Penguins at Rangers tonight (7:30 p.m.) … pre-game notes


Well, looks like our lucky guy hit the double. What the HECK, the winner of our first ticket contest, also won the second contest. Both times he picked the Rangers opponent to win 2-1, and both times he was the only contestent to correctly forecast the score.

So unless the judges missed something, and somebody else has a legit claim to the tickets, we will declare What the HECK our winner. I’ll wait until Go Time! tonight to make it official. If anybody else thinks he or she may have won, you have until 7 p.m. to drop me an email at notes courtesy of the Rangers:


Wednesday, Nov. 6, 7:30 p.m. ET
Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
Rangers: 6-8-0 (12 pts)
Penguins: 11-4-0 (22 pts)

The Rangers will face-off against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Garden (7:30 p.m. — TV: NBCSN; Radio: ESPN 98.7), as they conclude a four-game homestand. The Blueshirts currently rank fourth in the Metropolitan Division standings, and ninth in the Eastern Conference, with a record of 6-8-0 (12 pts). The Rangers enter the contest having been defeated by the Ducks, 2-1, on Monday at Madison Square Garden, to end their winning streak at three games. New York has won four of their last six games. The Penguins enter the contest with a 11-4-0 (22 pts) record to rank first in the Eastern Conference, and have won four straight games. Following thecontest, the Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Columbus Blue Jackets tomorrow, Nov. 7, at Nationwide Arena (7:00 p.m.), in the second game of a back-to-back set.

All-Time: 118-103-23-9 overall (66-50-9-3 at home; 52-54-14-6 on the road)
2013-14: Tonight is the first of four meetings this season, and the first of two meetings at Madison Square Garden.
Last Season: New York was 1-3-1 overall (1-2-0 at home; 0-1-1 on the road). The Rangers’ power play was 4-16 (25.0%) in the series, while their penalty kill tallied one shorthanded goal. Brad Richards led the Rangers in scoring with five points, and tied with Derek Stepan for the series lead with four assists apiece. Henrik Lundqvist was 1-3-1 with a 2.63 GAA and .906 Sv%.
New York is 2-2-0 at home; Pittsburgh is 4-2-0 on the road
New York is 3-2-0 vs. Metropolitan Division opponents; Pittsburgh is 6-1-0 vs. Metropolitan Division opponents
New York lists one former Penguins on its roster: Dominic Moore (2006-07)
Pittsburgh lists one former Ranger on its roster: Pascal Dupuis (2006-07)

INDIVIDUAL CAREER LEADERS vs. PENGUINS: Henrik Lundqvist – 47 GP, 23-18-6, 2 SO, 2.42 GAA; Brad Richards – 38 GP, 9-30-39; Ryan Callahan – 33 GP, 9-7-16; Rick Nash – 15 GP, 7-5-12; Dan Girardi – 41 GP, 1-13-14.

The Rangers’ power play is 4-14 (28.6%) in the last four games, and 5-22 (22.7%) in the last six
The Blueshirts’ penalty kill is 27-31 (87.1%) in the last nine games
Power Play: The Rangers were 0-3 (5:26) on Monday vs. Anaheim. New York is tied for 13th in the NHL overall (9-46, 19.6%), and ranks 21st at home (2-15, 13.3%). The Rangers are 2-4 (1:04) in five-on-three situations (last – 11/4 vs. ANA), and 0-1 (0:30) when four-on-three (last – 10/12 at STL). Shorthanded goals allowed (2): 10/8 at SJS (Vlasic); 10/24 at PHI (Read).
Penalty Killing: The Blueshirts were 2-2 (1:26) on Monday vs. Anaheim. New York ranks 14th in the NHL overall (42-51, 82.4%), and is tied for 16th at home (10-12, 83.3%). The Rangers are 2-3 (2:49) in three-on-five situations (last – 11/4 vs. ANA), and 1-2 (0:27) when three-on-four (last – 11/2 vs. CAR). Shorthanded goals for (1): 10/7 at LAK (McDonagh).
Four-on-Four: New York did not tally/yield a goal in one four-on-four situation (0:25) on Monday vs. Anaheim, and are now -1 in 17 four-on-four situations (27:19) this season. Four-on-four goals for (2): 10/16 at WSH (J. Moore); 10/26 at DET (Brassard). Four-on-four goals allowed (3): 10/3 at PHX (Vrbata); 10/7 at LAK (Muzzin); 10/12 at STL (Backes).

BACK-TO-BACKS: New York has posted a combined record of 2-2-0 in back-to-back games this season, including a 1-1-0 (0-1-0 at home; 1-0-0 on the road) record in the first game and a 1-1-0 (0-0-0 at home; 1-1-0 on the road) mark in the second. Last season, the Blueshirts were 7-4-1 in back-to-back games, including a 4-1-1 (3-0-0 at home; 1-1-1 on the road) record in the first game and a 3-3-0 (0-2-0 at home; 3-1-0 on the road) mark in the second. Henrik Lundqvist has started on consecutive days 66 times in his career, posting a record of 41-18-7 with a 2.03 GAA, .931 Sv% and six shutouts in the second game. The Rangers are scheduled to play in 13 back-to-back sets this season.

SHUTTING THE DOOR: The Rangers have held opponents to two or fewer goals in each of the last seven games, and eight of the last nine. The current streak of seven games is their longest since holding opponents to two or fewer goals in eight straight games from Dec. 31, 2009 at Carolina to Jan. 14, 2010 vs. Ottawa.

Henrik Lundqvist – 3-3-0 with a 1.52 GAA, .939 Sv%, and 2 SO in his last six appearances
Mats Zuccarello – five assists in the last four games, and six points (one goal, five assists) in six games since his healthy scratch on Oct. 24 at PHI
Chris Kreider – five points (two goals, three assists) in the last four games, and six points (two goals, four assists) in six games following his recall on Oct. 20
Carl Hagelin – four points (two goals, two assists) in four games since returning from injury
Derek Stepan – five points (three goals, two assists) in the last four games
Michael Del Zotto – three points (one goal, two assists) in the last four games
Ryan McDonagh – three points (one goal, two assists) in the last four games, and four points (one goal, three assists) in the last six games
Benoit Pouliot – four points (two goals, two assists) in the last six games

FINISHING THE JOB: The Blueshirts have registered a point in 96 consecutive regular season games when leading after the second period, dating back to the 2009-10 season, posting a record of 90-0-6 over the span. The Rangers’ last regulation loss in a game when entering the third with the lead was Feb. 4, 2010 (6-5 loss vs. WSH). New York is 4-0-0 when leading after the second period this season.

Rick Nash (IR – 10/14; head injury – 10/8, out indefinitely) – 11
Dominic Moore (strained oblique – 10/29, 7-10 days) – 3
Total Man-Games Lost: 35


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  1. I might watch the Pittsburgh feed tonight, its always entertaining to listen to their announcers defend questionable hits and exaggerate any sort of contact on Skidney while putting down their opponents skill level.

  2. LOL! Sharks got screwed so badly last night. Luckily for them, they probably don’t need the point that badly.

    I remember a game a couple of years ago when NYR played the Pens, and everyone missed a goal. I think Cullen shot it in and out, but nobody noticed it. Crazy!

  3. Lol, UK. Your description of the Pittsburgh feed sounds very similar to the one I’ll have to watch but it will be doc and Pierre on NBC.

    LGR !!!

  4. Looks like I won’t be watching it after all, i’ll be blacked out thanks to our little known and very little subscribed “Premier Sports” channel showing the game live.
    Problem solved, early night, give the girlfriend a little attention lol

  5. Eric – you say no pens feed but you will still have to listen to McGuire fawn over Skid and utter such gems like “a little #87 magic” and “Crosby-palooza”. Canadians rejoiced when he switched over to NBC!!

  6. hey I lost the contest both times by not predicting the 2-1 score. Doesn’t that count for something??

  7. Rob in Beantown on

    _What the HECK_ is a time traveler! Tell us _Heck_ how badly do the Rangers lose tonight?

  8. Glad to hear the Oilers are very high on Del Zotto since trading him in a deal for Yakupov makes perfect sense.

    The question is how much more is it going to take?

    Yakupov might not be having a great start, but I can’t imagine Del Zotto and Miller will be enough (which I’d make in a second btw).

  9. I really don’t want to trade Miller in a package for Yakupov, no matter how talented Yakupov is. A team lacking in size and toughness doesn’t really need to trade either of their top kids who are willing to throw the body around.

    (And again, if Edmonton is trading him already, maybe its because they’re really dumb and bad evaluators of talent. But maybe its not.)

  10. People over at that Blueshirt Underground Radio (are those guys ever around here?) are saying that word is Nash might be *done*

  11. Yeah, pretty much the only way that matters is if someone knows Nash and Nash is approaching it as “I’ve made a ton of money and I’m not taking any risks with my brain so I’m calling it now”. Which I’m guessing “Blueshirts Underground” isn’t privy too, but who knows.

  12. I want to get in front of the record and say if its MDZ and Miller or something like that, we got more talented and became a worse team.

  13. You cant predict brain injury like that – the simple answer is no improvement, he could be out another month, could be out all season. They just don’t know, but no progress so far is not a good sign for him coming back in the short term. Only when he starts showing signs of improvement can they even think about a return timetable

  14. Crazy to think that Nash would not be back AT ALL this year, but I guess Crosby took the rest of the year off.

  15. 55% chance a phrase along the lines of “when I saw Sauer get hit by Phaneuf, I just knew it was bad, like he may never play again”.

