up would be able to score 4 to 5 goals regularly. Maybe this is just a hiccup but if this is for real, look out world!

  101. I am not as high on a trade for this club as I was. Still think we could use a t0p 6 or at least a top 9 power forward and a mean d-man who can take minutes but not sure it’s worth what the Rangers would have to give up.

  102. Rangers West
    “ALso The Kreider has looked like a beast. I hope he starts putting goals in the net again.
    November 11th, 2013 at 12:34 PM ”

    That’s the next step in The Kreider’s development.

  103. 8) Would you rather have Tim Thomas or Ilya Bryzgalov playing goal for your team?

    We’re going find out next season after Lundqvist jumps ship amirite?

  104. Time for some hypothetical lines???

    Lets say MZA is legit and not flashing, when Nash comes back we could roll three deep with a very strong shutdown 4th if we set up like this …

    Hagelin-Richards-Callahan (ain’t broke)


  105. I don’t think Lundqvist is going to jump ship unless there is a team out there that will give him 7 years over 8 mil a year.

  106. MR. D:

    Pretty good stuff. Although I wonder how effective Nash or The Kreider would be on the off wing. The two of them on a line could be a lot for other teams to deal with. Mucho speed and size.

  107. Mister D, why break up the Stepan-Kreider-MZA line? I say put Nash on Brassard’s line. Everyone wants Brassard to play with a more offensive wing, and there is little disruption elsewhere.

  108. Agree Gravy. Not to mention they should ease Nash back into it. No need to put him on the top line just because he normally plays there.

  109. Stranger Nation on

    Kreider didn’t make a hockey play. It was a punk move that could’ve seriously injured a player (concussion, broken neck, etc.). I’m one of the biggest Kreider fans on here …
    Wow – for a big fan you failed to refer to him as *THE KREIDER* and also dissed him as a punk. I would imagine right now Miami is pounding the heavy bag to release his fury on this note. No respect for the pimp!

  110. That’s why I said I’m a big fan, but not as big of a fan as Miami. I don’t want to upset him by using his name in a potentially negative situation.

  111. I’m just glad to read Nash was skating again today. Hopefully we can see him with the rest of the team soon.

  112. Stranger Nation on

    Nash prefers off wing (right). We went through this last season during Gabby/Richards/Nash line debacle…

  113. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Happy Veterans Day/Remembrance Day to all who have served and thank you!

    This is my take on what kreider did last night

    I loved what kreider did to upshall, penalty or not. He was sticking up for Stepan who upshall was cross checking the hell out of as they were going towards the benches.

    Good on kreider!

  114. It was pretty dangerous, not because Kreider is a punk but because he’s really big and strong and Upshall had no clue he was there.

  115. I’m sure the Monster Mash will come out when Nash is healthy.

    It would be nice to see a few more plays out of Miller, like the first goal yesterday. That was a thing of Beauty!

  116. Stranger Nation on

    Miller looking lost playing defense as a winger. Watched him on a couple of shifts and did not impress

  117. Ditto – what Wicky said. The part I like best, he gave him a little shoulder “bump” on the way to the bench :)

    It’s not like he rushed him from across the ice. Just imagine if he got the “FULL FORCE” from THE Kreider.

  118. I think Pouliot is in AV’s doghouse, so his spot isn’t guaranteed. Only played 7:13 last night, half of which was in the 1st period.

  119. Callahan sent Upshall into the bench earlier in the game too. That’s what you get for being a former Flyer.

  120. EXACTLY Latona. IFf you hurt a Flyer does anyone really care. That’s like if a tree fell in the forest and no one heard it, did it really make a sound. Right?

  121. Let’s see, the guy is in on, what, about 40% of the goals on a low-scoring team, has the most forward minutes per game, and has a + 5 on his various lines. Leads the team in shots by a wide margin, too, though if he didn’t the whining would never end: Why doesn’t he shoot more!? Seems like AV gets it that Richards is an invaluable player even if few here do. Why not wait until he’s not performing to complain?

  122. If Florida were smart, they’d pull a Buffalo, especially near the trade deadline. A lot of players on that roster could be valuable to playoff teams – Upshall, Versteeg, Bergenheim, Goc, Kopecky, Weaver, and Gilbert, to name a few. All of those players are decent third/fourth liners or third pair defenseman; Versteeg has the most scoring upside and would probably play on a higher line. Could probably amass a decent amount of picks/prospects for those players.

