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1) I’m not going to try to convince anybody that the Rangers were or weren’t that bad, simply because it doesn’t matter. Even if they played great, you can’t make plays like they made in the first period against a team like that. You’re not beating one of the best teams in the NHL coughing it up like  a hairball.

Anaheim Ducks v New York Rangers2) That should have been a too-many-men penalty vs. the Mightys just before the brain-freeze daily double by Derick Brassard on the 1-0 goal. Ryan Callahan was on a rush that was halted because the puck hit the skate of a guy trying to jump onto the bench, and his replacement was already on the ice. That’s a penalty.

3) But penalty or not, that pass cannot happen. Can’t. Then Brassard complicated it by leaving his man wide open, with all night to put the loose rebound up over Henrik Lundqvist.

4) Then Brad Richards with a beauty as  Micheal Del Zotto flies the zone (can’t blame him, they want their D up ice, and Richards had the puck in no trouble) and Lundqvist couldn’t make a save. That came shortly after Richards hit the post. What happens if that Richards shot goes in? Different game? Is he the No. 1 star?

5) The Rangers were actually in this  game at 2-0 and 2-1. After two periods, the big, bad Ducklings had 12 shots on goal.Anaheim Ducks v New York Rangers

6) But to that point, Derek Dorsett had most of the best scoring chances, so, you know …

7) Speaking of Dorsett, it was pretty funny watching Alain Vigneault holding him back during that pileup at the bench at the second-period buzzer, after Ryan McDonagh tossed Corey Perry into the bench the second time.

8) The clincher, if not the Benoit Pouliot penalty, was Lundqvist not coming off the ice and a Rangers jumping on to take his place in the final minute, for a too-many-men penalty.

9) So once again, no need to discuss which is the Leastern Conference, or the Lesstropolitan Division.

10) Vigneault double-shifted his three centers on the fourth line so Brian Boyle could stay on the third-line wing, where he’s been pretty effective.

11) No final appearance at MSG for Teemu Selanne. Sad face.Anaheim Ducks v New York Rangers

12) Always great to see The Captain, but especially so last night in the pressbox where he was seated between a couple of old faves, Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish. MacT was scouting for Team Canada. But also Edmonton is looking for a goalie … and more. Esa Tikkanen was also in the house. Just a ton of rings. I had a chat with Sergei Nemchinov the other night, too. That made me happy.

13) Well, the good thing about the Garden being so quiet is that the booing isn’t very bad at the end of a period.

14) Luca Sbisa sleeps with the fishes.

15) Start preparing for NBC’s Crosby-fest tomorrow night.

***************************************Anaheim Ducks v New York Rangers
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. John Moore.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Michael Del Zotto.
3. tie, Marc Staal and Mats Zuccarello.

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  1. we were in this game… but we still can’t score.

    Anaheim made some pretty bad turnovers too, we just couldn’t finish.

    I was noticing that few of our defense’s shots made it through.

    Pouliot with a hat trick of mental errors at the end, but by then it really was too late.

    for a close game against a good team, that was a pretty boring game. I hope it was a good warmup.

  2. Ducks didn’t even try til the third period. Did brassard and Richards get assists on their goals? Rangers competed which was way better than in Anaheim. Here comes Sydney.

  3. Cant believe the setup passes from our centers for their goals, ridiculously risky plays. You should never throw the puck cross ice from behind the icing line, especially into a crowd. He had better options that in a close game he should be taking. Richards’ pass just looked lazy, and deserved to be returned with interest but I thought Hank might have stopped that one.

    2nd star, i’m guessing MDZ is lower on the WBM today gravy?

  4. Hank was the second best goalie on the ice….end of story. Good teams have ways of winning games even when it is not their best effort….last night was one of those games. I will take the effort as part of their maturing process to be a better team….but I gotta see 3 points out of their next two games..

  5. A Loss is a loss. Spin it any way you want. This was a winnable game 3rd per and the pp fails for basically 4 mins pp time until pouliot commits bad pen. Good teams find ways to score there. I bet 2 years ago they tie it.

    Rangers better hope no one in div outside of Pitt gets hot. Someone will its bound to happen.

  6. Carp any thoughts on the BS head shot attempts on Stepan?
    What a freaking joke this league has become…forget “Mickey Mouse” franchise we’ve now got a while league!

  7. That was a game ripe for the taking. Too bad. Our boys looked lazy and tentative. Too bad. Now the pens roll into town, will probably start their backup, too bad.

  8. They didn’t look lazy at all , good effort by NYR except for those two give always which resulted in GA ..Ducks goalie was good

  9. Biggest gripe I had was how the Ducks dominated the first 7-8 mins of the third. Multiple extended shifts pinning the Rangers in their end. I guess the Ducks players must have gotten dibs on Boudreau’s ice cream if they finished the game strong.

  10. I’ll watch with the sound off on Wednesday and listen to Kenny & Dave on the radio. I refuse to listen to Doc, Pierre & the studio morons.

  11. AV what ever you do DO NOT call up the Kristo Kid! This team doesn’t need goals to win games.

  12. I’m thinking Edmonton found their young goalie last night. The Great Dane is 4-0.

    What player do they give up to get him? Yak Yak Yak don’t come back? He’s starting to be dropped even in the fantasy leagues.

  13. UK I’m thinking McD is still seeing that second shot in his sleep. Kind of like the buck you let get away on the first day deer season :)

  14. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp!
    The MSG looks good, I have to say. The new and improved ice? Not so much.

    Two bad giveaways, yes. But I say this. They want to be aggressive. We want them to be aggressive. So does the new coach. You have to learn from those mistakes and improve. But I’ll take it against the WC team, and at the beginning of the season. Aggressive kept them in the game, and they were able to utilize their speed by making some of those passes. Look, they weren’t winning last night by trying to utilize pack to the periphery, against the boards strategy. The Ducks are too big and too skilled for that.
    Lastly, the back up goalie looked great. He made a couple of important saves, during the 3rd especially. Some of those were close up, right between the hash marks. However, I bet that Nash ( or Gaborik) buries one or two of them, don’t you think? Different game.

  15. Sather Must Go! on

    Despite the score being close, there was a very noticeable difference in the quality of teams out the last night… Hopefully, that fluky goal by del z will up hs trade value!

    just a reminder, that 2003 draft and how that alone was a fire-able of fence to our fearless leader/GM


  16. I wouldn’t know anything about last night’s game cause – guess what! – it was blacked out again. Glad I got GameCenter so I can NOT watch games. Stupid capitalism.

  17. I for one definitely expect either Anderson or Fasth to be playing goal for Edmonton before the trade deadline.

  18. Stranger Nation on

    OK – not meant to play slap Bucky day, but have noticed a very disturbing aspect to his game. Whenever, I mean, whenever, someone gets within 3 or 4 strides of him he will get rid of the puck. Not sure if this is a result of the concussion which has him gun shy or what but he has this issue which is very strange for a center who is supposed to create.

