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1) What a difference, or a slim difference, between winning and losing. Henrik Lundqvist made some huge saves on the early Pittsburgh power play, got help from a post, got Ryan Callahan to sweep one off the goal line for him, made another great save nine seconds after Brian Boyle’s 3-0 goal. And pucks went in against the other guy, Marc-Andre Fleury in this case. Except for having a little “track meet” in it, this was very similar to the Anaheim game two nights earlier, when the breaks went the other way early.Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers

2) And I’m not saying Lundqvist wasn’t terrific in either game, because he sure was.

3) But these Rangers defend now, they really do. That’s eight games in a row with two goals or fewer against. Alain Vigneault: “Playing good defense, a lot of it has to do with managing the puck, making the right plays at the different lines, and plays that need to be made that enable you to spend less time in your end,” Vigneault said. “I think slowly but surely we’re getting better at that.”

4) The Rangers were overwhelmed by one Pittsburgh power play in the third, but Lundqvist bailed them out; they gave up a PPG on a bouncy puck on which they did a little too much fishing; and yet I thought their PK continued to be really darn good. And has been for a while.

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers5) Man,  Chris Kreider is strong on his skates. I mean, THE Kreider. And I liked the way that kid, and Mats Zuccarello, got involved. Kreider played with a little edge against Sidney Crosby, and then Tanner Glass, and a few others. Good for him.

6) Crosby went right around Ryan McDonagh on the first shift. But thereafter, McDonagh=McMonster. McDonagh has the same number of goals as all the other defensemen combined (though one of those was that 180-foot shorty against Jonathan Quick) … and he sure was up in the play after AV’s comment the other night about needing more from the back end.

7) Brian Boyle was a beast in the defensive zone and on the PK (he was the only one tackling somebody on the Pens PPG) and finally contributed some offense. I do NOT take offense into account with guys like him, who do the dirty jobs (did you see him make that block with his cup on the PK?). But you really think he should score a little more. You would think  guys like him and Taylor Pyatt would get one here or there just because of their ice time. Guys just like them on other teams pop one once in a while. Can it just be bad luck?

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers8) Did I mention that I think Derek Dorsett has also gotten quite good as a PK, and Zuccarello too?

9) Does Benoit Pouliot get Marriott Points or Delta Miles or something every time he goes into the penalty box?

10) Craig MacTavish and Kevin  Lowe in the pressbox for the second game in a row. MacT is scouting for Team Canada (Marc Staal, maybe some Penguins? Crosby?). But … let the rumors fly. Mark Messier was here again, too. So was Esa Tikkanen. So was Ulf Nilsson, So was Eddie Olczyk. So was Tony Granato. So …

11) Tonight in Columbus should be fun. First meeting since the trades of Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov and, of course, Marian Gaborik — who absolutely loves to score on Lundqvist. I think, though, that Cam Talbot gets the nod tonight in the third in four nights.Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers

12) Boy, I missed that little piece of cooke.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brian Boyle.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Ryan Callahan.
Gravy’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brian Boyle: Even before the goal he was a force. Great play on the McD goal and did his thing defensively.
2. Henrik Lundqvist: Before the goals he made a ton of tough saves. Continued even when it was 5-1. He’s back on his game.
3. Mats Zuccarello: Could have gotten a star for the flip pass to Stepan, but was tenacious. Played well since the scratch and has helped his linemates’ games as well.Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brian Boyle.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Mats Zuccarello.

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  1. That was a great win.

    follow-through tonight and continue to roll. Tonight should be a fun one.

  2. Favorite play was when the Kreider blew past his skid ness on the two on two. Like he was standing still.

  3. I actually feel pretty comfy with Talbot in net. He really hasn’t had a bad game yet. NYR playing well certainly helps him a lot.

    Veen-Yo needs to get Brassard more minutes though. He can’t put him on the 4th line. We *need* this guy to get over the hump and start producing. He’s not doing that on the 4th line. He was our top guy late in the season, and in the playoffs. Can’t have this. If you have to scratch him for a game to send the message, then that’s fine, but don’t put him on a line with Dorsett and Pyatt.

  4. I have been waiting all season for this Brian Boyle….not that he has been bad….because he has actually been better than OK..it just that I have a feeling there is monster lurking inside itching to come out…and we got a glimpse during that Ottawa series….and along with selected other games..again last night. With his wingman up in Montreal he lost his way LY….but man….he can be a star every night…and the effort is there…

  5. Nice write-up, Carp. I’m waiting for this team to string together 5-6 before I get excited…but I am excited after last night’s win. We got our bounces, we made our bounces count, we won the game! Yea! Growwwl!

  6. I really like Boyle. This is his game night in and night out and it’s great to see him get rewarded like this. The guy has a helluva shot that, as Carp mentioned, surprised me that he doesn’t get more. Has to be the luck of the draw. I don’t think lack of talent or effort is at the root of his offensive sluggishness.

    I would like to wonder what or how Penalty-Minute Pouliot world fair under a Tortarella regime? I could she long stretches of benchings. AV is a little too lenient.

    Also, I’ve been reading a lot about this rumor of a DelZotto/Yakupov trade. DZ had not been stellar so far. I would figure under AV’s regime he would flourish a bit more. Offensively, he is trying, defensively, he gives up the puck and his positioning too much. In my eyes, he’s trade bait. But for Yakupov? One goal on the season and one of the worst plus/minus ratings in the league can’t be a good thing. Plus, this team is overloaded with talented wingers. I don’t fear this team, offensively will have a problem. I’ve seen Sather make some horrible moves, but if this one is made, I’m sure it will not bode well for anyone.

    If DZ is trade bait, swap it out evenly. D-man for D-man. We could use and offensively minded D-man to get the back line motivated to score more. This is all conjecture and trades and trading blocks may not be in the Rangers cards right now. Besides is there even enough cap space for a Nail, let alone a Yakupov?

    Last night’s game is very consistent with their other games that they have won. I have to wonder if this team, for the long hall can keep up consistency of play like last night. It’s a high tempo game that these guys haven’t been used to, ever. It’s such an exciting type of game to watch. Obviously, time will tell, but it gets me concerned with the big two week Olympic interruption in February. If the Rangers stay consistent up to then, week they have when they return to the States? Olympics suck…

    On that note, I wonder if everyone who was calling for AV’s head a couple of weeks still feels the same way. My guess is an emphatic, no!

  7. Too many grammatical errors because of my phone, to correct. I had to fix this line at least…

    If the Rangers stay consistent up to then, how will they be once they return to the States? Olympics suck…

  8. Good for Boyle! He was a Beast last night. Best game of the year for him!

    Just 1 time. He should get a DAY OFF the WBM after a game like that. Me Pullout did more than enough to take his place.

  9. If Boyle does that again for about 10games, does he become The Boyle? Something doesn’t sound right.

  10. Carp – how did Miller look? I remember seeing his face on TV. But didn’t really notice his game last night?

  11. Pens D is suspect. Orpik is slow. Their D will be their downfall this year.

    Boys finally getting hang of man on man in D zone.

    Pouliot, the jury still very much out on this kid. Decent size. Decent hands. Maybe as dumb as MDZ, not sure yet. The problem is, he’s a journeyman first rounder. This could be his last stop.

    But really nice win for the boys.

  12. Miller had a few shifts and uh…yeah that’s about it.

    He’s got a nice edge to his game but outside of that one two goal game in his garden debut last year his offense at this level has been pretty non-existent.

  13. CT that was my thoughts exactly. I just wanted someone else to say it. I think he needs to ride shotgun next to Kristo, learn how to be a top 6 forward, and play 20minutes a game! But that’s just me.

    Funny how a GOOD first game can buy you 20 – 35 more.

  14. Sure glad the Rangers survived the first 10 minutes. I’m thinking it a whole new “ball game” had Crosby’s goal gone in on the first shift.

