Panthers come to town tomorrow with a new coaching staff


In case you missed it, the sorry Florida Panthers made sweeping changes to their coaching staff Friday.

So the Cats (3-9-4 and winless in their last seven) will/should be all fired up coming to the Garden tomorrow to play the streaking Rangers.

Head coach Kevin Dineen and assistants Craig Ramsay and Gord Murphy were all fired Friday.

GM Dale Tallon — it’s never the GM’s fault, by the way — announced that Pete Horachek, the team’s AHL coach, would take over as interim head coach, assisted by former Ranger Brian Skrudland (one in a long line of free agent busts) who had been Florida’s director of player personnel, and ex-Devil John Madden, who had been a pro scout.

Kevin Dineen is the brother of Rangers video coach Jerry Dineen.

I will repeat what I’ve said several times. The Panthers’ move to the new Atlantic Division and the new realignment and playoff format, IMO, will spell the end of that franchise. They will not make the playoffs in the foreseeable future, if ever.


I imagine that, if Taylor Pyatt did suffer a concussion on the head shot by Fedor Tyutin in Columbus on Thursday, that there will be no update on his condition today. Rangers coach Alain Vigneault will have to decide, assuming Pyatt will not play tomorrow, whether to simply put Brandon Mashinter back into the lineup, or call up a player from Hartford. Keep en eye on the widget ——–> for that info this morning.



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  1. @CrossingBroad: A police source confirmed that Claude Giroux was in an accident with his Porsche at 9th and Market last night. We’re called to scene 1o2

  2. Just read where Mitch beck who does the Hartford blog was a stand up comedian for many years before his hockey gig.

    Need I say how appropriate or how truth is often stranger than fiction???

    Bring him to NY to work with Nosen, he’ll have a field day!!! ;)

    Let’s see who comes up with the best dialogue between Sam and Mitch, “Uh Sam would you be offended if I pulled your nose after every goal”?

  3. 6th! Never know how a team will react after the coaches are all pulled. Hope we win an easy one this weekend. Guessing that Masher is inserted into Pyatt’s slot.

  4. @CrossingBroad: Giroux is fine. No medics were called. His car may have been hit by a FedEX truck. He was with Jay Rosehill… they posed for pics with cop.

  5. A police source confirmed that Poulet was involved in an incident involving overall poor play and a chicken.

  6. Interesting scathing article by LB on MDZ…will be interesting to see how that situation develops in the next few months. Miami, I thought it was a French Poodle. Much be the DTs.

  7. Obama’s in Miami today … Zzzzz

    I’m going out for a bagel and to try to take pics of Air Force One.

    CARP, keep me up with to he latest on Poulet …. as in, has he already been cut or sent down?

  8. jimG the desertrat on

    It will take Fla about 20 games before they pick up the new system and start playing the right way

  9. Can’t see how AV can bench MDZ, as Brooks theorized. Who takes his place? More likely some limited ice time for Michael until and unless he picks it up. Poor McD. They’ll burn this guy out before he’s 25. :)

  10. Good morning, boneheads!

    J. Moore is much better on his skates than MDZ. Maybe it’ll be easier for him to adjust to playing on the R than for Del Zotto, since he can turn around better, has a longer reach, and can skate out of trouble faster than MDZ. Maybe they should see if MDZ can settle into his natural position before discarding him as their regular. Too much upside.

  11. I was surprised to find that Del Zotto is a UFA at the end of the season. To me, that means he’s gone at the deadline. Rangers are not re-signing him at what he wants. No way.

  12. I am keeping Poullet for two reasons….first…he has the skill to be a game breaker and secondly…he keeps accumalating all those Frequent Penalty Box points…valuable for great gifts like free upgrades to game misconducts and sweet freebies like hand on puck minors…I heard he is saving up for a hand on puck in the crease infraction….brought to you courtesy of Glow-in-the-Dark wallpaper!

  13. I know I know. I keep doing that. Sorry.

    My main point is I can’t see him getting a bridge deal.