    Speaking of, and if there’s a real(er) doctor here feel free to call me a stupid idiot for asking, is there a hereditary component to brain injuries and recovery? I have no idea the number of players whose careers have been ended at the NHL level by concussions, but there are two pairs of brothers on the list in the past 15 years or so.

  16. If Nick Rash really has to retire that is so depressing for him. He didn’t even take what looked like brutal head shots. All looked like bumps and now this?

    On the other hand, it’s an ideal situation for the Rangers if he retires, they buyout Richards and have about $15M worth of Cap to play with (not counting all the other guys coming off)

  17. I don’t even know how we got here this quick … but *if* Nash is done, I’d hope the Rangers would carry him on LTIR and he’d get the rest of his salary.

  18. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m sure some cynical person will say “boo hoo for the millionaire,” but I think it would be downright tragic if Nash had to retire. Like really awful and sad

  19. Cool, ilb. That’s one of those things someone bad at science thinks must be true, but I’m honest about my science stupidity so I was ready to be told it was stupid. Could have gone either way.

    (Also, I’m a veteran of a bunch of head injuries. None of major status and after the last one, about 7 years ago, I got a scan that said everything looked cool. Lots has changed and its gone from “ha ha watch your head dummy” to a lot less “ha ha” so anything related to the subject is both interesting and terrifying to me.)

  20. Yea. I’m not going to boo hoo anyone who has to retire in their 30’s because their head hurts so badly. That’s downright horrible to think about. Poor guy. I would hope that the Rangers LTIR him and pay him the rest of his salary.

    I know the team was VERY helpful and VERY nice to Derek Boogard in sending him healthy meals and attempting to get people to reach out and help him. So I imagine they wouldn’t abandon Nick Rash.

  21. Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie 45s
    Hearing Yakupov to NYR almost done. Pouliot, Stralman and A. Johnson (Hartford leading scorer) to Edmonton.

  22. Did you get that momentary flinch? I do every time, even when I know its going to be a stupid fake.

  23. The key to a success is to have at least 2(two) offensive semi-superstars in the team.
    Now,…the shadows of Lisin, Frolov and Zherdev raises…Spooky…

  24. Of course I did. I look it up every single time. Despite the fact that cap-wise that deal doesn’t work out at all and it is WAY to good to be true.

  25. Its only like $200K off, Manny. Just waive MDZ because he sucks and any AHL player can do what he does and you’ve got plenty of room.

  26. Hartnett from CBS Sports is suggesting Miller, Girardi, Hrivik and picks for Yakupov.

    Um, no thanks.

  27. lmgo, The Doctor. Waiving MDZ would be hysterical.

    “After searching the NHL far and wide we found no one willing to take on Del Zaster and his partying and video game habits. Therefore, we have decided the best thing, for Michael and his family, is that we let him clear waivers and send him to Hartford for Mental Rehab and maturation.”

  28. Sather is a good trader. Sather will not trade full value for a kid who is seemingly very obviously being shopped. Sather knows how to find a bargain. Sather will not ruin my life. Sather will not ruin my life. Sather will not ruin my life.
    [sobs uncontrollably]

  29. Rob in Beantown on

    This is a really bad week for Rangers on GameCenter since all the games are on national TV

  30. Rob in Beantown on

    _Hartnett from CBS Sports is suggesting Miller, Girardi, Hrivik and picks for Yakupov._

    I will also quit if this is true

  31. Mister D…

    If that’s the deal, I’d do it. I like Stralman, but he’s really a #5 defenseman and replacable. Pouliot is a “should have been” who never was, and I know nothing about Johnson, who’s still just a prospect. Yakupov has a LOT of upside, but I do get nervous hearing how uncoachable he is. I get the feeling a coach like Torts would be better for him.

    I do wonder if Yakupov will be another Kovalev. A player with a lot of potential, and one who’s had great seasons, but one who just never quite became the star that was predicted. But he’s just 20, so I think he’s worth the risk for that package. As long as it’s not Krieder or Miller or McIrath, I’m fine with it.

  32. If that is the deal I will take all the Rangers paraphenalia down from my walls, burn my hats, burn my t-shirts and find a new flipping team to root for. Probably the Florida Panthers because I can actually afford to go to their games.

  33. Would not be willing to part with Miller, Girardi, and Hrivik? 2 prospects and an overrated D in the final year of his contract for the possible upside of a superstar, with Nash likely to no longer suit up this season. If no other deal is available, you make that deal and re-sign El Zotto in the offseasonAdd Your Comment

  34. Yakupov, if the trade involves essentially spare parts (although that might be an apt description of this roster), you make the trade if only as the early MSG distraction machine commands.

    As with most things done or undone by Sather, it’s about promise and not production.

    On another note, why do so many posters denigrate other teams star players like Crosby whom we would give anything to have.

    You don’t achieve success in any endeavor by insulting the opposition, you emulate them.

    There is a reason the Ranger organization sucks and it has nothing to do with other teams or players success!

    This is an average organization declining to below average!

  35. If you don’t want to part with Miller, maybe you can replace him with Talbot. Edmonton is in need of a goalie, and the Rangers re-sign HankAdd Your Comment

  36. I don’t want to part with Miller. I don’t know the exact order of my untouchables list, but him and THE Kreider are right near the tippy top. I can’t lose Dubinsky and new Dubinsky. I just can’t.

  37. BTW, please note that the other dysfunctional franchise of the “Garden of Dreck” the Knicks have many of the same issues as the Rangers!

    Mainly a roster created by “star” struck execs with no concept of how to assemble a roster with chemistry.

    And hoping to distract the fans who pay outrageous prices for tickets etc.

  38. The problem is this: Traiding for Yakupov proves that this team has NO PLAN. Just like the Islanders. Making moves just to make moves is not a good reason to make moves!

    We need a team ideology and a team identity and then we have to build onto that identity. Right now we are just a bunch of players floating through games getting lucky or falling apart.

    We need to identify the core players, figure out what type of games they would perform BEST in and then build around that.

    *For me the “core” of the team includes: Callahan, Boyle McDonagh, Girardi, J. Moore, Lundqvist, The Kreider, Hagelin and a healthy Rick Nash.*

    First figure out what system THOSE players need to play to be successful and then build around that.

    It cannot be the other way around where you say, “Hey that team plays fast! That looks fun. Let’s make a traid!”

  39. I should have said, those are the core players REMAINING. The guys we haven’t traded away for garbage.

    I also should have included *STEPAN*

  40. Need another analogy? Try the current Yankee dilemma with Cano!

    Why would or should the Rangers overpay Lundqvist when it’s obvious they can’t win with him?

    These are all team sports and one or two super stars are not always the answer. Sather has been doing this for 13 years!

  41. Do you have any idea what core players are?

    Boyle is not a core player. He is a 4th liner. I like Boyle and believe he has value as a faceoff specialist and PK specialist. He is not a core player.

    John Moore is a 6th D. Not a core player.

    Girardi is questionable. IMO, he is an average D with no offensive game. He already carries a substantial cap hit that only figures to increase in the offseason.

    Staal and McDonagh are your primary, core D.

    Add Your Comment

  42. Rob in Beantown on

    _Why would or should the Rangers overpay Lundqvist when it’s obvious they can’t win with him?_

    I don’t know which team you’ve been watching, but it’s more obvious to me that they can’t win without him

  43. I don’t like your core, Manny. Step has to be in there. I’d pull out Girardi and Hank (cost?), Nash (cap hit) and Hags (just not a core guy to me). And, as much as I hate to, Boyle. I love him so much but I can’t make him a legit keep-at-any-cost core guy. Adding in Miller.

    Mister D’s core: Callahan, Stepan, Kreider, Miller, McDonagh, Moore

    If I can get Brassard signed to a Bozak-ish contract, I’d add him too. Love that creativity and think he could flourish with a legit finisher.

  44. Manny 37 points is a lot of points for a 19 year old in the NHL.

    That’s more than The Kreider & Miller combined :)

  45. I think that those are the *Core* players on this team. A 4th line player can easily be a core player. Core players exemplify your values and your style of play. Core players are built on intangibles. They are not Core merely because they can score a bunch of goals. You need a balance.

  46. Part of me thinks something is going to get done….if Nash is an unknown for much longer.

  47. many, your comment comparing the Islanders to the Rangers is patently absurd if you’ve watched both teams.

    As for your “core” comment and a “game plan” best suited to their skills.

    Those are the things a good organization does in the off season and reinforces in training camp, not now!

  48. Oh really Rob? You didn’t notice the Rangers are on pace to be a 109 point team with Cam Talbot in net???????

  49. Good article on debunking the Yak trade rumours:

    I would expect Sather has kicked the tires – he should, that’s his job. But I doubt we match up that well, Edmonton are in real need of a goalie and D. We can offer a D-man, plus a prospect and maybe someone off the big roster.
    I would think Edmonton are looking to move Hemsky for a goalie (and possibly eat some salary, if its to a team close to the cap).

  50. We’ll all agree that Sather has no clue how to operate a franchise.

    However, the Nash deal was a terrific deal. You make that deal every time.

    The Gaborik deal and the subsequent Torts firing are examples of ineptitude. You either trade Gaborik or fire Torts. Not both. Should have kept Gaborik. He was a core player.