    It sure was nice to win a game, when you didn’t think it was going to happen. Good thing they didn’t put their back-up goalie in :)

  15. You don’t become “the” … you’re born with it.

    “The” is The Kreider’s first name. His middle name is Chris.

  16. Will it always be “The Kreider”? Could we do Kreiderino, The Kreidster or if we aren’t into the whole brevity thing, The Kreids? Does this work with everyone?

  17. THE Kreider > Sid the Kid

    Nice to see his speed blow buy him. To bad that shot didn’t go in!

    Makes for a long day for Sid if he has to beat THE Kreider first, then get past McDonuts, then some how get it past The King. If that’s not enough the post is always there for Hank.

  18. Nash has made it out to skate a few times. Nice to see he is feeling better to at least give it a go.

  19. Still got to watch it back in full but it looked like we were holding on in the first, letting Hank do his thing then we found our feet and blew by them with our speed

  20. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    I repent:

    Went to MSG thinking in my mind, with my daughter, we lose 4 or 5-2. I was wrong.

    I repent:

    Watching from my angle (sec 222), I couldn’t tell how many great saves Hank made early. Looked up there like he was a step slow and not controlling rebounds. Came home, watched parts of game, esp early, and wowzo, he had a very sound game. Big saves early, kept them in.

    Of course, his post, his BFF, helped, too.

  21. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    For those of us who appreciate his play there was only one difference between this game and others. The guy is used on key face offs, plays wing as needed, is invaluable on the PK, uses his size along the boards endlessly, has grit, plays blue collar every night, is likely a great guy in the locker room. It would be great if he scored more, but he does tend to shoot into the goalie’s bread basket and doesn’t have the greatest set of hand. But still…….he’s an asset and only seems to get noticed by some when he goes up on the board.

    He’s……..BRIAN BOYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Boyle was as noticeable as he always is doing the little things. Yes, he got two points last night. His assist MADE the goal, which was a terrific shot by MacD (covered loosely by Malkin).

  23. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Did Malkin play last night? 9 games without a goal?


  24. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    I repent:

    Richards played better than last year. I have to admit that I hate to give him ANY credit after last year. My bad. That said, he was helpful last night. He still wreaks of being past his prime AND, if he’s on the ice, gets the charitable 2nd assist (so his points number at season’s end will be bloated as hell), but he did some good things last night.

    (He also whiffed in period 1 on a dead on shot, lost the puck 3 times at the point, picks up his man 50% of the time, etc., etc., Then again, I saw Malking, all night, gliding, not taking his man, and had only one uncalled elbow as his one hit. I guess these scoring machines have to glide a lot?)

  25. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    The puck didn’t stop bouncing all night. Call it home team advantage!!

  26. Sather Must Go! on

    Great review, Carp. I think that was Boyle best game as a Ranger-really good.. Would have liked a GH hat trick for him giving some of the shots pens were taking at some players (Kunitz, Adams) even if he hugged he way thru it.

  27. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Finally, this new system has taken a while to understand because, in part, it is the antithesis of what they did last year. Staal, for example, has been told most of his career to stay back. Now, all of a sudden, he’s let loose? Uh…..he used to get his head chopped off for doing what he’s being asked to do now. That will take time.

    For MDZ, too. Straalman and MACD seem to be more comfortable with abandoning the back end.

  28. Carp, nice post as always. How does the ice look to you. I know they upgraded it and it will never be like Edmonton.

    Prince Talbot tonight would be a nice break for Hank.

  29. Amen, Matty. Don’t get the complaints about “bad” ice. It’s designed that way to slow down the opposition!

  30. Tonight’s game vs. Columbus is a ~trap~ game. Happens all the time in all sports – you get emotionally high and play a focused game vs. a strong or traditional opponent, then come out emotionally flat and fail to make the physical sacrifices you just made the night before in your subsequent game.

    This goes double, tonight, with the heavy recent schedule also a burden to a Rangers team which needs some down time, not a top-heavy schedule.

    I have often wondered why the two winter sports leagues don’t just schedule three games per week for all teams with no back-to-backs, such as the NBA playing Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday; and the NHL playing Wednesday-Friday-Sunday? This comes out to 13-14 games per month for all teams, plus the players and the fans get a better/fresher product. With all the cross time zone travel, why can’t these leagues do better on their own behalf? All teams lose multiple games to the schedule-maker, more than their opponent, every season. Ridiculous. Especially if you like to bet on sports.

  31. Good for Boyle…he does the dirty work and is usually unappreciated. Zuccarello also playing great…that pass to Stephan was unreal

  32. Kreider got mentioned on USA olympic list. said that right now he is on the outside looking in. I was wondering if he would get any consideration with the way he has played since his recall.

  33. Carp, one thing on bullet 8: Dorsett has always been a PK guy, just not yet for us. His last full season in Columbus he averaged almost 2:00 per game on the kill.

  34. The Kreider has a shot to make the team? I guess he would be exceptionally better on that huge slab of ice where he’s given room to skate and work his Christensen-like skills.

  35. Stranger Nation on

    Glad to see Bros-Hard and Mr. Dorsett connect at end.

    Richie playing pivot leaves Bros.hard centering the muck, but if/when Nasher comes back, slide Zuc to their line and pressbox Pullout

    THE Kreider-Step-Nasher
    Gomer Pylon-Big Rig-Mash/Haley/Assham

    In perfect world, Bucky gets maintenance months

  36. Can we put Miller with Brassard atleast? Neither of those guys is on a line with players who actually run the same style so just make one shift like that.

    Miller-Brassard-(Replacement for Pouliot)


    There’s your bottom 6. Done.

  37. Stranger Nation on

    Ha! THE Kreider goes from Harford to the Olympic Team – only with this franchise


  38. Do not want Kreider in the Olympics unless its as a 14th forward, learn and watch and get to know the guys apprenticeship role. No need. No need for any Rangers, really.

  39. Stranger Nation on

    Interesting how Hags’ return has solidified the offense. He does so many little things that do not show up in box score or in fantasy hooker leagues.

  40. I like that idea, The Doctor. Miller with Brassard. That’s a pretty good combo.

    Why is no one talking about the Scott Arniel returning to ‘Lumbus plot line?

  41. I was actually surprised Stranger, Hagelin is ranked like 142 for forwards in Fantasy leagues. I expected him to be somewhere in the 300’s.

  42. Good morning, boneheads!
    Good review, Carp

    Very satisfying win, indeed. Not only who they beat ( by four goals, no less), but how it was done. Their best player bailed them out, frustrated the opposition, and the team picked up from there. That would be a script to success this year. Now, a new development that I like a lot is that their transition game is starting to gel. Attempt were made at the beginning of this season, but it oftentimes led to odd man rushes by opposing team. Very seldom it happens now. Short passes, using their speed. Have to like what you see. Also, once they start making passes to empty areas anticipating partners arrival, and the partner does arrive ( as it happened a few times last night), it means they’re starting to understand the system and each other. Good news.

  43. Boyle best game of career. No doubt about it. Tonight Columbus might be difficult for two reasons 1. They been slumping and am emotional game like tonight is what they made need. How many can they lose in a row. 2. Back to back an you know there will be a hangover. If we start slow we won’t come from behind.

  44. Easy Bull Dog.

    It was more of a reference to play together at Hartford.

    Carp – the line have to stay the same after a solid 5-1 win right?

  45. Boyle’s best game of his career? He had at least 3 better against Ottawa in the playoffs two years ago. Until the Carkner.

  46. I’m disappointed that Pull-out didn’t make the top of the list, after Boyler was a BEAST last night.

  47. He would literally have to play like this every game the rest of the season, including scoring a goal. If he scores 60 goals, he may come off.