    When he has time and space as he saunters up the ice on PP rush he is in no hurry, but as soon as someone breathes near him, puck is gone.

    Take a hit to make a play….uhmm…no

  19. Stranger Nation on

    Last night was a game where Zucc looks AHL-like in his ability to play with the big boys. They were flicking him around like a rag doll.

    If Step doesn’t get his head on a swivel, we may have a real center crisis. The first one was cheap, the second, he was trying to make shoot the puck in and the Duck got high on him, but he was bent down low as well.

  20. Manny I think they would give up Yak, for Fasth, maybe the Great Dane.

    Until they find their Lundqvist type goalie they are going to freeze watching the games from outside the playoff picture.

  21. Stranger Nation on

    Can we stop with how good this goalie was/is? Outside of his poke check on The Kreider’s rush, we barely forced him to make a save.

    Joe Missaplenty gushed on his positioning, when we are shooting it into his belly. Did you see him make a blocker save or use his glove in close? No, because we like to shoot into the logo.

  22. I thought we might be able to tie it last night at best. The Rangers had their chances, McD should have buried 2nd chance goal.

    If you take the mistakes out of the game, it could have gone either way.

    The Ducks dominated the 3rd period. Cycling the puck down low for eternity. How they didn’t get a goal in that series, and the shot off the post. They clearly out played the Rangers. Sending Zucc’s line into battle with Getzlaf & Perry isn’t going to win 1 out of 10.

  23. jimG the desertrat on

    I bet Pierre had a room reserved for Gogleono, he was absolutely wet every time he mentioned his name, like to see him hit in the mouth with a puck.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Look at the bright side, we finally broke their 6 goal a game pace in the second period!

  25. SN he’s 4-0-0 he is only as good as he has to be.

    Trade him now when he has his highest value!!!

  26. Rangers are NOT an elite team this year. We have no 40 goal scorers on the ice. Maybe 3 of them will hit 30, if we are lucky.

    Then we got man handled in the 3rd period. So much for our Bangers & Mash line, if you’re going to call up the “Monster Mash” and only play him 2:50 minutes why waste the gas?

    Put Pyatt-Boyle-Dorsett out as the 4th line and hit someone, let them cycle the puck down low like the Ducks did to us in the 3rd period.

    Call up the Goal Scorer and give him 10:00 with Steps line or Hags line. At least the Rangers would have a chance……. or you could send out the Hobbit to play against Getzlaf & Perry.

  27. Good goalie positioning will lead to a lot of logo shots.

    However, there were too many of those flick the puck at the goalie type shots from the blue line. Don’t really get those unless you need a change. Dump in the corner, or pull up and wait for help.

  28. This team is just not good enough (read: it’s bush-league).

    I smell a trade and I’ll welcome it .

  29. This was too funny to go to waste. Carp Carped himself, so few saw it –


    First question tonight, by a first-timer from some outlet I’ve never heard of, “well, coach not the way you drew it up?”

    I was thinking, “Oh, God, why couldn’t this be Torts?!!!”
    November 4th, 2013 at 11:04 PM

  30. I have a question: What has Benoit Balls Pouliot done to earn the right to be on the ice at the end of the game? Whether we are up one goal or down one goal.

  31. “I want to watch your final shift in the NHL, Benoit. Go out there now. Do something totally Benoit-ish for me.”

  32. Stranger – the kid made some pretty damn good saves. The one on Richards hit him in the chest because he properly read the pass and was already in position. I’ll agree some of the other ones we shot right at him, but he made some quality saves.

    As for the game, like I said yesterday Pou-Pou Platter screwed up at the end there with his 2 key offsides on the PP and the penalty. He has skills that kill but not a beautiful mind.

    They played pretty well for most of the game and took it to the Ducks as well. Considering Anaheim is much more skilled and faster, I really couldn’t complain too much about the effort outside of some dumb turnovers. They lost to a better team, but still were in the game the whole way. They play most teams like that and they win, just not the top ones.

  33. manny

    pouliot scored the winner on long island. the fact that hes on the ice late shows our lack of finish ability.

    richards play on the point of pp is terrible for two reasons he cant keep pucks in at blueline and number 2 his shot never seems to get through. a moore or staal shot which is heavier is a better option.

  34. You can pretty much see Richards focusing entirely on just keeping the puck in the zone. After that, its just whatever happens.

  35. 8:48AM: Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal, who has covered the team since the days of Messier and Gretzky tweets:

    Craig MacTavish hasn’t been with Oilers last 2 days. Only 2 gms last night. One at MSG. Was he there? NYR need scoring?
    How about Hemsky for Del Zotto? Hemsky’s $5 mil salary an impediment to most trade talks though.
    Messier making no secret he’s working as advisor with Oilers. Was apparently on charter with team awhile back. He knows NYR guys.
    Wonder if Oilers would be interested in NYR Chris Kreider?
    9:02AM: “In Neil Smith-Glen Sather era Oilers and NYR were trading once a week it seemed so if talking now brings back memories”

  36. The good news for the rangers is it doesn’t appear any team in the eastern conference is going to run away and hide except maybe Pukesburg Pellicans. I rather see the rangers get there crappy play out of there system early in the season than late. Hopefully they will get better and better as the season moves on.

  37. In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Oilers GM Craig MacTavish was also in attendance and that the Oilers are taking offers on Ales Hemsky and “exploring the market” on 2012 first overall pick Nail Yakupov.

    Brooks says that any interest in Hemsky would need to come with salary cap maneuvering to get his cap hit of $5 million to work with the Rangers.

    He adds that it isn’t known if the Rangers have the pieces, and if they do if they would be willing to move them, to acquire a player like Yakupov, but that the Rangers are likely one of the only teams in the NHL “apt to even consider” trading for him.

    Brooks does say that the Rangers immediate need for a top-six wingers has been stalled by the return of Carl Hagelin, Ryan Callahan and the emergence of Chris Kreider.

  38. There is no way the Oilers were there to “scout” anyone other than Anderson. Oilers need a goaltender. Badly.

  39. jay reimenschneider on

    The Rangers stuffed muffin tops in Anderson’s chest protector all night. I had a feeling we were in trouble when I found out he was starting. He’s much better than Hiller and at least as good as Fasth (on IR).

    On a positive note, it was nice to see Del Zotto finally get back to shooting the puck into the opposing forwards shin guards. I was kinda shocked when he accidentally hit the net instead for the 2-1 goal.

  40. Can I just say, that the prime rib sandwich is still $19, and now it’s half the size it used to be. What’s up with that Carp? Ruined my night more than Brad Richard’s backhand.

