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1) Remember when some of us were firing Alain Vigneault before the home opener? His system has now produced a lot of offensive chances, AND good defense (nine straight with two or fewer GA). Wonder where this team might be if not for the early injuries and the idiotic (as Larry Brooks calls it) self-inflicted preseason schedule? Vigneault deserves a ton of credit for keeping the ship steady when it could have been in big trouble. Guy’s a good coach.New York Rangers v Columbus Blue Jackets

2) The Rangers look like a different team than they were since 2-6 … because they are different. Let’s face it, the D-men struggled early. The goalies struggled early. And since then, they’ve added Chris Kreider, Carl Hagelin, J.T. Miller, got back Ryan Callahan, and three guys playing big minutes have gotten a lot better — Derek Stepan, Mats Zuccarello and Derick Brassard. All three of them were Friendly Ghosts at the start. If they ever get Rick Nash back …

3) Callahan is such a good player. As the previous coach often said, his actual skill level often gets overlooked because he does so much in so many dirty areas of the game, so many of the hard jobs that need to get done. But the man has some speed, some hands (even if they are always broken) and some smarts.

4) Every time Sergei Bobrovsky has a game like that, Paul Holmgren should be fired.New York Rangers v Columbus Blue Jackets

5) But Bobrovsky, good as he was, was outplayed by Cam Talbot, the rookie who was, I think, even better last night than he was in his first three starts. Talbot is going to be a very critical piece going forward, and in fact, already had been that.

6) The Rangers weren’t perfect in their third game in four nights. For instance, Brad Richards with the woeful change on the 1-1 goal … first he didn’t even give a gratuitous attempt to finish his check, then went to the bench. Not saying the goal was his fault, but the guy who replaced him, Derick Brassard, had no chance to get back into the defensive zone in time. And of course Brassard got the minus. The failed snow angel and deflection by Dan Girardi didn’t help.

7) I’m never sure anymore what is or what isn’t a suspension, and I thought the Fedor Tyutin shot to Taylor Pyatt’s noggin was a shoulder, not an elbow, based on the replay I saw. Whatever. I imagine Rootin’ Tyutin will be hearing from Mr. Shanahan today. And I imagine Pyatt won’t be playing for a little while. I don’t get it, though — if the NHL wants to get rid of headshots, and if the referee called elbowing, and it was to the head, how is that not always a major?

8) Ryan McMonster reminds me of Brian Leetch, in the way he thinks the game, and the way he breaks it down afterward. And, by the way, when a D-man adds power play and offense to that type of minutes against the opponents’ top players, and to all those PK shifts, that’s when you start thinking about Norris Trophy conversations. That’s been all that’s missing in his young career. He and Girardi kept Marian Gaborik pretty quiet in what had to be a big game for No. 10. (I did think Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov both had pretty strong games).New York Rangers v Columbus Blue Jackets

9) I know that Benoit Pouliot takes some woeful penalties, and that he’s inconsistent. But he’s done some clutch things in some close wins, and he’s still, with all his warts, an upgrade on almost every bottom-six player from last season.

10) Man, scary stuff, Marc Staal taking that puck off the side of the shield.  He’s played great lately. His breakout skating and pass to Richards started the play, and his joining the play helped Hagelin get open for the 1-0 goal.

11) The Rangers have been the benefactors of a few “own” goals this season. Seems last season a lot of those went the other way. And twice in two nights, they scored on a double deflection, by Richards then Callahan vs. Pittsburgh, by Zuccarello then Callahan vs. Columbus.

New York Rangers v Columbus Blue Jackets12) By the way, if Callahan, Hagelin, Kreider and Stepan all end up being legit top-six forwards (and two already are), do we have to rethink our assessment of the Rangers’ recent draft history?

13) I cannot believe that we’re being bombarded by Christmas commercials already. I heard the first one on Nov. 2 this year. Jeez.

14) Really enjoyed hearing my buddy Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts mock the NHL’s realignment and new playoff system on WFAN yesterday. It really does make zero sense from every angle other than improved travel for the Western teams. Sort of.

15) The Rangers had one of those nights where they struggled in the circle, and some of that helped Columbus have a chance late. But Stepan won his last two when he had to win them.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Columbus Blue Jackets
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Carl Hagelin.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Cam Talbot.
3. Ryan Callahan.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Ryan McDonagh.

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  1. RangerSwedgian on


    Great write up as usual Carp.

    Two games in two nights for myself for the first time in a long while. And the first time in a long time it’s been two wins and good hockey!

    Can’t understand the 2 min elbow penalty if you want to get rid of checks to noggin. It’s quite obvious in real time that the “principal contact” was made to the head, and the ref is 10 feet away with a clear view… Hopefully it doesn’t make Pie-hat Pie-brain.

  2. What with THE KREIDS kissing Talbot on the top of his mask after the final buzzer?

    Should we start referring to Talbot as “Deuce”….or am I a bit too early for that?

  3. If Pyatt is out for any time do you see the NYR trading for Jordan Tootoo? I think the NYR are sorely lacking a forechecker who is intimidating. They have no fighter and a good but soft forecheck. No one fears the NYR.

  4. Nice writeup Carp…though I’m not convinced about French Poodle. He spends too much time in the sin bin, as well. Whenever we played teams he was on, he would make a bonehead [sic] play that won us a game in the final minutes. Agree with your head shot observation.

  5. Cam Talbot didn’t win any mention in the nhl.com article, and deserved some praise, as noted. He’s a surprise gift this year. Agree that Dubi and Artie seemed to have good games, Gabby seemed to play the type of disappointing game he sometimes played as a Ranger.

  6. CARP,
    Great as always, but you need to remember that it’s “The Kreider”, otherwise it’s dogs-breakfast-of-a-morning for me.

  7. Carp, the best part after a ranger win is reading your review, always! My daughter texted me from college and she said, “this team is fun to watch!”

    I agree, I think there is some chemistry here. I think they are playing well, and having FUN! Not always afraid of the screaming and the other shoe dropping. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Torts, but that style of coaching has a definite shelf life.

    MCMONSTER! How the hell did we get him again? Who on Montreal made that trade. I have said this here before and stand by it. It is OUR Rick Middleton trade. It will go down as one of the best if not the best trade in Rangers history. Tons of offensive upside to that kids game. He is still so freaking young!

    McDonagh, J. Moore and THE KREIDER: you can’t teach skating skills like those. You either have them, or you don’t. I can’t remember a time in rangers history when there were three guys on the team who had that type of skating skill set. And as far as THE KREIDER goes, in my opinion, the Rangers have NEVER had a player like him.


  8. That’s one area the Rangers have been stocking up on in recent seasons, guys who can really skate. With the exception of McIlrath who was drafted to fill a gaping hole all the guys drafted have “plus” skating ability and the guys we’ve traded for have a good set of wheels too.
    When you see Moore or McD ease ahead of a forward and make themselves that extra split second of space or Kreider or Hagelin blow past a defender like they are standing in a bog it gives you that buzz of excitement.

  9. I had to hit the pillows soon after the game ended. I had worked three of four days, so I had to play it safe and stock up on rest.

    This team is exciting to watch.

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  10. Stranger Nation on

    GREAT way to wake up in the AM – Gracias Blogfather

    Cam can can’t he? Give you $8M reasons why that is SOOOOOO critical
    the passing on the first goal was gorgeous.
    Miller played with more bite – needs to get some nasty to his game
    Bring up Bill Haley to take Pie-hat ‘s place; they didn’t seem to miss him much, especially the bad penalties in a close game
    Pullout – a bit of a carnival ride; never know what you will get but pretty sure you will feel ill at the end.

  11. Yev,

    You’re absolutely right about everything. Thrown in Hags, who can skate too. It’s a fun team to watch. I love speed hockey, rushing down the ice, making that perfect outlet pass. That’s this team. They are NOT a dump the puck and forecheck. I disagree with those that say they are too easy to play against. They are HARD to play against. Hard because their speed is hard to defense, and over the course of a game, chasing these guys is going to tire out the other team. I really do think we have enough grit to get by, and really I think you don’t need a team of grinders to win. I was against ballarina dress (Tootoo) yesterday, but with Pyatt out (in what I assume is a concussion), I’m fine with it now. I think we need as many skilled players on the ice as possible. Like Carp said, if Nash ever comes back…

    I feel a bit vindicated, as I said that you have to give the new system time and not write this team off after that road trip.

  12. Great review Carp!

    Anyone else notice how many empty seats last night. I was surprised you would think this is one of those games you would want to see considering the 2 trades.

    Rangers in the top 3 :) even if it’s the lestropolitin division.

  13. Always good to sweep a back to back, especially when the second leg is on the road. Some parts of the team are starting to click. Theyve clawed themselves back to respectability with better play and tney were extremely fortunate that they weren’t buried in the standings after their struggles early because the Metro is like the NFC East this year.

    You wonder who gets Pyatt’s spot if he’s out longer term, elevated roles for Dorsett or Miller and Mashinter gets a few table scrap minutes or maybe a call up of the Kristo kid?

  14. Carp: Personally, I think the Ranger drafting has been solid since Clark took on a bigger role. What hurts IMO is that they screwed up all 3 top (for them) picks: Jessibust, Montoya and maybe (I sure hope not tho because of what he’ll bring to the team if he makes it) McIlrath.

    What also hurts, IMO, is no picks in the 1st 2 rounds last year coupled with Sather’s penchant in the past few years of trading away lower picks. All that stuff will come back to haunt the club in the future.

    BTW, Sather’s won nothing since 1990. NOTHING!

  15. Jim, not defending his record, because it’s putrid, and especially those you mentioned. But having four of your top six forwards, one of your top three D-men and your all-world goalie drafted and developed, is a pretty good record in hindsight.