  48. Sioux, have you read the rules of the WBM? Boyle is always #0. :)

    #5 was a tossup between Dorsett and Pyatt. I can change it…democracy…majority rules.

  49. Dorsett is better than people think but I’d still rather him on that 4th, Stranger. Ideally, someone with a little sniper in them. Brassard sets up, sniper guy snipes, Miller does the dirty work in front. Would be a cool line.

  50. It’s true, Sioux. But if I had started Hank, showing confidence in this team, they would have lost.

    Rangers win > Fantasy Win

  51. Hey, did you know that the Penguins have a patented play called “passing”?? Holy shishkabob! Welp, the cat’s out of the bag now. Thanks Pierre McGuire for that always insightful “Inside the Glass”.

    Also, I like how Doc and Edzo’s mics picked up some dude behind them yelling all night. I wonder if this is going to be an on-going thing with the new bridge and fans being so close to the media. Hm…

  52. Bryan Boyle doesn’t stink anymore, eh? The guy has been good for very, very long time for this team. He does everything he’s asked and paid for. And then some. Ditto Dorsett. He’s been a very good acquisition in that trade.

  53. I don’t make the WBM, youse guys do :)

    I just run the comments through intense statistical programs that weigh the negativity of comments towards certain players and spit out the results.

  54. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers realized if you play Cindy and Malkinstein man-to-man and keep the puck away from them all of the Guinee’s other AHL level talent will not beat you.

    Sort of what happened in the POs for a while now

  55. Thumbs UP here that Pullout takes the top spot for last night game.

    Boyler gets a day off.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, just to piggy back onto what you said about passes into open space, MZA was REALLY good at that last night.

    As for Boyle, he doesn’t do EVERYTHING he’s paid for. We do need him to score more than 5 goals in a season.

  57. Stranger Nation on

    Mr. D = I hear ya, but Dorsett over Miller now, sorry but the kid is not making the plays, game seems a little fast for him at this level. He should just focus on pounding people on forecheck and good things with come. Tough for a young player who has had offensive success to transition to that role.

  58. Currently, Nash and Hags are point per game players.
    Cally (5 of 7), Richards (12 of 15), Kreider (7 of 8) are just off pace and Stepan (11 of 15) not far behind.
    Gettin better.

  59. Stranger Nation on

    Gravy – not to take you out of a job, but we could reverse the ‘stars’ of the game and look at the bottom 5 every game and keep a runnign tally

    Would miss out on the emotion attributed to certain, ahem, regulars though.

  60. Dorsett took one in the mouth last night at the 59th minute does NOT put him on the WBM.

    He made one H#ll of a pass on Brassards goal. That far outways picking on a penguin at the end.

    What did Gomer do all night?

  61. Callahan may be injured a lot but he must be one of the most effective players in the league. And I don’t mean goal scoring ability, just the ability to make a significant contribution/ have an effect on the outcome of a game.

    They really seem to be adapting to AV’s system. It’s not just flopping all around the ice in the defensive zone and trying to block every shot. I hope they haven’t peaked yet.

  62. Boyle is a *core* player. Remember when I said that Before the game.

    I bet people still don’t agree with me. (sadface)

  63. Manny, I didn’t know you were superstitious like that. Welcome to the club. Part of me firmly believes that throwing my cob web covered Chris Drury sweater into a good will box when they were at the tail end of that long road trip is why they started improving.

  64. So who was on the ice when Brassard scored his goal? I know Dorsett was there because he got the only assist. But what was the line?

  65. The “original core” post 05 lock out was Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal, Girardi, Lundqvist. Eventually Stepan and then Hagelin became part of it and Dubinsky was traded. If you want to include Boyle I wouldn’t argue it. He’s been here since 2009 and lasted longer than the likes of a lot of other role playing/grinding types that have since come and gone.

  66. Manny I was thinking that last night, when he made that strong play off the boards from behind the net, then he blocks a point blank shot with his tin cup, and follows up with the snipe to the top corner. How about them apples? That’s a core player for sure.

  67. Current *Core*: Callahan, Boyle, Stepan, McDonagh, Girardi, J. Moore, Lundqvist, The Kreider, Hagelin and a healthy Rick Nash.


    This was an interesting discussion so I am continuing it. Again, I look at the *Core* of the team as:

    Core: (n, adj.): A player who exemplifies and excels at the values and playing style that is the center of a team’s strategy both on the ice and in the dressing room.

  68. Again, my point was that the Rangers have no direction right now and if they pick up Yakupov then it becomes clear that the ship has no rudder, navigator or Capt.

    The idea behind building a team (in my stupid opinion) should be to identify the *core* players on your team, identify their identity in type of play that they excel at and then build a team around that *core* identity and on ice philosophy.

  69. Stranger, I think we have the same idea but different ways to execute it. On a talented line where his only responsibility is “play defense, on offense just work hard in front”, he could both ease it in and have a chance at actual success. Plus, you don’t have to do the silly pin-the-kid-to-the-bench late in the game because your Boyle shutdown line has been established from the start.

    (Maybe we can get Wolski to play the other wing. (Not really, but please get Brassard some GD talent to work with.))

  70. Manny – Yak isn’t going to be a Ranger. But if you had to make a deal and say trade Del Zotto & Miller for him. It might add to the new identity that AV wants.

    Still a doable Trade, IF you think he is going to be an ELITE forward.

  71. I know Miller only played 8 minutes last night, but I sure would like to see Him Hit like the Captain does.

    Use straight forward speed, and check the body!

  72. I know, but he’s insane. I want nice boys like Derick and JT to be safe. Boyle and Pyatt can handle themselves.

  73. Stranger, regarding the WBM, I actually started it to capture the emotional aspect of the boneheads, rather than who was good vs. who was bad in a given game. There are certain guys who, when they aren’t scoring, are whipping boys, regardless of other contributions they make.

    Boyle became the poster boy because he doesn’t score a ton of goals. So, no matter how well he played, there would also be a group of people that would question his ice time, his value, etc.

  74. And to your other comment, I actually suggested we do three *moons* of the game, or the worst players in a specific game. Although I think emotion would cloud that more than three stars.

  75. the public has spoken:

    Revised WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Pouliot
    2) Stralman
    3) Richards
    4) MDZ
    5) *Pyatt*

  76. Stranger Nation on

    mr D – I am a *HUGE* Bros-hard fan. In fact, I believe he is their most talented pivot given Bucky’s demise and Slow-Step. He proved last year if given top 6 minutes with talented wingers he will produce.

    Miller is bit more of a question mark as he has 2 goals in 36 total games with NYR but has 55 shots so he is getting looks. question is do you play him in Hartford to get proper seasoning to his offensive game or play him bottom 6 minutes?.

    When Nash comes back (that’s right I said ‘when’) then where does he go. Kids must play, dont’ want him getting 8 mins TOI

  77. Brian Boyle had a great game last night.

    He has never been a terrible player. He’s always been an average player. Good at faceoffs, PK.

    Add Your Comment

  78. Boyle would be a perfect addition to the US olympic team. Does all the hard dirty jobs. Wins big faceoffs and kills penalties.

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    Pouliot takes a lot of penalties, yes, but I really like the way he goes hard to the net. Not many other forwards on our team do that. If he would just focus a little harder, he could be a REALLY good third line player for us.

  80. If you’re going to stick him on the bench, you send him back to Hartford. I don’t agree with it, I’d rather see him playing than a dope like Pouliot, but that’s life. The thing is, he has 4 goals in Hartford this year in 3 games. More than “of course, its easier there”, I take that as him playing on the right kind of line. There are few things I hate more than having an actual talent come up (Kreider, Miller, not so much dudes like Fast) and then burying them with grinders for 8:00 in the first 2 periods. There’s enough of an adjustment going AHL to NHL, you shouldn’t force them to adjust their game as well. Maybe its just me, but that’s not easing in, its increasing the degree of difficulty.

