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1) Yeah, so they beat a bad team. That was a popular theme last night. But those are games you need to win, and earlier the Rangers weren’t winning them, so stop whining, take the win, move on. The Rangers played well. Could they have scored more? Yeah. Did they do enough stuff well enough to win handily? Yup. Was this game, even at 2-0 with a lot of time left, ever really in doubt? I don’t think so.Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers

2) Thought it was interesting listening to Derek Stepan talking about how Chris Kreider and the rejuvenated Mats Zuccarello (since his benching in Philly) have forced him to pick up his pace. (listen to the audio in a prior thread). And I agree with Alain Vigneault that Stepan was much better the last two games. Had a bunch of chances early last night and finished with seven shots. He’s going to, obviously, be a very critical piece for this team.

3) Same thing with Brad Richards, who has been boosted by having Carl Hagelin on their wing.

4) Did you see that shot by Derick Brassard? That’s why he needs to shoot it more. He has two of their last three game-winners, by the way. Thought I’d point that out before his tweet-happy agent does … unless he has already.

Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers5) THE Kreider. As Vigneault said, in all three games, he’s been one of their best, if not their best, forward. Agree, again. And he, Zuccarello, Hagelin and J.T. Miller have made this lineup look a lot faster and deeper.

6) Don’t look now, but the Rangers have a power play. A power play that almost always has a man in front and another rotating into the slot, a power play where a point man moves to the half boards and the other rotates to the middle, and a forward steps back, and there is a lot of movement to open ice, and three men are almost always below the top of the circles instead of having three above, as under the previous administration.

7) Good thing that the Rangers seem to be getting better each game, because this homestand is going to get more difficult as it goes on. Carolina, then Anaheim, then Pittsburgh.

Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers8) Sometimes I defend Michael Del Zotto, and I really thought last year that, at least, he had improved defensively even though he was giving them zilch offensively … but it’s tough to defend the way he’s playing in both ends so far this season. Yeesh. He has to be better.

9) John  Moore, on the other hand, turns situations into non-situations just by accelerating. So cool to watch. Ryan McDonagh does the same thing. Moore struggled a bit early – who didn’t? – he’s getting better now.

10) Dan Girardi skated in his 500th NHL game. Marc Staal skated in his 400th. Makes you realize how much of Staal’s still young career has been lost to injuries.Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers

11) Funny that some of you guys call Brandon Mashinter “Monster Mash” and that on Halloween he did what he did. Good for him. I think he’s a decent player with toughness rather than a tough guy who can play a little. Don’t know where he fits, if he fits, when Dominic Moore and Ryan Callahan get back, but it never hurts to have a guy that size in the lineup.

12) Speaking of which, the Sabres were without their cheapshot twins, John Scott and Patrick Kaleta. That didn’t mean their captain couldn’t inflict a few. And he did. Nice way to lead there, Steve Ott. I am not 100 percent sure what Ott did to Girardi in the final minute, but he sent him slipping head-first into the boards, and when Girardi got up he went directly after Ott. That’s not like Girardi, so he must have done something dirty, I’m guessing. And Vigneault had Derek Dorsett go line up against Ott for the next faceoff. Ott, shockingly, had no interest. But good for Vigneault. That type of thing must be dealt with immediately.Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers

13) These Sabres remind me of the Rangers circa 2000, where they just stand around and glide a lot and aren’t interested in competing. Minus, the big-salary marquee names, of course. So, yeah, it was a really good idea to fire Lindy Ruff (and James Patrick), huh?

14) Wow. Almost forgot about Henrik Lundqvist, who threw his second shutout (in three wins). With the Rangers defending better and now with two goalies playing well, maybe they can win enough 1-0, 2-1, 2-0 games. Lundqvist readily admits he fought it in the early going this season. He looked darn good when he had to be in this one.

My Three Rangers Stars:Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Chris Kreider.
3. Derek Stepan.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Chris Kreider.
3. Mats Zuccarello.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Carl Hagelin.

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  1. i liked the tweet from the buffalo writer that andrew gross retweeted about how it’s always funny to hear writers who haven’t seen buffalo live yet talk about just how bad they are

  2. Good to get a win but Buffalo are a bad team who are likely to get worse when they eventually trade Miller for a goalie who can’t stop 45 shots a night.

    On the plus side, Kreider, Miller, Zuke, Stepan, Richards, Hagelin all look good and the extra speed in the team shows. Finally someone figured out the obvious on the PP too!

  3. To be fair to John Scott, he’s not a cheap player. He’s just a big guy that’s a terrible hockey player.

  4. Miller is the only Sabre who is playing for something beside a high draft pick. He did fairly well considering.

    We showed plenty of scoring punch. There is nobody in Hartford that will improve this team.

    That was a pretty dominant first two periods.

    Zuccarello doesn’t look too bad when he isn’t skating with a couple of plugs.

    Kreider has arrived.