  16. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Carp, Jim, Yev, Stranger agree with each of you.

    Nice win against a team that’s not too far away from being real….and have every confidence JD, a good administrator, will get them there.

    Gotta give AV some credit. It didn’t look too good at first, but the back end joining helps the offense along with the PP clearly being upgraded. Our boys haven’t deflected as many shots since Espo was on the team. What’d they have a team contest or something????? But it worked and opens opportunities.

    I also can say that I said give the new system time. I did. But I didn’t believe it would look this natural this soon. We have risen to be one of the second their teams, but let’s not forget, the Sharks, Ducks, Hawks, Kings, are much bigger and simply better. We could be ok in the east, but let’s keep our heads attached to our shoulders.

    nice review, Carp.

  17. Admiral Stralsie played a really solid game. He is very adept at making that all important first pass on the breakout. And when it’s not there to make, he rarely forces it, instead he’ll settle for chipping out, lugging it and dumping it deep.

    Very steady, heady player.

  18. Carp – that’s the kind of home-grown ratio people have lauded the Red Wings for over the past 2 decades. I’d have expected more success for our 1st rounders but when you look at the guys picked up lower down the draft board (and others we’ve since let go) it kind of makes up for it.
    Huge Specimen was the one BIG failure though – there will never be any getting away from that.
    Just look at the names that come AFTER his!!!! (Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler, Brown, Seabrook, Brian Boyle!)

  19. Jessiman, Montyoa at 6th overall, Sanguinetti and potentially McIlrath.

    Replace with Parise, Giroux and Tarasenko…ugh.

  20. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp! 7:41 am? Go to bed, Carp :-)

    2-6 first 8 games, 6-2 second 8. Third place in Mesopotamian Division.

    I, too, thought that it was a shoulder, not an elbow. But the primary point of contact was his head nonetheless. They are going to miss Taylor Pyatt. In fact, they already missed him last night when Columbus started to push back and had, most of the time, easy breakouts from their own zone. Pyatt is very good at getting the puck deep and holding on to it for stretches. There is a reason why coaches like guys like Pyatt- you need someone who is able to safely eat some important minutes.

    Perhaps we need to give Richards some credit when credit is due- his cross ice, just inside of the blue line pass to Callahan was gorgeous, and totally put Columbus’ defense in disarray. By the time their defenders turned around, the puck was in the net.

    If Talbot can sustain this level of play, we need to be very optimistic about this season, especially if they need to make a late push for playoffs in March. Because you can rest assured that Hank will not have too many games where he would be a back up in Sochi. Just ask Pär Mårts if you have any doubts ( Hi, Latona :-)

    Was it me, or was AV laughing his butt off on the bench after McD scored the SG? He has some good sense of humor.

  21. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Kreider and MacD look just awesome. Give them time with this system. Both are SO talented. Stay healthy boys.

    Great game by Cam Talbot.

  22. I’d just like to reiterate that this “team” may have won last night but they continue to operate as a bunch of no-talent bush-leaguers who’d be lucky to get roles as stick boys for the Bolivian under-17 women’s midnight village league.

    The 66-game losing streak is coming.

  23. On those draft picks. Jessiman was a classic case of a GM getting suckered in with size over talent. Draft talent every time, you can always trade talent for size later on if needed. Montoya? I’ll give them a pass on that on, simply because we didn’t know what we were getting with Hank. Montoya was the best goalie available and if you can remember our goaltending situation pre-Hank, it was putrid. Perhaps if Hank wasn’t Hank, Montoya could have developed into something. Really he wallowed away for years without really being given much of a chance.

    I think Mash gets first look to replace Pyatt.

    I always felt Staal was the only D-Man on the team who could make that first pass, and is the perfect guy for this style of play. That first pass is SO key if you’re going to play a speed game. McD is starting to develop that skill as well, plus he can REALLY skate the puck up ice. So can MDZ, but he’s still a little willy nilly doing it.

  24. Stranger Nation on


    Good news: Norris had a great hit last night, standing up Atkinson (I think) – great play. Made some smart passes breaking out.

    Bad news: he has trouble with puck battles behind the net. Forcing forward to come down and support and usually trapping us in zone.

    How come nobody mentioned his triumphant return to Columbus…

  25. Carp: Yes, agreed – everything Sather touches doesn’t turn to crap (i.e. Gomez for McDonough). It’s the endless mediocrity that gets to me. And IMO the word mediocre describes quite well his Ranger tenure.

    Another dumb deal? How about a 3rd for McCabe and a 2nd for Antropov?

    He should be banned from making deadline deals that involve draft picks!

  26. If his most positive attribute is being able to get a puck deep and hold onto it, that’s not saying much about Pyatt as a player.

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  27. BTW, last night’s loss was the BJs 5th straight…yikes.

    But I look at the lineup and no wonder. Other than Gabbie, there’s no offensive skill on the club – just a bunch of bottom 6ers. Their defense is solid and Bobo is obviously, a good goalie.

    Gabbie must be so tired of playing on clubs who are skill challenged up front. It’ll be interesting to see where he lands next year – he’s on a 30 goal pace for the season, which, of course, isn’t bad, but it’s not $7,000,000 money either.

    Will he take a pay cut to play on a team where he’s a contributor, rather than the go to guy? He may have no choice, actually, but where’s his mind at?

    I know some on here are hoping he comes back to NY and I can understand that. He’s still relatively young (32 in February) but I’d be wary if he’s commanding term and big money.

    Three years at $5,000,000 would be reasonable, I think, and if Nash comes back and plays the year injury free, that idea becomes more intriguing (and the buying out of BR, which is a virtual guarantee IMO, makes it financially doable, I suppose – although UFA BB, Girardi, Cally and Lundqvist may have something to say about that!).

  28. Stranger Nation on

    If he is out for any extended time, we will see how much they miss Gomer Pylon. on the plus size he plays the body and can get puck in deep. Having him on pk has been a disaster iMHO.

    Haley and/or Assham are better skaters plus throw the mitts if need be.

  29. Did someone say players fear TooToo ?
    Bring back Mash who has some chemistry and can drop em.

  30. In other words, if you play hockey as a career, you are not a Derek Boogaard type goon, and you have no marketable skills, you better be able to get a puck deep and hold onto it.

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  31. If Gaborik scores 30 or more goals again, he isn’t taking a pay cut. In fact, regardless of how many goals he scores, he isn’t accepting $5M contract.

  32. Tootoo, at nearly $2,000,000/per, is too pricey, especially for the cap-strapped Rangers. It’s the primary reason, I suspect, he passed through waivers.

  33. I pay out the rear for NHL GameCenter, so I of course was unable to watch the game last night. I watched some highlights, though, and I’ve never heard a quieter, more pathetic arena in my life.

  34. I keep calling Talbot the Prince…

    Great game, enjoying the different style of play. It’s exciting to watch.

  35. Jim- Gaborik is still a premier goal scorer with a track record of multiple 30+, and 40+ goal seasons and he is .9 PPG player. Let me know which player with that record accepted $5M contract at 32 lately.

  36. Jeff: Comes from stinking year after year after year after year. One PO appearance in their entire history and that was primarily due to Steve Mason standing on his head all season, which is precisely what happened last year when they nearly made it, except it was Bobo standing on his head.

    What a franchise!

  37. SNation,

    Great News: 2 goals or less in 9 straight games.

    Bad News: If you are in search if perfection, we are not yet there.

    Staal and Stralman are playing great hockey.

    Please Don’t tell me you’re part of on the “immediately replace Norris with McIlrath” conspiracy.

  38. Great game for the boys after the emotional win over Sidney and co. I’m not a hockey expert, but can someone explain the difference between the Rangers getting off 20+ shots in the 2nd but only two (other than the shorty) in the 3rd? Was it the Jackets forechecking or did the boys get into a more defensive mode. Seeing THE Kreider kiss Talbott’s mask at the end made me laugh out loud.

  39. ilb: David Krejci is $5,100,000. Marcel Hossa is at $5,200,000. Martin St Louis is at $5,300,000. Jeff Carter is at $5,200,000. James Neal is at $5,000,000. And all of these dudes, unlike Gabbie, have cup rings.

    The deal I’d offer him isn’t far off the mark IMO….

  40. #7 Carp – I don’t even think it was a penalty. I thought that was a shoulder to shoulder hit, there was no elbow for sure. Pyatt was leaning forward with his head down. Part of that hit had to be on Pyatt’s shoulders.

    That said I hope he’s alright.

  41. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – i would prefer Norris on the 3rd pair and also playing PP pt with McD, but he/they are getting the job done. No other suitable options, particularly if one considers MEZ and his nightly defensive carcillo show.

    Perfection is the enemy of good…

  42. LMGO- so yesterday Pyatt should be traded for a bag of scuffed pucks and today we need TooToo because he’s injured and he’s out only intimidating forward. Man this place is in mid season form. I’m glad I have time to check in daily again.

    Carp, I was thinking of Leetch last night when I watched McD pick Gaby’s pocket in the third. Calm and cool. Really hope he and Staal can stay healthy for the whole season.

    And I guess the draft pick arguments have to do with first rounders and lack of a All stars. They’ve done a putrid job in those years where they could have gotten a guy like Getzlaf or Parise that really would have been the backbone in the midst of the Hagelins and Callahans. So that’s staying hung over the GMs head til he retires dies or wins a Cup. and even then I’m not so sure the sleeping dogs will lie. (lye?)

  43. Umm…Kreici’s contract was signed when he was 25, and a RFA. Hossa got 12 year deal. St. Louis is 38. Carter got 11 year deal. Neal was 24 and an RFA. Not even apples and oranges.

  44. Regarding Xmas commercials- I went to Walgreen’s for Halloween Candy on Halloween and they had Xmas trees decorated in the aisles already.

