It’s Go Time! … Rangers at Blue Jackets


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Rangers at Blue Jackets.

The story line here is pretty obvious.

Brandon Dubinsky, Marian Gaborik and Artem Anisimov face the Rangers for the first time since their blockbuster trades to Columbus, while ex-Jackets Derick Brassard, John Moore and Derek Dorsett face their former team for the first time, too. You can add former Columbus head coach Scott Arniel, now the Rangers’ associate coach, to the group.

Of course, Rick Nash, the biggest name in the first blockbuster, will not face his former team because he is out indefinitely with a concussion, although he has begun skating on his own. There is no timetable for his return.

Ya boys have won four of five, five of seven, and have allowed two goals or fewer in eight consecutive games. Cam Talbot is expected to start in goal as the Rangers play back-to-backs and the last of three in four nights.

Assuming no lineup changes from Wednesday’s 5-1 win over Pittsburgh, which would mean that Justin Falk and Brandon Mashinter are prucha’d. Dominic Moore (oblique) and Nash remain sidelined.


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  1. Too bad Nash is not available…would have been interesting. Should be a good contest. LGR!

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LETS ggo og gog ogog gog og gogogo!!!


  4. Should we pay any attention to reports that Nash is skating on his own? Certainly not bad news, but I’m pretty sure I remember at some point Sauer was skating on his own too..

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WTG Wildpaces for the foist!!!


  6. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Obviously, Dubie has done a lot of thinking since he was traded. He needs to realize who traded him and how it’s only a business to him, ‘no harm meant’.

    I always thought Dubie would be a lifer as a Ranger, but the problem was his lack of production and the lucrative contract. If he can be signed for less after, he’s still a good role player, but at the right price. He gives it his all, score or not and is a great teammate. Just, under present circumstances, costs too much.

    He and Cally had something special. Just like Prust and Boyle did.

    Personally, it doesn’t make much sense to me to break up tandems like that.

  7. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Tomb, perhaps. But this could be a letdown game, too. Hope the boys are ready.

  8. I dont know…maybe this is wrong to say but i really hope Dubi, AA and Gaborik have a huge game against the Rangers to sort of rub it into Sathers face and all those NYR fans who never believed in those players.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yes I am Carp : )

    Good game , I still loveee Gaborik ..but not today .


  10. That’s the spirit, Sally!

    Hockey streams has no blackouts and is like $107 / year. Show your dedication.

  11. Hey Gravy: remember when we had Anisimov and we were all like, “if he puts on 15-20 lbs he could really be something”

  12. I miss those guys Manny. Bringing back fond memories on the close ups. Didn’t think I’d feel like that.

  13. I have heard only good things about hockey streams. But if Sally says it buffers……

    Maybe they just have awful internet up there in almost Canada a/k/a Buffer-Low

  14. Thanks tomb, I think that was the same blurry feed I was looking at before.

    Manny, this is an NHLN game so it’s blacked out. Hockeystreams was okay on my computer, but buffered constantly on the tv.

  15. GameCenter works way better than hockeystreams, only apparently blacks out half the games. Wish I’d known before I wasted my money.

  16. that feed looked ok to me… I do wear glasses though….

    you can try if you are really brave… battle the pop-up ads….

  17. Poulet is seething … he’s saying “it should have been ME in that box … I need the Delta miles!”

  18. Talbot was way out of position there. Only bad thing is he’s giving up some rebounds tonight. Otherwise solid

  19. i let someone borrow my hockeystreams account once and they gave me a time-out.

    you can buy it for one day and watch the whole game later….

    uh oh….. Dubi to Tyutin

  20. 3 on 2 developing and Horseteeth glides to bench making it a 4 on two. Result: goal against.

  21. rangers do not look good tonight, appear sluggish, sloppy with there passes, columbus looks like the faster better team right now. Hopefully the rangers find there game.

  22. @rangersreport 23h ago

    “Why do I think 2 isn’t going to win this game?” Following the Rangers 2-0 lead.