  14. Stranger Nation on

    He’s a conundrum wrapped in an enigma….

    caught inside a puzzle within a maze of obscurity trapped in a labyrinth of time and space.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    With crowded benches in the NHL, Pullout may just need some along time to get his thoughts together.

  16. I can’t foresee another team offering El Zotto much more than he’s receiving now, and it would make sense for the Rangers to give him a bridge deal for his age 24 and 25 seasons.

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  17. @Real_ESPNLeBrun: Rick Nash on the ice with goalies and extras today. Not sure what it means for time line but obviously a good thing

  18. I see other teams giving extensions to players who are going to be ufa’s at the end of the year. Why haven’t the rangers extended Girardi or Callahan or at least here rumors about working on a contract?

  19. Stranger Nation on

    If we are going to keep Staal, then you don’t need MDZ because we are set on left side for the next five seasons with McD, Stahl, and Moore

    MEZ has some value, but Moore is a better player IMHO even though he has not put up the stats that MEZ has.

  20. Well, it’s a bit more complex with MDZ. By the end of his current contract he will only be 24, but will have completed 5 years of NHL service. Which means he will be UFA eligible two years after that at 26. ( the rule is either 27 yr old with minimum 4 yr service or 7 yr NHL experience). 2 year “bridge” brings him right into UFA. Not the optimal situation. They will have decisions to make.

  21. That trade by Snow will go down as one of the stupiest trades in islander history. Moulson in less games has more assist and goals than Vanek and since the trade the islanders went from scoring 4 goals and a good power play to struggling to score goals and a struggling power play. Thank you Garth Snow for keeping the islanders down.

  22. 2 year bridge for El Zotto right into UFA is optimal for the Rangers. Buy both years of his RFA, keep him under contract for his age 24 and 25 seasons, and see if he develops into a better player in that span. If not, let him walk in UFA.

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  23. What are they waiting for?

    This is a business.

    Callahan isn’t going anywhere.

    Girardi is in his age 30 season. Depending on what he is seeking, the Rangers should not be married to re-signing Girardi, the team’s 3rd best D.

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  24. I really hate the statement that. “[sports] is a business.”

    I’m seeing it all over Twitter as well.

    Sports is not a business for the fans. And treating is as such doesn’t equate to winning. Signing Tim Tebow is an example of sports being a business. Garden of Dreams is an example of the reason I love sports.

  25. Everything I said was incorrect, by the standards of Rangers front office personnel, ilb2001. You’re an organizational hugger. Pull your head out of your rear once in a while. You can’t be married to every player that comes through your system.

    tommy g

    I would consider letting Girardi walk, depending on what he’s seeking. Some people here and elsewhere are high on Moore, so being a 2nd pair D shouldn’t be too far of a stretch. Given a choice of the two, I would rather keep El Zotto than Girardi for two reasons. He’s much younger and more offensive upside to his game.


    The NHL is a business. It behooves Callahan, Girardi and Lundqvist to reach UFA. More options means more leverage for a better contract.

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  26. “The Rangers ARE married to the idea of re-signing Girardi.”

    That means the Rangers won’t be re-signing Girardi.

    You’re the same schlemiel that had the Rangers retaining Tortorella and buying out Richards.

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  27. I’m excited, Yergs. Really with he was starting today!

    I’m shocked he was out of hockey for so long. He was actually good before going to the “land of dying goalies” in Philly. So he’s cheap and better than a lot if goalies in the NHL.

    And he’s SO entertaining.

  28. Organizational hugger? I was referring to your hockey knowledge, LGY. Which is less than my dog’s knowledge of Russian literature since I speak Russian in his presence often. Let me explain:

    It’s almost never in team’s best interest to give a player any deal that brings him into his first year of free agency, it’s more beneficial to a player. You either BUY his UFA years like they did with Callahan, Dubinsky, McD, or give him a deal that brings him one or two years shorter of his UFA age if you want to evaluate his performance.