  45. Point 6) I know the ethos of this place is Hump Richards and Laud Callahan, but to be fair, if you look at the tape, it’s Callahan’s lazy change, letting Tyutin skate away from him, that’s at least as much of a problem. Both guys will look at the tape and wish they had busted it as hard as first-man-back Hagelin, but that’s the NHL regular season these days, players coasting to the bench on the backcheck. 82 games.

  46. 1000% agreed on Gaborik, Ilb. My impression when he was still with us this time last year (lock out) was that when he went UFA he may very well pull a Jagr and go play in Europe sooner than take a discount for the sake of space. Even when he signed with us initially there werent many teams willing to pay him. He was fresh of that Groin surgery or whatever it was and labeled as injury prone.

  47. I just think we need to be realistic. At 32 by the end of next season Gaborik will still be one of a few premier goal scorers in the league, a position that is most valued, and most difficult to find. There will be a list of teams willing to give him 5+ year contract with yearly salary if not close to what he is making now, but well over $6M per. Or else, he will be playing in KHL, like JamesG said.

  48. PB, I don’t think it’s bad news that they are not perfect (I assume you mean playing their best). They are winning games, not giving up goals, and now it seems the offense is clicking a bit. If there’s room for improvement, it’s a good thing.

  49. LGY, not sure if there is a point to your comments, other than trolling Carp. Do you not think that there is any impact to playing back-to-back and 3 in 4 late in the 3rd period?

  50. Ilb, here’s all the analysis you need: Ryan Clowe got 5 years at nearly 5 million a year. If a team thinks HE is worth THAT there’s no way Gaby is taking less.

  51. #7 – maybe I’m old school, but based on every replay I saw of it, it looked like a shoulder hit to me and shouldn’t have been a penalty. I wasn’t even sure why they called that elbowing at all. Just seemed to me like Pyatt had his head down, Toots went to go give him a clean shoulder check and because he head was down that like, it made contact with it (as well as his body).

    He’ll probably be suspended because that’s what the NHL does (suspend hits that shouldn’t and not suspend hits that should). But I don’t think it was deserving of one, just seemed like a hockey play.

    Now the Winchester elbow on Kelly? No penalty and that clown should be suspended.


  52. and you can argue about style of play or the couple of years difference in age until you’re blue in the face. You can’t find many guys who can score the way Gaborik does. I’m willing to bet that a couple GMs out there would consider 5 million a discount depending on the rest of the UFA pool.

  53. The only reason those contracts were even close to $5m was the length. If Gaborik signs a 3 yr deal it will be for $7m per minimum.

  54. LOL, Yergs. I heard Dubi declined to speak pre game with the Rangers press. Can’t say I blame him. Guys trying to continue on with his life and career. He’s answered enough “How does it feel to get traded because you didn’t score enough to be considered a top 6 and then had one good season and got overpaid so they traded you?” Qs

  55. Although depending on how things works out with other impending UFAs there could be a flood of highly productive forwards hitting the market this summer. Included but not limited to Jumbo Shrimp Thornton, Marleau, Vanek, Moulson, Grabovski and if you want to consider a guy shooting at an unsustainable 28% Steen.

    If the bulk of those guys all hit the market it theoretically won’t be as rich as some other years. Given that the Rangers may have to reboot a significant part of their roster it might not be a bad time to be a buyer. However the smart leverage they should use is negotiating down to more favorable contract lengths as locking up any of those guys beyond 3-4 years is running the risk of locking in declining production.

  56. Lou’s been trying to get the band back together for years (Rolston a few years back, never drafting a suitable replacement for Uncle Daddy, extending Salvador). The Devils drafting record post Parise and Zajac the year afterwards has a lot of swings and misses with basically Henrique being the exception.

  57. Yes, CTB. Moreover, once they buy out Richards, using his money to resign Girardi/Hank/Callahan, and providing the league can sustain a very attainable 7% growth, they may have a few bucks to do it.

  58. ilb: My thoughts:

    1) With his habit of delivering on only 1/2 of any deal (due to 1 good year followed by one bad), I think he’s not worth any more than I said

    2) There are enough dumb GMs out there to assume your prediction is accurate; a couple will probably offer him a deal like you describe

    3) We can agree to disagree on his value

  59. Hey CT- long time no speak.

    Thornton’s by far the biggest risk of that group and I hope SJ resigns him before he goes UFA so it’s a not a debate.
    Whatever happens here in the long haul of this season with Nash and Richards is going to determine who or what I think they should buy but that’s definitely not the type of market where a guy like Clarkson gets 7 years 37 mil.

  60. Right, Richards cap space should actually cover the majority of the raises to those 3. Realistically most of those guys will probably get about a $2M more per year (AAV basis) than they’re making now. And if they believe that Stepan and Brassard are their top 2 centers than Richards’ replacement cost should be equivalent to a 3rd line center.

  61. @PuckPodcast 1m

    BREAKING NEWS: The Florida Panthers have fired head coach Kevin Dineen. #Puckpodcast #NHL

  62. RE: Lou Lam, CT- I think he is kind of at a cross roads. I think knowing that there isn’t going to be another Chubby checker in nets the question is do you stick with what’s worked for nearly two decades or do you start moving towards the Pitt/Chi dynamic. Clowe will be a black mark on his record darker than those left when he tried to bring back Malakhov and Mogilny a few years ago. He cleaned that mess up pretty well.

  63. The possibility also exists that if Richards has a productive season, he is not bought out.

    If you think a buyout is a guarantee, you overestimate Sather’s capabilities as a GM.

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  64. Jim, I’m not suggesting they should sign Gaborik at all. My argument is that he has a certain value and track record to back it up. And there is no comparable deal signed recently to support your argument that he is worth what you’ve suggested.

  65. Rob in Beantown on

    Peter Horachek is supposed to be the new FL coach. Meanwhile, the second winningest American coach still has no job

  66. Manny well done with the Holmgren correction. Now catch up!. I’m home sick and on my second cup of coffee this morning. Go Go Go!

  67. If last summer’s market is any indication then he’ll get a higher AAV but shorter term than Clarkson.

    I could see a $6M-ish cap hit for 4 years.

  68. Stranger at 8:22 AM is *SPOT ON* about Chuck Norris Stralman. It’s those puck battles behind the net where he loses and then gets lost. Bad.

  69. If we didn’t claim Tootoo (which I would have been in favor of) then we shouldn’t be trading for him now. That’s something the Rangers would do in reverse. (e.g. reject a trade offer from Vancouver for Dale Weise only to waive him a few days later)

  70. It is highly unlikely any team would be interested in adding Richards via trade.

    The worst thing that can happen to the Rangers in the long-term is Richards being successful this season, and the Rangers not winning the Cup.

    If Richards is successful and the Rangers win it all, then it’s not such a big deal when Sather keeps Richards.

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  71. Rob in Beantown on

    Is it at all possible there is a team out there that would want Richards just to reach the cap floor?

  72. Ok, I’m back, James! Sorry buddy. I blew it for you.

    I don’t want Jumbo Shrimp Thornton. BLECH. Come on, boys. The only important letter in UFA is the *F*. The heck with overpriced and over the hill garbage. I can’t deal with that stuff.

    I will keep hammering the point home: Identify the core of your team, build around it.

    *Panthers* : Lavi-eau-de-toilette seems to be a bad fit (according to a hockey writer I trust) because he’s not good with their flood of youngster. Maybe they could use Guy Boucher or Pär Mårts (Latona’s Favorite) to help shape that team into a cohesive unit of youth.

    LGY: Do you have any points to make? The only person around here that’s allowed to ramble on and on without making points and only criticizing is CCCP. There isn’t enough room for the two of you.

  73. Jim, Lecavalier just signed a 5 year deal at 4.5 million a year. and he’s 33 and has steadily declining numbers.
    There aren’t many guys out there capable of providing the offense Gaborik does (even if it’s every other season which is a point you made that I agree on). You can’t honestly tell me that you feel that at 32 years old he isn’t going to get one last payday like most people do. Marleau hits the market this summer at 34 years old he’s going to be the same story.

  74. The Rangers shouldn’t trade Richards regardless unless it’s a package of absolute studs that are under cost control for the next 5 years given that any time he retires before his contract is up the Rangers are the ones stuck with the cap recapture penalty.

  75. You know who I’d like on one side of Brassard? Alex Burrows. Maybe we can get him to say something dumb to Torts and shipped to NY.

  76. I don’t think it’s a guarantee that Richards gets bought out. Especially if Brassard has what they deem an unsuccessful season. In a scenario where Sather feels there’s a need for a top 6 center man and it has to come by way of a UFA signing- who are they going to get for significantly less money?

  77. _In a scenario where Sather feels there’s a need for a top 6 center man and it has to come by way of a UFA signing- who are they going to get for significantly less money?_

    Don’t you have to believe no better center will come along for 6 years to make that logic work? Even if the best center out there is a pile of garbage, its still 1 year bad for 5 years saved.

  78. That was my theory, Rob. When the deal was signed I said, “Oh great! Look how front loaded it is! Soon he will be paid $1M with a cap hit of over $6M. The NYIslanders would love that.”

    But we would have to hang onto him for another 3 seasons to get there.

  79. Tallon: “If the players don’t respond to this, they won’t be Panthers for very long.”


    I’m sure all of them are dulling their skates and cracking their sticks as quickly as possible.

  80. I’m going to defend the Baranka pick. The guy was a beast in the AHL and played very well in the 1 game he played against Tampa when he was here (+1 with 1 assist!). They just never gave the kid a chance so he went to Europe. I actually own probably the only Baranka Rangers jersey. When I was still in NY and had my tickets, some girl who sat in the section in front of me had a Pack one and would talk about how she was his favorite player in Hartford. We were both pretty disappointed when he jumped ship for Russia though.