  123. Perhaps I’m biased Norm … but Richards has to have those numbers. He’s not excelling, he’s doing what a guy who doesn’t play defense needs to do when give 1C minutes and wingers and matchups.

  124. Richards is on pace for 29 goals and 72 points, which would be what we should expect from a “normal” Richards. So, he’s performing as he should, no more, no less.

  125. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Just want to say, guys, there is little better than working my morning hours, getting to the blog and reading all the great comments!!!!

    Thank you, Carpy, and to everyone that makes this place the best for NYR fans (and a troll here or there!)

  126. Latona – I could see that happening. Sell, Sell, Sell, and the coaches start over with the players they want. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled Grimaldi away from the Sioux next year.

    The Panthers should almost be moved. This team isn’t going to make the playoffs for a VERY LONG if they don’t re-start from the ground up.

  127. The Kreider isn’t defensively responsible enough to play on the 3rd line. He has to fit in the top two lines.

  128. Tampa and Boston are already on the ice.

    Here’s hoping Stamkos gets off to a fast start!

    Where’s Del Zaster today?

  129. A lot of “ifs”, but assuming The Kreider keeps playing like he has, and MZA keeps playing like he has, and Miller keeps improving, and Nash comes back healthy, then I wouldn’t look at is in terms of 1-4 lines. You have the Bole line to matchup against top lines, and you roll the other 3.

  130. I would like to see Nash with Brassard when he comes back. Keep our top two lines the same.

  131. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Gravy, considering how useless Richards was last year, it’s hard to believe he is the same player. His positioning in the offensive zone has led to great opportunities. Let’s face it, he has blown some good ones, like last night (2), but he also had a marksman of a shot for our 3rd goal.

    I really like how he led the team to the 4th goal and his play on the PP, albeit him on the point is silly, but his play has been creative. I like the fact he doesn’t hesitate, just shoots, 80% of the time, even if most miss the net. He throws some softies at the goalie. But, that’s ok, too.

    He has improved immensely on offense. And, the best you can say about his defense is that he spends more time in the offensive zone because of playing better offensively.

  132. They should be moved, Sioux. Both the players and the franchise. It’s clear that playoff run was a fluke – just start from the ground up. They have some great pieces already there; let the kids grow together.

  133. Again, a lot of “ifs”, but if those things hold up, the Rangers depth would rival the Bruins 1 through 12.

  134. Gravy – Just imagine rolling 3 scoring lines. Wave, after wave, after wave. Controlling the puck in all three zones.

  135. Agreed, Matty. He leads the team in points and has been playing like their #1 center, and that’s not a slight on Stepan.

  136. Our college team has more fans in the seats. Winnipeg is a huge success over what the NHL had in Atlanta. The Panthers should be next.

  137. That would be the best, Sioux. And then you don’t worry if Nash or The Kreider is on the 3rd line.

    I remember before the season, we were talking about “you know the Rangers are good if Pouliot is the odd man out”. It’s strange, but that could be the case.

    Again, “ifs”.

  138. It will be fun to see if Grimaldi can help the Panthers right away. They have a ton of prospects.

  139. iManny

    LMGO @ “the penalty box goes to him”

    Sorry boys. No one replaces The Prust. No one. Call me when Dorsett scores a shortie

    Actually Manny, a lot of people replace Prust – he is always injured and rarely in the lineup. A player doesn’t add much if he doesn’t play – so it appears Dorsett is much more valuable and an upgrade (he is in the lineup and being effective). So even without the shorties I’d rather have DD, because Prust’s playing style is sadly taking it’s toll which in turn is limiting his importance to his or any team.

  140. I’d move FLA to Quebec City, Sioux. That city got screwed when the franchise moved to COL – didn’t they win a cup that very next season? If they make a full commitment to the prospects, they could be very good in three or four seasons, and I think QUE fans will accept that.

  141. I was kind of bummed we didn’t see Gomez play yesterday!

    Anyone else notice he was a Prucha’s by the Panthers?

