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1) A lot of guys did a lot of work on Derek Stepan’s goals — and I’m certainly not marginalizing his part in each of them —  especially Chris Kreider battling in front to keep the puck alive on the PPG and to get it back on the second. I’ll say the same thing about Stepan that I said earlier about Derick Brassard: That’s why these guys have to shoot the puck. They both have very good shots. But too often look to make a play. Good for Stepan. He kind of said he had been coming back, and had been forced to pick up his pace because of Kreider and Mats Zuccarello. (sorry, I meant THE Kreider).

Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers2) Liking the little Italian Kid from Norway on the PK. He also made a terrific takeaway before the PPG.

3) Carl Hagelin has had stretches like this before, where he looks like a legit top-six forward. I’m not sure if he is or isn’t, because that’s really based on whether he can produce more consistently. He had a stretch like this — only longer — last season too. His speed, skill and instincts are good enough for him to play top six. Can he produce enough to be that?

4) John Moore — like a lot of Rangers including Brassard and Stepan and some of the D-men and the goalies — got off to a bad start this season. But, man, he’s really come on since then.

5) The “other” job had me on the road for the first period, when I had the pleasure — and I don’t get the opportunity enough — to listen to Dave Maloney’s analysis on the radio. Maloney was going on about how the Rangers weren’t accomplishing much at all because they weren’t making plays or good passes out of their own end and through the neutral zone. Then, bang, they make one and Hagelin scores to make it 1-0. I went to the DVR and watched the period later and, of course, Maloney was right. Dead on. As usual.Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers

6) And by the way, with ESPN radio now on FM, I was actually able to hear it loud and clear from quite a bit north of NYC.

7) One more thing about the radio. Hall of Fame defenseman Mark Howe was the between periods guest. He has seen a lot of the Rangers already as Detroit’s Eastern scout. He said A) that the Rangers’ top six defensemen are probably as good a group as there is in the NHL and B) that he expects the Rangers to be “right there at the end of the season and into the playoffs.”

8) Henrik Lundqvist looked comfortable, and continues to look more comfortable, every night.

9) That low-bridge thrown by the kid Murphy at Derek Dorsett’s knees? I don’t blame Dorsett one bit for being ticked off. And this idea that the rook’s not a dirty player, OK. But that’s a filthy play. It wasn’t even a hip check or a clip. He went to his hands and knees. That easily could have been a double-ACL wreck. I don’t blame Dorsett for being mad. I do blame him for taking a dumb penalty later. Geez. Hit the guy hard, don’t slap him in the face.

Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers10) I thought Marc Staal had a fabulous game again. But, did you guys know that he has brothers who also play hockey?

11) I saw a lot of gliders again on the visiting team, just like Buffalo.

12) Man, the Lesstropolitan Division really stinks. Advantage: Rangers.

13) How about the news that Buffalo put Patrick Kaleta on waivers (apparently for the purpose of sending him to the minors to rehabilitate his game — and good luck with that)?

14) Philly writers who vote for three stars embarrassed themselves for giving Ray (Assault and Battery) Emery a star after a 7-0 loss in which his performance was, at best, cowardly. Another reason I don’t vote for stars at the arena anymore.

15) Hey, MSG, your team won three in a row, four of five. How about a post-game show? One quote from the Rangers coach’s presser? But let’s examine the Buffalo Sabres, Philly Flyers, Islanders, Devils, and everybody but …

**********************************Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Chris Kreider.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Derek Stepan.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.

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  1. Wow, see what happens when you let lines stick together and actually build chemistry? Where does Cally fit now?

  2. I watched the game a second time. The second time with the Carolina feed. Quite a bit different. different cameras too.

    Rangers almost scored a few more goals. That game didn’t seem near as close the second time. This team can score some goals.

    I always thought John Moore was a good skater and was never really down on his game. I said from the onset that the Gaborik trade made the Rangers a better team. We will see.