  81. Guys – Help a brother out. I “watched” the game online, word by slowly updated word, and I didn’t see one live minute on TV.

    Was there any competitive nastiness between Dubi and any former Ranger teammates? Anyone hit Gabby?

  82. Wasn’t really much nastiness all game. Both teams were fairly physical, but didn’t seem any different from any other game.

  83. with ya on Baranka Jonny. I liked him and I liked Kondratiev too.

    Mister D- I’m just speaking for the sake of conversation not out of personal view of Richards. I see your point but I could probably raise the argument that we didn’t have two top centers for over 6 years prior to Stepan and Richards arriving. Gomez? Drury? Nylander? Lindros? Which of those guys had a successful run here? Not that Richards will be any better in 2-4 years. but again, this isn’t about what you or I think. It’s about what the GM believes.

  84. I guess this is a point, that may be incorrect, but I continue to attempt to rationalize.

    I just don’t believe there are enough top line, legitimate #1 Centers to go around. I doubt there are 30 centers that are Legit #1’s. Therefore, if you don’t draft a Toews or a Bergeron or a similar guy you never let leave your team, you end up like the Rangers trying to cobble together a top line Center out of the 1a crowd. Usually you have to gamble on a few of them and most turn out to be 2a and 2b Centers.

    If a team lets a guy walk he’s not a #1 Center. Thus, we have to hope our homegrown boy, Stepan, continues to improve and makes the jump from #1a to #1.

  85. Krieder for his size and weight is an underperformer , although his speed might help if he doesn’t score he’s another third liner! Also Miller does not warrant being in the NHL at this time, another third liner?

    The team has once again “risen” to it’s preordained level.

    From below average to average!

    Instutionalize Junior and reserve a spot in the Bannf nursing home for Sather!

  86. Stepan has the ability to be a first line center, Brassard a #2. Richards is temporary.

    The problem is scoring from the wings and the glaringly obvious fact that we need a physical D.

    Talbot played an excellent game without which we would have lost considering all the “campers” occupying the front of his net!

  87. James, I really think the Gomez era is remembered as a lot worse than it was.

    16-54-70 in 81 games
    16-42-58 in 77 games

    Not ideal for his cap hit but it always seems unfair to put him in the same bucket as Redden and Drury who were unmitigated disasters. He’s closer to a Richards “well, this didn’t work out as well as we hoped” kind of mess. And he smiled at all the wrong times.

  88. Agreed, Com. If Miller can stick at C then we should be able to live pretty well with Step and Brassard as the other two. Add Boyle and its actually a pretty solid 1-4. Not star level, not Pittsburgh, but certainly not a weakness by any means.

  89. Stranger Nation on

    thought Talbot played out of him mind – very impressed with ability to steer pucks to corners and handle the biscuit.

    Doesn’t have the King’s lateral movement, but few do.

    If, and a big if, Talbot plays lights out this season and has big time stats to show for it, does it change the dynamic with Hank’s impending FA?

    Prust asking…

  90. He’s nothing, if not consistent. All the Isles prospects will be stars, all the Rangers prospects will be busts.

  91. _thought Talbot played out of him mind – very impressed with ability to steer pucks to corners and handle the biscuit._

    Late 2nd or early 3rd, he went behind the net with the puck and wasn’t moving quickly and I instinctively panicked but nothing bad happened. MAYBE HE CAN TUTOR HENRIK HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  92. The Islanders do have a highly touted group of prospects currently ranked #5 in Hockey:

    * 5 New York Islanders*

    Team Breakdown:

    Strengths: The Islanders have depth both on forward and on defense. Ryan Strome is one of the top prospects in the world and the Islanders have surrounded him with other great offensive talent. Nino Niederreiter was rushed into the NHL last season but the Islanders have corrected their mistake and he is adjusting to the professional game quite well in the AHL. Top prospects at two positions, center Brock Nelson and defenseman Matt Donovan, have also found success as they develop in the AHL. Defenseman Griffin Reinhart has continued to build on his strong draft season and looks like he will be an impact player in the NHL sooner rather than later.

    Weaknesses: The Islanders are thin on the wing outside of Niederreiter and Kirill Kabanov and should look to add a few more players at the position in this year’s NHL Draft.

    Top 5 Prospects: 1. Ryan Strome, C; 2. Griffin Reinhart, D; 3. Matt Donovan, D; 4. Nino Niederreiter, LW; 5. Brock Nelson, C.

    Added: Thomas Hickey, Joey Diamond.


  93. I like how Mister D is always looking for the silver linings in our FA mistakes. He is really showing some leadership when he grades our mistakes on a scale of Reddenesque distaster to Richards shoulder shrug

  94. The funniest part of the NHL is that the Phlyers are in complete collapse and have the WORST prospect pool in all of hockey.

    *30* Philadelphia Phlyers

    Strengths: The Philadelphia Flyers have a multitude of players with NHL experience, including Erik Gustafsson, Oliver Lauridsen, Brandon Manning, Tye McGinn, and Eric Wellwood. They also possess fairly good depth on defense and have a lot of prospects who should develop into checking forwards in the NHL. Scott Laughton and Nick Cousins both look like they could be good top-nine forwards in the NHL.

    Weaknesses: Anthony Stolarz is a decent prospect in net, but beyond him, there is not much in the way of goaltending prospects. The Flyers have good depth at forward and defense, but lack any prospects with elite potential. The lack of elite depth is particularly concerning on defense, as the Flyers already have a promising group of young forwards in the NHL.

    Top 5 Prospects: 1. Scott Laughton, C; 2. Erik Gustafsson, D; 3. Nick Cousins, C; 4. Shayne Gostisbehere, D; 5. Anthony Stolarz, G.

    Lost to Trade: Mike Testwuide (CGY), Harry Zolnierczyk (ANH).
    Added: Mitch Wahl, Mark Alt, Kyle Flanagan, Brandon Alderson, Petr Straka.


  95. I have to say, I really like what the Panthers did. Best farm system in all of Hockey. Tons of talent depth. Just young. So they fire their coaching STAFF, not just one guy, and bring up the AHL coach. Savy move to get the team going and have some consistency for the youngsters.

    Phlyers fire their coach and promote Berube. Sheesh.

  96. From the SNYRangersblog:
    “Last night on the MSG Post Game show, Joe Micheletti said that last year, Benoit Allaire traveled to Hartford upwards of 40 times to work with Cam Talbot and help along his development.

    Joe says that Allaire told Talbot that he was an excellent AHL goalie but that his style of play wouldn’t allow him to play and win consistently at the NHL level. They made changes to his style, Talbot worked on them all last year and as Joe notes, Talbot never looks like he is out of position.

    Alain Vigneault mentioned last night, and has mentioned before, that it was Allaire who told him that Talbot was ready to be called up and for an increased role.”

  97. Manny, Nino Niederreiter is playing for Minnesota at the moment. That’s one of their many issues-they are giving away their prospects too early.

  98. Sounds like an outdated report manny if they’re mentioning Niño as still being on the Isles.

  99. The best part about the Flyers is you almost can’t find a way out for them. Buying out Briere rather than Hartnell was a disaster, half of their other contracts are disasters, its great. To make any kind of move, they need to dump an actual good young player.

  100. ThisYearsModel on

    Another superb In Review. The team is in a good place now, without Rick Nash. Meanwhile, the Kids (other than Miller) are doing well in Hartford. We have a new goalie who is effective. My next wish: I would love to see McIlrath be ready for the big time after January. If he is not, fine but the team could use his physicality.

  101. Rob in Beantown on

    HockeysFuture’s lack of updates are pretty frustrating. I swear there are some prospect cards that look like they haven’t been updated in two years to the point they look ridiculous now. And that makes me really incredulous about using their player ratings at all. It’s still a useful site, I just wish I knew how updated their info was

  102. They’re useful only because they’re the only site that actually has lists for all teams. Their rankings themselves are pretty much just “draft slot + time elapsed”.

  103. Hockeys Future is like the Huffington Post of hockey prospects. They just compile information into one place. Unfortunately, they don’t update very often. That other one, HockeyDB or whatever is pretty good.

  104. Gravy- don’t get me wrong I liked Nylander and would have rather kept him. But he wasn’t a #1 center. He juts played extraordinarily well with Jagr. 79 of those 162 points came in that monster season that Jagr played with him and scored 123 points. When the two weren’t out there together he was invisible most of the time. Unless it was a shootout.

    I tend to agree with Manny. There just aren’t enough “top centers” to go around. Just like *elite* goaltending.

  105. Manny, it’s ironic too because back in the mid 90s it seemed like the league was nothing but centers as far as top 6 forwards went.

  106. Dr. – agreed on Gomez. I actually think the issue that most Rangers fans have is these guys come in with huge price tags and they expect them to become superstars. Guys like Drury and Gomez just happened to be the “best” free agents of their class, so they got overpaid.

    If you look at the stats of Gomez, Drury, and even back to Holik, these guys put up their career averages. Only difference is they got paid a ton more to do it. In Gomez’s case, his 70 point season was his 2nd best season point wise in his career. So it’s not like he underperformed. He performed the same way he always had, he just made an extra $3 million to do it.

  107. Rob in Beantown on

    I was under the impression their player ratings were more subjective, but you are probably right Mister D. I also have no idea how you are supposed to even read them. As a side note, my favorite HockeysFuture player card ever is Stu Bickel, who forever was a 5.5 talent score, and an ‘A’ rating, which I guess in the context means “what you see is what you get.”

  108. We should do a study on “best at position” in each free agent class. Just see how often the lack of an elite player led to a 2nd tier guy getting paid like he’s elite.