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  23. Didn’t like way they played after miller trip. Looked sluggish. Richards plai off zone led to that breakout.

    3 divisional games tonite. Need pts

  24. iDoodie Machetto on

    That didnt help my Richards>brassard argument from earlier.

    But Callahan was equally at fault there.

    It looked like Tyutin’s shot was deflected either by Girardi or Foligno’s skate.

  25. Nash was invisible… Brassard, Moore and Dorsett were close behind..

    Richards has to score because defense is not gonna happen

  26. That period was bush-league hockey. Particularly by the no-talents (read: Rangers)

    UNACCEPTABLE to lose this.

  27. When Richie nonchalantly glides off the ice behind the play, his replacement gets hung with the minus. Not that I care that much about +/-, but gees!

  28. I expect a better second period from the Rangers.

    first period on back-to-back, emotional win last night, blah blah blah…….

  29. 1st period wasn’t terrible, but when you look at the opponent and at the level they’ve been playing lately, they should at least be ahead by now. Let’s go!

  30. iDoodie Machetto on

    If players are getting signed for their names, Tor Vikingstad is the captain of that team.

  31. iDoodie Machetto on

    Wow. Our PP looks really good. torts can’t even get the sedins, elder and garrison going.

  32. jeez the rangers are soft, miller getting mugged and the rest of the ranger players standing and watching.

  33. I like how the Columbus broadcasters didn’t even notice that there was a penalty.


  34. I give Poulet another game, maybe.

    Can’t wait ’till Nash comes back and bumps that clown out.

  35. it’s weird, rangers are winning the game but they look like crap to me and are playing soft.

  36. Staal WArt – I am watching on the Columbus feed. they replayed it twice. I didnt see any part of his head get hit…

    maybe they doctored the footage.

  37. Welcome to our newest rival with all these ex players these teams will hate each other real quick.

  38. Tomb.
    Well I guess we will know if pyatt is concussed…
    Concussions don’t happen with shoulder to shoulder hits.

  39. wow!!! rangers are lucky columbus stinks because I’m not impress with the rangers play at all and the rangers are softer than ice cream.

  40. what the heck was miller doing on that goal, looked like he didn’t know what to do, had an oppurtuinity to block the shot.

  41. We should get a guy like 17. Hardnosed kid. Seems nice. Bet he wears cool sweaters [sob sob sob sob sob]

  42. that elbow was a dirty cheap shot by tyutin, totally targeted the head. When i saw it I felt it should have been a 5 minute majar and a game. This league is a joke. That was a perfect incident that should be suspendable but probably won’t even be reviewed.

  43. This has all the makings of a devastating loss. Million chances yet lead by 1. I bet we lose 4-3 on late goal.

  44. Latona, I disagree. Sometimes Poilett gets in the way of his own teammates when he is on the ice.

  45. it’s disgusting that tyutin cheap shots pyatt and miller was the only ranger who at least tried to go after tyutin but got mugged by other columbus players while the other ranger players stood and watched. This team is way to soft. That isn’t a good thing to be if you want to go deep into playoffs. That’s even if this team is good enough to make the playoffs. One thing the rangers have going is there division stinks.

  46. The Rangers not scoring probably has nothing to do with the Vezina winning goalie the Bluejackets have.

  47. I think, ultimately, you can save about $100 but you’ll have to drive up to Mamaroneck and get me four or five Walter’s, eric.

  48. ThisYearsModel on

    Tyutin’s hit was a shoulder, not an elbow. It sure did make Pyatt’s head snap back. Right on his jaw. Ouch!

  49. Let’s face it, Tort’s blew it by stubbornly keeping (and keeping) Nashua on the PP last season and not McDonagh.

  50. Yeah, Pimp’s right. Why don’t we all have bets? I could do some proofreading around here..

  51. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m haven’t seen the Noogies yet, I just saw our first goal (I’m a bit behind on the dvr)

  52. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m Vibin’ with Orr and tommy G,
    Like to see some payback immediately in that situation and this team needs some boll or some tootoo or some bissonette or some mcilrath or some Haley or….