    Hagelin doesn’t need to score all the time to have a positive impact. He makes the defense backup so fast I start laughing. On the forecheck, that extra second he takes off of decision making times has a noticeable effect. Of course the goals are awesome too.

    Kreider just needs to keep doing the same thing. The suddenness of his turnaround is really remarkable. Once he starts doing that against a few other teams, it will be big NHL news. He will probably get better too.

  3. 2Leetch2,
    my original thought on Cally was that he would go with Stepan and Kreider. now I think he replaces Pouliot on Richards line.

  4. there is still a few more guys that need to get there game going. Brassard needs to turn it up, and MDZ is still struggling. they are going to have to make a decision on him soon.

  5. I since I moved down to florida I have to watch on nhl instead of msg and usually see the the other teams feed .
    The Carolina announcers were saying Ranfers got the better deal in the Gaborik trade and they the gushing all over Henrik calling him the crem de la crem of goaltenders .
    John Moore had a rocket of a shot that I think hit post ,
    Welcome back to the nhl Stephan , and the Krieder looked good again

  6. Bull Dog…I don’t think that would be bad. However, Pouliout and Hags are just so fast together. I dunno…it just seems that AVs system is working.

    Moore was flying…
    Hagelin was finishing…
    Pyatt was trying…

    They played a decent team with a goalie that stinks, but the D did a good job. They’re gonna have to beat some good teams to get me invested more, however…they’re having success without Cally and Nash with balanced lines. Good news!

  7. Carp, Number 10 is a classic. I almost hate when they play Carolina or the Pens when Jordon was on the team. Yeah, I get it, he has brothers on other teams.

  8. LongBeard Since 1994 on

    When Carolina scored their goal the MSG announcer at the game called them Columbus.

  9. Great review Carp. Any chance the Rangers claim Kaleta? Just kidding.

    I figured I would since Bruce Garrioch is doing his usual provocation, throwing stuff at the wall and seeing if anything sticks.

  10. I got the feeling that Carolina is one of those good-but-lazy teams, a la the Caps late in Boudreau’s reign. They didn’t get many opportunities to forecheck but when they did, it looked effective (well, against our puck-movement-challenged D). Maybe they don’t like Kirk Muller?

  11. RE: Hagelin points- The kid has only played a little over 100 NHL games (not including playoffs). He’s definitely struggled with consistency but the same argument could have been made about Stepan his first two years in the league. The biggest difference there is that Stepan played a ton of top 6 minutes and a fair amount of them with Gaborik.
    his speed makes him so dangerous. It would be a huge lift for this team if he could keep his game from bottoming out this year.

    6 points out of the last 6 up for grabs. I know the skeptics around here want to down play it as nothing to draw conclusions from. When they lose a game – now that will be something that can really be harped on : D

  12. Nothing to do with skepticism. It’s about reality. If they lose the next game, that will be nothing to draw conclusions from.Add Your Comment

  13. Great review as always, Carp! You’re a man amongst geriatrics.

    Maloney is, as you say, so great. He’s critical, honest and always correct. The one day they let him on television to fill in for Jay Gee MSG was lovely. I always throw him on between periods. Guys a gem.

  14. Kreider is a very good passer, and plays really well on the boards. Boyle has not scored a goal, and this year I don’t care. last season he was just awful. this year I think he has played really well. his shifts have been very effective, and he does not have regular line mates.

  15. Good morning, boneheads!

    Watched the game late. Good review, Carp.

    Consistency-wise, THE Kreider has been their best forward during this winning stretch. On that 4th goal ( back breaker since Carolina started to buzz a little after they made it 3-1), he not only helped to get the puck back to MZA for his pretty pass, but long before that he made a very cool play in our own zone to break the cycle. He made the first pass which help them get out of their zone.

    Carolina? How about E.Staal ( $9.25M), Semin ($7M), J. Staal ( brothers?, $6M,) Ruutu ($5M) etc? The point is, it doesn’t matter if you have porous defense and no goaltender. Yeah, let’s nickel and dime Hank.

  16. Kreider has changed dramatically since the preseason where I was just about ready to place the bust label on him. Now he looks more like Nash.