  109. I would take Simmonds in half a heartbeat. I would drive there to get him. I would do ANYTHING to get Simmonds. ANYTHING

  110. As I head off to lunch, I’m reminded of a great quote …

    “The Kreider is as The Kreider does.”

  111. And I should say that’s Drury outside of his last terrible season when he was concussed and had multiple injuries and had the worst season of his career. The other years were typical Drury seasons.

  112. James, he was only here two seasons, and scored 83 the other season. Jagr was unbelievable, but I think Nylander was a big part of that. If those aren’t #1 center numbers, I don’t know what are.

    Without those two, they don’t make the playoffs (and remember they were picked #30 by a lot of reporters coming out of the lockout).

    That said, they made the right choice letting him sign with Washington, as he significantly declined after that.

  113. You’d be surprised how many guys that have “bad reputations” get paid nothing yet put up amazing production every year. Derek Roy was one of the top centers in the league in regards to production a few years back, but he was getting paid almost half what everyone else was. Same with Mike Ribeiro. Sure they have question marks on their off the ice stuff, but they produce better than most when they are on the ice.

  114. Oh, I don’t know. I was hoping someone else would take the lead. I’m more of a number-runner than a list compiler.

  115. You know what would be really cool? Buyout Richards and make a little run at Stastny. I really like that dude.

  116. I sort of agree, Jonny, but I really hate paying for assists unless the guy is like a super elite creator. Just seems so prone to flukes and play-ups.

  117. I caught the replay Gabby was pretty much shut down last night McD and G allowed him 1 shot all night.

    He had a net presence, but Cam didn’t give him anything to tap in.

  118. Then you have guys like Ryan Smyth and Chris Drury who are “locker room leaders” and put up average numbers, yet get paid like they are 1st ballot HOFs.

    That was my issue with the Nash trade is that he was paid more than Stamkos for being an “elite” goal scorer when Stamkos out scores him by 15-20 every year in goals alone. Not to mention Justin Williams makes less than 4 mil a year and puts up the same production.

    In the cap era, stats per $ really do make a huge difference.

  119. If Drury was signed to a reasonable contract as a defensive forward on a properly structured team he would have been a fan favorite of Graves type proportions. I wouldn’t say as much for Holik a couple seasons before. But Drury did everything he was capable of doing. Unfortunately most people looked at that goal in the playoffs he scored against us and inflated stats in Buffalo without ever knowing the player prior. Then once they started with the “mr clutch” crud it was doomed from the start. Gomez wasn’t awful even though I never cared for him. He just wasn’t a first line center. Nor was he worth his deal

  120. If Stastny can stay healthy? Definitely. Him and Steen on this team would be amazing. Two quality centers up the middle. Can let Brass and Richie go bye bye.

  121. Nino is on fire for the Wild. Big reason they now have scoring depth.

    I had to pick him up on my fantasy team. He has slipped into the top 100 forwards YTD.

  122. Stamkos signed that deal pre-lockout and with a lot of RFA years being eaten, right? Not really apples.

    (Underlying point, totally. I’d pay Stamkos the max allowable. He’s awesome.)

  123. You’re not kidding, The Doctor. Eberle has a cap hit of $6M. The Phlyers would have to clear that. I guess they could dump a bunch of their absolute CRAP defense that is the highest paid in the league but no one wants them.

    The Phlyers need to start selling for draft picks, not for pieces. They need to rebuild from start to finish.

  124. Holik was screwed the day he signed here. Being a former Devil and making $9 million? He was a glorified 3rd line center. Yet Slats thought it was genius to sign him to a ridiculous contract as a 1st line center.

    He scored 60 in 3 years that were some of the highest scoring seasons in the league since the 80s, but on average he was a 45-50 point guy. His first year he was hurt and missed 20 games or so and was still on pace for 50 over 82. The next year he had 56 points, his 4th highest total ever.

    So Holik did was he always did. He was just never going to “succeed” in the eyes of fans because he was paid so much money for a job he should’ve never been signed to do.

  125. In the Isle defense Cal Clutterbuck adds a lot of grit, and he can score. He was a fan favorite for the Wild.

    That trade is win / win.

    Even though I think the WILD got the better end of the deal. Nino plays like Cally, checks a lot, a nose for the net, and has good speed.

  126. They should probably move Giroux immediately for a few picks and/or prospects. His cap hit is set to increase to $8.25M next season.

    They can move some guys as rentals but they all suck: Timmonen ($6M LOL), Meszaros ($4M) and Steve Downie ($2.65M)

  127. Gravy, are you really suggesting the Ranger’s are better positioned prospect wise both at the NHL level,minors etc. than the Isles?

    I repeat that the Isles will contend for a Cup before the Rangers and for a longer period of time.

    Manny has summed it up quite well in his post albeit Nino like Nina’ is not around this year! ;)

  128. In reading Carps comments on this thread I would take issue with his assumption that were it not for the schedule and a few other variables the Rangers would be in a better position.

    Really, exactly where and why, jus because they’ve won a few games, or are you seriously thinking this is a team in the top 10-12 in the NHL?

  129. Stamkos signed for the 11-12 season with a front-loaded deal. His last year is $5.5 mil. Slick Rick signed in 10-11 with a back loaded deal.

    I mean I guess to be fair to Columbus, he did have a 40 goal 79 point season 2 years before (the only 70 point season of his career), so they figured maybe 09-10 was a down year and he’d go back up. But Nash’s agent knew they needed him more than he needed them, so they upped that deal by a ton.

    Point is he was making more than Heatley, Thornton, Spezza, Iginla, Gaborik, Datsyuk, Marleau, and Backstrom (who just signed the same year, was younger, and just came off a 100 point year) and he shouldn’t/wouldn’t have been on 29 other teams.

  130. I like Stastny as well, Mr D. Good genetics/pedigree there.

    Gravy- no argument here regarding Nylander. His numbers speak for themselves. I just think it was more of a ‘right place at the right time with the right linemates’ situation. That said, I hold him in high regard.

  131. LOL Good Lord, Cmn Sense. I’ve been hearing the “The Islanders will compete for a Cup long before the Rangers” speech since 2001. If the Isles were 1/10th as good as their supporters claim they are/will be…you know the rest

  132. Manny I highly doubt Philly would trade with anyone in the same division, but Simmonds would be the perfect Ranger.

    We would need another Team to pick him up.

  133. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think mr D brought up an excellent point, burrows!!!

    I’d send a d man torts loves for burrows.

  134. Stastny is going to be really interesting. You almost never see a good player still in his prime take a hit like that but he was signed pre-cap drop so who knows. I bet he’d love NY.

  135. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    While I agree it makes no sense to trade for tootoo when you could have him for free via waivers, unless Detroit in a trade will eat part of his salary,

    Just making an observation.

  136. His numbers have taken a hit as well, Mister D. His best seasons were before the deal and then in it’s first year. Using that fact, the cap drop, and the allure of NY, maybe we could get him to take a $1M price cut. You have to figure COL will let him go with the plethora of centers they have there.

  137. Maybe this is a new search. Sub 30 year old forwards making > $5MM who have reached UFA status.

  138. Stastny is going to be looking to cash in and probably will. He’s consistently put up stats and done so pretty quietly on one of those teams with a good young core.

  139. To add to your search Mr D, include in it who the other UFAs available were in the years they signed as a UFA.

  140. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think not only does AV deserve some credit, but so do his assistant coaches.

    Glad to see some kool-aide drinkers are awarding Stralman his Norris already! Lol.

    If it was shinny hockey, he might be a 4/5 d man, but it’s the NHL and he is a 6/7.

  141. There really isn’t any allure to coming to NY. I mean the only allure there ever was to coming to NY was the fact that you knew you were going to get paid the most. The cap has kind of taken that away. Plus hockey players don’t get much in terms of big endorsements off ice, so it’s not really worth it when you factor in other things (i.e. state tax).

  142. Beukeboom to Samuelsson is probably the best succession of assistant coaches for McIlrath to play under if there ever was one, wicky.

  143. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I hate being the realistic one here and break up the hand holding and singing, but we haven’t really shown we can beat a big physical team yet or win a rumble filled game.

    This team still needs grit if it is going to win in the playoffs, which should obviously be the ultimate goal.

    Never get too excited folks, don’t get too bummef, even keel.

  144. more so than anyone who has put up impressive numbers or is considered highly regarded, I think the most important signing they can make at center is just someone who can play well with Nash. Your best forward shouldn’t be bounced around 2 years in row trying to find consistency with linemates.

  145. I disagree, Jonny. Its not universal, but beyond salary and endorsements, there are a lot of players (people) who would much rather be in NY for 4 years than Columbus or Phoenix or Dallas or Winnipeg or …

  146. Wicky, it’s not even just grit. it’s finding the types of supporting cast that performs well in the post season. durable physical and able to perform at high level instead of just gooning it up.

  147. Winnipeg? Yes. Most of the guys who’ve signed down in Phoenix love it. If that franchise had deep pockets, most of the big guns would go there. Same with the Panthers. The cost of living is cheaper and you have beautiful weather almost all year round. And even if you talk about winning, the Rangers are the least successful Original Six team.

    I’m an NYC guy, but I really don’t think it’s that much of a top place to sign anymore. I don’t think players are lining up to play for the Rangers.

  148. Carp, When is the next chat? All of the former Jackets and the players traded to Columbus had for the most part uninspired games. Dubinsky was the best of the bunch.

  149. Jody Shelley had a decent playoffs for us. I’d rather a couple of guys like that then just going out and trying to bring in a guy like Tootoo or some enforcer running on fumes like Asham or Rupp

  150. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree, playable toughness is important, especially in the playoffs. Size is important more in the playoffs than the regular season because time and space is taken away and the officials call the games differently.

    Malicious intent is also important and we don’t have many guys that arrive places with malicious intent at this point.