    Add Your Comment

  51. Updated “core” of the team (for me): Callahan, Boyle, Stepan, McDonagh, Girardi, J. Moore, Lundqvist, The Kreider, Hagelin and a healthy Rick Nash.

  52. “Why would or should the Rangers overpay Lundqvist when it’s obvious they can’t win with him?”

    Are you sure you’re watching the NEW YORK Rangers and not the TEXAS Rangers? I know it can get confusing. Not to mention that Rangers team over in Glasgow. They all wear blue! Ridiculous!

  53. Del Zotto has put up a lot of points, to be a fair value deal, not sure if they would want and AHL player and a pick.

    I would think the OILERS would get one of the Ducks goalies, that is their biggest HOLE right now.

  54. We should define core. Like is it “guy you won’t trade at all” or “guy you’d need to obviously win the trade to trade”? Because I’d package Hags with a prospect/pick in an “I can see both sides” upgrade trade for a better wing. I wouldn’t do that with Kreider. I would trip Pouliot.

  55. Man, the people who do the LUNDQVIST CAN’T WIN!!! stuff really crap all over the logical “we need to consider the goalie cap hit” argument some of us want to make.

  56. How can anyone say that Nash is done? Did you talk to him or his doctors? Just because M.Sauer’s hockey career is finished doesn’t mean it will be the same for Nash. Look at Pierre McGuire’s hockey idol Cindy Crosby. Does anyone remember how much time he missed? Is he back? Oh, right we are playing him tonight.

  57. Core: (n, adj.): A player who exemplifies the values and playing style that is the center of a team’s strategy both on and off the ice.

  58. First, let’s put to rest any misguided notion that Boyle carries some mystical intangibles.

    Second, you cannot quantify intangibles.

    You can only quantify what is tangible.

    Boyle is a very useful player for the Rangers, and he would also be a terrific addition to an already competitive team making a run at the Cup, like the Red Wings or Bruins.

    He’s not what is considered a core player.

    People that would consider Boyle a core player likely would consider Prust or Avery to have been core players with the Rangers.

    Add Your Comment

  59. “the people who do the LUNDQVIST CAN’T WIN!!!”

    It was obvious Comnsnse meant that the Rangers cannot win while having Lundqvist.

    Not that Lundqvist can’t win.

    Add Your Comment

  60. You know as painful as it is, I had to let a few people go over the years. Yogi Berra, Lou Pinella, Bucky Dent, Billy Martin, Dallas Green, Dick Houser, Bill Virdon, Billy Martin, Scott Marrow, Billy Martin, Bob Lemmon, Billy Martin, Gene Michael, Buck Showalter, … uh, tut! . . .George, you didn’t hear that from me.

  61. _People that would consider Boyle a core player likely would consider Prust_

    Rangers were better with Prust. One of the things most obviously missing from last year and this year’s team is something Prust brought.

  62. Intangibles exist.

    You can’t put any stock in intangibles.

    You certainly can’t attach the intangibles tag to Boyle.

    You want to attach the intangibles tag, attach it to Lundqvist or Callahan.

    Rivera or Jeter.

    Add Your Comment


    Perhaps I was too hard on the guy yesterday.

    Yak did tie for points as a rookie last year.

    It’s only his 2nd year, so you have all of this year and next before you really have to pay him. So there would be a discount on the books, when you consider his salary savings, plus what you would have to pay to Del Zotto or Girardi next year.

    I’m thinking Sather rolls the dice here.

  64. I think we DO have a team philosophy but I think it’s different than what most of you want. I think this team is heading toward a team of highly skilled and high speed players. Maybe it doesn’t win in the East (but the East is pretty weak anyway), but look at teams like Pittsburgh. That’s the type of team they’ve had for years and they’ve been successful. I think that’s the team that Sather and AV want. A guy like Yakupov fits that philosophy. Put him with Kreider, Hags, Zuc and other speed players and they will be tough to defense. It’s hard to hit a moving target.

    As for Girardi, the more I think about it the more I’m inclined to trade him. The amount of minutes he’s played against top players and him being 30 this spring make me think that trading him a year too early might be better than trading him a year too late, or overpaying him when he’s a FA. The question is, how do we replace him? And he works really well with McD. You’ve got to give to get.

  65. Mr D I would consider Prust at $2M a year for a 4th liner, but he got like $4M from the Canadians. I STILL cut bait at that contract.

  66. You’re applying baseball logic to hockey, LGY. Baseball is a series of individual events summed up to team success or failure. Hockey is interdependent the entire way through (minus a lot of goalie play, if you like). Intangibles/immeasurables matter in hockey.

  67. Yes on Lundqvist for Hall.

    So LGY: DEFINE Core player. Don’t just tell us that Boyle isn’t one. Give us a definition of what you mean.

  68. You know, as painful as it is, I had to let a few people go over the years: Yogi Berra, Lou Pinella, Bucky Dent, Billy Martin, Dallas Green, Dick Houser, Bill Virdon, Billy Martin, Scott Marrow, Billy Martin, Bob Lemmon, billy Martin. Gene Michael, Buck Showalter, … uh, tut! … George, you didn’t hear that from me!

  69. I agree on Prust. In hindsight, maybe we should have just paid him the 2.5mil, but then again look how much time he has missed in the last two seasons (one of them wasn’t even a full season)due to injuries.

  70. “Rangers were better with Prust. One of the things most obviously missing from last year and this year’s team is something Prust brought.”

    That logic doesn’t hold up.

    The team was better with Dubinsky and Anisimov.

    The team was better without Rick Nash.

    Does that mean that Dubinsky and Anisimov were responsible for the Rangers being better team, and Nash responsible for us being a worse team? No

    Add Your Comment

  71. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Miller back in, Falk and Mashinter the healthy scratches. Lundqvist in net.

  72. So let’s assume for a second that the Oil agrees to deal Hemsky and Hall for Lundqvist and whoever. Who are we going to put between the pipes? Talbot? You guys trust him that much based on 3 games?

  73. If I make that trade, its with the longview. I’m accepting this season might fall apart because of it but, if it means Hall is on our roster, you can’t pass.

  74. I do not intend to come across as disrespectful.

    I certainly respect the opinions of all others.

    I disagree strongly.

    Add Your Comment

  75. anyone want tickets tonite my buddy has to work late section
    210 bar stool seats face value $59 dollars each. $118 for pair.

    email me or text me 516-749-3110.

  76. A core player is a specific player necessary to a franchise’s long-term success. IMO

    Taking into account one’s age, cap hit, upside, injury history.

    Add Your Comment

  77. Yak has a lot of speed.
    He came over 2 years early to play juniors.
    He can score goals.
    19 years old – he has a lot to learn, but who doesn’t at that early of an age.

    Is AV the coach that can teach him?

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    I also have tickets for tonight, face value of $80 a piece, section 208, row 2 (premium row with expanded leg room and clear sightlines). $160 for the pair.

    E-mail me at if interested.

    God, I wish the people in my group would stop having me sell their tickets. It’s becoming a real pain in the Aasen.

  79. Lundqvist is the best goalie in hockey.

    We have no chance at winning with Lundqvist.

    Without him, we would be cellar dwellars.

    He is essential to the franchise’s long-term health.

    Callahan, while he may not be the best player and is frequently injured, he is a good top 6 forward, and he embodies sacrifice and a team-first attitude.

    He is essential to this franchise.

    Add Your Comment

  80. Torts loved Girardi.
    His stock is as high as it will ever be, he played in the last ALL STAR game.

    Carp has said it before, at some price everyone is tradable.

  81. Lundqvist is among the best goalies in hockey.

    We have no chance at winning, with Lundqvist.

    Without him, we would be in the basement.

    He is essential to the franchise’s long-term health.

    Callahan, while he may not be the best player and is frequently injured, he is a good top 6 forward, and he embodies sacrifice and a team-first attitude.

    He is essential to this franchise.

    Add Your Comment

  82. Here was the point of my Prust (and Dubinsky) comment, LGY. Goal scoring wasn’t really our issue last season. It was down from 11th to 15th which was a prorated total of 8 goals on the season. Matters, but doesn’t kill the team. The bigger issue as I saw it (and I’m not alone, Carp has said it a billion times as have others) is that we weren’t difficult to play against. Goals for and against decide the game, but a lot happens during a game to decide goals for and against. Guys like Prust and Dubinsky affected those in between things a lot. I don’t credit them with turning around their new teams, that would be done, but they were part of the turnaround. I doubt either team would give them up.

    (Anisimov is a different story. I liked him because he was really good depth, a 3rd liner who could be buried when he disappeared and could play more in his good games. I don’t really think his loss had a tangible effect.)

  83. Once the Yakupov trade rumors surfaced, I said to myself why would Oil want to trade him. Cap Hit 925k as per cap geek. Age:20 Will be a restricted free agent in 2015-16. Something’s not right here. They know more then they’re saying. My thought: KHL, Kovalchuk.

  84. Stranger, its not intentional, but it certainly seems to follow a pattern, huh? If it helps, MDZ would have been on that list for a long time and Prust would have before we let him walk. So I think I’m more North American biased than American biased, but there’s definitely an unintentional bias.

  85. msrph99, I think EDM knew drafting and trading him would be an easy way to shore up the defense because teams with a nice group of blueliners that lack elite scoring talent would be willing to flip one plus extras for him. If you look at that draft, Galchenyuk was the only other forward drafted in the top 10.