    Speaking of Nash, I really think he and Kreider would work wonders together.


  17. “Porous defense and no goaltender” A team can have a very good defense and an average goaltender. Are you contending that McDonagh, Staal, Girardi, Del Zotto equates to porous defense.Add Your Comment

  18. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I would put cally in pyatts place and leave everything else alone.

    D Moops stays sitting when healthy!

  19. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m not a fan of Mario Maloney, he’s one of the most ardent pansification supporters out there and I’m just not a fan.

  20. The point is, the Rangers don’t have a porous defense, so your “porous defense and no goaltender” does not applyAdd Your Comment

  21. Sather Must Go! on

    Nice write up Carp..

    They are playing better, but beating some pretty bad teams/goalies (note: Skinner was out for Canes last nite)

    There is no room for Dom Moore – still think it was a silly signing – the team benefits from having a big/tough guy in the line up (i,e not Pyatt) playing 5-12 mins..

    IF Mcilrath can play at all, would love to see him in there>Del Z; if not another wasted first rounder..

  22. as bad as Stepan’s season started, he now leads the team in scoring. I guess he can thank Kreider, and Zucc for that.

  23. I suspect we’ll see McIlrath here sooner or later this year. Injuries happen. Plus, from what I read, he’s improved significantly already.

  24. i don’t disagree. but I think they are happy with Falk as No. 7 right now. & Wonder how Conor Allen’s doing down there, because he opened eyes in camp.

  25. I would say there might be more than two available spots on defense. Up to the youngsters to force their way in.

  26. it would be nice to see McIlrath up, but what they really need is for MDZ to find his game. he would be a real asset if he did.

  27. Manny,
    if they make any changes on D, I would think it would be veteran Dmen they bring in.

  28. My guess is that they are happy with the at of some young kids and are willing to move D or a package for a proven scorer up front to fill in for Nash.

    That’s my guess.

    You got any thoughts on what veteran D is available?

  29. is it possible that the Cally, and Nash injuries end up helping the team in the end? maybe by the time they get back, Kreider has established himself as a regular player. without the injuries this may not happen. so goes for Miller. though he has struggled a bit.

  30. Rob in Beantown on

    The Rangers’ depth on D is good enough that if you can get a good return on MDZ then I think it makes sense. He hasn’t really impressed me much this year, I’m not sure what we could get back

  31. i wouldn’t think defense is a major issue, even with the way Del Zotto is playing (or the way a lot of you think Stralman is playing).

  32. Oh please, DJK. Vigneault sent The Kreider to the AHL as well and if not for some unfortunate injuries to the leagues brittle at iron men The Kreider might be dining at Max’s Oyster Bar in Hartford, CT.

  33. No, certainly not “love.” But I do think he’s a lot better than a lot of people think he is … his last two coaches seem to think so … and he’s not a bad 4, 5 or 6 at all.

  34. He’s definitely not a bad #6. I just think the ceiling with Stralman is very, very low and I think some of the kids might provide more dynamic play.

    Stralman gets lost a lot and has a lot of brain freeze moments. He’s serviceable. I just think we can do better.

  35. Manny,
    don’t really know who may be available. a team to watch, I think, would be Edmonton. they have to do something. though the guy I like on Edmonton (Petry) was brutal last night.

  36. I got to watch the game the 2nd time around without emotion butting in, and Richards was invisible with the exception of 1 shift at 7:50 of the 3rd period. MDZ, I don’t know what his “major malfunction” is, simple plays turn into, oh put your comment here. Strallman and Boyle were quite good actually. I know they are both the whipping boys of the blog, but… Another whipping boy, Pyatt was well Pyatt, I don’t know what people expect of him, he’s nice and steady(and slow).

  37. Zuccarello and Stepan have great chemistry together and the Kreider pushes it over the edge!! We have to come up with a name for that line.

