It’s Go Time! … Panthers at Rangers


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Game 17.panthers
Panthers at Rangers.


Panthers with a new coaching staff (0-1) have lost eight in a row and are 3-10-4 (but not the worst team in the East).

The 8-8 Rangers have won two in a row, five of six, and six of eight. They have allowed two goals or fewer in nine straight games.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against Scott Clemmenson.

Brandon Mashinter goes into the lineup in place of Taylor Pyatt (concussion). Dominic Moore (oblique) and Rick Nash (concussion) remain out.

Nash has resumed skating and has been symptom free for four or five days, though there is no target for his potential return. Moore is also skating and getting close to returning.

Justin Falk is prucha’d.


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  1. With a little luck we can help it out,
    We could make this whole damn thing work out.
    With a little love, we can lay it down.
    Can’t you feel this town exploding?

  2. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – every day, hundreds of people come up to me and tell me they read the blog…especially my posts..

  3. Speaking of the Hawks: apparently against the East, the Western Conference has a 72-28-11 record in 111 games this season. Yikes

  4. Someone’s knocking at the door, somebody’s ringing the bell.
    Someone’s knocking at the door, somebody’s ringing the bell.

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Baby says to me, she’s happy as can be, you know she said so….Im in love with her and I feel fine…

  6. Sunday evening match against a bad team with a new head coach. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

  7. Frankly Laughter on

    Joe Michalleti followed around the 19 year old russian kid,

    “I saw him in a t shirt…”‘

    Does Joe have no self awareness or control on how creepy he sounds?

  8. Frankly Laughter on

    “He’s a good looking young boy…” Joe Michaletti on just about every under 20 year old NHL hockey player…

  9. (Completely overshadowed the mini-rant I’d started over Pouliot’s centering pass for Florida.)

  10. It’s gone, but the gist was “trying to center passes for the Florida Panthers 3rd line is exactly what Pouliot’s NHL role should be”.

  11. Olga Folkyerself on

    When is the pouliot experiment considered a mistake??

    When he drops a beaker of liquid and turns into a monster.

  12. thanks to JT
    we don’t have to worry
    about thomas
    skating to center ice
    with a shutout
    and yelling

  13. This game has loss written all over it. Lundqvist standing on his head and whoever the ranger defensemen was blew it, should have prevented the florida player the tird shot that went in for the tieing goal.

  14. “Panthers have a little duck for dinner on Tuesday night.”

    Guys, just thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to listen to the Panthers broadcast like I do.

  15. If Brad Richards converted even 1% of the off-angle slapshots he takes, he’d have 35 goals by now.

  16. Stranger Nation on

    Jeff – you are so correct. No conscience what so ever. What happened to the play making center we signed??

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Doo gay – ‘there is a mistake by Brad richards there…’

    smartest thing he said all year

  18. Stranger Nation on

    jpg – think the use of special teams screwed up the line combos a little. Also could be double shifting The Kreider for Monster Mash

  19. Did anyone actually tell Brad Richards that he wasn’t bought out? Like, does he realize they’re still paying him to play hockey?

  20. I know I’m getting way ahead of myself but it will be interesting to see what the rangers team will look like next year in AV’s second year as coach. Hopefully the first thing sather does is buy out richards, than it will be interesting to see who sather resigns or doesn’t resign and what free agents the rangers bring in.

  21. Miami
    i’m stuck with panthers broadcast
    due to Center Ice package
    broadcasts the MSG broadcast

    gonna check into how they choose what to show
    because this is happening A LOT
    this year

  22. There a desperate team. We are a team that every year has these dreadful games to a team who barely wins

  23. Carp

    you’ve been in the locker room
    do any of these players
    other than Cally, Zuc
    and Dorsett actually own a pair?

    watching Hank get stomped and having to act

  24. Rangers are annoying me again. The other night in columbus they annoyed me, thought the rangers were fortunate to get a victory, tonight they are really annoying me, making the Panthers look like one of the better teams in the eastern conference. I had a feeling this was going to happen tonight.

  25. Rangers standing around in front of hank getting a front seat view of a the saves hank’s making.

  26. Rangers kinda look like
    the team from 2 weeks ago
    and panthers players look like
    they don’t want to be traded

  27. This team is bush league.

    Going to waste. 2 points.

    First team to lose to the Panthers in 9 games.

  28. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    more important than this game…who is the handsome guy on top of the home page????

  29. This is why I am so negative towards this team. They leave pts on table that rest of league doesn’t against this team.

  30. Man, tonight just completely made my “Brassard has as many or more points if he got Richards opportunities” case.

  31. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    One of these slow footed Florida defensemen is gonna just chop at Hagelin at some point. He’s making them look silly.

  32. is Hags okay?
    wasn’t off somewhere just now
    when Cally left him the puck
    and barely moved around in d zone

  33. Is Gravy around? I remember him laughing at my post saying that we undervalue players playing their first game at MSG. Well, Barkov scored tonight, Gravy! I wasn’t kidding!

  34. If Richie were 20, a scout might say that could be an eventual superstar if he learns to skate, finish, play a little D, and develops patience instead of treating the puck like a hot potato.