  142. Carp – my mistake, you did mention Dorsett. I must have missed it twice. good job.

    its like “Paris in the
    the spring”

  143. Any City in Canada with a population with be an improvement over Florida.

    Seattle, Portland, Kansas City might work down the road as well.

  144. You almost wonder if the Ranger fans would have Cheered “Thank You GOMEZ” without him there would be no McDonuts :)

  145. Rob in Beantown on

    They’re already building an arena in Quebec City, if I’m not mistaken. Seems like there is an understanding a team is coming

  146. Stranger Nation on

    Did the team miss Richards’ goal scoring over the preceding 8 games when they averaged 3+ goals/game?
    Are offensive stats the only important metric?


  147. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    What a perfect place for Gomez to play? South Miami, sun, women, and, oh, yes………every know and then a game!!

    How much they wasting on his loser attitude?

  148. Thanks to Sioux making some very odd trades with me.

    That said, I always end up in last place in fantasy sports. Thank God Sally is in this league. I might finally break that streak.

  149. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Stranger, no, stats mean very little. But, and you know how I feel about the slug, Richards has been doing some of the little things to help the team. And his attitude is totally different than last year.

    He actually gets pissed AT HIMSELF when he doesn’t score that goal. Last year, if you remember, it was ALL TORT’S fault.

  150. I have no problem with how Richards is playing. I’m very happy to see the bounce back. He’s actually capable of playing center again.

  151. I was happy to see Richie Rich destroy his stick yesterday. He has a whole different level of play when he has a little passion inside of him.

  152. I understand. I just picked up Ladislav Smid for his hits and blocks. I set it up that way because it’s more fun than the Crosby vs. Stamkos style league.

  153. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    I miss them both. Dubie and Gabby. But I miss Pruster more.

    Nice to see Dubie is getting more points. He needs that for his next contract, silly as that seems.

  154. Portland is like my favorite place in the country … I can’t see them supporting an NHL team. Maybe they would, in the way they love their MLS, but I just don’t know I see it.

  155. Manny did you catch the “Tatoo” league yesterday on NFL network?

    The loser of the year has to get a tattoo of the winner choice. Crazy.

  156. SOunds like McIlrath is improving. If he can be a sold number 6 on the third pairing, that would be really good for this team. Also, hope Lindberg, Miller and Kristo are ally ready to go from game one next season. Would be nice. Interesting to see what trades come up at the deadline. Don’t think the Rangers can keep everyone.

  157. Rich will shoot from anywhere, immediately, just to get rid of the puck before someone bears down on him. Sometimes it works. Last night, though, he was actually often in front of the net instead of behind it, where he is useless unless he is alone. Actually cost us when the goalie was flat on the ice and he impeded the Captain’s certain goal.

    That said, he’s been useful in the O zone and since his getting hurt would be a financial disaster, he’s probably the one Ranger who will be allowed to float into eternity.

  158. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Manny, I think Dubie would love the new system this team plays AND would put points on the board while playing 2 way and defending his teammates. For those that care about stats, he might even be worth the big dollars he plays for…..

  159. It’s funny because I remember the day he signed that extension and the blog was ecstatic. Everyone was all about Dubi-Fest and how much he deserves it and give him an “A” etc. The main talk was about how much Callahan deserved based on that contract.

  160. It was. They had the last 3 losers with their tattoos on their leg. I had to laugh at the “Pretty Pony Tat”

  161. Nice review as usual, Carp. I completely agree with #7 on your list. I’ve been seeing a lot of that lately, and it drives me nuts. It seems as if the boys are so thrilled that they just scored a goal, they forget that there’s still a game going on and they give the momentum back to the other team. I saw it again last night.

    It did sound like Duguay said “The Kreider”, but I also thought at one point I heard Sam or Joe refer to him as “The” Kreider, as well. I don’t remember whereabouts in the game I heard it, though.

  162. wow!!! Stamkos just slamed into post, looks real bad, leg problem. This could be huge blow for the lighting.

  163. Manny I have 3 players playing, do you think I could get one hit or block? Just give my boys some frequent flyer miles, something!

  164. Rob in Beantown on

    Bad for my last place fantasy team too. Ouch.

    No but really, that’s awful for him and the league if he’s hurt badly.