  5. Too bad we don’t have a home and home this week vs. the Buffalos…yes, we had to beat them and did. Was it nice to see a dominating win against a listless team, yeah. Does it bode well for a playoff spot? I’ll be convinced when these Rangers win a few consecutively against the better teams.

  6. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Are we on a streak???? Did we win 2 in a row????
    We have 10 points, are 5-7, going in the right direction! Looking at the divisional standings, there is hope.

    We won. Results. Nice to get some results.

  7. Matty"We'veBeenSatherized"Boy on

    Carp, a pleasure to read your reviews, always. Thanks and nice review!!

  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nicely done, Carp! If the only thing you wrote was #1, it would’ve been plenty. Exactly what it looked like, and if it wasn’t for Miller, the game would’ve been over by the end of first period.

    LMGO@4! Brassard is a RFA by the end of this season and will need to be qualified at $3.7M. That’s a high number, so he will need to play the way he’s been lately in order to to convince Sather to do that.

    #6- don’t jinx it! But, yes, we look like we have a PP. Having Callahan back would make it 2 solid units. Deliberately not mentioning Nash.

    That little dust up with Steve Ott. I think it was his attempt to pay back for Girardi’s boarding on Tyler Ennis last season. I believe Ott was on the ice when it happened.

  9. Didn’t this bad buffalo team enter last night’s game with a better record than us? So what does that say for AV’s gang that couldn’t shoot straight?

    Sorry for the negativity this season guys but endless lack of improvement by MSG’s Apple Dumpling gang is too much for me to take when those dooshes in Boston are celebrating by rioting and flashing boobs….not that there’s anything wrong with that last part

  10. We are now one point out of a playoff spot. Dominating game as it should be against teams like that. I remember Ranger teams that would just glide against teams like this and lose. We seem to have three strong lines (and that third will be even better when Cally replaces Pyatt) and a 4th line that can play a little bit. The d is rounding into shape. I thought Hank was fighting it for about half the game but was his usual self in the third when he needed to be. If we win 2 of the next 3 I will think we have turned the corner. I actually think we are AT the corner right now. Eventually shots will turn into goals.

  11. Carp great write up as usual!
    The team is playing so much better.
    It took some time for them settle into the new systems…looking ahead, this team looks even better with a healthy Callahan and Nash.
    I’m amazed at how much of a difference Hags return has made…add in THE Kreider and JT Miller this team has some emerging talent.
    Zucc has also morphed into a different player.
    Carp do you think this is because of the coach, or just letting the kids play without fear of benching?

  12. Great bit! “John Moore, on the other hand, turns situations into non-situations just by accelerating.”

    Nice to have D-men who can skate like that.

  13. Excuse me but do those of you that are harping on the “they beat a bad team” thing remember last season when they lost to the panthers a couple times- a team comprised of ahl players? And everyone moaned and groaned about how they are supposed to win those games and those points matter at the end of the year? This was one they were supposed to win. So don’t complain and down play it. Be thankful they’re showing signs of life and scooping up some points.

  14. Well said, Jonny. I have been going nuts about this on Twitter. Everyone thinks that Scott is some repeat offender. As long as a team continues to employ him then he’s going to be in this league doing what he does.

  15. Interesting situation is infolding in Buffalo. After Pegula bought this team in 2011 he said that “The only reason for this team’s existence from now on would be to win the SC”. Something like that. What, before that they were playing for local bingo championship? Anyway, fans got excited, we even had a troll ( Buffalo Girl, remember her?) who came here and suggested that this was the end of NYR and any other team in the league. Have not seen her in a couple of years.
    Anyway, curiously enough, Darcy Regier has been the GM in Buffalo for almost 16 years, and he was extended by Pegula this year. His team missed the PO 6 out of last 10 years, and will surely miss this one. But he also had a few very good teams, some almost won it all ( ’99, two teams after 2005 lockout). So it’s not like he is totally incompetent. He was, supposedly, a victim of previous ownership who didn’t want to spend. Pegula came in and gave him money. I also suspect that Pegula started to micromanage this team. Just look at some idiotic contracts they’ve given out after he bought the team. My point is, it’s never a good idea to let an amateur, but passionate hockey fan ( and that’s who Pegula is) manage a professional sports franchise.

  16. Sather Must Go! on

    Great review, carp. This team isn’t great, but u gotta believe the west coast training camp and 9 game swing, had an impact.

    Still think having a mash, ash, or tougher guy rather than Dom Moore, is helpful for the team psyche. Id play a terribly slow bickel>del z against certain teams just for that reason(heck, use Bickel as a def/forward)

    Del Z is bad.

  17. Ilb: He might be a year late, but if the goal is for Buffalo to win a Cup, sucking hard for 2 or 3 years is probably the best way to set yourself up to compete. Doesn’t always work, but works more than just jamming in free agents.

  18. “Something like that. What, before that they were playing for local bingo championship?”

    In a lot of cases, ownership’s primary objective is the bottom line, and winning is a distant second objective.Add Your Comment

  19. jimGthe desertrat on

    the wife is back watching the game with me.You are the go to blog first thing in the morning. Just a fan.