  35. Funny thing is, there couldn’t be a more pleasant, soft-spoken, eloquent and polite guy than Dave Brown. Seriously. Enigma.

  36. Isles also lose probably the only decent defensemen they have in Hamonic to injury tonight. Isles keep this up there season will be over with by the end of the year.

  37. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    The crazy thing. Hags made a huge impact on this team when he came back. It is felt every game, so far.

    Time will tell if he is improving.

  38. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Miami, that play by The Kreider for goal 1 was the type of play a thoroughbred makes.

    The kid’s special.

  39. ORR

    you know…i was thinking the same thing, bro… Brass has been demoted to fourth line just as he was back in CB with arniel coaching… weird coincidence? I think not!

  40. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    What has gotten into Richie Rocket’s head? He seems possessed.


  41. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Gravy, they have all these amplifiers for the tv sound to make it sound louder than it really is at the game.

    Some nights I come home, watch replay and amazed how loud it sounds, when it wasn’t in person.

  42. Matty: Richie Rich raises his game to another level when going against irrelevant franchises playing their 3rd road game is 4 nights. Simply clutch.

  43. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Carp, at about the Foxwoods Five, you’ll see the cell phones out, and the mass exodus down below. 2 goal lead, gotta make plans for later tonight. Who cares about hockey?

  44. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Ya Gravy!! :)))))

    Seriously, it isn’t as loud there as it sounds on tv. Those pings are the post/crossbar, but they have it miked up.

  45. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Oh, man, Rocket may get star of the game. If so, the Canadian headlines will be:


  46. Florida TV crew behind me talking about Richards being reborn. how he looks like the old Richards because of Vigneault, blah, blah, blah.

  47. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Agreed, Latona. Hate to admit it, but Boyle was gliding, too.

    Stop your feet, even this team can come back.

  48. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Lol, Carpy.

    Well, they have a point. Torts held him back (S) (S) (S)

    Everyone knows that.

  49. Why do I have a feeling the Rangers are going to take a penalty at some point in the last 2 minutes…

  50. they have to buy out richards, no other choice unless they want to break up the team and lose there #1 goalie and other players.

  51. Callyman, no disrespect, but that prediction was almost as inevitable as me predicting Richards would shoot wide on the 5-on-3.

  52. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    but Carp, he was down on the ice for 10 seconds and pretended he was hurt. Doesn’t he ‘buy’ 2 minutes for that?

  53. god alot of the refs in the nhl stink. Do these guys actually get trained on what is a actuall penalty, cross check, trip, elbow, boarding, etc…

  54. Carp
    looked kinda like
    THE Kreider made a high hit
    and the only reason
    ref noticed was because
    panther player fell awkardly to the ice
    and milked it for all it was worth

  55. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Kreider will learn. He is playing great. He is improving. He is a future star.

  56. Panthers were coming on strong throughout the whole game… team that just cleared house and is on 8 games losing streak is dangerous…so it was a good win for the Rangers, even though panthers are still the worst team in the NHL.

  57. I’m one of the bigger Torts’ defenders there is, but the difference between Torts and AV? The Kreider wouldn’t sniff more than 5 minutes of ice time in the next few games as punishment for taking that penalty. AV will actually give him another chance and let him learn from his mistake.

  58. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Well, nice to see the boys take care of business and beat a weaker team as they should.

  59. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Man, I don’t know why it hurts SO much to say it, but Rocket missed 2 rather easy opportunities in the 2nd.

    But he came through with a really nice GWG on a good set up.

    Again, hate to say it, it was a goal scorers goal.

  60. Carp, agree. That was not a x- check. It was a push / shove.

    The Kreider was a physical presence tonight. A real Beast.

  61. it’s a good sign the rangers are winning these games where in the past they might have lost. Things are looking up in rangerland.

  62. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    There were a number of people that said, Tommy, give them 20 games to get acclimated to the new year. New coach, no Torts, new players, new system, transformed MSG, long road trip to start…..and here we are, they are playing better.

    They will not beat the elite, big teams in the playoffs, but this team is proving it can compete. It is also proving that, like someone named Carp said, given the weakness in their division, they could finish as high as second. Seems more possible now, doesn’t it?

  63. The Kreider came out of the box, tried to kiss Henrik’s mask and Hank cross checked him away. :)

    Bad penalty, but you have to like K’s new-found passion and aggression.

  64. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Coos, his whole attitude is different. Credit the change to AV on that. Or the change away from Torts.

    He would never do the helmet kiss with Torts as coach.

    It seems it’s what he needed to start playing like he can. And it’s only the beginning. He is rising.

  65. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    I think he’s ‘hood off’, ‘blinkers on’, and what a difference!!!

  66. Oh I guess they did. I’m at a wedding in NJ and for some reason my Game Center wasn’t blacked out so I was able to watch the game on my lap.

    Starting to love this team a bit. Playfulness, friendship and intangibles.

  67. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Someone said Kreider tried to, Manny, but Hank objected. If that really happened. I didn’t see it.