    You don’t need to BUY players FRA years, it’s there to be taken.

    MDZ wil turn 24 in June 2014, hence his next 2 year deal covers his age 25 and 26 season, not 24 and 25 like you said.

    But keep trolling under multiple different names. Because you bring nothing to any discussion and your sole purpose of being here is to rile everyone up. And rwally shouldn’t be responding to your, and your other handles, posts.

  29. Well said and explained, ilb.

    YES, Yergs. That would be glorious. Based on what happened to Bobrovsky, Bryz is on his way to a Vezina.

  30. You have a valid point on buying UFA years as opposed to RFA years being there to be taken. In that context, the Rangers should seek to buy a year of El Zotto’s UFA years in his upcoming RFA.

    You are wrong on his age 25 and 26 seasons. This season is his age 23 season, since his age will still be 23 when this current season concludes. So his next season will be his age 24 and 25 seasons.

    My sole purpose of being here is to discuss hockey. Enough with the tin foil hats. This is my one and only handle.

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  31. @AGrossRecord: Nash says he’s been symptom free for two days. Taking it day by day. Only symptom was headaches.

  32. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Where is the ILB hug line?

    Is it next to the troll line or the ledge line?

    It must be the longest line of the three!!

    I want an ILB hug!!

  33. LGY, I’m glad your not the rangers GM. If you think that Del Z or Moore could replace what Girardi brings to the table than that shows you don’t know much about the rangers and there players, not to mention Del Z and Moore are left handed and Girardi is right handed.

  34. coos, I can come up with a pretty extensive list. Some of the name were around long before you appeared here. Don’t bother, it isn’t worth your time. Or mine.

  35. if that’s true about Nash I would think he still is at least a few weeks away from getting back into the lineup.

  36. “I’m glad your not the rangers GM. If you think that Del Z or Moore could replace what Girardi brings to the table than that shows you don’t know much about the rangers and there players, not to mention Del Z and Moore are left handed and Girardi is right handed.”

    So there are no right handed D on the Whale or available in FA?

  37. To bad the Oilers didn’t get him a couple days earlier, to have him suit up against the Flyers.

    They have to Pay Bryz MILLIONS for 15 years, then have him shut them out.

    It’s the little things that make you smile :)

  38. This is the best news we’ve heard on Nash so far. Mind you, the headaches may still com back, but being headaches free for a few days in a row is a very positive sign for a concussed patient.

  39. hank isn’t damned-if-you-do. he’s a must. he’s the face of the franchise. girardi does not compare to hank.

  40. “@AGrossRecord: Nash says he’s been symptom free for two days. Taking it day by day. Only symptom was headaches.”

    I wonder if he read this before he tweeted it.

  41. KC, Giradi is the rangers right handed #1 paired defensemen. There is nobody in the rangers farm system right now that could replace him. I’m not sure about free agency. I don’t know as of right now who is available next year in free agency for a defensemen.

  42. The arguments for both Hank and Girardi are “you can’t replace them” but some people completely ignore that these are human beings who age. Henrik is a (gorgeous) 32 and starts his new contract in his age 33-34 season. Girardi starts his next deal at 30 and I don’t think anyone would argue he’s a low mileage 30. We need the present version of these players; the future versions almost assuredly will not equal the present versions.

  43. Coos, what exactly does a “condom wrapped in an enema” mean? Is this Coos code? ;)

    How does this apply to the Ranger organization?

  44. Girardi is forever a core player of the Ranger. He shuts down the best player on the other team, and still blocks a ton of shots. Don’t forget, he played in the last ALL-STAR game.

  45. Positive news on Nash.


    Just think all the Boneheads out there had a chance to have him on your IR team :)

  46. I agree, girardi is a core player, there isn’t anybody in hartford or free agency that will be able to replace Girardi with what he brings to the table. Giradi is a perfect match with McD. That’s why there the rangers #1 d-line.