  81. Doodie Machetto on


    Sure, he does all of that, but you know, there are a lot of other American players who do as well, and have a lot more offensive upside at the same time, i.e, Callahan, Backes, Brown, etc.

    Boyle has no hope of making that team.

  82. Boyle was awful last year. trying to defend that is silly. he has been real good this year. deserves the credit he is getting.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    I honestly don’t get all of the Pouliot hate. I’d much rather play Pouliot than Pyatt. It’s not like Pyatt doesn’t take a lot of penalties also.

    And I hate to point to plus minus as any real indicator, but Pyatt is an alarming -8 compared to Pouliot being one of the team’s few plus players.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog nailed it. Although, as Carp pointed out, he still needs to score a little more. He’s on pace for like 5 goals. We need at least double that from him.

  85. I’d take Pouliot over Pyatt on a third line too, but I think the problem is the amount of minutes Pouliot had been forced to play with the injuries.

  86. Boyle was awful *offensively* last year. Otherwise, he’s the same player.

    But, he has some points this year, so, he’s, you know, better defensively now too.

  87. Doodie, I said minutes he *had* been playing. He stunk the first 8 games (a lot of players did), but he was playing on the 2nd line and was exposed/didn’t produce. Plus, he’s taking dumb penalties.

  88. not true Gravy,
    Boyle’s game overall last year was awful. bad enough that Torts made him a healthy scratch a few times.

  89. Agreed, Doodie. Although I’m under the impression that he’s got a reputation for doing just that among officials and that’s part of why he’s penalized so often

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m with bulldog on this. Boyle was not very good defensively last year. He had flashes, but in general, he stunk.

  91. Manny, Awesome definition of *core*

    Call it identity, dynamic, philosophy..whatever you prefer but that’s exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned the Nash trade being a rock in the calm pond so to speak. Also why I think it’ll be interesting to see how this team is constructed in 3 years.

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know. I’m not proclaiming Pouliot a hall of famer or anything, but cmon, he’s better than Pyatt.

    Pyatt kills penalties and Pouliot doesn’t. OK. But we have other forwards we’ve been grooming on the PK, most notably MZA and Dorsett. In another 5 games or so, I think Pyatt becomes completely expendable.

  93. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I also think brassard should be in the top six as 2nd line centre.

    Dorsett should be on the 3rd line, not 4th.

    Can we trade pyatt for boll?

  94. Didn’t have time to check the “Go Time” thread from last night. How many “they stink” comments were there during the first 10 min?

  95. Stranger Nation on

    Difference between Gomer Pylon and Pullout is the type of minutes they are getting. Pylon is getting bottom 6 minutes and is focused on defense. Pullout is getting to 6 minutes for most of the season and is supposed to be a two way player with some offensive upside.
    There is something just not right about his game. Very irresponsible with him stick along the wall. Not just last night with the high sticking, but you will see him constantly taking his bottom hand off stick when forechecking – a dangerous circumstance.
    He also has not finished some great opportunities.

    I say sit em both!!

  96. Doodie Machetto on


    I disagree about Brassard being on the second line. He’s far too inconsistent to trust with that many minutes.

  97. Pouliot = this year’s Higgins/Frolov. Although those guys at least had a reasonably decent track record before coming to the Rangers. He’s got the athleticism to show why he was a high draft pick but his hockey IQ doesn’t come close to matching that . It wasn’t the worst gamble at an economical one year deal, in fact more guys like Pyatt/Asham/Rupp should be on those type of deals but Sather can’t help himself.

    Re: The Kreider as an Olympic hopeful…don’t see it right now but you get a few good games in a high profile market + prior experience represent the red, white and blue at the junior levels + injuries to some guys (especially Pacioretty) and you could piece together a flimsy case for it.

  98. Stranger Nation on

    What did THE Kreider do to get Pissburg to throw a hissy fit last night? Were they just trying to get in his head to slow him down?

    How about their 3rd pair last night – Woof! -3 thank you very much

  99. Pouliot puts up a lot more zero or negative games than Pyatt without showing all that much on the plus side. I’m cool with talent getting a longer leash, but Pouliot just adds nothing and, far too often, subtracts. The game misconduct, the offsides+penalty pairing a few nights ago … too much suck for what? He *might* put up 12 if he finds a hot streak?

    (And the penalty thing is both apples-to-oranges and incorrect. Pouliot has put us down for 19 minutes this year, Pyatt 10, and Pyatt is playing the tougher competition.)

  100. I really don’t see what Brassard has done this year or in his career to earn top 6 minutes.


    Draft pedigree and quick skilled guys have to prove they can’t while slow/grinding guys have to prove they can.

  101. Doodie, I hear what you’re saying. Pouliot is a solid 3rd line guy who is capable of doing his job effectively and with a certain amount of grit we haven’t seen much of the last few years in NY. How many guys have gone to the net on a regular basis since Graves was a Ranger?

    And Wicky, I think once Nash is back he’s going to play a lot of important minutes with Brassard beside him. If he’s a 3rd-4th liner come January there’s a serious problem.

  102. Carp; Great post Agree with point 7. We should be scoring more with that line but that may come in time. Why is it when we have a great game DZ gets a pass. Many have heart failure watching him in the defensive zone. Henrik has to stop passing the puck it’s not his forte, but lucky last nite.

  103. Say what you want about Pouliot – he has the capability of playing well with a style we haven’t had an abundance of around these parts. I’d rather him than Pyatt most nights.

  104. Stranger Nation on

    Last year Bros-hard came over, played 25 games and had 23 points. His ascension allowed us to “Fredo” Bucky and get some legitimate playmaking in top 6.
    Now we have Bucky back in top 6 and on PP pt playing the sniper with Hags and Cally going to get pucks for him??? If you think that is a workable solution, please pass the brownies on the left hand side.
    Just shy of a point per game in top 6 minutes on this team is sort of like Step, no?

  105. Brassard’s scoring log tells the story: 4 points in the first 6 games (all assists) then only 3 in the last 9 (all goals). Put him with good players, he’s going to help produce. Put him with mediocre players and he’s going to have issues. You switch him and Richards and you think he has 0 assists over the last 9?

  106. _Draft pedigree and quick skilled guys have to prove they can’t while slow/grinding guys have to prove they can._

    There is no case that can be made that Brassard has more skill than Stepan or Richards. Even last year, Richards outscored Brassard. And those guys have draft pedigree too, so I think Brassard belongs where he is. The guy has never broken 50 points. The other two have and were on pace to last year.

  107. I think Brassard has been playing much better lately. the Rangers have an advantage over most teams with there top 3 centers. one of the 3 is going to go against somebody’s 3rd line. I do think Brassard needs a more offensive winger to play with.

  108. Wicky – Thanks for the laugh this morning :)

    I guess you don’t need Vazina winning goalie.

  109. There’s certainly a case to be made that Brassard is as/more skilled than Richards or Stepan. Not as productive, but as skilled.

  110. The truth is, the Rangers have no pure goal scorers in the lineup right now. I’m all for pairing Nash with Brassard when he comes back and leaving the other two lines intact.

  111. That’s probably more correct MD. Brassard has skill, it just hasn’t translated to production on a consistent basis. He was Casper in half the games this year.

  112. Brassards previous scoring droughts and inconsistent play combined with inconsistent motivation tell the story on that guy.

  113. ORR we could put the “other talent” on the wing with Brassard, if we need more goals, (which last night we didn’t).

  114. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Malkin is 2nd or 3rd in pts in that league, not going to give him up without getting “O” back!

    If you had a normal format in that stupid yahoo set up, I’d send another trade proposal, but I can’t tell what from what in that jackaasen format.

  115. We all agree Brassard needs more talent around him, to make him successful. He needs a finisher, and early on nobody was finishing enough. Not even their checks.