  86. watch the rangers give up the kreider in a deal for yakupov. thats the case i call and say take me off the list for next year.

  87. Hartnett on CBS seems to think any package for Yak would include Girardi AND Miller, plus a guy like Hrivik and maybe a pick. Personally I don’t think Slats would give up that much for one guy

  88. Why not just draft a defenseman? Or trade the pick at the draft? I don’t think there’s some master plan.

  89. Yak will always be a flight risk.

    And if Kovy can walk WITH $100M contract in place, anyone from Russia can. Taxes are much lower in Russia.

    Now will your plane make it to its destination???????

  90. Stranger Nation on

    The oiler have plenty of under performing high draft picks. They need core guys to help show them how to play and be a pro. Thus…MEZ

    This kid had 170 pts in 107 games in OHL – Canadian juniors, not Russian Mink league.

  91. Yeah, I don’t buy it was part of the master plan. Given a do-over, they just pick Murray and aren’t shopping him today.

  92. Latona, maybe. Then again, I wouldn’t pull the trigger on the trade just yet. Something just doesn’t feel right.

  93. What The Doctor said at 11:24AM is pretty much spot on. Being tough to play against.

    As I am always complaining about, you don’t win hockey games by scoring goals alone. You have to prevent the other team from scoring as well. Very important. Just ask teams like the Lightning who average a ton of goals per game and don’t make the playoffs.


  94. I don’t blame Pruster for taking $4M more. I sure thought he was easier to replace, but Dorsett really hasn’t filled those shoes yet.

  95. I don’t know that we know. The rumor was $2MM per for 3 and Montreal gave him $2.5MM for 4, so effectively half a million per plus a year. Of course, none of that is fact. We don’t know if he takes $2.2MM for 3 years before hitting the market or if he was determined to go to Canada or anything like that.

  96. Rob in Beantown on

    I would be far more in favor of this deal if Yak was an American or Canadian kid, but the *enigma* factor and the flight risk are really terrifying for me. I might roll the dice giving up MDZ and some prospects/picks, but I really don’t want to trade Girardi or Miller or god forbid The Kreider to get him. Maybe I am xenophobic but the whole thing makes me really uneasy

  97. Mister D: There’s a lot of ways to be “difficult to play against” One is toughness, being mean and having an attitude. Another is having a lot of skill and talent that teams just can’t defense it. Both have their pluses and minuses. If you don’t have the latter, you better make up for it with the former. I think it’s easier to find those gritty guys at the deadline than to find pure talent and skill. I think that’s what they could shoot for with a Yakupov trade.

    As for Yak and Edmonton, from what I’m reading, he’s just not getting along with Eikens. Maybe it’s just a personality clash. But since they are top heavy with forwards and they plan to give Eikens a few years and a lot of rope, Yak becomes available. Lot’s of young kids, especially ones not used to the culture are like that. You have to hope he can mature. That’s what the Rangers are banking on. They are a more mature team than Edmonton and they have an older core that can teach him about “team”.

  98. _Just ask teams like the Lightning who average a ton of goals per game and don’t make the playoffs._

    Or Columbus who went from horrific to cusp of playoffs in one season while scoring at the exact same rate.

  99. I don’t think we should trade for him, msrph99.

    Gravy, that’s exactly my point. Why not just draft a defenseman? There were clearly many available to pick from, and it was clear EDM needed strengthening on the blueline.

  100. Good comparison, The Doctor.

    The Oilers will certainly draft Ekblad or McKeown in the next draft with their top 5 pick.

  101. Sioux-per-man, now the planes are much better. Stallin, ah I mean Putin singed into law that all planes must meet a certain criteria or be brand new. Besides that Lokomotiv Yaroslavl tragedy was caused by a pilot and not the plane. The pilot had no feeling in his legs and unknowingly was pressing on the brakes.

  102. Good point, Sioux. But they didn’t sign Schultz until a week after the draft; at the draft there was still considerable doubt over what he’d do. And I think the goal was to flip Yak for veteran defenseman to complement the young forward group.

  103. Rob in Beantown on

    It isn’t even xenophobic really. Playing in the KHL is completely rational. You make more money, pay less taxes, and live closer to home. There is no downside that I can see.

  104. I’m still on the fence, if you sign him or not.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall this week in Slats office.

  105. I’m with Rob. I get wanting to play in the NHL and see North America and all that, but I equally get a bigger paycheck at home or much closer to home. Don’t blame a guy either way, but from a team standpoint, you’re bordering on malpractice if you don’t consider that eastern euros would see the appeal in the KHL.

  106. Speaking of xenophobia, I’m xenophobic towards one Canadian that sits upstairs and chews on cigars all game long. If only Dolan gave a carcillo about the Rangers. Maybe 10% of his love for the Knicks, we would have been ok.

  107. Carp what’s the Captain cooking? He brought a lot of brass with him to watch the Ducks game.

    Are Rangers a player for Yakupov?

  108. I’m with you Rob. I said it last night and admitted it didn’t sound “right” to say. Yakupov is Russian. All the stereotypes that go along with that fact are horrifying. I wouldn’t even want Ovechkin on my team.

  109. Its not xenophobia, its recognizing that a lot of players want to be close too home. Just like we accept the Sabres will appeal to Callahan and Leafs to Girardi, we should recognize the KHL appeals to Russian players.

  110. Rob in Beantown on

    I feel bad saying it now, so I want to backtrack a little. Playing in the KHL is a completely rational choice a Russian player might make and probably the one I would make. And Yak is a young kid and maybe in a few years he realizes it was fun being in North America for awhile but he wants to go home. That would be a completely rational and defensible decision. That’s why having him on my team makes me uneasy.

  111. I don’t begrudge the Russians for going home, making more money tax free, being with their friends and loved ones and playing with less pressure. I just don’t want to be on the Devil’s end of that kind of crap.

  112. I don’t even get feeling bad. If you say a russian is a default enigma or lazy or refuses to play defense, feel bad. If you say “a majority of humans like to be close to home and russians are from russia”, who cares? We say the Staals want to play together all the time.

  113. And they called it puppy love
    Just because we’re seventeen
    Tell them all it isn’t fair
    To take away my only dream

  114. Manny it could be worse…… you could be stuck long term with the Richie Rich’s contract.

    Add your comment…..

  115. I just don’t get it. This team was being built very solidly and then it all started coming unraveled after having the most successful season in recent history. Now we have no identity, no direction. Let’s just go get some kid that might score goals. Forget the fact that we will have almost no two-way forwards. Who needs to prevent goals!

  116. lets just get taylor hall and call it a day. even nugent-hopkins.

    del zotto miller and 2nd rounder. i will provide the transporation

  117. No, you don’t trade our inexpensive Blurry Future for flashy fuzzy present. I swear, if it happens, I will divorce my wife of 42 years…, or at least put her on waivers!

  118. _This team was being built very solidly and then it all started coming unraveled after having the most successful season in recent history._

    Yup. Took a team that relied on heavy play and top to bottom depth and revamped it to be a big star team. Balance is cool.

  119. Because Big Star teams win every year!

    Patrick Kane is nothing without Jonathan Toews watching his back defensively.

  120. Sather likes to trade for 1’st round picks.

    Nash was #1 overall in 2002
    Gabby was a 1’st round in ’03 – 3rd overall
    Pouliot was 1’st round in ’04 – 4th overall
    Pyatt was a 1’st round in ’99 – 8th overall
    John Moore 1’st round in ’09 – 21st overall
    McDonagh 1’st round in ’07 – 12th overall
    Brassard 1’st round in ’06 – 6th overall
    Boyle 1’st round din ’03 – 26th overall

    All of these were traded for. Did I miss anyone?

  121. Mister D

    In response to your assertion that the Rangers were tougher to play against in 2011-12 than in 2013.

    Keep in mind that a team’s record in 1 goal games is primarily due to luck. A good record in 1 goal games is not sustainable from season to season.

    Also taking into account games decided by 2 goals that included an EN goal:

    The Rangers record in 2011-12 was 25-8-7

    The Rangers record in the 2011-12 playoffs was 6-9, and 0-3 in the ECF. Essentially, luck caught up to them.

    The Rangers record in 2013 was 12-9-4.

    The Rangers record in the 2013 playoffs was 4-5.

    Once again, luck caught up to them in the 2013 season.

    There’s the difference between 2011-12 and 2013. Record in 1 goal games or 2 goal games with an EN.

  122. Remember when the Rangers had that best team in recent history and everyone was screaming how we didn’t have enough goal scorers? So we traded for it and now we don’t have enough grit? Honestly, I don’t think keeping the puck out of our net is really a problem. We’ve been good over the last few games. But we can’t score.

  123. Do you have backup on the “1 goal hockey games are luck” statement? I know thats another baseball mantra, but baseball is a much higher scoring sport and the more you score, the more variable the little differences are. Like I’m sure 1 goal games in soccer aren’t luck determined and hockey scoring is closer to soccer than baseball.

  124. Jeff in South Dakota on

    So if Yak comes to Broadway and is a bust, is he the final “Nail” in Slats coffin? add your comment.

  125. That’s BS. Of course winning one goal games is sustainable with good goaltending and good defense. That’s the definition of consistency!