  151. iWicky “Frag Out!!!”,
    agree and posted that last night during the game. In the playoffs you need grit, toughness because it’s a different game in the playoffs than the regular season and this ranger team right now is softer than ice cream.

  152. Shelley wasn’t on a Rangers playoff team. He was on the team that missed the playoffs by a 200 foot shootout attempt. He did play fairly well and had a few goals though.

  153. “Two days later and Evander Kane continues to insist that he was a healthy scratch …”

    I see your “anything for Simmonds”, Manny, and raise you “anything and then some more”.

  154. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Did you guys see this?

    Sara Orlesky ? @saraorlesky
    Two days later and Evander Kane continues to insist that he was a healthy scratch on Wed v. CHI. Noel hasn’t spoken to media yet #TSN
    Retweeted by Pat Leonard

  155. there’s a player I would like to see on the rangers, Evander Kane. The kid has it all, can fight to if it warrants it.

  156. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Couple that Kane post with Simmonds and his coach in Philly reporting thing differently to the media, might be able to get a good power forward with a little work

  157. I’ll pass on Byfuglien in large (pun) part because I don’t think I could stomach how this board would handle his bad games.

  158. boy, simmonds and kane on the rangers and that fixes alot of issues. Get 2 players who can score and be tough but unfortunately that is a pipe dream.

  159. lol I’m starting to get one of those old man brains. I guess it was just that home stretch towards the showdown with the Flyers that I’m remembering. Either way it’s the same point to be made- You need guys who are big and physical but who can play hockey in the post season/

  160. Afternoon all,

    James G – you shouldn’t waste your precious time responding to an Islander troll.

    Guess he’s gotta be feeling really good about his 6-10 Fish Sticks. Yes, 6-7-3 is actually 6-10.

  161. Yes ANYTHING FOR KANE > Anything for Simmonds.

    But Simmonds was hurt. He cleared himself to play but Noel thought he needed more time. It’s nothingt.

    Trading Kane is a stupid, stupid idea.

  162. Maybe we can trade for Simmonds and get all fired up then trade Simmonds for Kane and get fired up on top of our already fired up state.

  163. James – don’t worry I had to look it up just to double check. That stretch of games seemed like a playoff series. They improved the team and were winning, but so was everyone else. I’ll never forget that shootout attempt though.

  164. _Gravy, are you really suggesting the Ranger’s are better positioned prospect wise both at the NHL level,minors etc. than the Isles?_

    No, I’m suggesting that you assume the Rangers prospects are busts, and the Islanders prospects will all pan out.

  165. Authorben and james, yup, guess you scientists are correct but………….Isles have won 4 Cups while Rangers have won 1. And in far fewer years!

    And as apparent devotee’s of averageness 13 years and counting with no Cup in sight should be just about right for worshippers of averageness!

  166. Simmonds is old! he should have been out of the game years ago! but he can’t stay at home because he hates his wife!

  167. Rob in Beantown on

    Unless Montreal is actively trying to send all their young stud defenseman to the NYR

  168. Manny, the fact that he just tried to throw a championship from 30 years ago into the ring for his argument guaranteed that I won’t be responding to him any further.

  169. Since the first shortened season (1994-1995) The Islanders made PO only five times. You would think they’d accumulate enough first round picks to at lest make the PO consistently, no? Not so fast, since the lockout in 2004, the Rangers finished above them in standings in every single year, and the Islanders made the PO only once. Once. Guess what, looks like they are contending for a high draft pick this year again. But keep predicting it, you might actually be right. By the end of this century.

  170. It’s not happening, Rob. To get PK Subban you would have to give them McDonagh, The Kreider and a few picks.

  171. Oooo, I don’t think that’s quite true, Manny. Especially with McDonagh’s contract, he’s getting you 70-80% of the way to Subban on his own.

  172. I mean I think the Isles have a quality young team with great young prospects, and not even I would reference a Stanley Cup from 1983 as defense of my argument…

  173. Stastny

    Who else can we try to add to the roster today? I say we throw Boll’s name back into the ring too. Maybe even Penner.

  174. Rob in Beantown on

    Darren Dreger @DarrenDreger
    In the eyes of Oilers managment, Eberle will be an Oiler forever. Forever is a long time, but, he’s not a trade target.

    So there’s that.

  175. lol I would take Dubinsky back Mr D.

    ILB- the way I see it is this- I don’t even get all antsy in the pantsy about the Rangers and how far they can go or will go over the next 5-10 years. I’m a realist and despite being a fan I’m honest with myself about their capabilities. So I’m certainly not going to get all worked up over the Islanders even if they have some potential in the system. Unfortunately that is the only way to shut Isle fans up (not that cmnsnse is an Isle fan). “we’re the best! agree with me!!” is their slogan. You know the type. Theyre the ones still angry that Peca got hit by Tucker in the 01 post season because if it didn’t happen they were *GUARANTEED* to go all the way.

  176. This is the last thing I’ll say about the Islanders because it makes me feel like I’m wasting my life talking about them- Vanek won’t be in orange black blue and whatever other colors they changed their colors to by next season. Wait and see.

  177. Rob in Beantown on

    So apparently Bran Bole’s brother is in seminary to become a priest? I got that much from the twitter feed –>

  178. LOL, James. It can be there now for all I care.

    He actually favorited a tweet of mine. I felt SO special. Like the bell of the ball.

  179. there’s no doubt Vanek won’t be a islander next year. Vanek’s agent already said his client wants to explore free agency and I don’t see the islanders spending alot of money to sign vanek either plus Vanek is at a age where he wants to have a chance of winning a cup, not going to get that chance playing for the islanders.

  180. LMGO at Bran Bole! I bet he’s a big time climber. Can he use his legs? Does he have visions? Is he a Warg?

  181. Rob in Beantown on

    Unlike Bole, who I will never tire of, I am sick and tired of Bran and his visions. They make me want to fast forward the show every time

  182. Rob in Beantown on

    Throw Sansa on there too, though she might come off the WBM now that she is in a somewhat interesting storyline for next season

  183. Rob in Beantown on

    I haven’t read any :(

    I have all the books at my apartment because my finacee has read and owns them, but I feel like I have way too much reading for school to make a commitment to the whole series. But that’s a lame excuse. I should just read them

  184. Only one problem with the defenders of averageness which of course defines this franchise.

    The discussion was/is who has the better opportunity now for success in the near term?

    Manny the “fan” who praised the Isles team and it’s prospects in this thread has apparently decided going along to get along is his modus operandi since so sayeth Carp who can’t possibly be wrong!

    Please don’t respond………until the Isles make the playoffs and do so more frequently that the Rangers. As for the Isles Cups being thirty years ago, Sather is still working here since his five and no end in sight.

    And no success as well!

  185. Hey Manny, whats that place you like with all the goofy STUFF on the walls and the mozzarella sticks? F

  186. _Please don’t respond………until the Isles make the playoffs and do so more frequently that the Rangers._


  187. Author Ben, I don’t know what you’ve authored but based on your comments you’re no best seller.

    Btw, is everyone who disagrees with the rose colored glasses crowd or the writer a troll?

    Have we abandoned the blog first amendment concept?

    Opinions are why blogs exist and civil discourse survives when name calling desists!

  188. The 1st amendment here is “don’t curse”. Which, appropriately, I accidentally violated a few minutes ago, so sorry Carp. Dump that out of moderation.

  189. Carp, 6&10 obviously inaccurate based on the NHL points system, and did you say that when the Rangers started even worse?

    Remember, he who laughs last laughs longer! ;)

  190. In Internet slang, a troll (/?tro?l/, /?tr?l/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

  191. Carp those 6 wins were because of their *core* guys. Rangers are just lucky right now. and with no farm system or draft picks they’re just..well I’ll defer until Miami Pimp comes back to read all this..

  192. Nice Islander clip James. WOW time flies. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Blake played for the Islanders. He was always a pest, I’m surprised he played as long as he did.

  193. It will be interesting watching Nelson, I’m curious how good he can get in the next 2-3 years.

  194. My advice: Skip Book 1. It’s the same as the show. Read 2. you get a lot of in depth stuff and READ 3 ASAP. It’s the best ever. Book 4 is BRUTAL. So slow.

  195. carp, it was obvious from day one the dude was a islander troll. The islander troll comes here because there no islander fans to post on all the islander blogs on the internet. I don’t know about anybody else but I’m still laughing at the islanders organization. It will be funnier when the fad wears off from the islanders playing in the Barclay’s in Brooklyn.

  196. when that happens the Barclay’s will be a ghost town and the islanders will still be a non issue.

  197. I wonder how much “$” was in the envelope when Tampa had to beat Carolina, so the Rangers could slip into the playoffs in 2011.

  198. Good point, Gravy. Those girls are on a different sort of whipping meter.

    But some of the guys, SHEESH

  199. I’m back guys and here to tell you how AMATEUR-HOUR this team really is …

    They’re pretty bushy.

  200. “He’s maturing and his game is developing,” Beukeboom said of McIlrath. “He’s more confident with his health and ability. He’s got a good partner in Johnson. It’s a good fit. He’s developing the way he should and he’s probably a little bit ahead of the trend right now.”

    Good news from Beukeboom on McBust. Nice to see the investment in Johnson wearing the C in Hartford, helping out our top prospects.

  201. McIlrath can’t get enough Johnson.

    McIlrath is happy when Johnson scores.

    Beukeboom think’s Johnson points McIlrath in the right direction.

  202. At least Gabby pretends to fight for pucks and is still speedy. Can’t be said for Sunday Silence.

  203. Carp, please don’t embarrass yourself. yYou know I’ve been a long suffering, emphasis on suffering fan longer than you or anyone on this blog!