  116. Stranger Nation on

    Bucky with 1 PP pt in last 10 games

    keep him there Elaine – if he keeps shooting, one has to go in by the law of averages, right?

  117. Brassard’s highest point total is 47 (17G, 30A). Stepan’s highest point total is 51 (17G, 34A). Stepan has also produced at a *much* more consistent rate than Brassard. Stepan has never, ever put up less than 44points, and that was in a shortened season where he was on pace for 70+. Brassard has seasons of 36 and 29 on his resumè.

  118. There is no case that can be made that Brassard has more skill than Stepan or Richards. Even last year, Richards outscored Brassard. And those guys have draft pedigree too, so I think Brassard belongs where he is. The guy has never broken 50 points. The other two have and were on pace to last year

    Brassard = 6th overall
    Richards = 64th overall
    Stepan = 51st overall

    Shouldn’t mean squat at this point in their respective careers but I’d hazard to guess that there are plenty of top 10 overall picks that get more stabs at the NHL or elevated roles than guys picked at 50+

  119. _Brassard played top 6 minutes his whole time in Columbus, including with Nash._

    Not all that consistently. You look at his 11-12 scoring log and you see more Umberger than you do Nash.

  120. Overriding point is that for as long as Pouliot is Brassard’s best offensive linemate, people are going to be able to complain about Brassard’s production.

  121. “Will it always be “The Kreider”? Could we do Kreiderino, The Kreidster or if we aren’t into the whole brevity thing, The Kreids? Does this work with everyone?”


  122. “Ha! THE Kreider goes from Harford to the Olympic Team – only with this franchise”


  123. Stepan is a much more consistent forward than Brassard. Whether Brassard has more “talent” or “skill” is irrelevant. Stepan gets it done no matter who he is paired with and has gotten it done consistently his entire career. That’s why we all wanted Stepan signed for as long as possible!

  124. Just in case anyone needed clarification:

    it will ALWAYS be “The Kreider” (alt. “THE Kreider”)

    Thank you.

  125. Agreed, Manny, Step’s our #1 and that’s not changing. But being a lesser player than Stepan is hardly an indictment.

  126. Oh I’m not indicting Brassard. This is the complaint I had about him last year, that he’s very inconsistent, gets lost in games, doesn’t appear, to the fan, to be a particularly motivated player (which is impossible to know) and that he has a bad attitude.

    I also said, TORT Will fix that!!! But Tort is gone and now we have a coach that lets the players be. This could spell mid-season disaster.

    I expect Brassard to be overly motivated tonight.

  127. Zucc is the toughest guy on our team and would be the toughest guy on this blog.

    His new nickname is “Pound for Pound”

  128. Stranger Nation on

    This is a Richards/Broshard debate not Step.
    Point is moving Bucky back to center has created more balance in the lineup, but at the expense of Broshard.
    Cally and Hags can make up for Richards defensive indifference, but not without putting more pressure on D.

    How is Secretariat still saddling it up for this team? Oh, thats right, he is a goal scorer now…

    Left hand side please

  129. Its tough to judge anything except production and I really don’t see how the production splits aren’t glaring. Good linemates, he produces. Bad linemates, he struggles. Which I imagine would be the story of “every playmaking center except the elite”.

  130. The Blogmaster nails it again, noting (in effect) 1. That Crosby accomplished little (other than the early, semi-shocking circle around McD, mainly because we did an excellent job to see to it. 2. FPM (Frequent Penalty Miles) for Pullout. 3. Dorsett’s too often unheralded contributions. 4. Zucc comments, et al.

  131. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Brassard did not consistently play top 6 minutes in Columbus, not by a long shot.

    Stepan has better linemates (and has had better linemates).

    Brassard is more physical, has a better shot, and is one of the top 3 creative guys on our team.

    If you want consistency from him, put him in the top 6.

  132. Doodie…Remember that Chris Dreary was on the 4th line on the Olympic team last time. And Boyle is so much better than Dreary was then. Callie is a Lock to make the team. Brown too. But to win you need D guys. Everyone can’t be a scorer.

  133. Not impressed by the article, Manny. Malhotra was the 7th overall pick. You think he’s played up to the level of a 7th overall pick? I don’t. That means he sucks. He’s a first round suck.

  134. So put Brassard with a goal scorer on the 3rd line.

    Dorsett-Boyle-Pullout or Pylon as the 4th line. Lost of 1’st round talent for a 4th line.

    Put a goal scorer with Brassard for the 3rd line, and Nash when he’s healthy.

    Have 3 top lines.

  135. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You guys realize brassard has the 3rd most hits on this team behind OPG and Boyle right?

    In all fairness, if cally had played a full season brassard would be 4th

  136. Trade Del Zaster & Miller for Yakupon.

    Then have CCCP release THE WHITE RUSSIAN, and get us all drunk on goals.

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    Dubeliveau, I disagree that Boyle is better now than Drury was then. Furthermore, Torts was on the coaching staff. No such Rangers representation this year.

    Plus, Drury was partially selected for leadership. Say what you will about the guy, he was one of the most respected players/captains in the league. Especially by his coach, who as I said above, was an assistant on the US team.

    Boyle has absolutely no shot at the Olympic squad.

  138. Yea I was mostly putting up that article for the whole, Malhotra carries a metal detector with him and helped an AHL player find a family heirloom in a huge field.

  139. Not going to lie, I was actually impressed that they won this won. Not necessarily that they picked up the win, but how they did it. I think AV has noticed they need to play simpler and focus on the defensive end a lot more and he’s done that. They play more along the walls than trying to play the center of the ice.

    As for #10 – maybe their bringing back old Rangers to fill the seats (including the press box and benches) since they aren’t selling as many tickets as they’d like…

  140. I’m sorry, but why should they have to accommodate Brassard if the other guys are producing. Isn’t the job of a playmaker to make those around him better? I’m not saying to play him with Pyatt and Mashinter, and if/when Richards struggles you can flip them.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    Brassard has more hits, but how many of his hits do you think anybody that was hit by them remember?

    Also, Kreider only trails by 6 but has played in 7 less games.

  142. I’m with you, Gravy. When things are working you keep riding them. The third line is like the NHL’s AHL. Brassard will get the call up when proves that he’s better than the guy that currently has the job.

    But isn’t Richards really the third line Center?

  143. I think the 2nd and 3rd lines are somewhat interchangeable. It’s not like they have a plethora of goal-scoring wings.

  144. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wow, according to Elliotte Friedman engelland might be available from the pens (didn’t he play forward last night?).

    If mcilrath isn’t coming up anytime soon, I’d love to get that guy and his 600k contract.

  145. ABSOLUTELY WICKY. I make a move to get Engelland immediately. They can have whatever they want. A/k/a STRALMAN.

  146. I really think it’s partially the “Trade Gaborik” crowd trying to justify the deal. I mean, if he doesn’t produce enough, it’s because he’s not with skilled players. Even though Gaborik scored 40 with Prospal and Christensen as centers half the time.

  147. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I would say that about the majority of ranger hits.

    I missed the kreider stat.

  148. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I haven’t had a chance to look at the most recent trade proposal, but I hope you read this before you sent it

    New Puck Daddy: Fantasy Hockey: Why Kyle Turris is a stud, Sergei Bobrovsky is a dud

  149. Bob got hit twice by the Penguins this year. Even Manny sat the King in fear of the fish. I gambled I lost.

    No different than you losing every category in goalie stats. Bob will win you 2 or 3 of them every week, over what you have.

    It’s a win win trade. I also threw in my top D player.

  150. difference between the career highs for Brass vs Stepan is Stepan came back the following year in a 48 game season and almost replicated that point total. had he played a full year he would have scored 70 points easily.