  126. I *love* collecting former 1st round picks as long as you aren’t giving up much and you aren’t over-reliant on them panning out. Boyle has worked out. Pyatt would have worked out fine if he could stay down on the 4th where he belongs. Moore was a great guy to attach in the trade. A lot of the time these guys are given up on for the exact reason that they aren’t playing like 1st round picks, but if you can steal a guy playing like a 2nd or 3rd round pick, who cares about pedigree, its still useful.

  127. Gaborik Schmaborik. The guy was *not* re-signing here. We have another half season before we *had* to trade him. Sather moved him for some darn good players _before_ the opposing team would have all the leverage.

  128. “2011-12 Rangers: Inferior team that overachieved. A one-year wonder.”

    Definitely overachieved, but were on track to become elite in a season or two until Slats.

  129. Steve Zipay ?@stevezipay 11m
    Politically-correct AV reply when asked about possible trades for offense: “I think we need to get the pieces we have here to play better”

    I think Miller is in play for Yakapov.

  130. _Anyone would rather have overachievers then underachievers, no?_

    Not if the underachievers are still achieving more than the overachievers.

  131. Steve

    We traded for goal scorers? Did I miss something. We made one move for Nash. We then moved gabby. It’s a wash.

  132. or do you think it’s one last game to see what he has, before AV sends him down to develop with the PACK?

  133. Any boneheads want to trade for Gaborik on their fantasy team?

    Didn’t mean to start a prairie fire there.

  134. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I’m old fashioned but once the season starts unless you have to trade due to injuries, you go with the team you have. I know is doesn’t make sense in today’s NHL but that is my opinion. Yakupov is a flight risk to the KHL.

  135. duckbill platypus on

    Agree with the OMG amazing, Latona. Team was indeed on way to elite, and their chemistry was incredible. Maybe too physically demanding to keep playing that style, but no denying how hard they played for one another.

    Feel terrible for Nash…and not even worried about hockey aspect whatsoever…just concerned for fellow person’s health.

    Kreider not getting traded. Slats didn’t give him up for Nash means Kreider staying a NYR. I love that NYR has a nice Team USA contingent, and I think Slats took that idea from the Devs and Lou the Boss.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day, but maybe I am hoping for some of you to have a more wonderful day than others. (Orwellian reference..heheh) THe duck made a funny!!

    Kindly regarding,
    Mr DuckWilliam Pla-Tee-Pus

  136. Yakupov is a *very* high risk and *potentially* high reward move. Do not underestimate KHL anymore. Kovalchuk isn’t the last one to defect. Also, you do not overreact when your team is starting to get things together in a new system and still is very much in the mix. After 13 games. That could set your franchise back.

  137. Man, there is nothing worse than trade rumors that involve giving a guy you love and getting a guy you don’t. Being a fan is the worst.

  138. ducky, whenever I see that billed aureolin avatar appear on this blog, I shout “Eureka!” considering I have discovered the latest post from a most noble and affable semiaquatic, venomous mammal.

  139. _That could set your franchise back._

    God yes. If you’re trading a bad fit or excess for a risk, fine. If you’re trading a guy who could be a building block to take a huge risk … its just desperate. There’s enough talent here that you can stay the course and jump at major opportunities. This just doesn’t feel like one.

  140. Mister D

    I acknowledge your well-reasoned point about difference in sport. In the 2011 baseball season, the average runs per game per team was 4.28. While in the 2011-12 NHL season, the average goals per game per team was between probably below 2.5. That’s a significant difference.

    However, all that means is that there is less luck involved in hockey than baseball. There is still a lot of luck involved in 1 goal hockey hockey games (or 2 goal games with an EN).


    Did you not look at the difference from 2011-12 to 2013?

    The difference in the 2011-12 regular season to the 2012 playoffs?

    Record in 1 goal games is not sustainable.

    Goaltending makes a difference, as does scoring and defense, but records in 1 goal games are due in large part to luck.

    Add Your Comment

  141. Carp would you make the Yakapov trade for The Kreider? I say no. Another enigmatic Russian would could bolt for home at any time? And they would still need more scoring. Maybe trade Del Zotto for a second line forward?

  142. Rob in Beantown on

    The standard deviation of runs/goals scored seems _far_ more important than averages if we are going to have this discussion about the impact of luck. It is a question of volatility more than anything. Did you compute the standard deviations too? I would actually be interested in seeing those.

  143. Also, sometime we forget how young our core players still are. On defense, Girardi is the oldest at 29. Richards and D. Moore are 33, the oldest forwards. None of them will be in the uniform next year except Girardi.

  144. How soon you all forget that Americans and Canadians alike can be entranced by and bolt for the wonders of the thin crust pizza pie at Colony Grill..

  145. He’s what the Oilers need–a winger with size and the speed to keep up, and he’s only 22. He’s in the last year of his entry-level contract at an $800,000 cap hit. The Oilers have long liked defenceman Michael Del Zotto, too. He had his best game of the season against the Ducks. He makes $2.55 million and is a restricted free-agent after this season.

    Would Sather trade Del Zotto & Miller for Yakapov?

  146. CTR, nope. I would need to know a lot more about Yak. And would need assurances he’s staying in North America. If I am convinced he will be a 30+ goal scorer and he will stay, then I would have to consider it. Right now I’m not convinced about either.

  147. I don’t think comparing an 82 game regular season to a 15 game playoff sample proves anything. I mean, anything is possible over a smaller sample size. Independent events and all.

  148. To see this barrage of chewed stereotypes on Russian players at large, is just well…appalling. “Based” on false wisdom “by examples” and statistically unproven numbers, as well as relative visibility among sea of other players doesn’t make it right. On every Kovies and Zherdevs there are Datsyuks and Zubovs, so to speak. Besides, The Truth is always concrete, so, please do not generalize when talking about living and acting person.
    But honestly, my Dear, I don’t give a flying puck about all this…

  149. The only Russian I would love to see on the Rangers is Malkin, but that’s why they have fantasy hockey leagues.

  150. SPM- Oilers have J.Schultz who will eventually start scoring an Q-backing their PP. MDZ isn’t what they need. They need goaltending, stay home defenseman and solid checking winger.

  151. Sioux, I’d make that trade, even not re-signing Hemsky, but I don’t think that’s enough for Edmonton.

  152. EDM need VETERAN leadership. Maybe we can trade them Horse Teeth to replace Shawn Horsecoff who went to DAL.

  153. I only say Hemsky because he’s another 1’st rounder in ’01, 13t overall.

    It could be a package deal.

  154. I have been saying that, Latona. That is the one team that might take Richards THIS season. The Isles will take him in 3 seasons based on the high cap hit and low salary.

  155. Who doesn’t need that, ilb? We could use a solid checking winger and a stay at home defenseman too.

  156. That is true of smaller sample sizes, Gravy.

    Their success in 1 goal games from the 2011-12 regular season did not carry over into the 2012 playoffs and the subsequent season and playoffs.

    It represents a regression towards the mean.

    Add Your Comment

  157. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Under the current coach at the time, gabby was not re-signing here.

    The trade made since at the time for the above reason, but then that coach was fired which made no sense.

    If the rumours are/were true that it was hank that had a large part in the releasing of said coach, then it stands to reason that we will trade/not re-sign hank before next season to make the “it doesn’t make any sense” moves complete!

  158. Too many of what? We definitely dont’ have a stay at home defenseman that we feel comfortable playing at the NHL level. We don’t have many Power Forward type players. Nash is the closest but gets all finesse and spinny and then gets his head destroyed by a tap to the helmet.

  159. If Hank had a large part in getting rid of Tortarella than I label Hank a problem and hope that he is traded for Wayne Simmonds or Taylor Hall ASAP. In the battle of player vs. coach I always side with coach. You need leadership, a vision and the ability to see that vision through.

  160. Lets not assume Danny g is a lock to be back. Hank and cally more locks then girardi though I do think girardi is here for a few more years.

  161. I ask again, for what rational reason should the Rangers keep Lundqvist by overpaying on a new contract?

    Young goalies around the league are doing a credible job when they are surrounded by a cast which includes talent, toughness and chemistry.

    This roster and organization are none of these and not likely to improve without some luck in trades, drafts and free agents.

    Forgetting the draft until Sather is sent packing, why shouldn’t they try to get a haul of ready to play forwards and defensemen and go with a younger goalie?

    Perhaps giving up their own draft picks for a good current #2 since our own drafts have been less than spectacular?

    The franchise “GPS” is not working and it’s past time to change direction!

  162. _why shouldn’t they try to get a haul of ready to play forwards and defensemen and go with a younger goalie?_

    Because they won’t get that for Lundqvist.

  163. Except too many teams are dead in the water, including your beloved Isles, because they don’t have one of those goaltenders.

  164. It could ORR. Miller isn’t a flight risk to Russia.

    The want to dump Hemsky’s contract and get younger assets, which Del Zotto fits the order and need.

    I bet they wouldn’t be to far off on that deal.

  165. These “proposals”,fantasies where we trade Richards are comical unless we eat 90% of the cost!

    Furthermore Richards is not a player for a team like the Oilers who need younger studs on offense and defense.

    Come to think of it Pogo that describes us………but we have Richards.