    How is it then that a Ranger fan of long standing can criticize this inept lash up as others here do ,but if he compares the organization to a more successful franchise with arguably better prospects for the immediate future, he is called a “Fishsticks fan and a troll?

    Why don’t we all play nice express our opinions and see where the future leads both franchises?

    If you prefer I’ll compare this hockey dumpster to Phoenix where Don Maloney who should be the Ranger GM has put together a group that will run these stiffs off the ice?

    Or do you disagree with that comment too?

  204. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider. The Kreider.

  205. Manny, Manny and James , do you even realize your comments on this thread actually support my comments about the dreaded Isles?

    Manny up! ;)

  206. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s laughable that you call a franchise that hasn’t won the cup in 30 years and has had almost no success since a “more successful franchise”

  207. Rob, in simple English.

    Mt contention is the Isles obviously have been in their history a “more successful franchise” than the Rangers.

    Point #2, I am suggesting as have others on our beloved blog that their present roster combined with their prospects put them in a position to challenge for a Cup before this franchise.

    Are we clear or should I communicate this in Farsi! ;)

  208. Hey. Neither franchise has won in a very long time. The Rangers have had more “success” recently. That could all change in a few seasons. Who knows.

    Most importantly: HOCKEY RULES and Islanders Fan > Non-Hockey Fan.

    As a follow up: going onto a blog of another team where the people have been posting for years and have a tightly knit community and just endlessly bashing their team is bush-league.

    Hockey is supposed to have RESPECT between opponents and fans. Let’s all show some.

    Done ranting.

  209. maybe it’s because when you post stuff about the islanders and or rangers it appears you don’t know much of what your taliking about, for example, islanders are more sucessful franchise than the rangers, really… on what planet. They won 4 cups back in the 80’s because they were a expansion team, got all top flight prospects because they were a expansion team and because they finished last for several years in the 70’s. Also because they were a expansion team they got to cherry pick a prospect from each nhl teams minor league team that was not protected, hence why the islanders won 4 cups. That was than, this is now. Wang is a joke of an owner, won’t spend money and hired a goalie to be his GM who retired from his organization as a goalie. The islanders have been drafting in the top 5 for years, they should have a great team by now but they don’t and won’t as long as wang is the owner and Snow is the GM. Plus when it comes time to spend money, Wang won’t so the islanders will never challenge for the cup.

  210. Coos, excellent comparison re: Don Maloney who also seems to have an eye for talent particularly those with size and has done a terrific job with the Yotes.

    So nice to have some of the “mensa” crowd back, sort of lifts the discourse to a higher level! ;)

  211. If Letestu played for Colombia instead of Columbus? He’d be sleeping with the fishes right now.

  212. Manny, please grow up, I’ve been posting for years and time in grade on any blog does not supercede civil discourse or knowledge.

    Time to a fool is simply age not wisdom!

  213. Manny, bush? Johnson, Wang, piling on are we, please direct your comments to another subject, this is a family newspaper!

  214. Get the ringtone

    ‘When you’re a Jet,
    You’re a Jet all the way
    From your first cigarette
    To your last dyin’ day.
    When you’re a Jet,
    Let them do what they can,
    You got brothers around,
    You’re a family man!’

  215. If Don Maloney was so good at evaluating talent how do you explain when he was Vice president of player personnel for the rangers from 1997-2007, the years the rangers drafting was horrible, good at evaluating talent, yea ok.

  216. Stranger Nation on

    tommyG – my guess is cigar smoke got in his eyes and he was overruled by the all knowing oz

  217. I say this totally seriously … I bet a lot of talent evaluators look much better when they have less money to spend.

  218. Phlyers fans are all excited about getting Hemsky or Eberle. *LOLOLOLOLOL* times infinity.

    They have no goalie. No coach. No prospects. The highest paid Defense in the league (which performs horribly). No direction. No plan.

  219. That guy could throw ’em, eh Coos? I was reading in that book you DID NOT recommend but mentioned you were reading that he used to punch sand, then lead balls and then concrete to make his fists tougher.

  220. Hemsky could never stay healthy, but he can score goals. Why would Philly take him? The should be sellers of every asset that have and rebuild from the ground up.

  221. Tommy G, one guess.

    Because he worked under Sather most of those years?

    Perhaps you’d care to explain why he’s done so well in Phoenix, and compare his drafts with the Sather years.

    Reading your comments would seem to suggest you defend both the franchise record since 2000 and the prospects for the future.

  222. nice to see the flyers be a disfunctional organization, couldn’t happen to a better fan base.

  223. Hemsky has an amazing rep as a scorer for a guy who averages 18 per 82 for his career.

    (And that’s consistent. Last 5 seasons, same average.)

  224. no, I hate sather, maybe you could explain why when Don Maloney was the GM of the islanders back in the 90’s, why the islanders finished in last place and ran Maloney out of the organization.

  225. Kocur, a great one punch guy, but for stamina and toughness I’ll take Probert and my best pound for pound guy of his era, Tie Domi!

  226. Tommy G., you already answered that question.

    Mr.Wang was too busy cooking the accounting books to provide the finances for the Hockey team!

  227. My guess would be that the team Pheonix has now was built before maloney got there in 2008, reaping the benefits of there prior regime’s drafting before Maloney.

  228. actually I think Maloney got there in 2004 so forget that last post, obvious maloney has good staff working for him, don’t think it’s because of maloney and his great evaliating.

  229. Pheonix team success is all about the coach and his style of play. They will be in the playoffs.

  230. wang wasn’t the islanders owner in the mid 90’s, nice try, Wang became part owner of the islanders in 2000, you proved what I said earlier, you don’t know what your talkling about.

  231. yea, I read on the bluejackets blog how a fan said Gaborik is a waste of money, soft, disappears from game to game, sound fimiliar.

  232. If Gaborik isn’t scoring, he doesn’t give you much. Dubi is twice the player for Columbus than Gabby will be.

  233. Yeah, Mannu. No one wanted a piece of Joey. I don’t think he was a real 6’0, but literally broke helmets. I think Brashear (and others) speak to that in the book. Ash, Haley, and Dorsett can skate, but Kocur really scared some people.

  234. Dave Tippets Phoenix team reminds me of the ’12 Rangers. They are tough to play against, and not a lot of household hockey names playing there.

  235. Gabby, like Ovechkin, was stymied by McD, with a little help from Girardi. Ovechkin HATES McDonuts.

  236. The thing with Kocur was he had those hands of steal, when he hit you it was like getting hit with a sledge hammer.

  237. Coos I think Crosby could be put on that list as well, no McDonuts for him, and THE KREIDER pitched in while he was on the ice.

  238. no, but if I had to take a educated guess on what I witnessed last night I would say he was concussed, how bad, that’s the question of the day.

  239. I read about Marciano’s devastating right, though he fought under 190 lbs. as a heavyweight, but had the same kind of hammer rep as Kocur.

  240. Sioux, notice the opposition is picking on Kreider, which tells you he’s playing with much more moxie. He could become a mammoth Cally if he starts finding net more regularly.

  241. I’d like to see McD take some time off during the Olympics, but I can’t imagine him not going.

  242. _yea, I read on the bluejackets blog how a fan said Gaborik is a waste of money, soft, disappears from game to game, sound fimiliar._

    Yes, it sounds like BJ fans only value goals as well :)

  243. Tommy G, correct about Wang but incorrect about his years as GM of the Isles. 92-95.

    Therefore spending the majority of his years as a player personnel guy for Sather until hired by the Coyotes and named GM of the year!

    You think he made decisions or simply reported to the President/GM?

    Are you really making a hockey point or just acting out your perceived status as a “long time follower” of this blog!

  244. Kreider was saying to Crosby – ‘My #19 says he’ll trade you two eye teeth for that lower lip.’

  245. Coos I think Cally’s game is rubbing of on THE Kreider, he is playing North/South hockey, and is LOOKING for the check, where as before he really didn’t hit at all. Now if Cally can teach him how to get the greasy goals in front of the net THE KREIDERS numbers will really take off. He is going to be a special player.

  246. Coos, Marciano hit Joe Walcott on the arms often and hard, and according to him actually forced his arms down in their fights.

    Rocky also had a cast iron chin but having seen him and Walcott believe in his prime Walcott would have taken him.

    The era of great heavyweights ended with Ali and the lower weight divisions have justifiably taken over.

  247. Kreider plays small and only his speed is a factor.

    I predict that the tougher opponents will test his mettle to see if he has any stones or is just a talker!

  248. Agree, Sioux, and I’ve noticed he’s lately going to the crease and taking his punishment. Some Cally is rubbing off.

  249. I think Pyatt is going to be out for a few games, his hit sure looked worse than Nash’s. Even though I don’t think it was a dirty hit.

    I would like to see Kristo get a few games with Brassard. I really think Brassard needs someone to pass to that can bury the puck.

    Kristo – Brassard – PullOUT

    Is that too much to ask for?

    Let Kristo play tonight for the Pack, then call him up.

  250. C’sense – Kreider has all the tools and size. If I were him, off season, I would take some hockey fight lessons because you are right that he will be challenged, and if he could adequately ice box, he might enjoy a long and satisfying career.

  251. Everyone says the KREIDER is so strong, and he’s tall enough to distract the goalie in front. He could be hard to move out of the crease.

    I’m just waiting for the speed goal like Hag’s last night. Too bad he didn’t bury the puck when he blew by Crosby the night before. Those goals are going to come for him soon, if he keeps using his speed. Some what of a bad puck luck with the ice being so soft at MSG, the puck seems to bounce more.

  252. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Hey what’s the name of that restaurant with all the pictures on the wall?

    Sansa is an idiot and would’ve at the top of the WBM!!

  253. Noticed, too, that McD is using the slam and cross check more in front of his net instead of staring at a moving puck. He’s moving to another level.