  20. Morning all,

    So when the Rangers were in St. Lou a couple of weeks back, Joe M. remarked that Ken Hitchcock felt it would take the Rangers between 30-45 days (from the start of camp) to begin to gel as a team – particularly given the new coaching staff and murderous early schedule.

    Seems to be right on time.

    Guess Hitch knows a thing or two about coaching.

  21. Don’t look now but our boys are only one point out of a playoff spot….being a part of this new Metropolitan division(which somehow includes Carolina) could be quite the blessing for this team.

  22. But in those 30-45 days, this board has fired AV like a dozen times already.

    Some time it would be fun to see a season run by reactionaries. Every day there would either be a snap trade or a Cup proclamation, 3 or 4 coaching changes.

  23. Mister D, I agree with you, and I err on the side of optimism. But, it was looking pretty bad there in the beginning.

  24. Positives?

    Let me translate my previous posts for anyone who thinks I’m in a happy state:

    “Ahem, THE Kreider has arrived.” = The Kreider is the best player in the NHL and anyone who doesn’t think so is ludicrous.

    “CARP’s reviews rule!” = they do only (and ONLY) when he properly refers to The Kreider as “The Kreider”.

    “And love how he uses “The Kreider”. Makes my morning.” = I hate mornings, so seeing CARP respect The Kreider is a good start.

    Anyhow, don’t get me started on how ultimately bush-league this team still is. We get like 50 shots in the game and we still can only put TWO by a goalie who’s not even interesting in playing for his team anymore. The no-talents will assuredly follow up this “victory” with an embarassing loss to Carolina tomorrow. Book it (Danno).

  25. I finally figured out who Brassard looks like this morning. Is this known or has it only been bothering me? I’ll wait 5 minutes then say who I think.

  26. So the Rangers win a couple games in a row, and now Vigneault is the right man for the job, Hitchock knows a thing or two about coaching, and all is right in Rangersland. You can’t make this stuff up. How about we wait until the Rangers display consistency.Add Your Comment

  27. I think Carolina should be a good game to start to gauge how far the team has come. The Southern Staals record isn’t all that impressive but they have played really well to start the season and have had some tough losses.

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    Carolina should be an interesting game because Marc Staal’s brothers play on that team, which is interesting

  29. A win is a win. Take the 2 pts and move on.

    One can’t really celebrate against Buffalo. They fire the coach, trading away top assets, and are rebuilding. If the Rangers don’t beat a team like that something is wrong. But then they lose to Philly and NJ, so you’ve got to scratch your head some games.

  30. The fact that the Staal brothers will all play in the same game is VERY interesting.

    I can only hope that the broadcasters hype it and then talk about it all game long.

  31. The Positives is simply THIS – we are 2 points away from 7th spot in the Lestern Conference!!!

    So we can “Flush” out all the terrible losses we had in the first 9 games ON the ROAD.

    Hags back, and we are undefeated!!!

    Kreider up and playing well.

    Miller is playing like he is going to keep his spot somewhere on the 3rd line.

  32. In the pregame notes Carp posted yesterday, the MSG press release stated the Sabres at 6-5-0 (12 pts). They may not reach 12 points for the season.Add Your Comment

  33. 3 straight home games. We need the Carolina win!

    Can we steal a game away from the Ducks?

    Pittsburgh is going to be tough. Say what you want. Like or Dislike the team. They are solid.

  34. The Staal side show doesn’t bother me.

    I think it’s great for hockey. I’m looking forward to the MOM interview, and how they all wear shields now.

    Makes since! Listen to Mom! save your eyes. Deposit your checks.

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    Does anybody know what city in Canada the Staals are from? I have a feeling it would be really interesting but nobody ever says where they are from

  36. That’s absolutely hysterical, The Doctor. Then after, they can only take that brother out to dinner.

  37. Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Staal will just attend the Charlotte Checkers game to see Jared Staal and ignore their professional children?

  38. Rob in Beantown on

    No, Mister D. There is a fourth brother. Get this: he is also a hockey player! He even played some NHL games last season, which was very interesting indeed.

  39. They’ve probably shunned Jared for not being able to hack it in the big leagues. He has brought shame to the Staal name…… In all seriousness though, talk about pressure that guy must be feeling.

  40. Oh man, maybe that’s the joke. Show up in Jared Staal jerseys to the game. I’d love them forever.

  41. _4 points out of the next 3 would be gravy……see what i did there?_

    Sadly, I needed to read that twice to figure it out.

  42. LGY

    Adding my comment:

    Ken Hitchcock is a Stanley Cup Winning coach who has a better read on team development/personality than any of us here.

    So yes, I think his assessment is pretty solid.

    Perhaps the Rangers really are rounding into form.

  43. Re: Varlamov

    Some details are starting to come out. Not sure how much of it is true but sounds like that kid is a serial woman beater and a binge drinker…

    only the lowest of the low raise the hand on a woman.