    Tis a puzzlement! ;)

  166. Eric,

    I agree, the scoring was a wash when we traded Gabby. But that’s not what I mean. Who here wasn’t lamenting the fact that we needed scoring and most of us were “sad” to see Duby go but we got a scorer!! By the middle of last year (before we traded Gabby) we were screaming the team has no grit!! The problem is, Torts style, was a grit style and would always be low scoring no matter how many scorers we have. AV style is different and you can see the problem very easily. We make tons of pretty plays, get shots on goal but just can’t finish. We need a big time scorer, and maybe that would have been Nash. Maybe it will be Kreider, but we we need more. I’m willing to give up an aging D-Man in Girardi (and I have to admit I’ve always found him a bit overrated, but he fit Torts style perfectly), and while I’m not sure about Miller, I’m getting the feeling that Miller is to AV what Kreider was to Torts. He just might not fit the picture. I think Yak, COULD be a much better player. As for flight risk? Yeah, sure, but the vast majority of players have stayed. As Carp said, we have to know more. Is he home sick? If he stays 3 years, or 5 years, is he still worth it? Remember, his salary for a couple of years is going to be on the low side of the cap.

  167. Why would Hank want Torts out?

    Torts defense shot blocking style of play – makes Hank look “ALL WORLD”. Look at his numbers now. Yikes.

  168. Del Zotto is not what they need. Oilers desperately need goaltending. You trade a 1st overall pick in his second year, it has to be in a deal for a goalie, through and through.

    I don’t buy the flight risk stuff, personally. Just gossip.

    Del Z is what he is. He’s not going to be much better than what you’re seeing, sadly.

    It would be a poor trade for the Oilers.

  169. Coach > Player

    And to point some things out: Gaborik had some of his most successful seasons under Tortarella. Avery on the other hand was 20 Foot Pole Avery according to all the other teams in the NHL.

    So those excuses don’t really fly at all.

  170. Also, about the 1st rounders. To me a first rounder I expect to be a star. If a first rounder turns into a 3rd/4th line player like Boyle, I don’t consider that a success.

  171. If Hank was the reason Torts was fired, and Torts was the reason Gaborik was traded, and we enter next year with none of the three, then oh boy is that an indictment of Sather. Not that it matters.

  172. Carp, au contraire with your continued under valuing of the Isles roster.

    Nabokov while not a Lundqvist would look a damn sight better with a few capable D in front of him.

    So might the Rangers but “management” has decreed we are no longer a D first team and are now an up tempo one.

    Unfortunately we are neither now since Torts is gone!

  173. _Also, about the 1st rounders. To me a first rounder I expect to be a star. If a first rounder turns into a 3rd/4th line player like Boyle, I don’t consider that a success._

    You’re expecting 30 stars to enter the league every year? That’s a bad starting point.

  174. If there’s a problem between players and coaches, the GM needs to show some balls and set everyone straight, not trade a top scorer because his coach doesn’t like him, or fire the best coach this team has had in 10+ years because the goalie doesn’t like him.

    Sather realizes these guys work for *him*, right?

    Assuming all this is true, of course.

  175. Maybe Yakapov and the coach don’t get along.

    Trade him while he has HIGH VALUE, and fix the defense right away.

    Yakapov played two full years for the Sarnia Sting in the OHL. That’s a commitment right there that he wants to play in the NHL.

    I’m thinking he could put up a lot of numbers in an AV up tempo system. (Defense can be taught right)

  176. Most years, about the top 3 should be expected to be 1st line/1st pair D players. That’s about the best you can hope for.

  177. Right, and if you’re mad your 1st rounder isn’t a star but he’s still a contributing bottom 6 guy, you don’t give him away. And if you do, other teams should jump, like Sather has.

  178. I think a lot of you guys really, really undervalue the 4th line players. Which is absurd since year after year we get beaten by 4th lines!

  179. Hope to see Miller play with an edge tonight, score , and take out his frustrations on the penguins instead of the media…just saying

  180. That means we also undervalue backup/rookie goalies and players playing their first game at MSG.

  181. Have you looked at Tootoo’s cap hit Manny? If he were a 1 year cheapie, sure, but he’s at $1.9MM this year plus another.

  182. “You’re expecting 30 stars to enter the league every year? That’s a bad starting point.”

    No, but when I’M drafting a player in the first round I’M expecting THAT player to be a star. Of 30 maybe half or less become a top 6 forward or top 4 d-man. But I’m not drafting a player in the FIRST ROUND and expect him to be a 4th line player.

  183. MrD I disagree. Boyle has been in the NHL for 7 years. He was drafted in ’03, and he was a beast in College.

    I still remember Boyle playing in the Frozen Four in ’06 when the Sioux had Toews, Oshie, Zajac, & Stafford on the team. And Boyle was a man child in front of the net. So I get why he was drafted in the 1’st Round on his frozen four performance alone, and his size.

    That said, Boyle will have a 10 -12 year career in the NHL if he’s healthy.

    That is a success in my book.

  184. _That means we also undervalue backup/rookie goalies and players playing their first game at MSG._


  185. I have not looked, The Doctor. But Pouliot and Dom Moore can easily be waived to clear space for a legit player.

  186. Exactly, Sioux. I’m more worried aboot a guy that’s been playing *IN* the KHL the last few years, and just started playing in the NHL. One bad year, everything goes wrong, he bolts for Russia.

    I wouldn’t be worried aboot Yakupov.

    I’m more worried aboot a Tarasenko, Nichushkin, etc. Any young guys coming *from* the KHL.

  187. _No, but when I’M drafting a player in the first round I’M expecting THAT player to be a star. Of 30 maybe half or less become a top 6 forward or top 4 d-man. But I’m not drafting a player in the FIRST ROUND and expect him to be a 4th line player._

    Let’s say you’re picking 23rd overall and, pre-draft, you identify 7 potential stars. If they’re all picked before you … what … you just add another to the list because you have to pick a player and that player has to be a star? What you said makes no sense.

  188. Tootoo is no more legit than Poulliet and D. Moore. Can he score goals?

    Boyle (1st round draft pick) = high expectations / middling results. Maybe not a failure, but his results are disappointing, compared to where he was drafted.

    I’m not saying you are guaranteed to get a star, but when you are drafted in the first round, that’s what you are looking for.

  189. Gravy, if we can’t get a haul for Lundqvist then why would we overpay him to stay on a dysfunctional roster?

    Might we obtain a solid your forward and a similar D for him?

    I believe we could to a team on the cusp of Cup contention who wants a prove commodity in goal.

  190. I think you are looking for “NHL ready in a short period of time” more than a star. And, of course, who you think will become the best player.

  191. Most coaches are a product of the talent that they have been provided by their general managers.

    Very few coaches supersede talent.

    Add Your Comment

  192. _That said, Boyle will have a 10 -12 year career in the NHL if he’s healthy.

    That is a success in my book._

    Totally. Had LA held onto him and he’s where he is now and plays on this trajectory for another 6 years or whatever, its a good pick. It wasn’t a boom, but it sure as hell wasn’t a bust either. Its so simplistic to go “BUT COREY PERRY WENT 2 PICKS LATER” ignoring that a lot of legit busts went before. With the exception of ridiculous off-the-board reaches, not getting the best pick doesn’t mean you made a bad pick.

    (And people can hate him all they want, but that was a *great* value trade for us. Not good, great.)

  193. Theres the dumb question asked about EVERY SINGLE ROLE PLAYER on a real hockey team. “Can he score goals?”

    Who cares. What he can do is go out there and create space for the better players and keep the other team in check. That will lead to SPACE for the guys that CAN score goals. Thus, Tootoo indirectly leads to GOALS being scored even if they don’t come off the curviture of his carbon fiber hockey stick.

  194. _Boyle (1st round draft pick) = high expectations / middling results. Maybe not a failure, but his results are disappointing, compared to where he was drafted._

    All this means is that you don’t understand the value the average 26th overall pick returns.

    2000 Brian Sutherby
    2001 Jason Bacashihua
    2002 Martin Vagner
    2003 Brian Boyle
    2004 Cory Schneider
    2005 Matt Pelech
    2006 Leland Irving
    2007 David Perron
    2008 Tyler Ennis
    2009 Kyle Palmieri
    2010 Evgeni Kuznetsov
    2011 Phillip Danault
    2012 Brendan Gaunce

  195. Mister D:

    When you draft a first rounder, is your expectation to get a 4th line center? If a GM says, he’s drafting Boyle in the 1st round because you hope he’s a 4th line center, you’ll get fired. You hope your 1st round picks are more, but you also realistically know that ANY draft pick is a crap shoot.

    When you draft a 1st round player in the NFL, do you hope he’ll make a great backup for his career?

  196. LGY: This was my argument against all the folks that didn’t believe in Tortarella.

    A Coach can be held responsible when a team underachieves and a coach can be praised when a team oversucceeds. That’s the two times a coach can be used as the impetus for the teams play.

    Tort gets teams to overachieve because he has a direction and core ideal based on his roster. He’s THE MAN.

    Winningest American born coach in hockey history.

  197. And now you’re moving the goalposts. You’re not “expecting to get a 4th liner” at the bottom of the 1st, but you’re a smart GM so you understand that’s hardly the worst case scenario. If a GM gets a top 6 / top 4 every year … he doesn’t exist because you’re being ridiculous. Boyle as a “miss” isn’t a miss. Get it?

  198. Yak could be a 40 goal scorer in a couple of years when you think he had 17 as a 19 year old in a short season.

  199. “Can he score goals?”

    I don’t know anyone who asks that question.

    The real question is can he create possession, create offense for himself and his teammates. Can he pass the puck effectively, can he receive passes effectively?