  41. Maybe AV told the team to shoot into the logo all night to make Anderson look good. This way, the Oilers would focus on a trade with the Ducks instead of the Rangers, and avert the potential Hemsky for Kreider trade from happening. #conspiracytheory

  42. The new(ish?) inefficiency is cheap goaltending, Manny. If they think Talbot can be middle of the pack at league minimum pricing, maybe we could see a MDZ + Fast/Lindberg/Hrivik/similar + Talbot for a top 6 forward sort of package? But if its Hemsky, I’m with Eric, except I don’t have season tickets and I’m all talk when it comes to seriously pouting and walking away except for those few weeks when they had that piece of poop Tibbits on the roster.

  43. That’s fine The Doctor. If they actually want to move Nail Yakupov I’m all ears for them giving up early on someone that showed The Kredier-Like scoring ability early in his career.

  44. If the moon were made of cheese would you take a bite? As a follow up, has a space shuttle been invented that could support your weight? #AskBrodeur

  45. Although, if we’re trading Talbot I don’t understand why MacTavish was in attendance unless he was interested in checking out Cam Talbot’s *bench presence*

  46. If a team in the Oilers position is thinking of trading a 20 year old talented player, that should send up all sorts of red flags.

  47. Rob in Beantown on

    Isn’t Yakupov considered a risk of going to the KHL? That alone makes me leery. There are lots of other red flags and suggestions of poor work ethic too, which I don’t like. I would not be very interested in Yak

  48. After signing a one-year deal with HC Lev Praha in July 2013, Zherdev celebrated at the Barvikha Luxury Village hotel in Moscow where things turned violent, according to a Russian news report.[14] Zherdev allegedly initiated a bar brawl at the hotel before crashing his Bentley Continental GT, which was later vandalized by locals who were outraged with his behaviour and scratched the words “scum”, “bastard”, and others into the vehicle’s paint with nails.[15] Damage to the vehicle was allegedly valued at $30,000. Barvikha Luxury Village hotel staff also claimed Zherdev spent nights there with various women, prompting his wife, Eugenia, to file for divorce.

  49. Rob in Beantown on

    There was conversation about it awhile back. I think some Russian GM said something to the effect that there were talks, and that forced his American agent to refute it. But who knows

  50. I don’t see a fit because the guys I want, they probably won’t deal and the guys I don’t want are probably the ones on the table. The Yakupov stuff would scare me too; if you’re him would you rather make more money at home or less money on the other side of the world? Seems easy.

  51. And I just can’t see Hemsky for value. He’s a guy you rent for a B package when Edmonton is officially out of it and wants to get off the hook for the last $2MM in real cash they owe him. He maxed out at 23 goals and that was half a decade ago. Pass.

  52. Stranger Nation on

    Good goalie positioning will lead to a lot of logo shots.
    Uhmm, no it won’t – shooting for the middle of the goal will lead to logo shots.

    Last night was a PERFECT example why you do NOT want to sign a goalie for $8M/year for 8 years.

    Would trade Hank + others (MEZ) in a heart beat for some solid talent, not young unprovens

  53. Rob in Beantown on

    Is it true the Devils keep a marine biologist on staff to address your “unique requirements?” #AskBrodeur

  54. rangers don’t need to bring in anymore hefty contracts, remember, they have 3 core players to sign in the off season.

  55. Manny – just assume that any Russian or Eastern Euro player is going to go to the KHL. That’s all the North American reporters ever report. They all said Semin was bolting when he and his agent both said he had no interest in going back over there.

    I’d stay away from Yakupov and Hemsky, even though Ales is one of my favorite players they have. If the Rangers trade Kreider, that should be it for Sather. You don’t find speedy 6’3″ 230+ pound forwards on trees. Plus now that he’s starting to gain confidence and slowly getting to controlling games, giving that up for Yakupov is just idiotic.

  56. Kid did make some good saves … how about the one on Richards from Hagelin behind the net just before the Del Zotto goal?

  57. And I’d very careful with Yakupov. That has Kovalchuk written all over it. And long before he starts doing anything serious in NHL too.

  58. Rob in Beantown on

    I would not be a seller of Kreider right now unless it was somebody truly astounding you would be getting back

  59. Have you ever been turned away from an “all you can eat” buffet because the restaurant fears you will eat more food than they have? #AskBrodeur

  60. Too bad we ever let Jason LaBarbera go. Maybe we can make a trade with the Oilers to get him back as our starting goaltender.

  61. No one said great goalies can’t win a Cup, they’ve said that in the salary cap era, no goalie making >10% of the total cap has won a Cup. Bit of a difference there.

  62. Turned away from an all-you-can-eat buffett? Hey, I resemble that remark.

    Anthony Michael Hall did a great SNL skit in an all you can eat fish restaurant. When customers finsihed eating, the zombie staff would hold them down and force feed them…”NO, you don’t understand, it’s all you CAN eat!” (not all you WANT to eat)

  63. Carp – what the Dr said. When you spend that much money on a goaltender, it means you aren’t spending it elsewhere, which usually is scoring since those guys cost the most.

    And the Rangers are famous over overspending on “scoring” since they are never terrible enough to draft that in house.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    PP was dribbling out last night:

    Players with highest TOI:

  65. Lol. You guys are generally in favor of signing/trading for every overpriced player in the league. Now you view giving an extra $1 million per season to the most valuable player on the team as an existential threat to the organization. Are you people just trolling?

  66. I agree about trading lundqvist because the rangers will never win a cup when 10% of the cap is paying your goalie. The problem with trading lundqvist is he will be a ufa at the end of the season. I don’t think there is a team who will give up much for a few month rental. The rangers are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  67. Del Zotto quote:
    “It was just a loose puck in front,” said Del Zotto, who scored his first goal of the season. “It was kind of a disaster in there. There were four or five bodies and I jumped in and got lucky. It bounced right onto my stick.”

    Would’ve been great if he said “It was kind of a Del-Zaster in there.”

  68. $1 billion dollar transformation, ice even worse than before. I don’t care what floor it’s on. My uncle lives on the 37th floor of UN Plaza and always has good ice.

  69. Stranger Nation on

    No one said great goalies can’t win a Cup, they’ve said that in the salary cap era, no goalie making >10% of the total cap has won a Cup. Bit of a difference there.

    Right on, Mr. D

  70. and I’m not diagreeing … but you don’t get rid of your best player and then expect that the $8M per is going to be used to get a player who will make more of a difference. That’s daydreaming.

    You know what $8M gets you now? An old 30+ goal scorer, if you can find one, on a bad contract the last several years.

  71. Stranger Nation on

    Our best player now…sort of like giving A Rod a contract extension when he is 35…are we paying for the past or future???

  72. I’ve read that no team with a 4th line center overpaid by $500k has ever won the cup!!!! I wouldnt have thought that it would have mattered all that much but the data is there to back it up. Incredible.

