It’s Go Time! … Baby Buffaloes at Rangers


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Game 12.sabres
Baby Buffaloes at Rangers.

Happy Halloween! The Empire State Building is lit in orange tonight … but this time I don’t think it’s for Mr. Snider’s Flyers.

Hard to believe more than an eighth of the season is gone already. Ya boys have won two of three. They look for their first home win to start a four-game homestand tonight.

Henrik Lundqvist is back in goal. Brandon Mashinter is in for Dominic Moore (oblique). Moore and Ryan Callahan (thumb) are expected to miss the next 7-10 days. Rick Nash (concussion) is indefinite. Justin Falk is prucha’d.

Matt Moulson returns to the New York area after his trade earlier this week from the Islanders, for Thomas Vanek. Moulson had eight goals for the season, for for Buffalo. Ex-Ranger John Scott today was suspended by the NHL for seven games (first offense) … which kind of reduces the Rangers’ chances. Patrick Kaleta is also still serving his 10-game suspension.

Hey, I get to see my buddy Jim Corsi tonight … and tell him how much I love his statistic. (sarcasm).


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  1. Dorsett, sitting in front of locker with his little pad and pencil: -Scott- -Kaleta- McCormick.

  2. I think we need a LARGER enforcer. Carp’s right, though, Scott’s suspension actually hurts Rangers, not Buffalo.

  3. iDoodie Machetto on

    Carp, it’s orange to celebrate the Flyers’ trade for upstanding citizen Steve Downie.

  4. RePo

    Richie dies, goes to Heaven and God challenges him to a shooting contest. God slams puck from red line, it crashes off glass, flies up and hits mid ice Jumbotron, falls to ice, starts to slide, and stops just in front of net, then a dove flies in and beaks it over the line.

    Richie says: “Man, you’re even luckier than I am.”

  5. iDoodie Machetto on

    Coos, tell the Bruins Scott being out of the lineup would have been worse for them.

  6. ‘Let us go then, you and I,
    When the evening is spread out against the sky
    Like a patient etherized upon a table;
    Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
    The muttering retreats
    Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
    And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells:
    Streets that follow like a tedious argument
    Of insidious intent…’

  7. Remember when you fight Jim Corsi again, Carp, it’s not how many punches you land that matters, it’s how many punches you throw in total, even if they miss the target or get blocked.

  8. ZzZz RIP ZzZz©" Trick or Treats?!!"...says Ghost L. on




    Lets gog ogg og go gogm og go gogo!!!!

  9. Baby Stal Wart…. Don’t let your daddy pass down the Curse of the Blueshirts on you. There is no cure.

  10. Love the repost Coos…good stuff. Let’s see what Mr Masherupper is made of tonight while the Kreider continues to roll.

  11. Oh dread, Sam and Joe are blacked out in the north country. Going to have to watch the buffalo broadcast.

  12. iDoodie Machetto on

    LW, only the punches thrown at even strength. So it doesn’t count if Zipay gets Carp’s back or if one of them loses an arm.

  13. Kenneth at clinchers of '89Flames '94Rangers '96Avs on

    if my granny had balls, she would be my grampa hehe

  14. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    MSG blacked out in Cooperstown.

    Although we’re getting the Buffalo feed, (thankfully)I’m not listening to Rick “The Shooooooottttt” Jeanneret.

  15. ZzZz RIP ZzZz©" Trick or Treats?!!"...says Ghost L. on


    Thats a goaaalll!!

    Rangers are lookin really good and I could see that one commin!!!

  16. Carp, I know you call him Norris as a term of endearment because you’re pretty smart when it comes to this hockey stuff!

  17. Sheeesh. We are already hearing about the wonderful Staal family and the games 3 days away! ( no offense to the Baby, Stal Wart)

  18. when I thought the NHL refereeing couldn’t get any worse than it has been over the years the calls in the home opener and now Delz pushing the buffalo players hip with his stick/hands is called tripping. Are you freaking kidding me.

  19. Coming up…

    Al Trautwig asks Anton Strålman a series of confusing and awkward questions.

    Bill Pidto brings you the freshest inane tweets from two days ago after a *Knickerbocker practice or schedule update* in the MSG150.


  20. >>The Rangers had the puck for most of that period. That’s very positive.

    But Buffalo is one shot away from tying it.

  21. TroutWig: “What did you dress up as for Holly-ween?” Baba Wawa couldn’t have asked it better. “Did you have a favorite color when you a young boy?”

  22. This team is the only one capable of putting 19 shots on goal and only scoring on 1.

    It’s quite an impressive feat, actually.

    To be that bush-league takes an immense amount of no-talent prowess.

  23. Solid first but if we had some FINISHERS I wouldn’t be so freaking nervous.

    Give miller credit but geez can we bury chances.

    The rest of this game will be on edge now.