  44. It appears the rangers have been playing better the last few games. Kreider looks like he has finally arrive. With experience the goals will come. I need to see more of the rangers before I think they can be a good team.

  45. Dammit, forgot about that. Its Landon Donovan. Brassard has to have a helmet on to cover his hair advantage, but facially, that’s who he looks like.

  46. A much better day after win. Lets keep the train rolling tomorrow vs car. Another game in which I view it as a game they need. Throw in fact it’s a div game and there is a logjam from 2nd on down.

    How you play in your div will be who gets 2nd and 3rd place behind Pittsburgh.

  47. Perhaps the Rangers really are rounding into form. On the flip side, perhaps they have only won a measly two consecutive games against a middle of the pack team and the worst team in the NHLAdd Your Comment

  48. I bet Donovan’s waist is far less pansy than either of ours, Manny boy.

    (I’m the worst of “world cup only” soccer fans and that Donovan goal vs Algeria was still a top 10 sports moment given the timing and location (soccer bar). Place just exploded.)

  49. Stranger Nation on

    Sioux – Pittsburgh is going to be tough. Say what you want. Like or Dislike the team. They are solid.
    On this blog, close to 100% of the ‘heads dislike that team immensely except if you have one of their players on your fantasy hooker team.

  50. CCCP: It’s more than laying hands on her. Apparently there was kicking, stomping and dragging involved.

  51. I think it’d be funnier if Mrs Staal was wearing a #11 Messier Rangers jersey and dropped her husband an elbow mid-interview

  52. Stranger Nation on

    Agree this team needs to beat or at least thoroughly compete with the Ducks and Birds to think they are ’rounding into form’.

    That being said, no Cally and Nash leaves a huge hole. Most teams would be scrambling missing their two leading goal scorers and having two rooks in their top 6 along with a ‘short’ person.

  53. Colorado could be a good fit for Ryan Miller…although they way they have played lately it doesn’t matter who is in net.

  54. Not a bad idea, 1940! I really think it would be best if the Avalanche deal with this situation by taking VarLAmov off their active roster and letting the NHL deal with him until it’s sorted out.


  56. @TGfireandice Very strange. Zajac just kind of fell over. Wasn’t skating fast at all. Kind of was almost coasting along the boards and fell over.

    @TGfireandice Zajac put very little weight on his right foot when he skated off the ice and exited to locker room. Doesn’t look like he’ll be back today.

    @TGfireandice Travis Zajac just tripped and fell on his own. Right ankle appears to be bothering him. Just exited to locker room.

  57. LGY

    You and countless others on this board would be absolutely killing them if they lost to the middle of the pack team and the worst team in the league.

    Progress is progress.

    Get real.

  58. I’m really enjoying the turnaround. The speed. I can’t wait for Cally to get back. (I’m completely pessimistic about Nash. Someone said on the blog the other day that lack of info about him smells of the Sauer situation. I sure hope not, but, again, I’m feeling pessimistic.) I also want to say that while the only broadcasters I care to watch doing Ranger games are Sam and Joe, when something important happens, guys, stop talking and report on it. Like it looked like Kreider wiped out an icing with his speed, I think in the 3rd, and that went completely unremarked, as did several hits, as Joe was telling some story about some coach from Minnesota (or something like that).

  59. You can 5’0″ You just have to do it internally and then telepathically transmit that to the poster.

  60. That’s because Joe wants to be the next Pierre. He does the 2nd games usually in the playoffs, so he’s trying to get prepared for that. He was better a few years ago when he wasn’t trying to do that.

  61. I personally never liked joe as a analyst. I remember him when I first heard him doing islander games. I’m sure he is a nice guy but for me a terrible analyst. Than again, it could be worse. We could be stuck with chico or goring.

  62. I know it is a bit early, but I have been walking slowly toward the window and away from the ledge lately….hmmm…are these false good signs?

  63. Good crack of noon, Sally!

    Re: Baby Buffaloes, because I’ve been asked a few times … one of our readers, I think it was Orr!, told a story about a girl, a Buffalo fan, who was asked “What’s a Sabre?” and her response was “a baby buffalo.”

    re: John Scott … you didn’t hear this from me, but on that 2011-12 team, he was largely despised by his new teammates. and thus by his new coach. And it was tough to be despised on that team unless your initials were Sean Avery.

  64. Mrs. Manny was talking about that last night. How lucky she was to grow up hearing Sam and JD and how they were the BEST duo ever.

  65. Not hard to believe. I can’t see how any of today’s players tolerate a guy like that. A teammate that brings pretty much nothing to the table, in fact he is a detriment to a team’s overall success. Every time he dresses the rest of the lineup has to be thinking “this dinosaur is taking so and so’s spot.”

  66. Well, Patrick Roy and the Avalanche have decided to *start* Semyon VarLAmov tonight despite his recent alleged troubles.

  67. The NYR should have hired Glen Heally as their analyst. Could be worse though we could have Duguay with Sam. That while probably being immensely amusing would also be dismal. Was that last sentence an oxymoron?