  73. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    No Falking way on hemsky

    Agree with stranger re goalie @ 8+ mil per for 8 years

    Love the way people on here blame brassard for the first goal (he did make a bad play, the second one) but it was all mcdonut’s mistake that caused it and the nbc studio guys said it and so did mario Maloney.

  74. Hank Syeinbrenner gave that contract to A-Rod…Sather won’t give bad contracts out. He’s learned his lesson from Gomez, I mean Drury, I mean Redden, I mean Brashear, I mean Richards…

  75. to put it another way, you can let him walk or trade him, then spend $5M per on a guy like Clarkson or Clowe and with the $3M you have left get another third-line enigma, and go with Cam Talbot — who we don’t even know if he’ll be as good as Nabokov or Biron or Bryzgalov. How are you contending with that?

  76. _and I’m not diagreeing … but you don’t get rid of your best player and then expect that the $8M per is going to be used to get a player who will make more of a difference. That’s daydreaming._

    Not immediately, no, I agree. But if you have that cap slot open, you maintain the ability to jump if the situation presents itself. If Winnipeg tires of Kane or Edmonton really does make Hall or RNH available or whatever. Or if you look at the post 2014-15 market, there are three major, major players scheduled to come out in Toews, Kane and Ryan. Granting a trade would hurt elsewhere and that players like the three I listed rarely reach the open market … those are the game changers. If Toews does hit the open market, don’t you want the ability to throw everything in the world at him? Maybe we just stop spending on best available guys like Richards and really, really think about whether we want to commit to a goalie as the top cap hit until he’s 40.

    (And for a comp, just look at Brodeur, He hasn’t had a hit of more than $5.2MM since the cap came in. Is he really less of a legacy, “you make a blank check exception here” guy to them than Henrik to us?)

  77. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Re the back up goalie looking stellar, let me explain why…

    Like I said before, this team will generally lose to back up goalies and get scored on by big strong forwards (ie 4th liners) because it doesn’t have players that play with malicious intent in the blue paint in either zone!!!

  78. We have to give Lundqvist some credit here too guys…he’s a smart man, understands the business side of things. Now, granted, every athlete has an ego, but I honestly think he knows not to break the bank here and hinder the team from making other moves. Not to say he doesn’t want to get paid…but the man flat out wants to win…more-so than any athlete I’ve ever seen…except maybe Jeter

  79. Im not sure I would give up Del Zotto for Yakapov.

    Yak DOES NOT play defense, doesn’t hit or block a shot. He reminds me of Zherdev so much it isn’t even funny.

    I had to trade him to Manny just to get him off my fantasy team :)

  80. I might agree, Sioux, just out of fear of Yakupov turning into a massive mistake. There was some study done of teams moving first round picks within 3 (?) years and, in almost all cases aside from buying a superstar, the player didn’t pan out. Something along the lines of it takes a huge flaw for a team to admit a mistake early so ones admitting the mistake are pretty damn sure.

  81. Yak Yak Yak would be a permanent fixture on the WBM!

    But if we need a forward in the top 600, that has 3 pts so far. Go for it.

    If you ask me he is two steps behind Kreider, Kristo, & Miller. At least they will give 60 SOLID minutes of hockey!

  82. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If hank was like 8 years at 6 mil, I’d do it in a heartbeat and I think the guy is awesome, that being said (i’m speaking hypothetically here folks so bear that in mind) if you don’t pay your goalie 8mil+ and buy secretariat out, you can potentially add Wweber and phanuef to your D.

    Maybe Staal is gone so his 4 mil is off the books for a goalie.

    You take off three or four of the expiring 1-2 mil contracts and have some more extra money plus cap goes up I think.

    Or use the secretariat and hank money to address top line forwards (if available). I just think it opens doors. Isn’t hiller a free agent this summer? Miller?

  83. Malkin was supposed to hit the FA after this year. Along with Getzlaf and Perry. Gone. Teams tend to resign their best players more often than not. Same is going to happen in 2015. You lock up the only player you have that can make a difference every game.

  84. Do you realize that cap hit of $8M is only 1.125M less than he is already making? Unless you can get a similar quality goaltender for $3M, it makes no sense. Even then, these days what can you get for $5M, scoring wise. Like Carp said, not much.

  85. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t think u let hank walk just because and he is easily our best player most nights, but that said 8+ mil a year for 8 years….if I can trade him for a stud forward with those contract “demands” I would seriously consider it.

  86. The Rangers can’t let Lundqvist walk for nothing. They had their chance to trade him this offseason or at the last trade deadline. They could have netted quantity and quality, but that time has goneAdd Your Comment

  87. Just for fun, here’s the list of all goalies scheduled to make $5MM or more starting next year. Contract length and age season at expiration in parenthesis …

    Rinne, Pekka: $7MM (2012-2019 – age 37)
    Rask, Tuukka: $7MM (2013-2021 – age 34)
    Price, Carey: $6.5MM (2012-2018 – age 31)
    Ward, Cam: $6.3MM (2010-2016 – age 32)
    Crawford, Corey: $6MM (2014-2020 – age 35)
    Lehtonen, Kari: $5.9MM (2013-2018 – age 34)
    Quick, Jonathan: $5.8MM (2013-2023 – age 37)
    Smith, Mike: $5.7MM (2013-2019 – age 37)
    Bobrovsky, Sergei: $5.6MM (2013-2015 – age 27)
    Luongo, Roberto: $5.3MM (2010-2022 – age 43)
    Howard, Jimmy: $5.3MM (2013-2019 – age 35)
    Fleury, Marc-Andre: $5MM (2008-2015 – age 30)

    Do we really want to top the list by $1MM *and* extend the years beyond only Luongo? If you just go by the market, the absolute ceiling should be $7.5MM per for 7 years.

  88. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You might be right about yak, but other than Haley, there really isn’t any forward in Hartford capable of playing in the nhl or worth a crap down there!


  89. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    must laugh at hypebole aboot hank wanning to win

  90. I would rather get a player like Patric Hornqvist from Nashville. He does everything, he’s a lot like Callahan. In a full season he could be a 30 goal scorer, 60 points. Plays both ends.

    Not sure what it would take to get him, but Nashville needs Defense.

  91. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    jeter and hank, jajajaja, and i a mets fan. go d.wright

  92. LOL nope Notta a one :)

    We don’t need goals to win games up here.

    Leave the Dakota Kid alone. He’s doing just fine, let him learn. Maybe he will turn into another Parenteau, for the Rangers.

  93. Wicky would you trade Del Zotto for him? Knowing that Johnson or McIlrath could fill his spot.

  94. An argument can be made that hockey is such a team sport, the only player that can truly impact a game at all times as an individual is the goalie.