  47. Girardi’s hang-back sensitivities and AV’s different vision allow Donuts to do finally his thing this year.

  48. Girardi will likely decline earlier than Hank. This is function of a position they play. When, nobody knows. Hank should get longer deal than Girardi.

  49. no on girardi because of age, high-mileage. what other goalie can appropriate hank’s production over the following 8 seasons. he’s good for the team and good for business.

    there are younger and cheaper options available in fa to replace girardi’s shot blocking and right handed shot that produces 40 goals a season.

    isn’t girardi to blame for every goal against because of “snow angels”

    wasn’t girardi responsible for 5 goals in a game, according to the geniuses here.

  50. Coos,

    That idea is actually brilliant. But I’m going home the next day.

    And Eddie,

    I don’t have the money for that. My job doesn’t pay that much.

    So anyone have any good hostels or places to stay in NYC for a night?

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What the heck – go to expedia dot com and look for hotels in whatever price range you can afford. Congrats on winning the tix…

  52. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Depending on movement possibilities and length of contract/aav OPG is a tricky one.

    If I can move OPG (or Staal) for phanuef (as a key component in the deal), I do it!

    Or for another stud type d man. If some sort of reasonable deal for either or both (seperately) doesn’t materialize, I probably re-sign OPG.

  53. Stranger Nation on

    We need the present version of these players; the future versions almost assuredly will not equal the present versions.

    Mr D – you are a wise man. Emotion playing into Hank decision with many. Face of the franchise – who gives a hoot IMO. Will he perform at an elite level for the next 7 seasons?


  54. Stranger Nation on

    Boomer accelerating the Wrath of Mac’s development may play into decision on Back Up Goalie OPG.

    Would keep him, but not at top $$$

  55. he will perform well enough and face of the franchise equates to marketability, more revenue for the franchise.

  56. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I also think love him or hate him, 21 yr old mcilrath needs to get some time with the big team this season to see if he is going to make it in the nhl. Even if he doesn’t stick give him some games to see where he is.

    With so many “important” roster players at the end of contracts this season, I think it is very important for the organization to really see where it is with certain players/positions.

    If a lot of guys in the system are not where they want them to be, it may be necessary to move some expiring guys to restock the cupboard so to speak.

  57. Stranger Nation on

    marketability, emotion, face of the franchise, any other intangibles???

    How many additional fans come to MSG or merchandise is bought because of Hank?

    Any facts in the mix here???

  58. wicky, if NYR are in a comfortable position, I wouldn’t mind McIlrath getting a couple post-Olympic games to give one of McDonagh, Staal, Stralman who may go to Sochi a rest.

  59. I agrre about Lundqvist, can’t give him a long (in years) contract. That would be a big mistake. I say no more than 5 years at 7.5 mil. That’s how far in years and moiney I would go. It will be interesting to see how thgis pans out because if Talbot plays consistently through the year as he has played so far I think the rangers found themselves there future goaltender. I like how Talbot handles the puck and is a cool cat.

  60. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Tommy G
    I know he is! That is my point.

    Fwiw, Murray and orpik are also serviceable stay at home d men that may be free agents in 2014.

    Both would allow guys like mcdonut and John Moops freedom to go forward on the rush

    A d group of phanuef, orpik, mcdonut, OPG, j Moops, and mcilrath looks pretty balanced between skill and grit and nasty to me.

    A lot of hypotheticals and what ifs in that mix, but a very good time IMHO to revamp the D group.

  61. There is no player to replace Girardi. Anywhere. He’s an absolute warrior. He’s a *core* player. If you sign him you pay less than buying a more expensive and inferior guy on the open market.

    He’s only 29. What’s the problem with signing him through age 34 or 35?

  62. Orpik has a history of injuring the best player On his own team. Nick Rash is already fragile. The last thing he needs is a puck to the jaw.

  63. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Phanuef is going to be $$$, but worth it IMHO.

    OPG is best suited as a 2nd pair guy in my opinion!

  64. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If you add a phanuef, it moves OPG down to where he should be.