  68. Happy to be backed up by Carp on how Avery was disliked by teammates. I was long ago told by former Rangers that this was so, but when I posted, I was angrily shot down by Avery faithful. Must admit that I was entertained by SOME of SA’s antics, but didn’t have to dress with him.

  69. Hopefully they know something we don’t because if he is guilty of what he is accused of and they chose to play him……….what disgrace that would be. I sure hope they know more then we do.

  70. Another A-1 review Carp. IMHO, the team is playing better because they’re skating hard which is one of the main strengths of this team. With the exception of LA, our wins have been against teams that rely more on skill than toughness. I think we’ll have a better measure of how good we are after playing some of those Bestern teams.

  71. I really can’t believe this is being allowed to happen by a league that usually stands up for the walked upon.

    They are within their rights to start him. And he’s legally allowed to play. I just think it’s a very, very bad move for press.

    This isn’t a situation of a DUI or something like that. This is an accusation of kicking and stomping on a woman and kidnapping her. He is facing 2-6 years in prison on the kidnapping charge alone.

  72. Rob in Beantown on

    Hank liked/likes Avery. I sometimes wonder if that was just because Hank was agreeable with everyone, which is what I suspect, or if that was indication Hank might be similarly unliked by his teammates (probably not)

  73. another crazy dude just shot a bunch of TSA workers in LA international airport dressed in hunting clothes. The world is becoming crazy.

  74. I saw a funny joke where someone said that the woman that has a restraining order against VarLAmov should be offered tickets behind the goal for every game in which he plays so that he’s not able to legally get in the net due to a restraining order.

  75. I can understand why Avery’s teammates disliked him–but I believe on more than one occasion–he woke them up from their sleepskating and got them going…maybe not the way they wanted to be woken up-like someone dumping ice water on your head (ok-there are worse)..but woke them up none the less and on nights it seemed like he was the only guy on the team that gave a damn…I dont think he earned his following just by being a blowhard…

  76. Manny, like, like, like your comment about sitting behind the goal so he can’t play. That is awesome.

  77. Rob in Beantown on

    Avery could probably still be playing in the league if he weren’t also a jerk. The fact that he isn’t because no team wanted to sign him is pretty telling

  78. 3 injured, all non critical, thank goodness, only 1 of the 3 was a tsa worker, other 2 passengers. The shooter is in custody.

  79. Logically, restraining order would not permit the aggrieved to haunt the accused perp’s workplace, thus putting him in violation of said order. I understand that Manny was kidding. :)

  80. Rob in Beantown on

    Avery was also supposed to be a bully. He was apparently brutal to Dustin Brown and not in a friendly mocking way, but a nasty way. And this was his teammate. Sounds like the worst kind of guy to have in the locker room

  81. Never heard a bad word about Henrik. How he got tied in with Avery’s restaurant ventures, however, makes the head spin.

  82. I remember when the rumors came out when the rangers organization was interested in avery. I went to a LA newspaper and/or a LA Kings blog and remember reading how the LA Kings locker room hated Avery and couldn’t wait until he was gone. Than he leaves the rangers and the Dallas stars players couldn’t wait until he was gone and I remember a ranger game near the end of the season when the rangers won in OT and all the players were celebrating on the ice and bench and the camera shows Avery at the end of the bench by himself with no emotion. Avery was a A-hole.

  83. don’t know if you guys saw the video up top, in the carousel, of the Varlamov incident. They interviewed is girlfriend. Check it out.

  84. I think Katie Strang did a terrific job summarizing that VarLAmov reaction. It’s basically how I feel but I’m unable to express it so coherently and without cursing…

    Sorry for the length but here are her thoughts:

    @KatieStrangESPN: Does it seem bizarre to anyone else that, two days removed from spending the night in jail on domestic violence charges against his girlfriend, goaltender Semyon Varlamov is back with his Colorado Avalanche team as if nothing has happened? Legally, Varlamov absolutely deserves the presumption of innocence and his rightful day in court, but out of respect to the gravity of the allegations — a second-degree kidnapping charge and a third-degree assault charge — it seems a bit jarring that he’ll travel with the team and, according to the Denver Post, start against Dallas Friday night. Yes, the judge in his case granted permission to travel, but that same court also imposed a restraining order on the 25-year-old. I’m not saying Varlamov shouldn’t be allowed to return to doing what he does best — play hockey — until his day in court, but perhaps suggesting he take a few days off to sort through this very serious matter would’ve been a good move by the Avs organization, both in showing the proper sensitivity to the situation and limiting distraction to the team.

  85. authorben, your contention about fans’ reactions is irrelevant. in my view, winning two consecutive games against the Islanders/Sabres is not worthy of being deemed progress.Add Your Comment

  86. Avery worn out whatever welcome he had anywhere because he was a jerk, that seems clear. But I have to say when he played for us, I always liked the edge,the energy and the speed. The guy could skate. Besides being a pest, that’s what set him apart IMO. But now we have a lot of guys that can skate and Avery’s days on this blog are diminishing by each shift that Hags, The Krieder, Miller, Mac, etc. skate.