  38. Stralman is what he is. You can do worse. #5-6 guys on most teams are the #5-6 guys for a reason. If you replace him it’s by moving someone down after completing a big deal to get a top 4 guys. So a current top 4 gets moved down. Trading for another middle of the pack guy is just spinning wheels.

  39. I volunteer to drive del zaster to his next location.

    Ilya. I just back from Gymboree. Lots of fun.

    Lets see what we got the next 2 games. Can I sign for a split right now.

  40. I have to say that I am feeling a lot more optimistic about this team than I did 2 weeks ago. They *can actually score goals* and generate offense. The system of AV is taking hold and it is a nice style of hockey to play and watch. It is a joy to see Stepan thriving with Hobbit and The Kreider, two guys he has had success with in the past. PS: Great review, Carp.

  41. 14) Emery not suspended for his role in the line farce against the Caps. Way to go, NHL, ever determined to hold on to its “almost a major sport” status. Laughable the degree to which these Canadian neanderthals don’t believe in their product, that the sport’s somehow not fast enough, skillful enough or tough enough to hold fans’ interest without all this WWF business. The power of inertia, I guess, but note that football, a far tougher sport, will have none of it.

  42. @MrManager5: The NHL response to Emery pounding Holtby: 1.) tell the refs to step in sooner; and 2.) enroll Holtby in mandatory self defense courses.

  43. Sather Must Go! on

    Admittedly, not a Del Z fan – He just seems slow: skating, decision making, shot release etc..cant explain it – still think his draft position was greatly helped by playing with Stamkos for some time..

  44. Agree with Carp @11:35 on Strallman. Fairly steady, serviceable 4,5,6- easpecially with the right partner.

    He is not mistake free (who is on this team?), but he is also not mistake prone (ala DelZotto)

    In the past, we’ve done much worse than Stralman in the bottom three DMen.

    For me the glass is half-full on Stralsie!

    BTW, It’s Strallman Sunday!

  45. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on


    I think Stralman is an overpriced 6/7 d man at 1.7 mil.

    I thought dubi was overpriced at 4.2 mil (liked his playing style)

    I thought 2.5 mil was overpriced for prust (loved the guy)

  46. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    We don’t seem to win games against physical or bigger teams which tells me scoring may not be as much of an issue as other things.

  47. Strals is basically an O defenseman by nature. If our forwards step up and do some scoring, he can concentrate more on D and function acceptably as a 5/6. He’s slight, though, (no fault of his own) and is often mangled by big teams.

  48. Emminger and Hamrlk, that was our 5 and 6 last year at times.

    Strals is at the least a better option though Wicky may be right as to him being too expensive.

  49. Based on your evaluation stated @ 12:09, I guess what you are suggesting Wick is that McIlrath should be paired with Staal immediately and Strallman paired with Moore. Interesting. Split up the pairs during the winning stretch the team is on? I wouldn’t.

    The only time I have seen McIlrath play against NHL caliber talent was in pre-season. He must have improved substantially at Hartford if he can now be slotted in at # 4 on the depth chart.

  50. all of the Rangers Dmen play a similar game. I think they need at least one, if not two physical Dmen.

  51. Rob in Beantown on

    One thing the NHL does pretty well is the GameCenter Live app is pretty awesome. Aside from the occasional blackout frustration where I have to watch the game on NHL Network, the service works really flawlessly on every device. Apparently lots of people are really, really upset with the NBA equivalent because it sucks:

  52. Spot on as always Carp. I too enjoy Maloney more than anyone else on the MSG network. Kreider, Hagelin, SPEED KILLS. Man what a difference some speed on this team makes, and it is speed with a purpose. Some real tests this week ahead, so it was nice to get the points that we SHOULD get. I am going next Sunday against the Panthers. Anyone else going?

  53. Amen, Rob. It’s my first season with Gamecenter and I must say, it rules. The NHL is the best sports league in allowing their content to be available and usable by their fans. I will give them that.