  95. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Again hypothetically here, but since we just played the ducks, hank and kreider for hiller and perry (or fasth and perry if hiller is not realistic to some in this hypothetical deal).

    Add smaller parts/picks to the deal as you feel necessary to “make it work”.

    You then add a first line centre somehow (not sure how whether trade or signing, just hypothetical musing here) with secretariats cap hit gone and you have a legit first line with 3 first line players of Nash (if healthy…big if), perry, and said added 1st line centre.

    Not to mention a pretty good goalie.

    Bear in mind I am simply musing here and am NOT sure who is available or going to be a FA and yes I understand perry has a NMC.

    Just trying to point out possibilities

  96. Jeter never signed a record-for-the-time contract. The fraud’s record contract set the market for Jeter’s 2001 deal.Add Your Comment

  97. Personally, I don’t want any floating, lethargic daffodils on my team; I don’t care who they are.

  98. Wicky or Jessisman for Getzlaf…. oh wait

    let take Jessy’s girl instead. She’s HOT!!!

  99. Hiller’s a UFA so you’re basically swapping goalies for this season and then Perry for Kreider. It certainly makes us better next year, but given the massive cap disparity (and the fact that we’re swapping wing for wing), I’m not sure it gets us to another level.

  100. No team is going to trade an assortment of picks, prospects and an elite forward for Lundqvist in the final months of his contract. The Rangers could have traded Lundqvist prior to the season, his new team could have worked out a long term extension as a stipulation of the trade. That time is gone, and Sather’s biggest mistake of his tenure would be letting Lundqvist walk for nothingAdd Your Comment

  101. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Remember when downie knocked hessian down in a fight in the preseason the last year hessian was in our organization

  102. But lately something’s changed
    It ain’t hard to define
    Jessie’s got himself a girl
    And I want to make her mine

  103. Johnson can not fill in for Del Zotto any more than any career AHL defenseman could theoretically fill in for Del Zotto.

  104. Doc Johnson has like 8 years in the NHL. All I’m saying he is leading the Pack in scoring. So he would be the next to get called up if our 7th DMAN can handle it.

  105. But if we are shopping “goods” for the highest return. (NOT THE KING) it’s Del Zotto, that is the easiest spot to fill with prospects.

    I’m not sure we get much for Stralman.

  106. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Stralman is a surefire Norris winner, the line of suitors for him is longer than the line for hank!!!

  107. Sioux, he’s ending Newbury’s 3 year reign as top scorer. Before him, Corey Locke was better than a point per game. AHL scoring doesn’t translate.

  108. I’m leaning towards P.A. Parenteau. He lead the pack for us, and seems to be doing just fine in Colorado.

  109. Kristo will lead the pack in scoring when the year is done. Because we do NOT need goals on varsity.

  110. Oilers are not giving up Yakupov for nothing. 1st overall pick struggling in his sophomore year? That’s nothing new. Still has a lot of potential.

    Rumors aboot him and the KHL, probably BS. I don’t believe any rumors coming out of Russia.

  111. Carp – my plan with trading Lundqvist would be to get a ton of picks, free up some cap space for LT extensions on key pieces like Stepan/McDonagh and with those picks, hopefully get decent draft pick and hope the team stinks it up so your own is the #1 overall.

    Not saying you can just throw any goalie back there and be fine, but you can spend less on a servicable one there and bring in a few pieces to clog up the holes.

    The issue becomes that there isn’t enough young talent in the system to allow the Rangers to do this, so they are going to overpay to keep him. It’s almost better if they tank for 2-3 years because there is no way they can screw up those draft picks…wait…can they?

  112. Manny as much as I like TJ Oshie, he doesn’t not score many points in our league, when you need hits, blocks, shots on goal, and PPP.

    I’m thinking it was lose/lose as far as the trade.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    Tickets for tomorrow night’s game against the Penguins anyone? Section 208, row 2 (with expanded leg room and view of TVs in first row). Face value of the seats is $80 a piece and they can be yours for $100 each.

    Go see the world’s best player without having to hear NBC blather on about him the entire time!

  114. Rob in Beantown on

    I admit sometimes when I’m bored I watch the video of Lundqvist getting in Crosby’s face and then Dubi hitting Crosby. An all-time classic

  115. Fellas the Rangers are not Trading LUNDQVIST. There is not ONE deal out there that would work for the Rangers.

  116. I’m thinking Miller is going to get sent down to the PACK, so he can play more minutes.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, that’s possible. Thursday will be the day to watch since the Pack play on Friday night.

  118. My go-to smile video isn’t even a Ranger clip, its Kane one-punching Cooke. Love that so much.

  119. Now we’re not resigning hank. Good luck competing without him.

    Carp ill right who we getting another clarkson type at 5mil. Plus talbot hiller combo.

    If that happens trust me I will jump from the chase bridge..

    By the way toews never hitting the market. He’s the face of the franchise.

  120. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    My go to vid/vids are the flyers rangers valentines day game where nedved flies into the scrum then gets bucked off the pile whke later in the game brashear rubs away from Simon for a whole shift because Simon is going to kill him and he knows it.

    The other one is the same season where the rangers isles go at it and Simon basically scares hamrlik out of his skates then throttles scratchard while messier is choking punk aasen Blake out!

  121. Rob in Beantown on

    I also still enjoy the “Sean Avery rule” video, as well as the video where Brodeur gets scored on with 0.1 seconds left to lose the game, and he and Chico go nuts.

  122. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Honourable mention goes to the Roy interview where he says he can’t hear anything jr says because he has his 2 Stanley cup rings in his ears!!

  123. Rob in Beantown on

    “It’s been Bump a Mardy Pardy for too long”

    LMFAO. Always puts a smile on my face

  124. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    That’s a good one

    I also like the fleury and McCarthy doing the chicken dance from the bench

  125. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Quintal screaming at cairns (I think) from the penalty box how he’s going to beat his aasen again when they get out is also a fave

  126. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Campbell going all Roy at the flyers bench in that game where messier throws the elbow pad after kicking otto’s aasen

  127. Andre Roy flipping out on the bench after he got beat up for Riley Cote was hilarious too. Torts trying to calm him down, then I think he kicked him out of the game. Haha!

    I wish I can find the video of Torts getting kicked out of the game when NYR beat the Bolts a couple of years ago. Nothing on youtube.

  128. Miller isn’t even the best player on the Hartford team. He needs to play 20+ minutes a game, learn how to produce some goals, put up some PPP, and work on the defense aspect of the game.

    Just because the kid skipped school to fast track himself to the NHL, doesn’t mean he is ahead of the learning curve. I would like to see him play with Kristo and dominate at the AHL level.

    Perhaps win a cup down there, then bring the swagger back to the blueshirts.