  165. It’s definitely an awful injury. He is reacting like he know it. Tried to stand up. Fell over. Started pounding the ice in anger. Them he laid on the ice and was clutching his ankle and his thigh.

    He’s probably lucky he’s in Boston and not Tampa for the top notch medical care.

  166. I’m not trying to be funny, Sioux! I hate Ovechkin. So I was hoping Stamkos would beat him out for the Rocket.

  167. A Stamkos injury would make the East even less relevant. Did anyone else notice the Rangers are now only 6 points out of the conference lead (pending the outcome of the Lightning game)? Only in the East.

    The Rangers have 18 points and are in playoff position. Meanwhile, the 8th place team in the West has 24, and LA is out with 22.

  168. They amputate everything, Coos. It’s still the same level of medicine they used when Sherman marched through Georgia and into Florida.

  169. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Someone get Stamkos the number to the Biogenesis lab pronto! Maybe A-rod can give him a reference?

  170. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    This teams needs another guy that can drop the mitts before dorsett is gassed/injured by Xmas.

  171. Stamkos is my on my team. He is my HORSE!

    I thought you guys, where making this up, cause Im at work.

    Now my phone lights up.

    My kind of Monday, snow, wind, doors don’t fit, now my top player is out.

  172. Tampa is 6-0-0 against the West, Toronto is 6-3-0, Detroit is 4-3-2, and Boston is 2-1-1. Other than that, no Eastern team has a winning record against the West.

  173. man, players dropping like flies for the lightning, now salo is hurt and the bruins score 2 quick goals, 2-0 bruins.

  174. I tried to link you guys to a .gif of the ankle injury but the comment got stuck in moderation. I tweeted it so you can see it there. It’s painful to watch

  175. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Did u see Connor Allen get in this scrap that basically led to the line brawl at the next faceoff in the pack game?

    Best part is the pack player (I think it’s mcilrath) skating over to the penalty box and saying something to the bruin player player right after he goes in


  176. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I mentioned it last night, I love bordeleau from Colorado, guy is awesome!

    Pyatt and d Moops for bordeleau and landeskog, get it done slats!!

  177. That stamkos injury looks very serious, fell to the ice driving to the net and his left skate blade slammed into the post which snapped his ankle and than the right leg/shin slammed into the post. Possible broken leg/ankle, looks bad.

  178. I’m going to throw up. I watched it
    Too many times. It looks like his shin, ankle and hamstring. Ugh

  179. Steve Stamkos will be looking for breakthrough performance against Boston on Monday afternoon.

    Who knew his break would be his leg. Ugh!

  180. Rob in Beantown on

    Edmonton assigned Bryz to the AHL affiliate for conditioning. Expected to start Saturday

  181. _I hate to see that happen to anyone in the league not named Cooke, Kaleta, etc. Hell, I’d even hate to see that happen to Crosby._

    Yeah, you have to be pretty far into the red for me to want that to happen. Those two guys are good calls. Torres too.

  182. yea, that stamkos injury is a big blow for the lightning. The lightning have gotten off to a great start and look like a true contender in the east. That’s going to hurt them a bit. Hopefully it’s not a severe leg injury and stasmkos doesn’t miss a large amount of games.

  183. The Magnificent Clearasil on

    THE pimple.

    THE pustule.

    THE gaggle of little nazettes in their
    florid yellow sunsuits, marching to orders…

  184. Did anyone notice Birons tweet>>>>>

    Martin Biron ? @martybiron43 I guess the word is out on my new gig with @MSGNetworks. Very excited to do the game tomorrow night and be back @TheGarden. Here we go!!!

    You know anything aboot this Carp?

  185. One of the slowest healing bones. Source, Steven Stamkos has broken tibia. Told will require surgery. Not a Good day for Sioux team in the bonehead league.

  186. Between this and Manny Machado, my young crushes have been getting really lucky with seemingly horrific leg injuries.

  187. Some say a break is better than a high ankle sprain.

    The worst is the Achilles, that takes over 6 months.

  188. That is going to hurt the lighting to take away their top scorer. It will be interesting to see how far they slip before he can come back.

  189. With Boston, Detroit, and Toronto right behind them, you would think that would be the top 3 in the Atlantic division.