  87. Any of you guys talking about not wanting to trade MDZ for Ryan O’Reilly need to get your heads examined. ROR is a beast. He would cut some of the dead weight down the middle that we have now in Moore and Boyle and add much needed offense.

    MDZ really should be moved at the earliest possible opportunity because he still have trade value. His stats are brutal and it’s not going to get any better. At least now we can have a built in excuse that he sucks because the team kinda sucks, but in reality he sucks even when the team is good. He couldn’t hit a soccer goal from the point, he can’t score from in close, he makes poorly times pinches and gets caught all the time on defense, and can’t skate well enough to bail himself out. So if he can’t add offense, and can’t add defense, what is it you’d say he does here? Get rid of him. Play up Falk and carry McIllrath as the 7th or make a trade for a depth defenseman.

  88. Nice to see the speed. Even Richie seems to have picked it up, or am I too quick in imagining things that aren’t there?

  89. Coos help me out.

    Would you play Gaborik at Pittsburg


    TJ Oshie at Florida

    Gabby scored, but doesn’t hit, block, or take any PIM. Which I may need a boost.

  90. Next time someone pulls the “NBA/NFL is a league of thugs” bullstuff, remember that Varlamov will be on the ice less than 72 hours after “allegedly” beating the hell out of his girlfriend.

  91. Nostradamus, Sioux? If I could be sure of just one horse race or even a Giant game with the points, I’d be golden. As it is, I’m Gulden’s :)

  92. LGY,

    Couldn’t disagree more.

    In fact, I’ve been on this board for years and there are fans who aren’t satisfied with anything the team does. Even after huge wins, they’ll pick on Del Zotto, Boyle or some other player who they’ve deemed worthless at that point in time.

    Every game – every season in fact – cannot be a Rembrandt.

    Two points are two points, no matter how you get ’em.

  93. No you’re wrong Carp. The way it works is complain if they beat teams like that or complain if they lose to teams like that. Much more logical (s)

  94. Just because his teammates didn’t like him doesn’t mean John Scott is a dirty player. They most likely hate him because he’s a terrible hockey player and he doesn’t have a real purpose on the team outside of fighting. It’s hard to have respect for someone who contributes nothing else.

  95. Hey! Not all of us Ben! Some of us are actually level headed and consistent in our railings…

  96. I’m glad the Sedins signed. I had this deep, dark nightmare scenario where we use a buyout, Buffalo overpays Callahan and Hank leaves and they become our target.

  97. Do we keep the Monster Mash up, or could Kristo get a shot, and move Pyatt down with Boyle and Dorsett?

  98. “It’s hard to have respect for someone who contributes nothing else”

    Describes half the current Rangers squad.

  99. Sioux – I think it’s just coincidence. They played well in the game he got hurt and just happened to lose. I don’t think Mash is a bad player, but he hasn’t exactly been the reason they’ve won. Him and Moore are interchangable at this point.

    Also people seem to forget that Moore was out of hockey for a full year. He’s not going to get it all back overnight.

  100. The main advantage to being a cynic is that you’re rarely disappointed. Inside every cynic is a disappointed idealist.

  101. Kristo is probably 3rd on the Pack chart to get called up. He’d still have to beat out Haley and Fast, possibly Hrivik too.

  102. With shooting incidents, it’s usually best to wait a few hours because initial reports are usually incorrect.

    Doesn’t the NHL have an inactive list, or something to that effect, so that they could give Varlamov a few days?

    I don’t think trading MDZ for O’Reilly solves any problems. They need wingers who can score.

  103. Would have been terrible to lose to the Islanders/Sabres, however, winning those games does not signify progress. Two points is two points. In this case, four points is four points. I will wait until the Rangers display consistency to label the team as having progressedAdd Your Comment

  104. You would think that after all these years Dancin Larry would have actually learned how to dance

  105. Good afternoon all! Wow, a lot to catch upon, but, in brief:

    Great write up Carp
    Authorben, two points for your point
    Wow! This Varlamov deal…If he were Avery, he’d be fired, stripped, roasted and served for dinner. Katie is right…

  106. Sather nealry pulled the trigger on trading MDZ for TERRY O’Reilly, and his newest 22 year old intern had to wrestle the phone away from him.

  107. LGY, what do you define as consistency? They’ve played well for about two weeks, but had a clunker against the Devils. Does that make them inconsistent?

  108. To reinforce the point, in 2011-12 (still being “green” to the blog), I was amazed at the negative comments after every loss, even though they didn’t lose back to back games for almost 4 months.

  109. FYI…NYC heads…Bunch of Ranger fans I know, including at least one other local Bonehead, meeting at the Blarney Rock pre- and for game Saturday…33rd St. just off 7th near MSG…Gets crowded pre-game game so shout out mama or boneheads and we’ll find you…:) Hope to see some of you there….