  151. I don’t think you have to accommodate Brassard at all, I’m saying fans (us) should atleast recognize that “not producing” isn’t necessarily because of poor play. If you put him in Richards spot or you found some talent for the 3rd line, Brassard would very likely stop “not producting” and go back to producing.

  152. Since we talked about it recently….The KHL is going to be very competitive for the NHL in attracting players as it continues to expand across Europe. Apparently Slovakia and the Czech Republic are slated to get teams shortly. So we won’t just be worried about the Enigmatic Russians but also the Slovaks and Czech players going home.

    This could be VERY interesting if it leads to some international merger.

  153. In a good way Wicky. I just want to see “THE TRUCK” hit someone in a blueshirt.

    Not in a Fowler way, that he is in his 4th year as a Pro.

  154. That league. But you’re right Manny. You get one rich OIL OWNER, and he can pay what ever he want to whom ever he wants.

    Look at Kovy and Jagr for that matter.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    So you’re argument for Brassard is that the reason he isn’t producing is that he’s not with players who produce, but if he was with those players he would produce.

    But the question is, would he outproduce the centers (Stepan/Richards) already playing with those players? I would argue that he would not.

  156. Wicky, I mentioned that a few weeks ago. McIlrath is two years away from where Sauer was. I think those tough defensive d-men need a little more time to develop their games, and McIlrath has missed significant time with injury. He’s not a lost cause by any means.

  157. While I’d love to see McD in the Olympics, with all that’s asked of him, I think a week over some beers with his old man and his cop brother at a Wisconsin VFW would be recuperative for the late playoff push.

  158. Socialist Russia effectively gives big tax breaks to hockyists, while the Capitalist USA raises their taxes. NOT POLITICS, just an interesting development.

  159. Engelland is a terrible hockey player. There is a reason the Pens moved him to forward, he isn’t a liability there.

    As for McIlrath, I think he’ll eventually get a chance this season right after the Olympics. I’m not sure he has the skating ability to stay up here though. Would be nice to see him improve that (now that he’s finally healthy). Still made about that pick, but I’m willing to give him the same look that Sanguinetti got, who was another terrible pick that I hated.

  160. I don’t remember a trade Gaborik crowd. I do remember a Gaborik is going to get traded crowd. I was a member of that group.
    I like Brassard, and think he is going to be just fine. John Moore is going to be the one we all remember from the Gabby trade.

  161. Miller plays with some moxie and isn’t afraid to go to the net, but is somewhat behind Kreider who seems to have finally picked up a more effective north/south mentality.

  162. The Rangers (91-0-6) have registered at least 1 point in the last 97 regular-season games in which they’ve had the lead going into the third period.

  163. Though we did have a fat lead, nice to see us push and not go into the old prevent defense late.

  164. The Slovak presence in the NHL has dipped considerably since the early part of the century. A lot of the remaining players are older; can’t think of many young ones, and I don’t know if many have been drafted in the last several years.

  165. _So you’re argument for Brassard is that the reason he isn’t producing is that he’s not with players who *can* produce, but if he was with those players he would produce._

    Mostly right, I added a word.

  166. And yes, Doodie, I believe if Brassard were given 18:00 per game between Hagelin and Callahan that he would be productive. I very much believe that.

  167. Doodie Machetto on

    But Mister D, you ignored the other part of what I said. Would he outproduce Stepan or Richards?

  168. Indeed, Sioux. It’s pretty close for those of you who aren’t Czech or Slovak.. my great-grandparents hailed from Slovakia and they would rip into you pretty good if you ever called them Czech.

  169. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards doesn’t start 2/3 of his shifts in offensive zone. I see you’re looking at zone starts % prepared by Behind the Net. Those do not account for shifts beginning in the neutral zone. It’s just a comparison of offensive zone vs. defensive zone.

    If you’re really arguing that Brassard is better than Richards, that’s just folly. Last year, sure. 75% of the league was better than Richards last year. This year? C’mon, get real.

  170. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, my question is exactly that. Put Brassard with Richards’ wingers. Does that line produce as much offensively as with Richards? I would argue that it doesn’t.

    Furthermore, I’d argue that it would be much worse defensively.

  171. ‘They’re rioting in Africa; They’re starving in Spain. There’s hurricanes in Florida and Texas needs rain.
    The whole world is festering with unhappy souls – The French hate the Germans, The Germans hate the Poles;
    Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch – And I don’t like anybody very much!’ (Kingston Trio) :)

  172. _But Mister D, you ignored the other part of what I said. Would he outproduce Stepan or Richards?_

    Not Stepan, I think Stepan is just a better player. I gave those Brassard stats earlier, I’ll add Richards …

    1st 6 games: Brassard 0-4-4, Richards 4-3-7

    Last 9 games: Brassard 3-0-3, Richards 1-4-5

    So do I think playing with guys like Callahan, Hagelin and Kreider would lead to Brassard racking up assists? Absolutely. I think you flip the two and Brassard is outpointing Richards over the last 9. I also think the Rangers are worse off for it because I think Richards goes right back to being an anchor if his minutes aren’t protected (68% off zone).

  173. “Furthermore, I’d argue that it would be much worse defensively.”

    Agree with the first part of your post, Doodie, but I dunno if you can get worse defensively than Bradley.

    BTW, don’t know if you saw it last night, but best of luck with your little one.

  174. I’ve been there before when I got married in India.

    I was like Custer at little big horn.

  175. _Furthermore, I’d argue that it would be much worse defensively._

    Wait, you’re arguing Callahan-Brassard-Hagelin makes for a worse defensive line than Callahan-Richards-Hagelin?

  176. Stranger Nation on

    But the question is, would he outproduce the centers (Stepan/Richards) already playing with those players? I would argue that he would not.

    Answer yes – see last year – thanks for making my point

    Left hand side please…

  177. Stranger Nation on

    In Hindsight, you are wrongo again on the defense as well

    But Horse lovers are a strange breed

  178. Doodie – I’m just saying put Brassard in-between 2 people that can bury the puck, and he will outscore Richards. Give him 10 games with say Nash & Kristo, call that our “3rd” line. Then count up the points.

  179. Doodie Machetto on

    “but I dunno if you can get worse defensively than Bradley.”

    You can. You could be Brassard.

  180. SN – a strange breed is more like a Beefalo.

    Yup we had those on the farm as well.

    Now just imagine AI to get one of those :)

  181. Yes, you should.

    Tonight is The Kreider’s regular-season coming-out party.

    And by “coming-out” I mean stuffing the Columbus net full of pucks.

    Wait, that didn’t sound good either.

  182. I was so wishing THE KREIDER would have took offence to Sid grabbing and holding the front of his jersey last night.

  183. Sioux,
    Just as great.

    But I’m predicting a new kind of Hat Trick.

    I call it “The Kreider Trick” = 3 goals, 3 assists, 3 fights

  184. Stranger Nation on

    Since Gabby Trade
    Last season:
    Richards – 17 pts in 25 games
    Step – 22 pts
    Brass: 23 pts
    This season
    Richards 12 pts in 15 games
    Step 11pts
    Brass 7 pts

    SOOOO, when they have played on the same team:

    Richards – 29 pts in 40 games
    Step – 33 pts
    Brass – 30 pts

    Do we need to go into PP TOI as well?????

  185. I can’t imagine there are many people beyond you, Doodie, who feel that Richards is a better defensive center than Brassard. From me to AV to almost everyone in between. Possibly Richards himself.

  186. We should remember that, in a slightly different world where A LOT OF PEOPLE HERE had their way, tonight is Kreider’s first game against his old team, the Rangers.

  187. The last time War Admiral came out of the corner with a little round black thing was when he was dating Fat Albert.

  188. This is absolutely hysterical:

    Rangers Report @rangersreport

    Does Pouliot get Marriott Points or Delta miles or something every time he goes in the box?