    Tampa will have to compete for the wild card.

  190. The Achilles is so hard to Heel because it continues to Hector you and it is difficult to operate on because of all the Greece. Often, you have to go to Paris to find the true cause.

  191. Yea, I figured Stamkos broke his leg when I watched it happen live. That’s a huge blow for the Lightning.

  192. Great review Carp. Re: #7, I was thinking the same thing. Early success against a struggling team followed by complacency.

    Re the hit, by the Kreider. At first it reminded me of the hit on Sauer, which was a clean but dangerous hit, in that Upshall went backwards into the top of the board like Sauer did. But on a second look, I think his shoulder or shoulder blade took the brunt of it. I agree with you that Kreider appeared to be coming in to stick up for his line mate.

    More Rangers need that as part of their game.

  193. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    After the hit on Upshall, The Kreider goes up to Girardi and says:

    “Kid, that’s what ya do when your teammate gets roughed up. You send the perpetrator into orbit. Get it?”

  194. iDoodie Machetto on

    Manny, this is totally off topic, but are you a metalocalypse fan? I feel like we have discussed it before.

  195. Kreider just missed out on a Benoit Pouliot hat trick: taking a penalty in the offensive, defensive and neutral zones.

  196. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Well, nothing wrong with adding yet another 6’1″, ‘shutdown’ defenseman weighing 190 lbs. But, we already have enough of that type of ‘shutdown’ defensemen.

    What we could use is a Dougie Hamilton-type at 6’5″ and 220 that can ride guys and use his size to keep them away from the net. We have been in need of ‘that’ type of guy for quite some time.

    Knock, knock. Sather, is this THAT tough a concept?

  197. Just got home from jpg and my Dad’s Veteran’s Day meal.

    Happy Veterans Day to everyone on the board, jpg and my Dad, retired Air Force
    Our Uncless WWII
    Cousins, Vietnam, Panama, both Iraq wars, Afghanistan and National Guard

  198. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    And, for those who watch year in and year out, the Bruins have size, strength, and ability just like The Kings, Sharks, Hawks, Blues. Tampa actually has a pretty good sized ‘d’.

    So, Tampa, the ‘upstart’, goes into Boston’s house and the Bruins play physical. Send a bit of an early season message. It’s typical. It has been happening for the last few years, the ‘B’s’ get better as the year goes on, pick up their game and use their size when they want to in the first 82 games. Then, in the playoffs, as we witnessed, they turn it up to a different level, and mash teams all they want. Who can stop them? Ask Tampa. Ask Rick Nash.

    It’s sad that two guys get hurt today. Actually Salo has some size to him and was checked by a guy of similar size. It happens. Stamkos? That elusive 190 lb. player, just like we have so many of, who is like a rag doll against Hamilton’s size.

    Boston did that today. They can do it when they want.

    Ultimately, gee, I wonder which team should win in a playoff series… a bigger stronger, Chara, Lucic-led team….or…a Callahan, Hagelin, Stepan-led smurf team. The BIGGER, STRONGER team, or the smaller, quicker team?

    So, let’s enjoy the regular season. I sure do. But, until our front office understands that gritty size is needed to play important games against certain teams, we lose, almost at will, to size when it’s combined with some talent.

    Let’s be real of our prospects unless there are some HUGE (no pun intended) changes.

  199. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    You are saying that a team plays with a different level of effort in the regular season than in the playoffs. That is the second most foolish thing I have read today. The most foolish thing is that the Rangers got happy and complacent with the score 1-0 in their favor and then flipped the switch back on again to win 4-3, so the Rangers went from concentration to complacency and back to concentration again.

  200. 7) I think the Rangers got, as Torts used to say, “Happy” at 1-0. The first goal was too pretty and easy, and they got away from what they’d been doing lately.


  201. Mr. Coos,

    Returning from the wine-dark seas to catch up on your latest dose of Richie-hate, and I must say: Disappointed. It was strangely nuanced today, borderline complimentary, even. Alas, most float off now, back to the trireme, hoping for better from you tomorrow if the Sirens don’t get me first.

  202. Kreids has shown exponential improvement, but, let’s temper that by admitting that his D zone play is still somewhat shaky. Confidence will help him figure it out. Miller ditto except for the exponential improvement.