  110. All this talk today about TSA officials has me daydreaming about Alice Eve in “She’s Out of My LEague”
    you think she likes fat guys with two kids two dogs and an oversized mortgage?

  111. If I’m pulling someone up, it is the roll that has to be replaced.

    Defense right now if needed would be Johnson, 12 points in 10 games. He could replace MDZ, if he is going to be shopped and traded.

    If we need a goal scorer, right now it’s the MonteKRISTO, 7 goals/5 assist in 10 games. We need extra scoring. He’s the one I’m calling 1’st.

    He has the hottest hands right now. We’ve seen what Fast can do. He is an intelligent, fast penalty killer. He will be a player for us in the future.

  112. Mama I was at the pub the last time I was in town. LOTS of Fun, except for the jackhammer that was inside my head the next morning :)

  113. if you saw that hilarious movie, then you know she likes hockey

    believe me, it’s my own fault we’re not already together…it’s not her, its me

  114. Our power play is getting better than last year.

    I’m not sure who gets the credit, but some should be given. Everyone is moving to open ice, and shooting the puck. So much better, than three standing up top, and not moving like last year.

  115. no matter how long he stays, I’d guess AV is loving Manhattan…he must be waving that French Canadian accent in the face of every Fifth Avenue divorcee within 50 miles. Like Eddie Murphy’s Dexter St. Jacques

  116. Progress is defined as movement towards a goal; a development or growth. It’s just as short-sighted to consider the last two wins to be progress as it is to vilify the team for losing two consecutive games.Add Your Comment

  117. Just let Johnson have his fun in the AHL, he’s never shown himself to be a NHL player and he’s certainly been around long enough.

  118. _What’s with the Boston Strong stuff?_

    Its an offensive attempt to put a happy sports bookend on a tragedy.

  119. It’s short-sighted and uninformed to state the Rangers have progressed after two consecutive wins, let alone two wins against the Islanders/Sabres. Let’s give it a couple months and see where the Rangers are at then. If they are still under .500 in a couple months, you will not receive an “I told you so” from me. I am anxious to see the Rangers get better through the course of time, but I won’t be judging their play on a two game sample sizeAdd Your Comment

  120. Its not a conclusion, LGY, its just a positive trend. They’ve looked better recently. Yay.

  121. _Erik’s nickname has been “Crusher” since he was 14 years old._

    Obviously for the crushing bodychecks, and not for the one he had on Brad Pitt.

  122. So a customer just cancels to see Tambellini play on Saturday. Any boneheads up for a game on Saturday night at the Ralph :)

  123. Pimp is now changing the very textbooks that our kids will grow up on. That’s like Superman reversing the Earth’s spin. He’s playing George Burns playing The Lord!

  124. Aaron Johnson is a career 7th d-man. You can hate on MDZ all you want, but Aaron Johnson isn’t going to be any better. Only difference is he’s much cheaper. And McIlrath isn’t coming up unless he’s going to be playing. They aren’t going to waste a 21 year old kid on a healthy scratch spot.

    MDZ is better than Falk/Johnson/McIlrath. He makes some dumb mistakes, but skill wise he is by far better than the three of them.

  125. Physically, MDZ has the tools. He just doesn’t effectively use them because of what I assume are mental breakdowns.

  126. I agree Manny. But you don’t just ditch MDZ to the bench and play those guys over him. You completely devalue him at that point. Either trade him for picks/prospects and insert those guys or you play him.

  127. why does it have to be for picks and prospects? how about for another Dman. preferably a right shooter who is tough.

  128. Skills-wise, The Kreider is better than all of the other clowns on this team … combined.

  129. Varlamov shouldn’t be playing. Oversight by Colorado. I did some digging around Russian newspapers and it sounds repulsive. What also bothers me is that he sounded like it’s tolerated more in Russia by saying he’d beat her even more if they were in Russia. IT IS NOT! At least not where I grew up. Jackwagon.

  130. By the way, I hope you’re all realizing that you’re talking to the same troll with different avatars about different issues.Add Your Comment

  131. When MDZ moves on and plays back on his natural side, will everyone promise me they won’t claim his improvements are because he matured or the system or he couldn’t handle NY or something?

  132. Apparently, the trouble in the Varlamov household began when she asked for a new watch. He told her that she doesn’t need a watch because there’s a clock above the stove

  133. I’m not one to be on the “TRAID DEL ZASTER” bandwagon. The kid put up 41 points once. If he can do that again, he’s worth it.

  134. Quite possible that she didn’t notice the clock because she hasn’t been near the stove in three years. :) he says, as he ducks.

  135. If I was dating such a volatile person as Semyon VarLAmov, I would stay away from all combustible objects such as a stove.

  136. ‘Naba helping Naba. Smarta. Dat’s wot we do. Stronga. A true new Yawka is never out.’ Is this the most denigrating commercial extant? Probably written by some blondy California hot tubber.

  137. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    So Avery gets anger management if I recall & Varlamov doesn’t? Talk about double standards . THIS LEAGUE IS 1 BIG JOKE!