  189. Last night was exactly how I pictured this team playing (well after the first 15 minutes anyway) under AV’s new system. I knew it was going to take 10 or so games to get the defense playing the new style, with man to man puck pressure and moving the puck up the ice via pass or skating. Sure there are going to be mistakes that lead to goals. That’s why you have Lundqvist back there. Now that he’s back on track (and maybe he was hurt early on more than he let on) you can see the difference. The forwards now seem to have taken to the speed game. That’s why forwards like Zuc and The Kreider and Hags have looked so good. You have enough grit if Dorsett continues to play the way he has, and Boyle plays consistently like last night and we already know guys like Cally and Hags and Zuc can play gritty as well. I still think we could use another sniper and hopefully that’s Nash. We barely lost to the Ducks, and we did a number on Pitts. This uptempo game is REALLY a lot of fun to watch.

    Notice that we beat MAF in almost the same exact spot the first two goals? He’s really got a slow glove hand up high.

  190. Just got some good news.

    Mama is on the bubble to win a trip to The Fairmont in Banff.

    Holy Shiskabob, I can see why the Rangers went there to “bond” in the preseason.

  191. “Does Pouliot get Marriott Points or Delta miles or something every time he goes in the box?”

    Agree, it was the best thing I’ve read all day.

  192. I don’t know that anyone knows if Richards or Brassard is worse defensively. They both look pretty lost. The point in favor of Richards is that he sometimes makes a remarkable play with his stick to force a turnover.

  193. Arguing whether Brad Richards or Derick Brassard is worse defensively is like arguing about whether it’s worse to die by suffocation or drowning. Both are awful.

  194. Ilb I’m thinking all 3 of them pick it up a notch!

    Nash might even think of coming back.

    Stralman is going to actually play DEFENSE tonight….is that taking it too far???

  195. Won’t be long before The Kreider is going all Clark Gillies on fake tough guys around the NHL

  196. Strals tries like hell, just gets beaten too often. Still an upgrade over last year’s fill-in comedy group.

  197. And while I’m ranting…I don’t care how many goals my Center scores. Only points. The job of a Center is to be defensively responsible and create offense. Unfortunately our Center that is best at BOTH is the same person. Then we have Brassard, inventive but not driven and defensively poor, and Richards, lucky and older than his years and defensively absent.

  198. Manny – I would argue that arguing whether Brad Richards or Derick Brassard is worse defensively is worse than arguing about whether it’s worse to die by suffocation or drowning.

  199. Manny, I hate this repeated “not driven / doesn’t care” thing you’re doing regarding Brassard. You don’t / can’t know.

    Drowning is worse, thats just underwater suffocation.

  200. This was my complaint with Brassard last year and the same mantra I used to temper everyone when he was piling up points in the playoffs: The guy has a tendency to disappear. That’s always been the book on him from the people inside hockey and his coaches and former/current Asst. coaches (e.g. Arniel).

  201. The Kreider – Stepan – MZA
    Pouliot – Brassard – Nash
    Hagelin – Richards – Callahan
    Pyatt/Mashinter – Boyle – Dorsett

    That’s not bad if the Stepan line can stay consistent.

  202. As a part of pregame preparation AV should schedule a city tour in Columbus today. That should be plenty to motivate the boys knowing that BJ has been our big trading partner lately. :-)

  203. ILB – No way…the second the boys see how much they’ll save on strip clubs in Colombus, they’ll be lining up at Slats’ door with trade requests in hand.

  204. Siouxpie Sales – I’ll take it you know firsthand that Bambi and GiGi charge just as much there as Candi and Lola do here

  205. Doodie Machetto on

    Gaborik will score 5 goals against us again and Sather will say “Hey! who is that guy? We should get him on our team!”

  206. Doodie Gabby scores 5, I guess I better get him in the Game tonight as well.

    Wicky is still on the fence.

  207. Gravy – That’s actually a big improvement, no? And if we take out the first few games, I’d bet we’re an even better %. Just one of the basics that has improved this year…PK, PP, FO, time of possession, if only AV could teach size

  208. That’s hard to believe but the numbers are the numbers. Seems much better this year, at least since we came back East.

    More importantly, do we think Zucc makes Boyle spit shine his shoes? Zucc probably rules that lockerroom like Grosberger

  209. Everyone cheats on face-offs. Zebras could almost throw out both contestants every drop. Best cheaters prosper.

  210. Doodie I was there at the XCEL center, with my Ranger Jersey on, it was a long night. But the place was rock’n on the WiLD side.

  211. Or maybe it’s just when Stepan isn’t taking them. He’s only 43.6%, but has taken the most draws on the team.

  212. FG – it’s all about the Clubs!

    I spent all my time in the PUBS in NY. No club’n for me while I was there.

  213. We’re exactly one percentage point (50.3% vs 49.3%) better at home than on the road. I would have guessed a larger gap.

  214. Just read in paper a headline that said: ‘Dorsett Has Signs of Brain Injury.’ Turns out it is Tony Dorsett.

  215. Nice to finally see some positive comments regarding Boyle.
    Guy usually takes a lot of crap from fans for no reason. He is consistant, plays hard, takes very few penalties, is very good on the PK, cycles well, good in the defensive zone and WINS faceoffs. At what he provides for 1.7mil how much more should be expected of him? Yeah it would be nice to see more goals and also see him lay more people out with his size. But he does his job well and for the price think he is very underrated for what he brings. Unfortunately goal production is what most people value a player by and not the other key factors that it takes to have a winning team. Not everyone should be expected to be a 20 or 30+ goal scorer, and if Boyle was he would be making a heck of a lot more the 1.7mil (while still being on the WBM)
    Does he get as much praise today had he not also scored a goal – unfortuantley he wouldn’t and thats a shame.

  216. Stranger Nation on

    Comparing Apples to Hand Grenades with Bucky and Brassard’s D

    Trust your eyes not what some blog said about Brass in Columbus. That team sucked. Richards is a career minus player on high scoring winning teams, that is VERY tough to do, look it up.

  217. Torts on struggling PP “I don’t think we need to pass the puck into the net.” Wants team (twins) to simplify.

    WHAT – a Torts team struggling with the Power Play.

    Unheard of.

  218. Stranger Nation on

    Cally is +4 career including POs so wrongo again in hindsight

    Richards is -74 smart assen

  219. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying Richards is good defensively, btw. I’m just saying I think he is better than Brassard. Which is not saying much, at all.

  220. Funny how lots of people complained that Tort changed lines too much, and now that AV doesn’t change them at all.

  221. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh so now we are including playoffs? How many different ways are we going to twist the numbers so we can work them in your favor?

  222. Doodie Machetto on

    So because Richards was on a bunch of 1 series and out teams, he gets punished?

    Zach Parise is plus 65 in regular season, -14 in playoffs, which is worse than Richards’ -11.

  223. You guy are fighting over which apple at the bottom of the barrel is worse.

    Close your eyes and pick one.

    Richards still wins. He’s the Conn Smyth winner winner chicken dinner, but that dinner was served like 10 years ago.

  224. Richards has played in 2.9x more games, including playoffs, than Brassard (1,008 vs. 349). At the same rate, Brassard is on pace for -113.

  225. Doodie, I was making an argument in your favor. Richards is less than twice as minus over almost three times as many games.

  226. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought about doing a per game comparison, but honestly, just didn’t feel like it. Thanks for doing that, Gravy.

    I’m not saying either of them are going to win the Selke any time soon. All I’m saying is that Richards SOMETIMES makes good defensive plays. I just don’t ever really see Brassard do the same.

  227. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Maybe Richards was on a bunch of 1 and out teams because the other team scored boatloads of goals while he was gliding around the ice pretending to backcheck.