  54. Rob in Beantown on

    Along the same lines, its cool that you can actually find hockey videos on YouTube. MLB and NFL videos get taken down so quickly

  55. So if Mash is only going to play 4 minutes per game, why nit give Kristo a taste of the NHL? Is letting him play a game or two instead of Mashinter that risky? They might get a few goals out him. Oh well at this point it looks like he would only get a game or two before Cally is back. Just a thought.

  56. When the Knicks take over ESPN radio what happens to the Rangers radio announcers? Does Dave Maloney and co. get the night off or are they broadcasting on another station?

  57. Mashinter played almost 9 minutes actually. He is also playing a role that Kristo can’t ever dream of playing.

  58. Ranger West, good idea. Bring in the Count of Monte Kristo!

    Make sure we restock the Yuengling first.

  59. True on Mash. But he played under 5 minutes the previous two games he played. We need a player like him but just not sure that’ he’s able to fill that role. His skating is bad and as a result his misses a lot of opportunities to finish checks or lay really big hits.

  60. I use TuneIn Radio and when the Knicks take over I have to listen to the other team’s radio guys. Carp, is there way to find out which station Dave Maloney is on?

  61. Manny, Can you watch Game Center on any device anywhere or do you have to be connected to to your home Internet???

  62. I think we have it in the pre-game notes here. if not, I’ll try to get it included …

    you can also listen online. go to the Rangers site and you should be able to click a “listen” button.

  63. Rob in Beantown on

    You can watch them on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV if you have a set top device like an Apple TV or a Roku. It’s all included in the package. You don’t have to be at home. I pretty routinely watch games on my phone when I’m on the train for example.

  64. Thanks Carp I will be on the lookout for that. It is a drag to listen to the other team’s radio guys… can’t beat Dave Maloney’s radio analysis!

  65. $18 a month, I’ll cut out three pints of Hagen-Daz.

    It’s a win-win,. I’ll get to watch more hockey and Wifey Bear gets a skinnier and healthier Papa Bear!

  66. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Re your 12:30 interpretation of my post. I would honestly put mcilrath with Staal eventually this season, but initially replace mdz.

    I’d rather see Falk and mcilrath over Norris Stralman and mdz any day. The play drop off, if any would be minimal IMHO, and the cap savings would be significant.

  67. Its nice to have a coach that takes responsibility for his mistakes and doesn’t throw players under the bus.

    Usually, under previous coaching regime, games like the one last night would probably be tied at 1-1 going into OT, where Rangers made every effort to make Peters look like Patrick Roy in his prime… i guess when you let players play and don’t punish them for every little mistake positive things happen.

  68. ” i guess when you let players play and don’t punish them for every little mistake positive things happen.” As a Torts supporter that thinks he got the best out of the rosters he had, ditto. His failings were Gaborik’s departure and THE KreiderAdd Your Comment

  69. Hey. The same guy telling me to let go of The Prust is the same one continuing to drag Tort through the mud. Let’s forget the roster he took to the ECF.

  70. carp–maybe the philly writer who voted emery third star did it as a protest…after all,the three stars are the ones who contribute to a victory…his goaltending certainly was a factor in the caps win…but,with the philly mentality,whoknows

  71. The Blogarithm on

    Did Tortorella take that roster to the ECF (as if that is an accomplishment) or did Lundqvist?

  72. i am not dragging anyone anywhere… all im saying is that it’s nice to have someone who can admit his mistakes rather than give no answer or throw players under the bus.

  73. “i am not dragging anyone anywhere… all im saying is that it’s nice to have someone who can admit his mistakes rather than give no answer or throw players under the bus.” DittoAdd Your Comment

  74. I guess some of you just have an unfinished Vendetta based on your
    love of a now retired player.


  75. Here we go. Everyone is nice and happy again.

    But lost in this certain-mirage is that fact that this team is utter garbage vs. the teams that have any level of skill. That is to say: anyone other than the Tropical Depressions and the Icelanders.

    Just you wait and see how the Ducks will rip us a new one. Oh, wait, they already did earlier this year.

    I predict a 10-0 victory tomorrow with a hat trick from an injured Selanne.