  53. Retribution would have had to come from somebody who was on the ice at the time … and it probably would have nullified the power play, on which they scored.

  54. That tyfoon has sustain winds at 200 miles per hour with gust of 225. That storm is going to take life and rearrange the realestate.

  55. Tyutin’s not that tough a guy. Anyone on NYR can take him. I’d gladly take the four minute PP against.

    Stuart was much more worse though. Not just because it was on Nash, but also because the game was already over.

  56. CARP, indeed I am.

    I was 9 years old when i hunkered down for Hurricane Andrew. Northern eye wall with 165mph sustained went right over our house.

    Walked outside and it looked like a nuclear weapon had been detonated.

  57. any shot to the head should be a 5 minute major and a game, that’s if the league really wants to stop players from getting concussed.

  58. I was reading that about 350,000 people there had been displaced by a 7.1 earthquake just last month. God help them.

  59. What Tommy said. Sit enough times and you learn to check different rather than look for ways to say the recipient caused the hit.

  60. Agree. Should definitely be a suspension. And you’re right, tommy. if they call an elbowing penalty, and it’s to the head, why wouldn’t it be a major?

  61. >>Walked outside and it looked like a nuclear weapon had been

    Does that mean you had also survived a nuclear bomb? You poor thing!

  62. Miami, agree, that’s why I’m now watching the nfl network and the skins/vikes game. The rangers are annoying me tonight, couldn’t watch them anymore.

  63. Maybe if it happened more often it wouldn’t be such a good play because every netminder would be expecting it and it wouldn’t be tricky anymore and then it would be a good play to just dump the puck in? O_o

  64. Sure wish Hags could be given a shot as regards regular PP time. He seems to do everything else well, why not see if he can represent a PP upgrade? Coaches are straitjacket peckerheads, sometimes.

  65. Some people walk, talk and visit the refrigerator in their sleep; I watch hockey in my sleep.

  66. Dull is usually good, or at least preferred, when you’re protecting a third-period lead in the second of back-to-backs and third in four nights.

  67. Carp, you mean those islanders who commsnse praises about all the time how they are going to be elite. The islanders, the team with a 38 year old goaltender and a ahl backup and weak at the back end (blueline), those islanders?

  68. We all agree that the Islanders, minus Tavares, have minimal appeal, right? Tavares is awesomely awesome, the Islanders are perpetually ok. The appeal is having Tavares, just like the TB appeal is Stamkos and that’s it.

  69. CARP, make special mention it in tomorrow’s review.

    Something like “I can’t believe we all had to watch this dogs-breakfast-of-a-game”

  70. by the way, I don’t care that talbot was undrafted, nice pickup by the rangers. Kid is good, especially as a backup. Rangers organization found themselve lighting in a bottle.

  71. duckbill platypus on

    Another enjoyable game…. many thanks to the Rangers of New York for rescuing themselves from the moribund morass of the metropolitan division.

    DuckWilliam Platypus

  72. 9 consecutive games 2 goals against or less.

    Time to call up McIlrath and break up the defense. :)

  73. I would like to know the reasoning behind the statement. Is that too much to ask?

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  74. Looking consistent, surely they’ve made some progress. Let’s keep it going. Keep taking more steps forward than backward.

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  75. Shirley, you can’t mean that playing in back to back games or in 3 games in 4 nights means that the Rangers are tired, or more tired than the Blue Jackets. No team is any more or less tired than any other team.

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  76. Eric is a true fan. Willing to bet against himself to ensure the win. I would consider Eric one of the three bonehead stars.

    Thanks Eric.

  77. What, you mean teams get tired playing games so close together? That’s an interesting development.

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  78. ThisYearsModel on

    Hags-2 goals and lots of disruption
    McDonagh-terrific D and the ENG
    Talbot-calm, steady and good

  79. Wahoo! And French Poodle should be up there in the WBM…please! Nice to have a young backup goalie that can bail out the defense, stays calm, holds his position well and doesn’t let in those 5-hole shots! Nice effort most of the way around on a 3rd game in 4 days.