  24. The kids have learned to go to the crease front. They’ll get run-over when Cally gets back.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Hags is just a dynamo. If he played with some finishers or could finish a couple himself…

  26. There is a man at the local pub dressed as a failed comedian, he’s munching on fish and chipsAdd Your Comment

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Step will 3 shots on goal – I believe those were all against Miller’s pad from in close

  28. Glen Healy very insightful questions for Henrik, as in, “If you were playing against your brother and a fight broke out, what would you do?” What a dorkmeister!

  29. Now that Tort is gone I wonder who took on the role of horrifying Del Zotto into low confidence and inability to make a cohesive decision or strategy

  30. How many times do I ned to hear so-and-so “was telling us this morning” during a broadcast?

  31. Giveaway in the O zone by Stepan effectively ended that PP. Once Stepan finally settles in and plays like Stepan, this will be a much better team.

  32. Miller will need a new sweater between periods, the logo on the one he’s wearing is worn out.

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Gomer Pyatt brings it in the zone, no pressure, dumps in corner, goes in and loses the puck.

    so why has this guy played on half the teams in the league?

  34. This is why the rangers are where they are in the standings. This team has chances after chances but they shoot the puck right into the goaltenders belly. There is nobody on this team who is a pure goal scorer. I know, they had one, Gaborik.

  35. It’s about time. By the way, Kreider has finally arrived. The kid the past few games has been everything the rangers thought they were getting when they drafted him. The goals will come with experience.

  36. I can even begin to think about how to open the logging thread
    On an iPhone and scan all the way down.

  37. New York Rangers ?@NYRangers 35s
    15 of 18 #NYR skaters have at least 1 shot on goal…the line of Kreider-Stepan-Zuccarello has totaled 17 shots, one fewer than Sabres team

    Holy shishkebob.

  38. Other teams have intermission interviews that cover the important issue of the contents of meatloaf made by the players’ parents, right?

  39. Other teams have fans that invent useless statistics intended to feign intellect, right?Add Your Comment

  40. They should stop talking about how many shots the Rangers players and the team have taken because Buffalo gives up the most shots on goal in the entire league.

  41. JT Miller does some nice things when he’s on the ice. I hope the guy can score some too.

  42. Sooo, whatever happened to the Devils’ Adam Larsson? Wasn’t he supposed to be the second coming of Larry Robinson or something?

  43. Good semi-late evening all! Hartnelling work! LGR!!
    Not missing Kaleta “I have changed” Carcillo…so far so good…I’ll take it even against a worse team that us :)

  44. leetchhalloffame on

    Taylor Pyatt – 0 points, -9 on the season. Haven’t we seen enough of this clown?

  45. We’ve seen enough of Pyatt and the like for too long, leetchalloffame. At least Boyle has a quantifiable skill, the ability to win faceoffsAdd Your Comment

  46. Gee, I really would like to visit a casino. Maybe in Connecticut. Anyone know of a casino with endless excitement?

  47. Sally! You could take Kaleta is five seconds….

    Yay, a stick salute coming at home!!! Yay Hank! Yay Rangers!!!

  48. Pyatt is one of many, though the team appears to have turned a corner the past few games. Helps to have a viable backup goalie. It might help Lundqvist later in the season if given a few more games off in favor of TalbotAdd Your Comment

  49. I don’t believe Rangers couldn’t score three goals on an ECHL team. Season’s Over. Trade Everyone. Clean Slate. Clean House.

  50. it’s a somewhat odd feeling to win in a shutout and not thing or goalie had to be the best player on the ice,i like it.

  51. I think the Wolfpack could take Buffalo.
    They have two wins? Against who and when do we play them?

  52. Helmet nuzzles and a stick salute!!! Happy Halloween! Been a day of tricks but I’ll take that treat!!!

  53. ZzZz RIP ZzZz©" Trick or Treats?!!"...says Ghost L. on

    Greaaat game , Brad Richards was really a horse out there tonight!

  54. Yay, we creamed a passive, listless Buffalo team, a little like, oh well…at least they didn’t use bear spray. Gotta stay on top of those bottom dwellers to stay in the playoff race…zzzzzzzz. Hibernation still seems like a good alternative. THE Kreider will become a dominant player if he keeps this up…too bad Gnash still has headaches.

  55. Richie recently seen in Belmont back stall with D. Wayne Lucas getting PEDs injected into hoofs.

  56. Richie seemed to do a lot of coasting tonight…hope it’s not the start of a bad habit down the home stretch.

  57. BTW, participated in an Avalanche beacon clinic while out in Colorado, but no relation to the hockey team. What to warn our three little bears about when avalanche debris smashes over our warm winter cave.

  58. Sam, my car stalled out last summer on a mud road in Thunder Bay, and guess who came out of the woods to give me a hand with my balky distributor?”

    “The Sutters, Joe?”

    “No, the Staal family, dad, mom, the uncles, aunts, the Staal boys themselves, and John Davidson.”

  59. Stranger Nation on

    Giannone – what is different now?

    Hags – these teams stink and the teams we played earlier are good.

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