    While I don’t believe Boyle fits any of those criteria, he is a faceoff specialist that can be used for defensive zone faceoffs and possibly power play offensive zone faceoffs (to leave ice following faceoff). He is also not slow as a snail like a Pyatt or Boogaard, so he can be effective on the PK. A good 4th liner.

    Add Your Comment

  200. I bet the biggest annual W/L difference a coach makes is a good coach on a bad team keeps them winning a few games late in the year and a bad coach on a bad team watches them sink. The good teams are good because they’re good regardless of coach.

  201. Can we talk?

    Recent Ranger #1’s, Mc Bust, Krieder, Del Zotto, Sanguenetti and yes, Staal.

    The best D is McDonagh who was a throw in in the Higgins deal, Callahan, Stepan, Hags, etc. none a first round talent.

    And of course the “blind squirrel” pick in the 7th!

    Draft picks are great when you have a track record of making good ones.

    Did I mention “Jessigirl”? ;)

  202. “Who cares. What he can do is go out there and create space for the better players and keep the other team in check. That will lead to SPACE for the guys that CAN score goals. Thus, Tootoo indirectly leads to GOALS being scored even if they don’t come off the curviture of his carbon fiber hockey stick.”

    I kind of recind my comment about Tootoo. He’s a bit better than I thought he was. That said, he’s not the answer to the problem. Because the problem isn’t we need more tough guys, but we need scoring. Pouliatt at least potentially can give you that (and I don’t even like that guy). You want to replace Pyatt with Tootoo, I’m all for it.

  203. Canadian Connection:

    _Crosby said today that he had texted Nash shortly after he was knocked out of the Oct. 8th game against the Sharks game by a high hit from San Jose defenseman Brad Stuart, who was suspended for two games._

  204. Manny

    I would rather have Gaborik than Tortorella.

    However, Tortorella did contribute to the overachieving of the 2011-12 Rangers, he made the best of the little he had to work with. We both agree on that.

    Add Your Comment

  205. Mr.D, that might be the case in baseball but in hockey where a coach has infinitely more control over his minions and may enforce his words with actions, not so.

    Like benching stars or sending youngsters to the minors, yes?

  206. Now I hear Girardi, Miller and a draft pick for Yakapov? I am still not biting. But with Sather involved who knows?

  207. This is not to suggest coaching is not important.

    Coaching is important in 3 of the 4 major sports.

    The only sport in which a coach has very little to do with the success of a team is baseball.

    Add Your Comment

  208. Carp, are you suggesting that Av is becoming a D first coach? Are you also saying the “up tempo” concept is being abandoned so soon?

    Let them remain under 500.and soon we’ll hear the familiar refrain, “he’s lost the room”!

  209. It may be high risk high reward.

    The talent is there. He has the speed. He can score. I’m just saying he may not be AS BIG of a risk as you think.

    Now do I want him on my fantasy team – NO? He doesn’t hit, block shots, take penalties, but then again he only 19-20 years old. Give him 3 years to fill out.

  210. I don’t watch basketball, don’t care about basketball, and don’t know how to design plays in basketball, but I could probably coach the Heat to the Finals.

  211. LGY: I didn’t make that up and it wasn’t directed at you. People have asked that question, including in THIS very post!

  212. Stranger Nation on

    What’s astonishing is how was Taylor pyatt a 1st round pick. Laughable


  213. You’re talking about results, I’m talking about expectations. You don’t draft a top player to be a 4th liner. If they wind up that, so be it. But that doesn’t mean it’s a success. He’s a decent player. Plenty of decent players come from other rounds as well. Reality is different from expectations.

    The Rangers have CREATED plenty of offense over the last 5-6 games, that’s not the problem. Defensively they’ve been fine. That’s not the problem. They just don’t finish. I’m sick of them shooting the puck and hitting the goalies flush. They manage to make average goalies look like superstars. You should win the majority of games you give up 2 goals. This team doesn’t do that.

  214. Manny

    Anyone that thinks that scoring goals is the only determinant of a player’s success is an idiot.

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  215. Then LGY, we will have to agree to disagree. I will always, always take the coach over the player. ALWAYS.

    Imagine a scenario in life where an employee is chosen over a boss. If you want to be the boss than be the boss, Until then you’re just a hockey player that needs to be part of a *team* that has a *chemistry* and *timing* style to work on while on the ice.

  216. And Carp, you think that “allowing only seven goals in 8 games” as opposed to say AV’s finding defensive religion, has something to do with the goalie?

    Of course, which is why we should get a haul in a trade!;)

  217. I’m still giving AV time to get the players he needs to play his game.

    When he has 3 lines that can come at you in waves, it could be ALOT of fun to watch a team that controls the puck, instead of dump and chase.

  218. Stranger Nation on

    Maybe we should stop trading with #29 and #30 teams.
    November 6th, 2013 at 12:54 PM



  219. _Then LGY, we will have to agree to disagree. I will always, always take the coach over the player. ALWAYS._

    By that logic, does this mean you’d trade a great player for a great coach?

  220. Manny, but sometimes you are an incompetent and get to be Boss by kissing Bossy’s butt, no?

    Sometimes there are pictures as well…………I’ll check this out with Thomas and Sather!!! lol

  221. Which, shocker, means that Gaborik isn’t going to discuss and extension with the team and wants to test UFA market. Bet he would have done the same to the Rangers!

  222. And in real life, bosses are almost always former non-bosses who retain the ability to do their subordinates jobs. If a senior accountant took over the role of one of her junior accountants, the job would get done better.

  223. Haha. No The Doctor. I’m not talking about trades. I am talking about internal power struggles between a coach and a player. I always choose the coach because the Coach has to keep the team together. The player can go be selfish elsewhere.

  224. Stranger Nation on

    Per Ranger Offensive production; need to distinguish between ‘shots’ and ‘scoring chances’ like the teams do. Last game 33 shots and about 10 scoring chances

    Richards flips a puck in from behind the blue line and the goalie catches it, decides to hold on for the face-off – shot saved, but no scoring chance.

    MEZ comes flying down the ice, maneuvers through 4 players, blasts a slapper which travels 10 ft wide of the net, careening back down the ice; no SOG but a scoring chance (and odd man rush the other way for J Moore)

  225. “Anyone that thinks that scoring goals is the only determinant of a player’s success is an idiot.”

    Nobody said that. But Tootoo doesn’t fit need on this team. I said, “He can’t score” because scoring is what they need. Not another 3rd / 4th liner.

    We are 12th in SH/G but 4th from the bottom in G/G. We’re getting plenty of chances. We’re getting plenty of “space” I want someone who can put the puck in the net. We aren’t even averaging 2 G/G.

  226. Manny

    It depends on the coach and the player.

    To me, there are very few coaches that I would choose over a significant player.

    Not taking salaries and cap hits into account, I wouldn’t choose Mike Woodson over Carmelo Anthony (Knicks), Joe Girardi over Robinson Cano (Yankees) or Tom Coughlin over Eli Manning (Giants), or John Tortorella over Chris Kreider (Rangers).

    In the case of Kreider, he has yet to prove anything, but his size, skill, and speed are pretty good predictors of a very good career. He may end up being a complete bust, though. I believe he will be a superstar.

    Add Your Comment

  227. _We are 12th in SH/G but 4th from the bottom in G/G. We’re getting plenty of chances. We’re getting plenty of “space” I want someone who can put the puck in the net. We aren’t even averaging 2 G/G._

    Speaks to luck more than anything else. We’re shooting 6.0% as a team this year; dead last in the NHL last year was 7.0%.

  228. Stranger, is there a good source that keeps track of scoring chances per team? I’d be curious where the NYR stand.

  229. I also wouldn’t choose Tortorella over Lundqvist.


    My comment was directed in response to Manny.

    Add Your Comment

  230. based on how the front office defends the trade, and how it was necessary, and how nobody else but Columbus would take Gaborik, I’m doubting that’s possible, Gravy. But I learned last year to never say never with this GM.

  231. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Until we have players that play with malicious intent in the blue paint at both ends of the ice, we will never be a cup winning team regardless of coach or goalie!

  232. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    We don’t have any enigmatic Russians, but I can think of a couple very enigmatic Ukrainians!


  233. “Speaks to luck more than anything else. We’re shooting 6.0% as a team this year; dead last in the NHL last year was 7.0%”


    The more shots you put on goal, the likelihood increased for you to score more goals.

    Evidence points to there being no such thing as a quality shot from a particular distance, and also that if there was such a thing as a quality shot, it’s not sustainable.

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  234. Hockey, at base, is a simple game. Dilution of talent, too many teams make GMs’ astute picks and coaches’ ‘systems’ paramount.

  235. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Off the top of my pointy head I can think of 3 Russians in the nhl I would take in a heartbeat, Malkin, Emelin, and datsyuk!

  236. The Kings need a boost.

    Not sure Anaheim needs the boost, but I could see a top team out west adding him.

    Maybe a Detroit or Toronto.

    Just imagine Gabby on the line with Stamkos and St. Louis in Tampa. They could be for real this year with 20 points already.

  237. “Speaks to luck more than anything else. We’re shooting 6.0% as a team this year; dead last in the NHL last year was 7.0%”

    I think it’s just as much about taking quality shots, and finishing than luck. The Rangers shoot plenty. Invariably it winds up on the pads of the goalie. Either they shoot poorly or the goalies know where we plan on shooting. I’m not sure. And yes some luck. But this team lacks a sharpshooter in the worst way. I’m so tired of watching shot after shot gobbled up by the goalie.