  80. Who was more invisible tonight – gaborik or Nash? So glad to see that softie gone – no impact whatsoever.

  81. Hagelin has come back and made this team deeper and more complete. A definite top 6 forward in this league. Speed and skill.

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  82. And yes. I second, third, fourth and fifth the cries for Talbot. The joke that the difference between Talbot and Biron is a few Hundred K was way off. It’s also elite at as a backup. Kids been all that and then some.

  83. Hagelin has been great! Zucc, too…it’s amazing what consistent line combos can do to a team chemistry

  84. CCCP is like our own in house Larry Brooks. Still framing everything as a pot shot at that hall of game coach that left.

  85. >>Who was more invisible tonight – gaborik or Nash?

    That’s a tough call. Gaborik has no heart! Here he was, playing against the team that unceremoniously shipped him out of town. You’d think he’d try to show them something? Nope! He was than happy to just do his little ballerina thing behind the net and call it a night.

  86. Does being American and winning 1 Stanley Cup as a coach make one a lock for the HOF?

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  87. McDonough, Callahan & Boyle

    No, it’s not an Irish law firm, it’s Papa Bear’s stars of the game.

    *****O’Stralsie gets the honorable mention.

  88. I assume you’re referring to Mr. John Tortarella, LGY. So I will add that he’s also the WINNINGEST American Born Coach in the history of the NHL.

  89. I agree, never was a fan of Gaborik, soft as soft, always gets injured. That’s coming, he will mis games, book it.

  90. What am I disagreeing with, CCCP? You critiqued the Tort PP and the history of it still being terrible in Vancouver with better talent while this PP, with the same talent, has gotten MUCH, much better.

    That’s a totally valid and fair point. Tortarella continues to let Sullivan coach the PP. Bad move.

  91. That was what I was referencing.

    To elect someone to the HOF because he happens to be American seems a bit preducial to me.

    If a Haitian coach racked up 300 wins, would he get into the HOF because he’s the winningest Haitian coach in NHL history?

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  92. If Tortorella deserves to be elected to the HOF based on his CV, then I am okay with that.

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  93. I was choosing any ethnicity, saw Haitians mentioned earlier, so it was the first to come to mind. Subsitute Scottish for Haitian. Add Your Comment

  94. I’m very impressed with the offensive strategy and the defenders jumping in and the forecheck creating an awesome offensive triangle without the use of stacked forwards. Very pleased with the result right now.

    I joked that the Rangers should be the Penguins for Halloween……beginning to come true?

  95. >>Haitian? Are you referring to Georges Laraque or P. K. Subban?

    P.K. Slewfoot is of Jamaican descent.

  96. You’re totally correct, JBytes! I didn’t think anyone would catch that. I actually put it up because PK Subban attended a Hockey workshop in Haiti WITH Georges Laraque (who is Haitian).

    VERY Impressive. Very.

  97. Hey Koozer: We leave Pimp alone around here (and have for YEARS) and leave him to his superstitious mumbo jumbo. Let him work. Let them win!

  98. @LGP_netwolf: The Flyers have now had two recent captains (Richards, Giroux) refuse to talk to the media, but Crosby is the whiny baby. Yeah, okay.

  99. Before turning in for the night, I’d just like to add that this “team” may have won but they continue to operate as a bunch of no-talent bush-leaguers who’d be lucky to get roles as stick boys for the Bolivian under-17 women’s midnight village league.

  100. Harness in the good energy, block out the bad. Harness. Energy. Block. Bad. It’s like a carousel. You put the quarter in, you get on the horse, it goes up and down, and around. Circular, circle. Feel it. Go with the flow.

  101. Simmonds please. I would literally cry from joy and pass out if he was a Ranger. Coutourier is a second priority.


  102. Hey! Somebody trying to play games with my name? Who is this bogus Kooster Krooster, or whatever he calls himself?

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