  129. I still wish he would have played with Kristo on the Sioux team first, they would had a SOLID chance of winning a championship in the NCAA. Perhaps they could win a cup for the PACK.

  130. “I have given myself the latitude in my mind–and without sharing with you—a certain number of games to sort out here what I have,” stated Vigneault. “I have spoken to (Rangers management and Hartford coaches) to find out what would be the other options.”

    What ever those options are, the Varsity does NOT need goals to win games.

  131. I forgot Anisimov lead the pack in scoring in 08-09, with 81 points.

    I miss the sniper. Who was he shooting at again?

  132. Stranger Nation on

    Souix – ya boys haven’t won it all since last century…

    What happened? Grand Forks not the recruiting mecca of yesteryear?

  133. 2000 is this Century :)

    But I get what you’re saying.

    4 trips to the frozen 4 in a row and no banner.

  134. SN Ralph donates over $100M dollars to build a new rink, and it is nicer than MSG. I’m not kidding. IT holds 12,000 fans and it’s always sold out.

    But it’s not as loud as the older Ralph that held 6,600.

    The team has produced winning seasons, and Hakstal took the team to the frozen four his first 4 years, but it hung #7 in 2000 when Dean Blais was the coach.

  135. Tonight catch us live or via podcast at 10 PM EST, when we discuss the state of the Rangers, Carl Hagelin’s importance. The Zucc, Kreider, Stepan experience and the difference between a AV 2-1 loss and Torts 2-1 loss. Plus madcap comedy that is always rangers related and usually at the expense of Sam Rosen’s toupee and play calling.

    Hope to see you there Boneheads


  136. Stranger Nation on

    2000 was last year of 20th Century

    Enjoy the ‘old’ barns better, but always like me some college shinny

    Favs are The Whale and Linah Rink

  137. Looking back in 06 with Stafford, Zajac, Oshie, & Toews. That was ALOT of fun. I would have bet the farm that they would have hung #8 that year.

    Good thing I didn’t. My horse would be gone.

  138. Nice link SN. Great Clip

    We use to do that to the Gophers when they came to town, but they banned that after someone threw a live Gopher on the ice. They had to stop the game, to catch it. Gave the home team a 2 minute penalty. That was the end of the gophers on the ice.

  139. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Does Richards get the 2nd assist on the Ducks 2nd goal? Was a beautiful ‘Rocket-esque’ backhand pass to the opposition to start the play.

    Do the guys in Canada know how many times he has started the opposition’s offense?


  140. “I want to watch your final shift in the NHL, Benoit. Go out there now. Do something totally Benoit-ish for me.”


  141. AV’s new style just isn’t “OLD TIME” hockey.

    It’s more run and gun. The tempo is fun to watch, but the losing not so much.

  142. My favorite? Watching the Lightning/Rangers highlights from December 2006. I think it was the 22nd. I was at that game and my whole section back was booing Poti (I used to have seats in 234). I said he was going to score the game winner and they all told me to shut up. Well he assisted on the Straka goal then scored the game winner with only a few minutes left.

    Some guy bought me a beer the next game for my correct prediction.

    Also random, two future Rangers in Brad Richards and Ruslan Fedotenko scored the only Lightning goals that game.

  143. Eric – sometimes in order to get better, things have to get worse. The reality is this team is nowhere near being a cup contender any time in the next decade. They don’t have the pieces. So it’ll be great to “compete” year in and year out to barely make the playoffs, Dolan will get a couple extra bucks and MSG will turn yet another profit.

    But if you want this team to actually win the cup, they need a complete restart. Something they kind of had in the 04-05 lockout and haven’t truly had since before they got Messier and his Oilers.

  144. There isn’t much in life funnier than a guy on a stretcher getting dropped.

    How many games would Messier have gotten for that hit? Looks a lot like the John Scott on Loui Ericsson hit to me…

  145. interesting to see everybody turning there nose up at the thought of Yakopov. for years we here on this blog have been bemoaning the fact that the Rangers always finish in the middle of the pack, and never get to draft high. so now the top pick in the 2012 draft may be available and nobody wants him.
    Edmonton was probably looking at Rangers Dmen. figure McD, Staal, and Girardi is who they would be looking at. McD is off the table, so, would you trade either Giradi, or Staal in a deal for Yakopov?

  146. Rob in Beantown on

    I hope I don’t offend anybody by saying this, but I am so glad I like hockey and not an embarrassing europansy sport like soccer. I can’t deal with all the flopping, and clutching of limbs, and other garbage

  147. Good point, Rob. That even took a dive after Falling off the stretcher which he was on for faking an injury.

  148. I would probably gamble on Yakopov. if you trade Staal, you sign Girardi right away. can’t loose both. before I gamble on Yakopov though, I try real hard to get Hall, or RNH. Edmonton is desperate. maybe you can pry one or the other away.

  149. Bull Dog they are shopping Yak. RNH & Hall are cornerstones for that team.

    Yak is benched for not wanting to play defense.

    He only wants to score, and have OV type celebrations.

    That said he has 1 goal / 2 assist. So he fits right in with the Rangers scoring. Sign him up.

  150. Good Link Manny on Yak.

    I’m not a fan of Yak, but I’m not against gambling on him if you KNOW the Rangers are NOT going to resign Del Zotto.

    Yak is all hype and hope.

  151. Yak might produce goals in an AV up tempo system.

    We need goals. Not so sure about the rest of his game.

  152. Yakopov also had 17 goals and 31 pts last season as a 19 yr old. I think this is less about Yakopov, and more about a coach looking for someone to blame. this is a very overmatched coach Edmonton has. before Edmonton figures out the coach is a clown, the Rangers should strike.

  153. Yakupon fits in perfectly. Let’s get as far away from the team I absolutely loved as possible. That’s awesome. Let’s get more selfish one way players!

    If we’re getting one way players I prefer the defensive ones.

  154. How about you Manny? You’ve been pretty quiet on Yak today?

    Do you trade Del Zotto for him?
    Both are 1’st rounders.
    I feel Del Zotto is the better player, and helps Edmonton right away. Schultz isn’t exactly lighting it up there for them.

  155. yes we know sioux,
    everybody sucks except Kristo. you are actually making me dislike him.

  156. Don’t get me wrong, Yakupov is a very skilled player and I think he’s being scapegoated in Edmonton. But remember the last time they tried to trade for top picks from a crappy team? Oh wait, the last two seasons. And it’s gotten worse. Although Yak is still young enough not to have been fully effected by the crappiness that is Kevin Lowe.

  157. Edmonton is going to want defensive defencemen. MDZ does not fit that role. you would be talking about Staal, or Girardi.

  158. I’m not saying the kid can’t be coached, he is very young. And there talent is thin up there, so he plays right away. He is very one dimensional, and he isn’t scoring right now.

    Someone will trade for him. It’s just who.