  76. Also, what’s this “truth”? You didn’t say anything that anything but opinion..

    Forget it.

  77. The Blogarithm on

    It is truth, not opinion, that Tortorella sometimes shifted responsibility by throwing his players under the bus. Our blogmaster has acknowledged this very fact.

  78. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Torts is gone, Avery is gone, prust is gone, so is messier, gabby, sauer, dubi, ulfie, Simon, rupp, dupuis, anisimov, caber, parenteau, Biron, Campbell, Dvorak, nedved, ndur, brown, muckler, cliche

    Stralman and mdz should be gone

  79. Who are the untouchables on this team? Aka, the ones that need to be here for these mercenaries to win Stanley?

    My list:
    – Lundqvist
    – Staal
    – McDonaugh
    – Girardi
    – Stepan
    – Callahan
    – THE Kreider
    – Hagelin
    – Boyle

    Everyone else is expendable. And I didn’t base this list solely on talent (obviously not, Boyle is there), but rather on character, camaraderie, etc.

  80. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Stralman is not “the” problem, he is “a” problem/symptom of the vanilla disease this team has!!

    Chew on that mr fancy pants dandy doctor ILB!!!! ;)

  81. Wick, they have allowed 1 goal in last 2 and 3 goals in last 3.

    I’m not messing with the DFense coming off the recent success.

    I’d like to see how they perform against the next 2 opponents.

  82. Rob in Beantown on

    I didn’t see a video. Apparently it was a knee to the head that impacted him in a pretty scary way. After they stretchered him off he was apparently walking under his own power, so that is good news

  83. Sad to hear about Anderson, but I dunno if he would even make the team if healthy. I’d have Quick, Howard, Miller, and Schneider ahead of him.

  84. He would at least be invited to Olympic camp and provide some much needed competition.

    Quick, Howard, Miller is how I would go. But Anderson is a dark horse to steal a job. He’s really good.

  85. I mean, Quick is the best. Howard deserves a spot due to age and Miller gets a spot because of what he did last time for us.

    It’s going to be SO much fun.

  86. Stranger Nation on

    hags is instant O, just love watching that dude motor around the ice

    Elaine benching first line because of Bucky’s horrible play is BS. Guess ‘puck-luck’ has run its course…

    Agree with Wicky, et al re Stralman. OK @ #6 if you have physical Dmen playing in top 4…we don’t

  87. Two different coaching staffs have moved Strallman from the 3rd pair to the 2nd pair in consecutive seasons, in fact it took AV all of 3 games todo so.

    The reality: He is a 2nd pair dMan onnthis team who is making $1.7 million against the Cap. Considering the minutes he plays and comparing him dollar/cap wise with what other teams are spending on their top 4 DMen, Strallman is a Cap Bargain, iwhether or not you may agree with where the coaches have him slotted on this team.

    Considering that on this team he is in the 2nd pair, the argument they could do better cap wise and get the same play out of McIlrath in that slot is far fetched, especially based on McIlraths pre-season performance. Remember, this is a team that is paying a 3rd Pair DMAN who has been a healthy scratch $2.55M this year. Strallman a Cap burden? Ridiculous.

  88. Counterpoint: Two different coaches working with nearly the exact same roster have noticed that Stralman is one of two right handed defensemen.

  89. I agree Papa. I’m not worried about his salary at all. I just think that Stralman’s flaws were hidden in Tort’s system and they will be exposed under Vigneault’s system.

    I think he gets confused on whether to play the man or the puck at times. If he misses the hip check he’s beaten every time. I just think he has a very low ceiling.

    Remember, the Devils cut him.

  90. He’s just very vanilla. Not overly fast, not a booming shot (but good at keeping the puck low), not tough at all, not very physical, not great at protecting the crease or playing down low, etc.

    He’s serviceable.

  91. Seven TD passes for Foles. The Philly announcer said he “tied an Eagles record.” True, also true that he has tied the NFL record, most recently matched by Payton Manning on opening night this season.