  138. WTF am I being called a troll? I don’t agree with your assertions, so I am a troll.Add Your Comment

  139. By the way, in her interview in Russian his girlfriend said that they’ve been together for four years and it isn’t the first time he physically abused her. She said he could be a real animal.

  140. Carp, how do we get our personal 3 Star selections published up there ^ with you and the poll selections?

  141. Nice review Carp. Good to get two points from a solid effort. Boy, they had the puck a lot, fun to watch. Looked faster and hungrier, I like it. Obviously Buffalo isn’t a top level team but it was a good win.

  142. Do I think Varlamov did it? Yes.

    But the court let him walk for the time being. Innocent until proven guilty.

    Now as for why he shouldn’t play? It’s going to be a media nightmare.

    Also the Avs can’t keep him out because of this since I’m pretty sure it’s illegal (or at least they’d have to pay him until he was found guilty).

  143. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    All i’m saying ilb is that the league was quick in dealing with Avery & not one word from the league on his behavior if it wasn’t for the interweb we probably wouldn’t have heard about it. Getting beat up is no fun ,the bruises go away but the mental scars don’t. Ok i’m stepping off my soap box. LGR!!!

  144. The difference between Avery and Varlamov is that Avery said what he said on TV. The incident with Varlamov needs to be investigated. It’s a complete possibility that she made it up (as I said, I definitely don’t believe that’s the case), so they can’t suspend him for allegations. When he gets indicted? Completely different story. But for now, they can’t do anything otherwise they risk a lawsuit from Varlamov.

  145. Varlamov appears to be a slimeball. Never raise your hand to a woman. I have no tolerance for criminals. He should never be allowed to play hockey again if guiltyAdd Your Comment

  146. Criticize a. 2-0 win?

    Not me. I’ll take it, especially when Stralsie returns to NY after a great effort and flawless play in CF for the Bosox during game 6 of the World Series to single- handedly lead the BlueShirts shutout charge.

    This Stralman kid is really amazing!

  147. The whole MSG crew, Sam, Joe, Wiggy, Peedo and Du-gay were singing Stralsie praises last night. They even asked his opinion on Halloween costumes and customs!

    He’s all knowing, all doing, this Strallman kid.

  148. CapGeek has Strals at almost $2 mil in 2010-11 as a UFA; $900 thou in 2011-12 as an RFA; $1.6 last year; and $1.8 this season, which he ends by becoming again an UFA. Very odd.

  149. boxcareddiehospodar on

    you can’t be serious about sitting mashinter for dominic moore. sit stephan or zuccs for d moore. they are all the same type of players.

    about time to send kreider back down?

  150. MSG coverage of tomorrows game starts with starts extra early. Tune in as Sam and Joe attend the Staal family pre game brunch. Wonderful family, wonderful food.

  151. Stranger Nation on

    McIlbeast with another goal?

    The Undertaker be racking some points up.

    Going to be tough to keep the Wrath of Mac down on the farm if he keeps this up

  152. Can’t wait to hear about the Staals’ angry drunk uncle who swears he was better than all of them and that the only reason he didn’t make the NHL is because his coach in juniors didn’t like angry drunks

  153. That Emery is a real d-bag. Caps should have had someone hop the bench to protect their goalie – I hope someone would protect the King in that situation.

    The Flyers website lists 3 stars of game as Ward of Caps for 3 goals, Backstrom of Caps for 2 goals and Emery for 4 GA, .733 SP and 29 PIM.


  154. SeeeDubbb
    Papa, you know you can’t pick Stralsie for all three stars, right?
    November 1st, 2013 at 8:34 PM

    Yes SseDubb, tis sad but true.

    Coos @ 8:50…… Nothing odd about it. Obviously Stralsie agree to reduce his annual salary so the team could spend more on other players/needs. What a selfless team player. Believes in the greater good.

  155. Wow, the Flyers are complete amateur-hour bush-leaguers.

    I can’t stand the Caps either, but the Flyers are another level of low-class no-talentry.

  156. ORR,

    Completely agree. What an f’ing clown that ref is … but this is the NHL, what do we expect?

  157. For my taste, the best outcome of a fight like that are multiple (non-serious) injuries to as many players as possible. Leave them weak.

  158. That’s true, Miami.

    I mean, all this talk aboot protecting the players, it’s such BS. Holtby clearly doesn’t want to fight. Emery is allowed to skate all the way down the ice, drop his gloves, rip off Holtby’s helmet, pound him non-stop not even giving Holtby a chance to take his gloves off. And the ref has the balls to waive off players, telling them not to come over.

    Pathetic. I’m actually pissed aboot it. If that were Hank, I don’t even want to know what my reaction would be.

  159. Emery gives up 4 goals on 15 shots and Philthy writers give him the third star. Philthy has jumped two other teams on my most despised list.

  160. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Can’t wait to see the “spin” Kerry Fraser puts on this disgrace of officiating. The players have no respect for one another. The CODE is “you don’t pound an opponent when their down”.

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