  159. And trading doesn’t trading for Yakupov actually help this team or make it a contender? No.

    It’d be like trading for Josef Balej all over again. Except Balej had awesome platinum blonde hair.

  160. Yakupon was actually a 1st overall pick. Maybe with the right coach he learns to play. But he needs a coach like that guy who the media and diva players hated. I don’t know about Vigneault being the guy to handle stars. Don’t know enough about him yet.

    If the Oilers take Richards in return…..

    Honestly though I don’t mind moving Del Zaster for him. He just had to be on our top line and never out there when we have a lead.

  161. Leave Kristo out of the Yak conversation. Kristo is doing just fine in Hartford. Give him 30-40 games there, similar to Hags. Or give him a full year like Anisimov, Callahan, & Dubinsky.

  162. And if they trade for Snail Yakupon then they better be sure that Mcllrath and Kristo or Miller are ready to go.

  163. I think I’d rather have that #1 pick than the #1 pick that was taken with that pick. I bet the NHL wouldn’t allow it.

  164. It’s high risk, high reward. If Nash is out long term, and he seems to be out long term, then maybe the Rangers are willing to take that risk.

    DZ is going to want bigger money on his next deal, maybe he is the one being dealt. Never thought Girardi would ever be on the trading block. But Staal & McD are just as good as a shut down defenseman. So maybe.

  165. If Del Zaster wants more money he better perform like he deserves it. Last I checked the players didn’t get paid based on seniority.

  166. I just meant that pick. Like you think they wish they could go back and just take Murray now? Far better fit.

  167. Maybe Edmonton would take the McIlrath & Kristo/Miller for Yak.

    Heck throw in a Stralman on the deal.

  168. yes, Edmonton needs another young forward who does not there is 2 ends of the rink, Sioux.

  169. Kristo is 23 years old. Same as Stepan, and a year older than THE KREIDER.

    Yak is only 20. Outside of being drafted #1 what has he really done?

  170. Dr. – Edmonton has no idea what it’s doing. So I don’t think they actually regret passing on Murray.

    Sioux – Kristo would be playing right now as an average forward on their 2nd/3rd line while they finish the season in last place. I like the kid, but he needs time. He’s a small guy and his skill set leans more towards the Jason Krog, Alex Giroux, Corey Locke mold of AHL superstar but NHL grinder. I hope that’s wrong, but I don’t think he’ll be that much of an impact up here.

  171. I thinking along the lines of more than one player for Yak. Kristo can easily replace Yak’s #’s, and through in McIlrath for the hard hitting defenseman they are looking for, unless they want Talbot in the deal.

  172. I just saying Yakupon is high risk. That is all. He will be on the WBM if he is on this team.

  173. I really like Couturier as well. He’s one of those “if this is your 3rd line center, you’re doing really well” kind of guys. And, really, a Flyer kid who signed an extension is one foot out the door, right?

  174. he is also high reward. if he were 2 inches taller, and not Russian (KHL), it would be a no brainer.

  175. Coturier would be my second choice. Vibin’

    I will just say it: Yakupon is Russian. That doesn’t fit the mold. It sounds bad but it’s probably everyone’s holdup. The NHL has this whole thing about Russian players and whether it’s true or not the stereotype is horrifying and just doesn’t fit in NYC.

  176. yeah Mister D,
    Couturier would be nice. strange that Philly has turned him into a checking center.

  177. Everyone thinks they are drafting the next Ovechkin/Malkin type player, but really you end up getting more Zherdev, or worse yet Alexander Radulov type player.

  178. Why does Yak have to play both ends? Let him play wing and put him with a solid 2 way center. If they have the puck, they won’t have to play defense.

  179. And you really think that Kristo, who has proven nothing at the NHL level (yet), can replace those of a kid who was 19 and put up 17-14-31 in his 1st season after juniors?

  180. Jonny I’m just saying I’m not a fan of Yak, but that said – what would you trade for him?

  181. He’s not going anywhere. If The Kreider was an untouchable when he stunk he’s definitely untouchable now that he’s showing life.

  182. In other news: Ukraine will no longer be weak and feeble but will definitely be a game as Klitschko is set to be the President.

  183. Following the 2010-11 season, Zherdev returned to Atlant Moscow Oblast. In 2012-13, he became the team captain.

    After signing a one-year deal with HC Lev Praha in July 2013, Zherdev celebrated at the Barvikha Luxury Village hotel in Moscow where things turned violent, according to a Russian news report. Zherdev allegedly initiated a bar brawl at the hotel before crashing his Bentley Continental GT, which was later vandalized by locals who were outraged with his behaviour and scratched the words “scum”, “bastard”, and others into the vehicle’s paint with nails.[15] Damage to the vehicle was allegedly valued at $30,000. Barvikha Luxury Village hotel staff also claimed Zherdev spent nights there with various women, prompting his wife, Eugenia, to file for divorce.[14] Zherdev also lost his passport as a result of the incident, meaning that he could not fly to his new team’s training camp in Finland.[16]

    On September 24th, 2013 Zherdev signed a 1-year contract with HC Spartak Moscow.


  184. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    So, Dolan is pissed at Mills for his 1-2 start????? And he says nothing to Sather about his 2-7 start??????

    Makes sense.

  185. On a different note, how about the Incognito story out of the dolphin camp.

    How dumb do you have to be to lose your Million Dollar Paycheck?

  186. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Uh, I can’t think! It’s all this noise…
    Or is it because I’ve built a stronghold around Greenland, I’ve driven you out of Western Europe, and I’ve left you teetering on the brink of complete annihilation?
    I’m not beaten yet! I still have armies in the Ukraine.
    The Ukraine? You know what the Ukraine is, it’s a sitting duck. A road apple, Newman. The Ukraine is weak. It’s feeble. I think it’s time to put the hurt on the Ukraine…
    I come from Ukraine; you not say Ukraine weak!
    Yeah, well, we’re playing a game here, pal.
    Ukraine is game to you?! How ’bout I take your little board and smash it?!
    Add your comment.

  187. not that was a good trade for the Rangers. actually it was a bad trade for the Rangers. Samuelson turned out to be very good.

  188. Fail for Nail!

    But seriously…MDZ for Nail? Is that for real? If so, that’s a deal that has to made…could really help both teams…

  189. You’re probably right, Orr. But maybe MacTavish thinks Del Zotto is elite? Kind of like how Gainey thought Gomez was elite…

  190. It probably gray because mother get flour in hair after making stuffed cabbage for pre-game delicious fest.

  191. duckbill platypus on

    Looks like Zherdev took Torts’ words to heart and trying to add some jam to his off-ice game? :)

  192. duckbill platypus on

    I must say…NYR game was quite enjoyable… although not as enjoyable as the company of Carp, Latona and rest of this wonderful motley crew!