  203. Shanahan played a rough style, himself, and might be expected to be more lenient than most, but is maddeningly inconsistent. Preferable, though, to alternatives who would enjoy turning the game into tiddlywinks.

  204. Stranger Nation on

    Kreider is a fore-checking machine – when moving he keeps the thinking to a minimum and plays exceptionally.
    When standing in D zone and having to anticipate positioning and play angles, he is not that effective.

  205. Fortunately, that’s something he can improve upon. That size and speed, as the saying goes, can’t be taught.

  206. I am amazed at how agile he can be behind the opponents’ net fighting for the puck, with the ability to rapidly switch direction on a dime, often leaving his antagonist flat-footed.

  207. Stranger Nation on

    Word Up Sees – kid is a freak; he got wheels and speed to burn.

    that move on the Miller goal was a high talent play

  208. Ritchie’ has played like a free roaming Mustang galloping across the western plains. He’s been a real horse for us this year.

  209. Stranger Nation on

    We can live with Kreider’s supposed defensive lapses; kid is an absolute stud with the puck.

    Norris Stralman is another story…

  210. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Kenneth @7:45:

    I see you are new around here. One rule that most of us try to obey is that if you disagree with a point someone is making that’s fine. Denigrating another blogger for simply stating their opinion has no place.

    That being said, I’m not too sure what game you have been watching. I only have 27 years as a season subscriber and another 20 as a fan.

    Absolutely, yes, there is a difference with the intensity of early and even many first half games vs. playoff push, second half games. Go to the games and tell me. These guys can’t play full force all 82 games. Most will, to a point. These players are human and it is our nature to work harder when pushed to the edge. Further, there’s a reason why the playoffs are the ‘second season’ and part of it is that it’s all on the line. Again, absolutely yes, teams play with more ferocity moving to this part of the year and if you closely watch other teams, and I have the julienned Bruins since their championship, they absolutely kick it up a notch when they need to and are a ton more aggressive physically during a playoff series.

    Last year, going into the series with them, you were probably picking the Rangers in 4? 5? And, tell me, did you think Boston won the series 4-1 because the ref’s were on their side? Was it a ‘close’ series that could have gone either way????

  211. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Stranger, vibin’. That first goal last night was fascinating. His back check was picture perfect. That was a defensive play, no?

    But then to get back into the play as he did and get the first assist. Scary.

    This team is now fun to watch, if for no other reason, because we can watch him progress. We haven’t had a player like this, this much raw talent in quite some time.

  212. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Kreider is developing his own style, too. It’s his speed along with the size that makes him so promising. The big puppy is learning how and when to check, but he clearly is learning how to be a pest in front of and behind the net.

    Lindros had his own style. Nash has his. This kid’s figuring it out AS WE WATCH. Very cool.

  213. The Kreider’s parents also like that he skates with his head up, but they would prefer he do it all of the time.

  214. I think that’s it Matty. WE have a player with all this talent. A draft pick, OUR guy.

    WE deserve it.

  215. Forget about his “d”, I’d like to see The Kreider put the puck in the net a little more frequently. Current pace of 2 goals every 10 games is a 16 goal season. Not good enough. Get it to at least 3 or preferably 4 goals every 10 games. Then we are talking about a legitimate goal-scoring power-forward.

  216. I’ve had this feeling for weeks and I think it’s getting closer to happening – someone will drop the gloves on The Kreider and that someone is going to get seriously hammered.

    And then The Kreider will be King of Rangerland.

  217. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Papa, I believe that will come, too. When, not sure. He is getting more confident with various parts of his game.

    He may not be any more than a 50 or 60 point player. In time, his serious wrister will be whistling to points behind most goalies with an occasional slapper. We all want it now, but he’s just a puppy.

    Let him fill out, gain a few, get more confident. Sit back and enjoy.

    Can’t imagine what it’s like rooting for a team that has a few of these guys at once!!