  228. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – I disagree. Richards is horrid in his own zone / Brassard engages and finishes his checks. Richards hasn’t thrown the body in years..

  229. Doodie hit the nail on the head there!

    Richards > Brassard on D.

    H$ll would freeze over if either won the Selke.

  230. Doodie Machetto on

    Or because their goaltender was one of John Grahame, Johan Holmqvist, Marc Denis and/or (notoriously bad in playoffs) Marty Turco.

  231. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m trying to catch up here…
    No one seriously said Richards is better than brassard defencively right??!!

    I mean no one that watched hockey said that right?

  232. The Kreider and The Hobbit finally came of age last night. The fact that 1) Weiner Lips and assorted foot soldiers tried to harras and distract THE Kreider with after the whistle sticks and gloves (rather unbecoming, but comical, of the NHL poster boy) and 2) THE Hobbit gets unbridled attention from Chris Kunitz speaks volumes for their presence in last night’s game and, hopefully, for the rest of the season. Let’s also hope they both can handle this other part of the NHL game.

  233. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If hank wants 8 years at 8 or 9 mil per, u would trade him!

    Is that better? Happy now?

  234. Doodie Machetto on

    E3, sometimes Richards breaks something up with his stick. Brassard finishes a hit, sure, but if I were to throw a piece of paper at you, it wouldn’t knock the puck loose. likewise with Brassard hitting. Furthermore, his “hitting” takes him out of position.

    As I said, they’re both awful, awful in their own zone. It’s just that sometimes I’ve seen Richards make a play, whereas I can’t think of Brassard doing the same.

  235. Wicky they are trying to pick which Ace is blacker between the Ace of clubs, and the Ace of Spades

  236. I’d like to see the panel on Kenny Powers’ new talk show tell us what they think about Small Stick Richie

  237. The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say,
    I don’t share your greed, the only card I need is
    The Ace Of Spades

  238. This argument is a conflict in utility that goes on for eternity with no end in sight.

  239. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll buy that, Manny. Brassard is more “ohysical,” in that he uses his body more, to no effect. Richards gets lucky sometimes with his stick. So, even though he’s largely useless defensively, sometimes he makes a good play.

  240. Pretties card in the Deck! FG

    That said I had a Royal Flush in a cash game at the WSOP, in clubs.

  241. Doodie Machetto on

    I can’t imagine that they trade Yakupov at this point. After coming out publicly and saying he won’t be moved, it would really hurt their credibility to move him now.

  242. Speaking of Doodie, and Doodie’s Andre the Giant picture, can you imagine how badly Andre destroyed small-town bathrooms around the country in his wrestling events?

  243. Regardless of whether Nash comes back or not, THE Kreider and THE Hobbit should stay together. They really compliment each other, but it’s more of a one-way deal I believe THE Hobbit is the only Ranger forward who has the full package (skating, vision and playmaking) to fully unleash THE Kreider.
    It could be the next great duo since THE Batman and THE Robin, The Siskel and THE Ebert, THE Stella and THE Meara, THE Hall and THE Oates (not THE Adam) or, possibly THE Tuddy and THE Muldoon

  244. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Clearly someone needs to pay a bit more attention the subtle and not so subtle physical confrontations in the corners if they think brassards game doesn’t have bite to it.

  245. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Not saying u will mistake brassard for Backes all the time but he throws some pretty good hits some times.

    He certainly doesn’t get rag dolled around like mza does.

  246. No, Wicky, you pay him. Unless the decision is made to A. Totally revamp the roster and try to win different way, or B. Go into a full rebuild mode. Either way, you’re not getting his true value back.

  247. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Is there any way there could be an arrangement between the KHL and North Dakota that all North Dakota players go exclusively to the KHL so we never had to talk about them here?

    Jk Sioux ;)

  248. Wic – I’ve had a lot of friends from the Sioux Program that bubbled from the Pro’s and play in Europe.

    Mostly conversation over beers and golf, in the summer when Cullen has his charity event.

    Lots of good stories, living the dream, and getting paid to play hockey, not to mention the girls.

  249. All this recent trade talk scuttle-butt is, IMO, very pre-mature. Look where we are, ladies??? We are in the Metropoleast Division. Even whatever ails our current play on the ice, we are practically being handed a secure playoff berth. We have been home for just a week or two and just now beginning to settle in to what this team might be. There is no reason to make a move until we truly sort out, OVER A DECENT TIME FRAME, what works and what doesn’t.
    That is unless some team in a tougher conference blinks first.
    Otherwise I would be fine just sitting back and going with what we got, which i think is fine . . . . . for the moment. Only thing I’d be concerned about is if we didn’t talk about trading MDZ, MZA, etc. Oh, I forgot, there’s always POO LEE OOH and Pie-Hat

  250. Rastislav Spirko is still playing in the KHL. He got offered the big bucks to leave college early and play pro over there.

  251. Manny it’s like you last night.

    It’s win/win. If Rangers win everyone is happy.

    If Gaborik/Bob win my Fantasy Team is happy.

    Sally not so much.

  252. I only care about the Rangers. Fantasy is secondary for me in Hockey! That’s why I don’t put money on this stuff.

  253. In the Grand Scheme of things I always pick the Rangers to win every year.

    I’m 0-19.

  254. Stranger Nation on

    Richards is ‘lucky’ defensively – now that is funny!!!

    Wicky – correct – no one who has watched hockey…

    E3 – welcome back my friends to show the never ends….in hindsight

  255. Rob in Beantown on

    Say to your friend “Look man, it’s your anniversary, not mine. Why do I have to suffer?”

  256. Enigmatic Russian on

    Diarrhea is always a good excuse. Does your friend really want to call your bluff?

  257. Pat Leonard ?@PLeonardNYDN 2m

    Dubinsky just said no disrespect to the Rangers but he didn’t understand #NYR breaking up its successful Conference Finals team (1of2)…

    @PLeonardNYDN 50s

    Dubinsky: “Sometimes that’s just the way New York is. They like the flash and the dash, and they want a new toy.” (2of2)

  258. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    No offense to Dubie, he’s probably pissed being in Littletown, USA and wishes he was in the Center of the World, USA.

  259. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    So, is it me, or did it seem last night that everytime the Rangers scored a goal or gained momentum, the guy with the orange stripe had his hand up whistling us for another penalty?????

  260. Stranger Nation on

    Matty – the refs tried to bring Cindy and Malkinstein back into the game but they were denied.

  261. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Yea, Stranger. We never get the calls they got. Then, Malkin at center ice elbows one of our players, I forget who, and the ref let’s it go. I’d love to be a freaking Penguin for one day. Just one day.

  262. Lose the tin foil hats and knock off the conspiracy theories. The officiating is no different for the Penguins than it is for any other team.

    Add Your Comment

  263. Me too, Gravy. I would also bring him back here and slap an “A” on his chest. Probably the one Richards or Nash would wear.

  264. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Torts hates dubi
    Dubi hates Gatorade
    Gatorade (or was it water) hates caps fans
    Caps fans hate Crosby
    Crosby hates the flyers
    Flyers hate rupp
    Rupp hates kopecky
    Kopecky hates the mad bomber
    The mad bomber hates torts

  265. Very, very impressive boys. Don’t post too much or Carp will finally make enough to retire leaving us with some dolt in charge!

  266. I learned all about Pope Clement VI, the Bubonic Plague, and Asham’s fighting tricks. Where else do you get stuff like this?

  267. I CAN’T believe I got talked in to going out for dinner on the night of all nights.

    I guess I’ll be watching from my phone….

  268. Dubi, Gabby, Artie, & Tyutin are all going to be up for this game.

    Any chance we drop one we are suppose to win, after a big win like last night?

  269. rangers do not look good tonight, appear sluggish, sloppy with there passes, columbus looks like the faster better team right now. Hopefully the rangers find there game.

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