    Phanuef is better than Staal or OPG!

  65. iWicky “Frag Out!!!”,
    I like it, ranger fans know the rangers need to add gritty players, especially on the back end if they want to advance in the playoffs, unfortunately I don’t see those players you mentioned bering signed by the rangers because of the cap money issues and I’m not sure that the players won’t resign with there current teams.

  66. Girardi can and should at second pair minutes on this squad. I’m fine with that. Staal and McBust should be top pair. Girardi and John Moore on second and Del Zotto and Mcllrath on third.

    Girardi can get 5 years at $5M as far as I’m concerned.

  67. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Fine, add Murray instead of orpik (another swede to chat with hank).

    My point is there are physical stay at home guys out there that can be added for 2 or 3 year deals to let younger guys like mcilrath, Allen, noreau develop if necessary.

  68. The thing about the Cats is that they were actually pretty good a few years ago, but now they are hopelessly terrible…

    Man…if they would have beaten the Devils in that Game 7, the Rangers might have had Lord Stanley’s hardware…

    I’m going to check out the arena in Sunrise in a few weeks when they take on the Rangers…should be interesting!

  69. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Agree on your 1:03 completely.

    On the cap situation, and I’m not a capologist by any stretch of the imagination, but depending on how much the cap goes up next year and before re signing our free agents that we are going to we should free up at least around 17 mil in cap space

  70. I don’t have a problem with our D corps. I’m into all those guys and think what we have, plus what’s in Hartford is very, very solid. What we need is a physical D Man like Mcllrath to replace Strälman.

    Then we need to work on our up front scoring ability and 3rd/4th line grit.

  71. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    As a stop gap, couple year deal as a 3rd pair guy, I have no problems with him what so ever.

  72. I won’t get excited about Nash until he starts scoring goals again for NYR…

    But, from a human perspective, good to hear he is having a break from headaches and is able to skate…

  73. Stranger Nation on

    are the cats are potential trading partner given state of affairs? Is there any back line bomber we can bring in?

    Would give up a lot to get Erik Gudbranson. A LOT

  74. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Gudbranson was leaps and bounds above any other D man in that draft class…including fowler and mcilrath.

    If you smashed fowler and mcilrath’s playing styles together you get gudbranson.

  75. McD, Moore, Staal, Stral, and even DZ are offensively aggressive, which AV is pushing, but that may be too many. We need a couple of meanster monsters who play non-pinching 1/2 ice roles.

  76. Stralman is a controversial player. Who knew?

    The soft-serve vanilla dessert is playing better this season than any D-man not named McDonut. Good for him and the Rangers. That doesn’t mean he is the 2nd best dman on the team. It means that he is having a career year and guys like Staal and Del Zotto need to be better….

  77. Papa has a summer beach house in NJ and heads to the Keys every year for an extended vacation. The hell with him!

  78. Stranger Nation on

    Agree Staal has been inconsistent this season. But Norris cannot be helping matters in the D zone…

  79. I believe that while Girardi may need a second pair……….many others on this roster need a first!

  80. Totally agreee, coos. The Rangers need a Bieksa-type back there…a guy that doesn’t really pinch much, has a good slapshot, and is mean in his own zone…

  81. 3C – we drafted one this year. How is he doing? Do you follow him playing on his Russian team?

  82. Stranger Nation on

    Giada is looking a little anorexic these days. Better when she took the pounds off. Never trust a skinny chef!!

  83. 3C You should give us updates on Pavel Buchnevich, the Rangers 3rd rounder that plays for Severstal Cherepovets-in the KHL.

  84. Amen on both accounts Stranger. Amen. I don’t trust skinny women in general. Blech.

    I don’t expect Mcllrath to put up many points in the NHL but it’s cool seeing what the kids can do down there when this new system is implemented for them as well.

  85. Kristo had another point last night. 14 pts in 13 games with 8 goals.

    Give him 1 GAME against the JV Panthers. Just a “taste” of the NHL, will only motivate him more.