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    4ever – 1.e4 c5
    2. Nf3 Nc6
    3. Bb5 is my guess

    I can’t believe Carlsen will try 1. Nf3 again and Anand’s Slav may be too tough to crack…

  219. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    4ever – I thought of you today. I watched a video of kasparov’s game 24 win vs Karpov to maintain his WC title and then followed it up with the last game Tal ever played – blitz game vs Kasparov, 2 days before he died ( Tal snuck out of the hospital to play in the tournament..Tal won as GK lost on time with an excellent sacrifice (typical Tal)

    The book Tal – Botvinnik 1960 is a classic

  220. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I am hoping carlsen wins as well.. Tho Anand is such a classy person,,,,,I am a big fan of Nakamura (now 4th in the world) as well as Radjabov.

  221. Just have this fascination with game itself and people involved – such unparalleled mix of science, art, sport and sometimes pure genius. Intellectual paramount…

  222. You will be surprised, but Misha, besides having some mental problems, also was heavy drinker to his last days(quite unusual for such Jewish guy of this caliber).

  223. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yes, misha smoked till the end too, yes? …vodka is so good. Such a shame he was sick – he should have beaten Botvinnik in their return match…Fischer was very close to The great Tal

  224. Speaking of Chess and Russian serial killers, how bout Alexander Yuryevich Pichushkin, AKA “The Chessboard Killer” who killed at least 49 people in Moscow between 1992 and 2006.

  225. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    4ever – and Misha never gave up smoking either, yes? Fischer was very close to him. land I think had Tal not been sick, he would have beaten Botvinnik in their return match…

  226. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cccp – the former women’s WC was from Ukraine. And of course the crazy Ivanchuk.

    4ever – Tal was big inspiration for Shirov and Shabalov (who I’ve met several times)

  227. Pichushkin, upon his arrest said that his goal was to kill 64 persons, a victim for each square on the chess board.

  228. mmm…it is arguable – Botvinik was still very strong, in a good shape and traditionally very poised and hardened fighter.

  229. Misha’s temperament sometimes worked against him, particular, when party or tournament was too long or developed not in his scenario…

  230. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I never liked M. Botvinnik. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with David Bronstein at a tournament and I asked him about 1951 WC match. He smiled and shook his head . I had my copy of Zurich 53 and he wrote a message for me…one of my prized possessions…

  231. Wow, guys! Your knowledge of Russian criminal life is just stunning…or it is only profound interest about serial killers (professional maybe?)

  232. Stranger Nation on

    Like to see a beat down tomorrow night to see how speed game plays against Debbies D and how far we have truly progressed since last encounter with them.

  233. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kreider step Zucchini
    Cally Ritchie hags
    Miller Brassard Nash
    Haley Boyle Dorsett.

    Shame Ritchie rocket has to play…

  234. Eddie, Son of Sam was a personal favorite of mine. What he lacked in volume, he certainly made up for with terror, talking dogs, felatio, mail men, .44 caliber , letters to newspapers etc. Sam put the City on edge

  235. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – an old girl friend’s sister was target number 2 – she want hit, but her bf needed a plate in her noodle

  236. MATTY,

    Yesssssss!!!!! So it’s confirmed that they use “The Kreider”!!!! That makes my night.

    And I had a rough one watching the Dolphins clowns lose to the Bucs.

  237. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pimp – if you do a search, you’ll see I was the first to use “The Kreider” I coined it from The Prust ;)

  238. I would really like to get true confirmation that these guys are using “The Kreider”.

    We have to keep our ears open tomorrow night.

  239. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    watching the game on the dvr late last night with the mrs and at one point in front of hank a florida player was camped out and the mad bomber checked him twice and he just stood there then J Moops checked him and knocked him on his aasen and the mrs said “about time someone with a pair clears the crease”…LOL love that woman!!!

  240. M_Pimp, it is me, actually, who discovered the Kreider and unmasked the destructive forces to be unleashed against him.
    Tortorella conspired to rob him of his confidence, only to acquire him for another team, after he got orchestrated (fired) from Rangers. This Macchiavellian stuff goes on and on all the time in the NHL, believe me…

  241. Wicky©No one screens the goalie, no one gets to rebounds!!! on

    crazy question, but where do you live in AK? And how much is a gallon of milk?

    Guess that is two questions

  242. I live in Anchorage.

    gal milk= about 2.80

    got a foot of snow yesterday. first of the year. its a month late.upposed to get down to 10º tonight.

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