  193. League Leaders in points:

    Sidney Crosby 23
    Steven Stamkos 20
    Henrik Sedin 19
    Phil Kessel 18
    Alexander Steen 18
    Kyle Okposo 17
    Corey Perry 16
    Pavel Datsyuk 16
    Frans Nielsen 16

  194. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Who is this Jim Matheson saying Kreider is in the mix for Yakupov?

    Can’t be. Just can’t be.

    Our GM is dumb but he can’t be that dumb.

  195. Holy Crap!

    @JoshRimerHockey: As per @RealKyper Pekka Rinne has E.Coli infection in his hip & will likely miss 6-8 weeks.

  196. Matheson’s been covering EDM since WHA. I think he throws stuff against the wall like others. Slats talks to him, but as of this morning he didn’t even know MacT was in NY.

  197. trading THE Kreider for Yakupov would be such a Sather thing to do… its like trading for Nash and then getting rid of Gaborik…or something like that.

  198. Matheson, like Garrioch in Ottawa, and many other Canadian writers love to run the provocative headlines based on not much more than their own dot connecting. Okay, okay some American writers do it too, it’s just that whenever a Canadian writer does it, it involved hockey.

  199. Boy, just got the chance to see what Kris Letang eats for breakfast on the NHL network. In depth analysis…

  200. Parros is a God, ORR!

    Haha. Watching that too C-Dubs. Mrs. Manny and I are in a full on fight about his caloric intake!

  201. If Zucc would only put a little more sugar in his game , we could call him Sweet and Low. Not yet.

  202. I get why he didn’t. Home boy playing in his home town. Going in with USA team mate Sutter. They add Pominville, a couple of kids are shinning bright, and all of a sudden they could be a playoff team.

  203. 5 of Parise’s 7 goals are on the PP. We could use that,

    Gaborik, Richards, Parise, Kreider, Step-On, Anisimov, Dubinky, Miller, Boyle, Hagelin, Callahan, Zuccarrello.

    That’s our top 12 right there. Beautiful.

    We win the Cup, Richards gets bought out, re-sign Hank, Danny G, Cally. Go on from there.

  204. SIOUX: If i was looking for a good non chain place to eat (so not B-Dubs, 5 guys and ones like that) in GF what do you recommend?

  205. Shanny is probably a compromise candidate in his position. Owners have to be show they take his “discipline” job seriously, but make sure to put a “respected”, scoring ex-brawler in the position so he’s never inclined to go too far with discipline and turn off the faithful, money- dumping fans who are rightly worried about pansification. What we get is inconsistency.

  206. Manny, I thought aboot it, but I don’t know if he’d be able to fit in. Big contract coming in. Then you have Gaborik, Hank, Girardi, Cally to re-sign.

    But those are the top 12 there. That’s a hell of a group.

    Needs a little toughness though. Maybe go after Rupp!!

  207. Here is ORR’s Contest Prediction BEFORE the game…

    ORR!! What Is It Good For!!??
    Rangers 2. Ducks 1. GWG: Benoit Takes-Penalties-Alot. NYR shots: 26, Ducks shots: 32

    November 4th, 2013 at 1:27 PM

  208. ducky, whenever I see that billed aureolin avatar appear on this blog, I shout “Eureka!” considering I have discovered the latest post from a most noble and affable semiaquatic, venomous mammal.

  209. Kanopka scores on the rush. Nothing like watching the tuff guy get his first goal of the year.

    Then Parise buries another.

    The Wild come in waves.

  210. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    DOLAN: “Steve? THis Knicks team is 1-2. They are supposed to be better than this, it IS New York, you better get your act together. I’m warning you.”

    MILLS: ” But, Jimmy, it’s only game 3 and I didn’t even pick these players….”

    DOLAN: “Glenny……you guys had a great road trip. 2-7. Brilliant!! You’re doing a great job!!!”

    SATHER: “Thanks, Jimbo. Appreciate your confidence.”

  211. He’s all yours.

    I needed more shots on goal, Hit, Blocks.

    I didn’t have an extra D.

    He was the weakest.

    Got pick him up.

    Yak was pulling me down even worse. I’m surprised you still have him.

  212. Yakupon stays for a little thing called POTENTIAL. His ceiling is very, very high and the minute he gets moved to a good team he will light it up.

  213. Both players are top end talent. But this fantasy team you win more with the Cally type players. You need a mix of everything.

  214. Totally, ORR. The Sochi games are going to be awesome (but not very progressive or Politically correct thanks to Mother Russia.)

  215. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Sorry, but there is something wrong with the interest in Rangers hockey. In years past, a game against a team like the Penguins was sold out with no tickets available. For tomorrow’s game, either on StubHub or Ticket Exchange there are over 1k tickets for sale, many of which are below face. So, is the malaise:

    1. the economy?
    2. the on-ice product?
    3. the quietest arena in the world?
    4. tickets are just too expensive?
    5. interest in hockey is waning?

    There’s something wrong here.

  216. Kyle Okposo ranks #8, & Nielson is #35 in the last 30 days Oshie is #111.

    My new favorite player to watch is Vermette (68th) in Phoenix, plus he leads the NHL in Face off wins. Plus he hits blocks.

    Go figure I had to drop my favorite Sioux player, that I had a beer with this summer, and I cut him today – it was a sad day at the office :( I didn’t have the heart to tweet him, “Hey could you start hitting like you did in college, you’re killing my fantasy team” LOL!

  217. I’m thinking its more price than anything. But the economy is pretty good over here :) We have 1% unemployment, and that the kids out of college that don’t have jobs yet :)

  218. Stranger Nation on

    BJs lose again…NYR alumni a combined -6.

    Sorry, we only hear about it when they win and score…

  219. Yak ranks 651 YTD. no hit, blocks, PIM, 3 pts.

    Manny …… just saying.

    Dead weight, in the bonehead league.

    But hey, in real life lets go trade for him :)

    I think I just Yak’d in my mouth a little.

  220. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Kreider is not untouchable

    I agree many of sather’s signings have been not so good, but I never understood the holik hate.

    He was a third line centre that put up pretty damn good stats for his skill set while he was here, slats just paid him elite money!

  221. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I asked on another post, but does anyone know if there is a college hockey team in North Dakota?

  222. Manny – did you see MANNY MAHOLTRA just scores game winner for the Hurricanes. Good for him!!!!

  223. I was talking to an Eskimo
    Said he was hoping for a fall of snow
    When up popped a sea lion ready to go

  224. Blew the 1-0 lead with 50-something seconds left, then lost in OT. Goal by Malholtra.

    Wick, same thing can be said for Drury. I liked Drury, but he was overpaid. He wasn’t the Drury from the previous two seasons.

    If those two, along with Richards, were getting paid an appropriate amount, then I’d take them.

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