    Sather needs to light a MonteKRISTO after the call/win!

  86. I’m just saying that magazines promote an image for women that is both unrealistic and unattractive. A happy girl can go a long way.

  87. Don’t bring up Kristo. He likes beer and night life. Biggest mistake Yankees ever made was bringing up Mickey Mantle.

  88. The Oilers need a new coach, there Defense is terrible. Always out of position, no toughness, and they just make to many mistakes.

  89. Rumor is that Putin is the wealthiest person alive. Not bad for a lifetime ‘public servant.’ Not saying our ‘public servants’ are much better.

  90. Gotta love how a Russian oil Barron can cash out, and buy a professional team in the USA.

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mrs Eddie is regaling me with her pianoing JS Bach.

    Game 1 of the world chess championship ended in a 16 move draw by repitition…

  92. I can beat my computer by insane sacrificing and attacking with Rooks. I don’t think it’s programmed to expect such a ridiculous, unorthodox attack.

  93. CCCP – And Yeltsin’s briefcase was loaded with no papers, just expensive spirits. :) Got to give him credit, though, for courage, and the guy with the wine stain.

  94. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The opening was a Reti that transposed into a Grunfeld fianchetto.

    Now she’s playing Peter I. Chi-skoff-ski

  95. Grunfeld Fianchetto has trouble in the defensive zone. I don’t think he could help us. :)

  96. Watch rangers lose to Florida Tom. There down 2-0 2 mins into game vs Ottawa. They are awful. Tom must win. Can’t lose those types of games.

  97. Putin and his crowd are oligarchs using government to repress the citizenry. Fascism by any other name is still fascism, even when it was called communism!

    America is seeking to adopt this modus vivendi calling it smaller government which is another name for Libertarianism/ Federalism, the names adopted by the uber wealthy for deluding the public.

    Or by it’s more appropriate description, Socialism for the wealthy with the not so “free market” for everyone else!

    Back to the future……the 19th. century!

    Excuse me for digressing from this ‘spirited” hockey talk! (S)

  98. eddie, if you win, you can stay on the arm with your sister. Only the $1500 airfare could present a problem for justifying a Panthers game.

  99. Columbia, scoreless as usual, holds Harvard to only 21 first half points. Suggest next season, put SAT scores on uniforms. Ladies and Gentlemen, Number 2300, our quarterback, Quincy Von Steuben.

  100. Keith Jone: “Claude Giroux continues to play well defensively.” That was before Mr. Giroux missed two clear scoring chances, then skated to the bench and snapped his $300 hockey stick in two.

  101. This “team” will absolutely lose to the Panthers tomorrow. Book it.

    That’s what happens when these clowns get comfy after getting back to .500. They think they’ve reached the peak now.

    Mt. Amateur-Hour is the name of that peak.

  102. I have a blank Rangers jersey, I wanted to order the number. I guess I’ll have to wait :(

  103. Latona I don’t think Tyutin’s hit was all THAT bad. If you look at the replay it was more shoulder to high shoulder, with Pyatt’s head was down and I don’t think Tyutin hit was dirty.

  104. Sioux, not disagreeing with you, but Tyutin’s hit was worse than Belov’s, who I thought shouldn’t have gotten anything. I was trying to point out inconsistencies more than calling for a Tyutin suspension or anything like that.

  105. Sioux

    You want me to translate all 40 minutes of the show? lol

    The show is Ukrainian, actually…it is called “Ukraine speaks”…this particular episode is about people who have, as you probably noticed, pretty big, or in some cases humongous big body parts.

    That tall chick must be from another planet! There is just NO WAY she’s from the Earth!

  106. Hate FL coming in with new coaching staff. Let’s hope our boys can keep the Momentum going.

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Rangers could have a shot at the cup if they can get tougher. The west will kill each other just to make the finals….Springtime in Paris could be interesting….