  92. No, YOU forget it first. Then, once you forgot it, I don’t have to forget it because you won’t even notice that I didn’t forget it.

  93. If two planes crash mid-air directly on the border of NY and Canada, where do they bury the survivors?

  94. Stranger Nation on

    Don’t name lines with two of your top 6 out. things may change…

    Stralman is playing top 4 because MEZ is just an absolutely delzaster and we have no other Righty Dman to play that side.

    Wonder if J Moore can play right so MEZ can go back to left and get some confidence at least.

  95. “Two cornerstones and a cute little guy who will always be two straight bad games away from a healthy scratch” has a pretty nice ring to it.

  96. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Well I guess it’s a good thing we have a top six forward bargain making 1.3 mil per season!

  97. You know the team is playing well, when people are complaining about the expensive and overpaid Anton Stralman and his 1.7 million dollar expiring contract.

    Stralman is a solid defenseman who is a top 6 d-man for pretty much any team in the league. And he’s put up some very good performances the last two years in the playoffs..

    As for his contract, is the extra 800K-1 mil more he makes compared to the guys in HFD straining our payroll in any way shape or form? No, so who the heck cares?

  98. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You are IMHO selective reading and it isn’t only your Norris trophy pick that is a bit over priced, but coupled with mdz, that is over 4 mil in salary for arguably a bottom pair of d men. Again in my opinion those two can be replaced for half the money without any significant drop off in play.

    Btw, if we use your “pre season” performance argument, kreider would not be here!

  99. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Thanks for that outstanding input!

    I will file that in its appropriate place immediately…

    Sorry for the flushing sound folks!

  100. Let’s pretend MDZ and Stralman were both placed on waivers but teams could only claim one. Does anyone really think Stralman would get even 1 claim?

  101. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Better yet, if mcilrath and Stralman get put on waivers, who do you think teams would claim if they could only claim one?

  102. That one might be cheating. Maybe with the caveat “and have to play 15:00 per night” would balance it.

  103. Deb asks Parise if he remembers the goal he scored about MTL when his stick broke and had to retrieve another one from the bench. Parise says yes, and then Deb asks him what he remembers about it. WTB? You just told him what happened!

  104. Stranger Nation on

    Norris Stralman is NOT ‘the’ problem.

    MEZ’s current level of play is ‘a’ problem.

    J Moore is a stud muffin! How is this kid not on the ice for the entire PP??

  105. Mister D, giving the choice of one or the other, as a GM you would claim Delzaster and his 2.5M over Strallman and his 1.7M?

    And you believe there isnt a single GM in the NHL would claim Strallman over DelZotto??

  106. I have no problem with McIlrath coming up, when he is ready to play against NHL competition.

    I’m totally against bringing him up just because he’s big and can fight, especially if he can’t handle the pace and speed of the NhL game.

    Lets not rush him………Let him develop in the minors like they did with Girardi and Sauer.

    I hope he develops into a Beukeboom type player. I’d be the first to welcome him if he does.

  107. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m fine with him developing just like you, and if he is ready he needs to be up here.

    From what I read (and what our resident wolfpack scout says) he is doing pretty well in the “A”

  108. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The injury to Anderson in the sens game is all about the lack of clutching and grabbing in the league.

    There needs to be more “interference” allowed and injuries will be less frequent.

  109. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Rumour has it the rangers will claim sutter tomorrow so Sam and joe can talk about what a great family those sutters are more frequently!

  110. NYR_FAN

    “Zuccarello and Stepan have great chemistry together and the Kreider pushes it over the edge!! We have to come up with a name for that line.”

    Two and a half men line.

  111. If The Kreider can play more like 3rd period Kreider in the 1st and 2nd periods, then 3rd period Kreider is going to make us talk about Nash a lot less!
    Its like watching Aragorn, Legolas and Frodo

  112. Kreider Kreider Kreider

    He is so young, inexperienced, you know there is gonna be a letdown…

    but the way he has been going, in the back of my mind I expect him to keep improving….

    1.0 ppg so far…….

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