  254. Wicky, though you can get a hamburger, that’s not a restaurant, that’s the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  255. Coos it will never get better. To have really good ice many of the rinks ice is below ground level. Having ice on the 4th? floor of MSG, and used for Basketball, softens the ice. It’s only 1/2″ thick.

  256. Rob in Beantown on

    I bet if you gave me $1 billion to spend I could find a way to make good ice, 4th floor or no :)

  257. I sat at ice level one game, and it didn’t even seem cold outside the boards that much.

    Watch my kid play at some rinks and you freeze your assen off, but the ice it good.

  258. The Kreider will surprise the first knucklehead who pushes him to the point of no return. The kid has idiot strength.

  259. Here’s hoping Sather lights the MonteKRISTO on Sunday.

    It could happen!!!

    Have a Siouxper weekend!

    Time to get ready for the “Garage Poker Tour”, we have 40 some players coming over tonight. Should make for a fun home game.

  260. Wicky, no one wants to say it. I’m just going to have to start pistol whipping at random – _ –

  261. Kreider, size, speed perhaps the talent but at this point the temperament of Boyle.

    This is not college hockey and he will be tested.

    Size alone is never the answer, we need him to be if not our Lucic, at least our Hartnell.

    Ah for a Neely cloning!

  262. Final Maloney comment.

    Now it’s the coach who has also been fired before or it’s that Donnie inherited a very good prospect pool.

    Name a successful franchise that contends regularly without those ingredients true or not?

    Our GM has fired every coach he’s hired including a guy who submitted a 93 page resume!

    Should that have necessitated a psych eval before hiring him? For the owner too?

    This franchise sucks because we have no credible leadership, beginning and end of story!

  263. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Common Sense – I get what you’re saying and I’m not sure why everything you post is attacked…

    Shoot, 90% of what I post regards Johnsons, Wangs, or the Cock brothers – Hitch and Bab.

    It’s all good.

  264. Carp, just reread your comments numerically, were you really serious in #12?

    Stepan was being hammered here recently and Kreider is somewhat premature no?

    Callahan is a very good but undersized player who would be on a #2 line for the top teams, and Hagelin is also still in the prove it mode.

    We need Perry’s, Ryan’s, Getzlaf’ types as first line forwards, size, adequate speed and toughness. Callahan will continue to be injured the way he sacrifices his body and Hags is in the same mold.

    While Kreider has the size and speed, as discussed needs to show scoring ability and toughness.

    So no, our recent drafts do not measure up just yet and may never.

  265. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In 9 hours and 35 minutes – Game 1 of the world chess championship begins. Follow the action on chessdom

  266. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cally has the heart of 3 lions. I have the utmost respect for the Rangers’ Captain. Not sure how rah rah he is in the room, but the dude clearly knows how to lead by example.

  267. EdwardIII, as posted many times, blogs especially sports are essentially forums for people looking for affirmation.

    Perhaps a low self esteem situation, which is why Coos, yourself, Papa and certain others resonate with my approach to posting, and when Carp permits my humor! ;)

    None of us are experts but some of us a just a wee bit closer!!! lol

    BTW, resonating on the can is sometimes helpful especially with us older folks! ;)

  268. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I agree – calling up Haley is the right move. Moreover, once Haley is allowed to prove himself, the Pyatt era should come to an end.

  269. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Common Sense – I appreciate your posts. And as much as I despise those Islander teams, beginning with Game 3, April 11, 1975, all ranger fans must give that franchise its due. While the last 20 years have not been so kind to Wang’s team, 4 cups in a row is seriously impressive.

  270. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    As bad as stepan was, and he was bad, he is playing some good hockey now. I buried MZA too. But that line is getting it done.

    I also think this ranger coach is doing a terrific job. Alain is doing a much better job offensively and on the PP with basically the same team Torts had…..And we aren’t too shabby on D either. We will need size, grit, and toughness if we want to make a run. Otherwise, the rangers will be pushed around too easily.

  271. leetchhalloffame on

    Nasher oh Nasher
    How’s your head?
    Wish we had Artie & Dubie instead
    For a big strong dude
    You are surely a mushy
    Now get back on the ice and off your lazy tushy

  272. Edward111, no doubt the Wang approach has been uplifting!

    Seriously, why must some Ranger fans seek the heights by denigrating the competition.

    The next thing you know they’ll be ragging on the Devs and their Cups! ;)

  273. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Aside from maybe Boston and Toronto, the Rangers should fear no one in the east. Whatever stranglehold the penguins MAY have had – is no longer. The west is a different story. Could the rangers make the ECF? If they toughen up their 4th line…Absolutely.

  274. “Mats Zuccarello tallied a power play assist, four shots, and a game-high, four blocked shots in 19:12 of ice time. He has now recorded seven assists in the last six games, and eight points (one goal, seven assists) in eight games since his healthy scratch on Oct. 24 at Philadelphia.”

    This guy keeps gaining confidence. I also like how he plays with an edge and can be an agitator even at his size. He always goes to net. Kenny Albert and Pete Stemkowski were commenting all game about how well he has been playing, especially again last night. There is no situation where he isn’t playing and he’s been very good on the PK. Keep it up!!

    The Rangers are playing really good hockey with confidence and it would be nice if we could stay above .500 and go on a little run.

  275. Ayo! I was wondering if you all knew any cheap hostels to stay at near MSG? I won the tickets for Sundays game and I need somewhere cheapish to stay.

  276. Looks like Missaen has been missin a few!

    Is Hartford any good this year, any real prospects NHL ready?

  277. Bourque? I thought we traded him tom the Habs.

    Isles news flash, Wang prods defense to new heights!

  278. Powe had a nice goal earlier. Asham with a nice pass to setup Hrivik on one.

    kristo with a nice pass to Lindberg on the first goal.

    exciting prospects? Kristo, Johnson, McIlrath, Lindberg. Fast is out for 2 weeks injured.

  279. What the Heck – you can park your Datsun on 34th near Herald Square for $60 and sleep in the trunk. :) A bottle of Night Train and two Big Macs and you’re golden for under $75.

  280. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So are you wanting me to move my Datsun? Sorry I left the bottle of night train out,

  281. Danny Crisco, just what we need.

    Fat in the can, should be great in front of the goalie,no?

  282. Took a couple weeks for AV to see that McD would be good on the PP. Torts is one stubborn palooka.

  283. Sense I would argue that the entire reason Kreider has played so well is because he is much tougher. Much like Pacioretty he has realized he needs to have an aggressive mean streak and just be nasty in order to be effective. Plus his confidence is way up. 6 points in 8 games and he is top ten in rookie scoring with a bunch of guys who have played 15 games. This kid will be in the discussion for the calder and is here to stay.

  284. @dantencer: Calgary Sun @SUNSports reporting that Ales Hemsky’s locker is being cleared out in Philly and it appears as though he’s been traded.

  285. More overpaid Forwards! Yay!

    They are so stupid. And the idiocy is that their fans are into getting another Forward!

  286. I would love it more if we could get Simmonds.

    But watching them attempt to unload that Giroux contract should be hysterical!

  287. Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger 2m

    Oilers trade Hemsky, Yakupov, J. Schultz, 1st in 2016 to Preds for Weber & Fisher

  288. Simmonds would be a great addition. Though I would settle for another forward of his ilk. Tough, gritty kid, good team mate, no doubt.

  289. Everybody try to Calm Sioux down…

    @BlueShirts10: Oh yeah Kristo getting the call up !!! Love that move … Kids been lighting it up !!! #NYR

  290. Sioux is gonna freak out.

    I think he is a fan of Kristo and the team he used to play for or something?

  291. I haven’t been able to find the Kristo thing anywhere reliable yet. Checking AHL transactions page…

  292. That was quite a bout. Got tired watching those guys.

    Kristo will get his shot. Hopefully SPM didnt get wind of the rumor, the highs and lows can be too much to take.

  293. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    That bordealeau is a big dude!

    I would rather have Haley than Kristo, but I’m happy for Sioux!

  294. Speaking of re-emerging:

    @TGfireandice: Devils have not scored on all 14 shootout attempts they’ve had this season = 0-4 record.

  295. Stranger Nation on

    Is the Count of Monte Kristo coming down?

    Will Sue-sue-sudio spontaneously combust?

    Boomer working with Wrath of Mac, getting him ready for a Garden Party.

    Cam can, cant he? Yes he can!

  296. ‘eddie, our love, we love you so-o,
    How we have waited, you’ll never know -ow.
    Please eddie, don’t make us wait too long.

    eddie, please write
    just me one little line –
    Tell us your love is still strong and fine –
    Please, eddie, don’t make us wait too long-ong-ong.’

  297. Cooscoos,

    I’m flying in just for the game so I don’t have a trunk to sleep in. Any other suggestions?

  298. Flying in? Boy, are your arms going to be tired. yuk yuk.
    If you hurry up and matriculate for a $2500 night course at NYU, they’ll give you a shared room for 12 weeks, something like $26 per night, then just take no classes and stay to use all the tickets you will win through New Years. :)

  299. And anyone who’s laughing, an old friend once did that very thing at Skidmore in Saratoga Springs for the late summer Saratoga meet. (One tenth the price of the inflated hostelry.) And he got a private room!

  300. Brooks says MDZ might be getting himself benched. Gulp. Now I’m rooting for the kid to step up.

  301. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    But at the plaza, you can get a nice 2500 sq ft suite for a calm 3400 a night….the tix were free….go for it

  302. Coos,

    That idea is actually brilliant. But I’m going home the next day.

    And Eddie,

    I don’t have the money for that. My job doesn’t pay that much.

  303. My phone landing in some water last night so I was unplugged, so I’m just checking in.

    Did Sather make the call?

    MonteKRISTOS for everyone :)

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