  108. One of the very few families who can watch the Belmont Stakes live, sitting on a deck chair with an excellent bottle of White Burgundy. :)

  109. Sioux, everyone here was pulling for you and your boy last night. Seems there was a bogus tweet saying that Kristo was getting the nod. We were all concerned that you might just explode from the news if it were true.

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – too far down the street to see the track from their crib, but the backstretch is a mere walk…

  111. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – interestingly enough, my other sister went to U of K, and went to the derby every year…

  112. Sioux had 40 card sharks in his garage the other night. Had to move out 2 snowblowers, 3 Snow Cats, the horse-drawn sleigh, and the Ferrari.

  113. True Story, I had less than one big blind, and I came back to win the whole thing. I’m the new Garage Poker Tour Champion :)

    It’s the little things that count.

  114. I know this sounds depressing/terrible, but I cannot help but wonder if Nash very well may be on the beginning of the end of his NHL career.

    The hits that concussed him last year and then this year were nasty, but not as nasty as we’ve seen others endure and continue to endure.

    Worse, the hits Nash took seem to happen way too frequently and the punishment the idiot league (and NHLPA) doles out doesn’t seem to be doing much to deter them.

    In other words, Nash can expect to get hit in a similar manner again; it’s not a matter of if, it’s when (and of course, playing on the house-cat tame Rangers helps none, either).

    So when it comes, will he be concussed again? Will he miss more time recovering?

    Probably yes to both.

    Now factor in the rumours that he was concussed in Europe last fall – if it’s true, it’ll mean 3 concussions in less than 12 months.

    And he gets concussed again, especially if it happens relatively quickly (in the next several months), IMO, it’s time to serious consider retirement.

  115. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    here’s the way it is. it’s a fool’s errand to try and predict what slats may or may not do. re-signing hank and girardi is all about the best expenditures of resources. at his current aav, girardi is valuable. if he’s making 5 mil aav for 5 years starting next season, he ceases to be valuable. since the rangers will be spending about 10 mil aav on hank, the rangers have to cut expenditures elsewhere. the rangers may have to sacrifice girardi to sign hank to a 10 mil aav. it makes sense that since hank is the best goalie in nhl, the rangers can skimp on D.

  116. Stranger Nation on

    Jim – no two people or brains or injuries are the same. Time will tell with Nash. I would suggest he hits for weights to build strength in neck as many head shots are made worse from inability for the neck to limit the whiplash.
    don’t know anything about his physical make-up but for a big guy he seems to get pushed around a lot.

  117. eddie eddie eddie on

    Clowe is right alongside Nash in that regard….we need a 4th line of Haley, Mash, and Ash….

  118. didn’t realize panthers were playing today. That means the rangers should beat the panthers tomorrow easily with the panthers playing 2nd game in 2 nights. There is no excuses for the rangers, they lose tomorrow and that will be a really bad lost. Time to start playing consistently good hockey. Hopefully the rangers got there bad play out of the way, more comfortable with AV’s system and stay relatively healthy.

  119. With Haley and Ash forechecking, Mash would get his chances, as well as a hungry McD joining the party.

  120. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    hockey is a business. decisions can’t be based on emotions. there is salary cap, teams can’t spend as money as they want.

  121. Stranger: I’m not saying such strengthening regimen won’t help, but 3 concussions in 12 months means a lot of the damage is already done.

    And the right issue is the lack of clear information relative to frequency and severity, recuperation times, physical makeup of a person, etc vs when and if someone will suffer from brain disease at all, when it might appear if they do, and how severe it will become.

    It’s really akin a little to Russian roulette. Very scary if it’s you facing that decision/worry.

  122. As Gordie Howe said, cups are more important than helmets – you can always hire someone to do your thinking for you.

  123. Stranger Nation on

    coos – great line; will steal it and blame being tired and busy like Rand Paul

    No politics!

  124. Stranger Nation on

    Jim – I am not a Dr., do not play one on TV and have never stayed in a Holiday Inn Express but you are correct the frequency is troubling.