  68. Also, really happy to finally see that Barkov kid on the ice. Florida has an amazing pool of prospects.

  69. And I think Horseteeth is less confused. AV knows he will never play any D and will never fight along the boards, or ever check anyone ever again and he probably feels less pressure to do anything but play one half the ice.

  70. Richard’s biggest problem last year was that he would stop, open his legs and didn’t know what to do with it.

  71. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Miami, on that first goal, The Kreider did SO much right it was incredible. what a great 2 plays by him.

  72. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Miami, it was on the post game show as they were reviewing the first goal. Perhaps there is a tape of the post game show?

  73. If McDonuts wasn’t such a necessary monster on defense, you might even consider trying him at a wing.

  74. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Barkov looks like he’s got natural talent. I wonder if he is ready for the NHL, though. Just my HO.

  75. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    AV’s Presser:

    “vanilla, vanilla, vanilla, vanilla and vanilla. And did I miss anything everyone wants to hear? Vanilla.”

  76. Cally sure makes certain to fly both skates in the air when he is checked and knows he definitely can’t make the play. Ooops, heresy. Love the guy!

  77. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Almost whenever Hank is seen sprawling on the ice making 1, 2 even 3 saves, when he gathers up the puck, you’ll see MDZ gliding to the rescue.

  78. Nice to flood on the puck, especially in the D zone, but too often we see the other half of the ice unpopulated by anyone but the opposition.

  79. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    JOE: “AV, so you’re thoughts about the game?”

    AV: “Great. Just great.”

    JOE: “How about Rocket’s goal and assist?”

    AV: “Awesome. Just awesome.”

    JOE: “How about Hank’s great play?”

    AV: “Great saves. Great saves”

    JOE; “Thanks for the real insight, AV.”

  80. Yea. That’s what I’ve read Matty. But Barkov sounds like a really interesting find for their absolutely stacked system.

  81. I thought E3 might be here tonight. His favorite non Ranger plays for the cats.

    Brad Boyeeeeeeeees!

  82. DelZ is skating on thin ice, and I’m not talking of the miserable, melting 1/2 inch Dolan provides. But, what right now is the alternative? 45 minutes for McD and 35 for Girardi?

  83. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    AV said Kreider apologized to the team after the game.

    The other players should apologize to him for their lack of great ability, like he has.

    Don’t worry kid. It’s ok. It’s ok.

  84. Kreisler can take penalties if he’s being aggressive. It sucks. But it shouldn’t have been a one goal game at that point. Should have had a cushion.

    Everything he’s doing I love. Keep it up. Learn and keep moving.

    Apologizing to the team though is a huge, huge maturity step. Love it. Nasty to the other team, in love with your teammates.

  85. I noticed a few players tapping Kreids with sticks on the way to off- ice ramp, like in, “Don’t worry about it.”

  86. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Coos, it’s really hard to trade him. It’s hard to send him down, too.

    To be fair, he’s playing on the opposite side. That’s gotta be hard.

    If he is traded, they’d have to get equal value. That’d be hard at this point.

  87. I’m with you Coos. He’s not that expensive and he has a high ceiling. If you’re not getting something better back it ain’t worth it.

  88. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Oh, man, and then his strength? He clobbered Upshall, who clearly went down like a sack of potatoes, not realizing the boards were that close.
    But, man, he flew.

    Kreider must be so freaking strong. He’s like a huge puppy that has no idea of his own strength.

  89. Very difficult at present, Matt, you’re right. And his production is not exactly cheap at 3 mil. Still, I always forget that he just turned 23 and upside is available if he grabs it.

  90. Matty, I was thinking the same thing, he sent that kid flying. Dumb penalty but still impressive strength.

  91. I think Dorsett was one of the guys to tap the Kreids with a stick going off ice, like in, “I would have done the same thing, but I’m glad it wasn’t me.” :)

  92. The Kreider is strong. So strong. Dude has amazing legs. And I don’t mean that in a Joe Micheletti way. I mean it in a “YouTube his workouts and watch him do one legged squats.” It’s unreal. Also that jumping out of the pool video is more impressive than it looks.


  93. Impressed that the boneheads appreciated the work of McD and Dorsett, who do so much of the unglamorous but necessary dirty work.

  94. @AGrossRecord: Richards, who got the Broadway Hat, on his goal: “Hags made another nice play. I’m surprised he kept giving it to me. I kept messing it up.”

  95. Rob in Beantown on

    The Kreider is a beast. The timing was bad, but I really dig the sentiment at the end of the game. I want to see Keeider get really mean and nasty.

  96. Me either, Sioux. It blows me away. His leg strength is out of control. He will be very hard to knock off the puck throughout his career.

  97. #15 is listed at 6′ 200. He wishes. I wish. Still, a tough little monkaay, as Inspector Clouseau would say.

  98. Rob in Beantown on

    Richards was just looking to shoot every time he got the puck. Good shots, bad shots, weird angle shots, it didn’t matter. Really noticeable

  99. Riche will shoot from anywhere, immediately, just to get rid of the puck before someone bears down on him. Sometimes it works. Tonight, though, he was actually often in front of the net instead of behind it, where he is useless unless he is alone. Actually cost us when the goalie was flat on the ice and he impeded the Captain’s certain goal.

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