  238. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    My untouchable list

    J Moops, mcdonut, Nash (healthy obviously), and cally.

    Very very close to untouchable

    Brassard (depending on his re-sign contract amount), step, Hagar, dorsett (the way this team is currently constructed), hank.

  239. Steve – then look at the shots that have gone in for Richie Rich. ie. from the side boards on the red line.

  240. Interesting how Wicky steps out and includes Dorsett on that list. As the team is currently constituted, I agree.

  241. Man, it just bothers me that hockey exists in places like Tampa Bay. No hockey below 36°30?!

  242. I would also Sign Putin himself. I think the other Russians in the league would fear him enough to stay away.

  243. Wicky, assume Nash is back and looks normal. What if you get an offer of … like … Loui Eriksson. Lesser player, but also $3MM less against the cap. You pass? That’s pretty much why I don’t put Nash on my list; for his cost I’d move him in a lot of deals that set contributions closer to cap hit.

    (Make it a 3 team trade, Nash ends up in Colorado or something, just so we’re not moving him to Boston.)

  244. Stranger Nation on

    latona – spot on!

    Quebec City, Hartford, Milwaukee, GRand Forks are the places to be!

  245. Stranger Nation on

    and why not another team in Toronto

    if NYC area can handle 3, Torontoe can handle another

  246. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mister D
    That is a great a valid point and it is definitely something I would consider (may not pull the proverbial trigger, but definitely think about)

    Fwiw I’d consider the same type of deal with hank.

    Ultimately it would probably be the other parts of the deal (picks/players) that would determine the yes or no to the deal.

  247. Anaheim -> Quebec City
    Carolina -> Hartford
    Dallas -> Milwaukee
    Nashville -> Grand Forks
    Phoenix -> Hamilton
    Florida -> Seattle
    Tampa Bay -> Regina/Saskatoon

    I’ll allow the Kings to stay in LA since they’ve been there a long time.

    Also, just because I hate them..

    Devils -> Halifax

  248. Rob in Beantown on

    I can’t wait to see that on the MSG marquee:


    Sure to be hot tickets on Broadway, all of them

  249. The Kitchener Cabinet
    The Labrador Retrievers
    The Grande Prairie Dogs
    The Moose Jaw Breakers
    The Alberta Einsteins

  250. The Sun reports: As for the woebegone Buffalo Sabres, not only is Ryan Miller for sale, but valuable commodities Steve Ott, Christian Erhoff, Drew Stafford could also be moved. The Sabres are wisely going full rebuild and want draft picks and prospects.
    Anyone we like?

  251. Ott, Steve »
    $2,950,000 2013-14
    UFA 2014-15
    GP-15 G-2 A-2 P-4 PIM-24
    That’s a lot of money for this type of production.

  252. Buffalo isn’t moving Ville Leino? I’m sure they can get multiple picks for him, considering he _only_ has 4 years at $4.5M per left on his contract.

  253. Also, per “The Sun” Columbus hasn’t spoken to Gaborik about an extension and they are waiting till trade deadline to see if he’s worth keeping. If production doesn’t increase most likely he’ll be traded. (again)

  254. I will give Buffalo Pouliot, D. Moore and Del Zotto for Steve Ott and Drew Stafford. I would like those two over Yakupov.

  255. But the Sabres also want capspace so giving them a Defenseman with talent as well as two cheap bodies to fill their lineup for the year. Can’t be that bad? Do we even have any pics left?/

  256. I wouldn’t mind Stafford and/or Erhoff. but I’m not sure how we make that work. MDZ and a pick for Erhoff? Ideally we could send Richards the other way and pick up Leino in an exchange of bad contracts to fit under the cap. Stafford, Erhoff, Leino for Richards, MDZ, Hrivik, and a pick?

  257. Me too, Latona. It’s a pretty terrible business model to have shirts that are sold out.

    It happened once, “I can’t Drive 55” (that’s your new cool nicknname msrph99). I remember a while back someone posted a picture and it posted. It never, ever happened again.

  258. Imagine if we had Steve Ott and we could make that “look it up on NHL.COM” joke he made to Giroux all the time.

  259. Speaking of Giroux, he has 0 goals and Snyder is willing to listen to offers. I don’t remember where I’ve read that.

  260. We should trade a player of equal value for Moulson, then throw in some picks for good measure.

  261. I swear 92MPH on the Belt. I didn’t see him. Well, what can I do first ticket in over 6 years. I forgot my radar and that’s that.

  262. Sioux: Are you saying you withdrew your offer from me, while I was researching and countering, and you have now made an offer to Rob?

  263. I don’t want Moulson unless he signs an extension, which I imagine he would because his entire life is in the Metropolitan Area.

    But he’s going to want a bunch of coin.

  264. His value might diminish in Buffalo and maybe it won’t hurt the checkbook as much. Having said that, let’s beat Pittsburgh tonight and I’ll be happy for 24 hours.

  265. It probably is the going rate Gravy, but thankfully we’re against the cap, so Wader has no room to pull any stupid trades. But wonders never cease.

  266. _His value might diminish in Buffalo and maybe it won’t hurt the checkbook as much._

    Or he might decide he likes the NYC area so much he won’t look to max out a deal elsewhere? I wouldn’t mind him mucking around in front for us for a few years but I bet he gets more years and dollars than I’d want.

  267. _I just assumed that was the going rate for impending FA Buffalo wingers._

    “I’m listening.” – Martin Brodeur

  268. Sadly, Moulson is not the savior for this team. For starters I’d like Nash to come back and then we shall see. All the trade rumors are just that. Rumors.

  269. Jeremy Roenick ?@Jeremy_Roenick 2 Nov
    *The Aves r the real deal this ur!!* Wow. Matt Duchene is killing it. Turning into a superstar for sure. Come on flyers it’s time!!!

    Ur? Maybe that’s where Roenick got his spelling from.. he always looked Sumerian to me.

  270. Rob in Beantown on

    Jeremy Roenick @Jeremy_Roenick
    Hey Ilya hope u live comfortably in Russia w the money u made from the 23 million u stole from the devils Again I’m right in my analysis

  271. Rob in Beantown on

    Sioux I need to look at those trades when I get home. A little under the gun right now

  272. Apparently that CryBaby tee is going back in stock and there will be a pre-sale for it. I will let you guys know when it happens so you can all put up or shut up.

  273. Can entire franchises and their owners and management be traded? How does the Minsk Rangers sound?

    Question of the day, why is Junior annoyed to the point of dismissal of the Knick cheerleaders?

    Interpretations with imagination please! ;)

  274. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Whoever sent that trade to me better start a deal for Malkin with stamkos or a top flight goalie!

  275. They make a few cool ones. The Crybaby one is tops though. You should order a few. Grab me a M while you’re at it!

  276. Sioux: this trade where you give me Gaborik for Kreider is awful for you. Go pick up Hagelin. He’s available!

  277. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on


    I must admit I really like the participants in that league but the yahoo format and yahoo in general is so bush league it makes it really hard to participate!

  278. Also, guys, you only need *3* goalie starts per week. So you don’t need a plethora of goalies.

  279. msrph – that’s reckless, though wreckless, driving; get out the checkbook. On the positive side, you’re right about Buff wanting picks and top prospects. I think they want to finish low and build themselves a new team.

  280. Yakupov has to be a no. As in no way, a no brainer. Just the fact a team would dangle a No. 1 overall before he turns 20 is enough of a red flag to not touch him with a ten foot Daigle.

    And if Sather even considered it, (Kreider or not) he is more off his Kluzak than we thought. I don’t give a Wickenheiser how highly skilled this guy is or is not.

    That’s all we need: another Fleury of a bad trades and we’re in deep DiPietro all over again.

    Trading away Krieder before he even has a full season in the NHL would be another crime. Sather needs a swift kick in the Nash for even considering it.

  281. The need defense, and maybe throw in Miller or Kristo.

    That would be a fair deal for Yak.

  282. Wicky you’ve lost every week because of your goalie. You need a starter, that’s playing.

  283. SO… do we see Kristo in the NHL before Christmas? I would guess it is getting close to 50/50.

  284. I will be done following the rangers if Sather makes anymore stupid trades, especially there young players before giving them a chance to mature. If any of these trade rumors have any truth to them than it would appear that Nash’s concussion could be very serious.

  285. Funny how the head works, because the hit didn’t look all that serious at the time.

    But then neither did Dale Earnhardt’s car crash.

  286. Reading about Nail, elsewhere online, rap on him is that he has a poor work ethic, is a candidate for jumping to the KHL where he can make more money and go home; doesn’t play D, and of course, so far in his brief NHL career he has not been productive, offensively. So what is to like? For this bag of nails the rumor is MDZ or even Krieder could go west in exchange for him. Also he is being called Zherdev, jr. Not good, these trade winds.

  287. That dope Sather trades Kreider for the russian player on ther oilers I will be done following rangers, done.

  288. Cooscoos: I was in Pittsburgh for an hour, it was 3 a.m., just hours after the Steelers beat the Vikings to win their first Super Bowl. The town was a redux of “Silent Night,” at that point, not one party going on, streets completely empty. I was in shock. Pittsburgh is a small town in search of a pulse.

  289. I decided to listen to the espn 1050 am ranger broadcast on my desktop while I watch the rangers on tv. The only problem is Maloney is out tonight, the stemmer is taking his place.

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