    But with higher levels of awareness and detection, Nash’s injuries may be ones that they see and automatically hold him out when in the past they just gave you smelling salt and you would miss a shift.

    no one really knows save for the extra vigillence which will serve as a necessary prevention to allow smaller and less troubling head shots to not have a lasting impact.

  125. Stranger Nation on

    Kristo last seen hitchhiking on the Merrit Parkway with a hockey bag slung over his shoulder and a brown paper bag in his hand.

  126. We’ll know Nash is done when he says to DelZ: “I got the new Lady Gaga disc and some smooth Jamaican ganja. Wanna hang?”

  127. DelZ to MZA – ‘Wanna get high?’

    MZA: ‘If I could get high, I’d be making YOUR money.”

  128. if you are the new Edmonton coach, and you want to make an example out of the 1st overall pick, shouldn’t you maybe win some games. what he is doing to Yakopov is shameful. that the brass is letting him is even worse.

  129. Ewe and the night and the music
    fill me with flaming desire,
    Setting my being completely on fire!
    Ewe and the night and the music
    thrill me but will we be one
    After the night and the music
    Are done?

  130. Wasn’t getting too excited about Nash until I saw his interview

    Symptom free for a couple days? Means he could realistically be back in two weeks when he gets his conditioning back. Even better scenario given how good we’re playing so even if he could play sooner, we do not need to rush him and make sure he’s 100 percent.

    Already starting to forget the start of the season. We’re at .500 and only getting better in a division where everyone else (besides Pens) continues to disappoint! We don’t need to trade everybody!!!

  131. Stranger Nation on

    Preseason, Banff and West Coast swing reached intended goal of lowering expectations to below ground.

  132. Hope the Nail rumors are just rumors. Rangers would have to give up too much for an unproven player with a bad attitude and questionable work ethic. Not to mention his production has not been very good.

  133. Sniff, sniff … anyone of you smell “hat trick”?

    I do. And it smells like a The Kreider Trick.

  134. Hey Pimp. Mrs. Manny and I are watching old episodes of The Office. We’re watching the episode where everyone does impressions of Cookie Monster.

  135. Wait, you’re kidding me, right?

    I never watched The Office too closely. Are you serious that that’s an episode like this?

  136. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Best thing about the belov hit on giroux is then Hartnell skates up to him and belov knocks Hartnell down.


  137. This entire Johnson thingy is expanding exponentially!

    I believe it’s a stretch for Johnson to make the scene in NY.

  138. Coos, you’re comparing MDZ to Stalin and the Russians?;>)) That was Winston’s snide remark about Stalin and Russia during WWII. At least we have a mixed metaphor here, and more likely a confused observation. Agreed he is an interesting mixture of offensive potential brought up early by necessity, and defensive lapses that need correction.

  139. I would not get excited about Nash’s return until he’s feeling better. I thought Sather’s insensitive remark was typical of management dealing with head injuries…talks about conditioning while dismissing the symptoms as unremarkable. I pray he recovers and doesn’t end up with a second concussion.

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wild places – I agree re: Nash. Let him take the rest of the season off…get completely and absolutely healthy before attempting any comeback…

  141. HA!!! HA!!! Islanders trade there best goal scorer, moulson a 1st and a 2nd for vanek, meanwhile Moulson in less games has more goals and assists and now Vanek left the first period of tonights game after getting slashed on the hand. Appears vanek broke his hand and to pile on the islanders are losing 4-2 to the Bluejackets. I can’t wait to read all the islander fans chirping Crying) on newsday tomorrow, the same fans that wewre chirping (bragging) when there team was winning and the rangers were 2-6.

  142. Stranger Nation on

    When in motown a quick trip over the bridge gets one in Windsor where you can play the tables or visit the ballet…

  143. eddie eddie eddie on

    Ritchie gets a cavity…and there is a run on silver rivaling the Hunt Brothers circa 1978

  144. Can the Panthers just take Bettman and about nine other trailer trash franchises with them when they vaporize?

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